Gary Parrish Show, Monday, May 21, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Penny Hardaway in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, May 21st
Gary Parrish Show, Monday, May 21, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Penny Hardaway in Seg 2) Seg 1:  GP talked about the Grizzlies NBA Draft Pick at #4 Seg 2:  Penny Hardaway, Memphis Tigers Head Basketball Coach, joined GP live to discuss his first two months on the job, recruiting, Memphis Madness, and more Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with stories about Steph Curry, Jordan Hicks/Cardinals, wild airline story, and (continued in Hour 2) Johnny Football to the CFL 

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Perhaps a few minutes here a minute ago there's some report that our brave related from the week and I'll tell you what they are. Momentarily tell you exactly how I handled the draft you draft at this moment at least the fire went for the event that is good reports on 1 o'clock. In the head coach university members. Basketball. Program. Did on the job now. Who might. When I get doubled hitting it about when he managed Penny Hardaway albeit with an attitude out of them and yet he wanted to finish at seven of them for. Notable stores pulled forward forward forward to discuss what previously discussed store them on the big goal in the state lawyers led by a foul mouth got curry humiliated in Houston Rockets last night final score 125. Yeah. Eighty. Mole bottom line 48 and ever won that war 41 point victory leader last. It's been 35 points and one half scorer brigade an inevitable 44 the fastest pitch. Ever recorded a 105. Point one miles per hour fastball don't get their voice data came Leon about. 41 year old again in the that a little later on this hour man was. Drinking double vodka tonic on a flight from Denver to Charleston this weekend. That's super duper drop little touching woman objective getting whipped up and didn't really normal level urinated on the now. Now that's a hell of a local couple would get ineffective before 5 o'clock and Johnny grant them professional football player again sign a contract. Played the CFM for the Hamilton. Tiger cats. And it's gonna start for that tiger cats you're gonna have to beat out former Ole miss quarterback play about that very portable storage. Full 44 plot but just brought it to fight go away. Hit a five start and get rid of the game forecast fell victim obits are beginning to go get out of it that's the run that we ought to get through. The NBA draft because there are you few recent reports that might offer glance. At what the grizzlies might do as we approach. Next month's. 2018 NBA guys. And we've been talking about a lot on this station really ever since the grizzlies wanted to take mowed down but especially once the lottery order was set last week and we found out that the grizzlies. Are slated to pick for the 2018. MBA. Draft com. Here's the part information from the weekend from a couple of reputable. Reporters there's really three things one is the rings coming O'Connor was reported that contrary to recent reports and every that was sporting news report last week. The grizzlies are not I repeat not looking to trade down secondly. Kevin O'Connor also reports that the grizzlies are the only franchise I thought this was interest. The only franchise picking at the top eight. That did not request a meeting with Mohamed Obama. At that come by last week. And then third I ESPN's Jonathan Dovolani is reporting that the sun schemes and hawks might all actually pass. On Luka dodged it which would have him available now theoretically. At number four when the grizzlies picks let's take these reports won't buy it again the first one Kevin O'Connor reporting that contrary to recent reports the grizzlies are not looking to trade down. I'm happy to hear that because. Things terrorist if you are going to take mode and put yourself in a position where. You're guaranteed pick in the top five in the after the lottery says you know you're picking fourth. And most people do believe that there's at least a prospect was star potential act for weaken disagree on who that guy is. But people think. That the on this. This draft might not have a LeBron James definitely does have LeBron James or anything Davis tacked prospect at the top. But there is depth in the lottery and in the top four you can get a potential star in fact Chris Wallace has seemed to suggest general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies. That come as long as they were in the top four they felt like you know they were there they wanted to be that her star potential in the top four. I'm I don't wanna trade out of that and I assure you wanna trade out of it before draft night. Before I'm actually on the clock before I know who's gonna be available for because the worst thing you could possibly do. Is a month for all week right or an Al war outside the 2018 NBA draft decide to move down from four because you don't think the guy you prioritize. Is going to be available for and then who knows what happens which surprised by the draft every year and suddenly that guy is available at four why did you move down so there's been a lot of talk that got people asking me on Twitter like if you were the grizzlies would you moved out there is a scenario under which I would move down but it would not happen until draft not it would not happen until I know exactly. What is on trading out in other words if I prioritize Marvin Bagley. -- if Barbara Bagley is not therefore maybe I would look to trade down but it Barbara bag is available affordable chick I'm moving out of that spot and had to be Marvin badly could be anybody to be look at dodged BJ our decks or whatever the front office prioritize as you just don't make a move like that in my opinion unless the other franchise blows you away over the offer you don't make a move like that and to you know exactly. What you're trading. Out out so the idea that according to Kevin O'Connor the grizzlies are looking at this moment to trade down. That's good news for my years I should be good news for yours if you care about their franchise secondly. He reports that the grizzlies are the only franchise in the top aide that did not request a meeting with Mohamed bomb but what that tells me now. Is it reinforces the first points right which is they're not looking to trade gap because if you're looking to trade down you would want to meet Obama Bob Wright because you might be of the opinion we're not taking it for picking fourth there is literally no scenario of players coming up the board that leads us to selecting Mohamad Bob. He's just not the heat interesting yeah I'll never be best available prospect on our board no matter what the three teams in front of us do if eighteen. Dungy Bagley comes off the board 123 we're not taking Mohammed baba for. If it's eight and Jackson. Bagley. We're not taking on Obama have four there's no scenario under which were taken mama bomb before so we're not gonna meet with him what is the point and that is only a sensible approach. If you are not planning on trading down because what you might not wanna do it for you could be willing to do it seven. Or eight. Or TNR Weber at which point you what I wanna meet yeah ID but it's in that range it seems to suggest that they're not planning on picking any more than four. Because they're not. In the otherwise you would meet would Mohammed bomb so really those are two separate report from Kevin O'Connor the second of which reinforces the first went. But the grizzlies are planning to move down. Proof being that are evidence being that they're they didn't choose to to meet Mohammad Obama and by the way I agree with that philosophy would that approach. There is no scenario if I were running the Memphis Grizzlies that I would take mama Obama at four. My take human thought I'd take him at six later but there is no way no matter what Phoenix. Sacramento and Atlanta do. There's no way in my mind that I would pick Mohamad Bob there. I might pick him one slot lower to dislodge slower three so I thought but I'm not picking my four counts of the grizzlies have decided were picked import and he's not gonna be the guy. The lives appoint a meeting with him fine with me. And in the report. It custom job to go Vallone who we had on a recently. And he's reporting that the suns teams and hawks might fall pass on the good doctors which would. Obviously if it went that way make him available. At number four on the grizzlies pick which guy I assume. I'm based on conversations I've had arm would be some exciting news for the grizzlies front office if they could somehow draft look at dodge 24 I think they'd be. Happy. To do that what this does do though this report and keep Amare. I bring these reports are because they come from reputable guys against a Kevin O'Connor's a reputable reporter Jonathan have only covers the NBA draft and only as well last if not better than. Everybody in the world. And so did these are real report from real people. It would whipped with real old. Track records and who worked for reputable media outlets. It doesn't mean that they're necessarily true there's a lot of misinformation in this time of the year leading up to every draft NFL Major League Baseball the MBA probably the WNBA although I don't follow it as closely. So I don't doubt that John that is heard that you can be skeptical whether that's true or not if you want but either way it is a reputable report from a reputable reporter. And it does switch up a little bit. The. Scenarios that I had laid out last week because one of the things I've said consistently. Is that one way or another in some order I just don't believe it for beyond create and and look at dodger. Are going to be available on that. Marvin Bagley may or may not be available Jerry Jackson may or may not be available. Boy I'm already certain. That Dion rate and look at dodged one way or another are not going to be available on. And now here's Jonathan go phony reporting that that that might not actually be true it seems clear to everybody the 108 is available for under no circumstances and I agree with that. The bullet according to Jonathan report there's at least they scenario where Luka Dodgers is not picked first second or third which makes them available. Act number four which means I've readjusted. How I would handle this grisly strapped in at least on May 21. If I were running this grizzlies draft. Again I personally think that when the grizzlies pick fourth. That eight and onto her blue gold both going to be off the I would predict that but jog a Bologna Italy reported there's a possibility that he's not. So let's run through this area some make it's as simple as possible because people keep asking whether it's on FaceBook or Twitter what would you do or what would you do. At number wine. Is an easy question to answer you can say I would take the guy could you got pick of whoever is no one on your board when you're picky fort. What you share what would you do if not it's simple to answer because you don't know. What's gonna happen at one to integrate aren't you can guess but that's all you're doing is guessing at this point so it's not a clear cut what would you do it's what would you do if if this happened what would you do it so here's the scenario is now on makes when he first if I were running that franchise. The way I would handle the stress. Again there's no way it is a bit of an old F four he's just not going to be he's probably going number one. Yeah I'll be surprised to be doesn't go number one. But he doesn't go one is going to if he doesn't go to he's won three he's not going to be available for. Number one option. Is if for any reason whatsoever. Marvin Bagley drops to number four. I'm taking Marvin back OK I don't care look at duchess is available. In other words if there's a scenario. Where each Deon curry Eitan. Jerry Jackson. Mohammed bomb off the board 123 again this isn't likely but it is the scenario that I'm discussing right. And Bakley and Dodgers are both on the board I've taken Marvin back. While. You love them if if it back he's available. To me where we operate there and I don't care who else is available. I'm taking Marvin Bagley fourth if he's available to me. Now lets us pretend that he thought the Wharton at somebody's taken him in the Tupper so we know he's gone for shore. And we know that Bagley is gone for sure so now we're down the option to. And in that situation. If eight and Bagley a bulk of the Bork. But Michael Porter junior is available. And my doctors have cleared him. And reassured me that were risking nothing. Then I'm taking Michael Porter junior number four. No matter who else is available. If Bagley is off the board and worse than it was off the board as well if my doctor's cleared me to take Michael Porter junior and they assure me in their. Opinion after having access to everything they need to have access to it there's no long term risk that we're getting the guy at four. That some people thought this time a year ago would be the number one pick in the draft. Who's a perfect four for the modern India sixteen super aggressive scores at all levels. Projects as they you know big time score in the NBA level if a year ago somebody told you Michael Porter junior will one day be a scoring champion that would not have been a crazy thing. Last week Michael Porter junior at the combine that I've played against all these guys they're all great I'm the best. When you saw last summer he very much projected that what if AT and Bagley are off the board. And my doctors have cleared for Michael Porter junior four and he's available. They've assured we were risking nothing. There were risking nothing more drafting Michael Porter junior then we would be drafting. Trey Yong or Jerry Jackson or anybody else and then taking Michael Porter junior at number four. Makes sense. Now scenario number. Eight and Bagley or both off the board. My doctors have red flag Michael Porter June. But look at Don Teague is somehow still available. So the top three would have to be some order of eight Bagley and let's just say the sake of the conversation Jarrett Jack's. So Michael Porter junior still available gonna look at dodge it still available. But my doctors have red flag Michael Porter junior they just say you do not wanna go that direction right. That I'm taking a look at dodged a capped at four and I'm happy. So the first three options here are all things that I'm pleased with what if I get Marvin Bagley for another as I get a healthy. And clean medical slate Michael Porter June for four. The other is I get loaded onto. All good. And then there's the nightmare scenario at least from my perspective and I'm I'm willing to acknowledge this is not a nightmare for everybody and it's probably not even a nightmare for the grizzlies front office and people have different opinions on this these things beat this is just mocked yeah. My nightmare opinion. Option rather is this. That Eitan. Don cheats. And bad. Go off the board 123 in some order or cash in my doctors. Have red flag Michael Porter junior out. That's the worst case scenario for me. But kids did I'm picking somebody I don't actually have a real conviction about. Their prospects I like there. Bought it's it's not great. That's to me it is. My eight nightmare scenario for the Memphis Grizzlies is that the top three players off the board and some were eight Bagley doctors all of my like. And my doctors have red flag Michael Porter junior who I also like. Now on picking fourth but I'm not picking any of those players thirty you're off the board or unavailable to me per doctor's orders. And then I think I'm taken. Either Jerry Jackson. Or Treo. And crossing my fingers because they both have star potential for different reasons. But you could also see how. Either of them don't turn into. What you would like to be spending a top four pick on. Jerry Jackson has a lot of stuff that projects a star he also was a completely whatever college basketball player and a for young has a lot of stuff that projects the star and doled out ports he's also. Little bitty. Built in a way that. Superstars in the NBA are usually. Built. And he did when teams got more physical with him. Throughout January February march. On things got a little more difficult for him well in the physicality to eight goes up another level. When you start playing against the best athletes the biggest strongest fastest most athletic guys in the world. 82 games a year. I like both. I can see stardom for both but I can also see where both induct his mistakes. If you spend topped by Pixar. So that's correct I really don't think at this point there's any option outside of that that needs to be covered at least from my perspective you more perspective could be something totally different. The grizzlies front office perspective and company is totally different and that's okay I like it nobody on ever has the stuff figured out completely. A month before the draft an hour before the draft while the draft happening otherwise for the million time Jason Taylor never goes third in last year's draft and Donovan Mitchell never goes thirteen. If everybody knew exactly what they were door and you could there was really a way to just pinpoint stuff Jason Tatum doesn't go three. Donovan told Churchill buzzing go thirteen in some order they go one and two. And so. I've talked about it last week when it comes to the NBA draft I have opinions about things. But that I'm I'm also willing to say it could be right because people are wrong about this all the time and I don't mean just media members the man who were running NBA franchise. Or wrong about this a lot ball. The time right so usually when I have an opinion about something. I thought it through I've worked down and I say this is what I think about this and you probably are going to be able to move me off of that opinion. Or do you need to acknowledge that there's a window. Where I might be wrong because I've bought it through from every angle when you start talking about draft you better leave yourself some wiggle room to just say you know what and I could be wrong. So I say you know what I could be wrong about this. Blight. That's the way I would do. My first option is of Marvin Bagley drops to me I'm take him no matter what more hectic. If for some reason eight and back we are both off the table to me at number four. But Michael Porter junior is on the table in my doctors have cleared him I'm taking him. If Eitan Bagley a bolt off the board of four and my doctors have red flag Michael Porter junior and take a look at dodge it if he's available for some reason. And if eight Bagley and Dodgers are all off the board and Michael Porter junior has been red flag but my doctors that I'm picking between Jerry Jackson. And trio. That's the grizzlies hold draft or at least the first round will get an a second round later on. We'll talk about this Geoff Calkins at 5 o'clock but we come back pain are always the head coach of the University of Memphis men's basketball program that join me right after the spring. Control freak it's no it's not me. I mean sure I think spontaneity is overrated and I hate when that gas pump stops at twenty dollars and one cent to. But as long as things go exactly how I want them to I'm totally flexible. 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There's snow is live from the local restaurants what's more studio right. Nine F man. The greatest offensive output at the breakfast so smooth you can drink it all weekend barbecue facets of very good all weekend ahead. Bill five. The real life. Fun for everybody is. I was states of America what the hell out of left. Gary ever show. I don't mind me saying because I don't. The Gary Taylor show. He got quite a lot from. Ever fly one well. I'm here in liquor store bar restaurant abhorred by name knew I had to them about appointments follow up on the web yeah new Amsterdam spirits. Dodge camp. Obama consensus first team all American demand at first team all NBA while at the Orlando Magic getting now of course coach. Of the University of Memphis tiger has been on the job only about two months we've already secured commitments for. From four top 150 prospects three of whom are from Memphis he's going to be. Hosting caps on campus throughout the month of June the first to the team give it starts June 5 that they're two different Akayev family camp as well for information on all of that. Got a Penny Hardaway basketball camp back comic Penny Hardaway basketball camp back out of pity Hardaway. Joins me now periods carried right on man. Are you everything's all right I appreciate your being here like I said. Two months on the job Pettitte won't buy or had have you settled yet have you had a chance to catch your breath yet. Yelled finally are able to keep my abrupt right now in the month but made a month of may account the slope drugs and it started back up again in June or July. Organ that can pick feel a little bit and make. You obviously get the job very quickly. Secure commitments from. Relevant recruits both in this market but also outside this market like I said commitments right now. From four top 150 kids according to 24 sevenths sports or composite rankings three with Memphis connections. Obama won outside of the city three in a class of 20181. In the class of 2019. As it relates specifically to recruit. Has it gone as well as you fault as it been easier or more difficult what he learned too much on the job doing that part of the job. Whether he'd been more difficult because we got into the game late in it would solve understood that you know we got to get a job they ever want it already have their relationships built. What different college didn't different culture than we were coming in late. So I get not to be both tough on ourselves if are we still got the job done by it was a bit it would mid indeed via. And we thought it would have been up and I got was open jump at the opportunity but. We got it late in their relationships already broke so what we were able to do with the short period of problems. What was really good well. It's interesting to hear you express. A bit of disappointment about how recruiting is gone because. Here's the truth that I was talking about this with or one of my colleagues CBS sports last week. You still secured the top thirty recruiting class in America and when you combine that with just enthusiasm around the program seasons tickets ticket sales donations. I think you could reasonably say this in fact accurately say this. No other coach who's hired and a new job this offseason and I say this with all due respect everybody involved Jeff Capel at Pitt. Chris Mack at mobile Dan Hurley at UConn I don't think anybody has accomplished more in the first months on the job. Then you have in these first two months on this job and yet you still don't seem satisfied. All who know none none at elbow bump like they're wrong I doubt it can take 10 o'clock a wet but the kid that we GAAP. Understand that we want to go to Maine so we got a really good pal I'm not a bad horribly disappointed yet. We went out execute early right and solve you know that didn't work double bit but as far indicate that we gap where my word static Wear it where. Polity by about the kid that will bring it to the program number right about there it yet. It wasn't easy you know all sorts recovery treatment because they had already open it already built relationships. Republic without school. I guess my larger point was just the ambition here you are. By all accounts from people in this market but also outside the market. I'm absolutely killing it so far and yet you're your your goals are so much higher that the ambition is impressive that's the larger point. I was I was trying to make up talking a Penny Hardaway you're University of Memphis men's basketball coach. Ask about this because for about two months. Everything you've done. Has big news has created conversation we've done segments on this radio station about you. Wearing a hat at any wide PLO bit about your Mercedes big spread has been weird at all that everything you do becomes a massive. Positive hot topic of conversation. Did a little weird but had a close call on the road. You know I'm enjoying. It the energy of Haiti knowledge only get the people are happy. If you know really anticipating you know what what upcoming what book coming that thin. So everything that going on it would enter your city the productivity. Everyday that go along with that become ball with my name that can make people smile and get excited about it. Man child and I'll enjoy it there's been bargain bin weird because come close to being near. I've been to protest let the middle school to coach it that you type will grow at eight year. And then out of the political universe admit it and get explode when it's another direction what do you know had been on the last month. Targeting our way here Memphis basketball coach or manager none of them ESPN you know your 46 years old I would argue you've been famous in this city. For thirty years and been famous worldwide for probably 272627. Year. I'm just curious when you when you sitting out you always been Penny Hardaway anywhere you've gone but it's different. Penny Hardaway Memphis basketball coach two people react differently to you know. Yet it it's weird I got that I've been here a bit retired in 2008. I've been admit that soul and people see me. And they were copying their words you know him speak but it wouldn't be the same energy that ahead now been hit it you know partly because of everything and at Garnett who. The movement and getting the job in the inner York city records data provided by then everybody wanted. Can get back to bet that comet. They Calcutta that you know you got to on the old copper world when he was here I'll tell you brought. And winning and expecting to win what they want better fighter can be no. We've always been tiger fan. But it different when you when you know you only important not annoy you on a waiting and but we all want to have around a game. And you have already suggested that you expect. To be at or near the topic the American athletic conference in here warned you acknowledged that what Nicole has done at Cincinnati is incredibly impressive Gregg Marshall is Gregg Marshall. Dan Hurley should have UConn respectable again but you'll be assembled a roster. That is gonna give you like a realistic she said that how optimistic are you. That the NCAA tournament is something Memphis is gonna be and next march. Mom very optimistic you know our schedule we have a really good. Out of comfort schedule and of course our comfort to toughen now we only had a couple pick up lecture in a conference where it. Looked up ordering a Carolina OK and they're they're gonna get better this year but honestly I didn't take a meeting had been. We are really impressive. Global Coke gives. In the proper so it's not like a small conference where. I'm very optimistic that with the talent that we have an article is that the what we're gonna do. With our guys here on the opera to bend the secret to being bet we can compete for a prototype this year and if not any disrespect anybody else that yet. Development but made and that is while we date we don't we don't that was sick if you don't do settle fraud may be nick here knowledge right now and that's what we're fighting for. I talked to Penny Hardaway you're a nanny to none of them ESPN you mentioned being a third coaches' meetings in Phoenix you've also been out on the circuit. You've gone in a matter of months from somebody these coaches were tried to recruit from. To somebody who is now recruiting against these coaches how all of those relationships change held you've been treated. When you're around other division won't go to basketball coaches. They'll put a majority. Of the cult hit it's been notable objectivity can pop the gain. What do they mean it or not I think you know they will possibly it'd become Bobby could be a few guys they're like hey I'm not all for the NBA. And college I did you got to show me first you worked great player you've got a great player or might buy it. I wouldn't be your friend and you don't have to get it but you know but that big I mean you're going to be dip well. Up for the most part the large majority of the cold it have been like positive and shake our hands and then we're gonna kill it and NB a blog. Targeting Hardaway you're a nanny to nine FM. ESPN Mike Miller was on the station last week and he said that. Memphis man this is going to be absolutely bananas how much all have you put in the that already or is that still a little ways down the road. I think that I wanted to do all one harper took over the head coaching job that was too. And they admit that men who are already an end Ed and make it beat the statement of what these are going to be. And number two would get into student section. Back into the arena that we haven't been alleged here. Student section so maybe the magic were number one because that's how you show your recruit in the city what you gonna really exploded into court or it would have been Pope. My little bright spot and make river rather than bet that it never banned and illegal art net. It's funny you mention the student section because I believe the first time I ever spent my own money. To buy a ticket to an event was to buy tickets to go to the pyramid to watch you play. And be in the student section at the so called tomb of dope and like that was eight. I mean that was it's as good in those years as anything you see Cameron indoor I think thing you see Kansas and everything you see anywhere. What's the key to get to getting that back how do you connect come with the students on campus now to get them to make it look more like it looked when you were playing. Well you have to give them what they deserve and yet given the attention you have let them know that they are very important to you. And dad are that they're neat they are really needed out CNET undisputed. On can't they have been wrecked looked around campus and they're all excited and topic same thing everyone I'm pay we need to get you got together we're gonna get. All of the student the student that we can together and you know I talked to them about inner you know commit to the game to correct we have a cockpit. We're talking about it. In a meeting of last week about what do we want to name the student fiction because we need to get good at that identity and a name. And we might outlook bring back wouldn't leaders. Some type of some situation in the edit form to let them oh hey this is their area because we're gonna need their addiction to beat. Live amid gonna have to be energy lie. All that decided back not that the other credit aren't going to be what you got to makers builders so like that you're part of your game and it'll we wanna do. I'm wrapping up her opinion Hardaway University of Memphis head coach. A night to night if ME SPM last thing before I let you go it's a little off topic but it's what we've been talking about in this market since the lottery was set. You have a unique perspective on a lot of these prospects who were in this draft because you've coached against them. On the web be a circuit you bigots Marvin Bagley you've seen Michael Porter you've seen train young. Is there are dying that you remember from the grass roots level that. You. Can envision being a star either in Memphis or somewhere else always Penney art always favored prospect in the 2018 NBA draft. Although it's got its name Marvin Bagram mark ordered on the market Porter got derailed by back into reaper it can help be a plummet at the height of its. You know high school career when he was LB. Derrick he would have become felt the need you second that no one in the credit market back out there watching him than even think straight. Even dominating on that level that we pray all the way outsold those two guys also like bacon confidence level into the same exact thing. That's interesting that's Penny Hardaway had coach University of Memphis remember. The up and Hardaway basketball camps they start annexed marked June 5 at the team camp in they've got two different daycare in the league camp in your team or your child wants to be involved. Go to the website get all the information Penny Hardaway basketball camp I count that's Penny Hardaway basketball camp I count pity I know how big is your. I appreciate you cover at a few minutes and I'll see you real soon. Up by Kara appreciate it. I write pay out away here on nanny to nine FM ESPN com interesting that I'll. Whether they come come back with a wooden bleachers are not to sort of create this. This. That what it's traditional student section might look like right if you're at Cameron indoor or Allen fill out. Whatever. Role what I can appreciate about that is that the meeting thinking thinking about that there in a meeting pink night about things how do we. Get students back. Right on. Our enthusiasm that we get stood up downtown right I would get students to care yep how do we get our students fictional look like what it used to look let's just think it was just think let's now and then it's Friday the nets try to connect what can we do to connect. It's just meetings that I I don't know how often those types of meetings we're going on recently I'll just leave it at that you're a boat when you weren't not only out there. They're running about a program board recruiting and then also trying to. Imagine it weighs. Two gates that building downtown looking the way it ought to look to create not only eight. A great home court advantage on game day or game night but also to create an image that is attractive. To. Sixteen and seventeen year old basketball prospects because here's the truth. When you are recruiting heads up against. Kentucky. Into. Kansas. Programs like that North Carolina. Com these kids bounce around from one campus to the next there with you one week and their whip Jon cal Perry the next time there would Bill Self the next there was one way of the next. And if you're building looks a certain way. And those buildings don't on bed does have an impact short it absolutely does and so puny and should be no surprise understands that. And understands that among the keys today just creating a full on game day experience but also creating an environment that is attractive for five star prospects the types that he is targeting prioritizing yeah you gotta make the student section. You you've got to make it happen. You've got to have been building pop in and the idea that in addition to doing all the the other thing that he's doing. He seems to be taken meetings about that and thinking about that embraced or about that I think is. Is is another good sign Penny Hardaway here on Matty to not offend ESPN and you look at ticket website about the camps Penny Hardaway basketball camp dot com Penny Hardaway at basketball camp dot. Com. We come back pollster warriors blew up humiliated Houston Rockets last night stepped got 35 he set a bad word gonna get in that next. 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July 01 of his jobs that it is behind wanted to jog and be right against there what's odd about that he's not leaving 99 no I keep getting these people like some sad to see him go online and not leaving 99 who has been leading night and I want sweater that life etc. and then you have to explain like this is via the radio station just to learn Brad Sunday. He's just it's news. Did you ask if people have been following. To the extent that it's a sword he's just talking story apparently it is and they think he's leaving 99. They just my numbers right now did you worry about. As if I had to let go here's something here's some gallery Al while ago on you know. Did you. Are going to sing your day town every day. Explaining to do not bright people the things they don't understand on socially okay ice you're young you'll you'll discover that you're holding up and let you hold it tight like I tried defensive you'll I don't know that's segment and other and I got tired of the segment. Okay good and they just love the laws I just got tired of it's likely the reason I cringe to think about it like I could easily the dumbest questions everything other vehicles. There Izod to thank traffic radio and media. Some dumb questions yes. And ask questions that if you just literally tie the same thing you do is tied to be integral. You can find out if there I did they just pick one channel that game one and I had. Not Google stop. Not Google is not good method of playing Q what they would do. Taylor you. If you do go to ready just ask me questions you can lose sleep and having a bad well the historic you can go that he's got a competitor doesn't sound like this week to Jean ping it now like something you should just go. I got to get tough enough we'll hug it tops. Much tougher now he's got dark beer allowed five is that right now got what storing them like this. Four stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Tends to lose hold here. Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about it. Certain points every afternoon. So we've developed. Device that ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This is key piece or notable stories at 444. SC number lines. Three of the Western Conference finals last night it was another blow out this time in favor of Golden State won 2684. Hi my goodness we have two games over the weekend elevate thirty point game that was on Saturday has over Celtics in the last night a 41 complete game. Today just concede the game at a certain point. I think that's what's happening. I don't think they well may rockets might have yeah I would have especially in the third quarter with stuff curry got going so that's been a topic of conversation in this series because he hasn't mingle and stepped unlike any other superstar on the planet is lower than gaffe when he doesn't play well people somebody's hurt. Yeah it'll go all we know he's not feeling well some solitary like geeky like he couldn't possibly just like not gonna maulana. It did just be an off shooting night stepped curry never had a bad night now has great fight Ortiz are zero or he's not. He's out and fell that's the thought and conversation step which if you go and I'm fine just you know I'm not playing well right now shot in the first two games of this series hit averaged only seventeen and a half points and he was just two of thirteen. From beyond the arc in games running game to those are gay those bird. That you gave her split between used dingle state that's how we got into a 11 situation heading in the last night's game three and soul. If you take into account the first half last night one good bit the first three quarters of the series and we're talking about the first two games and the first half of last night moon. Stepped curry was three of twenty from three down three at one that was it in half and then he got to go. He had eighteen points in the third quarter twelve which came during a 143 run the push Golden State's lead to 8056. It was during that. Well yeah that's Jeff curry. Oh sweets. I saw sweet faced Sarah yelled at into the crowd he said this is my X ten. House and got caught because everything staff does there's always the camera on him around there's always the camera on LeBron. Employers like that it was right there and HD and you didn't even have to BA amateur lip reader though he understand enunciated noting that bad this is marring. As paying half and so this became a big story because Odyssey Kevin Durant says that nobody blinks at home if most players say that nobody blinks if I say that nobody blinks. But curry is. Different in the sense that. He doesn't carry around that reputation now. Like people think stepped curry wakes up every morning drinks milk. Goes to bed every night after reading children's book to a kid to have another glass of mail. Beyond edited and kisses his wife on the man on faith and puts his pajamas on down and touch themselves yeah sure and his reputation is of Europe is just like real toasty if that he's the perfect guy out and he's a great guy by all accounts but even he acknowledges like I'm not perfect and so is mother actually like got on to a last night OK you can. KB scream and this is an F in house into a television camera because this is true ESPN did a poll last year. Asking twelve to seventeen year old Sarah so teenagers basically. I am for their favorite athlete. And stuff Corey won that by all again aren't my son's minister's doorstep curry is not arm the best basketball player in the world. He is not. The most famous athlete in this world put he is the most popular athlete in this country and perhaps the world. Wit twelve to seventeen year old in the size I think made factory ended a little bit as well you don't averaged a slight of sigh it's a bit I think that's certainly part of it. And so it's why I never ridicule people inside FedEx Forum right when the warriors are in town and you get all these kids who show up and step curry jerseys and that's not unique to FedEx Forum that happens in every arena in America. More so than it happens for LeBron James yeah. Kids showing up to cease staff Kirk oh yeah people might show up to see Kevin Durant. Or to see LeBron James and book kids. She'll go show up to deceive the very end though he's incredibly. Popular with the kids and then there he is yelling this is. My F and now I'm like in the middle of a game he said listen I just get caught up in the moment I blacked out. He in any went on to say this. He said well if if the kids ever thought I was perfect in they got the brawl message to begin with. I try to do the right things all the time. I have an awareness of who I am who I represent on the court but in that moment I felt a little short and I have to try to. To be a better. Next time and so he and that speaks to his popularity with young people is asked to speak. All I'm cussing in a way that no other athlete would be asked to speak on that even Tom Brady who has a similar. Sort of good boy reputation. You know left is for their girlfriend. And at least at this I'm not perfect sometimes I don't fall a little short and last night was one of those nice but. The larger point is the only reason he was that fired up because he got go oh yeah he look like shaft curry again eighteen points in that third quarter to shake well of which came in now fourteen to three run. And it looks like the Golden State Warriors are now on the way and I guess it's always look like they're on the down. About with GAAP operating at this level and Houston just getting absolutely humiliated. They're up to one they got home court advantage. It looks like they're on the way to their fourth straight MBA five. Story number two so. Jordan hit you fired about Jordan nix I'd been if I mentioned on the show me Gary you don't listen to me you know so but yeah I'm fired up left and sometimes you don't suck some time I'd mention his name several times and you're like who else I am now. Jordan you feel all right so he with a 150. Q how much I know who Jordan hicks did you researched our 105 pick in the 2000 do you show you now Major League Baseball draft comes straight out of high school yeah six to 185 so he's not like it's imposing on the I mean six to 135 he's imposing figure he's awarded according to like relative to meet shore but he's got an imposing figure the way. I think you know with cinder garden tonight opposing figure right six to 185 it has apparently grown at all since high school he's 62 and high schools six to now. Was throwing good it was it was was sit around 93 yeah high school and a and now we hit one so far he's improved by about twelve miles per how it works in the last three years without brawl like no other possibility is raising cheating now and I'm lying cheating but my gut. So yeah it's 105 yesterday five point one is the fastest number ever recorded. In the way that they record pitches yeah he's day and you can't definitively say it's the best pitcher to trauma can women have a gun. And we did have this kind of sophistication on Nolan Ryan wants not a time Brett Nolan Ryan was clocking in at 105 as well but in the way they.