Gary Parrish Show, Monday, June 18, 2018, Hour 2 Guest Host Matt Stark (Gary Parrish continued at the top/Geoff Calkins joins us for Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, June 18th
Gary Parrish Show, Monday, June 18, 2018, Hour 2 Guest Host Matt Stark (Gary Parrish continued at the top/Geoff Calkins joins us for Seg 2)  Talking more NBA Draft and US Open 

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Seeing excellence and I lost but frankly I think he's going to be an all star you know possible. You know wholesale merchants state trophy I love him love him look so pure and pick between directly doctor Tucker Campbell back but I don't they vote on the board and I. Think. A different way less likely. Today. That they're back when you're gonna actually slipped. Past Sacramento. So I don't was one of the teams rumored to suddenly be law really liking Porter junior and Ryan I'm. I don't doubt that they really like it hit it there. Ultimately there's a big difference between really liking somebody and happened to pull the trigger a little act and while recognizes Sacramento and made that decision after bad decision a long time now that's why they're pitching. I just don't know how you sit there on draft night marvel back is available if you're taking. Michael Porter who can ill is it amazing talent. But I couldn't get better than a week ago yeah I left the curriculum that occurred. Yes. If you pass on Michael Porter. And then it turns out he's a star. I think it's very easy to explain you could say listen we obviously like him. We're intrigued by and that's why the reports that there that we were interest it would get into him at number true. But ultimately like. They had to cancel all work out a chronic what are correct because they reportedly had trouble getting our bad scarlet at the Barbara Bakley to grab bag so like. It was meant we miss but that's why we've missed I think that if we're not there yet. By the way exact same rational they can put the critically I have to all the you know like hey you know we passed. Hey you know we knew we were prepping a special talent. We will worried about their injury stuff and we felt like there was another elite prospect right in front of us. Look at conscience so you know I different technologies have a real chance to Peter for Beckley little chance that he's gonna compare cool and in my thing with himself and clearly I like him because otherwise I wouldn't be saying it directly. In the end and eight they're all support that the greatly should select look at Dodgers with a portrait speed available like yeah that fat. It's we immediately. Everybody understands. What you do at the collegiate level. Like if you're super productive. You know even a winner on a great team. Yeah it doesn't necessarily translate to be in the attic yet and point genuine country. A became front it would be best player all big lefty in the country's national player of the year. He. And tropical at least twenty maybe early thirties but talk about him at a lottery pick why. Because you look at it you go okay he could go bad at the collegiate level and that should help. But you're saying he does that the things that he does at the collegiate level. They don't necessarily. Suggest NBA superstar. At their professional level in this country yeah I understand that nobody had heard the debate. And yet when people talk about look at content. Don't want to quickly realize that they say we're talking about the most accomplished teenager in the history of purely basketball he's done things in Europe that no nineteen year old and ever dealt. Well when you say that you're really only talking about other European since we don't take back and put him at nineteen years older than Euro yeah it was here. Maybe he would do things that we've never seen another. Nineteen year old do in the Euro league think they would any American player are a barricade elite prospects do not compete in the Euro league. I create a nineteen ever. Oh okay yeah they're they're still ninety ultimate being would you say no nineteen you'll ever done what Luka the architect done in the Euro leak. It means is that no other European player I've ever done what he's done. So evident in the area you're deported bit. OK these are people who really couldn't accomplish MVP and you're the final four I got it. Like. If we will not concede. That your ability to score or rebuild or what ever in college. Don't necessarily translate the same way to be MBA yeah why don't we think the same way about the Euro leak right in other words is it possible that. He's been really good Euro league player. Who maybe isn't quite athletic enough to be a star in the NBA and sort of have a great first step to be Estonian yet. I want to be clear about putting it Hewitt thought I'd I'd like Kim that's why that would take important. Great Karl the cork with a gripping the picking. Well it. How to fix. How would they. Not great athlete. Who played on the wing. And art terrific collection cowardly NBA pick this. Like are there any. So when asked if he somewhat. Create different crafty with the ball that he gonna be able to make up for an undeniable lack of Atlanta's. Pretty beat. But I do have question marks about it I think cute or if higher than anybody else who. Maybe in the NBA draft I think he might be beat rookie of the year. But I don't think it's feeling at the same as Dion create some Marvin badly there may be even. Both Bob doesn't make even Jerry Jackson. I'm not sold but he's cute. Gonna go from bureau leaks started NBA star but there are some people who who believe that I'm open minded about it I'm not sitting here speaking in absolute. But I think I have more questions about how great he can beat. The band and some others to. Here's what concerns me about they got do you think should go number one Marvin Bagley site with puma today Gary like a ball above all a shoe companies they no disrespect I hope they're not a sponsor and then and but I just say like if you can go night purity just don't you don't like you're either. Saying you guys come on come down to I think it comes down to a money I think it probably is. Yeah if you can go bite you where. Forty million I'd be Pittsburgh fifteen million notebook for sixty million into the coma like you know I'm here. These are or aren't personally and a leader guy but if you're Obama wanted to give me sixty million dollars up IP rocket public tonight. We carried that happened I understand it up they want and that's irrelevant because I do wanna toss them some shoes sneaker news with you don't ever do that and the flip side this could forgiveness other segments so back with JP right after this. Here he's ready to 9 PM ESPN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today on the defensive and he's more or less tell them the best Memphis is a sports station. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers. Comcast business offers fast it's across our network. We offer more complete reliability was up to six hours of four G wireless network backup. Keep your business connect. 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That starts in met this Gary Harris joining us from New York City so I shouldn't be banging on whom much is Jay z.'s got boomer pay a point in the right direction. He's got the Andrei Eitan already signed it now is get Marvin Bagley I think there's another guy on their cell. Sounds like they're on the come up GP now. Yes I think it smarter back radeon create net which could be their first and second picture to every community attract buyers Smith. Another possible cops when he picked. Is. Believe could be that third guy Terry cassava calypso. They at a passport emperor while the player you know clearly trying to get. Get back into it and they're doing it in a pretty. Old way. Making JC the face of the basketball little boring and and then going out and get in to post team all Americans who could go first and second on Thursday night. The other jumper local. So I think I'm gonna put that down for what we learned today by your puma stock that seems like that it seems that the Smart play our and other sneaker apparel type news. Tigers made some news this weekend commercial appeal reporting that Memphis had agreed to a five year contract extension with Nike. But not for the big bucks that we thought would be coming on the heels of that Penny Hardaway hiring because that deal was signed back in November so that tiger is this is from the CA reportedly dating. A five year deal worth eleven point 25 million translates to about 2.2 five million a year average for five years. When you doubt that UConn. Signed with Nike six years for. North of 32 million and that USF for south four or wherever we're called the bulls these days. They signed in net November with the deet is for eight years and 24 to thirty million. And sense take up Beers ago went to our armor and signed ten years from 47 million dollars. I gotta think she'd Peewee soccer here it seems like we sold blow in Nike bought low. Something. They're obviously those numbers don't don't match up because men cherish. I'm more don't match up well I should say because of that it is an established. Basketball brands. Even if it didn't look like it the past couple years and show. When you have a football program on the come up at a basketball. Forehand that. Might have been damaged a bit undeniably a deal like that people recognize that this basketball and got bad guys are Jersey people know. Exactly what you're talking about. I walk around. New York City the night in Memphis church. People are gonna know what that means University of Memphis but the target skywalker and you're sitting in a US yeah shirts. Yeah each. Simply. Now has so. Phillips and I have never negotiated its apparel contract in my life so lots of articulate more complicated than I would make it sound on the radio. But when you put those numbers next to the other numbers you referenced. It doesn't feel like Memphis is maximizing. In and that is that specific category pro whatever Lee's. It it to that point it when you when you stack up in Nino that's what fans like to do. They'll look at the numbers and and they look at the programs and to your point yes basketball's been down obviously for the last you know four years would you say. Football has been on the other end of that spectrum and from all we know about college sports. Football's the driving force and that's where all the money wise so I'm not trying to say that people are gonna recognized Memphis as a football factory. But you just think they've really get a little bit more bang for the balked. Recognizing to what you said. These things are probably a lot more complicated than you and I try to break it down over his high minute period but still it just leaves you feeling a little bit like. And seems like there was money to be had and we didn't quite get. All that may be moot court of. Again perhaps I would say this about football while Memphis has established itself as a reputable football program push it still back sport is very much I have an obnoxious and you know if you're operating outside of Palestine structural. Even if you are good that doesn't really resonate across the country like you gotta be equally. Certain matter outside the power structure. I'm you've got to be police state. You're somebody who lives you know top ten program year after year to year speeding car outside. Programs and in bowl games that matter look you know you're viewpoint he's going to resonate or at least it did for awhile. Under Chris Peterson outside the power structure. By. You know South Florida it's still just South Florida Opel. Like despite what it did last season just like whatever I'm Rick it it doesn't move that needle too much and with all due respect I think not just football. It's similar it is become reputable. And respectable. But it hasn't all the people who are like the national conversation. The way that Boise State one time he had been settled. That it it just wait harder in the export terror ever. Correct the national conversation but it'd been in in basketball and so if we all agree that football is the dominant staying. Then you know we would still agree that don't let the football and a better placed and I think you could argue that several bands it's still it doesn't resonate out out of the market very much at all. Switching gears just a little bit US open was held this past weekend in all people are gonna remember at least all that I'm gonna remember. It's of course Phil Mickelson putting a ball in mid roll on Saturday. And I am a man Joe Buck and wanting no part of talking about blue Brooks kept go with kid thing or not kids seeing or whatever let's start unpacking with Phil Mickelson so. I'm not a golf guy and I can understand why the purist would get upset same way if something happened in football and I'm getting all twisted because you know somebody. Sacked Brady went after his near what ever so I understand like the purest get after it. But main Twitter went gray easy and everybody's leg kick him out of the open this that in the other end. I don't know why I couldn't work up much of an outrage I see both sides of the coin on it but. It was it was interesting digital watch it all unfold that I know you had some thoughts on it and it seemed to fighting kind of silly is cited. You can understand the other side and you don't go to the you know they'd get I. Because golf is so all rules based like I played with my dad from time to time when I play united players don't email Fargo. Are very and he is very much by below book value don't walk in front of a lot. Yeah I would bet I would bet I can respect by the book I mean I try to play our yeah. Well. I thought. Kaplan. They act like I apply. The book the book is it has little piece. For doing certain things get out of the water that apparently headed into the court could paternal. He hit quality movies this is a penalty. You want real life. Didn't get away with anything he did something you're not a rather do and then he was punished accordingly. Let the opponent I sent around on Saturday watching. The reaction to this and I'm like what are the what are people crazy until at some point I tweeted if you truly a bit about Phil Mickelson hitting a moving ball. Which was hilarious by the way. It was rather crazy I couldn't believe I was singing and I'm watching what my daughter went reminds you like what's. And I just sat there like I I don't even know what did you like girls I've never seen before. Quite ridiculous you are nerd there's no getting around your nerves and it's been like like 5500 times completely get like 15100 direction and most people are like ashamed to agree like to get older nerd but there are real humans oh yeah arguing that my vengeance for Blackberry now. And it's unbelievable to be because like this one I think Alpert tweed beat and I honestly there's been like up. Hundred tweets in my you know to reply to me there are some person that I could happen like. Been on a plane to Lincoln yesterday when I saw Albers don't look like I decided to respond today mostly to stay there and other. ST plus Albert. But Albert yet another look out. All of the rail record. So Albert weekly ship built cheated and he admitted it. Many cute like mine so I'm not sure the hall. Like oh yeah can you imagine. How eager but never you have to pay. To pinch hitter around on the Saturday afternoon watching golf with your kids. And Phil Mickelson. Talk you'd say moving bowl with his partner and you're worried about the impact it might have or Gerke yeah tears on that out. I go by a hunter army. Oh professional golfer just touched a moving ball with this potter like what on what are you don't even realize probably. Q would you say it's like and professional golfer took stumbled over the water but it all happened. That is the only thing that happened. And that's why. It he was penalized for these predators there were people to talk to her he cheated. Okay and it talks got very cut and could well equipped you didn't really pay a price that the rules. Straight he's supposed to pay in other words you would kick deflected it went. I've received. Break salute an eight to decrypt that back grabbed it like poured into the ground. Clearly just to put in a touchdown we say who that was Smart play because would be that they get sent a penalty and that we we snapped the ball again. Like winning the women who took bronze gain. That program sometimes he won't be well. And if we don't say oh that person Carl LeBron James is paying. We say you found LeBron James there's a penalty for that. Let's assessed a penalty it's two free throw and then let's play basketball. Can you imagine like. Ate it every time arguing who got fouled a category got routes or DR Margaret York court would start out and a hacker to a situation. People jumped on Twitter and screamed. Net to eBay's chief being. In contention is stupid or we are going to hit you hit that exact cheating. It cheating is like you're giving up foreign substance on a baseball. Or corking up. Or deflating. All doing all go away and let that allegedly showing don't do that Gary. What what Phil Mickelson did it's something that is that you broke you all the and that he was punished accordingly. And I can't repeated enough. If you were government or didn't do it or bothered by the fact that a golfer broken rule did something he's not allowed or any other golfers allowed to. Edit it immediately punished or according to the ball better replace. It can't move on like who are a murder. Her but even people have. Sometimes aren't they are but in this case obviously fair opinions about quote call people. Like stop it shut up they're like so this is punished for what he did. Get over it if you tweet me and talk about my ticket to watch that argue. Get gonna help you here. It is still war paint your kids ever have to experience. It professional golfer. Touching and moving ball with his putter on television. Your kids are live in a country I'd like a pretty good life. Like click. We we are. Certain parts of the country will hit like you know witnessed murders. Kids we you know witness struck deals kitchen witnessed prepare like you quickness all sorts of upbeat day. Oh lord why doubt because your kid who witnessed. A multi millionaire professional golf book touch a moving ball with his clutter. It seemed like they do it okay. You're living your best life I will tell you I'm gonna my dad and mom usually listened to stream is up I better catch the podcast. I'm gonna have that much down and utterly dismal this will set off such an argument being mad at about golf etiquette. I don't wanna get into it so I appreciate your thoughts and I think I back get Laird that Lisa will take he withdrew here and we've got to know your back posted tomorrow. I'll be dead bankers had given that chip on their future. I Jerry parish term NYC where we come back we'll get. Thought on how to move and golf ball says yeah I cannot guarantee that that's why it's Winston up. 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Now wanna be under the had to reach the homeless almost like I have a moment something reminiscent gently if you do. Welcome back. NASDAQ goes for Jay Payton the flip flip and we're slightly past the 5 o'clock hour when it's time to catch up with a good friend. Jeff got kids. Jeffrey when your back showcasing the written word. You know update now based art paired up I had to ask. Hey before it gets you today's tiger news I wanna start or some other big cat news at RP solace however this is weekend 46 year old woman in Georgia. Strangled. A rabid bobcat with her bare hands. After it attacked her. Now little more background her dad yeah trap bobcats so she knew little bit about their behavior. No word yet on the size of the cat other than it was just about get in ratted it also did some reading can get between thirty to forty pounds so it's good sized cat. You're attacked by a bobcat Jeffrey do you the moxie to do what needs to be done. Or does your sorry have a very different that. Where it was about where I didn't control it was what we should see and went out I would. Ever been in a position be attacked yes you have lived here you paid out about how you've got all those animals on that farm in buffalo I'm sure you got bobcats out there right so here in the country. She went outside to take a picture gets jumped by the bobcat. And then she her five year old granddaughter resents I didn't wanna call for help you don't want to granddaughter come running associate justice. Of the life out of it that was it. That's impressive yes yeah. Now. Well I don't know like I have never gone my overall model against the bobcats I would yeah. Like I I wouldn't it hit me guess a lot and I liked alliance against tiger I like to tie it up you get so I can yeah. It will only get. A pussycat I like me thank right you have to look at look at family. I think Duckett. I could fend off a cap. At a domestic cat. And a battle line now how little object would be good at Tulane. And I think I think I would not be killed by a bobcat. Gets that bad but out of Cooper and it could bobcat and I'd like this week and I might get bitten and inflicted great these other can I live that would yeah. Have to meet him or horrifying story of poor animal story of the weekend attack. Lows so woman. Who was swallowed whole industry won't let me beat by a I don't disagree that one I did not. Google right now she was she left the club that type of passion and Joshi was out working and our guard. And they found that change. But they could did not find her there like what are Dick Armey got. This is all the time though I read about like I read this story firmly gates Sri Lanka are points like that like weekly basically. Its like narrowly I ordered the garden. They went looking for a long and and today and it found its big ol' steak 24 foot snake kind of bulge and that the mothers kill the snake is he said. Basically it open. And there they found its fully clothed. Drown me in the belly of the aisle. Fully intact at I'm reading it right now and it goes in the very next sentence after explains that they found her dead swallowed whole. The incident comes just over a year after a 25 year old man was swallowed whole by a python also and it needs you so so that's not as. Is Indonesia it was a good yeah that's what you'd think you'd build up credit but I get out a move our beat. These banks well. Every girl wants anybody seriously garden I'm sure you have right at like there intuit they're digging they're doing their thing about the iPad comes up he's got your leg you like your dog like what are you doing in a net and a basket and the pilot thought originally offered through it and it's over yes. But would you it would you rather be checked out he killed I guess when given a pipe up. So this gets into an online poll I gotta get us back got dragged toward the big guy from Brad I had this discussion with some friends years past. If if you had to take down a large piece of break OK any I think it related from a class trip that I took with my kids visit fair enough it's sure as hell you're not taken on a line and not a a (%expletive) unrest tiger. My theory is that I could take down a key to. They could dig I said you couldn't get a fraud Bob get a justice who might it take about get. Bobcat weighs forty pounds all the bobcat a break ever written its body fights over. My theory is with the cheetah I gotta get to one of the legs because they're all about speed I take out a lag. Again fights over I'm off the top rope drop an elbow cheese got nowhere to go broken ribs fights over so I think I could take a cheetah do you think you could take it here. You that you. He'll achieve I don't picket utility guy that you might be able. I only get any large piece meant to keep it kind of more media at least Serbs would be best spot but. Like whether it's a polar bear grizzly bear are you. Sign up a little barriers to enable a puny humor that's why we get out. Now we've gotten and it I think he could take I think I could take it cheetah and I remain convinced they can do it because if you eliminate the leg that's all I got dealt what is this beat. Anyway let's talk other tech news in wit yeah you like I'm doing this thing march and they cannot know from the commercial deal reporting that Memphis and Nike greed. Wave back ended November to a contract extension five years just north of eleven million dollars averaging. 2.2 five million per year not too bad right. Not too good though as the story continues we take into account the other a AC DC schools like. UConn Cincinnati temple South Florida who all struck more lucrative deals. With their apparel providers in what I guess is most. I don't know too frustrating is the right word of the biggest let down he field. Because relics so excited talking about all man pennies on board any Nike you know let it rained and you know I mean 2.2 five million is nothing to sneeze at but it's not it's not the windfall that maybe we thought could be coming in my off with that. No I think that's exactly right I think that that that when you heard about. Penny and signing up at night you you would hear all big things planned whatever it wasn't just big things. Emotionally. It was because things financially that this would pursue produce some sort of a windfall for the university about us. And I don't know that I am I'd rip them for it again I think they have. That I didn't really good paying him in an iron petty and replacing cut the other ticket created that excitement take. All sorts of levels what are the contribution to say Bill Clinton and revitalize themselves financially yeah. But it you you can't help but wonder well first of all there's no question. We just assumed there would be this when fall and you can't help but wonder. They had not signed the deal in December and had waited and tried to be Ali I'll speak out because I didn't know there aren't that. But you do wonder if that were deal would it be negotiated. As opposed to December. That it might be worth considerably more look at the truth matters right now besides EL. A five year deal that didn't work more relaxed than that five year deal decided 2008. And given what you hear about. About endorsement deals with where we're two companies. Including global getting a 160 million dollars over ten years a little hole the courage to deal obviously Opel and not an Arafat capture the spill. You're you're you're bit you hear about. All the institutions so that money just pouring him. And you're exactly right UConn is Richard and and Cincinnati is richer and yeah and you count Florida's is richer and temple was richer and all those things are. Sort of mysterious. Just signed the deal that is literally a smaller deal all the ones assigned to. In 2000 and a damned if you could if you wanted to be critical that it looks and why did say. It's sort of finished intent is to right now. Right now favorite negotiating right now. Instead listen we're only gonna negotiate with Nike which is what they ultimately get married they are at the end. They federal injunction but do they do not put it out the bit about the either what do you walk. Other armor what do you offer announced Nike what are you are well right now they were to do that. You might say okay. It makes sense. Just talked to Nike occurred at a Nike getting to get a BL a Cutler connected. Penny and beat penny can't Wear anything other than Nike anyway so complicated things to such attempt it yeah it makes sense only to negotiate the Nike. If you you wonder about it in December when you didn't know that you're hired penny. Why then didn't they put it up for competitive spirit which they could not do. Look at a lot of the bigger deal they were talking about to go to the (%expletive) up games. A lot of those under armour deals or are these risky or someone who switched and the and federal. There it's a look at it took me. And the economic yet I'm not going crazy over it. He'll buckle a missed opportunity to ask that you were a Troy University that is. Consulate try to stick together money. It feels like it's deflating. Did you Newt did you not getting the one called acute expected an appeal like a little by little the opportunity. Obviously if they were really thrilled about this deal. I think we would have heard about it sooner so they kind of weigh that into some. Right yeah we are talking with Jeff Hawkins from the Geoff Calkins show art so it's obviously NBA draft weekend they spent some time on that. Today in your show in more likely spend some time tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday and then by Friday it will finally be talking about. What happened with this team which direction did they go we talked moments ago at Gary Parrish and in his latest mock draft on CBS four dot com. He's got the grisly taken Luka Don cheeks as I mentioned earlier this guy is big in Europe. Also big in Europe. David Hasselhoff. That compared that concerns me the comparison that can be made between you two of them. Do you like look and feel like what he brings there you go a little skeptical of how he's gaming and how we you know. The great European hype. Hope translates over here. Well I mean I've not. I'm not skeptical because he's European at all policy European he's no I don't yeah my little bit and I don't know that we're going to yeah see any regard so the packet eight European. Doesn't bother me at all I mean not me. Not where he succeeded however but he says how well he played in the European leak. Yeah no I mean to be continued skepticism about a really. It's not based already in Europe and out of it's not based on his production is production has been incredible. It's only based on when you watch imply and and let's be clear most of us have only seen him and highlights. When you watch him play. Very he's not a close to me it is not U not a great athlete. And so when so much of the NBA. Is. Being able clear clear you know. Come up a pair could explode the basket and that crawler or. You you wonder how do lack of athleticism. Will hold them back having said that. I do think that it it's simply true that every single. I'm player in this including eight but obviously he's not available. Every single player had a question. Where we're Michael. Porter's union but whether he got a bet and running eight seconds. We're. Weird. What moderate directly. Keep it solid penalty conducted it literally cannot count the ball and it villagers employing these ranks yeah where's Janet Jackson junior. He couldn't get on the court. 44. Instead they are the most critical parts of the seat and on the opening times knocking him to make a good time computer factor for. For whatever it's betray young you contribute little it's. And and also lacks athleticism so you can go through it you can. My question mark after question market such remarked to me. Dutch which is. Is the best thing make it happen to the crew leaves because. He'd he'd get. That knee years. Given we know what they're trying to do which is pop right back into the playoffs this year. Keep it that I salute conditional aid you he has a gay one starter. You use slip right then you got to Michael grain market saw. Look at church. Tiller Brooke always felt whichever one if you let go to Brooke come out about it my count. And that is a pretty darn good. Starting spot. And so you sit conditionally. You kept in terms of disposition of the way he plays are quite are or what might well look he's this part. Sappy basketball player he's a great ball distributor. You know I've been waiting at the highest level in Europe he's doing things in Europe. Did people bitten you'd really no one has at his age before. And so I love all that I it battle at their very people who tell you about where the grass so your perfect traditional trick. He can come and contribute right away and there are people including Jonathan Vallone who will tell you that he's the best player. In the draft so I to me he's the basketball world am I still haven't got all that. Skeptical of how high the actual upside is because they have a little. Question and yeah I think that's a fair question. You don't see. How many players who really struggle athletically. Our cars in the league if that's what you're saying you have to look at per complementary third player mark microchip that some of the law ultimately will also -- and the startup carried a franchise. Well you wonder how high if you read it and I think that's fair that but I am I too. Hey. I think Dokic is probably it's looking more more light. He might fall to them. Look at a lot of people it seems to be obviously one of and more and more you'd it looked like Bakley is true a lot of people are counseling and yet took Sacramento at two. And that. Atlanta. You don't really even hear about. Just connect with Atlanta here urgent action Jerry your tree up and down hole. It's looking to me. More likely that you might well fall for the grizzlies. Which case you just make him go home be declared victory air but what you got. Your right to the podium and you submit your dad I'm with you say thanks you're time they Jeff Allison tomorrow night to eleven. Jeff Hawkins from the Geoff Calkins show yeah I guess I can be talked into it I mean. If he's still there everybody. Generally seems to regard and that highly if you look at the average befits the knee and any someone they can come in and help. Immediately. I think as a fan you start reading all these mosques in and listen to you you almost go back to before the last two weeks where. There were three players that were consistently talked about as the three blow at best players in the draft if any of those three drop including. Eitan that's not gonna happen Bagley or dodge it's that's what your hoping for because that's why you wanted to get top three in the beginning brightened. That's Larry was pissed when we drop the four you know so. I was excited to see in Gary's mark today if there's any way that somehow somebody and I wish Terrance and during Jackson's says we have to have him right on for it and they pop them in front me at flame if for the grizzlies does is mean now it's not a sexy pick I'd get it but. I get eight it's it's all about that immediate help right you don't need help for flight four years down the road right now because that's what they're trying to do that's what they said. I ya get onboard. If they sell me on the long distant future but that in the end in the short term. Then you're not build league fifty win team again well and and it goes back to what I thought Parsons might be went before we figure out or Michelle I didn't. I mean which states hall yeah I don't mean driving scorer who can distribute the ball I mean that that. Feels like what were getting a chance to have again. Name Parsons is certainly not an athletic now since the injuries are now are aren't strapped up little dinner to go when we come back pats are Entergy the united down at pennies it. Earth Day out at the blow all be out of the glove and listen a little bit more excited bad. Sort of met his grisly that they made their number reports election. Future superstar come at a Memphis excited. At the bluff will be there from. From 530 to 730 watts are actually bothers screens Jason Donald to say hello I don't bother you myself pilot at the block went out and. This is Gary pairs I sincerely hope you never get to the point where you need somebody to handle a divorce or. 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I know it's not Gagne but do you think did the deep he's gonna insert some news Jay-Z and beyoncé being that they just released. Now bomb together. You know knowing Gary as well as I think I knew that's not obscure enough that's not. Hopefully he's not so you can make it. Make the content parent I I do however think that there will be new con game surfacing sometime soon here on the show you know first Kanye. In Gary told me all about it they have the unveiling in the middle of Montana the new on Yang. At least my colleagues there. Was the gavel Mike and I other bodies from I like my bloody towels signs. And he's he's got some don't that you puma deal I was actually I I agree with the explicit on the face Lopes like I think. If Jay-Z is behind your brand yeah I think it certainly helps that and I think certainly having two of the top three probable pics like that filed for your brand. How to take a look at move around some of my stock options some 401K maybe it's the most it's all strategy and I cannot but I mean I'll look at it want to kind of do dinner to go dinner goes presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks volley original games. What did you learn today Willard a couple things I'm proud to be no red flag watch list that any areas is based on my cheated theory which started to have your picture up over there at the numbers I lose it's your pick out of peace and I try to make the challenge. But I think I can I think that they could see it if it came down there you what did she did you think you can. Beat it I mean I would cheat again not racing Dan writes people are gonna be at the front door I mean it's just a hypothetical folks all right yeah this is what happens. I also learned that very trots. Not returning to the Stanley Cup champion want to capital I retiring yet he was a coach of that team he was an 88. The midwest that is golden knights in the in the ice that idea go out on top I don't miniseries about the time you retire everybody's all upset about Tom Brady's interview with cobra worries like I can see the inside he's forty something that goes all the of course he gives you the and it's like one of Super Bowl and then. Did you don't write off yet there was news that we didn't talk about today I learned earlier that sent Tom Brady there was a report that Gisele. Asked him what more do you have to prove by playing football pump. What do you say it. I didn't see the article I one of those those sneakers that was but you know a lot of things like hurricanes are all up and why does he have the Bruins are all up in your feelings because he talked openly is like yeah I got. Feeling got other priorities and I don't know of the role they can still twenty year old Tom Brady that only yesterday was the sleep and drink football like I am a mother Iverson. What's the biggest game tonight I got Mississippi State to count well there is playing North Carolina I really don't like North Carolina some regular check out about 7 o'clock and ESPN's. What should I watch on TV well you can watch that if you watch the World Cup replay and into the World Cup yeah. I've got on the body and I'm on team Iceland I had defied team since USA didn't make yeah and I went online to one of those quiz is they set a messed up will bison they had a nice draw. Get a result the other day a little abroad as sergeants and so this weekend what was that and I said well Mexico beat Germany they cause an earthquake apparently some stuff seismic activity in Mexico after they celebrated. And I don't know what's another soccer happening so you know gets socked around. Is there anything I need to make sure I read yes that would read Gary pairs his latest mock draft on the NB a draft martz did not know. Is there any commercial appeal about this tiger's deal with Nike which you can get informed about NN of course Jamal next from SB nation grizzly bear blues. Check them out they've got you covered the draft now three days away. What's on tap for tomorrow area is back from new Yorker hosting in New York for something key feature was supposed to be here at the along with Jeff got a positive and up clock and now my back on now Wednesday. My phone is Bob yes yes will be joining this team so yeah. Apollo does show that's Monday in a nutshell. Again gave you wanna catch a more GP recently done with the next eight hours on TV CBS viewers don't work again I'd check it out I'll be back drop enough. I'm an explicit Thursday thank you rather your job my friend we'll talk you only want to see net you can always head over to pay saint Benedict or better yet just you know shoot me an email VA LPH eagle dot org and make a donation we've got a lot of play. And on time we're trying to find a new sound system for the gym we made substantial progress thanks to our noted that nest tonight was that in concert with Johnny got. You're looking for local musician knows an event for these outstanding broad spanned five dudes. Rock this all night long and you probably didn't think you. You know wherever there's an offense we'll talk to guys that have a great night. He's ready to 9 PM ESPN radio. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today on the defensive and he's what we're blessed don't you on the West Memphis is a sports station. 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