Gary Parrish Show, Monday, June 11, 2018, Hour 2 (w/more from 4 stories & Geoff Calkins in (full) Seg 1 this hour)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, June 11th
...4 stories continued (on FESJC and more) Seg 1:  Geoff and Gp discuss wild dog kennel story out of Memphis & Lebron/NBA Seg 2:  Gp talked about the college super regional baseball games  Seg 3:  Dinner to Go

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Maybe makes sense story number three addicts they do classic record yesterday TPC south when Dustin Johnson finished nineteen under won it by a six strokes. And they'll be anything was dramatic in the sense that he holed out from just off the fairway. Beef. Of those the turn it felt over. One hole into the final round oh yeah Johnson and Andrew upon them because Putnam double bogeyed one. And then Dustin Johnson got a two stroke lead and I never felt like Putnam was gonna make a run at it and nobody else was in position no cut to make a run at him and he just hit fairways and greens kills the ball he was just just rock solid just rock solid all the way. And it still ends up shooting again 66 to close it out he didn't need to go that low to close enough. But just having. A week when you. When you don't get the biggest names in the sport consistently and that's change next year yet but. Historically hasn't been the case here in Memphis. Like when you get a big name like Dustin Johnson who is now the number one ranked golfer in the world and I'm I think it's awesome when he's the one that it that carries that trophy it registers. In a way that. If frankly Andrew Putnam what do one. It wouldn't it have been like who won early to classic everybody who was. Follow sports science knew that Dustin Johnson won yesterday in Memphis because senator it wasn't just. He's a big name but it also moved it is the reason he became the number one ranked golfer. In the world and so that's all good stuff for the event again next year all the biggest names in that in the sport will be here but Dustin Johnson when it was pretty cool and that first hole. And when Johnson Putnam. Are part of paired together for now on Iraq is precisely. Is precisely what keeps people playing golf. Because. I was thinking about this just it's something we've talked about before. You can practice all day long. I put you. In a batter's box against Max Scherzer. You'd have no job now there's nothing you can do you can work out is in train and get all the special instruction you want. I put you on a basketball court with Jeff curry there's nothing you can do now that it Kevin Durant there's nothing you can do it. You know I I can put you can work out train get all the instruction you want. Our throw you're still with Antonio Brown tell you to cover there's nothing you can do now. But you can beat Andrew Putnam yes for a whole yeah that's the last time I play TPC south went home I'd. Parred that hole number one more. I hit it into a building on an excellent okay does it matter the point in the story the all something about ball I looked is doing that the awesome thing about golf is that in most other sports it doesn't matter how committed you are tight you can't do anything with the Max Scherzer or staff curry or Antonio Brown you go out every day and train train train and I think cold you ready you feel good about yourself right yeah I feel good about myself okay. Give the bucks here to check sure there and you start you know not pages there's no you have no chance. But in golf. You can actually. Like not to play a hole probably about eighteen holes and probably maybe not not now maybe not Torre magic in light up and beat and drove plucked them. On a hole of golf you can hit. For better shots yeah that he is able to hit. And that is that is the most appealing thing about golf you can't compete. It with other top shelf athletes in other sports but in golf if only for a whole yeah you can actually outplay. A professional golfer and that's why people go out every week in and think that maybe they can be professional golfers story number four apple music festival announced it's a lineup for a second. Festival which is going to be decides over she'll be far far. Looks and yeah looks like they did good work here they put in Ramani ammunition serious Doby and spent like I can imagine what it called back to get pulls belong right now M I mean he just set a record with in the past month. Of had the most. Four top forty tangles. At the same time nobody ever dawn what he gives. And he sold out music fest according to some people is drew the largest crowd we've ever seen was updated at the bill stream music festival and now they're able to pay to get him to come back here later this wonder what that could play out at Shelby farms. Beck obviously Grammy Award winner tremendous talent each draw not like a rap legend yet will be here juicy. Loose Errol core brand and like I made. Usually when these festivals are now at my age. I you know they're used to be a time when I'd go to any festival any time churned out now unlike you got to really have an act that. I want to see and probably one that I've never seen that I want to see to get me to leave the house. And though I have seen most of these acts. This this lineup actually is the type of thing that I think will get people to go after they did a tremendous job putting this together. I didn't know if this would be something that got bigger and bigger and bigger. You terrorists dead or their energies that are but. I thought the first year's lineup with interest thing out and they took it to a new level here are some of them vote that'd be October 6 and seventh shall be formed Geoff Calkins a neck. C officials. 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I was a mobile data recovery and got the power supply is. For you saw a lot of god people end up with one of these issues make him well except for that she was sometimes it is. Sometimes it is. More often it's not. Once had a big game a whole bunch fighting a brand new computer it's a computer. And they yard you have six. And they can get that done in a matter of days and you'll feel like going to develop my own the club for whatever reason. They give it a technician out to your home or. Often accused of sending you call 360967963609679. Lead at oracle over. But Cooper system now while the plug on the web Cooper has been done now. Until right now start it. I'm good games and I hear you correctly this morning. Were you trying to defend and rationalize. Graham all kids in general has diagram all kids can get all this morning. I don't think I was defending a rationalizing. I think that was I think it was suggesting that depending. Being on the context exactly reality she told extreme I think the optics of this depending on those other circumstances. I don't know the circumstances. But depending on the circumstances I think the Arctic for the how could be worse than the reality blushed but I respect. I would argue that there are. Some things in this world. Where. I don't need to know the circumstances. I just know they need to know the basic facts of the situation. To deem it incredible. And it unacceptable. And what such thing would be. Putting kids in kennels in the back of an SUV and driving from white haven the tiger boy I don't need to know anything other than. Let me actually left and I'll percent of CNET tech. So. Grandma gets a good drive and c'mon let's welcome. And she is. Is there and look at kids and it kind of look back and she's well he's kind of look at you hope. We're don't get until you are you crazy kids they get an accounts. And should do is crazy but I'll let Abdullah and she does not stupid they should be a man in there and they should be. They should be strictly they should be and their seat belt is sitting in the seats etc. But the kids get out happily a Muslim neighbors Google looks ridiculous. Man and a. And and until that showed the glory. If you look stupid so bad parenting instead grandparent doing totality of the holiday event circumstance that you're getting a third of the holiday tour. I'm Miller and I'm willing to hitter with a felony absolutely because you just got something like a like I had a shuttle what are what are my four year old came to me and said. That I should pay Oliver didn't get to see this can go he's dead I want a life. Well now you can drop. You're there you can you can bet that you know that well I'd I'd I'd. I've gone to war based. I did tell us under the symbol of this debt can I sit in the front seat which is what better than that can I get a dog kennel. And I'd I'd have to say no or do you say. Exactly right but you would be would be arrested for Charlotte and let me ask you that they can't get any put took that can't. Like this story was a little confusing capricious and how they there was no revelation in the east. And David or invented these cattle political insider that's a little pickup truck and let you speak right PSU via air conditioner. Or what differences that particular make it if if if if if if for example there have been OK all about. And is that we want erratic but are back just stick to have a flat you know the split but there onset of their roping down. It it's just flat where you've been key clue where you expect. As a benevolent to do it look like Tibet and the kid that's all right there. The kids are actually in no greater danger if they're just bounce around loops in the third row benefit Arabic channels like we took the terms of endangering the kids. If displaces air condition but there's no greater danger having been made to be in these candles and having them be loosen up their right. Do you. Even more difficult to breathe and I've dog kennel than it is just a breather in the backseat of our suvs Iraq. Owed to depart don't I'm. I could at apple dot kettle to places where we're I'm I'm assuming a properly air condition that you paid. Saint and Duncan are dark honored are under expiring in their dollar total. We are expiring their dog kennel. That dog on the airplane now. The dog died. That dog didn't die it was but who will multiply that dog died it was an. A few people talk all the way to properly can dish acutely. I had not sing. You a little thing that could could grant parenting and it's crazy. I think it could look. Look so often that it is now if it looks hat doctor Kirk terror that politics. It's crazy. Now I can also measure circumstances where would be felt OK okay where it would be at all. On air condition excuse me right grandma is screaming at the kids' rights that you can't have narrowed an upbeat debt at that you right. Get important. Quit going to get into. A on air conditioned as QB law. They're all crying and terrorized in their dog cages. I can say that the judge brutality that is child abuse. I don't know where out of awareness of the electorate that is there and it has ordered out or tko. By the way that the story. Like I reject the idea I get the kids were like come on grandma. Please let us write the kennels that it still that it's okay like it still insane does little to do it reelection bid adieu to. Not what happened now when I know you were claiming that's what happened according. Oh what happened. Oh OK well then that you don't more than I don't OK financially you don't want to double this year. The children told police that they were placed in the cages because there wasn't enough room inside of the vehicle. On the part that I don't understand. And perhaps we'll get an answer to this some day and I don't need to know the answer answer to know that this woman like if it if they've made a terrible mistake. Boyd okay you can't ride in that. Like normal seating area of this SUV. Because there's not enough. Which suggests there's stuff there they asked why not take the kettles out put that stuff in the back to put the kids in the seats like normal people. Or that would have been preferable. There's no question it or even if you were gonna do the even if you want to do that. Just to take care holdout and had to get it took hinder and they should. Couldn't get the citation for that to restrict their picket lines to support their capitals look at the end. But I give it up and out of the action but but they're taught not advocating netting there. But it took a look or it'll look it would IP optical problem about advocate in the actual candles. If you could move to consult at had a beer. Who to look in in the back of the yesterday. Here's the other thing that bananas that suggest she anybody really think this was that crazy. She's unloading children from candles in front of a store and bought a definite about that part of my guest tonight it just looks crazy little access safer save for a second time. That tied for whatever reason decided to put. Oliver Lou in kennels and drive around our if I didn't got to our destination them. I would like park somewhere I'd be like I can't pull Ali yeah you know homicide I can't pull Ali in lieu of these candles in front of the peace. And I need to go like bootleg would guys like a little park over here dual look out to make sure nobody watching and demo pull amount to kennels and we're gonna go inside do we get me to do it. Did you like she just like she popped people will tell you get out. Wait a bit caught which was a cut in other words if she had been terrorizing kids. Forcing them into it. Really unhappy kids into the kennels but presumably she says it kept on other people's eagerness now can send tips. Compliment the the kennels they're better try to go on the cooker where bush look like a big it'll actually touched or towards street battle is the the audience. I would argue it cuts more toward what is wrong with you. You you have kids in kittles that did it in. You told father Rick Trotter OK in jail for mr. Peters. Right. Even jailed for misdemeanors at this moment an independent of certain includes politically charged with a split that would probably. So what do you mean you're suddenly what's worse she that was those were really really and being a kid. That's worse than an Oscar trivia appropriately in danger is kids better or would not scared video. But if it's just take care a couple of up and a great actor will be incompetent. Just more than an Oscar. I definition if you've got kids not buckled into an automobile but instead lying in kettles in the back of a unique issue here. During the did this is sums. The big east if you can't think for example that a kid. We've got the round without proper Kirstie did not buckled and of course but not good for a trip that. Gonna be the guy own radio comparing upstart video though. And how would he. I think you'll sit here at danger indicates that you're basically tip that none of the governor not at all adult the adult seatbelt. And there ought to any and I don't know who actually. And the drought current they're clearly endangered what I did is that it did during two kids in the standard that an important market here kitty. Here's here's what I think. I think Rick Trotter should be in jail. I think if you take videos of women. And and if you take videos of women without their consent you deserve to go to jail. I think we're Trotter is exactly where he ought to be. I also think this woman. Is charged with crimes that she should be charged with I don't know what is worse I find them both to be unforgivable very clearly your barking up the wrong tree here. I don't think that if you discuss the camel joke and make it could be. Aired this look at this and I don't think if it. Listen if I saw this adequately investigate the family and investigate the walk. It could be the sign that something desperately rumbled trembling that's that that I I would give it out with you that I just wanna go more. That's your question you can answer however you feel comfortable. Have you ever driven around what your kids in kennels because I think urge you to give you a compliment in a way that makes me feel like maybe you like. Never just didn't let I don't think I've given that it is true that I was child. I we were given all the time. In the far back of the car and we were given without seatbelts on and we've also stand on the currency on your to work pretty. And my love what putter are about to stop us and it's also true pit. Eat with drugs all drugs back and forth the Michigan in the beer we don't we pick up truck which is. Without one of those things on the back popped up on the backs right up and whatever and we put mattresses manner and we would sleep on the mattresses whereas several cabinet to to Canada depression crazy like yeah. It is not saying the way. We used to travel would children as opposed to what is acceptable now I went on a vacation to a belief Florida. Under the exact same circumstances you were describing. Like. My parents had like I don't know what you call like that it's not like a full truck when your mini truck I don't know like a smaller truck and head out like a camper top on it. And same deal mattress in the back of a fraud we're just like hanging out on the back but yeah driving a lot of like no seatbelt no nothing. Again like crazy. It's crazy what he's the right no you grow up nobody would Wear a seatbelt you're like who like who put Obama. Like quote kind of he would put on a seat a deregulate it was not uncommon. In my childhood. For me to be. In a vehicle no seatbelt on. Nobody even suggesting that I should put the seatbelt on and like whoever was driving is like Gary Miller. A can of Miller Lite in the area like it was so that they affecting normal thing that I think you don't see anymore. But like. It's never a scenario where I don't have my seatbelt on. My wife doesn't ever seatbelt on our children don't have their seatbelts are properly buckled in but you even imagine. I'm driving five miles the way. He used to drive 500 block gulf ended very normal settings. Poll and not only that all that would be true I want the public be smoking. Blitzer right. Right although dog apple can open with the windows with a windows. Group up and I'm like whatever but that's just what it was but I tell us now that's the way it's a very good bad. No cattle it's either that Boca. I cannot believe you came on the radio tried to defend the kill a woman. And a bottle I also heard from someone who's involved the juvenile justice as we thought it was great to start a power. All it. I don't know enough about them all to argue whether she should be facing a felony charge were not I just know that there is no old. Even decent explanation. For taking a set. Year old and a nine year old and putting the midi channels were driving home video lead yet it is crazy video to see just. A play that sort took off it was just crazy video to see some kids just pilot on the kettle. Patrick Craig actor Corey if you had gotten. What the hell. And that that's the I would give skip Bayless on the summit do for you know yeah. They had a well let's let's defend the woman with a gets an attempt that's cute at. That's sort of be like if you give Billick got a wakeup by the act particular trait do you think you could possibly Shaq until today I wake up I put an end. I would it said the kettle lady that's gonna look at Larry's show. Like he can impact our. And people get so bad at yellow ballot yes I would like to put it did this channel open up a little dog or UK. And meet you did everything well today at making an earlier delight or wherever you go out. It must must be exhausted. Leg and then let it won't get the wake up every day and you got a trash LeBron James and defend the kennel lady think like it. It seems like it's exhausting work you get kicked it capped a stupid idea rabid air or are of course less than nobody loves LeBron James as much as I do I think. I've accepted them now as as my team's savior. And I a in yet like come on man like that I'd. I ate egg not I'd belief. He really hurt his hand I believe his hand was really hurting. But if you can play a basketball game without anything on your hand. You can do pregame media availability without anything on your hand. You do not need to put a cast on the show up for that press conference you can shop for that press coverage and say listen we didn't say anything for a variety of reasons. But I've been dealing with a hand issues don't say basically a broken hand if you're getting basically broke your leg is injured but it's not basically broke my back. Let's look at all pay for even some of these folks all. Pay the problem will tell you that confused and Paul. But he could give basically a broken hand right pretty good fit better than the problems they owe. You yeah its good you know we feel good you you play that would replace. That is actually be waived that it should have been doc you either get time loop or Kevin Lowe. Somebody 201 prompted. Say hey listen. You know there were disappointed in her performance tonight we feel like we were competitive in the first three games tonight this one got away from us. But. LeBron is is too proud to say this if he's never gonna make an excuse. But the truth is he hasn't been himself since game one you guys saw that and the reason is because he's got an injured hand and it you know it. I'm pretty accurate dapper yet historic record broken hand and right LeBron can't say cracked or broken right. But after that first game it's either Kevin tie Lou whoever and they say. You know he'd leave base basically playing with a broken hand. If this were the regular season he would not have even been on the court. But given as the finals we could set it down if we wanted to he would not allow that and I'm not saying that that changed the series. I had the better team clearly one. But. We were up against it after we squandered an opportunity in game one and after LeBron into the same and then LeBron comes to the table. Subsequently. And he's immediately asked about it he says. Listen. I made a mistake. I let my emotions get the best of me. And I injured my hand after game one but I can clearly still play a couldn't play as well as I needed to. I'm like you know it goes it warriors are the champions and they deserve to be celebrating. In in our arena right now and I'm not ever you're never gonna hear me make excuse and. The topics the but forget to come out of the cast aside did this come on and I can't give it any day when it comes to LeBron kid if and that he just looks really. Particularly look ridiculous additionally look you know look ridiculous edit job don't you like to actually put it can't let that IndyCar but. And an aggregate I don't know what they're a if there's an NFL in the moment it's like what do you do your own. Like you know again we just watched you play a whole basketball game with nothing on uranium surely you can get through this question and answer session and but without dumping on your hand librarian is if it was a perfect like the people who battled LeBron. Veterans day that's the stuff it's that it's that it's the so it's that mr. Graham told it's that. And I can't do anything with that I can discuss numbers with you I can just debate the goat let's get. But like if you wanna brag on him for stuff like that can't defend that is that Ed that was the real thing that was it like if he had an advisor with him. Every moment of every day should know better mayor somebody was that yell you can't do that like I don't know what you're hoping to accomplish by walking up there with a cast a puppet leader on your hand but he does not going to be good for you. Leg like really. It's remarkable if they had three games to prepare for that moment. The way we describe it exactly what they should have done let tied Lou go out there and say it for let Kevin Love say at four. Didn't let LeBron down player and then let everybody else talk about. How breed he was to play through it or how dumb he was to injure his hand self inflicted. In the finals book like. Don't turn it into like Ameen. They dig it but that's what did he turn himself I don't need. And then must quit beer and then I Sergio and Harrington talking about it earlier sort of where does the NBA go from here because it's interesting. It it's almost like with the Golden State Warriors it's where it was back when the UConn women use to win national championships. Year after year after year when they would women be like OK good I guess how many is that now who can even keep track what does that even mean it's not received as an accomplishment. It's only newsworthy if they don't do what it is everybody expects them to do. And ID B Bailey on from the police report earlier he said he took a screen shot of ESPN like the next day. The golden boy just won back to back titles given to re just won back to back finals MVP has three championships before you spend the next day. Every headline on the ESPN's best of it was like about LeBron James like nobody. Like in Oakland Bay Area I'm sure they're celebrating outside. They're chair outside a debt market their championship. Is sort of just met with a shrug of the shoulders like whatever regrets I guess. Is that an issue for them isn't an issue for the MBA. Or is it just like hey we built this thing away with a league allows us to build this state if we can keep burying people everywhere can bury people every. Oh I don't think it's at all an issue for them. For them I don't think it's an unchartered suppose they'd like to be celebrated or not to pack and got it won't have that asterisk. I suppose it's it's strategically if you Kevin Durant. Utley given that asterisk such as it is actually Kevin Durant namely win two straight MVP award. And got that. I'm not gonna make it go away they'll people who law is there be included Kevin directed that he could be easy way out. So. But they clearly don't mind that got a title there or they all time great teams I don't think it's a problem for now. If you wanna make an argument and any argument to the contrary is that. That but for Chris Paul hamstring me with a lot this year wish I had that. I don't think it's good I don't think it's how I understand that the little little locket was good the first game. What was unbelievably great second game this stuff going out the third game which GP go above that there's some compelling games in the series. For me it's what I've settle all of it I look at everything through the prism of the metro police and I don't know that it ever felt more remote to the idea of Memphis competing cable could just sort of where they are terms roster. But key you know have a universe where. Seems to require. A collection of stars gathering in the someplace. Ever played is ever gonna be Oklahoma City or Indiana. Or America or any other place and so for cities like the fact. That and that's my concern I think it makes everything seem more futile than usual and so. What you want to stay out of the hole he wants these teams doesn't it feel like you're just a mile away at their church almost feel like you're kind of a different league than those days. So you are my way. We have no shot Brett know of no shot and. But at look at OSHA could hear you you didn't draft. Well because luckily you target cars draft brilliantly. I have a harder time again but they can't keep Gordon Hayward limited to draft a brilliant but I and so. It's it's not yeah if it stitched it. It's okay. I don't think how can ever happen I'd create an inner city like represented me. I'd imagine that it's and that to me is why it different than that. So the total like different but off the teams in the Chicago thinking all right great teams in the NBA there's a dominant teams in the NBA this site in fewer. Champions or or with the in the NBA are pure a small selection because most teams get to be great. Individual players can be great for a long time but so we've if you run before. It's just. It's just how these super teams are till now. It is is. It Google the way to build is it is is the way it is not available about this and that seems to be the only way to win took took took to compete for championships. And so that is what bothers me I don't know if that's the problem for the beat but I think it's a problem in big markets like rebel Serbs. And help the markets in the UBS let's be clear I like are are not necessarily Dracula blood but. Basically fit that category it's hard to imagine how Jack socialist or. I need I think the NBA the way it set out. You. Are less likely from a member market like Memphis to ever win a championship than you are in any of the other major sports. Like I think of the NHL you could you could theoretically win one NFL theoretically dream of its Major League Baseball a small markets went in Major League Baseball bat opinion won't. Be that baseball cap as the one where you can't possibly do it but that's not sure he's automatically. If you get a good look at Kansas City you get pitching. You yen is really down that the treaty to get enough pitching to put together and you can actually do and you can actually live. Where. Basketball is the one place where it seems yes farfetched there's no question. The Tennessee Titans are strapped to the right things there's nothing they don't have a harder time winning a title. The New York Jets certainly you. Ticket for the Chicago Bears and it is no advantage of football almost no advantage should be age in one market as opposed to another market. Hockey is very very deliberate actions we've seen. Bureau locks they get walked right in and get them. You wake up until the national gets into the good. Baseball used to be seen a doctor at the Yankees to win but that's very clearly not the case anymore. It's basketball that has this issue a double that's a structural after Balkans superstars means so much. But a lot of it is this new era. And in theory I'd love the idea of players. Having agency and freedom to go where they want it shut around. But where the way it plays out it took the disadvantage of places like Memphis I mean I've read I read Oklahoma City papers a little bit during the finals and the crew would focus for the whole thing. He's you know they're better read a column but very Trammell sane kept up right it just got great but well shall we got. What he got to. Golden State and he isn't rattled off all that unbelievable playoff game that he had an Oklahoma City and he had a whole album. And then I don't know I don't play end and then and that any don't and probably and so yes I feel bad for cities like. I don't actually think it's bad for the NBA this this this Golden State Warriors thing because doubles finals. Were relatively speaking boring. Of the season it was awesome. You know that the Western Conference finals once having gained the Eastern Conference finals went seven games if Chris Paul doesn't get hurt I'm not ensure the warriors make the finals they are the best team. They want back to back championships I do not think they're unbeatable. And I think the Western Conference finals it's the way that played out supports that. Something is bad for the NBA necessarily at a bad for the warriors in general a big drafted three of their top four players like a big big big event they doubt. Oh it would have been better without the warriors would have gotten more credit for that because your doctor right away the warriors built their team. And in fact the old fashioned way right by great graphics. If if if I can think this is true and Katie hadn't gone there they might not have. As many titles. At bay but look at their one title instead of 3.2 titles instead of I have a serious come that would let the way it would have evolved. They would be getting a lot more credit for those titles that would KG. I think that's true I'd still I think big picture used to what collect titles and you guys can. Can prevent us from doing it whenever you prevent us from doing I don't think it's an actual problem for Kevin Durant. Because he has not going to be. Appreciated the way. You know he wants to be appreciated because the common opinion is congratulate your two championships but they that team could got those with or without you. Ewing the reason they're winning Indy thing. You know they won one before gill and if you leave they'll win one after you you just you you are the best player on that team arguably. But they can win this with or without you and that's gonna drive him crazy at some point and I think being the reason. He leads Golden State in his prime to try to go collect trophy somewhere else. Do you think it is going to be everything else I don't I don't look at it try to create. It now is that he says it doesn't but he doesn't the guy who set up murder counts to argue what people want everything drives him crazy I I would bet. It but I would bet and I'll let you go summer 2019 he leads Golden State after winning a third title. I think he leads Golden State and go somewhere else perhaps New York. To try to win additional titles under different circumstances. To where people won't discount his initial once. The way they did would LeBron in Miami LeBron Cleveland championship. Registers and away the Miami once don't and I think KD's next championships if you get some somewhere else are gonna register in a way that the Golden State and stumbled Allstate. A pocket Amare. 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So what caused baseball at all Larry to know like who's good who's not good on a day to day basis but. Last night after the Mets and yankees were done. I saw people like talking about College Baseball on Twitter and in this state was playing it was game three winner goes to college World Series. And it will us also because fund like last night you have Washington and Fullerton and a in a winner goes to the college World Series situation invading Mississippi State in a winner goes to the college World Series situation both games on TV and bowl games like insane insane games I thought your tweet was exactly right like it felt like you needed on Gumbel go on back and forth between those two games because. A during Minnesota's state game I guess the pitcher for full. Were Tim had a perfect game going. Or was it for Washington one of the pictures of their had a perfect game going I've I've picked that up in progress yeah I got busted I don't know about nothing until after the Mets yankees and I was like everybody else is asleep yeah the hunt as I guess I'll turn this on its high stakes baseball game and then it was like the Mississippi State game was crazy it was like two run homer that tied it in the what are we talking about Iraq and so we got another one of those tonight Gary and three South Carolina Arkansas on them so as to SEC schools once again super regional. A series is tied 11 so the winner here is gonna go to college was here's a planet in fable and it's going to be on ESPN two tonight so if you know we're now living in the world would know NHL no MBA yeah it's a light Major League Baseball scheduled tonight. No I'm the only cared for like the Mets are playing tonight knob and so if you look at for baseball game high stakes baseball. 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Right in the middle of said the best shopping and dining around new to their kind of allocation this year that these channels serving Starbucks breakfast dinner and evening around curry are dining area and carriage crossing into how your down to learn more about our group breaks into makes your reservations call today 85 939. Yes severe feels a smile center hotline now it's getting very show. You do three years ago I was live from the local restaurants horsepower studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN's. We okay. I. I imagine that is tonight we've got more super regional College Baseball action are focused on South Carolina Arkansas. That game starts. And little after 6 o'clock so you'll maybe 1015 minutes from now. There's another super regional as well Florida and ought to do all help me or do I keep thinking just automatically goes a regional needed it appears that way that is not the case though no we had Davis if they've played with each of the last night NL got out and argued the putting it together tonight and Auburn Florida played against each other tonight so that's sounded. I can't imagine tonight's College Baseball is gonna matched last night's College Baseball. In terms of drama blood laughs it was awesome and that's reason enough to light. I actually like look at for the first time ever may be Google College Baseball scoreboard page so I could figure out there are more games on tonight. The get into that. Get into it you really get into it right I actually don't think and I'm going to death. But it was late last night that Mississippi State game didn't get out until 121 last night until fifty is really yak is iTunes and of that lake yeah you must've because they tied it up. And then. You're like all my guys like these their time as the it's gonna go an extra innings when an extra innings and then it was still another. And I keep pitching change that like a ten pitching changes. Yes crazy we pulled a yesterday so that things got a blurry that night panel has until I just remember enjoy seeing the College Baseball last night. Don't know much about the details but little blurry at dinner with than a guy. Arm my wife called it an all. Our friend Dana O'Neil from the. Sounded okay. So I'm going to be me in Kelly and Dana I'm going to dinner tonight or not miss the baseball action but. And on maybe off. Look at the scores winner of the hogs are doing after dinner to go to Joe's presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly own regional peace. What did we learn today I just don't just focus on the main take away disliked what Geoff Calkins. Tells you. Or tries to defend. Weird you heal for him to die it was really he he really does feel a little more than I expected on this one I felt like Islam while we were all going to be able to agree on at the of those but I understand we get into Jordan. LeBron down we we are never gonna agree on that. You don't put children in dog kennels and drive from white haven because I able I thought we just won't win without them they like of course. But a look a little unclear on that and if you do that you. Usually go to did you should be arrested and charged a crime then and then go to jail probably right but you can't do it. Oh yeah infinity I guess show like Joba like well you know I even know what more do you need to know. She she took kids will be on graphics are good Gary what are you what I think or something isn't what I explained Aaron on the optics match sometime. You don't even know they hide this hold up hold up. Just let me confirm these things are true now. She took her seven year old and nine year old grandchildren. But coming dog kennels room in the back of an SUV. And drove from Dwight David McIntyre is that true. Yes that's true then I don't even know everything else that they get a minute I don't even know the deejay how about a need to know why she can't I didn't know that she did it. And now we're gonna charged with a crime and so Jeff was like. You know is that really the worst part of the world. Yes it is actually the worst thing in the world and we don't just put your kids and dog kennels and drive around what that he would like that to the felony let's just all agreed. I don't know enough about the law I don't know whether it's a felony or misdemeanor I don't know what the name is and there's no way to rationalize that at our kitchen have you been doing it I would turn it at a police say why. What's the biggest game tonight and the race that got Arkansas super regional College Baseball everything I've won one what are those college world theory that's an old hall. First pick 604 you can watch it on ESPN two what you don't watch on TV Ed Sullivan rock and roll classic. That's a WK you know tonight at 7 o'clock if that interest you to get sports network is doing NBA draft special. They taped hit most of the day to be doing more next Monday Albion New York for those next Monday today. Hit a separate crew but if you wanna check that out starts at 7 o'clock I think they got multiple episodes airing tonight up like Chris Matthew's gonna be of even cold where. Back to pumpkins on Jimmy Fallon. DJ Khaled and future to be on Jimmy Kimmel Hilary Duff son James Gordon. Jake Tapper is on set my. Is there anything I need to make sure I read marker here from the commercial hill got a hold of some documents. In the past few gave published a story commercial appeal but come on I believe Saturday morning. Where it was basically. These confession of Rick's father who was the former. Grizzlies. And public address announcer. And among the other things that he says was that he was inspired to shoot the videos. That he was called shooting. By the Erin Andrews story like that's what put that thought in his head and so. No they're clearly has the fitness there's no other way to describe that but it was interesting glimpse into the that story if you haven't checked it out yet you can find this commercial feel dot com what's on tap for tomorrow Thursday it is keeping the way the first hour Geoff Calkins in the second should be fun enjoy. Jordan I come and enjoy remind me back here tomorrow ports of the be careful we can be good. The official who. 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