Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 6, 2018, Hour 1 (w/GP on Urban Meyer story in Seg 1 & 2 & 4 stories at 444 in Seg 3)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, August 6th
Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 6, 2018, Hour 1 (w/GP on Urban Meyer story in Seg 1 & 2 & 4 stories at 444 in Seg 3)

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Or visit on the web at Morse and roofing dot net. That's gaining more than roping a proud supporter of the University of Memphis at the department. Check him out on the web Morse and roofing dot net that's Morse and roofing gotten. Season. I don't lose. They returned to nine FM ESPN. This war. Our code word is airplane takes the word airplane AI RP LA NET seven to anyone in the next 58 minutes for your chance 1000 bucks. Texas airplane is 7288 while Rihanna where today. I've dated white from Memphis and you can be our next 1000 dollar winner in the next 58 minutes extort airplane descended to anyone's. Takes airplane descended to anyone good luck of the code works. Has been ESPN presents there is only national columnists who spends his afternoon for. Perspectives of Memphis radio he'll make you think he'll make you laugh and sometimes made you change the station children. It's 4 o'clock let's get. This is the scary Perry show. We haven't Darren Darren Bragg gardening. Studio producer of the program buddies what to me why you women will be included. No obstacles. No disruption. Good reporting the allegations against one of the things they like you said he did on Friday night or nothing going to be no. Unemployed football coach again because he's historian college football got even wilder this weekend. Did you call up momentarily. Well I think it's gonna come down until the par putt and into the that is credible reports 45 Brett the movie is gonna join me. An unemployed didn't work at the stay. He has these former Libyan college football Thomas who has been. Lead reporter on the biggest story of the year in college football he watched him on ESPN consistently over the past week. Even though he doesn't technically we're the previous DNA any more even though he is still collecting your check. How PFP anybody good well I. They talked to Fred Murphy about the urban Meyer's story. We're gonna do that imports 45 left for said that nothing more notable shortfall portable what point. Good football previously on the bus doors among them president trump spent his Friday night. Calling another successful black person dumb on Twitter that felt like I'm part of a pattern. The president is we'll discuss third for notable stories full 44 qualifying is considering adding up. Stupid rule which would be just the latest example of football decision maker that is stupid rules to prevent things that rarely happen anyway we'll get into that little later on this hour general marks. The Alabama quarterback expressed his frustration this week it was how we Alabama coaching staff has handled the quarterback controversy. I doubt it's tough to lose fed cup the young man made some. Solid points certainly some interesting points. We'll get into that good before 5 o'clock in the western involvement with the book supposed to protect the window of every NBA game they do not think much of your members living will get rid of that report notable stories hold 445 o'clock. Just saw him just like go without talking about the grizzlies talking about Urban Meyer and it will eventually did did it to go we'll get out here. That's the rundown got a lot to get to but I want to start with the ongoing urban Meyer's situation at Ohio State just to get too caught up to date Urban Meyer. Arguably. If not definitely of the second best college football coach in the world behind only. I'm Nick Saban was placed on administrative leave last two wins day. After Brittany Murphy who like I said gonna join me in the next segment essentially caught him in it in a lie because just a week prior when asked about the abrupt firing. Of Zack Smith nine different times after Brett initial story published. Urban Meyer at Big Ten media day consistently denied. Ever knowing anything about an alleged 2015 incident between Zack Smith and his ex wife. Courtney Smith urban denied any knowledge whatsoever of the Brittany Murphy got Courtney spent on the phone and she tells him she thinks urban knew about it because turbines wife Shelley definitely knew about it as she's got text messages to prove that Cortes also provided bread. With pictures and text that paint a pretty ugly situation injuries on her body. Threats from her ex husband and one text even apologizes. For choking her. Which is tantamount to an admission of domestic assault so Ohio State officials. As solve this and they placed Urban Meyer on administrative leave and then late Friday. Urban released a statement. He basically admitted to lying at Big Ten media day against Big Ten media day he'd asked about it in some form nine different times. AA every single time he denies ever knowing anything about the 2015 incher that until that day when it. Somebody in his office told him about. Then on Friday night this past Friday. Urban reverses and said he actually did know about the 2015 incident in 2015. And that he followed proper reporting protocols and that more or less is is where we're at right now on Ohio State announced last night that Mary Jo White who. Is a former and I believe the first US attorney for the southern district of New York someone who is also handled. A numerous NFL inquiries. They announce a site she's gonna lead to Ohio State investigation she's that heavy hitter well respected so this should be conducted properly. And wrapped up Ohio State. Suggested. In about two weeks of the questions. Should Urban Meyer survive this. And will Urban Meyer survived this I think those are two totally different questions. And it comes candidates. At least in my opinion what do you know. How much did he know. When did you know went and did he actually reported it properly. As he suggested on Friday that he did. Com. In. In a way that makes him compliant. With his contract. Because even though all sorts of people who for whatever reason can't read the same stories that I'm reading every day. I suggest on Twitter that Urban Meyer wasn't. I'm contractually obligated. Or obligated by title mine. To report these allegations even if they are nothing. Blood unfounded allegations the truth is there's language in his contract that absolutely says that he is supposed to if somebody working for Urban Meyer. Is accused of any sort of sexual assault domestic assault any sort of physical violence and that information gets to Urban Meyer he is contractually. Obligated. To report it to his superiors. Now and wherever it goes from there it goes from there but there is language in his contract that says it if you this has brought to you. You just reported it and and then we'll figure it out. And and so the question is like did he actually do that he is suggesting that he did. If that's the case that it appears the best case scenario for Urban Meyer going forward. Throughout this two week investigation. Is going to be this. The best case reality for Urban Meyer if he's trying to keep his job. It's going great bought it might be able to help him keep his job it'll be days it'll be that he essentially. Says. Any investigation shoals. That he was indeed made aware of multiple allegations of domestic violence against one of assistance first in 2009. Then again in 2015. And they reported broke properly. And that his assistant was never convicted of a crime. And that any charge that was ever brought against the system was subsequently dropped. And that his administration's allowed him to continue to employ the assistant. And so we did. Because from his perspective. Before he said she said incidents and he didn't want to ruin a coach's career without definitive proof. That he was indeed. An abuse or one. In this scenario. Urban Meyer's worst crime besides possibly continuing to employer. Employee a man who was beating a woman. Is worst crime that is provable. Would be that he lied a Big Ten media day. And that reality would. Lead to pay. He's already apologized for that right he's learned a lesson from my act. Let's put zero tolerance policy on his staff going forward. Move on. And start winning football games again. Get back at this point the best case scenario. Is that a defensible position Breck arson. Cash known out of today's climate. I think. Bet is probably true. I think you're right now in today's climate but you got to remember in real time we're talking about 2015 and don't was only three years ago lost the world has changed a lot as it relates to. Domestic violence as it relates to sexual assault allegations the world has changed a lot in the past three years because of the meet two more. I'm just thinking that the whole lying or even being deceitful and deceiving or not being full for full throttle with the information you know or possibly know. In a media setting like that in 2018 demeans banana as it is bananas and it is ridiculous and if you wanted to fire him strictly because he made you like and himself look like a full oral weasel because he's a documented liar Big Ten media day and I wanted to fire him for that site. I can certainly understand I can't get the contract bundles study it might cost you forty million dollars to dodge and then fire him over the and that's a forty in my opinion that's quite a statement because listen coaches coaches lie at media days all the time. Go to fly impressed covers all the time didn't click it or as it is it is something that you roll your eyes that it is it is something that you called them on it. When you can't write but it's not. A fireball offense to lie to reporters at a all the and you know it up press conference setting yeah happens all the time his. And again I'm just playing devil's advocate here. But this is where I think he gets tricky yeah if the scenario I just laid out is reality again. And that is essentially a scenario that Urban Meyer statements suggest laid out payless and yeah I knew about these allegations. And I've reported them. And my administration let me keep them on staff and I I wasn't sure they were true or not from my perspective it was he said she said try and I just couldn't bring myself. To rule I don't fight fire him people asked why I did I gotta say why. Or people find out why would open records request and I'm ruining a young person's career I am ending his career he will never work editor at hello again or perhaps never brought college campus again. And you can say. With the benefit of hindsight that I made a poor decision and honestly with my benefit of hindsight I think I made a poor decision. But that is the decision I was struggling with them real time. Do I do I believe his wife slash ex wife or do I believe him they're saying two different things he's denying it. And he's not charged with a crime and am I really go to in his career over that allegation that. To this point has not been proven to meet or anybody else and I really comfortable doing that and again I might amend the state but that's what I was dealing with Anna. I think that's at least understandable you might call BS on it but I think that's at least understandable. And if he did actually report this the way he was required contractually to reported. Then. My removing him is probably gonna cost you. Forty million dollars. And I do not think Ohio State is gonna pay forty million dollars to make the second best football coach in the world cool way. They will punish him in some form they will. Perhaps suspend him they will put new language in the contract they will put new rules in place about how to handle situations like this but I don't think they don't. Forty million dollars to fire or your mind if that is the reality. It seems to be at least defensible. From a contractual. Perspective right. And I also think it's understandable. If you aide put yourself in urban Meyer's shoes now or beat you just wanna believe and Urban Meyer think about it. If this happened at our radio stations aren't at a mega putting their name and finally had a when he made name connected to this type of doesn't like it as an example it is strictly hypothetical I. Let's say that Brad cars yeah man who runs NET nine FM ESPN. There's an allegation brought to you that one of your host is abusing his. Or has at least have physical moments. With his spot you know the cops have been called but no charges have been filed and and and in their incident six years ago right there were actually charges filed but they were subsequently dropped for lack of that. And so you sit there going calf in a bit this guy's wife was now as ex wife now my host look one of my host. Is is alleging some pretty serious things. But I am bring in my whole stand. In the same brand. I'm just telling you this did not happen the way she CNET and I'm ages did. This girl is crazy. It is dvds I'd never hitter I've never done the things she's alleging. And you don't sit down in it this is not true but if you terminate me or this mostly baseless allegation you're ruining my career now. How do you think that it's very difficult golf at an uneasy that and that and that is true you are essentially ruling this person's career if you bring this to light. You know and and probably fund raiser but perhaps. Not and I think that is a very difficult does not be sympathetic toward Urban Meyer but I do think if you put yourself in the decision making. Don't know apartment now when your administration is requiring you again if this is the reality to remove him from the cops aren't. Filing charges but certainly not convicting him. And from your perspective it's a he says she said situation. It is a very difficult thing to deal with I'd say even if that's the reality in this is the best case there where I think Urban Meyer film now is in this way. You sit him down and you said. I'm gonna believe you. Because I wanna believe you and because there's not enough proof in my mind that I'm aware of right now I cannot believe you but here's the deal we can have these type situation in our program to know we will bring us all down and so here's the new rules for you. And I know you've got children with a swamp and so like never seeing her again probably isn't realistic option. But you're never. To be in a rural home now you were never to be anywhere with for a long when you pick your kids up. You have somebody go with you right if it's a manager from the stashed. If it's a friend you have if it's your mother somebody's always present somebody is always presidents are because what you're telling me is she's falsely accusing your thanks mom. And if she ever accused you of anything again. Your dog here. Because maybe you're just decree. Or I just can't deal with this anymore. So you have somebody in the room at all times so I can go to them if it ever comes again I can go to them and say what happened and they can say this thing go around like that you need a witness to vouch for you. To make sure this never happens again because no matter what has happened 20092015. If you were ever. Accused by this woman of anything or any. The woman right up against you were done at Ohio State I can't deal with that. Urban Meyer by all accounts did not do that and that was a failed big big failure that's the way I think I've I would head football coach I would handle it if I kept him. I might just dismiss him I would adore what I'd that Iran I would and that's the big question like why would Urban Meyer loyalty to stop. Like I I don't know the answer to that perhaps we'll never know the actual answer to that blood. I would either dismiss him or I would say what I just said it never to be along with this woman again if you're ever accused of anything again and you say but coach I didn't know and I say well. Where were you witness. Did you have warnings it won't know in your dawned on we're done with this right so that's the best case scenario for Urban Meyer. That was his failure to to follow up on it but the best case scenario is still embarrassing still wrong. Probably in real time certainly with the benefit of hindsight but may be survivable. I think of the reality I just laid out. Urban Meyer was made aware. But you know to really happen in nine it was he said she said situation in his mind and and he ultimately was incomparable ending a man's career based on allegations that the cops weren't even pursuing. I think he can survive that I'm I'm not to nuts sir you should. But I think you probably dust. Now the worst case an area with. I think impossible to survive. And the worst case scenario for urban Meyer's that's. But he was made aware multiple allegations of domestic violence against one of assistance first in 2009 and again in 2015. And he didn't report at least one of those properly. Even after his wife made him aware of the allegations straight from court dismissed mouth and text message. He had reason back in 2002 team to believe one of resistance was being a woman. And he did nothing about it he continued to employ a man who deep down he knew was a monster. And they was finally forced to fire and only after the allegations were public via Brittany Murphy. And then when asked to explain it a Big Ten media day. He denied ever knowing anything about it in 2015. Which we found out very quickly was an absolute lie. That's a bad look that's a fireball fans. And I don't think Urban Meyer survives that because what it would be it's just the latest example. Of Urban Meyer turning a blind eyes or failing to seriously discipline. A bad men. Who did bad things. To win. And then on top of all that. Urban Meyer got caught lying about what he did and did not know in a way that he's already admitted that. I don't think he survives. So ultimately this investigation. Is gonna come down to. What did you know when did you know what did you reported properly. If it plays out the way Urban Meyer is now publicly suggesting it plays out is still a bad look but it's probably survivable. But if we find out he can report to stump. The way he's contractually obligated to do now if we find out there was ample evidence. To convince any reasonable person. That somebody on your staff. Was beating his wife slash ex wife. And you did nothing about it. That's us Iraq. Brittany Murphy has been the lead reporter on all of this for a couple of weeks now he's gonna join me right after the break. Furniture westerners or world flavors and showroom is waiting for use with aisles and aisles boots and one Asian spot you will find your next favorite players frontier everyone loves period boots and structure has over a thousand prayer is that brand the loan program repair record won't reflect the world com or discovery everyday player again areas -- were tons of other friends of oil rocky bin post red wings arango adjusted twisted it and anymore pressure constantly re stocks and refreshes their lineup of went through your shirt and walk out of the store happy new year new comfortable footwear they have a lot of short on the side. 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We've got a process to make it easy low Ryan federal credit union and redefining bank guests appear feels a smile center hotline now. Together you better show food bears show is live from the bluff restaurant and sports for a studio magnitude nine FM ESPN's. This single week. So my. They're like he's. Couldn't look great. All the most of us Blige is still hot outside. He's going to be in a police on the weekends on the ground whenever you want me I go to our bring to contribute that's fine. That about a new Amsterdam I got pretty amazing provocative may have the five plot in grades five times. Still unparalleled homophobic we have to create a soft finish. Included a fresh Carson is so as we begin drinking straight so slow moving you can drink it right you'll have to do. But you don't want to make a Cobb opponent white Russian bloody Mary screwdriver whatever you like the majority of the bunker. What if I could just make your mix of what new Amsterdam back it is. A reasonably priced box and Betty equality what more do you need in this likes kinky. Nothing is the correct scenes are they got labor market as well that kid thing apple T George main goals. Pineapple read very coconuts linen wrap Barrett I want why am off. Why don't mix and again he doesn't matter to me just read your heart is nowhere to. I got next to at a restaurant bar. Your favorite and why can't restore that you have to have box before you fill out on the web and let him experience actually on the war. What do you hear pair showing and that. United them. ESPN and got bad news weeks as is that we appeared at a scheduling conflict with my bloody Britain Murphy. At least he just not gonna be here right now but we will continue to focus on Urban Meyer story before we get into a president from Penn. King James and Kalin hurt situation. Down and Alabama we will do that in the next segment for notable stories of 444. I am but last week. After Brett. Basically caught Urban Meyer and a lie but before Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on administrative leave. You know I tweeted the following. Telling the truth and admitting you made a mistake is often better than line and it looks like Urban Meyer might learn this lesson. Behar yes. And I really do think that. This would be a bad situation for Urban Meyer no matter what it right but it is made incredibly worse. By the initial lies and the define its. Com and I use the word often. You know telling the truth is often better than line yeah just admitting mistaken in and in saying you don't want yeah I messed that one out I missed that one out and had a bad decision that's right. That they tell the truth is often better than loan write in some people said. When he often. And I mean I mean often often not all wish him well there's a few exceptions and that may be loved his kids sometimes lying is preferable. Yeah sometimes I'm about lying if I need to lie now you're not alone on that big so like I mean I think it often because now. I admit off yeah like I use words for a living I used that I choose them purposely and a so what I say often I mean often not always. I do not think telling the truth is always struggled a little off I thought I've done as Reagan example but I won't put you on the spot yeah. Gabriel alive that you can now let the noble I know I know Wichita and I don't honestly I got I guess I was lying at the preferable thing. There. But not when there's laid off relatively good chance that you're gonna get cold in your lie and I think as a good example that the time. To tell the truth and admit a mistake or win a like it's not that big of a deal right or Betty. You're gonna get caught a line which is why in this case especially if there's documentation that urban did follow protocol. With win when there are text masters between your wife. And that's science one francs then there's a relatively good chance that. You're going to get called in that long gag gift it's dumb as it's come about as basic stuff right because when somebody is called a liar and or somebody thinks there's a risk being a brick they are. They are defiant as hell they are they are willing to go a step further right to prove that your line that's right. It has doubled down and that is exactly what happened here ya and not to bring it up again but it is exactly what happened when I reported to Jeremy hunt story all those years ago yeah. Brett essentially went to Courtney Smith and did the same thing I went to the victim in the Jeremy hunt cases and did. Courtney spent. You know bill Brittany Murphy gets out there right at this story. Look at this and and writes it and that Urban Meyer combatants and about that too doesn't do things right and Britain Murphy goes at which point. Courtney Smith starts to get framed as a she's cuckoo she was the aggressor starts to get framed as the Donald. So them Brett went to her and did the exact same thing I did all those years ago said listen I believe you. But people don't. What proof you got. Like like I didn't initially had pictures of the victim when he back went up you know when I got pictures that picked. When people inside that Memphis basketball office and in the administration and on the message board started trying to paint the victim as crazy. War or is somebody who you know it really wasn't as bad as you Fontana. Is bad as it's been described plus like you if you knew what she was doing. Then you would be a little more understandable now she's motivated now I went to her and I said hey listen you you want to commit we have an island. But you might. You know might you might serve you well to convince other people did you competed in an unfair way right now. Let me out let me see you let me describe how you look ha. Do you have any threatening voice mails this is pretext message a big gift threatening voice mails let me have them. On let's make sure people know you're not the lie your year so was heart when I worked was it hard entered it and I'm not that hard want peace once people who. From who are fans of the same university she represented our basketball court. When they start paying her Psycho right as a maniac as a horse wasn't hard then to committee is small because she was motivated oh really they think I'm making this will hit come come look at me and I went to her house I looked at I documented the way he looked. The way she looked. And I got a voicemail that was. You know and her ex boyfriend threatening to come over and beat arrest and then police records show that came over and the lack of a better phrase awful beat beat arrest and I just going to wait around that phrase what the quake that was literally what was on the voicemail I'm going to be Iraq yeah I'm quoting a voice mail. And this is what Brett did with Courtney. And you know she said oh really Urban Meyer is to pretend he doesn't know what Big Ten media day yeah what are his text messages to his. And how we now here's pictures of my injuries you really think you didn't. And that is what ultimately got Urban Meyer in this situation I genuinely believe that this would not hit that being good no matter what. What if he would half. When initially. Approached about it a Big Ten media day just said hey let's let me explain to. Yet these allegations were brought to me in 2015. I was very aware. There were never any charges filed. I'm but still because I've I'm obligated to do some I I'd turn the allegations over to my superiors. And they handled it from there and they certainly didn't force me to fire him and I stood up for him that's not the way this went down. They handled it from there if that's what questions for the administration. You should ask the administration. But I did what I'm contractually obligated to do and then what I also did is I sat down with them and I asked him real questions about this. And the way he answered those questions. And perhaps had a blind spot but the way yes to answer those questions were. Were believable to me in that time. And given that he insisted he never did these things and given that he insisted he never would. And given that no charges were filed. And given that from my perspective it was basically he said she said situation. I was conflicted. And I was uncomfortable again in that moment right. Firing somebody. Because I knew what it would do to his career and I wasn't sure that he was actually guilty. Of of of what he did now to be clear he still denies write that he did what he was accused of doing but I will say. I am more aware of what allegedly went on them today. Then I was at the time. And so. In hindsight. I can fully admit I made a mistake here. But it was a mistake in judgment. It was and if my mistake in believing in somebody that I probably should not have believed it. Because there's more evidence today that I'm aware of that I was aware of in 2015 even though yes there is aware of this in 2015. And so I made a mistake in 2015. An item I regret it now. But my money. It's so far my motive was in the right place. And and it's and I I learned an incredible lesson from that. He he put. It's still not good now as I could and probably played sits on my putting is so astute but it is understandable. And aren't good but it's understandable. And but when you start the conversation with a lie and a lie in a lot. And then. Within. Of wheat and there's now overwhelming evidence that you were lying. Then people start to go what else were you okay. What else were you lying about. OK so now you say you do do you knew but you didn't know how serious it was your line about that too can you lied about everything yeah. Just a few days ago up until more information came out when you couldn't lie about that. Anymore what else you lying about at this point Urban Meyer no longer deserves the benefit of that now. Now I already admitted to initially lying about the story what else are you lying about it and that's the point of between. I had last week. Before the time that. Urban Meyer. Was placed on administrative leave but after brits subsequent report that seemed to provide. Overwhelming evidence that yes Urban Meyer was aware of these allegations in 2015. Often. Often it is wiser to just admit a mistake. And tell the truth then it is to lock. Not always now but oft and in this case. Definitely. If he doesn't survive it. A lot of it'll be tied to the way he handled those nine questions at Big Ten media day because it got a story off to an incredibly. Terrible start from his perspective. Meantime on Friday night while or Meyer was releasing statements. Of president trump was on Twitter calling LeBron James one of most successful. I'm black men in America. Quote damme and also. A television host for CNN if it seems like a pattern of because it is wood and then now. Are listening to look 92 Narnia C. He's 1000 dollars thank you go I don't know why are both very full there's all there's there's there's there's this leather sole lead into the mind. I'm going to take care for the Bakersfield and other table in my book that someone else and 99 below the local guys they very entertaining and and they keep those if they like to those little lights up. I'd been looked like it. Those of you. 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You know nobody tells the daily Mancini had joined me. Little after 5 o'clock. We'll talk Griffin win totals with him we'll talk to urban Meyer's situation when amber right now I got was sort of like the disgust or stories prison. It by the blow restaurant in most. So here's start telling stories and forget what he wanted to tell us about it at certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll touch unimportant things you need to know each day at this time. This is easy sport notable stories S or 44. It's number one. Network Meyer wasn't the only one releasing statements on Twitter Friday night also the forty the president of the United States that Donald. A was asked follows LeBron James was just interviewed by the dumbest move in on television. Don lemon he made LeBron look Smart which isn't easy to do. I like Mike in tweaked and that obviously got a lot of attention because. First off you just like never in history have we had a president who just pops off like as far as I know certainly twitters only been around so long so you know maybe like Jimmy Carter what did you do while now on Friday nights as well on all things out there he'd had a bit when you to do stuff show the world what remains is that we've never seen anything like this and obviously that gets re tweeted by a million people with a million different comments and columns written and television. Yeah appearances are gone. And the president it's called a lot of different things which. Are on one hand I understand because I do think sometimes it's important to continue to to call. People what they appeared to be. Even if it does become. Repetitive. And some suggest that it's. The beating a so called dead horse. But on the other hand like I also am very aware like this deepened this presidency that it doesn't seem to do any good. Like I don't know that. Anybody calling the president a racist. I'm is going to convince anybody who supports the president that the president is a racist at this point. Like if you support the president United States at this point there's nothing I'm going to be able to say yeah that's going to change your mom like I. It's why. Although the perception. Seems to be. Gary Parrish is always talking about these things if you listened to the show over the past. I'm almost six months at a really have no not really having gotten into him I never spoke let's and it's about. Immigration crisis at the border. And it's because I find it not that I'm not. Passionate about it now and not that I don't care about it and now but I'm not equipped to talk about it because I find it. Any study because it's divisive because I don't care about that at all. It's just that I find it to be. Sometimes pointless night like I act and there's nothing that we are living in wild times right now I think even wilder than we realize in the moment I think people will look back on this. 75 mission Ambilight what in the narrow what was on what was going on now so I find it to be. Just as well as doesn't it comes to race relations only with this type I invited to be just a mostly like down there's nothing new to say Vietnam. But. It is still remarkable to read because. There is a pattern that's developed. Of the president for whatever reason I'll let you decide. I did a fine successful black people or people of color and questioning their IQ. And calling them home. And now this Friday night at. And so was just elated for example that perhaps it just really is because he thinks these specific people or the dumbest people on the planet. For perhaps there's more to again I'll let you do decide. But I will say. If there was ever a week to not attack LeBron James it seems like last we ever would have been that week when he opened a school. In his hometown Akron. Designed to help at risk children. Become. Less at risk. This school is amazing now read anything about it. He's put his real money and this is real time into this and seems to be. A real source of pride for him which it should be he called it his greatest achievement is the man with MVPs with NBA championships. And yet this is his greatest achievement and I really do think it's probably impossible to argue otherwise. This school is free true tuition for all the students. Free uniforms for all the students. LeBron James has explained previously. That. When he was young and living in not the best place certainly not the street my kids grow up on. He found that a bicycle was his escape. The key to go to a different place than where he was supposed to be. Every kid in the school gets a bicycle that's terrific and I helmet. If you live within two miles of the school you get free transportation to the school. You get free breakfast free lunch. Snacks. There's also food pantry I just for students but for families of students if you're struggling to put food on the table we can help you with that at this school. There's GD's available for the parents of these children to try to give them. Give them a better chance in life to break the cycle there's job placement services for the parents of the students. To try to. Actually improve their lives. And every student who attends a school. Who graduate high school is guaranteed tuition. To the University of Akron. Unbelievable it's also a minute domains on none out it really is some believe it is unbelievable I think sometimes in sports and sort of sports talk radio the word unbelievable it's thrown around. All the time now it's not always fitting. It certainly is here it is unbelievable yeah M what is equally unbelievable. It's too then realized in that same week were all of that was announced in May they real tangible thing if you seen the pictures of the school yeah you know if it looks like an amazing place. If you've seen the smiles on the kids' faces. You know. It is going to do amazing things it is going to be a difference maker in that community or difference makers are needed. And it is equally unbelievable. So like I think that the president of the United States is taken shots at that guy did Dole's things who's responsible for that thing. And I know I rhetoric from some of you that hey LeBron bad now president trump as well and I hear you except I would just say that. It probably supposed to be above it if you're too the president of the United States this president and never really been able to any thing so perhaps we should be used to that by now. But the idea that you would take LeBron James. And in that week publicly labeled him as quote dumb. Is it just. I can describe a whole bunch of different ways I would just say it's disappointing. It's just disappointing. That the leader of the country would describe that person that way that person who. Is not only trying to make a difference in young people's lives in his hometown but that person who is an amazing. American story. In incredible American sport. Born into a single parent home has never known his fault. Mother battled substance abuse. And he's blessed with these amazing natural gas that he'd been turned into the ability to be the best basketball player in the world. And I won't claim that he's the best husband cannot on the one like that but he's married to his high school sweetheart and he seemed to lock. He by all accounts an amazing father. He's invest in businesses. He's been successful in that aspect of his life he's obviously been successful on the court. He's never had an off the court issue never been arrested essentially a child star somebody who was famous as a teenager. And a lot of those people labeled labeled as somebody who's supposed to be the next and I think it's hard and it actually lived up to it without incident off the court I amazing. Child stars don't usually felt Opel makes it without some sort of incident issued about a whole bunch of and now. It wouldn't resentment about anatomy Lovato I'm really going through and a there's been Britney Spears before charm really going through. There's been Justin Bieber you're not merely going through now countless examples of athletes like Johnny men's L who struggled go through some challenges countless examples of people who get famous and wealthy at a very young age out. And then it spirals on them sometimes only temporarily. Often to death now. River Phoenix would be an example of that. Bullet. But LeBron had none of like none of it and it doesn't mean that there. In the next ten years will be just a smooth this that I never asked for an age old bullet. And there are no real blemish is on this guy's record. There is no evidence that he's done there's a lot of evidence of the contrary. And it was nice to see so many people. I just outside of basketball but even his rivals inside a basketball. Kevin Durant stuff curry. Come to his defense. Because. I personally think he deserves it 52 weeks a year but to have it but to have it. In that week where he launched that school. Is a time where. He absolutely deserved that I think. Undeniable story number two so the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony was this week in and Terrell Owens obviously. Did not participate in a traditional way he held a ceremony. I'm and is on the monitor in Chattanooga. And this is like to report from pro football talk earlier today where. There were reports that that Pro Football Hall of Fame committee. Is considering. Adding a rule. To the candidacy. Basically the roll being this. If you wore under consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame we're gonna make you sign some sort of agreement. Flat. Stipulates Euro and either you're willing to come to the actual ceremony. Rather than embarrass us the way Terrell Owens did the indication being that if you for whatever reason don't wanna sign that night then you're no longer going to be eligible for the pro football thing. Which is for a lot of obvious reasons just the dumbest thing in the world oral. But it's also football people and I know the NFL is different in the pro football hall of fame and technique as a fan but what this as another example. A football people. Two shooting themselves in the foot and trying to make a rule that does nothing but create headlines were people are so anxious now to ask you what you're doing. Putting in a rule. For something that almost never happens like it's the same thing. With the National Anthem rule that they now backed awful but yeah they they had ample but I don't wants and it created all these Dexter offseason headline. Wanna pull what you're doing it's it's it only calls his bad things for you this is not a wide separate issue in the NFL. It's a handful of players that if you would just shut up about it. The their protest wouldn't go away yeah but there would be nothing new to say about it on a week to week basis but because you can't just let that go. You create a headline after headline after headline and it's bad business for the NFL and now here we are game. Q how many people before Terrell Owens ever opted not to go Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies it 00. Now 318. Have been invited. 318. Have been there are Terrell Owens was the first to say I'm not going out of my own protest. And honestly. We'll probably be the last probably because people dream of that moment and when given the opportunity to go on be a part of that they want to be a part of it Terrell Owens just a weird dude which by the way if why was it a first ballot hall of Famer but he's a Wiener do you root I'm not even arguing that he should've been a first down hold him because he should've been an apple what I'm pointing out that he's a weird dude does weird things like set ups and his driveway on television is crazy and then managed and then myth. And so you think you now need to put in a rule. So it makes everybody shows up. Everybody already showed well yeah except are all points so just leave alone. And you'll probably be OK or start considering stuff like this and get what happens people all over. A country including right here it's been seven minutes describing. Why not Deborah story number three Taylor Hertz made headlines this week in he is either the future starting quarterback Alabama. Or the former starting quarterback in Alabama. And a program where players are. I think actually trained not to say anything he really went off script here and expressed his displeasure. Now how the quarterback controversy has gone down in. In Tuscaloosa I think most people know the story at this point. He has been a two year starting quarterback at the University of Alabama he was the SEC offensive player of the year one year. He is a national championship winner I think he's 29 into as a starter. But he famously got pulled at halftime of last season's national championship game. In place of the freshmen. To a term of a law Yale boot through the game winning touchdown pass and seemed to in most people's mind. Move into the starting role yet at Alabama but Nick Saban has never announced that. And when asked even offer some sort of clarification he just decided not to. And because he's Nixon even then he can basically do that. And so this is the way this is played out and I think most people think. Ton of Lola is going to be the eventual starting quarterback. Blood. Say what hurts this week and explain that nobody on coaching on the coaching staff has ever come to me at all to talk about this. But there's this massive and these are his words not mine elephant in the room and talked about it and nobody's come to me to ask me how I feel what I think. What I'm thinking about doing. It's never been brought it's like they don't want to approach me yeah and he said that. In more less words that that's disappointing because you would think when this is such a big topic of conversation. In Tuscaloosa share in the state Alabama and college football circles around the country. That my coaching staff would at least come to me right and say hey there's this awkward deal we're dealing with here. Because what we're dealing with the something it's never happened before somebody with your record being pulled at halftime of the national championship game. We are going to win that national championship game and now we got a real cult quarter.