Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 20, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, August 20th
Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 20, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

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But I don't know that what's going on these attacks but Travis got released an album few weeks ago and it went to number one and then it was still number one has of like this week even after nick humanize his new album came out what everybody assumed was that the committee on Travis Scott would have his week to be yeah your number one and they need humanize would have her out and then she'd get to be number wore on was she didn't. All trying to establish and number one on. And went and then people start to sing to humanize them flopping or knowledge she gets very sensitive about there'll censored as he decides to say send my act Travis knows he doesn't have the number one I'm in the country anymore. I got number one country album in the current three the only reason his is registering that way is because the Kylie Jenner because she's tweeting about it mr. Graham and about it and then like her Brazilian followers on social media. Are streaming the album and it's skewed everything. And it's crazy that Kylie Jenner would do that who are you on Breck arson team Travis or team acumen ops. I don't know how you get to number one but if you're number one you're number one he's our number one you figure it out I think if you're number one you're number one note formula based on record sales and radio play straining dreaming and if Kylie Jenner is doing nothing than more than helping her. Significant other. With that will wide sheet so what in what world would you if you had that level of fame night your significant other. Arm. Reach a levels of stardom and success I. And that's what if these jittery cart bashing girls are capable of of doing a cross promote each I promise you a config kinda US record sales at least on this last alciere were inflated to some degree because of Kim Kardashian in tweets absolutely if you would ask my wife. King years ago. To name five MBA players she would have said LeBron James Kobe Bryant but somewhere on that list would have been a more old home now because Lamar Odom was on keeping up with the carnage. He either his level of fame was enhanced by it. Arm it's a different than just a bill started this series called the center on USA network and it was actually good like I enjoyed it but I and -- -- ever known it was all and if not for want a Justin Timberlake Timberlake is yeah that's still and that's I don't know how you be mad at Kylie Jenner or promoting her husband's new album even if it does cost you to number one spot. I think you can be frustrated by it privately many privately Dawson yeah which you can't starbeat so tonight. The arrange thinking was DMZ reported it. And they had nick humanize in the front row right next Arianna granddad. Travis got Kylie Jenner right behind her and Travis got reportedly says I'm not sitting behind me humanize I had the number one album in the country. She doesn't. She can see behind me all I'm not gonna be sitting behind her every time the television cameras going to stay audience. So they have now moved Travis entirely to the other side of the stage quiet and humanize gets to stay where she had me and that has an update in your hip hop. Album sales. Beef Geoff Calkins is up next I'll give you spots on it. I'm you know this summer. With no end in sight at landmarks hitting your conditioning we're here to help put on your hand filling needs with rebates up to thirteen hundred dollars on select new systems and low or no interest uneasy options. It's a perfect time to invest in your comfort with me have agencies come conferences and just need your conditioner repaired. Our staff trained technicians and ready to graduate fast dependable service guarantee. Post today to pass on 1111 or visit us Atlanta march heating and air dot com. And have you on its with a couple commanders are approval and get commercial results for a residential. 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I know why people go outside anymore it's just like did not not a bad stuff happens to be delivered an eagle outside exhibit poor lady got up this morning hit it looked as South Carolina. She's like before I go to work it would take the dog for a walk and she gets eaten by an alligator like what in the. Well this story for summaries and I was oh I don't know about it I'd give myself or that was that so what did you what do what happened. Yeah okay so there were two alligator murderers this weekend morning team combed. Com. Dude is just at a resort playing golf next thing you know always in the lagoon beat by an alligator that's socks and then this morning. What he's just all amateurs playing ball out of the Indian casino very clear OK they they definitely found him in the lagoon alligator eat him up. They're okay to be a possibility. That he was murdered then thrown in the lagoon in the alligator got him. Act a totally different. Sort of the disposal of the situation there that got me up a couple ideas what would you say that the idea that you'd be article. And here comes mr. Nader or out of about it seems farfetched to me. It just seems farfetched that's why do you know what that as a trained journalist I have merely as sort of asking questions about that story because it sounded suspicious to lay. I've got your suspicions it's only because the arm officials. Have not. Ruled recalls of death yet that's what the story said and I sort of let that unlike all the W I know the called cult that an alligator and then I admit I caught myself I don't like OK it will make it. You know may be made that person was hurt I still think we're gonna find out calls a debt that alligator. Blood blight on a day we or not they are officially yet let's just assume for the sake of the conversation it is -- just playing golf its will to go some legal. Well he's at eighteen he's probably hungry. But he wants to go inside get a hamburger or hot dog summer and he's thinking about that next thing you know alligators got you say a bit this morning Hilton head South Carolina. One just walking a dog. All alligator gets her. Where wash she was walking around the lagoon with alligators which might be a prob I admit like you know maybe just maybe eighty fives memorials to war right. Now on that path probably choose to lead Chicago or that the cartilage that was. I I I Billy I don't know how alligator the upper Columbia so. I don't know if you can imagine a situation where does golf ball to fit into laughed because I don't I don't want our poll by the water. And without unbeknownst to him he's just glad that they shouted you books or city skeeter comes flying out grabs in the all the evidence that. I'd like to believe that match and I can actually sort of imagine as we grow you're walking along. I I just don't. The delegated come marauding. Twenty feet to grab you and bring it back out or did you happen to your foot middle school would regret employee. I think it's probably. She certainly wasn't in the lagoon mentally alligator pulled into the lagoon right see I got an apology and how do you read the matter bread already laugh laugh and everybody everybody thinks is is so funny. He Cassie I Cassandra climbed 45 dead this morning alligator a year later. Stay away from Los Angeles so she was it in the water pursue it really closed up to the water walking her dog. Where the alligator was like I get this and when to say I love dogs at that you'll hear evidence tasty treat well here's what the store recess. Arm is that she was trying to save her dog from the. It on usually I don't know things don't go yeah. I thought they had collected that had the alligator saw the dog yelled that to the dog and then just like our lady you united say scrap you can get this now let me ask you that Jeff you love your dog just like I love my dog. What do you do their do you try to save the dog you try to save yourself. Not in that situation. Walking along Libby. Well of course quality would know about were too big dollop on Mike you're not driving your body to the other an alligator looked at it be if it goes to Muster. They're each one meal so. I don't think it would intimidate but still. So but let's just say to grab the dog. Do you try to save the studies that alt fire that was on outlook we had a good time a good run. I think instinctively I say there's a close. I wants. You not want to chickens and I was done my very last trip to her okay. And Andrea has their big moment. I it is it big big draw and I did not know that sell well at all. And a master at one over this is true story the mines and overtook a chicken little tricky coupon at. Bank gets an out on the on the on a book and dislodged or groups. Dee Dee Dee chicken goes flying a company we intend. But murdering Dalton leaps up NAFTA the should out of the air and so there and then start running away with it and what did I do. I ran after and not thinking but I didn't know what little time really early on. I've ran over an attack Oakland and try to ram you cannot there's mountains. That's true I did a rule myself like adult like like. Yeah I think the tackle would be ruled illegal actually Alabama preachy usually god to I've put myself. Out went in order to try to execute him chat that was stupid can vote yes it's a trick and I didn't really care about to it that much ash and went in got a did you might take off. So I think instinctively I would try to create I don't I don't recommend that our age who let I don't go at that point but I take out credit would do what did you do. I all I think. Having never thought about this before today my instinct might have been I gotta say piper but now that I thought throw it. Like the original saving piper it's that it said 800 pound alligator. You there's no estate it that runs faster or. He added up that's about WD it's got piper and you just you you view it's and it's got piper you just run up and chaotic. I would assume that once the gators got piper to begin with it like once the senate says okay the eight that the gators got piper. I think it's open. It's not done so well that day debt debacle should should get I can't looks ideal and yeah. Maybe that's why I'm glad I always think of these scenarios that I don't have one be caught off guard you know. A little bit like a defensive coordinator like I don't wanna ever be put a situation where I'm not prepared. What it is we only that we all gone back to to the grill situation we also beat jump in the moat after our RAB. Yet anyway yes but here's why Carl did a deal at that point that the grill daddy your baby alligators eaten piper obediently it's don't want. The gorilla like you and everybody at the zoo sees that your baby is in the gorilla cage but the grills that. Hurting its grills that not only the doughnut eating your baby the guerrillas not harming your baby and so my position on that was you have two options. You. You either set there. And then if something happens to your baby eight your guilt ridden forever but also you look like a coward. Or you jump and and at least eight. Sort of think it through this again I think you have to do I think you have to not. Think in two different deals. What happened and that Cinderella deal. Alternately they came and shot the gorilla. And more it was able to get to edit it and it got a fine everybody was fine so they've played at the right way. I think if it's not cute girl. Big gorilla clearly like yes grill probably should just. What good girl good tranquilizers are at it and not a guerrilla letting you know that the Oprah on our boat to go over the plan for the baby to get it relative. They've got they got to the point with a gorilla was pulling the baby around and it looked pilot but what gorilla expert would tell you is that. It was actually protecting the baby. Arm but it certainly wasn't like it that's still waiting until they giddy. All of gadgets that maybe it's different with all the respect how much you like piper. No debate OK we are glad after the baby. Here's what I think OK I think I've got to get this all figured out. There is no scenario under which you try to say piper from alligator because you count it's impossible to do you're only going to make things worse so you can't do that. If the baby falls in the gorilla cage and it is true it looks as the NF. The guerrillas not her the girl could kill my baby if ordered to it has that killed my baby yet. The that the people who can handle the situation like with guns and tranquilizers their own way. If I jump in I could startled the guerrilla next thing you know I'm dead guerrilla I have babies dead as well I think on that when you just play yet I hear you play it out. You let it play out and you just hope that they get their quickly. I think you can rationalize that. The one where you jumping in even if it's probable death. Is one well. Is what is okay like it's it's. You're. A girl. Yeah yeah or your kid falls off of a cruise ship or something like that you know like where where it's probable death. For the it's definite debt for the child if you don't go and it's probable that if you do ago. For mobility I still think you've got to go into. This trip if you did you go off control should it's probable that. Like people are always Donald got there about I guess they. Draw cattle of Egypt about the people see it go well I don't think that you your I've ever heard of course she would quit now I could say they're gone but I guess that's true like. What what it. I don't know yeah I thought all the cruise ship did you end up okay no. Doubt. Yeah and every other thing that ever happens and I don't hear about it now. Ever hear about dramatic. It is to control drunken night that's why I don't why I run probably the twilight I was like you take it if you were sitting there which are quite shocked. Okay but your child Alton. And you say hold my drink honey I'd go and it okay to actually you dive in and then she goes public captain. Don't you think you can take your. You're jobless and those. I would ride but there's certainly no guarantee I hope I hope but there's certainly no guarantee. What arm but I do think in that scenario. Like if you know I I don't job my child is die. If I go out you have to because the alternative to that. Is you have to live the rest of your life knowing that you could maybe save your Charlie did even try and I want to live like that. I would I that would be tortured and I'd rather not live the live with that all. This situation where you hear. Very clearly. And out of pipers definitely and other alligator between that the situation you want it any other somewhat dying trading someone else. Is that good at all like it feels like every second week and the worst let the let tried to save and what's important and even here I. Went into the building to face someone you know that occasionally break farcical the bullet try to save someone. It feels like the grounding more than. Way back to Joseph Delaney I think it was it was a total number till up and we are gonna do that. Well at a ridiculously cute and you can't kitty chief for the exact. Think my chip or call whoever and I believe adjust the great people and the deputy here all the time doublespeak because people staged an eight. They want a safe people what it's not just relatives strangers go where I think it's because they think they can it's not a dangerous and they're. I think because people go in there and take notice say someone. With that same person. Jump in what an alligator or jump off I don't oh but they are to. Outlook ado about what the crowd I think that must be more parallels the meat such. Yeah I look at what is happening is the person trying to say they have drowning you. Yeah they drown you. They don't we don't recommend they don't just collect huge you wanna do they just cool out and we can I could hold your long enough for some it is savings instead they don't freak out they drowned you know nobody's dead. Charles just since me. A link woman rescued after falling from a cruise ship went in the water for ten hours I Jorge de. Charles does all my real time research while breaking into any of that child and tell the other element at that time won't it got all my real time in showgirls is your producer did I get. A woman route could tread water for ten hours now I would what happened. Where where she was a bit ridiculous where she. She was out on a cruise ship she fell off for some reason. And and then she threaded she had to tread water for ten hours before she was rescued a question why do what technology. Well what would downed didn't know they've been there right at the united it did not. Since what they know where to look or something I could not I think I could I could certainly I would think secretary dollars tread water. Now that's where he and why do with him. I would think I could tread water for an now what Munich to determine what if for an hour to figure as you're treading water you're out there in the middle of the ocean. Boat's gone you want to do xxx. That would be depressing but rather catch it this books they're getting longer you're just stare tread water would you don't think it your thoughts should. At some point you think. There is no circumstance. Under which another vote is just gonna capital along amid the middle of the ocean so I could die right now or I could. I get a call myself and Trent water for two hours and then dot I think I'll just put that right now. I think that would mean I think it could not try to put in the effort to try to stay afloat for another nine hours. In order to be saved. Yeah it would just seem like such a wasted effort like you spent all. So tall order or mail what are you just get so you just wait you're so you'd be tired. And then you'd be in the UB diet I've read it didn't need. The debt that's very impressive ten hours of. I'm treading water this year but it'll be in front of so. You know please let you know she's a woman of Spain. And she was on the cruise ship called the Norwegians the heart and she fell all the back Kevin and they didn't even notice stopped the death like you don't like. So the next scheduled capital walk he wasn't like they do really really well. What do you doesn't explode without electric crazy. With the Croatian Coast Guard that founder C has always hanging out just like. They hate about the water. I'm actually put spite immutable LaMarcus all the bluster. And sit at that could very little bit more Smart Marsha just basically just had not been Amoco's liked each day. People say slight error woman yeah yeah. Everybody sit and everybody's having that lead get roughly the same time I'm on Twitter I had got that don't look at the art at all bad not heard the story happened this weekend. That's showed that woman afloat for an hour is why. Could delay no change. At. The university isn't going to let. I. At that want to thank good for radio I have got there a method to that event ESPN European evident basketball not league's schedule released today at some of that was John Mark who was told us there was a 0% chance Austin Nichols would go to the University of Memphis. Twitter that he can't see Memphis starting any worse. Then ten then three and my point was. I might say 810 and three is a possibility. But I can definitely see and starting worse than ten and three is that even hard to imagine if you just look at the schedule. On this pretty aggressive non league scheduled for a first I make it right. I think it is it's what he's set to. It if anybody would be but the idea. I don't fundamentally. The idea that this team is gonna come out and key. Gangbusters. I think it's like. But it at least debatable bump their their experience players are. You know if it's keep it right and it's the same guys who were okay last year and that's fine pack and then they added. Some young players. What they did at. I mean with all due respect could go like a complicated game Wideman they're gonna. Okay number one player a culture because they did not at a number one player in the country are about to split the country or not the template of the country Florida reported player in the country. The highest ranked player the bad in the professional excellence guns. Atlanta counselor and which is what what he yeah he he bounced up and down start at one point in that they've probably got twenty and any. So like they're not adding the kind of players see typically become in the and make huge impact as a freshman in an impact assessment and so I think it could be a little political learning. The situation that they got on here and I don't take it for granted that they're gonna come out and and be tremendous from the outside and you're exactly right equipped. It is an aggressive schedule and I do wonder how much I have actually ash at the end of this and I are up to the audience you're you're a two. Do you think that we we see that during the all these books. I am large. I admired people make up their mind based on all kinds of factors a lot having nothing to do list. Well for example like I'll apply your lap while liar and I got two or critic. How important is that that penny shows. That he's a capable coach. Can run a program. Can be successful on the court. As they are recruiting mode type of players who care recruit that matter at all or from a crude perspective it ought to first year. Whatever order they have. They had something to prove. But just to play and or anyone else but in the interest of accrued. I don't think it a matter for the class of 2019. I think no matter going forward. For the same reasons that it matters for anybody going forward you know start to matter for just fastener. You know they hit it first he's just a young guy with a blank slate. He's in five star guys in top five recruiting class is eventually. He got the reputation. Of somebody who could maximize. Those players either. Either you know in a team setting but he wasn't doing well with these rosters what the talent levels suggested ought to be done. And then also like will Barton comes in the top ten player in the country leaves as a second round pick. Thomas Thomas pie star recruit can get picked. I thought that's started to matter and people were using it against them and recording dropped off of rather significantly. Armed. Certainly mattered from that perspective if you get players who are polygamy one of the NBA and that emanate quite a cold the FBI circle late. That's gonna absolutely costume. I wonder how much just w.s and Al. Yeah I think it's pretty easy. In year one because if you win you take all the credit you're you're like if you lose you take you to point. To the previous staff and save what what was I supposed to do with what they left me I got I'd I somehow. Wrangle together a top thirty recruiting class in the country in a matter of weeks. Like there was always gonna be a ceiling on what we can do in year one and because of what the previous staff didn't do in their two years and this did that's easy I guiding it that's PR one award take all the credit if you need it and if you if you if you actually they. Do well. And blame the guy before you if you do poorly that's that's the way the coaching business works. But ultimately then it's it's all your players like write your two it's gonna be all to these guys and then. What's happening on the court we'll actually be a reflection of of of who he is as as a coast but he near one. You don't you don't like what he does block you know what whatever I have to watch for her wide already does ice futures at all. It's you'll want. No because I think that they are probably. Going to commit somewhere. Before words you're one even really gets going. And right and like we pointed out. It's just hard for is a school that pleases me but I gave his Memphis to not. Look like they're okay. You know until. That you don't know stupid argument that was stupid fans last November and December could that be like. Well I don't know what to complain about Memphis just one for always like they think they're byte games against the bombs like what you'd like. They're not any good just. That would mostly two years ago I appeared a little bit harder. Because they were just barely beat them they were like eight miracle win over the. He had my I trust me go back to look at FaceBook right there the whole bunch vehicles get away GP they're nine and flurry. The other nine. Yeah political ones he got a little one Bradley doesn't. Oh welfare not created and they play global close. Pretty good GPU not given enough credit build a stain. Based wanting it. So if they played that it we wasn't really allowed ten point yeah yeah I was naive or nine point lost. An unwritten law team and people were like it correct about it then what are you talking I. If they get it but what we're just he's out with a quote strong wind of what the vice schedule. With this I buy games you you're gonna have a record that people who believe in you. Are going to be able to steal believing view. And so I don't think there's any scenario where people are questioning. Any at all. If things don't go well. Until they don't go well in January or February and by then I would assume that most. Most of five star guys that they're involved with are going to be committed one way or another I don't really think it's going to be a problem. But I would view the idea that. You know like. Memphis fans at all but but some might get. Wildly offended. If a college basketball analysts said I don't think that is gonna make the NCAA tournament like it you'll have it that that may hit it proved to be right or wrong I don't pretend to know. But I will say. In the spirit of being consistent here's what I said. Last year when some Memphis fans were trying to tell me around August 20 that the tigers were gonna be good here's what I said. I think you you do not. In a win. In the top seven league in the country like the American athletic conference. By relying. As heavily as they're gonna rely on junior college players and some 150 high school freshman. Wolf they certainly got a better level prospect this year. I like it's one Jones is better than anybody they signed it Tubby Smith ever signed so is Tyler Harrison without formats. But acquitted twice for seven sports and that's just one recruiting service you can use another feel like it's the one in front of me. None of them are top 100 players and to your point earlier. Sub 100 players do not usually helped. You know top seven. A program that top seven leagues as true freshman. I shouldn't say don't help don't use the help they don't usually helped them becoming C double A tournament teams they don't usually helped them beat top 45 teams. That perhaps this'll be an exception to that rule but but that generally is the. Lol. Well I think about it outlook element of Tyler there's two steps in and starts to competent point two points a game. I ate I have wondered how much of that is. The enthusiasm over people who like touted as a police picking Paris a nationally I don't think people expect other terrorist commitment court putting people to get home. Actually people like. If this and I even blaming anybody because it it it it it's sensible. Blood the commitments of Alex Lomax and Tyler Harris were met with enthusiasm as is as if they were. Commitments for five star Derrick Rose and five star Tyreke Evans and they're vastly different level prospects. Arm that the reaction was just like that as they just had had no good news for like two straight years they just wanted. I won't like won't cure for this you know borderline top 100 guy but if these are the type of prospect that they you usually win when it. With Arab edit any sort of significant level as freshmen. You went with them as sophomores juniors and seniors buddy it's not easy to win with them as fresh. Number one player in the country who visited the university. Memphis obviously they have one coming into the past 2020. Now. Scarecrow Google won't even alternately you want to was number one and shop right. I don't think there was ever number one I don't belong here and now I think OJ Mayo was Michael Beasley was but I don't I don't think Derek ever was he proved to be the best prospect in the class. But he wasn't labeled that way coming out of of high school John Wall maybe would be one. DaJuan Wagner I think was number one at certain times according to some services that would be another. Carrie could not remember want Perry was never number one Penny Hardaway was I think you know national high school player of the year I don't. And they had. Ranked teams back then but he was you could certainly reasonably call him the best high school player in the country. From outside the city of Memphis earlier when I come anywhere and I can make it may be a right step I mean I don't remember Lamar Stottlemyre was ranked. But it was up there pretty good. And it might have been one and he definitely visit the University of Memphis. Army was signed to play at Memphis like lit Larry Brown tells the story that I'm when he was in the NBA. John asked him to come oversee this kitty was recruiting at some camp and so Larry did Larry said when John and and Larry says so which it is. And John points Amare Stoudemire and Larry watches him for like you know five possessions and looks a giant says. You realize. He's never playing college I have to. Are. You actually side. That's leverage did you forget they Jenna. There is no chance he played college basketball IQ you let your mind I would like. Oh you don't look like they're saying they might it no. That he dedicated that they're doing planned how should our course and you obviously didn't but the list is short and now the regular green it's got to be added till it that is the significant. Or should say not insignificant. Recruiting development from the weekend that it to the top are players that growth to 120 they announced that it. They just randomly at some of them say hey we're gonna take our first college this tit to the University of Memphis like that that so that's a big deal because. All of the B you can actually beat duke and Kentucky and everybody got to beat for players like that but you can't give player like that unless you're involved in the clearly involved it to Jamaican videos about. Jeffrey asked me if Ali Gilani would go to their richer than it has been but I think it would get given growing. You got to give credit to that would tumble. I took the girl become a matter because it is because of his ties which occurred assistant coach who coached him in that area you would not have been hired. If there about it and higher. I don't I don't think I mean that is all technically true I don't know that you go. Why you had viewed it will welcome Tom Owen got him and it it is actually true they would not have gotten him if they had to get him. It would be happy byproduct of love. Whomever it is that says. That's because apparently that's. He had no I think that's a fair way to put it I think honestly the credit would go to penny because. A you know I don't know how many other college basketball coach that brought they're trying to add Sam Mitchell of the camera and yet he identified that. And that some people were like really sham rituals nobody no no college coaching the spirit. But if you can in and this and I would I don't I don't know that I would've fired Sam Mitchell I've done that they have revisionist history here. Everything that I know now I'd I'd certainly think it was the Smart thing to do because you got a former NBA coach of the year on your staff. Who has ties so tight with the number one player and class points when he. They national recruiting analyst came on the station earlier today and said he thinks Memphis is the school to beat for him and if that's a direct result or at least. That was ignited by sand wedge oh and that's that's a great hire. You know it's if it's the same reason the Q loss there was a great hire at some point if you got them on staff who can give to those other guys. Then Nam didn't did I don't even know anything else am I don't think you can have a staff all of that. But again if I should really it does yeah I think that he could that he didn't immediately to the Iraq. But I shouldn't compare salmon que Los and that's not fair Sam is a again a former NBA coach of the year. But like this player getting business in held at the two of the best players don't always win but they usually do. And down that's involved with with a lot or integrate with the 1980 world and obviously it's one thing. It's funny because we talked remedy it it did at the top most certainly a player got business but it looks funny with David up over the weekend because. As Nick Saban the great football coach. Oh when he said. That we in the media think that Egypt crowd another player that few. I think that another player every time he needs one. Well like a caddie Canada hurt candidates and like it's gonna true like you don't get about clutter everything beleaguered capital suppliers that's football we're unique genius strategy and and schemes and everything else right. And and it felt like although players a little bit. That the leading candidate to win the 2019 Heisman Trophy set on Nick Saban bench all last year. You know he's got to go running backs on his bench I mean they I don't lose this is just sort of what Saban does every priest either but life. The if if the point he's making is that people in the media think that when Alabama loses somebody it's not as big of a deal. Because they got another five star guy right behind them. What yeah I'm. I plead guilty that that is what I think it's it's almost always been proven to be true. That's why Alabama's is a number one of the country for I believe the third. Consecutive here thank you sir George MRI RI that's just guardian will back us. 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Our staff trained technicians and ready to go back to the fast dependable service guarantee post today teapot about 1111 our business Atlanta march heating and air dot com. Those supplies and guests of fear feels a smile center hotline now it's they give you better show. Bears show is live from the bluff restaurants sports scores studio ninety to nine FM mountain. ESPN's. The verge of a Michael Zeller and not your traditional mattress or furniture store the prizes are always. This day for Saddam retail stores never had a weakness. They don't have their sales there already beat the competition. Every day of the week you can read it's nice to. He's 269. To 62. Zenyatta a plus rating Better Business Bureau to read the commercial Phil asked to vote for. That's mattress store in the area three straight here you're winners obviously defeat matched the birds are by Michael Bennett nominated again this year I'm sure they'll win it again. This year. The chargers in the name so don't get. Call thinking that they only have mattresses for your time. They do all the fires also in this room says diamond says drugs anything you need diversion at all. You probably didn't sleep easy subject their first 4790 curbing wage and Bartlett at the corner of some revenue mix toward Hollywood fee to get that phone number 6926. 268 to 6200. Exciting matches and merger by Michael down earth where he had never wake up on the wrong side of the bed all the web city TV the ads. Exact count but what do but Gary's parish our gratitude out of them he has DNA. Its orbit about the Memphis basketball schedule not only four shuttle was released earlier today and it is challenging not the most difficult one in the country boy it. Difficult for team that is going to be relying so heavily on first your guys a difficult for teams can be coached for a first time buyers first time. Head coach the second game of the year I'll just run into a real quickly opened November 6. Against Tennessee tech that's inside FedEx Forum after that November 13 at at LSU and that's probably. Arm aloft and only for Memphis but for just about anybody in the country I think LSU's a pre season top twenty team. They got one of the best point guards in the country and tomorrow Watters. A road environment. Arena's gonna be packed that's going to be a tough tough deal. But that's one that if you got away from a mix it wouldn't be surprising acting out probably going to be the first loss this season and I would assume something like a double digit loss to you come back on November 17 to get yell. Armed should be able to handle that and in November 22 down in Orlando on. I gonna play Oklahoma State. If they win that when they'll play Villanova if they lose that when they won't but either way because of the way that's format it. I think gonna go one and one there like he didn't lose our home state than when the next one are you being local state lose to Villanova at Villanova despite all its losses still pre season top ten teams there's two losses by number. The 22. Then you got Texas Tech. On a neutral court in Miami in the Texas Tech I lost a lot. And they're certainly beatable. I will tell you the Texas Tech almost certainly be favored in that game so that is a bird. I'm likely Waltz on the season. That that comes on December 1 after that to come back home South Dakota State and other good they've been lived in Chile turn at two straight years. They got six of the top seven scores back from 2820. Including Mike dom who's going to be a pre season all American on that particular night and FedEx warm. South South Dakota State we'll have the best player on the court that'll be my down. And so that's asserting I give me it's by game is supposed to win but it's not a game you may be at home you should be able to handle that December 15 at home that Tennessee. A Tennessee's pre season top five team that that's that's you'll be an underdog you have to upset them two to avoid. Com a loss you get Little Rock on December 19 in Tennessee state of Florida a and M and and leaked portion of the schedule gets under way some. I. I think that's bananas like it's very easy to see some sheriff's lieutenant three. You know I think LSU in Villanova if you play Villanova are definite losses but you'd you'd you're gonna get you're gonna lose and in Orlando once you're gonna lose at LSU. You're probably gonna lose at home to Tennessee. I'm you'll be an underdog on a neutral to Texas Tech and and then you gotta just not slip up and I know that of these by games are games that you know schools like Memphis is supposed to win but schools like Memphis lose them every single year so. Maybe three losses. To an anomaly portion but it could certainly before and could even could even be five it's not. I'm an easy path two to January that the Penny Hardaway has has has created for himself. And I applaud him for ultimately this is entertainment that you ought to be trying to we give your fan base compelling matchups and and now he has done a good job of that relatively speaking. In year one of his tenure. We're back with him to go. Gary there's remind you that platinum Jewelers is here in Memphis are ready to help get the perfect piece that George for any occasion I've obviously been tell you about him for years and let the record show. Customer plenum do as long before it was indoors or try to do is evidence being that my wife's wedding ring was balled their years in advance of even having a radio show. 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Like alleged guests appear via the smile center hotline now. Is it getting better show. Spears show is live from the blood restaurants or stores studios 829 FM RE SPN's. Congress passed under the Obama I'll apart you can reach them 3609679. Of them on number 360967. I've plug in your fault you gotta what you needed through because to get admitted next time eating virus removal data recovering. This is an extra we have a power supply issue USB port issue correctly yes they sell computers. Notebooks tablets desktops Hai yen lower and middle of the road but they also fixed computer. And so often people just the film when they got a computer goes back that is that forever has time to get a brain know what it might be. But it's usually not. An actual persistence they can often. On the same day that your columns I get your computer back up and running the way it's supposed to be running in fact better than Everest. Whose virus removal data recovery got a power display issue that these big to get a USC's board to issue that needs addressed. You got a cracked screen that needs to be not cracked. Go for system can handle that void if you don't feel like one of the numb my office sparked some reason rates just give a colony is that a technician out to your home or office again usually the very same data jihadist Cooper says the memo dial Bob as far. Was there on the web criticism that comets don't get to go. Generally Joe's presented by Humphries prime cuts shock of folks folly original piece. What did you learn today on budget doubled over to the actual headline from the bag and it. Broke just before we started Columbus Dispatch reporting that. Of the board of trust brief touch trustees at Ohio State are likely to. Formally recommend a suspension for Urban Meyer not termination for Urban Meyer and they might actually. Make this suspension time serve because he's already been away from the football program for two weeks so it appears more likely than not that urban Meyer's that are made the head coach at Ohio State. No matter how any of you feel about it. What's the biggest game tonight three things in football ravens colts Lucas Oil Stadium downtown Indianapolis ravens are two and over three season will get another look at Lamar Jackson colts wanna know. Andrew Luck is expected to play cultural one point favorite at seven. You can watch it on ESPN what she's done watch on TV and talk all carpal karaoke. That in court did afterwards that Paul McCartney was awful as so often that CBS is now. Turned into an hour long primetime special with previously unseen footage. But that's tonight at 7 o'clock on CBS America's most watched network the network stars at 8 o'clock and MTV. Video music awards live from Radio City Music Hall corner if you've been sick in Manhattan. They cannot Arianna Ronde Travis got postponed all scheduled to perform or you're up late. Beyond bridges on Jimmy Fallon is there anything I need to make sure I've read my foot relies became good coaches college basketball series CBS sports earlier at first question what about Kansas. Which means it's about the loss of Brothers on some level you can find that CBS sports got what's on tap for tomorrow I don't know that neighborhood thinking these would the first hour Jeff Hawkins in the fact that should be fun enjoy your night. I'm joined. Came back here tomorrow or could it be careful be going to be good rip through. It's as easy as. Based in Tennessee Titans. See full. Us at 929 ESPN on Twitter. It saves rookies are saying to join our friends DR Fred won't you bet that 82 million ESPN on FaceBook page Tennessee. And gaga presents needs no information because you have to draw the line between what you need to know what you don't and sometimes I Wear something.