Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 20, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Yahoo! National CFB Columnist Pat Forde in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, August 20th
Gary Parrish Show, Monday, August 20, 2018, Hour 1 (w/GP in Seg 1 to discuss Memphis recruiting....Yahoo! National CFB Columnist Pat Forde in Seg 2)

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The subject to terms conditions and availability. You and good plan. That is going SM ESPN presents the area's only national columnists who spends his afternoon is breaking new perspective to Memphis radio do make you think it. Sometimes made you change the station children around. Thanks for that he's sure. This Tuesday. You'd better show. Right I'm your man and very tired red carpet in studio produced in the program but he's whipped me. Glad you're with me we'll begin through today. All to move on the ball. Remember fans. Suicide when I came back home from peach jam was done about how awesome this young prospect name's CJ walker was because. As honored as he was. Publicly to receive the scholarship offer from hitting hard way university America. He had decided that the Mets scholarship Palm Pre announces final five possibilities. Last night Memphis not a part of that. That's not great but there was. That of Memphis recruiting news in this weekend. I'm only scheduled. Have been released a lot to talk about it and get to a very quickly heartfelt benefit the bad news schedule player point 1540. Gonna join me actual common Yahoo!'s board. Don't get up today on the Ohio State. The situation that should be resolved one way or another we don't know by Wednesday. Brad Pitt must be just minutes ago reported that. I believe the Columbus gets back. In Columbus, Ohio is reporting. That the most likely scenario is going to be days suspension. Urban Meyer but not a determination for Urban Meyer I told you last week at but I figured it was going to happen and it might even be time serve I just didn't feed them. Actually pull the trigger on a guy who has. Probably viewed widely considered to be the second best football coach. At the collegiate level in this country. I have for you it is update around port 25 when a British segment of the more notable for a full 44 at which point a bit discussed or previously discussed stories among them alligator. Since this weekend eating humans what alligator. Murder human and Hilton had another alligator murdered you may think she's true. That's scary stuff yeah comfortable forty for the CBS sports. College football game that coaches feared get a lot of attention to what somebody thought about nick stated. Specifically somebody caught him a cheater out they wanna think about that little later on this hour meantime marking the coaches college basketball. Theory. I had CBS sports the launch earlier today first question who will be the best in the country this season. We asked more than a hundred coaches that take you got the most votes just before 5 o'clock in the MTV video music awards are scheduled for tonight. Live from Radio City Music Hall. We already have a controversy involving recognized Travis got Kylie general walking through that. During or notable for a full 44 father I've got started just like always that we're gonna do give it ago. I won't get out of here. That's the rundown got a lot to get developed what Memphis basketball because there have been some interesting developments over the past few days with penny heart ways programs on Saturday. Took the top players. Top five players in the class of 22 when he announced there. That their first visit. When they start making visits to college camps officially he's going to be to the University of Memphis on Sunday. One of the best players in the class 2019 eliminated Memphis as a college out option and then today. The tigers non league schedule was released a let's take a one by one starting with Saturday's development and that's that Jalen green and RJ Hampton. Jay in green 65 combo guard from California he is the number one ranked player in the entire country in the class of 20/20 RJ Hampton 64 shooting guard. From Texas he's the number four player. In the entire country in the class of 20/20. And so. That is significant it guarantees nothing obviously. But but clearly EEU can't get players of that caliber. Unless you're involved with players of that caliber. And it seems clear. I am because Taylor Green RJ and they've made it clear that Memphis is gonna be involved. Seriously in this recruitment now keep in mind its class of 20/20 these are players who just. You know in the past couple weeks assuming they started school back on The Who just started their junior years of high school so we you're a long ways from them. Are committing. Citing national letters of intent and certainly enrolling in college but. On the idea that the University of Memphis a I'm historically prominent basketball program the one that does operate out of the power five structure. The idea that they could be involved with 25 star kids of this caliber who were from outside of the Memphis area this is a unique situation. It's. You know the to the truth is in Memphis has had a lot of great coaches. Over the years from. And gene Bartow did David Kirk told they're fringe to. John cal Perry to Josh pastor so on and so forth literally none of them have ever been able to recruit outside of the region. Really outside of the city but certainly outside of the region. At this level like getting involved with top team guys five star guys the only ones John cal Perry and you know he was able to do it because he is arguably the greatest recruiter student athletes in the history of of any sport so he could go and affiliate. And recruit heads up against blue bloods and go into Chicago and recruit heads up against blue bloods and going to Detroit and recruit heads up against blue bloods and and and sometimes it's not often when these recruiting battles but no other. Memphis coach. Would really even try it because it it's a losing battle. And ultimately it might end up being here you know we we will say. The truth is. As much enthusiasm is as pennies hiring has brought to the program in ticket sales up donations up recruiting up everything up. Com it is one thing to beat Wichita State on a Memphis kid Baylor on a Memphis kid is quite another thing to. Go to California and be all the big boys for keep going to Texas MB all the big boys for Kidd now there. Our connections here you know Jalen and argue are clearly close and Sam Mitchell spent. Time on the grassroots circuit coaching. They've got some fans that that would have been established for awhile. But still until. They're able to go out and beat. A blue blood for a player like this. I am bid it'll be reasonable to wonder if they can't. They can clearly get involved or involve a Mathew her top ten player class of 2019. Well for not from this region they're involved would you agree their involvement RG Hampton they are involved well five star kids. I'm who were not from this region so better hurdle has been. A jump over in Memphis seriously get involvement with five star kids outside of the necessary yes of course they are involved. That announcement on Saturday is evidence of it. If these two kids could go anywhere they want on their first official visit they decided to not only plan but. But go ahead and announce. They're gonna do with their first win at the University of Memphis that is not. Insignificant. Blight. And pity you might notice. On it wanting to be involved the players it's it's quite another thing to be able to to get it done when it's time to to get it done. Now I know Airbus he was only Jason John earlier today and he said he thinks Memphis is the school to beat on Steven Green so when you get. A recruiting analysts from outside of the city. With no connections to at Memphis for the Memphis program to say something like that that's not insignificant. It's one thing when a guy who works for. You know LSU fan site thinks Ellis used the leader for somebody or Stanford fan site think Stanford's leader for somebody and I just throw those out random. But it's one thing when that guy thinks that his school that he covers as seriously involved. It's another thing when. A national recruiting analysts who has no real ties to Memphis says listen I I continuing green I think I think Memphis is the school to be that that that means something. But ultimately. Ended getting long list is one thing and getting it done is another. And I think Sunday's development arm is is a reminder of that CJ walker before star I'm really super athletic wing who had a tremendous July. Key to announce the date prior to believe that he was gonna cut his list from twelve down to five and as promised he did yesterday I think around 5 o'clock central. And on that list of Florida which makes sense he's from Florida. On that list is Miami which makes sense he's from Florida. On the list was origin which makes sense he's in ninety kid and organs the biggest Nike school organs always going to be up to make the list. Of of Nike affiliated. You know four and five star guys and in an Austin will be able to get them. LSU makes sense they're recruiting at the highest level another of the sport right now you know Justin rolled a top ten class. And there in the SEC so you know regionally that makes sense than Arizona is Arizona it's quite a blue blood I don't guess but it is. You know him in my lifetime vignette of the most consistently successful. Basketball programs. In this country. And so those five all make sense I'm but if you're gonna cut a five and those of the five to what that means is Memphis is not on and I'll be honest I was a bit surprised Arnett. Because. We've had CJ is a coach Sean and I talked to him at peach jam and CJ had seemed to take a real interest in the universe to Memphis him. Are growing up in the Orlando area is rapidly grow up watching Penny Hardaway the years don't match up like that boy. He was very aware is coach told us of the significance of a Penny Hardaway you know because Penney's best years at the professional level. Happened two coming in in Orlando and so that was an end. And I told you the story at peach jam when CJ walker was playing. On I believe it was the Thursday night. When I set you know next opinion watched watched him so loud they got forty something. You know that night after the game is when Penney offered CJ walker he spent an hour war on the phone. A with CJ Walker's coach. That's not normal stuff you know I I know what happens when the last king impeach him is over in a way every. They're not every clearly put but most coaches. You know get their staff together and their bodies in the business and they all go out and Italy dinner and get drinks and tell stories and as unwind a little bit. Instead penny went back to where everywhere back to let's presumably a hotel it's been an hour on the phone with CJ walker is coach that's how interest did end. Are they they were in in this prospecting and and how much they were willing to work and that might not sound like. Much but like spitting an hour on the phone during a live evaluation period when most other coaches live I've called the nineties is. I don't wanna say it's unique but it's not the most common thing so they prioritize them and I believe she just coach told us when we had him on that the plan must have to visit Memphis but now that plan. Seems off and again it's just reminder that. Com I don't think it's easy young you know Ford five star players list because like the previous staff couldn't do it. But I am you know recruiting is they win or lose. Proposition. He you don't get points for finishing second you don't get points for being in some ice topped twelve. You don't get points for getting an official visit you either get the player or you do not get the player. And if you told me to take my hard earned money embedded on whether Memphis is gonna be able to get. A players at a high level consistently. You know have a top fifteen class in the country did this a year I would bet yes I ate I am betting on that. But arm. Again and they're good they're gonna mess. And you know they've missed you know they they didn't miss on some guys in 2018 but they did miss on others pennies acknowledged that as she Higgins is a good example of a and on and and they're chemists. Arm even with kids who seem enamored by them initially and CJ walker is is the latest example of that he was somebody who. I was very vocal about how humbled. And honored he was to get a scholarship offer from the University of Memphis but then when August 19 rolled around and he was decided that it was time to cut it down to five. A Memphis to need to make that the top five that's too bad because he's a really interest in prospect I like him a lot. And you'll be it I think terrific wherever he wherever it is that he ultimately. In roles meantime the man does not only schedule came out earlier today. And on it's it's a pretty aggressive first year not only scheduled for pitting out every coach. A particularly first time head coach would would schedule like this and I was on Twitter when it came out I think margin on a tweet in Dayton and John Martin. Who looked at it and we did. I can't see. Memphis starting any worse than ten and three and mealy texture and I'm like you can't seed Memphis starting any worse than ten and three. Like I just I don't I don't know that I'm predicting a but I can see yet. I get certainly empire impossible Ville I'm I'm looking very is the word very possible it's very possible I don't know if it's likely. But it's very possible I would say it is starting better starting worst and tandoori. It's probably more likely been starting better. Than 103 convict a couple of games on there that. I mean listen every every every game's a game and anything can happen and if you wanna add a cliche on top of that you can. But like now this a couple of games and it's just not win it no not with. You know not with. Being in this situation online it is they're going to be on young guy down and I don't mean young guys like RJ Barrett and sign on William Ryan but young guys who. You know were borderline top 100 top 125 players. For instance the second game of the year like at LSU on November 13 thank you just you're not winning. You know yeah he's on the road in the tough teams it's you know they got. I mean. Let's let's just beyond doubt on an amateur always be this way and are right now LT governor players out of it and they got better players they're going to be more experienced and they've got more five star guys they're gonna have home court advantage places going to be rocking because can be a pre season top twenty team. And when I was. I'm out in Vegas talking to an SEC coach not named will wade who of course is the LSU coach. He should that the team that people are sleeping on our lead. That everybody got to the top 18 but they should maybe be in the top ten. Is LSU and the reason is because. They got one of the very best point guards in the country tomorrow waters who Memphis fans actually last season and that its foreign. He's awesome now I don't know what his MBA futuristic these little bitty. But he is an awesome college basketball player. And then they enrolled 25 start for the way this coach put it it was as if. Kentucky brought back. A guy who averaged what for Mark Waters average last year. And then added 25 star freshman to it or people think about Kentucky. About five I would be lies to get people think their final four caliber and he's the primal that's what LSU is now in other got a good coach they've got pro talent and they got one of the best college basketball players in this in the country. I can tell you that our candy coat this is going on right now. And one of the questions the question for tomorrow actually is if you could take any one player of another team and putting when your team for this upcoming season. I'm who would that player to be and from all waters got and I'm a pretty good on. A number of votes even when it you know one of the duke kids did you can find out tomorrow blight. He got he got it he got you know 78 votes a belief he's terrific and so that's just stay tough. Second game of the season first road game and you're walking into a situation where. I'm you're going to be a significant underdog and and I wouldn't be surprised if if if that we got it it's got the potential to get out of hand and let me be clear not just saying that about Memphis this is more about LSU there's there's a Memphis and I don't know that I would pick anybody. To go into LSU and win on on November 13 yeah maybe kids this maybe Kentucky. But like the fourteenth in the country I think are ready to go to LSU would wait. And so that's is more red LSU they're does that Memphis so that's one dale I would soon. Then you put in Orlando. And you're gonna take an L there one way or another imploring a massive surprise if you take it to Oklahoma State and that first game. And then you play whatever the setting and you win that one or you beat Oklahoma State that first game between you take your Elton Villanova did even though Villanova lost you know full world. Of its best players. Including the national player of the year they're still really good I mean their state they got top ten recruiting class they've gotten meaningful. Players back. Casual won a national championship so I'm assuming you lose that LSU on November 13 and then you also lose one game in Orlando. Either the first and Oklahoma State which is possible or you'll win that when did you take Anelka. To Villanova. Texas Tech is on the schedule December 1. You can beat them they lost a lot but they'll be favored over Memphis in that game now so that's another possible loss South Dakota State is just to buy game. But they're good team they won 2728. Games last season and six of the top seven scorers from that team are back at the team that beat Iowa. That's a team that won at Ole miss that's the team has been in each of the past two NCAA tournaments and on that particular night. They'll have the best player on the floor in my dom who if he doesn't get hurt this year is gonna finish in the top team in history. In division one men's basketball score. So they'll have the best player they got six of the top seven players back from a 27 when he went tape I'm not saying they're gonna come in effect Overland. I'm just telling it became. And then you've got Tennessee on December 15. And Tennessee's Austin again I mean they bring basically every important piece back from a team that won an SEC championship last season. They're going to be pre season top five. We asked from today's game the coaches question. Who's the best team in the country in 201819. In Tennessee wasn't the leading vote getter but it was like top five top six they are coaches in America who think Tennessee's going to be the best best college basketball team in the country they're tough. They're experienced no egos. And arm and they've been through so lets him when you've got 181000 your own fans. Arm behind you the way the tigers are gonna have. For the most part in that game on that day eight you got a chance you know upsets happen in road games all the time. On board. You'll be an underdog it gains took to can see inside that export so I guess that bottom line it this way. Com there's at least one. 23. Four games where Memphis is probably going to be an underdog at tip off in the non league portion of the schedule. So when John says he can't see anywhere they worst content and three arm is I think working in my eyes are I could easily see nine and four I think 94. Is probably the most likely look at our set an over under I would sedated. Pick ten and how. Wins in in I mean I chatted yeah I'd radiate it and right around there I got hit in 39 and four are the most likely. Non league records for the for this team against the schedule but I had a bottom line at this. They're more likely to go nine for them they are eleven and two. So calm that that says a little bit about what penny inherited it has a little bit about the way that he scheduled aggressive. I'm but I'm glad they did because ultimately and sometimes college basketball coach at from coast to coast forget this this is supposed to be entertainment. And one of the major issues facing college basketball. Is that coaches are more interested in just getting wins at any cost than they are in in creating compelling matchups in games. Arm for their fan base that pay a lot of money. To sit at home arena and it doesn't mean there are gonna be by gains because when you run a program like the University of Memphis 181000 season tickets to sell. You can run you have to have buy games like that that's the way you make the money work. But he didn't have to go on schedule. Arm. Of Tennessee he did hectic work schedule just a random game about tech with Texas Tech he could've had more buy games and nobody would have been critical because. On again that's what college basketball is is scheduled in in this era. But to go on the add more lose the ball games I think shows the confidence in the hands. But it also shows that. He's he's sincere when he says. I'm I would don't want to play an easy schedule I wanna go out and challenge myself I want to challenge my players this moment schedule. Undeniably. It is gonna do that I'll talk more about it would Geoff Calkins at 5 o'clock we get back. A pep forty from Yahoo! Sports either gets caught up on the Ohio State situation I'll ask about Memphis. Balls why should you shop and go home. 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Alligator Margaret hill many can't go on this week CNN alligator murdered a human in Hilton head this morning. Be careful out there will discuss the next segment just got to be here at 5 o'clock right I got a god athletics for Yahoo! Sports named fab forty make the big enemies. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are given Barry show me your fuel. Does anybody lose this. Yes I am ESPN. That's. Art it's scary right now on. I am Greg you create or everything's got my what I appreciate you being here and I wanted to talk to you most about the Ohio State situation because it seems like we're going to have. This resolved one way or another middle of the week what's the latest with what's happening with Urban Meyer and Columbus. Yeah looks like they're gonna have board of trustees you know official meeting tomorrow. And you know arm leg kind of outlined. What what all the findings are required hurt Pia a sort of some of the trustees were being verbally briefed today. On the findings. This afternoon or so. You know they're probably starting to get a sense of what the labeling it isn't what B that the committee that investigated this will recommend that. They Columbus Dispatch reported this afternoon biased sources that. A suspension could be in the offing there was no indication of a how long it could be you know is it time Serb visited another week at the game is seen them I don't. So let's wait and see time but yet we're getting closer to a resolution. It wasn't always true in your opinion that. I'm as long as Urban Meyer were. You know it was was merely giving Zach Smith the benefit of the doubt and still. Reported whatever he reported the way that he was technically. I'm obligated to do that they yielded the alternative take to keep it it would be firing him without calls. And you might pay forty million dollars to make. A top five college football coach cool way just wanted to go that way they have to where they. Very very good point that you repay it it turned into the attic you don't have an absolutes. I think clear cut situation. Where you could fire him with cause. Jerry EU here. We're not gonna go that direction and still we don't you know I don't know for sure what they all they have discovered. But yet you wanna take up forty million dollar bite your hand if you stick get rid of one of the best coaches. In the history of the game. That's. That's a lot so. You know any benefit of the doubt usually goes to the guy with a point 901 winning percentage in these situations and and the big buyout. Now you know again we'll see porch breaks down but that's where the common sense dozens and would resolve. Talking about fortieth on Twitter at Yahoo! forty wrote about it Friday night's. Why did Urban Meyer risked everything for Zack Smith his career is very much up in the air at this point even if he's able to keep it is reputations been deemed. And I'm Sherry had had night in recent weeks where he wondered. Like am I gonna be the Ohio State coach going forward and for Zack Smith the do you have it why why why you risk everything fed discount. You know I don't have a good answer I've got I've got three series. Want to. It is B Earle Bruce tie this is great his grandfather's Earle Bruce former Ohio State coach who gave. Meyer basically is starting coaching and he considers him a mentor. And for that reason he was gonna stand by him. 20 is that. Myers got the appointment some coaches do where they are smaller swallowing their own apology. And picking. That they can never admit any mistakes. Personally don't believe they make them the minute they do they sure say are gonna bid it and make a move like that that would then. You know make it look like Meyer had a bad guy. Or three Zacks have had some really bad stuff on Urban Meyer and Ohio State wreck. I don't know what you go through it might be maybe it's not a home but I suspect it's one of the three none of them are terribly flattering looks. In the big picture but you know hopefully we will learn more. About the situation because like I I come back to this area. You know urban Meyer's wife and those text exchanges with core basement PX what are actually. If those messages are accurate there won't quite she says he scares me. Urban Meyer kept it obvious staff who steered his own wife right now why why in the heck is going on here. This Earl Bruce connection is the one people trot out all the time and I accepted the possibility. But I swear to you. I would I or my own grandson if something like this. It if you were performing if he were behaving this way out which I'm sure he'll fire anybody else is Greinke had felt like that's the one that. Guy I accept it as a possibility but it doesn't make sense in my mind. Only Warren I don't think the only one but if I think it's one of two things. I just got a blind spot this stuff like you'd you'd just like you do just can't see it for what it is for whatever reason. Or. Or like yeah I mean this guy's got the goods on you and if you fiery end he can jump on outside the lines next next Tuesday and and puts you in a bad bad spot that's the that's up. Most obvious one to me I don't know that it's true but it that's the one that I can actually if I were admired me like I just can't are the guy getting over the bodies of Baird. Sure I mean and that's what college sports in general in this specific situations specific. Brief second the cynicism you know it's not like we Abbott's in these sort of situations and thought yeah. That's probably the what's really going on behind the changed and I mean. Obviously he put up with at least two are known instance of a leash being involved in domestic abuse allegations. Did he know about any of the rest of stuff we don't know but I think there's probably a lot of people that building. But thought that so actually it was at the very least troubled of and trouble and hard to have around in a really risky guy to have on that staff. But Urban Meyer never saw it that way or never at least we're going to acknowledge that may change it in and perhaps you know that's the million dollar question. Oh what sort of actual. Reputation damage. Do you think Urban Meyer has had to word do college football people. Some think differently of him today did they do it significantly differently of him today than they did two months ago is this now always gonna be a part of this story. I think it probably will and I think it's going to be a hard thing to get out from under you know that. But it's the Urban Meyer story is basically now I think it's briefings wanna well maybe or one. Brilliant brilliant head coach. To you know the famous burnout at Florida. Three. The beat troubles that Florida would but being given number of arrests and having had aired earlier this you don't wanna almost infamous characters in the history of football. In your program and now or is less and then I don't think this goes away adding there's going to be a lot of backlash from. Your domestic violence support groups and other people and within the compression I don't know I cannot figure it somewhat split within the repression. Some people would that are scared that life. You know coaches are now supposed to be omniscient almost what's happened. And making decisions. You know loaded cutting people who's left to right but and other people who say man Irvin Irvin knew about really troubling stuff urban lied blatantly a about knowing about it. And he probably he's prepared bigger price about that Saudi either way this is going to say it it recorded legacy and there's going to be backlash. Either in Columbus or on the outside looking in Columbus. Part of have forty from Yahoo!'s fortunes on Twitter at Yahoo! forty meantime. They get their own scandal at Maryland in on some level I suppose you could argue it's more significant because it resulted in. And in the loss of a nineteen year old student athlete. They've already removed the strength and conditioning guy who seem like a complete maniac. I can't imagine DJ Durkin surviving this but you're closer to it that I am is DJ Durkin and even have a chance of surviving this. I'd be shocked and I'd be very very surprised you know negative is that death of a player. Seemingly completely avoidable death of the player and while some of that is on the training staff for the way it reacted at. Some of it also seems like it was on. The strength and conditioning coach who is the right hand man of their soldiers duty every single program that basically conducts a program the way the head coach one conducted. And this you know this was. They're there are a lot of accounts of a real. You know except him and caring. Possibly even dangerous sort of mentality there. Toward players and the wind and you know when you have that reputation and then something tragic happens then BA you know it's hard to appeal sort or your target on the way out of that situation I think. DJ Durkin is probably coached his last and you know how long it takes to happen I fully expected to be gonna probably before the season opener against text. Would assume that's true I'm wrap up here look at forty from Yahoo! Sports last thing before I let you go before you were big time national college you'd like me where. I just know conference USA beat writers are you familiar with the a University of Memphis football program historically. How wild is it for you to look up now year after year to year Memphis is an Alabama but like it's a respectable. You know the outside of the power five or even just respectable and general. On college football program this is not the Memphis program used to note that forty. Oh not at all knowledge that impressive I gotta say it ought. You know they don't it would multiple head coaches you know that's always kind of a test you think are some of those programs at both levels well you have a good coaching you lose just. Wednesday. They'll back slide back to be a disabled man does not have happened if anything maybe they even got better you know good recruiting. Good player development. Shoot I got Sony Pollard right now Astoria about those must watch players basically non quarterback shouldn't and I think he's one of those thrilling got a kick return to get six touchdowns returning kicks. I can't wait to watch imply deficit entertaining book all and that copper is a good conference or really years. You know Central Florida South Florida Houston. Memphis. Temple navy I mean there's good football pretty much week in and week out there are so. It has gotten straight I get I give a lot of credit them like better methods like global. As we made itself into way years and year out competitive football program without having a lot of natural advantage so good for them. That is have reported from Yahoo! Sports she's a Twitter at Yahoo! forty at Yahoo! Florian a before I let you go got a peach jam I haven't talked you since then. I had a chance to have a dinner with that your son Mitchell at an impressive young man you did a good job there. Thank you very much I hope he kept him out of the bar. And today I was tell you this he is very very disciplined we actually were flying to taken to the bars. And he said I have to drive back to where every had to drive back to and get a good night's sleep because I gotta be back in the gym first thing in the morning and I think young man you are way more discipline than your. All up yeah I didn't get. To come with a but I I don't have missiles event yeah well I think it's fine. It is mother's Jeff for the limited Douglas that not everybody out there it's again I don't know about as forty I. From a guy who's Floyd's he had beat writer for ms. Susan what I see here alone on yeah Vietnam he was. He is that live from power is do or die counties and who graduate a really accomplished swimmer all pads kids are like super comp like high level compete nationally are swimmers. Those kids have all turned into to really impressive young people so good on him on him now we should all be so lucky kid I think we come back alligators keep eating humans now this week hitting Cancun this morning in the Hilton head what are we to do about it never go outside again. We'll discuss next. Readiness to play at 6 PM in. Federation Keith you do go low. Stage to. Heartbreak about who you. You got them. Returns to. I want you think in your favorite how we place to go on I'll wait if you didn't think of the wing group roof then we need to talk. The wind blew. Was gonna write the sixth best wins one in the US and number one in Memphis we had a national award winning sauces like honey suicide. Garlic so Russia Memphis dry heat lemon pepper hot. Honey easing the 901 and our newest flavor Nashville hot. We friar Winston premium peanut oil which means your wings actually tastes like chicken and not the fried pickles that were done right before you or. We have locations in mount Mariah and stay drove in our lives to come by watching game or talk hoops with the wind guru himself a former tiger Billy Richmond. You give us a try and we're confident the wing guru will be your new favorite when place we're also proud to announce we'll be. Inside the FedEx Forum next season all tiger and grizzly games serving the best swings in the city. Check us out on the web at the wind blew. Dot com and calling it would you order to go. This messages approved by the wind guru when working at a growing business you where many hacks the new business at the buying toner for the copy machine yeah. The sifting through tons of resonate is asked you to throw away that last task thanks to a when posting your job indeed this US screener questions if you are less time consuming group to your short list of qualified candidates. To go ahead. Does stuff that extra long lunch at. Irons better location. Losing time on how. It started today. 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He's TR a C three I said before 68 DSL he wants you to rate your questions. Or ccb one man and I think I call for you. Guests of fear feels a smile center hotline no sense is they give you better ratio of food give parents yeah. From the looks restaurant support center studio ninety to 9 FM am ESP. I'll. And amp time. Then how. They took him. He's dead men Obama lets them come out. I need an advance in what is the can't can't backing off still technically summertime it's hot outside of yesterday I was upside too many hours and it was ridiculous working in the yard how far can he argue that in your my huh. We're in the yards of people who do you think god worked at the heart of the awards like you worked in the yard I don't know I'm glad your most people do want some snow here is what I did yeah. You know I'm war. Too many jobs. Too many David Rolf so that I can afford. The pace somebody else to work in the Aussie guy no way out spit in my free time doing that since. Playing golf all good. You gotta value last god did I should quiet all arm I. I don't know just hit a forty foot putt for the win on eighteen children. Under pressure duplex. Don't Rutledge wood about forty foot putt for the win for more good enough to win no big deal you know just forty foot putt clutch. I know that no big deal is free and GT eight and so on my did not during the alleged Airbus on the course that was taken my my battle very seriously areas but I did drink get after I return home from those accordingly you should do if you're pretty turbulent air I try to start you drinking but you're already drink it. Makes her during a new web cam back at a premium eighty provocative paper the finest quality grades I dived this deal. For unparalleled smoothness go to freedom to create a soft finished. So smug you can drink it straight got flavor about that well apple peach orange mango pineapple read very coconut lemon raspberry great broad I want from August from heaven next February liquor store. Grab a bottle application about a new Amsterdam but the point is still out on the web alleged to have spirits dot. Scott you're gonna be at 5 o'clock right back up what story that like this. Or stories presented by the bluffs restaurant and bar. Season ends soon. Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about there's certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures films such an important things you need to know each day it is. This news TVs or notable stories at 444. Number one yeah. One man trying to protect her dog was killed by an alligator who ordering to a Laguna at a private South Carolina resort Mon you're laughing or not I'm not laughing about the death on one. Why did she put herself in this position is she let's just that it was she didn't know she would put yourself in this position she was just walking there. And in them like any signs range chalk. I'm not chuckling I had my phone known now I want you heard me wrong I I thought that she was she wasn't paying attention or something so she clearly was paying attention because. What did the shoot did you know she. I feel like OK you don't actively put yourself in the position they want to somber Klein moment of silence circus undercard. Trying to the last Brad. I she lives their on Hilton head I was just walking her dog along the residential area of sea pines resort when she was attacked. The eight foot alligator was later found and euthanized but not until it had dragged. Sondra. To her death and sort. Any time you'd died abruptly you don't expect it not like nobody dies in in a car crash like wakes up going. You know oh my god this might be my last day you don't like driving to work in the bullying. Or you're driving home and in Boone. Yeah could be the end any time measuring could be the end any time but like. You just like hey it's Monday morning out of Fargo or word command imitate the dog out for a walk in the UN citi's common. And you eat my alligators you can't imagine that it's gonna be the way that did that a ghost for you now. And yet it did it and the reason this story resonated besides the obvious. It's because when I thought I had literally just finished reading about a story about an alligator he got sick. But this one comes from Cancun Mexico I was just they are brands are really committed and you'll. Couldn't really all right in the party felt. Man's body being eaten by crocodiles at a Mexican golf course this we care. They were they found the body floating in a lagoon near the eighteenth hole can you imagine walking up to eighteen. That's a tough hole in the and then next thing you know you're floating away in a Laguna. They know on the body floating in the lagoon there was little and at a beer star golf club Cancun it's upscale resort in the towards its own of the city that's where I was and a hotel staff members called police around 6 PM. To report the grisly scene according to. Some newspaper and Mexico. Police and local officials the story read are still investigating the cause of death is not yet known bold and big dollar I don't call that what the double. Gator they did this. Talk about you know what I call that dad was. That's alligator unless. Unless. They're thinking it could have been murdered throw the body in the Laguna and then the alligator just happen to be the body. Here's the thing now and I really call the dead alligator until I tell me some differ that they're probably investigating to make sure that you know everything's on the up and up and nobody did this to download what you wore a murder somebody in the you can just from a lagoon in Mexico right now at an alligator handle lives and their life and then and then the police are just like all that I did that do got told that alligator or you know I don't know I just got away with murder exemplary -- -- debt might be now they wait to get away with murder. Take the body. And the rolling well and only Google at an area that's not that's not something it had to promote I'm not promoting it I'm just like we're brainstorming here I don't want a brainstorm how to kill people I'm not a you know that for shore yes I do it's what it. The Gary care shall we talk about what I wanna talk about not calculate the odds are not Q what's the talk about if you happen to thank yourself in a situation where you just murder another human Brad. And there were a lagoon with alligators nearby and would you think that that's maybe they're like hey this is a good little you know lucky me eat it if we are in fact. Brainstorming ideas on how to kill you just murdered I just brain idea out of body. Of course. Let's get him again and go find a gallon not a bad play finding Gator let's throw it's not a bad play call and tell not a bad plan. But I assume for the sake of this conversation and until they tell me that happened on that an alligator got this woman in Hilton head and then at. Alligator got this is due in Cancun. And he's got to be a little more careful I did well to their life value you see these people who actually try to provoke alligators which is even works seems crazy there was a story. Maybe last week we at war it was I guy got is arm bitten nearly dead and -- calls -- a bite out habits and there and you -- well what happened eight and they said he stuck his arm and alligators mouth and I'm like you did you did this yourself you jackass star cure Orman alligators Matt wonder what happened you play east he clothes like if you stick Norman alligator mount it seems to me and I'm not an expert on how I know you're not by the allied I'm trying to become one pre nup on our I would I would just assume the most likely scenario. When you stick your Orman and alligators mount. Is that your arm is gonna. If you'd like you do you're gonna get. You're gonna you gonna bite you would think that's the most likely there in fact if you and I encountered alligator and you ran over you sit GP what is the most in my arm and as alligator if you didn't come back. Horror. I would think you've got really really lucky I'd be like wow that would you have no idea. How amazingly fortunate you are are just still have your arm because you put it in alligators mouth I think we can all agree let's not sticker arms legs you know anybody story's even really know actually in alligators mouth and also if you are walking year old would do that might have alligators and maybe walk a little further away from the lightning that's a good and didn't walk a little brother with it and I don't because. Teeth to people this story number two. So. College football team over CBS sports. Do had. The kids they're care coaches series is still ongoing but it started. Last week. And one quote is getting a lot of attention the question for the coaches and they surveyed more than a hundred college coaches. Was who's the most overrated a coaching college football it. And James Franklin won it somehow that was bizarre Willie Taggart was second. Which is like kind of problematic because I don't know whether that's true or not it strikes me is untrue. But like when you ask. For the most part a bunch of white dudes to name the most overrated head football coaches in division one and the leading to vote getters are couple black dude American dates just comes off the wrong way does look we whether it is or not and James Franklin's always struck me is also I love James frank I love James Franklin Gladys had plasma heard that I worry a a fan of no power five school. And you told me I could have Nick Saban or I might just as well take James for sharing site of a bit like OK but can I have James Franco and are happy within. Great I've always thought it would be terrific I would agree and successful and and obviously successful so like I don't they just don't make sense to me. But the answers are problematic and then there was a quota and there was somebody named nick Sabin has the most overrated coach and the point that they made. Was that only does. Is I'm just cheat to get the best players every year. He's got the best team he's got the best players every time he steps onto a football field and so yeah he wins more than anybody else but like who wouldn't. And first I would just say. A lot of people would simply getting the best players does not ensure you're gonna have the best team we learned that every year in sports. A certainly in college basketball like it certainly makes it easier at least in theory down. But the idea that anybody could do what Nick Saban has done an Alabama if you just gave them Nick Saban players and Alabama that is that is a 100% not true up Nick Saban is widely considered at least in. I think. And in football circles. Effort to be the greatest college football coach of all time most living. And still coaching but has already secured the label of goat of college football coaching same way I think. My chest is living and still coaching and has already claimed the label of the greatest college basketball coach welcome let's just perfect example in the national championship all the quarterback like no. I can't think of another coach that I would I could see doing that most coaches would not have had the you know whites to put themselves in that position of face the criticism he would have faced. She said or playing a a young man in the national championship game the second half of that he would never really played meaningful snaps before I but he did and it worked and that's why he's great guy lets so first I just don't agree with. The answer. But secondly. To call him a cheater anonymously. Boot I don't think that should be done. And I L sung and I don't mean to criticize my. My coworkers but I possible that you should be allowed riot and and we made this mistake before. When 'cause we started to came atrocious series a long long time now. And it was so successful that cost or guys that hey we can do this well Dana is college football and I'm and we asked the exact same question and one time. And the leading Bulger was when Williams. And we basically had coaches throughout the country sort of just trashing Roy Williams and at the time dates indicate the time it. I don't know we clearly had a blind spot port could we did it and we publish your friend. And we were criticized for now and so does criticism comes and you can brush it aside. Or sort of criticism comes and you just say it lesson that you can be critical of what we just did but under you're wrong and I'll explain why. But I don't think you can be so blinded by whatever in any aspect of life where one criticism comes and it's like. You know it's it's rooted in the right place and it's accurate. Like you need to be able to acknowledge that Charlotte that's true. I think in it if you have a public job the way I have public jobs. It's also true like in a marriage it's also true anywhere like 08. I've identified this as a problem. Now listen to me explain why it is and if it actually is being willing to say you know what you're right I'm long out. And that important that was one instance where. Meeting in charge of became the coach says that you know once you guys are right like we did ask if I didn't recognize it in real time. Clearly can we published it but we'll never do that again and I wish we could undo yeah because what you do there. If you give people's rivals an opportunity to trash them announcements I think you can ask the question who's the most under appreciated or under. Under rated coach because that's just positive stuff but when you start granting. Coaches the opportunity. To trash somebody anonymously and I just say they suck but say they cheat. I think you get into a territory where. You do more more harm than good in so I was surprised when I saw them asked that question and publish the results yeah as we stopped doing that meanie. Many years about the tone of the actual question which is a negative which is overrated the actual question that's what I just had I don't think it's failed manager Don but the trashing like the commentary part as well like it that Nick Saban is a cheater like that seems to be really. Bad. Well I mean I don't know Nixon and the cheater or not. But I just know that. Oh at least I think. Allowing another coach to label him that way anonymously without a shred of evidence prime is is probably on unfair Ulf are probably if I were if I were running that series I would have so we're not asking that question. And if we don't ask that question we don't get that quote I even if I were running that series. And running that question and we did get that quote I don't think we would you know come out we wouldn't use it because. I don't wanna be in a business alleged might call somebody else cheater. Without any any shred of evidence but it has got a lot of attention so there is that story number three marks the basketball version of the camp coasters today the first question was as simple question who's going to be the best team in college basketball in the 201819. Season. And the leading vote getter was the Kansas Jayhawks got 38% of the vote. And what that means is that at three Memphis Kate's a Dieter Claussen KJ Lawson and the Gerald Vick. Are going to be applying for a team that. Nearly 40% of college basketball coaches think. Should be the favorite took to win the 2019 national championship I said this last week when Jason Johnson on it sounds why don't. But all of this is very very possible. Dietrich loss and this time next year. Could be the reigning big twelve player of the year national player of the year first team all American. And a national champion who was the final four's most outstanding player. I wouldn't predict all of that because like you always we'll take the field over anybody in the NCAA tournament. But he's gonna be the best player on the team that coaches believe it's gonna be the best team in the country. And if you are that then those type accolades. They usually follow you pretty closely story number four MTV video music awards scheduled for tonight Radio City Music Hall I love awards shows I watch it. Trevor Scott scheduled formed acumen are scared to form we already have controversy Obama have had to rearrange. The arraigned seeding. At the front of Radio City Music Hall. Because of a Travis got nick demonized controversy are you familiar with the controversy gonna have to army up to speed okay for saw surprised him a video music awards Feldman walked and in early show videos on MTV we don't have some video is going to be to have awards for videos. You just have to want to have an awards show fund a one that is.