Gary Parrish Show, Mon., March 20, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, March 20th

...4 stories at 444 continued (3) Memphis connections in the NCAA & (4) Chuck Berry passed away

Seg 1: Geoff and GP discuss Memphis' hatred of John Calipari

Seg 2:  GP talks about the NCAA Tournament/Sweet 16 and the events leading to Duke essentially playing a true road game this year in the NCAA Tournament

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go with what to watch on TV, Read, and "what we learned" today on the GP Show


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A million different things affect your schedule and make it a million and want and make this part of it. Mark that's Saturday night game in March between the clippers and the cavaliers okay cavs are off on Friday. Clips are off all front. It's just part of the sketch art of the deal if you apart if you're in a marquee prime time game never we don't wanna jeopardized because of breast. It makes sure it's not the second night of back to back in and guess what happened your stars will be on the court almost without exception to story number two. After I knew and I only averaged five point two points per game you play eighteen minutes per game and that means that he was somebody Tubby Smith thought needed to play eighteen minutes per game and I would argue that at this moment. He is you got a real find somebody who would be as good as him for next Justine expressed my battery charge of that and prompt but he got I've yet to find somebody who could have a bigger impact. Eighteen minutes a game five points per game has been true freshman pick somebody at this point ranked outside the top 100 high school class I would bet against them. What wrong you know but it's probably not. It's probably unlikely until this solid set down there and use this as a what's going our program in whatever I just think if you're gonna lose transfers the way to lose interest or they are off to. Right you gotta get some right. And you've got to get comparable once lost right cookies out preferably better ones. And Eliza bracket New Mexico averaged eighteen point eight per day iron at eighteen point eight points per game this past season he says announced today he's transferring eligible immediately. Let's say Memphis got to go and get him she'd gone to some people like our him you know if you're not going to kill it with a high school prospects than they didn't know. And you're gonna lose transfers which they are you've got to make up for that talent gaps somewhere and that means they need to get busy. In the transfer market story number three as you know university members isn't playing in the NCAA tournament let's immunity. Players with connections to the U of M. And or the city of Memphis. Are still alive in this sweet sixteen you've got Chris she knows all. Who of course played high school basketball here in Memphis he is a member of the Florida Gators and heat. Remains in this NCAA tournament Jonathan Williams. From here in Memphis is now of playing against bad guys mess still alive in this NCAA. Tournament. And then of course Avery what send. What should be coming back the Memphis as a member of the Butler of bulldogs. A we have Chris Holman above a coach on tomorrow during the first RI asked about Avery what's that but there's three players right there who with Memphis connections in some form who are still alive in this terminated just does. We talked just a few weeks ago just a reminder that there are a lot of players who either in this program. Or are from the city. Who were really good in college basketball this year Koran Iverson we had dinner early on a couple of weeks ago. I'm he was really good this year Chris Jose Jonathan Williams Avery would send as a a meaningful player. I had done it in multiple three pointers a full Butler in the around the 32 game. That they want and so you look around and it's wonder they're just foretold would stay home of one of fuel when it transferred to Wear with the tigers be right now maybe not in the sweet sixteen but. Probably also not. Losing by a million points to SMU. Story number four Mary who with is guitar licks brash self confidence and memorable songs about cars girls gone wild dance parties did as much as anyone to define rock and -- potential and attitude. In its early years died at this weekend that near his home at his home in Winfield Missouri was ninety a year is all what my regrets. Is that took very exceed continue to play shows in Saint Louis. He could just outside Saint Louis. Well into his eighties and I always told myself I'm going to go up there one time because like he's an easily checked the box of what it is I. Like what you see Paul McCartney because as of beatle. So what he does he Bob Dylan because Bob Dylan now. A lot of those guys have seen guys that I know. Or at least assume are going to be able around forever we'll always going to be around for ever give you my point and I kind. Iconic star and I never went to siege of bear arms and obviously alum I get that opportunity now but it was done. Any time someone of his magnitude passes I find myself just watching the interviews on YouTube. Reading everything ashen. Find and that's how we spend more time and I should this we can read about a pair. It was just interesting to watch some of the legends again. Whether it's Paul McCartney or. Keith Richards is out there and to Richards Bruce Springsteen out. And they all make it very very clear that was the guy yet. We wish that there might be due other generations that ripped us off. But that's the guy we were ripping off that's the guy who influenced us. And there was one interview he did what Jane Polly I found was a back in the eighties to bury and she was like. You know Mick Jagger said this and Paul McCartney said Jason once upon time John Lennon said this was all like tugged Ares the god. As she said do you think your the pioneer of rock and roll do you think you're the person who Wear a rock you know that he. If you're the reason we have all the music we have today do you think. You're that guy. And he said well. I wouldn't wanna say I'm that guy completely I think there's a lot of those guys. But I'm content will while I'm part of it. He goes I've I think you'd be hard pressed not to have acknowledged that in so that was in the most humble way shenanigans and of course I am like all these com. Punk songs you hear in its ash and rock songs you hear like it was all like there was a hit of Chuck Berry and every bit of it. Early Beatles stuff it's turned Bair chair and so yeah I lost a real legend this weekend at the age of ninety. Speaking of legends elegant and up next. There's a nominee she will more or less the Memphis Memphis in the WM SSF now from ya sure. And he can understand ESPN Sunday bracket challenge presented by club just beats yeah. Hello I'm Joseph Kordell Cornell and Cornell. Not long ago we celebrated our 25 anniversary as a firm dedicated to as mean you've heard. 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We Daimler's group dot com Jeff guarded your award winning comedy vet the commercial real host the Jeff started shelling and. Five book. I would apologize but I know you just can say don't worry about it just may be so bad so whatever how are you. I'm glad. Because I'm mad but yes or Mexican you sir appreciate it. Oh Willy what you did. I thought I had met nor Lander on early my colleagues CBS sports are trying to talk him through this whole John cal Perry returning to Memphis then and he said. Memphis fans are incredibly insecure war get over it it was eight years ago. Your thoughts. I would say that a couple. First of all. Media members loved tell people to get over it. Now they've they've they they poll until Oklahoma City to get over it but it's like union members. Who are not emotionally invested generally paying public whatever love to tell people to get over six. And and and I don't generally. Yeah I don't we bought our. I think they speak from high and mighty place generally wondered elegantly government played a whole other personal regret and do whatever they want. They're much ward motion invested. Generally the media members. And and so I don't you know I made it a lot of people get over Kevin direct hit sappy he can read double in the world they can correct. You can grab your major burn you'll come back and and it's great person Kevin Durant. They hate what he did he like whatever rights and then some people advocate so weary of people tell people to get over it you know back. So at a bit of a crane to look at specifically. Patent. But first it is. But it is largely over it in the sense that like every day maybe you don't call around June 3 day. Eating until very you know how great it is to get people to go to war or say whatever they let HM but partisan every day eighty paper that the much more. They're saying you know what I did you look pardon or whatever. And it really comes up top. Is one of the football universe and that ball honor him bag or what are you come back here among cabinet to come out. I know I actually don't think spell well if so it you know you can call on the night they called on it I don't really remain committed is a dominant team over everyday life. If there's so much that it happened in Medford. Then got laughed. Much of which gel won't recognize. You know over to sway air and Shelby armed and Demi didn't unique gift at eight and even critical U. Well general out. You know but the good food but didn't pajama lap. The pathetic screw you to you know couple of the twelfth game or whatever all that happened since jello blast and I think can put it largely in the from that perspective. They have gotten over. So and then takes something bad happened to. I tell I'd argue it or not but. As clearly a lot of it is just. Just being injured or someone like. You know it's being jilted at. And it being tilted at a time when you saw glorious things were about to happen so it was really truly being left sort of act you'll right. But and there are so I don't think it's I think entitled leprosy and let there be a little bitter about it. You know to kind of went out the back door when he had cable coming to the front door you know it wasn't just this once and just don't want they'd be eating for. Virginia Tech. It looked a little bit different you and I know the reason I was different. It doesn't mean that you should nurse teacher forever to do all consuming pack that's small and petty and everything else. It is entertaining to HL and of course you're painting I mean it looked the other couple Kentucky can't everybody gates jobs. So so if you join the club we did Little League and paid him. But that's you know we have people thought got tighter and they get old wreck to better and mostly we are over it could be expected there's a grudge. I think it's by and large. A big base in in being a bit big John was probably responsible for two. And so that's why am I you know I don't you know I. Okay yeah yeah and then and any other part of it and yeah some of the just emotional and and NN if you ask their fans to believe and I had these fanatical about things. I know how much you can shoot over to open house you know I don't know what dot com get over they may make the trip abroad that he betrayed or I wouldn't stay until our analogy cramp. Why 01 night. So. I'll be objective journalists. Like he could look to go there objective journalists they're not subject to send. If you had a body like your buddy Charles and he had Columbus life and she'd left him. In a pretty. Not so great way. Eight years ago and he was still holding on to that today. Would you would you advise and Lego man at some point you gotta like you got a movie I just let that go oh would you say no I understand why you still hate her. Well whenever they will be gulf if you were reading that if you were spinning in his tool. Consumed with the Patriot Act or you know whoever she years. Her up for church for yet interpreter for jail whatever you're sitting at a just repeating gala that was preventing it from anomaly is why it. I would say let some thing like you go out live your life. I would say that it has brought out would apply if that and however. Gail wanted to total panic. What are gale at your house and we feel your living room could draw party could scale and hard and whatever up and if you find that to be distasteful. I would tell tell you know you're probably okay not to want to be part. Of a particularly skill like really gave negotiated under that that the door like she laid up all furniture and everything else. She took all the furniture and John Wall. Income to outlaw pushed to call that I understand the bitterness you feel that yeah I felt if she'd get on you know but it still comes up in conversation someone else. It's gonna love gala walking out of jail or whatever now I think you're totally your eye and say you know a lot. I'm not an interest there in Indianapolis or we don't need them the exact intraday quite act. A total I looked everywhere last year publicly was stupid announcing the way they hit it made it look stupid because it exactly the cause everyone they look stupid. But there is no way that the showed up at that part I'm very jumped up and last year. No possible way and I've got people out outside of the city you understand that that's true and so. In the way they did it. Gripping and ripping these big invitational way having extended it. Look small and caddie to fully executed poorly but it declining one cal Perry people approach and they have age. What a lot of confusion out there is so I think yeah go F yourself a lot of. Targeted demagogue a genetic united and ESPN. Do you think there's ever a scenario where you can honor him and it would be reasonable lib because he is good. Like I feel safe saying this and I think I'm right thing the second part. He's the best coach to ever work at the University of Memphis and might be the most successful employee Debra worked at the University of Memphis. Yeah I didn't. The football at this arrangement. But it seemed Bartlett. Now like I know whatever he'd Jean Bart. It turns. The differences in people. Gene Bartow or first call you would not use. Your bad. These gentlemen Jane you know air and and I think I think you're actually have centric that just didn't. Value them efficiently in a commute a little bit like Oklahoma State right now. An Illinois like. There'd been more blame the administration. And they blame here because. That he was not properly valued Jean Parker I think that. I think that's part of it. Or direction. Yeah betting it is true I never really put him in those terms but once upon time gene Bartow was a six full time and at a yet what are you able like oh I. There will come a time I play I sort of think this week I'll be out I think got will be charming. And will be gracious about mantra. And will help expedite this week. It'll actually anticipate coming out of faced during the first then you know how much would it be asked about Memphis and how much whatever degree that it is. I think John will help goose that a law. I have surfaced before jokingly. I do believe there will come a time that he will be honored at center court in America I think we'll be in a wheelchair. Out. It looks at what you can push it back are still a little bend them similar to cheer like I don't actually think that's true. You know I don't know it's not going to be a year or blue book going to be ten or twenty yeah and actually that you would probably not still coaching you know. I've still coming in very good players not like that. I'm I don't know what happened what else do you still coaching the light at the end of his career what he's still coaching but I predict that they can't yes. Well that they would did you important thing is interest and a nag Elissa I wasn't alive during the jump gene Bartow stuff so I don't and any. Recollection of whether before angrier or OK or whatever but like it is sort of similar like he takes Memphis to a national championship game just like Carol. And bolts were. You know a top job in the country under it like an undeniable upgraded job. And end and and and there was. Gene Bartow is like a Lego. Love it here yeah and. I think I think Eric in particular he didn't immediately the program you know repeatedly NCAA. Com year I wouldn't do think that the big part of you know. And then. Actually they're recruiting eventually good right now of course we recouped follows a corruption wouldn't be if this thing happened you wouldn't. You wouldn't ever and Eddie completely clear gel more what to comment yet from apple and making everyone should be clear and I get everybody is clear. But it felt like I was just like it just felt. The deficit were war look forward to that you are right so to golf from that year it was going to be. Even if John was entitled compete to recruit them. Gotten back yet but it was going to deep threat just forget empty cupboard except what we heard this quarterly covered. Like. It just hurts and maybe that was irrational but it worked and I'm Tibet that you really get at your expectation that. So. It seemed to walk out on back kind of seeing taking back dream would have. And you do believe agenda nobody would ever heard a million years or even shut up. But the job has just gone to Kentucky but they get a single player. And I wish that's as well whatever. I think that's looking to conclude apparently about a billion. A big it would be different but it would still be why did you leave us it goes back to why did you leave us a minute. They know and partly why did you ask you think Mecca and RED. I think they do understand the Pataki the better job but. If it's not that obvious example would ever read them and it's not a happy with the job we want it it's just so lot. Pictured leopard is never thought of itself and football at any spot at I think our job that. Bet that if you suspect that that one there really was acceptable to its extreme foreign trip come grudge about that by eight. I didn't think. At least tackle let the fans are maybe more or. Will acknowledge our -- state what can you could do everything that you wanted to do you like to put two of the accomplishment cheer us all can check. There's a little bit of that and I don't think it was a little bit about the people who tried to keep complete. And you know that they think the people who tried which you can hear it felt personally Kuerten they explained to job you get every inch you want here. You once saying you know you're one minute away from the national title here. The more important you need more trust preferred Memphis which needs you think Kentucky until everything Adam and he dissent know. And I don't believe I don't blame them for that but there are their people poor and keeping most not to sentence. I understand the Kentucky but without the mother like there's just no actual yet you know very well I get a better job of that. I don't know how you go to so I can that's why people think about so weighty task. And and and so often. I tend to think people talking about the waste something happened is just a convenient way for them to talk about what actually is something happened I certainly think that the Jason McKay just. Larry finch when he was fired a lot of people are welcome back the marriage are actually the it is fired a hot start there. And I don't really believe that I really think what really people were mad about was that Larry finch was fired. And being so form more productive circumstances by which but it out yeah you know blood and that was fired it's the way he was I think people really. But so all the people ordered that he was fired. They put some of that here to then we will injury was that he left. I didn't think it would enough about the way he lacked a woman pictured normal police had been welcomed. And normal but I tend to agree with the would you serve first which is. When you start talking about loves the way they left it's like you're able does that mean you wouldn't that there was a right way for them to do it where you would've been upset. Is there any is that they give you could it actually. Well I go back if you buck what they want something. I don't know that I mean I would need a lot of Eddie you know a lot of. If you lost the players not to be ever would have. I don't think they would have been yeah I don't think it would be merely the better if there had been no Kobe you know no NCAA tournament and he left a player but but look what Java off yeah. Like a fantasy world jump ball is never gonna play at the university job or what I don't care what does John Wallace playing somewhere not name Memphis. I agree I do without that's. Like Shaka Smart just you going to updated Texas job he took BC you recruits put them. Elegant and. It'll come in the last ten years but as soon as well but let's just to placate everybody continues to be. Louder it. You get your big people come on people that are not given and release the ball quite. It's pretty it's pretty normal now I acknowledge it wasn't as normal when John did. But if I. It all totally normally won't let that be insist. Insert because look into their right that a letter saying that there would be automatically roll out this loan could contain. Don't auditor is that John just let's be out in Ethiopia is a lot of when he's your guy. He's so easy to hate what he's not your you know. I think that played a part of that so is that job immediately need to have a eight you know all the things that you looked about and actually devalued our. Welcome it really easy thing today. I was saying earlier is just like in is that apples apples but it's like president golfing. Like there there's people who had no problem with the president golfing before whoever problem the president golfing now and people who have no problem the president golfing now. But I had met prom but the president golfing for the previous eight years including the current president. But maybe I'm sure it felt like it just yeah it did who's doing what way are changes your opinion and that's one thing. Purdue and have everything figured out but idol like to think that my opinions don't change drastically about people. Based on. Where those people work or where those people coach or play I don't think any differently if Kevin Durant today than I did two years ago. I don't think any differently about president's golfing today than I did two years ago that make all. How did I I always say about John I think the advantage of being some of the Moujan hated when he was here is that I can disable all sincerity that. I think I've followed them the full complete. Jam cal Perry is good and the bad. When he was here and I think I see it a full and complete. John Calipari now that he's gone to go to the that I attend the debate Turkey and urgency to go to that same issue basketball product odd. It would not go any Kentucky Ken wood told beautifully all America tranche but WW for the world I think. I think that's true the only place where I I gave all of what are quite right and partly because I stick up for Memphis. If I'm going to stick up for the first one comes to address a can I don't think Memphis any different than any other place particularly the idea that met the standard to be insecure disorder stupid like. They can't they're saying you have to get injured their feelings hurt or that her. And then and then and then I really related reports. Never came back particularly insecure. Everyone whether to cut rhetoric Oklahoma City terribly Kevin Gregg last. Or LSU fans or whatever else. Fans won't like being laughed their thing there's socially it's almost be emotionally invested and then what made me eat you wanted to play hey it's better up just accept it. Well it's. I I think can't affect so I understand the emotional reaction. Secondly I don't think met with the African answered until the very. The Serbs were flying and evidence certain schools will have to look. Would lobby saying it come but what once every five years and and it's all we get you know people call him a creature of cal Perry or whatever that. I really big and black. You're right there are apparently asking this question. If you took eight of a Memphis fans like these are normal Memphis Fannie hangs out on the message board and he said okay. I get to two options here you can pick one and one of these things will be will come true. Next year Tubby Smith. Will lead the University of Memphis basketball program into the sweet sixteen. What for. Next year. The NCAA will launch an investigation into Kentucky and find major violations on John cal Perry's watch. You can have one of those things you can't have both of which one of Memphis fan. I appreciate question enjoyable I don't think you ever think Kruger at the track Jared Joker but I I I submit better I it would step project got ice submit them that this fans would rather watch Cal's ball the man to succeed. I don't think. I doubt it I don't believe and aids summit this is the level what do you do ultimately that I have got the final four. Org or at that time it can actually talk to get it definitely got a little bit every to a plant would prefer to go to topple. Every single track so it appeared that level. Yes it must drop much much much traffic patterns which seats that. If there was an out of the tournament with a lot of investigation of Kentucky now let that would be fought it would be right there would be nice fit. Here here but it just like it's just like with gale like. In me can't. I mixer. But I would rather win a million dollar lottery that he'd heard the fire truck. Like yeah. The report without lag like I it would show that in fact the question you're asking me enemy and I do not think. Out of all the looting is a couple the couple might FaceBook page and the real the real deal about him. But it's a common content. Like to me that that the comment I've gotten. Our. I hate him but a lot. But then about half Smart either move on it's been eight years. Or I'm grateful for what he did for the program or like that I I I I think a lot of people actually can still don't feel like back. And yeah so I don't actually think it is not Edgar it universal default swallowed and I think they've got to win the lottery to teach agriculture. As Jeff talk is going to be back in studio tomorrow at 9 AM Vegas there that are about just tuck it back in studio at 9 AM I'll join met. 925 we come back a lot of instantly turn most of the talk about obviously we'll dive back in the right after this break. It's hardly cared today's that's been any X one challenge is all about in home Wi-Fi so we as real people how reliable their life plays throughout their home sometimes I haven't sometimes I don't. And when all your devices and no one wants to hear our users and so we've put extra maybe if the test quite connecting entire families to the same network on multiple devices that want somebody impressed that same level. Extending delivers the most Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home for the in home Wi-Fi experience I take is going to be excellent challenge and see for yourself. What advice. Woman started ten megabytes per second Internet from Comcast 1980 minimum for. Even matter and talking. 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Obviously UCLA's a brand obviously north Carolina's Brad obviously. A Kentucky is a brand when I looked late last thanks Fred column for CBS sports sort of like sixteen things to know heading into the sweet sixteen. The cheapest. A plaza level ticket I could find a FedEx form and was like 650 bucks that was an. For a single to move in the plaza level at FedEx Forum for this week and I was like 650 bucks so is a high ticket. And it should be tremendous and tomorrow on the show we will have Butler coach Chris Coleman and North Carolina Coach Roy Williams there. I'm going to be with me tomorrow. One and how shallow one impression of Chris Coleman from Bubba Roy Williams from the North Carolina. I hear tomorrow on the Gary Parrish a show there was an interest in story that developed last night in the insulate tournament and that is the favorite in Las Vegas duke. Lost and two South Carolina and the round of 32 it is. And not technically the biggest upset of the sensibly turner because Florida State was in the Xavier. Was technically the biggest upset of the sensibly turn out but just in terms of all the while I can't believe that happened. Duke losing in the round of 32. Qualifies as the biggest upset. In this NCAA tournament they of course for the pre season number one. Now McDonald's all American. And regardless of the ups and downs they had within their season after they won four games in four days to taking ACC tournament title. A Las Vegas to make them the favorite to win the 2017 national championship. They were not a one C I thought they should have been there were to say but they were still the favorite and but to win the national championship and now they're not even in the sweet sixteen. And do you understand the domino effect that caused this to happen. Yeah I was reading this last night it's this law that they passed we talked about it a bunch right now we were we talk about it when I'm happy to be through email it hurt the in the NBA pulled out of that the all star into exactly right it's the exact same law that caused the NBA to pull the all star game Charlotte and move to New Orleans and several concerts Pearl Jam Bruce Springsteen allies Obama as soft as are the NCAA announced. Last year we we are also going to pull games. Out of Greensboro, North Carolina down kid is discriminatory deal offer you books out and then we'll come back but we're not gonna do this with you now. While you still have this on the books that measured debate those are whatever of HP to age you probably know where I stand asked me many times. But don't go on the stood firm the governor stood firm. And so they took these instantly turn against that we're supposed to be played this past weekend in Greensboro and then moved him to Greeneville South Carolina. So under normal circumstances would North Carolina and do B and one season to seat them and they didn't preferential treatment in terms of regional power pods now the silly regions but pods in other words what kind of do or insane regional but they played the same. Rather 64 a spot in round 32 spot that's the way the into the general works now. You had North Carolina and duke playing Greensboro, North Carolina as opposed to Greenville, South Carolina. Now for North Carolina and not a big deal because they were just playing whoever they were playing Arkansas right. But because of the way the bracket broke. Duke had to place South Carolina. In South Carolina and stuff. The final score being evidence that is tough duke lost and then hold they were on their eye is basically a home court for them what what I saw on television duke was basically playing a road game in the rest of the massive. And I understand their people could have heard all day say hey. It's about time because duke usually get home games in the first rounds in Greensboro or Charlotte or wherever. And I hear you because you usually but here's the thing. Same reason. In Kansas got to play impulse he did they deserve it if you already top seed you get place yeah. In the club in a place close to you yeah that's the way it works out. And there's almost always a site in the state of North Carolina. Whether it's Greensboro. Or Raleigh or Charlotte so if it looks like duke is getting preferential treatment that's just not the case and but the reality is duke is also every year and and they get placed in the closest putt there and there's usually one in North Carolina. But because they to be true they ripped it out of there and they could put anywhere in the country. But I actually suggested this and I'm not pretending that here in Philly took my head. Opinion and so while that's a great idea let's do it but they did do exactly what I said because if you remember for decades. There were no instantly turn to games in South Carolina because of the confederate flag right is that we're not but I can I do know championships in your state. As long you fly that flag yeah official government property OK so after the Charleston shooting. And South Carolina moved to remove that confederate flag and it happened in July right after the Charles shooting. And so obviously it's still not brought back into attorney yet the wind I it became clear that they were gonna remove gain from North Carolina I think this is your opportunity. To eight take them back to South Carolina but also prove a point. South Carolina we wouldn't guild do business for them but when they'd when they did the right thing. We rewarded them with these games now do you do the right thing and come back to you is it just felt perfect to me principally did it. And because of the way the bracket broke been duped into the have a clear road games essentially against other airline in South Carolina and so you really can't Trace it back this. Which is just remarkable. Pat accord was the former governor of North Carolina he's the one that signed this bill until long. It cost him the election. Like he really was out of office over age beaches because people regard feb fill the bathroom built on it cost the state of North Carolina. Hundreds of millions of dollars in in revenue. And so it just was too much he he lost the election. Him signing that bill into law cost him election and it contributed to duke. Not advancing in the NCAA tournament it doesn't mean is that Carolina could have beaten to share in North Carolina or somewhere else. But duke played a road game mattered duke being. In a game and its South Carolina in the state except Carolina mattered. And it is why failed to me to think that a bill signed in the wall by a governor trying to score political points ended up costing him his job. And duke. And and in patients advantageous arena for a round of 32 games against an SEC school but it did. And last night was the result of that. Effect a minute ago. If only ship from police is who can respond well the last time you weren't even here. Stop sign and say yeah we're located on main street between Madison and Iowa avenue parking job for extra. I'm happy hour daily air bar the import 36 iron. Featuring two dollars off all my other glasses a bottle appeared in daily it kind of tells us we also offer one of the largest burger tonight. Enjoy our small life like the moisture still love the house and Sam and check out this is Buddy Rosen care Chevrolet at a 2000 got a bike on the web jacares Memphis dot com. Family owned and operated since 1949 to him business more than 67 years opened six days a week everyday except Sunday and nobody. 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Regional one help dot org that's a regional one hell. Dot or to unity government senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shot a folks folly of original piece. What did we learn today all but just double the main thing that Jack cal Perry is coming back to a Memphis does he told press numbers right now in Kentucky was asked about members. And he said all the right things like I can't wait to get back where a lot of great memories there so when he gets here he's gonna do you drive by an old house. It's what you do like I got done that before like I say you know that's where I'd love story out and or Bradley at the remember. This isn't just like John cal Perry come a moment Bradley who's placed on the Dow again down the walk on. He's this is where he grew up. This is where he spent his childhood I can remember Bradley like. It's weird to think that he's in college now he just like what are on the fence little Bradley. And so mom's phone will be a neat experience for them to be a neat experience for Memphis but John said all the right stuff. Got a lot of friends here can't wait to get back. He'll wait stop by James Davis Kidd got great stuff like if you don't not so. They'll be here on Wednesday what's the biggest game tonight. We don't have NCAA tournament games and I've cracked I know that blows man and you get so excited for these games and you know wait till Thursday we got them in nineteen games that I really care about that you care about. And L is always the oldest game all that's tomorrow morning still warriors thunder inside Chesapeake Energy Arena on good. I Kevin Durant obviously not going to play but still it's Kevin arranged team against him Kevin Correia told team tips at 7 o'clock you can watch it on T and T what you don't watch on TV real rocky is on tonight's story a former heavyweight boxer chuck Webb. Boston Sylvester Stallone's inspiration for the Academy Award winning. How rocky if you never seen that documentary at 8 o'clock on ESPN if you are late I'm Bryan Cranston though Stephen cochlear Adam Carolla is on Jimmy Kimmel Paris Jackson none. Jimmy Fallon Nevada eight Palestinians Seth Meyers and is there anything I need to make sure I read I did that sweet sixteen look ahead he's the CBS sports check out the 15100 words a sort of bouncing around regional regional trying to point out. Interesting things about the sixteen teams that we have left in the field of 68 you can find it. On my Twitter feed on FaceBook page or CBS sports stock option what's on tap for tomorrow Tuesday in the morning I'll be O Jeff Hawkins around 945 they'll be back here from. I'm 46 and I have Butler coach Chris Holcomb was being. And I we'll have North Carolina Coach Roy Williams with me their bald headed to Memphis for the sweet sixteen. The played against each other on Friday first to talk to me but tomorrow afternoon so enjoy an item and enjoy mine. We'll be back here tomorrow ports could be careful we can be good and rescue us. Don't know what this is an easy one Bartlett dilemma says Memphis isn't. ESPN son Bradley's challenge presented. Much the turn and then how your body angling your. Think the hooters girls need. Fearful are you. My feelings that are nothing. Your bud or Bud Light. 1899. Hey John are you of the market for a new home if you look at a guy. I or maybe you just need help listen to turn on allow me to make a recommendation. Call my friend Adrian more cinemas century 21 Bob Elliott associates injury is licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi they have an issue in the moments you're looking for at a price you're looking for you. Do this yourself. Call it remorse and at 9014834551. Or find online at did you Morse and dad Steve 41 dot com again your phone number is 901. 4834551. Just your body shop is the best body shop and down day. The original location 12916. Summer avenue. They've also got Joseph Stewart collision of collier well. Family owned and operated since 1969. And for four years running they've been voted one of Memphis most fast car repair shops. They're certified by Mercedes-Benz they're also certified by BMW what they get more done in any make or model take your car. It shows George body shop taking your car anywhere else could be an accident. Is building for. The bands will. Round three this Thursday march 23 to give you an idea of the blow. Bonus deal. Thursday no. And yeah. We love adds unfortunately so do term. You have John Holmes fans. So the only thing keeping your house together as a bunch of termites holding hands. Sitting meadowlands. Laura and Portland there might give money in the.