The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (3/13/18)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, March 13th

GP and Geoff discuss the Memphis coaching situation, when the meeting will be with Tubby and more in Hour 2.


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Her at one point this season like in December early January they were sold eighty and defense efficiency and other top ten in fact there are well they're number seven. They're third in the country and offensive efficiency seventh in the country in defense of efficiency they're the only team in the country that ranks in the top seven in boat that's it. Only team in the country that ranks the top 7 o'clock insufficiency and defense efficiency. They still got the most talented roster. They still got to go to on the sideline and they got the person who I believe is the best college basketball player in the country and that's Marvin Bagley Duke Blue Devils are national champions. If knocked him to just be somebody else pretty eminent and win them Virginia I've got an all ACC final my final fours Virginia gives Agha. A Villanova and duke. And I've got Virginia and duke in the championship game. And duke winning at all but I might have to Alter that Virginia picked because again the under hunter sixth man of the year in the ACC it. He has helped with a broken wrist will not play in the incidentally turned bad news just breaking within the last hour what's the latest for Tubby Smith the Memphis a thud you just talked about it next. This BA's Memphis is sports station covering the Penny Hardaway store. And at least one word. This Memphis a semi annual sale has now wrapped. 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Alex out of Memphis coaching search looking at people connected to war in their menus Cerro I think right now I got everyone. All the TV people over there looking at. President pro war and so. So here we are I had no idea honestly I don't look forward as the generated shock so. That doesn't. Well you don't farce of a little short of a week ago ultimately a double or triple urge you can't Egypt where I speak forever. Which is vital if rather it was weird like battle this thing was weird I think it was. Like some people out of the market thought it was big quite understand it or whatever it out but the confidence odd about this process. I tell list right now like what the hell like that helped a lot but I think you need some odd in the in any mental process but. They love ALA could be a power play by Toby sub or should sort it could beatle lawyers disagreeing on things. Everyone's saying if you can clear the contract provides that. The tubby kept that legislature which they would contract ride by. There's still negotiations that often happens with a net but the context of that like there's going to be a lump sum pay out pay out of war. Or out of our good whatever also a preemptive I can not know what the hell happened and why this meeting did not go forward because. Every once fought it probably would get fired at this meeting. Ha I dug into a Geoff Calkins here on 929 of them ESPN I frankly never understood why there had to be a meeting. I got I mean like if if you don't what you're doing because I told a tubby had tried to reach out to doctor run at some point over the past week. And like couldn't get in touch with the like really just would like they haven't spoken. And it's not because neither tried to call the other person to like clear the air just like I was a doctor would like didn't return a phone call that's at least what one source told me. And so. Armed. I you know I I could certainly see if you're Tubby Smith just saying no it you say a utility told everybody in the world you're gonna fire me. Me to show up your office to talk about it. Fire you owe me nine point 75 million dollars just in that you guys who worked out in my life I need to see fit they hate you and I know. From talking to people last night who had talked to tubby. Arm. He was. A mixture of disappointed. And mad. You know like like this is insane that you that I'm losing my job after two years when I came here to do a slow build. One was once 41 games when we went to the semifinals of the conference tournament this is insane. And he get that the the disappointment was obvious you know rooted and obvious things the angle was I brought a lot of people and their families here. Because I thought we were going to be here for awhile and now two years. Into it not even two years into it when I'm being undercut by a big time boost for a Penny Hardaway. All these families lives have been disrupted. He was like genuinely pissed off about that I was told. And and I certainly understand that and that is the motivation I don't agree with that but I do understand it like I were him I'd just off to. I'm but it it if that is the motivation behind just sort of blowing off a meeting and there is a report out says the meeting was just moved to tomorrow. Like if that was the motivation and blowing up the meeting art I I'll probably go. Oh. Yeah I'll be out at a somewhat of a credential to get a remarkable after the commercial deal right. A you're supposed to come in and year book and show and you're supposed to elect but are reluctant to process. And I know someone who. They knew the layoffs are happening and it's it's good I can today. Like what we're gonna do party. Is a joke but it can go ahead until I get back. I don't really have to you don't have to do I'd bears answered courtesy. I don't think it I was like yeah what good. It's Kirby depending on what he told David ride it all they've read before the term I still think David red chip it appalled I don't know did you did better thing about that wrecked. But you know fire him before the last game Dover are depleted and this project you can't I. Wreck before. The last game bill so there's no reason to fire him before they are making about it. At that point you can fire him. I think it's sort of common courtesy to have meetings him display were alleged show blah blah blah. But now becomes such public spectacle there is absolutely no redo the good that if you need to. If you need to reach negotiation with a lawyer just to see for example if you go out of six million dollars or six and a half million dollar upfront rather than. Whatever it is whether it nine point 75 or six years. But you can do that with a lawyer even you we have our large start your lawyer there's there's no need for Tom ball and while they while Sparta. Be any light. To sit across from chubby as today Tommy thanks very much for your serve us you know he was president all you do is do that's Jake. Talk ain't thanks for your service is double what Pete do you be why it makes your service excellent job bad luck in the future of course what a pleasure Bart. They're done. What's the secretary of state Dick Dick Dick fired on Twitter this morning so like the idea yet that a meeting with the basketball coach. I'm never made much sense to me I'd agree it is common courtesy but. If I would Tubby Smith I would be so pissed off at the regular out of need because there is no indication and I should say this guy they're fighting for their jobs. There's no indication at least from people I talk to that tubby without they're trying to fight for his job like he was prepared to go in that meeting today. And and and give an incredible speech that tried them full of pit you know at the last minute I've heard coaches do that before. Like go win there and fight for their jobs they do not do this you're making a mistake by location of that tubby wasn't. Arm wasn't from doing what they're preparing to go to try to do that he was sort of resigned to his fate. Any if you are resigned to your fate like hey they're doing this and you know what the hell with them. I would skip the meeting to LA I got a call at an upsurge of voicemail and then I'd send text I think that that's done you know my body. Yeah you know by attorneys number you're working out what them. You know I'll have somebody pick up my stuff what do you try to pick up my stuff you'll be nine point 75 million dollars per the contract. There's really nothing for us to talk about if you genuinely think you've been wronged by the university. You know sit down in front of a minimum kindly tell you. Things that they don't really believe while they've since you know at least theoretically. You know preparing for your barely. On guy I would be angered by that I will say this. I understand why Tubby Smith would be angered because in this again with court according Somalia spoke with he was pissed off because. He he brought a bunch of families his assistant coaches administrative people they all moved here now less than two years later they're getting moved out because they feel like they were undercut by a Penny Hardaway a prominent booster. All right and something that hobbies position is like I've disrupted a lot of people's lives a lot of people's lives have been disrupted. Well how different is that than recruiting people to Texas Tech and then bounce and after three years yo U think you disrupt the a lot of people's lives then as well you know. You know the bottom players' lives. Think it coaches and make decisions all the time that disrupt people's lives and so I'm not so sympathetic when somebody actually does it to them I am sympathetic and since that. I understand it's talks but like if you had been balancing jobs. From Tulsa to Georgia Georgia to Kentucky Kentucky to Minnesota. It Texas Tech the Memphis you spent your career disrupting lives so like you know if is dead that's the port of what's. Which are clearly has its its height I also don't mean I totally understand why he began right NI I I do. And I had an order that I understand I got it. I if you need to say. This puppy is gonna get pretty without about a week for the next six years so. He should be fine. A pretty good consolation but it ATA it's true that for all of the assistance that particular night. Insist the people below that the ops people or whatever like that those people generally depend on their paycheck. To actually pay their bills and so I can feel bad for those people continue to. I think it's like all those people are disruptive and out if you're talking position. You can look at it it to position eight here's a picture. You could look at it as. Dame university scrutiny over are probably people here are better or if you've been out into the yourself you can look at the air and saying. I had a golden opportunity here I Dietrich authenticated loss and I had all these players look at a recruiter and should put on a vacation that's pretty effort to leak site on your pleasure to call. That's got people off well the but just look at that what. Maybe you know maybe should have been at a point where if I happen to stumble into an elevator would DJ Jeffrey's father that I recognize him. Arianna Eric Brown have you heard that story yesterday but it yeah like how does tell me about recognize DJ Jeffrey's father. Like he's the top thirty kid who's fifteen miles from your campus you don't know his dad and this comes after her. This comes after the dead had already said. I feel like Tubby Smith is that not aggressive enough about what we never hear from him. And then you have an end to prove that debt that others point you don't even recognize them when it. He he walks into and out an elevator with you have just the whole thing is is is bizarre at it's all what led. I had to this I would say this. This is not a good move for the Memphis administration might letting this drag out like this because now you've got every national college battle right in the country. Talking about this is a search is damn war turns out there ripping the administration. Like at some point you gotta be done with it like to have a good I didn't understand allow that scheduling a meeting for four in the afternoon. If you know what you're going to do and they know what they were gonna do for a while now at least a week. You'd back me up on that right. They know what they were gonna do for you right for at least a week. Why wait told to stay at 4 o'clock we're just getting shot at 9 AM or whatever and now pushing it off a whole another day. It just it you know I guess Jeff Goodman just we that this is becoming a circus. And it it really is you just don't need people what they're talking about by do what they move on I don't understand that. Other than theirs out that there's probably like a legal. Explanation for. There's got to be some legal hang up the street and edited bits that intervening here I will the circus saying it's fine. I know as a circus I mean. The bush jumps that would work site which don't have a seat interpreter and yellow are. It's certainly game I'll do you think about certain that really was circuit I don't know for how long are we so hunt for a Cirque try to get an eighteen fired. Whatever else the Ku whipped opal Byrd. But to that read I got a it melting and remember the circus that led to that if they got the wrong guy that'll all amount of the circuit the produce that right. I sort of feel like the same thing here one extra day yeah yeah Balkan like Eric and he may be right. Again we'll take every opportunity can't root of the administration to correct it quickly pass like that so it is pretty bad. Well that'll look like a circus circus took its vertically fifteen to two years of all that are Smart in an audible over the long haul. Well actually you're used to say about. The negative feedback that they get from from. Tubby last. And then it's over well the committee didn't get any candidate they could be backfired badly or very little about it. But I get a little bit of a negative feedback because it's going to be longer. And that's fine. The umpire and a mile away from the bottom and higher Iannetta and he's good and that'll work out of played bad but it won't go. I've heard some people on Twitter asking the idea think they're having second thoughts again who knows I mean that's why last night when I tweaked. I'm I think nothing's done until it's done like I preface everything with that is why when I wrote a story earlier today it says Memphis is expected to. Not Memphis is not Memphis has. Not that as we all. Amid this is expected to. Because they the I've been doing it long enough to know though that things change but I will tell you this. Last night the entire staff I shouldn't say the entire staff multiple members of that staff were telling people we're done. Like we know what's gone like hey can you help me with Dez hey I can get involved with this job over here they they were. Is that they were opera they they were they were working under the that's obviously the tournament's over. And so even last night the met the staff of like you know we still. They're the staffs are always the most optimistic when it comes to light may be keeping their jobs they're always like you know you never know we haven't heard anything yet. You know so who knows you know right now is just media report where they were all telling people we're not it's over. But it's crazy but it's over and so. I can't imagine any scenario where. This goes back the other way but like you know stupid stuff happens older. You know be a circus and just go back the other way right like there'll be a circus. I can't imagine that difficulties in getting this figured out. Any of those disputes is making. The administration has second thoughts about about dismissing politician and yes until it's over. It's not over by. Yeah. And queer didn't we that it. Literally you could you do I can't. I hope it's everything you need to do you get a deal by tax. Barbie got fired at Auburn Auburn played in the SEC tournament. Auburn played in the SEC tournament lost. And I think it was within ten minutes it released a statement like like a 800 word statement. About. We like to think coach Barbie for his you know for all his hard work like they had prepared ready to go home a lot before Tony Barbie even got out of the locker room talking to his team. That it was already publicly confirmed by Auburn he's fired so the idea that you have to have some meeting. Again that runs countered other firing all the time in college athletics I I don't I'm sure that's a good reason. But I just don't deal. Or whether we lost a caucus what do you say I'm sure there is a reason but I can tell you that. It is it is not always necessary. To have a meeting. Before you make a coaching change regardless of sport it might be a courtesy to have a meeting. But if these two sides are already so bitter. That. Even in that nobody comes away from that meeting feeling good about any thing. Arm what is the point of the meeting that that's a question that that'll be the next question I start asking people when I get off the air. Yeah but so what Tony Barbie was like fire. You know like. There what are they just trust me there was no beating the press release was out of port Tony Barney ever had a meeting. They basically just walk is that hey we're gonna make a coaching change and that was that no that would get them the good of the conversation. And so I I've been confused by the meeting but again I'm I'm confident there's at least I am assuming there's got to be reasonable. I'm assuming they have to be reason for that I really do believe that in the end. Yes this looked like a circus. It will be judged. How well the next coaching staff that's how this'll be judges are roughly. The first big time recruit the penny got so it's it's petty it's big time recruit knuckle quite a circuit that he doesn't have to pick a recurrence. That'll be what they tolerated. And and that political stuff. Turns out it and so yes it's it's comfortable opened up over everybody knew what you get is gonna get a horse. I am certain that the plan is to fire tubby Smith and higher Penny Hardaway unless certain that he actually go that way in the sense that. It think that there could be something that prevents them from hiring Penny Hardaway. On it's why I've never said. You know he's the next coach I think Kenny is the leading candidate to be the next coach but are you certain that it's a 100% the next coach of the university member of the BP Harlan. No no that's odd percent. I I would say 95% yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I think they can come off like it or if it is revealed. That. Penny Hardaway has been to sleep with stormy look at him. Stormy wind isn't winter Daniels there's only so let's just. Stared at it it really comes up in the next couple days that took but he bit kitty it was quick it was or because it helps. All that I think all bets are off right at it until I thought it built all these caveats. Very clearly the plan is that if they're happy because the characters is. If the player who was not tire kicking her way into this last week. We would have fairly early part of it we've all heard played in Atlanta pretty hard I thought about it only makes sense like this happen we keep talking about. That is so compelling. They're they make you quiet you have to convince. I want to congress before there's any you might. I it would artwork overcome it if you tires before they go local whether it's another force that goes for about these tickets are topics next year. They column might be solved so but the bigger thing is is it. It won't look very hard way. As you point out. Some of what if picks that you would fit you'll you'll you'll stop talking about Penny Hardaway we don't want to get people all try to look at Hardaway. When it's not gonna be Kenny Harlow we were hurt that a long time ago because. Now the entire count is up credit about cutting Ottawa. So yes and yeah I think that yes I know things a bit behind the scenes that bit it is cutting out alive but that doesn't mean I can't. It can't. You know Mike Price Mike Tyson was hired at a football coach bill passed a budget. Right well they discovered they discovered about like price or dale if I let out a couple left well. Who knows what happens between now when he's tired but very good opponent targeting our. Right and and also like again the way this initially the first. When I first reported last Tuesday night that the University of Memphis was seriously considering firing tubby Smith and replacing him with Tim Hardaway. I honestly was coming from mostly from people. Who had. Heard that thing Hardaway was like starting to identify coaching candidates. It because. He was preparing to be the next head coach of the University of Memphis that was that was the initial. Stuff I was hearing and then when the University of Memphis president. Gave the quote a margin Otto on Tuesday afternoon that we will evaluate this at the end of the season. Did you just got to make a couple of phone calls you basic got confirmation like no. Penny is really preparing to do this admit this is really preparing to allow pity to do this this is real stuff and so that's the story so this is one of those stories where. There are people on opposite sides of it but they're all saying in the same thing and your. Soledad I almost think there it's just not like in some situations you say. Got to fire the coach can we get ahead as the new coach right I think that happened competitor capable search for example I got to try to coach. Who can have a new coach capital would just got a little tired but he was forced out all right we got. We got a pretty Josh who can have a the next coach and then you start looking around due it and the next coach you realize there are shall look at a bill or whatever and you'd be dead that would. That's how these things he goes some products. These things can go for example. With with UCLA football this year. They made it changes but. They do that expletive expletive you're gonna want to delegate and I cut back. And saluted we gotta get rid of Orange now because we got we we have a we identified the Nextel. I think this is a much more. That scenario rather than we gotta get rid copy now who's gonna coach just if a critic greater rate cut in and replace him but he had a lot. Apparently Google is also one fell swoop I think that's probably imagine this going. Obviously it's two different transactions. But I don't think they went into this thing get cash. Companies collapsed water who back to get a pre I think they went into the second you know once we pick our can't be included Kenny we took a lot of. Now it fixes the recruiting problem immediately fixes. The money problem on some level immediately. Because I do etc. does the opening segment. I do believe. That meant the end will be moved to try to support the program again. In a way that helps penny become successful because they are war they want him to be successful able to not feel like and this is what are referenced earlier. The very first Baptist Madison just pastor you've talked about this is well. Ill 181000 people lidge shut the door. Now those people war there they all go downtown and spend their Friday night in in FedEx form because they wanted to see Elliot Williams all wheel Coleman. They wanted to she or even just pastor. They wanted to show all the world. At least the country I want overstated. Hey we're we're still Memphis basketball even though John cal Perry left look at this who else can get 181000 people. For Memphis madness for midnight madness we did it were Memphis basketball were bigger than John cal Perry they want it meant the end Memphis fans wanted to send a message. They they they got a best interest in having that night yes success so they showed up. I think he Hardaway as your head coach. I'm will be very very similar in the sense that Libyans are gonna want so badly for their most famous alarm to be successful. That if he's good at focusing a message and repeating it repeating and repeating it. Then I think that gives will actually be moved it's easy it's way easier to say he'll descended on Twitter than it is to actually do wit but I get the sense. People who were on the fence about Purdue had season tickets will overdo people who were gonna cancel most of them will renew. And some people who've never bought season tickets before or actually by him because they'll say you know one. I hate the idea Penny Hardaway not succeeding. At Memphis and at the administration was willing to eat this ten million dollars to make a coaching change. Then maybe I should do my little part to show them that I thought it was worth it I think it's I think a good portion of ambience will be moved to act in that. I think that that's right I mean I've I've heard from untold number of people who have it was gonna drop a few delegates. I won't. A couple last year. I'm gonna come back I've yet to love that about four. I've ever achieved ticket but I love penny and come back. And again if you say something on Twitter but I really do believe there will be I hope that the that when this is a now so I'm with penny. They have their ducks in a row because I think there will be I don't know like at the 2003000. I can usually a matchup. I took big number really for first season tickets I can easily. Imagine 3000 more season tickets thanks so expect here easily imagine 3000 courses seem to expect so the ship because everything is that look at let's. A right now. Outside of Memphis. People are Sam got the basketball overrated. Not everybody collectively that the others that they had these particular high expectations are crazy. They're rushed at least it was shafted. Whatever it's really not that great a program the good. I think most people will be motivated. People will be motivated to say you know what this program can still be great. And that we have someone here who understands. Good it doesn't say. Take this is just like Tulsa at Minnesota and everywhere else and I could just be cookie cutter. Plug and everything I've done and it'll work here too I don't connect critically connection to the city back some mercenary who's here but someone who is. Truly order the most beloved Europeans. In history event is basketball who was coming back act. And get a restore institution and so maybe you'll be buying those tickets because you believe in the institution. They puke diagnosed ticket because you believe in any individual they couldn't buy those tickets I hit some are calling it who said it was it was a woman. They're cheap remembered auction Baptist basketball. With her that her dad worked two jobs one of which was a mechanic on the weekend and the only thing that would get him to stop Orkut and coming in and sit down. Which is oil being handled tiger basketball. So maybe people will buy tickets that they remember what it led to their death or whatever there is. I do think that this will be an emotional outpouring. It will translate that a motion we'll be translated into cheap ticket sales and whatever happened so yeah. This got a couple date right now. I don't know exactly as you pointed out it's puppy if if if penny has this stuff brother program. But I know whatever date that press conference call them. People won't be sit around thinking about time that awkward afternoon would include a beating from 4 o'clock or morning till 10 o'clock reporting or whatever it's going to be. Wrapping up there were Geoff Calkins 99 FM ESPN's Dan walking is essentially tweeting that same thing that I earlier said which is. The only weird thing about this is that you don't have to have a meeting to fire coach again credit that you I bet that's the part that doesn't make any sense to me and I imagine there's usually with things like this that that don't seem to make sense on the service. There's a reason below the surface where they go well here's what was going on. But again you don't need to have a meeting to fire coach that this could very reasonably released a statement right now. Saying we decided to make a coaching change how we appreciate Tubby Smith firm. The past two years and we're gonna conduct the national coaching search and done. You know wolf will will have no further comment at this time and just be done with it that there're there're. Some. Hesitation to do that is just unusual that's it a warning it's it's weird I'll just say it's it's not normal. Right so while making calls to get Obama's. I'll talk till about. It as Jeff Hawkins or 99 FM ES PM we come back. 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That is that flight restaurant and wine bars you can make reservations by calling 9015218005901. 5218005. There on the web flight Memphis dot com that's like Memphis dot com it's 539 Gary Parrish a we're here on 929 of them. ESPN if you just join and if I get you up to date Tubby Smith was scheduled to meet with them this administration a short clock today. The group with the meeting for whatever reason it did not happen and is now reportedly been moved to tomorrow. Like I said. I'm sure that there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this about like I also said the idea that you quote have to have a meeting. Two fiery coach just isn't true coaches get fired all the time. Without immediate and I told you Tony Barbie when he was at Auburn. Played this tournament lost in the SEC tournament Auburn released. Press release within ten minutes like eight waterworks and articles written. They can Tony and his family for all the hard work they put him blah blah blah blah blah there was a meeting. The meeting was get better toward the Tony Barbie after the game and Saddam were gimmick coach insurance okay that's fit that's the meeting. Scheduled meeting you don't have to have a meeting to fire coach and so. Again I'm sure that there's at a valid reason for it. But it is unusual. Third to have this type of thing. Item get complicated in this way. Big picture not the biggest deal in the world like if you do it today or do it tomorrow and you still end up higher in the same guy even higher. In. In this since Penny Hardaway. Who is gonna you know help you with recruiting almost immediately. Who is going to. Help you with fund raising almost immediately who's gonna take the negativity that single the program since. Memphis all six of the top eight scorers to transfer after last season. If you take that negativity of foot and a positive didn't positively productivity. You know blues overnight eight. Just by naming Kenny Harley next or coach a big picture this will be a big deal. But it it does become a little bit of a spectacle. If for no other reason and on social media now people are talking about Memphis basketball. And then wait hasn't been very positive for at least a couple years now. It's not very positive. Right now still. I guess this yesterday. Now say today. The expectation is. That Tubby Smith will be replaced as bad passes men's basketball coach the administration but the highest level had decided to do this. I would say about a week ago certainly late in the week they were determined to do what it is they're ready to do. Arm yes they got on the court basketball from the African team didn't even sniff the united tees. Or eight sub in May try to tell you the best bookings OK or not that bad they're lying to you. If if the best quality was good it would be alien suitably dark. I mean it would be yeah if it was going to be a need to determine if it didn't think it would at least be in the ninety. Like under what's that tell you one other team that's not in the in suitably tournament or the N ninety that you think is a good basketball team relative to what good ought to mean at the University of Memphis all stop you don't even have to answer there is no such team. Our house John it again so it would get to got so frustrated during the season or beaver like he knows Timmy that battery back compared to watch. It's terrible compared to what Memphis all debate it keeps the and I Cheney met the stand what happened to you so you. You pissed off when our president would make if they turn it cannot go to sleep sixty and now you're cool the scrappy team indicates Mitt the and I did. Get get out of my if you sell it did. And filling they had an all. The core problem clearly that needed to be fixed but more than that. They're off the core problem. In a money problem. They get nothing from the grizzlies. Season ticket sales down attendance 48 year low. Donations connected fees to get down like I said yesterday the only thing more costly. Than actually paying Teddy spent nine point 75 million dollars. To not be a basketball coach. Is allowing him to continue to be basketball coach. It'll cost you gonna cost. And that's why they had to make this decision why you have to trickle into more into tomorrow I'm not certain. But it now does appear that it will trickle into tomorrow so we'll have another cold day. A talking about this can't wait coaching search. Herb coaching situation that will lead to should lead to. On a coaching search that will probably be focused on just. One person we're back we're gonna to go it's. Know what the yeah. Yeah. Our SE CNBC speed and get the taste it to seventy. Every now. Did I don't know who didn't remember it's two others look. 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Men and women had been and staying quiet about this for a variety of reasons sometimes. Strictly had a self preservation. Out of fear for it I speak up it might cost in my job. But stay quiet stay quiet but over the past year obviously that has been changing almost daily we hear about somebody. I'm becoming a silence breaker and it has changed workplaces. All over. All over the country. I just tell you that. Even in. Our workplace. I'm just very. Unless I'm way more aware of that I've ever been a things that I might say things that I would do I've never acted appropriately but. I would say inappropriate things from time to time and I've just been very aware of that like yell you can't I don't even though I know that words that come out of my mouth not in this environment. But. If you are in a work environment where. If you've been dealing with sexual harassment or sexual misconduct then let his thinking Marty help you they can't. Again it's Bradley asked James king and Sam morning. You can reach him at 5288888. Tom Gary Parrish told you call that help you out. Ask is king and Marty on the web as you skiing and dot com I'm serious about that by the way I like there was. I think I've told the story either I don't know that may be just at dinner one night perhaps on the radio but. Even like hugging and like fellow employees and people who are friends of mine that like when you see them you hug them. I am like more hesitant to even do that now because like I don't want anybody get the wrong idea. About any thing like I walk in the other night in Dana Jacobson who I have worked with a lot this season but we were working together on Sunday night. And like you know Bailiwick Larry and I gave her big hug but like there was that legged police clicked in my head like I don't wanna be watch where your hands are you have you just. There was we worked at the emerald coast classic down in Florida. Over Thanksgiving holiday and there was this young aspiring. Television sports personality. Who was working with us she was like out. Just took a good assistant who. For those games they they hire locally for like people who just do bright very basic jobs. And then people who aspire to be in these positions they like they just on the because it's a way to meet people network all that stuff. Most are not so long as it's you young very pretty sweet little girl. And she'd been sitting with us assume that little girl young woman and your college credit for crying out. But like sweet young very pretty. Young woman. And she's been with us for three straight days like target list sitting with his talking with its asking first of spurred by. I'm help order anyway that I can't at the end of the tournament like you know I'm get raided select hotel and I'm gonna play the next day and she was like. Is it what Gary it was such nice it's so nice to meet you think you for all of the advice like. I can't you know I really appreciate everything you said as she went to give me a hug and my instincts were just like I stuck my hand out. And I just want I just shook her hey ha ha I was like it was it was good to me to do about it ever help you with anything you let me now and I immediately felt like such a jerk all right because it was just awkward. But like there was a part of me out like you know I don't want. People watching me hug this 23 year old girl and thinking that I'm doing anything other than just being kind and some of late but I felt awkward just shaken her hand. But like I also didn't want any problem because I'm reading news stories every day or people got problems they'll have it if it's nodding your heads some where it should be because. I'm night trying to lose my job over someone that I was over some mouth but not that anyway demagogue. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly of original east. What did we learn today I myself I would mostly about the University of Memphis coaching situation if you just get any car you haven't heard. Tubby Smith was supposed to meet with the Memphis administration this afternoon that meeting did not happen is reportedly now scheduled for tomorrow. Why exactly. Is unclear. What's the biggest game tonight NCAA tournament it's underway right now lament the assistant Derek Kellogg is coaching. LA Brooklyn sixteen C Byrd sixteen seed. In the first four in Dayton right now LU Brooklyn and rappers so that's untrue TV. If you wanted to hurt when you get home and root for former University of Memphis says that they'll DK up in New York they came and video kicked a web as. Really happy for him yell less than it was less than a year ago he got fired that you're mad right but it bounced back in LU Brooklyn get Indians but tournament. Also achievement and tonight 810 that. Central untrue TV saint Bonaventure against UCLA I imagine most of you sought a tweeted yesterday in my body Adrian ward around in his beautiful wife Amy. They're both saint Bonaventure graduates they know lawless they donated 101000 dollar loss. Two I saint Bonaventure to allow us to fight tickets for students in Boston to Dayton. So the bus took off this morning. They're gonna be in Dayton tonight for should be a fun seeing big nobody's. What should I watch on TV I think saint Bonaventure UCLA amp I've got to be a fun game and if you like guard play. Think Barbara you've got to keep in Taylor and Adams who is terrific like. Maybe an NBA guard and of course UCLA has air holiday probably an NBA guard. I think there's two possible NBA players on the court saint Bonaventure UCLA. Tiffany here. Is there anything I need to make sure I really met Orlando over CBS sports dot com rose 68 reasons to love it says over the 2018 NCAA tournament. It's as nor Lander writing about. I'm all of the I just have a bunch of observations about this bracket in this event if you wanna get fired up the instantly turn to go check that out CBS sports stock up what's on tap for tomorrow and Wednesday I imagine we'll be talking about Memphis and Tubby Smith perhaps everything will be resolved by then job market's gonna join me in the first hour have Jeff Hawkins and factors should be fun so. Enjoy your night. I'm enjoy mine I'm awake of afford thirty. Take a shower and get dressed implied. LaGuardia. Once again I'll be back live on the radio for central promise kill them. Be careful because it's been good. Record book. Members of families U of W America's good insight into golf and we need you sign up now. Now the 99 FM you get right to challenge. Many of family reunions and class reunion a wedding or an incredible place to guess to say courtyard by Marriott in collier golf is deep place for you they're located carriage crossing mall which could see your gas. 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