The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (3/12/18)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, March 12th

More on Tigers/Tubby/Penny and how this week plays out with Memphis Basketball from GP in Hour 2 plus joined by Geoff Calkins 


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Point four hours a day right now if he wants to the second he becomes the Memphis coach that's over. It's white it's among the reasons why John cal Perry took several days. To become the head coach at Kentucky. Memory was like really being pulled different direction no he wasn't he was always going to be the Kentucky coach but he had to. As with DeMarcus Cousins. Saudi Henry John Wall I don't think yellow signs he might appear but the point was. He could talk to. Do whatever players were signed with Memphis national letters of intent. John can still talk to them as long as he was the Memphis coach. The second even know over the Memphis coach they were still signed national letters of its implement it he can't communicate with them anymore until Memphis releases that. Say they would pay now. If I'm Memphis actually had had. A SEC coach tell me over the weekend if I were Memphis I would hire pity for like several weeks. I would I would removed and Agile minds made up yeah I would have an understanding what pinning. And I would grow tubby but I would let pity role more as Penny Hardaway. He's tied coach Penny Hardaway team pitting. And try to really recruit with out the incidentally rowboat hanging over his head get things done. Did you become be the Memphis coach will make it official and now you've got to operate. You know within these lives right up those lines don't exist for him. And so if you're Memphis and you've already made up your mind you are with you next coach. I would not make that official until at least after this weekend. And you can say we're just doing out of respect for pay we wanted to be able to coach to. The weekend and see that he's in the room when another state championship but end and that can be true but the other part of it is. As long as he's not your head coach he's they're coach he can do whatever he wants to let them. The second becomes the Memphis so coach there's all sorts of limitations on M and so the longer he's not the Memphis coach. It's actually better when it comes to trying to. To further develop these relationships. And and in turn leads. Elite level prospects in the future university of Memphis Tigers he's actually better equipped to do that while he's not the Memphis coach. That he is when after he becomes the Memphis coach Jeff Carter is up next. National contest data mystery supply. I want it just. Is keywords your chance to win 1000. Bucks right now here's what you gotta do text the word page he eight cheeky text page. The number 72881. Right now preaching is 11000. Bucks. Your 5 o'clock keyword is page text page he eight GT the number 72881. For your chance to win a Grady got plenty time to Texas word don't text and drive he got until about 6 o'clock text. Page he eight GE right now to 728813. Changed when 1000 bucks good luck. 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You pick you up a ball lower case of new Amsterdam bucket. You have to give our employees sold out on the web new Amsterdam spirits dot com it's 506 Derek shares shall we cannot it united them ESPN I'm joined now by. You're award winning Thomas Memphis commercial bill host the Jeff gaga show is Jeff Carter kept talking guard. Yeah so low margin out of reported earlier today the members of the basketball coach Tubby Smith is scheduled to meet with the university administrators. On that Tuesday. Oh what do you make of that headline. I just wanna get a drop. But back fall. That's what that that's what's gonna happen right that's when they're going to let him know that he is no longer going to be the coach of U remembers or. I have a longer there. Minds well I think it scared that I. To be unique and is it okay want to play you want us. A lot of people expected that after. Turn a minute didn't. He would be whacked immediately. And I'd never expect that indeed I weeded out yesterday that at an expected to happen yeah. Book closed for curator what is absolutely no worry of getting underway the person that and identify which are believed to be true. But it seat occupied until. Saturday at no one out computer servers so you know particular hurry. To to get rid of tubby one way or another circulate my understanding is that the university really dead. As David Rudd said last week. But quote it's that the full trading fire was that they weren't going to have a process. An alleyway I don't think it was probably a much as possible evaluating the trust of the future every ball border which they shouldn't have the money line. Making sure. All the people who are the decision makers here. Our other one accord in terms of what should happen. But I think that's been happening. And then that there's been no hurry like you like a bit more patient because he wasn't lack yesterday what lacked that like. They are going through where process and now at my understanding it I literally I only know this well what do I think the lawyer will be there after Tokyo recovery will be there at like eight they will. Shut down. Be solid defenses what happened from the elbows but I will sit down and push and may well. And able. Help be that they're gonna Mubarak and the look try to reach some. Initial agreement I imagine whereby you know let's just. To a lump slump or whatever and they'll negotiate whatever led by the byte by tomorrow at this time. But we will have been dismissed that as well I expect to happen. Coverage of cartons here on 1992. And yes that was longer idea I I just got an attack I just got a text message from one of my editors as I was like I'm alive Calkins is quite. And I don't pretend it's. That's important well let our religion taught or that you don't I don't you. The worry about me you can get through all of your take does do by the time I'm through dog and I'm. Yeah that's what I imagine it happening heading into weird because people if you want people or actually a better job you don't want wecht what about people what what you know showed that. For somebody to bet that. Most people don't want to be to continue as my sense of tanks and so some people would doubt it at all what does this mean I but today it took it away. Our board of the story they're gonna clarify his job status but the the the senate. Which was just like so some people saw my gosh. Maybe they just to clarify that you got to win this coming here he's got out of our it just meant that's what the meeting is going to take place. And but that is on the meeting because gonna take place in the Arctic you have to it was well the political about it. We should have more right. Bomb or at least like to detect. You gotta get some or did. Most of Brett if if the proper thing to do sit down and do would face to face so that's the way to stuff gets done. Hum to your point about there's no urgency there is urgency in the sense that. I think Memphis fans are wrecked me not all but certainly most if that seems crystal clear at this point most. Are ready to just move on and have it done and did start really getting excited about the reality. A Penny Hardaway being the next coach but there's no urgency in hiring good hearted way and not only because he's got games to coach this weekend. But because and I talked about his love the last segment. Every day that he is not a college coach. Is a dinner he has no NCAA rich guys restrictions on him as it relates to. Being around prospective student athletes. He could he could be around james' wife went 44 hours a day right now if he wanted to the second he becomes the Memphis coach that has to stop. And suddenly there are restrictions on him that have never been there before and so really. Now I'd does that lessen I was talking to the college coach about this whole situation. Over the weekend. And he actually said and I do not believe this is what Memphis is going to do because I think that just wants to get on with it introduced any start to fund raising season tickets all that stuff they wanna do a big launch. And indeed go with it but this coach said if I were Memphis. I would have pity for months. I wouldn't. Like I would I would have it no won't like understood he's going to be in Mexico to the University of Memphis but I just have that that that that position. Open forum that I just let our weight beat Penny Hardaway four months and get it get what ever locked up he needs to get locked up. And then he could become formerly your head coach but but let let him operate let him operate without the NCAA rule book. Hanging above his head again. That would be that would actually that would generally criticism that manner that may be that that doesn't need but the point is there's certainly no urgency. To get it done this week because you can all you can actually say. We want to be respectful of the people at least high school we're not trying to hire their coach in the middle of the state tournament. And and then you can also with a weakened and I'd say and it's in our best interest to for him to just be around james' wife and all week long preparing to be the Memphis basketball coach saw it. It's the what's gonna happen tomorrow. Like it I'd. That happened but that's the idea that the penny thing it's like gonna be the next day. Good things probably gonna be next week. There's no and edit a unique situation because normally when you're hiring a coach. There is. There's some. Urgency because you'll go of dirt and actually take the job would not take which or if you don't get it you're competing for that person was without looking like there's there's. There's not a bad here it's just. We all well what's gonna happen. But so do truly no urgency from that perspective this gets the university that this time to get their ducks in a row in terms of and I'm sure they expect that it orbit span and will get. Outpouring out tickets and fund raising all that it could get their to their ducks in a row in terms of that. I'll let penny go and Edwin A championship. Yes let me that would games why didn't. Then. And then yeah there's absolutely no. There's literally no reason to do it the only Evian the only art portrait of a waiting to Baja. Or so thank you to have players here we have to figure out a K eight Chiarelli did indeed guy. Whatever Jamal Johnson are gonna have a live ought to have a chick who ultimately they want them to have a coach. On campus but beyond that there's a particular I'm curious about themselves because I've heard so but he people administrators coaches etc. Their views on this act and some IR. This is the greatest thing in the war or some say that subtype and this is kind of crazy but I wanted to try to there. But some say of course satire. To tackle like of course absolutely I that are you want to talk to people about Dennis what's the range of opinions that you hear. I actually talk to an athletic director about this who has an opening. And here's what he says. He said this would make sense for me. What if I were the Memphis athletic director this is what I would do. Edwards it would make sense for me at my school. Bullet. Boy. But for Memphis what Memphis needs in this moment. Penny Hardaway is is the most sensible thing. I'm because they're there's there's essentially three things Memphis have to get fixed. One is recruiting. One is season ticket sales in Al dike and everything that goes with donations money stuff. And then once the on the court product. Like all all three of those or lacking. Incredibly right now again the team just finished the season you could focus on 21 wins if you want to understood tell you they could even sniff the united. That's the for the teams are good team was never go the team went 21 games even Tubby Smith after the season was over. I didn't I wanted to give a monologue unlike other. Up a couple. And you're a Clinton and all your great pull for each other thing they beat. It. They're in the they're every bit the the Angolan. I guess you could say we really did beat anybody if substance I'm like. You have. All the people tell me about it. Just for a how this her. Oh at odd twist to agree with me. What I think Todd yeah there is this team beat anybody. And you've got children of may have settled it. And David Williamson. Is. That I guess you could say we really good about that you think bishop Abel and it came out of yeah who. It now you now we have a legitimate chance. Quote I don't go to like L I have been on FaceBook argue. About it. All season they're like. GP with a beat this team to beat that team to four game went out like they beat nobody they'd be used in a then that they've done nothing nothing there's no substance to it. And then the year you're tubby basically like. State of approval on that quote I without really you know I don't know where the relationship between Tommy and I go from here. But I do appreciate that I appreciated I had my back on that and I owe him for that. Oh and put at forever so they got three things they got to get fixed recruiting the money stuff donations season ticket that comes up and on the core product. All of them dreadful. On any fixes to with a three immediately. He thinks is recruiting immediately in some form. I don't know what he's gonna Colombia to get every eastern team. Then the current staff has been able to secure since they got here that's a fact. Com or at least I considerate of fact of the money stuff we've discussed he picked that and then all the core product I can't speak that nobody can't. I know everybody got a big opinion about Penny Hardaway is not going to be able to run a division one program or are always going to be raising running individual program. Yeah. The idea including Penny Hardaway including David rod including Tom all. There's no way to know that we all find now but he. Think they can have a little better opinion of it and I can't it's funny to the literally I've written a column. Which is ready to go. When it can't be fired at a talked about Toby being fired at Arco perhaps you know you you could there's literally try to open you go to do you know we're gonna diet they reprieve IPO as you know that this happened so I agree that there. And believe there's a paragraph and they're saying I know everybody says its depiction. So what good Derek bad woken get paper miserable failure enter a market price to be the best thing about this little girl. And I don't know how anyone can have ready got a conviction without that maybe. If I'm Tom voter David Ryder by the cockpit petty about it her hours I can have a little bit better our backup I would hope. Like it's good bachelor recorder I might. Kind of like the idea that are important but I bet I'd a couple of poor I was and yet there are so thank you get out a quick trip covered. It might you have people like you would hope that maybe you would discuss plans for the greater social networks. The hope that they would have a slightly better idea publisher we could have a better idea about our caddies passed. By how the rest of us could have any conviction about. This I have no possible clue how why why do you think you could well. It is obviously a long term risk it could be a disaster. But what I do know is that he fixes to the three problems immediately. And they're sick there's the chance that the third wouldn't. Also gets fixed if so this is great but either way he fixes the first two. And we won't know and it's like really if I'm running the university this is sort of where I'm at now he's got to fix the first two problems we got. And the third one he may or may not fixed but like we won't know for a a wire. Like you yet we won't know whether pity are we can successfully run a high major basketball program. For at least a year or two. We won't know and like I bet so just solve my immediate problems and the bulls hope for the best and trust that this basic philosophy is true. In college basketball particularly in a league like the American athletic where you can out talent people. If we hit a certain level of recruit. That is above the rest of our league. While UConn isn't total disarray. Then we can get back to doing what it is we're used to doing which is operating at the top of the league standings in the SEC. Like and that and that that's why. You in the SEC you can't really out talent people even Kentucky had a problem uptown they get better players but like other other schools get good players do. In the ACC you can out talent people I mean duke and have better players and everybody else but everybody's gonna have good players are most are gonna have good players. In the AC is like Wichita gets a top 100 this type guy. Assumes that he gets it you know access that either vague around there are. A UConn obviously recruits at a high level historically vote who knows what direction that's going and the rest of the league is just like duke it out recruit the rest of the late so what you're hoping is that. It whether penny can't or cannot quote unquote cold jet that level. He's just gonna be able to get a superior athlete prospect. A tough most of your competition within your league and if he can do that. Will be foreign. Hopefully even more fun than you war in those good years and just passed. You know what I sort of said is that I think would be best case scenario is. That petty compared. He gets the game the white looked like he gets speak at all really high level recruits. And within a copy editor doesn't dictate where and I can control of an impact their 121000 people that building 40000 people that build out and I think the best. The case scenario is. It's pretty lofty. I think the worst case scenario. Is. It looks a little bit like two options like it if he can sit back maybe they've got a bit of Acela but you get talent. You win some games. Our Trixie could talent for whatever reason. Ollie the current NCAA scrutiny tonight could have a problem market growing war stake it already happened. Which have 5000 people of the building built a receipt if you see experience and about the potential problem or whatever else. I think the worst case scenario. Is dramatically better where they are right now. All it would be years and certainly whether it would be a year from our regulatory I got a lot of grief for saying that or what I mentioned. You know how broke about the players or about this heading down to the extent that it is that the they're gonna talk about the players quickly hard. Like downhill I think it was sent out about kind of slid a little circuit I. Link or copy cat I think ever do that there could be more closely this year. A total income bracket yet. Welcome to play completely here so quite whatever via a year from now it would have bit of advice sort of that I ordered out by our political. Look I can't help freaking disaster that is facing the university of my act they are down. Billion dollars a year. Put a basketball revenue that was sort of what I as they'd edit edit edit and the protections are worst. So if you just look at it if you just look at it was down one point one billion bet that your best computer. No it's got to be at least who now that is the contributions. And only 800 doubt they are getting. Democratic or at least hack at that affected that that that the better outlook at a clip from 9000 change the six the games a couple of or to catch. I can figure they've got at least 33 million a year. Or basketball revenue which welcomed by the way everything they could get beat get to it because they were forgot about or it could reflect actual struggle in that way. Financial crisis this or could it force regrets and heading into Puerto. It without part of it. Are you picked that part of it like really. Arm in terms of taking a program that's been engulf the negativity for about a year. And flipping it over night and having people go from being totally down home. And disappointed with. Current state of things to. Excited about the hope that a future might bring penny like changes that literally overnight. And it's why I've I've long said he he's not the only person who quote save the University of Memphis basketball program there are other men clearly. And possibly women and wanna be disrespectful about Yemen. I'm who could fix the Memphis basketball program who could save them at this basketball program. But he's the one who can fix it in the most dramatic way over night just by his presence and that's if you know if he felt that the right way you know I say if that's the other thing that you don't. It's very easy to script a message for him is he going to deliver that message repeatedly yen. And in a focused way out of I don't know I would imagine he will he's obviously got a lot of experience speaking in front of cameras and and on radio stations and in that type of thing so I suspect to be good at that but it's such an easy sell. To a fan base that is just dying for something to believe in the toll is something to believe then it's like I said a million times. You know in college athletics is pretty simple you better have a great on the court product on the field product. Or you better have something in place for people to believe it something in place that people believe it. You don't want LSU this year they didn't have a great on the core product. It is better than Memphis has but it wasn't great. But they did have they got something to believe this is a coach who's recruiting at a high level any provide something to believe him. Got to fill a Bret Michaels but you get the point they provide something to believe in aren't and that's what this fan base needs right now. Thought it'd be great talent what Butch Jones for a while I was poppy it was popular Tennessee not to the level at this sort of level by. Because you're good at our local brick by brick you failed to stop it actually why the why that the tubby approach. Is. A QQQ. What they'll. Like how do you imagine that that works in 2000 at eighteen and I think it is lawyers says the war. Stunning. I think it's put somebody levels but to argue. You have drinking preset worked. Penny. Petty basically a sabotage the recruiting quite good recruiting local players tipping its that would be applied you'd say that the company that was. Bet they promised the big twelve and misled by his bosses. To think there's some degree of baby truth about those are not not not. Not black and white but some degree of some kernel of truth that mayor but the third thing he should do the coaches our responsibility to. To sell tickets I just like what universe are we got to are we are we've looked like they yet. At North Carolina but yeah they're like in the end. Are putting forth a product. That you want people to pay for cricket and looking like he's saying you know I agree to write my columns for me. But it is an impact and the commitment it would cook out I don't know why embargo on the cutting it by very I have a responsibility. To write columns of people wanna read. That is my job and it's why it. Was just it I hate it it's bizarre to think that you could accept pretty million dollars. And yet not understand the bad for a million dollars cryptically crook or the universe regulars actress has to come up. Particularly when John cal Perry used to. Like he did. He created a promotion. That he was so frustrated with their being empty seats in the upper deck can you imagine. Like it if he was frustrated with the seeds you can barely see that the war people in them in knows. Do you contrast that to where we're at right now but John was told it like how do we get people out there. And the age of eighty does that even over worked or not but even he didn't if he went out and secured some sort of promotion. Oh where they gave away at a flat screen television. Every game does that. In the upper deck and judge tell Perry would like it not open press coverage but at some point in this press conference. You know after home games. He billet who won dvd that he wanted he wanted to help dairy wanted it on camera he wanted to talk about television's all the time because he you know what was his job on some level. To pact that building now his motivation might have been different he might just wanted to be field because it looks better for recruits but either way the bottom line the bottom line. Coach's responsibility at a program like the University of Memphis is to sell the program to fill the building there at eight AA an old story that may or may not. Not be true I wasn't there are just heard it third hand. But the story goes this way Larry finch walked in the pyramid for the first time. Looks up. And these 22000. Seats or whatever was. And he says is buildings and give me five. A well. Does he knew even Larry finch to forty years ago new. Part of my job is to make sure whatever building were played it. Is full. And it's easier to do it tells them that it is to do here. And he understood that part of his job is yet to put people in the seats and for tubby the tourney to save that which is really just tubby saying that. Is is it it's it's the latest in a long list of things. That just underline how much and I say this with all due respect how much he just didn't understand. The job that he took I go back to that John cal Perry quote. From. His last press conference at Memphis after it except to the Kentucky job. In Jack cal Perry says when asked for the advice you give the next coach. He said you have to get involved. This is a different job you have to get involved I mean it's John cal Perry the man who's better at this job that anybody has ever been and probably anybody will ever be. Telling you what you have to do get involved. It's a different job. And the staff in place right now just never grasped that. And up until Friday night when the head coach's attorney. Is Ramallah is sitting a reminder that they just didn't grasp. Right and it's just talking about a late at Derrick Rose coming in here and had Tyreke Evans committed years if it it even would hold that level basketball player. He never thought that that was enough punitive I got Derrick Rose shot that comes you need plot. If people understood. The discount is different and and and and and Darby never dead eligible letter isn't that dead people who are to be at the basket a little emotional every bit you know our budget before. When it Chris Warren. Contribute to peace. We ripped country appropriate gaffe but we also port a point where portable rhetoric extra 401 outrigger choice. I think it's only fair to say. That tubby always been the tubby but he was here in saint it was a Minnesota I don't always it was critical article are really act like com's. That are here and so that was a mistake to admitted to look at that age but this same people who picked. Go to church and unbelievable job of picking football coaches who get this kind of completely. A different way is just took what they what that is out there and Mike Orvella terms of the call to the unity. If it every intention fictional football higher consecutively but it completely turn around that football program and that is just the guard at the same people they've got tired. They genuinely believed I think you know this as well as I do and when I was first told that I thought it was misguided. And an end given Wear red today it's come obviously completely misguided. But they genuinely believed that tubby could change the perception of Memphis basketball. As if that matter and they thought it didn't matter as it pertains to getting into the big twelve and you know what I should I should rephrase. If they thought it mattered as it relates to getting into the big twelve then I'm sure that it did on some level. You know if big twelve presidents were telling them with a W bring hope Memphis basketball. And you know one of only three schools in the history of the sport to vacate multiple final fours at the time it was one of only two. Meant this in Michigan now to Memphis Michigan and global. But there's only three schools to ever vacate multiple vital force meant this Michigan and global. If there weren't big twelve presidents and chancellors telling them we we don't know about Memphis basketball that I can actually see. How you would be motivated to try to change the perception. Of quote Memphis basketball but. You'll and I actually told one of somebody who works at the university this. You know they they thought that they could change what people think about when they think of Memphis basketball and they did. But that's what they. The higher in public would you think the Memphis basketball now you just think of irrelevancy. You think of itself asking you don't think but they're doing it. Can errors in the thing nobody cared but most people don't people wanna be good. Memphis state is one of the good Eddie yet a perfect world they'd be good would they a straight laced by the book guy. But more than that they just wanna be good. And when you sacrifice. The quality of your basketball program in the spirit of trying to change the perception of your basketball program. Think you've you've made a mistake I did some of those ticked tweets as well you know what are you gonna say that doctor rutted tumble amenities they clearly made a mistake. When they have to publicly speak about this assuming tomorrow. I think in one way or another they are going to acknowledge that they made a mistake. And then immediately focused on the ball we are fixing our mistake we felt the urgency to fix this mistake now I don't know exactly what words they'll use. That message will be in in the Harry goes it goes without saying at this point that they made a mistake I don't forget that. That you can't neglect of a million US and Canada nine point seven in a dollar fee to their but it only enough to fix it. Yeah I think two things are important one is they absolutely are they're not get a you don't have an eagle so invested in proving Mayo right. That they are willing to. Could make it. And I think. That is significant in Jeremy Foley made bad guys are spread Jeremy Foley maybe the greatest athletic director it considered one of the greatest athletic director the last ten to fifteen years how. Or twenty years I would rather do elevating her whatever like ginger back what I like he'd be he makes mistake you can make that hires. I don't think you're stupid at the because that should interest because. Whereas I definitely going to be would reportedly worked here at. Long term because he just beat the record and not allow holding percent. If they actually like I don't believe. I don't assume they wore in fact optimistic that you yeah there's a quibble by telegraph. If they if they could to. You know and activate it and we were able knows but before we're actually didn't downstate is of course that was basically their view and edit that of course. But the companies that at all. Had an expanded. And I had that has gotten him. It would not be the disaster. Did a bit. Because. You put it games between Madison campus and that the attacks are not as an Oklahoma State met a look at those kids got there would have been enough. Excitement generated by those. Things you and I competed at a higher level of got my parks out there let out a little built this for stocks are selling like parks the great stories. Stylized and I love my. Able to of that as I hope I don't you go kids. But I would want it go and and petty doesn't need players next year it's so like I want my car truck came at yet. But it I won't I would like our story got almost all bliss you EU is actually good today for how much better cut data but I think every back. But but the point is is that it would have been quite at a competed at a at a level and yet you were out of it because that's issues that you have now. But it wouldn't get big twelve edit it adds so it would have made it back. If you want sort of they look at why do they do it like that in that universe it makes a little more sense but it does in effect. I agree it Jeff gaga thank you very I'll talk to you tomorrow. I've I've just guarding going to be back in studio 9 AM. And I will. 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If life out of the putter up to a that you waited and it just where she prefers to go it's evident yet make reservations either online apply Memphis dot com or. About making a phone call 9015218005521. 8005. That's restaurant I want bar part of downtown Memphis. Like Memphis dot com like Memphis. Dot com if you just joining us where you can't let me catch up. Margin out commercial pill reported earlier today that. Punishment is gonna meet with University of Memphis administrators to mall row. At which point and Geoff Calkins I would just talk about in the last segment barring some sort of surprised that neither one of us envisioned. The University of Memphis will inform Tubby Smith he's not gonna continue. As the school's men's basketball coach and in the work on a settlement. In whatever ways they're gonna work on a settlement tubby is owed nine point 75 million dollars. The University of Memphis is allowed per terms of the contract to pay it out over. A six year period. I would imagine this is what usually happens that they would offer some sort of lump sum payment that is less than nine point 75 million dollars. Which means if Tubby Smith wants to accept that he can get a stash your cash right now. Obviously I cashed you get the point yet a rather than having to wait six years to get all of that I can begin to guess what Tony Stewart will do. But either way. Again barring a big surprise of the University of Memphis is expected tomorrow to. Two in a two year a run. Of tubby Smith and while. It has a lot to do with. On the core product because the on the core product is is not good again if we turn our bracket was. Unveiled. Yesterday. There was no chance Memphis was getting in that. In the ninety bracket was unveiled. They had no realistic chance of getting in that. And if you somehow. Can still listen to what I just said. And try to pretend. That the Memphis basketball team wasn't that bad. Then you have been beaten down. So. Badly that you have forgotten that your Memphis basketball fan you think your niece Carolina fan. You think you're southern miss fan. Maybe you think you're almost thing. Europe Memphis basketball fan. The idea that you would say. So while trick it's open to think in that though on the core product this year wasn't bad. When they can't even sniff the ninety. Is insanity to me. It's what I said last April. After they lost six of the top eight trans scores to transfer if what I said in the pre season. It's what I said their plan although stupid by game it's what I said when they played global top perhaps it's what I said when they went on a four game winning streak it's all. In. There's no substance. To the record to the resume. They beat one team all year one team all year. Wofford did that. They finish in the 160s by the most respected. Metric. There is when it comes to evaluating college basketball things. They finish in the 160s. Just pastors worst team ever. Was ninetieth. In the last team. The one where we gotta get just passer out of here this is a disaster. Team with 75. This teams in the 160s. Beyond the core product was bad it was always bad. If it took you to the end of the season to see it that's okay but like you should at least see it now they didn't sniff the ninety. Right. So that's part of why what's gonna happen Dumars can happen the other part is the financial part like I said. The opening segment. And have been saying consistently for a little while. The only thing more costly than buying out Tubby Smith. At nine point 75 million dollars is keep him as crazy as that sounds that's the reality of the situation. Memphis basketball is a business. It's a big business and it's not being running with them and run well lately. It's not doing well right now and so you have to fix it but Q what any business. It's a big business that failing. The only thing more expensive more costly. Been getting Tubby Smith nine point 75 million dollars to go away. Would be allowing him to continue right on the basketball program. And so that's why by the time we talked tomorrow. He almost certainly won't still be the universe to Memphis basketball coach did epidemic of. Both services for the price of one. Extended AT&T. He doesn't offer that. Why vice during the for better screening faster download. And mobile it's too great services. Not AT&T. Get started. Call 1800. If that she thought what it's been a repugnant to a pro obviously with a new mattress or new furniture every home and you can do that. Actually believe by Michael's alma where you're always gonna say 50% 80%. All of mattresses and furniture every day of the week in a committee heard about it on the gay repay every show you receive an additional. 15% off everything in the store that includes matches furniture and the Phil station pillow key outsell. 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The makes you comfortable because you got to be able to trust somebody's on his side and finding solutions to the problems and that you're facing there. I expert employment long. And they can help you if you're dealing with sexual misconduct sexual harassment in the workplace we've learned a lot about that topic adding that some people learned a lot about that topic over the I'll past six months you were so. Folks stay silent per. Decades decades and decades. For a variety of reasons sometimes self preservation of but now more than ever. People are breaking their silence speaking up speaking out. And if you need Esther asking him Marty to help you they can help you with that 5288888. That's 9015288888. That's Redskins team that morning. Or the lab. As you're asking dot com it's as good scheme that comes to dinner ago senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly own regional peace. What did we learned today by just about. We spent I've pretty much every minute of the show talking about the Memphis basketball a situation we talked about it from a variety of angles but I'll bottom line it for you real quickly. Barring a surprise at tomorrow at some point of the University of Memphis will announce that they are a making. A coaching change. And then I imagine PR label coaches high school lease for the weekend and and the Memphis will hire new basketball coach. At some point next week for the first step of that. Again barring a surprise that comes tomorrow so we'll have plenty of tough talk about a 4 o'clock. What's the biggest game tonight caught grant FedEx Forum downtown Levin got about seventeen straight games and now have a winning percentage of twenty. Seven point three their eighteen and 48 worst record in the NBA we just sixteen games remaining. Talk about a seven point favorite tonight at seven listen here on Matty to none of them ESPN what she's done watch on TV new episode of the voice on NBC at seven get out on HBO signature eight Sully is on more Macs that ate up late. Tom Brady is gonna be on Steven Cole where you watched him go quarterback. Join Stephen cope where you can do that at CBS 1035. Is there anything I need to make sure I'd really fall over at CBS sports that come college basketball page of my colleagues mostly them now because I was in television studio and I. I really did a fabulous job breaking down the NCAA tournament brackets of aborted looking for some bracket reading. Against CBS sports backup what's on tap for tomorrow or Tuesday that means the alleged key piece to woods in the first hour Geoff Calkins who joined me in the second. Like always. It should be fun enjoy and I. I'm gonna enjoy model may be back here tomorrow important to be careful because being good rep your hood. This is Memphis is sports station covering the thirty yard waste. And at least one more. This Memphis. The full after 150 was voted motor trend truck of the year for 2018. Boards have 150 truck tomorrow America's best selling drugs I did. You want years now so this is happening now until the end of march are. Reported self image is hosting the biggest and best Ford truck models and what country we just talked to Terry country Ford he's flooding all the trucks roll.