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Friday, July 14th

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Group rates came to make your reservations call today 85 939. They've got this today is Canada's 150. Birthday. Tonight is celebrating downtown and in accordance with Canadian food specialist dollar fifty Molson Canadian five dollar bloody caesar's and don't forget to Wear your fellow. Canadian dollars sensitive par. Robert Irwin Jewelers summer of 2000 engagements and July 29 hurry to get twenty to 40% off all engagement greens receive a free mini vacation and perhaps get your ring free if it rains on your wedding day gee tails and our I Jewelers. Dot com. You know 82 million FM ESPN Sergio. We an offensive enemies do. Investment for us. ET nine FM ESPN presents the area's only national columnist who spends his afternoon bringing unique perspective to Memphis radio they'll make you think he'll make you laugh. Sometimes make you change the station children. So that's peaceful world class let's get a good. This is big scary terrorist. Sir on the other side of the glass they escaped from the prison that is the producer of movies Brad. I don't think you hit that right with the turn it up the music part now I and I I I am used to being on the other side of the glass with the volume. And reaffirming. Usually it's it's right here nice to get that you know the crescendo. And really no. Yeah. There is no. He's now 401 I'm Brad Carson and I Gallagher said and I'm now on the is that the glass were all of these guys six and appreciate Bennett's evident to produce the show is for awhile there I thought I was going to do Bolton. Hit the buttons I thought I'd give it a day off and you came into my office who said brand. I'll hit the buttons for you. And I took you up on that when reform a professional but they're selfless you. Thank you Bennett that it is here in studio. Coming up first we'll have Kevin life than just an editor to let me set the schedule for you at fort wanting. Dan walled in is with USA today he is the national college football writer for USA today amongst other things writes about horse racing. A former tigers beat writer. And at the and is on Twitter at gambled and Dan Joyce's of four Tony the obvious thing you'll be with Dan something he was way ahead of which is this Hugh freeze the box a little miss. The lawsuits by ex coach Houston not. We will talk all about Houston knots. And cracked that not. At fort Tawny. For forty Jeff Hawkins joins is from he's a monthlong vacation siesta in Michigan toward the midwest continues to Jeff comes on at 440 actually just been terrific. And has broken stories while he's on vacation he's on through three radio shows today. Jeff joins us at 440. And at 5 o'clock we're joined by. The one and only Gary Parrish will join us at 5 o'clock he's live from peach jam and noble call and dial him alive and get the latest impeached him including breaking news on. Probably the top prospects. Once in the class of 2000 and let me think about this nineteen re classifying. Actually class of 2018 reclassified to being a current. College basketball person who could play as soon as this year the top prospect in college basketball somewhere ask Gary about this probably the number one pick in the end NBA draft next year so that's coming up at Geary at five the first let me start out as we. Dial up the one and only Kevin light from the Memphis flyer. He is there grizzlies reporter Kevin is a as it says on his Twitter account the basketball critic for the Memphis flyer we've had quite a day. As the grizzlies are now four no in summer league ball they won last night. Says they move on. To play tomorrow they played heat tomorrow. And they'll wait Baldwin's actually on the air earlier today with Jason and Jon in when asked about we'd Bowman. And some of the other players from the grizzlies. But without further DOT DQ will my big interview with the start out with a big every house that because Kevin does the does on last minute to unnoticed. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports this thing here we Barry show me. This case. Am ESPN. Seven I just once you know usually Dan wolf is the big interview but I bought him drinks last Friday at second line so I'm making you that they interviewed for doing this last minute to give me go on housing don't Kevin how are you sir. I feel two very important no I don't get. Well that's the idea behind the big interview presented by risk Chris we'd we'd play loud music with a voice over guy that makes people feel special about themselves so I hope you do. This here site you know I had guru told myself in that regard anyway well good. Good Kevin's output for the flyer it says basketball critic for the Memphis flyer on at grids flyer Gray's blog. Critic is something I would say that we we all sort of have been doing. Especially for games that don't that matter very much in the middle of summer day in my overreaching year we were making too much of of that summer league basketball seems like every every minute were watching. And were doing analysis paralysis of the grizzlies roster and their first and second your players are we over thinking it. You know I I don't think some relief is totally meaningless but it. It's subtle but you wouldn't put a whole lot of stock into you know lecture by people that Josh Selby was because it BP. It was it's their right not really when you. You know I think it's more it's more concerning with somebody looks terrible and so really did what they do well it's just such an unstructured environments. And so we you know I don't equate bobbled it looks great I think some of the young guys have destroyed a little bit the other Davis looked tentative. The only guy whose performance really actually concerns me though mr. apart now though he's been the Little League awhile they'll. You'd like to see him you know what it felt and that only 28. 2530. NBA games have and he looked governor. Your relatives euros play more NBA content and sell them in and just. Doesn't look like he knows what he's doing it so that could be done concerning. Is it currently yeah yeah we will with Joseph relish it partly the age staying too in the fact that he hasn't played basketball very long cabin or is it just do the eyeball test. If it both you know I think I think. I think drill still had a lot of potential. I still I don't think she is you know tradition to develop but to me he should be. He should look like approach alone a bunch of you know college guys that currently give that's really what he has. So for a certain to be really he's the only guy who's really to perform at that actually concerns be able. Kevin lied is with the Memphis flyer is on Twitter at flyer Gray's blog let me just start a sort of the breakdown by starting with wade ball when he was Allman Jason and Jon earlier. Any basically said that he hated being in the dealings like that that was like the worst thing for him which is now the geely will have it in south haven here. And I don't quite know why that is an idea that you Bennett you heard the interview today won't why did he say that was the case that he hated the geely so much ages that it was the hardest thing he's ever done in his life so I you know clearly thought he should have had a role on the team last year another plane in the so the Kevin I guess all askew and knowing that do you see wade Baldwin is a full time NBA player this year based on what you've seen in summer league meaning he's kind of had some ups and downs he looked good last night. In in the fourth game in the summer late. And I think it's so blood particularly native place summer league and they didn't. They get there are some players I'd. You know. I think I think if he's going to. Play a substantial role on the team so that's got to happen prepare for the are either obviously you don't have a lot of trust and there's a you know he may not be a great player but you. At least not a bad player you know he's he's consistent home. I think I think that we would call politically consistency you know because she's very impressive and very athletic but perhaps he's just. You know run at full speed and if somebody would throw the ball into the year. For media have followed all the temperature will go before just before he could be consistent rotation peace. Is it all maturity with weight do you think because he has moments where he looks great he's clearly got some lag I mean he's fully confident in what he's doing is he overconfident do you think a I I I wanna say that. Do you think that there's there's some. There's some overconfidence maybe with wade ball month. Yeah I think so but at the united at normal curve for a young guy who those that he'd athletically gifted and it stinks. You know Peco OK you have high school and college and you're able could just future you know user athleticism to get whatever you want but that haven't worked at the NBA level you know you gotta be smarter about what you are doing. And that's a big adjustment. Usually usually that just doesn't get it done you put a lot that's so. You know I think it's just so that he can have color I think I absolutely think it's overconfident but that's not. Aligned with any any television you're good player. OK let's let's got to work around the roster here it seems like were universally accepting that Wayne's Elden is isn't as a rotation NBA level player you want or without. Yeah out and then Dion Taylor looked good last night did you think he he looked a lot better do you think he's ready to. May I analysts say a rotation level of course that sit on an NBA bench and be at at any relevant third tier GA player at this point. I think so you know you've got two young guys and cut which couldn't think I am very you know they Davis still. Talking to from the flyer it's Kevin like at flyer Gray's blog. So in watching these games or are we right to say that. Maybe we should it be looking more for more development rather and trying to win summer league games that was sort of the debate on the station today you know are the grizzlies putting too much stock into trying to win these games ago for now and and work into the quarterfinals and I thought Chris Harrington pointed this out today which I thought was right which is. Once you get to this level you have to win in order to stay in so. Eat eat eat it does make sense to try to win because you won more games in theory but it does seem like the grizzlies put a lot of stock in. Winning the game instead of or or. More so then hey this person looked like this or this person looked like that it is that the right way to approach summer early do you think. Well you know I just that it mattered and Smart about it and so that these are an all Muslim anyway. You know beyond yet it was easy easy nozzle or gave if Mora. Now flyer Gray's blog kept alive on with this and that as the season approaches we've all accepted that the grizzlies are just gonna sit on and wait for. Offers to comment for Jim Michael. And so those sort of in the catbird seat there and and we're still waiting to see what happens with Tony Allen which leaves us with that the two signings that they have made which is. Then man Michael Moore and Tyreke Evans is is Tyree basically are back up I deceived punch. I guess the sea pines Harrison out of that back up role as there's a point and then you put him there and then you. Sort of use Harrison as a third point guard and then maybe he's the second two guard. Yeah I don't know I think that's a really fluid situation did because you know you could you carry. With my currently at the butterball Hitler. That you couldn't you couldn't we saw there's still do a lot of paerson entirely together last year eat we know we like go to quicker lineup so. I think it's going to be really fluid that it means no I don't know that businesses this is certainly going to be a designated backup point guard. What do you have the grizzlies ranked as we've also made predictions based on our roster that we have no idea what the roster is going to be which is sort of weird and others like you know fifteen to seventeen players. We've got two free agents still that we haven't signed. Or had an offer on one in one regard. So we're do you have them based on. The fact that I realize it's a fluid roster when you look at the timberwolves and you look at the rest illegally stacking up players some of got a month and that's enough in that five or six as high as five. A lot of people don't even have them in the playoffs where would you say were what we're looking at based on a fluid roster. It artists say you know. I think if you assume they're bringing back to Michael Green you're sitting literally you know there's not going to be back yeah ultimately comes out how good you preacher of course. If I I if you think he's gonna be healthy and could be it could it be a clear that they can appreciate what he was supposed to bring I think I think. Sooners they're watching her sister grand videos just like the rest of this just praying that this dude can actually jump. Very get that. Other final thing is sort of off subject but I think it's relevant to grizzlies fans because we've had the frantic and our lives for several years now on Pete's on his Twitter account I'm re tweeted a picture. Of him signing his new TV contract and I think that's fantastic and I assume you agree. Yes I do you know I was really got to repeat that that he got the call over the summer release stuff out of travel are getting here I think each creepy brother. Are I think one of the Dutch broadcaster leak pretty watchable are the and I think there there. Out all right Kevin thanks your time appreciate it will region there at the flyer thank you sir. A man Kevin liked basketball critic for the Memphis flyer again on Twitter at flyer Gray's blog Kevin's terrific on the grizzlies can read stuff at the flyer and through the blog. It is Brad Carson in for Gary Parrish then a Doyle sitting in its fourth thirteen next we have the one and only gamble in his weakly hit with us on Friday's around fort when he Dan of course with USA today. And the main thing obviously we're gonna focus on when Dan is Hugh freeze and Ole miss he's been on top of this from the very beginning as the college football writer for USA today. 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And in sports person. ESP. John 99 it's Brad Carson flipping to the other side of the glass that's invented the oil producing today where I usually sit Gary is on the road he's at peach jam we'll talk to Gary five. Field Aviv preceded by Jeff Hawkins is on the road traveling for forty we'll have Jeff. Live to discuss the prison amongst other things but stuff. Right now he is our weekly big interview and everybody's a big interview that he's especially big interview is Dan Waltham. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports he's given Barry show me here you. Presented by this stage. There's so much ESPN. Dan I've. Promise instead of buying huge rank it second line will give dinner at second line next time you're in town or or Ruth's Chris even for that matter good to talk to you Dan how you do on buddy. Yeah I'd would like to be the meal second line Barry Eaton on port royal last Friday but Kelly English Patient groups is illegal. Love to go down there a third minute at a mall. Or try and day out this very Qwikster. Yeah I knew and you were in town you were here for a I have I don't want to give way too many secrets but tell you enjoyed the reckless Kelly show ads was an eleven shells that were once. Yeah I have spoken to had been to a concert on there are highly recommend that anybody. Do that a great free entertainment at a really nice Saturday night. Was surprised how packed it was. Really cool things aren't out of the comment. Real real quick before we get into Hugh freeze enormous amount so let me get your thoughts on that. Eat you've you've bid away for a few years new York and Atlanta and I know you travel alive but. And you from the area but. Generally I guess if you consider Arkansas part of the area general thoughts on what they just real quick before I get to it general thoughts on that over to an area and the developed EC happened in Memphis since you've you've moved from Memphis. Although part of town that had a lot of potential Orton clearly there. I'm on top of it right now because they've put a lot of stock in and it's like really lively and that knocked down some of the old buildings and they've really built up. The area make it to really charming and on and audited or food and drink options and that's that's what you quoted city is you know an area where locals. Go down in. Have a pretty low key easy time you know so much you don't wanna go all the way downtown. In any major city so to have like an area like that is great that I was sure there are. And we even have little Versa makes it that much more convenient targeted animal can college football writer reporter. Amongst other things for CBS are for USA today rather I'd Dan is on Twitter at Dan wall and so let's get right to a Dan. All miscue freeze Q in the school now have additional worries. The lawsuit drop today before SEC media days their day on Wednesday they were dude did arrive on Thursday. The lawsuit from ex coach Houston nuts. You filed your column Wednesday and were out in front on this from the very beginning and yeah I've seen many tweets from you you've written about it you've covered Ole miss you visited our campus. First the notice of allegation and now this. Is I guess I'll start with a freeze and his position. Is he taking the right strategy by saying we've done things wrong. And but we're moving on I eighty I as strategically it seems like he's playing this right when she sent. Well remember what you can say when you're in that position. You can't really talk about the NCAA case has ruled again that is part of a whole lawsuit are going lawsuit so. Employed you have your job and you are in a position where people are gonna put microphones in front of your face all the time. They're not which you can really today. So. I don't fault I am more of them for a bat. What I all of them for is a lot of the way to handle this from the very beginning including. What is really yes of the Houston not lawsuit which is they're wed have forty reported. Leading up to a huge recruiting weekend in January portage sixteen bit. Olmert had its notice of allegation in India. Well I should've done at that point is. Just released released at the media let everybody see it. And that we would all know exactly what were ill and instead what they tried to do was spin everybody in the media. And try to make it look like. The current staff was not. Much of a part of it and that oh most of the wrongdoing. It was alleged it was ideal that and that. Would be great strategy going through and I were right there wasn't true and what so what they did they took the short term. We did that sort of speak. In Milwaukee hoping lock up their recruiting class for what is now very clearly a long term laws. And I think there have been missteps along the way at some point almost have to figure out. How much is Hugh freeze early work because there's continual drama around this situation that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon why is. Ole miss doubled down with a man Hugh freeze in basically said at I don't wanna put too much in my own words into it but if you read through that steely serious. If if this thing's gonna go down he's gonna be our coach why why have they done that. Well I think. You have to look at the entire. Recent history of Ole miss football which is. Feeling inside the school at the band based spirited they've really. Couldn't compete with the Big Easy you know they weren't if feet and made at a great. Regain parties saying I add your you know nice campus. And a lot of tradition. Which. You know. Didn't we animals are all. You know but that they've really worked a content and so they would just go out on on Saturdays and you know if you win great if you lose whatever. Well you freeze comes and Ed all the sudden. Yeah they do couple saying they go to the Sugar Bowl and beat Alabama. And the slightly changes because people get a whip. Tied without moral courage to really compete or something significant. And so I think it's rooted greatly. And insecurity. About what Ole miss is that what it can be. Because people think that you freedom the only person who can win at that level. At that school and so bit some people would just determined to go to the end of the urge to defend. I'll start oh on the on that on that note about Houston night. He's got a separate lawsuit and there's an NCAA notice of allegations. Is there a point where they Houston not lawsuit can factor in or get twisted in with the NCAA in other words were that becomes a factor and Ole miss has to address that issue. With the NCAA or have they already done that. Well I'll say this in any technical sense that there's a connection but I do think it. The entire. Defense of Hugh freeze then all missile or forward. In its response to the notice of allegations. They argue that the reason you're free should not be charged. Where's the coach control. Penalty it has escalated into good guy tries wiping the right at that the basis of their defense. It's you know an army put it well you don't eat. Talked to quiet you know this many times and gotta gotta gotta stop every coach does. But the real crux of it is this sort of guy it was a good course and who's tried to do the right way any trust work. Ed if that's your defense of him. This lawsuit. Essentially undercut all of that because it it makes it look like cute free dessert tonight being manipulative. I will throw anyone under the bus to save myself. Kind of guy and I think subconsciously. You know people on the committee on infractions or our human. They know what's going on throughout college athletics. And I I think bit. They go to Becky big hero maybe was a little bit more skepticism. That he literally the person he presents himself to be. Have you ever seen anything I mean it was so and eloquently written lawsuit in other words. It not only lays out the case on on what Ole miss did today and then in and obviously he didn't get an apology from Hugh freeze or Ole miss that being used in night. It's sort of has this to it's a double edged sword right it says number one they defamed me number two on EL. They claim to be this sort of Q I'm talking about is this godly man that's sort of above at all I mean even to appoint a Croat quoting scripture and an end this that and the other. So have never seen a lawsuit where it has its almost got a double meeting does it not. Well look I think get into technical. Sense of what he would step made it and how do you prove it and all of that it's a typical lawsuit for Houston not to win. Because it is. I think we all understand and I think Houston and as far apart so understand. That the reason he's not coaching it. In 2017. It is because. Of a number of factors mainly. He. Totally what the wrong direction that last year little miss the program was willow was basically a mask and the point in his life and career age wise that it it's hard. It's hard to get heart. And we've seen that over over or better coaches but I think that in terms of putting out. Publicly. This side of the story to fight back against. All of this and in bearish stand in the way that they embarrassed him by putting this outfit that most of these violations. Were under urged that no regime. I think it's very effective because it quite clearly. Argues and an establishes a pattern of facts. Then that indicate that that almost didn't draw. And is almost is that it cheating Dan. Well you're little say. Did it there at bay got back class and 4013. West on dread while Larry console. Robert Kennedy cheek daddy daddy. That was such an out liar of a collapse in terms of national rankings and star power. In three player Greg ordered their position and in the high school football. Not well obviously got yeah I was just out of nowhere. Ed and so when you you can say they cheated they did this they did that. The bottom line as well now wait for regardless of whether they did anything illegal to get those players are not. They are going to face more scrutiny than other schools point white jury. And so to me a lot bigger issues. There to give up the first notice of allegation in and someone in the second stem from arrogance. Simple sloppiness. Stem from a. Liked it did to tweets from you if you have an issue email compliance that type stuff. Also look. A lot of the stop and let those allegations persons as you know providing hotel rooms boat you know people's. Peres and some whatever that should have been paid for well I mean the truth of the matter is. It Carol. If you're under the microscope like Ole miss was to get that stop walk in you can give. Guess what sorts shall look like he's is that there's an intentional pattern of trying to get around the rules. And that's what this whole case always been about establishing. That that are back coaching staff orders you freeze. Intentionally and repeatedly broke the rules. To try to gain a competitive advantage whether that was getting somewhat hard to get this in and get someone to pay for it whether that was some you know sort of illegal contact. Or social media. Doing something that was. In the gray area. It's establishing that that they repeatedly broke the rules. Smaller they may be. To try to gain a competitive advantage and you also got this accusation of 101000 dollars from Leo lure innocent. The mother Porsche series staying by the end of the day if you get that little stop wrong when your under the gun like Ole miss was. You have nobody but yourself why. I I guess is the analogy it's like having a a bunch of drugs in your car and they pull you over foray a taillight is it as simple as just one little thing in the they've they're able to pull you over for. We I mean that's that's yeah looked. The NCAA. And they're fortunate staff has limited resources at their disposal. It's very hard for them to prosecute cases so. They. Try any thing that senator toolbox. To get a ovation at a lot of things that they've come across their desk. They get tips they talk to people they don't try to develop information or they have typical program. So. What they'll do is they won't get whatever that they can't. So all of that may be and just try to get all our job to try to build a case. I'm even if they're they're never out you know big bag of cash. They've that they can prove changed hands bill and it'll look that they'll try to go bust you on a bunch of small stuff and they are accurate and any investigation. What they actually put in the notice of allegations and only a fraction. Of what they think you did it. I got you. Which targeted their walled in college football writer for USA today Dan's on Twitter at Dan woken. Can follow in the air and Dan that obviously and everybody's debating is Hugh freezes job now at this point that disease survive the gave the obvious question is does he survive something like this do they make it through. You know what's what's the final outcome of four forecasting at. Well I take big. Will shape over the next you know several months. How this. Committee on infractions hearing how they think it went. But the bottom line it's going be dead. Some sort of coach control penalty I think the question is going to beat. Does it end up being you know couple games suspension in the I did say ordered an end up being two a two year suspension. And you know it's a two year suspension then I don't see how all this continues. On and I think also. There's an entire. Other red out there are more losses on. I don't think we've seen the end of the mudslinging between them in Mississippi State I think there's probably going to be more. Drama played out public before the end of the year. And you know at the end of the day our art made the argument that Ole miss sacrificed due freed I think big. Essentially get off with. A little more is nothing more than what they've already gone through what they're already self imposed. On. If they go to Matt Reeves then I think they're risking significant. Penalties. They seem to be willing to take that risk but if you get quote certain we restart you're more and I don't think it used to nut. Saying hopes and that all. You know I think I'd bought oldest people on the money people in the chancellor. If you start looking at themselves in the mirror to say at this war. Going through wind and potentially. You know potentially harming the overall break the school. And then Dan before let's go we got a couple other couple more minutes if you don't mind and some more questions just a go to actual football. Were there any other stories and SEC media days first that struck you besides the only stories seem like it was the sort of man you know nothing much got us going on. Yeah I wasn't there this year I don't know how much people really wanted to be there. Do you. And I team like the coaches so. Were annoyed. And this is in in many cases. You know GMAC or aim. You know kind of came off like. Guy without a sense that you. He had a lot of the shark picture even how about that. Yeah you know so. Obviously I think the event that got stale I think you know they're looking at moving it to a new city. I don't little battle well I think the format we use some tweaking. You know it and it's time SEC media days was a great saying. But it's. You know we've been dealt with a different Eric college football Culver year round. By a lot of media outlets and I think they've. Being being media day experience has not all of along with the media coverage of the sport and I think that yes he's seeing need to biggest serious look at. Doing something to shake it up because I don't really think that the current format to be at the same really hope so much anymore. Outside of Alabama. Auburn good. Georgia good Florida good is Tennessee good this year. I don't know. Trying to find out who the number two is an ES DC at this point it is just a matter of conjecture. World we're all guessing I didn't think that that Tennessee you know. Date. Bull he helped the fact that they don't that they won't have high expectations this year. But they do have tell me that all players and quarterback position is is gonna be interest thank you gotta burst your starter there but. They're not deported tell you know that's sappy but a pretty good job or hurting and it's a nice setup for them because of their better than people thank them. That will be in butch jones' favorite terms of it would get the fan base behind in my right now it is good restart deceit and it seemed like it sort of mentally moved done. You know I don't think anyone in the league outside of Alabama and especially in the east. It's so good at the Tennessee can't get things all the right way of being that there expired. I would say going into the year Georgia and Florida on paper are probably the teams in the east. Dead that would happen Sebastien. I am final question will all miss or Mississippi State surprised they've got on basically the bottom both teams. Daddy bush did interesting to me that would Michigan State. It you've got them you know down there what six. And appreciated this because they've got one of the best quarterbacks in the league you know a typically if you go back Campbell is ten here. When he's got a really good quarterback they end up form expectations. So. I think there's a chance Mississippi State could be better than six. Yeah. Omit I just have no idea. There's too many variables and so much off the field. Trauma that they have deal with the other got a new offensive coordinator. At their defense has been a mess. I don't really have any any sense of what to make of them but I think they're probably a little more talented earlier dabbling mortality in seventh. In that division by. We'll set the scene you know just like you know if things if things go the wrong way early elude Alabama. You'll lose another one early. Double players sort of just showed that shut it down about knowing there's no ball game again. Yeah Dan thanks for your time men and appreciated. Take care bill can USA today follow him on Twitter at Dan Balkan great stuff. And out Bennett it's interesting I am a Mississippi State fan and I've I saw every game last year I also watched the illness team I think both teams on them. Have different challenges Ole miss is gonna be distracted I think like Dan said. I think he's exactly right when Mississippi State I think they have the potential to surprise somebody because of the quarterback. But they have a good offensive line and some pieces so we'll see what happens there that's down Walcott and next coming up it's Jeff Hawkins from the road at five will have. Jerry parish line from peach jam stay tuned for that Jeff's next and I actually when I asked Jeff about the grizzlies as well some of the things you listen leader repair shop. On 929 FM ESPN. And seventeen sports ball. As big sisters. Saturday July 22 and me. Get your tickets now at ninety. Before they're gone and until it for a long time years even get in touch for Josh hi solve faithfully you guys elicited among them. A ray lived here in Memphis right had a home needed to sell us a list of Josh I saw Josh and ray agreed overpriced and Josh went to work. 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Grab a great deal with today's Kurt Gibson dollars in damages horse salad at least is lunch box for only five dollars and get your deal today again I heard dot com. Back to the Jerry Perry's show on 929 FM ESP. Yes because kids on today's show presented by the blue. Monty. I think Jerry OK show for 49 it's Brad. Flipping over to the other side of the last four Geary allowed Gary on next from peach jam to breaking stories you if you miss this Jonathan Symonds is agreed to a three year twenty million dollar deal. With the magic that's from the vertical so Jonathan Simmons who's with the spurs. Agrees to three years twenty mills with your land a magic in our good buddy Tarik Black has signed width. They Houston Rockets for the vertical so both of those people have gigs. Still no news on Tony Allen George Michael have you gotten any better I haven't read any during the break so we bring on Geoff Calkins Geoff Calkins Geoff Calkins Jeff what do you miss the most about Memphis. Well I actually want it was not a cure it back chairs out. Are you abusing Bennett and awaited debut dual use it. He's dead he's but the whole. Sparring with him on yeah actually IE yelled at him during the break. You know I I did all sorts of bad stuff to him actually I was actually going to produce the show by myself that I just happen to be hanging out and down. He was nice enough to say hey I'll run the board for if you wanna tell like I was. I placed on down here. We'll debate back and video yeah video what do you miss the most what do you miss the most about so I can put the wacky sort of like like like storybook but but yeah. While I was a lag yeah there was the whole. The duty both storage site and an attendant people's pain you know GWO. Yeah yeah like their wacky stock whenever there's an entity but forever ago. But the top thirty can cafe vacate the baby shot or hole. Yes that was on my favorites either get outta hell yeah it's trending on Twitter is great. Yeah that happened because I would go to Washington Post picked up bad story so yeah that. And threats if that kind of thing but I miss the most about there when I'm when I'm not actively involved. In the Marrakesh in America this. Do you this going rejoining yeah deal Mr. Big booty contests at the debt that Jerry in or whatever. He cannot add it was a couple we see you must have missed that one I'd agree yeah Santana yeah we had a whole say on balance right at the foul play down the mountain hundreds of play. Because price for the and I and I imagine what I'm not there. I miss you and we're looking forward to having you on the Jeff Hawkins show Monday at 9 AM so Larry Brown actually deal Larry Brown was on Jason John show earlier today. And a couple of things that were adjusting from the interview that he's talking about the grizzlies he's been watching all of the grizzlies games he's sort of this quasi consultant to David says dale. The first thing I'll ask you about is. Somebody would do the jury's still out on as we haven't seen it that much and that is Kobe Simmons he said that Kobe Simmons is a steal I'm assuming he means a steal as as as somebody who's gonna play in south haven would you say that's probably where he'll be. Well I think there's there's two things about the first call I think the fact that Larry Brown has sort of the fact that that David has dale has spent the off season. Picking the brains of coaches and it's closely. I think he could very well David you're already kicked it suggests that. Everyone acknowledges he had a good year its first year and and had a magnificent. Playoffs if only because this is a ransom. Everything now a couple of slogans until raises yeah. If accompanied I think that's for the unlikely pit right he would have fought the David citadel would be Turkey that's not exactly what you would have. Necessarily imagine that I think if I think it speaks well for David Glendale. Cool. But equator as as a group you go forward. This team is now being built more in the image of what he walks and show. I don't know that there will be more pressure on him out but he is certainly I don't think there was further I think that's a one run Torre did beat you and I let them to read a resounding message immaculate okay. Was that while David Tisdale is deeply respectful of a role that. People are Tony Allen has played on the team. It's very clear that he would want wanted to move on behalf of the greater comment on the nature that an Egyptian and so the fact that he is. I do think there's going to be sort of this content baby and and he's got a lot of young players they thought to be developing low young player do you look tired partly because the developer of young players. And so I do think there will be more pressure on him to produce and develop those young Blair's attempt at Colby. I don't think he led it in terms of I aimed at this flight. He will be playing without pay them put a awful this year. What he called on the steel he's talking about his. I'm I think he will be or won't be because he's you know he's. Obviously explosive and erratic and why old and everything else but you can try to I think about it I mean it is. He's the kind of player you could look up and here. Or two and he will be a significant player for them I think that's really the ability to deal we could evidently man. Yeah this deal and we're really help our Olympic Games are here. All the political that he believed that in terms of his NBA future Libya this deal but what I immediately. But did he can develop into that and I think. That's obviously the hope that's what these that's what these two accounts are supposed to be there used to be if you have someone like him. And he had a plain creepy elite team and it's good games and are well. Anyone typical pullout. Well they've really got to we have done both. I proclaim our like avoid tell them whatever else. Now you sign a guy like Beckham to a contract. And if you suddenly looks great character keeps so your property and obviously. That's our hope for the fact of Larry Brown. Think well I think it's probably him and and yet I think you can eat raw talent there now whether it will ever be hardened. Who value cookies third about a wrote a cartel or should it ever so. I'm out thirty points some legal. That's not a it's not it's not a given that it will be out but I didn't panic. I think it could just saying that he had read about him when you know labor is enough of our. His favor prospect he said was Dionte Davis and it does look like it at. It's funny we're going game to game at this point in summer league games but last night's game when I watched it it was nice to see Dionte actually making midrange jumpers and sort of looking like the player that we all sort of had heard the grizzlies talking about that did you did you kind of think the same thing. Yes I IE to me what is the end the encouraging part obviously went governor of the best stories from summer every game pretty much. The last game it's game three at its worst critic and then found a way to be productive. Doesn't David woods. Four until last until yesterday's game he lives. Disappointing offensively but they are he was yet you could you grew up like crazy. And everything else but. You're going to at least be able produce something offensively and last night finally decide he had a very productive game offensively and it was I just thought. You scared you know he showed. It's jumper at the girl but OK maybe. I didn't think that was the expectations for any player or higher for the affidavit and anyone else. Aren't well I think the kids not all problem but I got trajectory. For weight Baldwin. Forget they did this. I think as the confident throughout. The course of summer and they've gotten better and better and that's what you hope for and you know what shall I I didn't really foolish wars epic amount is Dominic but to get in a feeling that. We wanted to improve and learn about. Let me go back there were Geoff Calkins on 929 Jeff on the back to the David there's a conversation for say because this morning actually on your show Joseph Mullen acts was talking about. This youth movement that David says dale is basically. Natalie joining but driving in a land and I thought about this earlier today and I want to get your thoughts on this. It is probably because I think we've had three really pretty good coaches you could argue and in a lot of ways in Lional. And in Yeager and now with David fist down my opinion in Washington games I don't know what you think they'll meet you can talk about doubted that my question is. I I think I think that it's good for David his Dale's career. To double down on this now because they've really always wanted somebody who would drive that boat and be a good coach would tell another word somebody they can do a lot of things and maybe we'll win a couple of gains against the spurs in the first round and we see a couple of great quotes. And we feel good about herself. That was great. Two win first round loss in the NBA first round playoffs 2017. And we all got the shirts we feel good about our coach but now. He's driving this youth movement so we don't even know we got some people are saying we may not even make the playoffs some people like you know are picking us like fifth in the playoffs. And I was think about this today I'm thinking you know. Maybe it's really good because here's the thing. If you're awesome wow look what happened we got a healthy Chandler Parsons and were awesome or. This players that we had a reclamation project on that wasn't drafted turns out good. Simmons or whatever Dionte Davis explodes sold and who was undrafted becomes got what I'm saying is it seems like this is something that could be good for him because. Frankly the outcome we just don't know so is it helpful for him to do this I think it is. I mean I think our it's clearly being. I've got an interview with Hillary. They don't have a lot of high draft pick had not had success but I definitely don't and their little Patricia demographics going all night and saw no. I think strategically as an organization. To take some shots on b.'s. Whether it's Colby a lot of time to ramp or whether you have David and India and they're going to have the developer finds some pieces. The putter around. Mark and lie. Other big part of this is that. What he came in as little reputation of a guide the develop young cal Ide and that was the idea at Miami you've got to develop young cal. If you look at that the fact that he had last year and I think it's ultimately a successful first year largely in. In culture buildings sort of way if you look at their win total. I don't know that it was better than you would expect that you would listen that he got their people while we are virtually except perhaps in the play out. All it can't just think about the way you succeeded last year they expect eat dead. Is it won't feel like what. What young player. Had a breakthrough season. You know. I mean I've Marc Gasol in some respects because a nice game reported that it. What we waited what do you.