The Gary Parrish Show Hour 1 (3/13/18)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, March 13th

Updates on the Tubby Smith meeting with the Memphis administration, Penny and more in Hour 1 plus joined by Keith Easterwood 


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Text waste WA ST each of the number 72881. For your chance to win a grand good luck. Now he's unite us and ESPN presents the series Olena. You'll columnist who spends his afternoon. Perspective to Memphis radio they make you think he'll make you laugh and sometimes they can change this station children. Let's dozens. World class. And Gary Blair red carpet is not a studio produced the program been in Doyle is glad he let me graduate may not be getting through the day no obstacles. No just rob shouldn't. That's not a common thing in the I'll remember it until they get the good about them more conversation about member of the Tubby Smith at. Moment judgment is still officially the head coach of the university members men's basketball program by the time we finish this job. There's no guarantee that's going to be the case we'll talk about it at the moment I walk through those that give the cars. Is that the bed instead deploy reports wanna keep he's one of the nation's legal authority and elbows he rose. And three quarter while you my local basketball expert in your local basketball expert. You don't ever turn in the first felt they too because the first delegate begin about twenty minutes put up finish that said that. A new portable story that 444 ever what what we'll discuss fourth previously understood scores among them Kermit Davis publicly. Acknowledged dead the a leading candidate be the next head coach down at Ole miss that doesn't make sense relative to everything that I've been hearing as well I'll tell you about that's. Federal 440 fort that Mata. Reportedly had the. Offer to be the next head coach at Georgia we're getting that. Little later on this hour a post my bracket last night on Twitter or FaceBook got to give him a favorite first round upset big just before 5 o'clock and then I'll tell you why I have duke win the national title. Very affordable story at 444 the only thing that could possibly screw that up. Is there the Tubby Smith gets news. Termination becomes official. Like at 442 or something then obviously we'll just stick with that story but nothing's changed between now and then that before notable stories of 4 point 4:5 o'clock job called the join me just like always it we'll do dinner to go. We got here that the run that would God's good development done with the ongoing situation. At. Memphis might have seen that last night on Twitter. I'm I reported a lot of what we frankly had talked about on radio. I'm I just felt it was important or more specifically my editors felt it was important to get the news out there. As best we could inside reported last night that. I tubby Smith and is attorney. We're scheduled to meet with University of Memphis administrators. Today margin not a with a commercial appeal. A reported that it was going to be at 4 o'clock so it's like happening right now. Currently scheduled to happen right now and that barring something completely unexpected by something literally nobody thinks is going to happen. To be spent is going to. No longer be the head coach at the University of Memphis you courses owed nine point 75 million dollars over a six year spanned Memphis can pay it over six years. My understanding is they they're probably offer him a lump sum payment that is. A less than nine point 75 million dollars but hey if you want this much now we give you this much now or we'll give you a little more than a million and a half a year. The six years volatility in the financial people make that decision but I'm it became clear last night. Or clearer I should say that not only was the University of Memphis moving in this direction that the universe to Memphis basketball staff knew. That the University of Memphis is moving in in this direction. I know that multiple staff members. Were telling other people around the country and you know these coaches they all have friends in coaching. Who are either calling them to console them or calling them just find out what's going on they talk to people and sometimes those people also talk to me. And so I can tell you that last night he immersed in Memphis staff from the head coach down. They were preparing. To no longer be employed. At the at University of Memphis and then I heard nothing but similar things. This morning no matter who I talked to last night or this morning. They also the same thing. Then this is going. To get done that president rod had already made up his mind. And another thing I found out that I I I assume. But I can I was able to confirm last nine. It tumble and and and doctor rudder on completely opposite sides of this I don't know what their public face will be. But. My understanding is tumble and did not want to change coaches after two years awhile and that does jibe with. Conversations I've had with with Tom because I know that he believed. In tubby sincerely. Even deep into this season. He's part of the know that this team wasn't good. What he did genuinely believe that they were on the path to where they needed to go from a basketball perspective. You know at the administrative level they're looking at more the big picture and the financial drain that the punishment there has been. On that university. And they recognize that even if Tubby Smith does had a product headed in the right direction. Arm the fans don't think so. Most jumped me up and there was no reason for people renew season tickets for new people to buy season tickets the hemorrhaging of money was going to continue. Because by the time Tubby Smith could prove to you. That he's got a good basketball product something that looked more closely resembles what the University of Memphis can be. The first opportunity he had he would have to prove that is like nick snow isn't November. Because the recruiting class that inspires hope is not on the way and the returning players that could theoretically inspire hope they're not they're so the only way. You could ever convince the Memphis fan base that is basically out at this point. That hate we've got a great basketball program again come back it wouldn't be until the season actually started out and I did it's too late you've missed out on all the season tickets. You know if you're trying to figure out. How basketball team is going to do in attendance look at season ticket numbers. Of people don't make a habit too often of just buying tickets to go to games. Individual ticket to go to games particularly when you would be asking them to buy individual ticket to go to mostly crap games. Buy games against bad AC opponents people will just buy individual tickets to go see Memphis which Paul stay they're meant to Cincinnati maybe Memphis Houston. Maybe Memphis UConn. But not Memphis east Carolina now Memphis to lane not Memphis. Most of Memphis is opponents so whatever you're gonna do ticket sales why you gotta get done in the off season. You gotta get done season ticket wise and there was nothing that was going to inspire Memphis fans to. To go out by season tickets. As long as Tubby Smith was still the coach and that's not the only reason he's not gonna still be the coach but it is. Probably the most. Important reason. He's no longer going to be the coach. And so at this point we just wait for. The confirmation. For the announcement from doctor router somebody else at the University of Memphis. I'm that this is done and they will move on and a different direction and I'm confident that they won't. Say that they're gonna conduct a national search and I'm sure that they'll reach out to a search firm and some agents and they'll have conversations but ultimately. Most signs point to Penny Hardaway in the next head coach at the University of Memphis because. I addicts. If three problems and he fixes to the three immediately the three problems a recruiting. Money. And the on the court product. And I do believe that the money won't be there. Penny will generate excitement. Which will generate ticket sales which will generate. Donations. Which full flicked it. I think inside of a year. People will be a excited about Penny Hardaway but beating. They want him to succeed. That they'll do what they feel like they have to do to help him succeed. As long as he can deliver the message as well. And I think you can. Then the message will resonate with the community. Again the message from my perspective is a very simple message of I'm Penny Hardaway. I get that job next week. I stated in front of the cameras I'm going on every radio show I can get on at least wants people listen to. And I'm explaining that I had a great life. I'm a multimillionaire. I am and I use uses that word. But had a great life multimillionaire. I. Play golf whatever want put off. I work with young people. In my community whenever I wanna work of young people in my community. And things are pretty great unlike. Favre 46 year old mango I've got a pretty good. I don't need to be college basketball coach and do all of the things. That it requires. Because it is a full time job. 24/7 360 time. It's been a long time since I've. Had this sort of job commitment. My retirement from the NBA has been pretty relaxing comfortable and fought. I only gets the nod some aspiring anything. Trying to climb some professional latter. Two. May be changed my family's. Bank account. My family's bank accounts far I don't need this job I don't need this money. But I cared deeply about this program. I care deeply about the school are cared deeply about this community. And I feel like it is my responsibility when given the opportunity to try to make Memphis basketball what it ought to be. When it was when I play. And what it wasn't subsequent years. I think on the got to fix it. The administration thinks and the got to fix it and I care too much about this program to say. I'm not gonna do that's why I'm here I am sacrificing parts of my personal life to do this job. So what I need you to do. If you care about this university as much as I care about this university of care about the city as much I care about the city helped me. Help me make this what we all know it can be and that means go buy you season ticket if you can't if you think about not renewing renew. If you've ever donated you have the means to do at least. We need your help. We don't have power five money. But we have a natural recruiting base. I have contacts with lots of these players. And we're gonna be able to get this done. I'm gonna put a good product on the floor I need you to support I think min pins that resonate with them it won't be. A reminder of what we saw on the first midnight madness Memphis madness under Josh pastor. When people packed that building and they had to shut the doors. 181000 people for a practice now they get like 2000 for doing it but they got 181004. A pep rally. And that was it because people were so excited to command seat Elliot Williams. Or. Any of those players or even just. It was because men begins wanted to show. That their program was David and John culture. It was immediately after the year John cal Perry left. And they put 181000 people in there to send a message. We are bigger than that man. We are bigger than that coach we can be a great program without him look at this. It gives felt the responsibility. To do everything they could do. In fairness all it took was like you know try to downtown park and walking into a building. But they felt a responsibility to be there to show. Were bigger. Than John cal Perry we can still be a great men's basketball program I think this is similar. I think Memphis will be moved to show. If this administration was willing to fix a mistake and pay ten million dollars to do it. And Penny Hardaway is willing to come try to say this program what can I do to help. I'm gonna renew my tickets I'm gonna buy my ticket I think men pins will be moved by that. And so he picks as the money problem. He fixes the recruiting problem. And a third problem is the on the court problem and after that I've been consistent I do not know. I think Penny Hardaway is equipped to run a division one program. But the fact that he's never done it. Is an obvious something. Woolsey. The people who yell it's going to be a disaster they don't know what they're talking about the people who yell it's gonna be a home run also don't know what they're talking rousing yet Wall Street. Clyde Drexler at Houston with a disaster with no coaching experience Fred Kornberg at Iowa State was a massive success no coaching experience will shape. But that's almost beside the point. Because we won't see that till. A year in two years. The other two parts of the problem they get fixed almost immediately the recruiting problem gets fixed and the money problem gets fixed. And when you consider. Those two things that you accepted as reality. It's wide distance. A very sensible. Thing to do. So now we just wait for to become official in the meantime a top to keep eastward. Right activists. Landmark heating and air conditioning we're proud to offer service she can trust. Along with innovative products like this and he wants Afghanistan to keep you comfortable and say he money. Minor temperatures are scheduled from across the room or across the country. 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Al with a broken wrist Virginia just announced he will not play in the NCAA tournament so the number one overall seed gonna miss they key key part we'll get to that. Little later on right now keep these two with my local best device pretty your local basketball expert nation's leading authority hobos he Rosen street corner clouds. Making the big interview. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports BC Harry Carey show me your view. Presented by. Am ESPN. Well this story just has taken home. So many twisted plots and I'm sure you pay out and have been hit only eight social media don't moan text messages. Phone calls to people who want you to pity about potentially. Working on this staff. And you obsolete talk to people who or employed because the coaches. And I director Andrew there's there's a yes. It is kind of divisive some people think he's got to change just to be a home runs on people. Perhaps not but it talked to a guy that armed. Q are want to go and play a U ball the national poll we all can go who we talked about gender before com. Any kid can be configured beauty you're about to be like goods. Efficient government had to get up and go to work com. Which if you take about other quite media eight net until we know what he had had a job on. So we'll see immediately canceled. The plot sickens him. You know Lugo right chicken due to do an armed. But it right people want it done and you and I talk probably about it it is gonna happen has got it done. I could probably give him what he needs. If it is language. Anybody talk to police can be. That they give him what he made very Smart enough where his ego doesn't get in the way. Our home ever been being successful. Target TVs to win here on 929 FM ES PX and people ask me about the meeting being canceled does this mean they're having second thoughts I mean like who knows it's what we did last night nothing's done until it's done it. It's why I've reported to treatment of X not expecting it it. To be to remain head coach of the University of Memphis as opposed to be fitted out at the University of Memphis. I'm you got to leave yourself some wiggle room there anytime stuff like this is still developing but I would say this. And I know this to be true. The university of at the staff last night was telling people. Were out. Yeah I mean they they were telling people. It's it's done you know would it become official tomorrow but word dot. Ivan had somebody tell me that. Tubby was like getting stuff out of office today I could not confirm that but just from Tubby Smith to the people working underneath them. Last night they were telling people were done at Memphis that's a fact. Derrick here you Giguere people that you little that would thinking you gotta keep disregard your body just. We do you go back when it was Damascus YMCA of Bobby Dodd rat and then he left the YMCA. And change the name actually at the white shape heading change it to while overseeing the bank which you command was better association. Those good things that I coached. And then one whatever went home. With delegation dub him in Orlando the molestation charges grow additional ever. There's did they take the team daddy. All in and just thank people behind the saints. Basically are still running it I mean not he's got a history. On the got to rent a New York got Joseph whatever there have been allegations all the people. In not just change denying he keeps on going because they want they want to be up all the players so. If it's tomorrow role. If you hired Osce can have a Eugene where summer bear watching the saint people saying years of mechanisms and player haters out there will still be there if that dynamic. To me. I hope of bloggers on the radio talking about he gulping he may get hurt recruiting were the guys did he really didn't get all getting on quite prepare me and you keep up with that. You know it Ross's last two years have been amazed that you not only met this guy put other guys sort of I'm me Paul Washington. Arm. So that'll stay the same I guess I think fifteen bad. Part of it is. If you can't if he can't bury them catcher or whatever we want to would fail. As American basketball coach. Then that that's an issue all but then again if you don't have that job or anybody had a double a bit that's your job to overcome those issues belt go to questions. All end. And we saw that you knew even talked to Kevin Stallings. But having somebody should speak for him whatever you say what went home. You know and get to market he just didn't have good people skills and relationship with the good major so. Whoever is on that Stafford got embraced submit this period yet they worst arm. Else you got to go out and you introduce members. By getting the best local guys get some Jew grows in popular guy here every all the way and certainly Danny because relations Diaz around the country would beat all. All but doing the dead monkeys. If it got those relationships. Blood. You gotta put the workings. You know I'm try to keep these where 99 of them I think that most people know this anytime you're in a competitive industry and yes summer basketball invade. Super competitive industry if you're going to have that rivals you're going to have people you don't get along with. And they they hate you they hate you and you probably hate them as well and maybe maybe the real quick and Brett. And and and so but but then you're roles change and wing it when your job change. You can suddenly into the situation where you now need each other and wait you're up rivaled any more you know people who actually but the first. For both our entries need to be working together and so you just sit down and you have that conversation to me. That shouldn't be that difficult to overcome if your pay any and you become the head coach of the University of Memphis you sit down when Norton hurt and all the people connected to team that. And thank you first up you go out a way to make them feel comfortable you go out of the way. To make them feel like. They're part of that you sit down and you extend the olive branch you actually less than. It what ever happened in the past happened in the past we will bowled out there banging heads like it we got sideways whatever. Here's the truth now. I need you. If you want your players to be at the university member you need me. So let's work together let's make this thing what it ought to be and I. I think if you've got mature people involved and I'm sure you always do it and turn it probably a bit but have you got mature people involved and get a bit that and that is a lie I I worked with people. That I didn't get along with in certain parts of my life. But legal way of the world the same team now so we got to work together now you you don't you don't have to bring you kids over my house to those women and we act a fake it through life. But arm but like we need to work together now for for both of our interest and I think pinning. I just I think it's certainly possible it's not easy. To massage those relationships and get them where you need to be. Let a couple of outlets like talk to me and hear your side you can fix it. You view of the Nike sponsorship routine day at her and now we're all on the same page I think it is and can spend long noted. That. They would want wanna be with would not because Eddie's Wear Nikes just they got a really good under Robert GO Alton. You don't know different it was sunny. Always work but those guys that competed against him and ask what it all year could take a fire truck bomb. But I think if they could like you say it can bring a may have been years ago. There was a meeting and met a possible Caleb doesn't put it together until jolt people it's everybody this and so we're all Americans now not just me. He ended his pitch was. We have all these resources they had the GM which now they give them any arm and let's all work together to put the better players and a program. Well. They're not rock started getting thrown their rely that we know usual to coasts seven table and I'm like not our political party younger ages so. I also assure we could not walk get let me. But everybody green years gone to sixteen Guerrero and we don't rotate every two year crack. Did you was too much ego. Too much bad below it too much testosterone. Too much we already hated each other anyway all if someone look at have gone on to be college coaches summit Ben. Whatever you wanna call successful in the summer on. So what don't know and I don't start so so and they got their religion involved so we're close nobody actually boutique in New York certainly. Hurt his face a team bad. On. I just don't know that you mentioned maturity and they've got major I just don't know that you work your but I think if you could be objective. And Libby to big picture. The end. You take. That Nike resources. Are you peavy could not contributing morbid there's a lot of money you know in their TP program. All in the book is morning issues he gives Olivea but he could bring it what may object it would bring heard. And all those guys get run Tuesday it I'd Brian Meehan let competed you program. And I think that would begin. But a chance to resolve some relationship issues in the east and I'll. And if they're not receptive so whatever like a penny actually reaches out and tries to bury that stuff in the in the spirit of being able to successfully. Recruit team that. Like if they're not receptive if you don't you don't get any. You start really you did did you think you can take it another level and you just make it clear to every young Hooper in town. If you wanna play at the University of Memphis for me some day. You don't go team that you find somebody else to play where you go play with them and you just let it. But I would still recruit your acquired I don't know I would draw I don't think it is that it does this just like they're. Because historically we see Arnold got you're really good player either don't think you can. I mean partly I don't think you can take as they get I think he's tired next week. I think you need to reach out and need to be at dinner need to buy them over to look and get some years whatever whatever Toby didn't do. And we don't know why I'm doing is that the jobs of my profession you you turek got look at that bit up and go get later Mississippi in Chattanooga referred works well. So what that you got through. They at least reach out and being an easy gives players a new bigger obstacle recruit told players without knowing you may be party you but I still beat yet but shut. They saw was players but he used to he deplores. Right now my point was you try to make it where he like I don't pity and they've been banging heads with them for years you try to make it where they let that go I've on the head coach of the University of Memphis if you've ever dreamed about being a tiger. You don't need to be and that program like you know there are college coaches who who make Powell moves like that all the time to be made right question to be clear. The best scenario for Memphis basketball that is for it pity because they head coach I don't have to work hand in hand with team bad and the team that the working and it handled pity that's Beth. But if you can't give you just can't walk for some reason. That you you know you take it to another level do you start to use your power to influence not where seventeen year old are going to play college basketball. But where fifteen year old or wanna play summer basketball we'll see on wheels wheels we'll see how that unfolds. If we did you got to give people have to understand it historically even when it was why do you adult themes. Well they're playing sub stated state age determine if they would not participate anybody local charms and then when I got within that mandate would decide insult. You know it now hurt duke won a tournament. In July during the last period. And who doesn't play and it doesn't know the teen beauty kings played. So there's a lot it has gone back and or been. In all you to be my I would go give players kid Sanders sent original mode would be Sylvester or whoever I would call beyond. And go to Leon to get your players in the all waiter or practiced. Period in game. Everybody would show your players have got to. You know they passable to me all went to a family member grouping has changed now because of self almost and I won't call it bank apparently got the I mean he text she did all night won't be so Bogut didn't want to change a little bit. But I think long term or short term have a heavy ones say beat calls there are guys like or or who know how to go find players. All know how to. Observed that she can really play at a high level it has a great relationship with a tremendous amount of college coaches. I think it's incumbent upon not only penny but even the TP any people to buried at hagee to weirder. If they're programs don't be what we know they're program GOP has been in the past that I think built into do you get your law. Talking TDs to what you're on that and it all happened behind. If I understand that argue the ability and attitude out of Abu ESPN. What do you make a DJ Jeffrey committed to Kentucky last back. You know what and that's another one. You get a mixed record to talk to go because I actually our call I would be thank you all some people think it does salad really really good some people might. Big cities that code and use what he has our own. For Calvin taking care of me really all I did not all not a crier he's got mail obviously. You're not as good as what they've had the past but the cheers the high high level athlete. All got some stuff you have to work on him as saying. You know when when you're 6566. The youngster they put you in the post so it's a river game are still developing. Blood. That's another thing you know he's not sad he's committed to it plays something Kenny if you they get the job if he slipped. All include a lot of the conversation going on right now but so I got Kentucky is Kentucky jealous Carol armed. I think the longer they admit there's a way to do whatever we gonna do either side WR got Orkut he's going to be our guy or Sam assault gives them a beer got whoever. All new. Because part of me some recruiting because she executive order had to make a decision. Talk to keep these to a 99 FM ESP and out of the senate to become that coach. I suggested to me last night if it's true that Kentucky doesn't usually take commitments from top thirty kids that certainly. And he wrote every just terrific but he's not a top five K he's not a topped in giddy like a borderline top thirty player. Can double or does it normally except commitments from borderline top thirty guys this early. This is unusual that a coach I coached last night tell me this he said the reason Kentucky push to get this done and and accepted the commitment. Is because one of the things penny is telling the administration. Is. I can get my guys so what cal wanted to do was take one album before it even gets the job. So far it looks less true because I had people all over place but less I like all pitted with got to tell these guys. Cal wanted to get one of quote any guys now before penny gets the job. Because the Kentucky's depth believes the only thing that could possibly prevent them from getting James Weidman. Who's the number one player in America class together nineteenth the only thing they can prevent him. From what Kentucky's is may be. Katie being at the University of Memphis so this was Cal's way. Of trying to actually make it appear like AP auto tugging always guys look I get took one of those guys though. It be it became like if he get all of guys I just took one album on a Monday night before you're supposed to fire Tubby Smith. That was cal Perry's way. Of showing the medicine administration be careful. Just go to any thing any of these guys did the meek and and it it would influence them to not maybe not higher Penny Hardaway that guarantees they get James Weidman to Kentucky. Yep the good penny is born into or NBA basketball could quote in a deal get done aren't you pay pair x.s. Plane tickets and by a meals you need people choose. Where he's going forward and try to recruiting uses it mainly it's big board stuff. And dedicate it might have been saved my players. Now Warren. I had to silence okay so the player one man and Jeffrey did play thirteen they had before it quite piggy out branch out or. So if you go to out there were a lot of people are gonna say that's my guy. You've really got to figure out who duty guy is that got together on and so just be called in and I and it probably hasn't stated enough just make up he has those guys owner somber change. Doesn't mean it they're gonna automatically go to mythical hero all new. Unless you administration has period lest whatever steps he put together. Can show live as a viable option for them not only to be successful the collegiate level. But to get to weirdos you should Kentucky go to all billboards are pleasurable but now he's. Again if you don't get to write staff although Jordan where there have been partly by the archer Astros got it. You saucy co owner level. But if he doesn't surround himself to white people. Alton. Victor ordered out of practice and I mean to go just to go to any bit. But you lo revealed they have 32 games under one roof they want to. How do you know what to order go to school you watch it are you going to watch the vice specifically you're going to watch seek and I got played we don't Obama is eager to be organized just. Get to show well. In Orlando and Vegas. Com play blackjack on like a bop into genome opens he's somebody you don't work like it you have your step it got to achieve their go to duke it out again we did debate years. Era where you've got to be at this it is tack its its star. Same way we should just keep somebody's organizing. Everywhere he's gone when he doesn't you don't walk that genome in Sheikh. You know some kids play. And you liked it Q you're going to recruit insert your call Bob Gibbons your call on each court transition you're called here Eric your call on the hit like eight. Trying to say or what the Eagles seat without fear. And that's going to be incumbent upon inner peace the job. Now I sat with John cal Perry act these types of events and I swear to god this is exactly how the conversation goes John sits down with say Tony Barbie. Or whomever. Campaign. John sits down. And he looks it Tony Barbie and he says okay tell me on here to see. That's the way it works why am I like John does it plan where to be except for like the big boys like Peyton Marvin badly played a chemical C Marvin back. Blood for the most part you know he would assisting coaches. Figure out the schedule they figure out where the head coach is supposed to be and then you tell him where to go. There oh my god I built the words actually came at a does Mao okay puma watching. Totally public finances number number well I dare you well the blue uniform look. Has. Yet to beat just one year. When he I think it became obvious to going to a lot of people and I'm not trying to be negative but cute little Billy Donovan called Israel a group JP prince anymore. I think it did get. Just because maybe some behavioral issues whatever we're playing the PJ Allen. Can we walk out. And knob Johnnie Walker when he had published may and they can't talk to Todd or but he they say Eastwood got it will be erected because members are making a pro or go home visit. Where it. Because it didn't go real well whether we're walking is what did they get a kid I forgot what CEO and would not required and we beat on. Good detoured family what city opera thirty kilometers in system may have one of them are all things like I liked this will be better if JP. A mobile get immediate. So what does that we seek somebody but what he did. At that level. You're being told who to go city. And communicate when it was dragon boat and talk about players in there will be Kiet that I imagined to be kid I can't recruit young anymore. Because he's not rate had nothing cal lost to go play they've they tell me what I did better deal and Tony into DK. They were lucky we keep doing what we're going to keep we've gotten involved we're about to let the ball. They felt they can stockpile cabinet. To become terrible to do who they hate duke on. And they get a nanny gate ticket he took that same game plan to Kentucky. But they index if you talk to go to their like Ditka had a go didn't give you when you go to these yeah he showed up. They they bat late you're you're banging and you go Ian eagle downstairs you've been here UT earned due to austere little before force so you go up you watch now. He'll Libyan government was polo shirt and he'll have a presence out here it incumbent upon the people this going to be your ground you know. To put him in the right situation caused. When you go to when he behavior on the bench which he would if you should ask you walk singing and they're all like I caught traumatic gains or. Because it would want to marquee player might. He'd done that they're here to watch you got about this right insult. Keeping carbon to do it healed and what you seek out to be shipped peavy will be the site cute like Lugar they are what. So what sort period to period. Out of state it'll be the same. Thing for a kid did. Shifty cattle very well within your phobia bombs years ago JavaScript walked into the NBC basketball game you're the one and actually Jenna she. 250 coaches. Stand along the baseline. I think amount of the more buried where what did the bank fired you're everybody part of this week. So let him get through because they respected him so much so again it. I could it happen oh I don't wish to jump to be part of whatever but if it happens. I just hope the people around here on. Dealt can be organized enough to we're we have bolstered we keep that I will begin around 820 that you are bidding to let you get the right place. To see the white people and the white people's seat. For what it's worth I've been told that he is very aware of all of these things your your dressing and I'm is as started identifying possible staff additions with a lot of this stuff in my my understanding of a Denny's approach to all of this the possibility be the next head coach at University of Memphis. Has been really focused in and organized and and people have been him that the people that he's talked to. I'm had been impressed by him for whatever that's worth it would get a basket. About a catch up when the next later right. Embrace it and make it spreads and no I didn't ask where is he did get greeted by a guy I think I'd like to publish a mass said that like that I did everything it could be used Hoover Dam right now again I gave up even -- like a bit Serbian colleague actually got like OK that was the end of the conversation I didn't even think like why it could have been like gum he was dying I would even know. So I didn't go. If gonna happen we do hope to be supporting open got a game plan. I do it. At the top level of the pyramid and saw Larry Page get booed and hurt all I don't see that have cannot. I understand that a feel that about mom and I feel like you got a few days to good. Idea 99 FM ES PM we come back from the Davis leading candidate to be the next head coach at all messed up to about that next. There are other dinners you can win you can make the tigers could conceivably. He's a gift card. Roloson has been seasons ago. 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Enjoy delicious and fresh food with today's ports deal cap -- ten dollars towards salads and sandwiches and half off 200 dollars a catering services from Lisa's lunch box and get yours again approach dot com guests appear via the smile center hotline now. Then Kelly very show. Who do you Mary snow is live from the local restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FA. ES DA. Judges like. Your what accountability commercial payloads to jump college I was gonna join me right at 5 o'clock we'll get to update on the Tubby Smith met the situation them right now I got forced oil that like to disguise for stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Start selling tour and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. Owens every afternoon. So we didn't militant. I didn't cure is built on such an important things you need to know these kids this time. This is a key piece or notable stories at 444. It's number one. These Kermit Davis is the leading candidate to be the next head coach at Ole miss according to a report from the clarion ledger and at that it just completely with everything. I've heard in fact last week. I was told. That and this comes after that Mata had visited Oxford I was told that two things that the Fed not a thing just wasn't gonna happen. You know they brought him down they really liked him he really seemed like Oxford by just wasn't gonna happen to him for one reason or another I think we now know that the the reason. And we'll get to that. Next I'm but I was also told that only had their quote had their got. In other words like if you were a day Egypt trying to get your guy. In their Ole miss now is like that you were being told hey what we think we're good. And you know you start connecting some dots and and that guy appears to be Kermit Davis a winnable what happened Walt a middle that he plays in the ninety tonight. And if they lose they play Vermont another supposed to win because I think the games emerges from Eagles to win the game. A but it they do lose the game I would think it could be done tomorrow Thursday at the latest it'll happen pretty quickly like barring some sort of change in plans. My understanding is that. What declared ledger is reporting is is true Kermit Davis is the leading candidate Ole miss and I suspect he will be the next head coach at Ole miss and had a lot of friends of the got a lot of friends Romans graduates. My neighbors are almost graduates my wife is again discredit my wife frankly have not asked about her all she could care less I don't think she knows Kermit Davis even though she's been around Kermit Davis yet again I think I did they should I just remembered the name Kermit the bad fit. So she had to say but basically all the other elements grad I now have and done. Then my answer simple I think are going to be really good you know he's already shown the ability consistently at middle Tennessee to beat SEC schools so now he should be able to do with. And enhanced roster that an SEC job should be able to get him. It's a you give them better players he's an accomplished coach. I think it'll work like this I know everybody wants to go out. Every fan. When their squad opening they wanna go higher like the biggest. Bad its name in the sport and everybody wanna Bret Stephens everybody wanna sharks are right in reality any really the way these things go and and honestly it's not even about winning a press conference usually just what irishman can do the job. Actually think Memphis situation slightly different they do need a jolt of energy and enthusiasm. Something that provide hope. For the Memphis fan base. That's why the video art within makes a lot of sense a but at Ole miss is a very different situation they don't need some boost of enthusiasm. They they just thinks what you can do the job and I think Kermit Davis can do did you. Story number two meantime Georgia has reportedly offered its head coaching position to former Ohio State which they had modest at Emerson at the AJC is reporting that my colleague John Rothstein also reporting that and so when I told you earlier. I was told last week that that model mustang just not gonna work out. Arm was because he figured out he can get a better job. And the better job is is Georgia I think almost a good job certainly better than it's ever been thanks to the pavilion it and Boy George is a better job nobody would disagree with that yeah. And I can also say that Georgia. Came act is willing to pay big money. They reached out. Hum through 103 party to Chris Mack and Xavier they reached out through a third party to Shaka Smart at Texas. My point being you don't even make those phone calls unless you're willing to go big big money share because it would take big money need to get them to look at your. Both very quickly for obvious reasons said thanks but no thanks. Chris Mack if he leaves Xavier will be for mobile army for Georgia Democrat and Shaka Smart he leaves Texas the middle for mobile I'm going to be for Georgia yeah so they both said thanks but no thanks. A but either way like Georgia's got real money to spend here. And they seem willing to spend it and they seem locked in a bad monarch right now at a conversation with somebody who had been talking that fact recently. I've I'd like that a lot I have not. Thought I just wanna make it clear this is secondhand information I haven't talked about it in the past week. But somebody I know talked at that and that in the past week. Couple weeks and one of the things he told them what he's he has this weird obsession about living in the self. Like he won't he has a really but he wants to not live in the midwest and morning wants to live in the south where Gil likes the idea of living in the South Africa would die won't that at the Georges is about without the together. And so alarm. It might be a weird. You know on a surface level you go wait that motto working in the south but like it's something he wants to do a fan it's it's where he wants to live he has told people and so. Bottom line I think you'll probably be that the next Georgia coach arm if Georgia is comparable not offering. I'm I don't think the money will be a problem and then it just comes down to delete thinking a better job or not any Mike Campbell this is a good job. I'd be surprised at that motto is not the next coach at Georgia and I'm it'll sort of fall in line with what some of these other SEC schools have done recently like gone out and tried to get a guy who might have been five heard. At a big program. But who also had success before they got fired at the big program. At Tennessee did it with Rick Barnes give him after got fired at Texas. Mysteries they did what Ben Howland after he got fired UCL lag and now it appears that George is about to do the same thing with that mark. Story number three and published by a bracket last night and I'm sure to look like a mask some say Friday afternoon but I do have three. A double digit seeds. Two of them advancing to the sweet sixteen and one advancing to the round of 32. The one who's getting the most. Tension is Davidson over Kentucky I took twelfth seeded Davidson. Over fifth seeded Kentucky and I and somebody asked me did you just do that to be and it could be a thing of the Dayton. You've got people by an upset somewhere and that was pretty sensible because it's big bag Kentucky and little bitty Davidson but it reality Davidson is better than that seat. And Kentucky might not be as good as as its seat arm them Davidson. Is the topic to compounding. Davidson. Has a top twenty offense in the sport they've got two great players and Pete Aldridge and Kellen Grady. And they brawny complex offense that can be difficult to guard you talked to Atlantic team coaches go to either the top scout in the league. Is Obama killed Davis markets is the toughest guy out because nobody else plays like that and and so. If you'll acknowledge that the toughest thing to get 51 year of players five freshman to do is to play team defense. You can see a forty minute game. Then having to guarded Davidson opting instead is incredibly efficient and difficult to guard could be a problem. Like you've got Kentucky yet they're their future pro but yet they never seen anything like this date it's up and they're about the city. And can bomb also projected as a 7370. Game. Like as a one possession game the point spurs actually for half a five but there's nothing that crazy about picking Davidson over Kentucky so I went ahead and did it again. If we look up this four minutes to go in the game and Kentucky and a fight. It'll be because of I think exactly what I just described Peyton Aldridge Caroline Brady one or both will get go one for Davidson. And those Kentucky freshman are gonna have a hard time guarding them Kentucky might be able to score on saying why. I'm but I do think there's a scenario where Kentucky has a problem guarding Davidson and it creates a problem and that opening round game of also got little Chicago going to the sweet sixteen. I've got a beating Miami and Tennessee and back to back games and I've got New Mexico State as a twelve seed. Going to the sweet sixteen I've got a beating Clemson. And all burned and back to back games and what's interesting there is that close and as a five feet in part. Because of what it did would Donte' green from the second best player he's Herb Alpert a year ago now available anymore. Auburn got that foresees in part because of what it it would dampen medical more he's hurt out for the season he's not available anymore in other words Clemson is seeded. Based on a body of work. That was created. When they don't have the roster when that when they had a roster that they no longer have Auburn have they see that was based on embody a work. Dawn with a roster that they no longer have Auburn's to enforce past six games they haven't been very good lately. And so I could reasonably see New Mexico State Clinton both of them and bouncing into the sweet sixteen. Or of course just was about 25 in the first round who knows you never know. Story number four I had knew what the national championship to people asking why here's why. A because duke is the most talented team in the country and they got to go on the sideline. That's all been true since the pre season that's why they were pre season number one they got pros literally every position. I know that they didn't look like Joey along. They also Boston College loss to saint John's. It but that was mostly because they couldn't guard they were asking Gracie Allen and four freshman try to play man to man defense it would work they committed to his only got.