The Gary Parrish Show Hour 1 (3/12/18)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, March 12th

GP discusses the Memphis Tigers' coaching situation in Hour 1 and gives his thoughts on how the next few days play out. 


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In studio produced the program the better Doyle is glad he's wit me glad you're wit they hope you're. Again through the day. No obstacle. The disruption. Of all the way to get a vote to do most of this afternoon. Put that right and related to the second part though that made. That's a bad that is scheduled boy a point one. I've been asking me questions on Twitter and FaceBook all weekend long ago you noted but I've been did. I haven't been able to interact with. Basically anybody other than Doug Gottlieb. And if you got questions forming perhaps I'll let Chad. Answer them. And ask them I'll answer them you can ask them. Other radio the second segment led you know I usually do not take phone call there's only two hours shell and typically have plenty to say that you have plenty to say but. I'm I'm intricate and more like what are you guys wanna know what what what are we gonna try taking called I'd say Woolsey how they go if they don't well. We might it do for the rest of the half like it if it turns stupid I would transitioned quickly into portable storage. Apple afforded forward what we discussed portrayed as Leo discuss story and that would all be NCAA tournament related either white Geoff Calkins. He will join me at 5 o'clock that the talk dimple a little bit. We'll do dinner to go get out of here is that the run that I got a lot to get developed. So with the latest for the Memphis basketball situation the headline I in the commercial appeal earlier today commercial pill dot com margin out of course tiger basketball beat writer. A reported that Memphis men's basketball coach Tubby Smith is scheduled to meet with university administrators. On Tuesday according to two people would direct knowledge of the situation though Smith hasn't been told what the meeting is about. One athletic department officials that he is expecting Smith is expecting to receive clarity on the mounting speculation. About his job security. At a Memphis in the jibes with something I was told earlier today honestly because I was about to get on a plane. And I reached out to a handful of people like your is this gonna happen while I'm somewhere between. New York City and and Memphis Tennessee and I was told that nothing what happened. Today and shortly after that margin on oh reported that a meeting between a tubby Smith and university administrators is scheduled for. Tuesday so if you thought that by the time we came on the air today at 4 o'clock a that Memphis would have an opening. Com. On its in its men's basketball program. That is not technically true right now. By the time we come on tomorrow could be of course it could because the season ended. Our over the weekend first. I'm in an unofficial way with that loss to Cincinnati in the American athletic conference semifinals. And then of course officially after Memphis was not invited. To the ninety last night after the NCAA tournament a bracket. Was unveiled. It means that tubby Smith and Geoff Calkins tweeted us. A last night it means that Tubby Smith is the first. Memphis. That just the second Memphis coach since 1950. Wanda. To not make a post season tournament. In either of his first two seasons. And it means that Memphis. At least as of march 12 these numbers could slightly change a going forward. And did depending on what Memphis opponents and other schools in general bill but adding that Memphis right now is is what I wanna thirteen that will not change. I rate to 161. Act can come right behind Weaver state and towels and I just ahead of Hofstra. And Winthrop. Crick in my Memphis finishes the eight the best team in the American athletic conference. They were one in seven vs the top eighty. With six additional losses to. Teams ranked a hundred fit or worse including two losses to sub 275. Teams in you can. I'm chopping up every one to him you can move that bar from top eighty to top hundred. Down the top fifty. It was. By all accounts. And not very good season a totally mediocre season. A one that was predictable blood. Still. Heading into it and even throughout it. There were moments or or folks still tried I would argue otherwise. Among those who stop trying to argue otherwise of the week and I thought this was interesting. Tubby Smith because he actually said. After the Cincinnati loss that we didn't really beat anybody of substance. And I can appreciate his honesty because it is true really the only team of substance that they beat all year long. Was that Houston team that is in the NCAA tournament. And that's it and that Houston women was awesome. Bought at the University of Memphis when you play. You know what entire season. And you only have what anybody. Including the head coach would describe as a whiff substance. Within you have an accomplished what it is Memphis basketball is. It used to accomplish. And yet the end of the season. Least the games. So secondary to everything. Else that's going on right now because. As I reported last week. Which is still true today. Of the University of Memphis is seriously considering. Removing Tubby Smith. As its men's basketball coach. From. All indications are is are that it is going to happen. It is going to cost nine point 75 million dollars for it to happen. I'm but like I discussed last week. And written about as well. Of the administration. Has reached a point where they recognize they just have a math problem with Tubby Smith. We can argue about recruiting. We can argue about. Whether or going to the semifinals of the AC tournament. Whether this is good or bad or whatever. But I said on Friday. Even after Memphis had. One to get to the semifinals. But before Memphis had lost to Cincinnati. When Gary Darby asks me what happens at Memphis goes and where it's like goes to the instantly turn him. And I don't get that really engaged Beckham it seems so unlikely you would have to beat two teams that are clearly better than you. It would have been Cincinnati and and then with the way the bracket broke down Houston. And though I guess you could argue hey they are to be used to want wanna do it again. And they were phenomenal and that first half against Cincinnati just the idea of Memphis winning two more games. After Friday afternoon. Seemed highly unlikely. So it I didn't really consider. What would happen if Memphis went to the NCAA tournament. But one of the things I said was nothing that happened in Orlando so far and nothing that I think's going to happen in Orlando going forward. Is going to change their math problem. Season ticket sales are still going to be way down. That check from the grizzlies that theoretically could be 800000 dollars is not going to exist donations are going to be way down. Attendance this year was at a 48 year low. On it would probably go even lower. Next season because all you'd be don't want. Is bringing back a team that finished in the 160s. According to the most respected college basketball metric that exist. And adding to at this point to. A prospect that. Are considered impact full program changing. One is a sub 300 recruit. Who's a project that best. And the other. Accepted the University of Memphis a scholarship offer instead of a scholarship offer from Wofford. Those were his options at the end Memphis for Wofford so we picked Memphis and but he didn't pick Memphis over any other high major program. Or over any other AAC program Memphis Waugh. He picked Memphis so when you're bringing back a roster that is. In the 160s. And adding to. Prospects that aren't expected to be impact full. There's just nothing for a fan base to believe him. You can talk about having a great offseason and coach them up. But like I've explained over and over again. You don't really go from where. Memphis basketball is right now. To where Memphis basketball ought to be inside of the year without. Adding. Impact for recruits. People fallen into a habit of trying to compare. What's happening at Tennessee right now with what could theoretically happen with a third your Tubby Smith. But one of the things. That those people don't realize is that Tennessee last year even though didn't have a great record. Even though didn't go to the NCAA tournament. It was a top sixty can pump. So Tennessee has gone from a top sixty team to a top twenty. That's really impressive stuff Rick Barnes deserves yet serious national coach of the year consideration. But that's a very different than going from 160. To top twenty testing went from sixty to supporting improved forty spots. Would bring him back mostly the same roster and it in the same coach they got better. Because it's always possible to get better. But it is highly unlikely. It would be way you unusual. For you to go from where Memphis is right now. To where Memphis wants to be. In a year. Without adding impact for recruits without drastically changing roster. In so. Most fans are Smart enough to realize that. Season ticket sales would continued decline attendance would kick a continue to decline in your basketball program would probably stay about where it is right now. Again you have to trust me on and you can look at yourself. But here's a fact. There is exactly one team in the incidentally tournament this year from a from a top seven lead in America which is what Memphis is that. There's exactly one team that went from outside the top 150 to the NCAA tournament won. One that fit. Missouri. A Missouri do it got a best player they made a coaching change and enroll a top five recruiting class. That's how. Unless you do something like left you can't go from outside of the top 150. To safely in the instantly turner I should rephrase UK and anything's possible. But it is rare for that to happen. And so if Memphis were. To decide to do a third year. Arm odds are it wouldn't. Look much different. Than the second year. And odds are it would that's on the court. And in the feats. In side effects form it would probably look works. When you put all that and a pot stirred up. That's how you get to the situation where the Memphis administration. Is gonna meet with Tubby Smith tomorrow. And it's how you get to a point where. They might in fact probably will have to make a coaching change not because there are certain. That the next guy theoretically Penny Hardaway. Will be a home run long term success future hall of fame coach who else. Anybody trying to tell you what Penny Hardaway is going to do. Over the next five years as the University of Memphis coach if he gets that job is just guessing. But he immediately fix is recruiting. In some way any immediately fixes they attendance problem season ticket sales problem donation problem in somewhat. He helps you with your money problem immediately. And when you consider all that. It's home. You reached the conclusion that. The only thing more expensive. Flesh costly. Then. Keeping Tubby Smith for another year in this position. I mean the only thing more costly than removing him is keeping him. For a why don't people focus so much on the buy out and just. Concluded on a very surface level. Memphis can't afford to pay that number. In reality the opposite is true methods can afford to not pay that number could not paying that number's going to be more costly. And paying again the only thing at this point forget basketball just focus on the books the only thing at this point. That is more coffee than having to pay a nine point 75 million dollar buyout over six years. Is not paying. Because. You gonna continue to hemorrhage money in ways that are already. Well document. And it might be one thing. If Tubby Smith was. Not only aware of this for you have to be aware of it but interested in. In trying to address that in some tangible way. But he clearly is. And because attorney said so. Over the weekend gave. Interviewed a margin not a commercial pillar that it's not tubby Smith's job. To put people in the seats. And we can argue about a lot of other things that that attorney said about whether penny has hindered. Tubby its ability to recruit within the city. But. This is one point we can't argue about it is 100%. Part of the University of Memphis men's basketball coach's job to put people in meth inside that are formed. That is part of the job. In fact if you have any type of job. Where you are well compensated. And your. Ability or you're employer's ability to pay you. Is reliant on you delivering something in some form it's part of your job. I wouldn't be able to make the money I make. Doing a two hour radio show. If I didn't have advertisers making it worth ninety nine's. Bottom line to pay me should they pay me to do a two hour radio show. So. It would be foolish for me to say it's not my job. To meet with the advertisers it's not my job to try to make. Advertisers happy try to make. Advertisers back on top of each other right when it comes to this radio show it's not my job to go out and actually knock on doors we have an entire sales team for that. But if they need me to help them. And I can't. I do. Because if I'm going to continue to bake as much money they make do in this two hour radio show I need them on the other side of the building. To be able to. So lads connected to it. It's all tied together. If you wanna make remain out of the basketball coach. If you'd better be coaching a basketball team that surrounded by. Lots and lots of fans it is George job. It's wide Bruce Pearl. When he got the Tennessee job. When in the cafeterias and yeah stood on tables and put on body paint talked with students when the women's gains put somebody pay. He knew it was his job to generate energy generate enthusiasm. Generate a fan base. Put people in that arena it's why John cal Perry John cal Perry. Went out and set up. Some promotion where people in the upper deck had a chance every home game to win a flat screen television. John did that John talked about that John is promoted that. You know why could he wanted people in the upper deck how can we get people to go sit in the upper deck of FedEx or what do we promise somebody a television literally every game yet. Will they go. John did that. John also had an awesome product on the court usually or at least hope on the what. But he still understood it was part of his job. So. To sell season tickets to get people in that building. These things go hand in hand. So home. I believe that it was headed this direction for about a week now. Oh win Tubby Smith attorney comes out over the weekend and says two things that I think are important. Arm it's almost at a point where you can go back. When he said he doesn't believe it's his clients. Responsibility to put people in the seats. Well that's not the type of job the University of Memphis Jarvis. And when he says. The reason you can't recruit locally is because a Penny Hardaway. More than you burn that bridge for. So. And the only. University have about as far as I know who's ever been able to succeed at Memphis without. Flourishing. And local recruiting. Is junk out there and that's because he's John cal Perry because he can recruit anywhere. But the staff can't recruit anywhere. He can't recruit nationally. If you concede you can't recruit locally. And what are we don't. And those are the basketball reasons. That. When you combine with the financial reasons this'll probably. I would assume at some point tomorrow. Certainly this week reached the conclusion that. Some we've been talking about for about a week. Perhaps longer but certainly it's intensified. Over. The past week. And it all goes back and I played this clip last week. But it's worth the hearing again. Because it all goes back to what John cal Perry said literally the day he left Memphis. After except the Kentucky job. He stood on purpose home. To meet with the Memphis media and some boosters and fans one last time. And he was asked. Two things. How you think the fan base is going to. Embrace the knicks coach. And what advice would you give the next coach. John cal Perry who has done the Memphis basketball head coaching job who have done their job better than anybody haven't done. You can hate John Kelberg you want to you can make Kentucky nobody's ever been better at that job than him. He's the best coach to ever work at the university regardless of sport. He is the best. University of Memphis basketball coach. That's ever left. He understands that job. As well as anybody. And when he was asked those two questions how you think the fan base has been embraced the ex coach and what advice would you give the next coach here's what he set. It's not the position it wasn't me. There wasn't any partially it was the position. I think whoever cheered their boys to embrace. Then the only thing you tell that person as we need you hug back. We need you to hug back we need to get involved and understand that this is different jobs. Hey and Garcia in the powers at be they know that. I think it's going to be fun. When he did understand that it's a different job you have to get him off. It's a different job you have to get involved. Ultimately. When somebody writes. The obituary on the Tubby Smith there at Memphis it would be tied to that. Either they never understood it was a different job or they found out too late. Never really got involved in the ways that the Memphis basketball coach has to get involved it's just the fact yeah. Never got involved in the ways you need to get involved to get the Memphis basketball coach. Never understood it's a different job. There approach. To the Memphis basketball job was similar if not exactly. The same approach to the Texas Tech job. But the Texas Tech job is not the Memphis job. I suppose it's possible that just picked the Texas Tech job and just do your job and keep a tight circle and go get whatever kind of place you get to Texas Tech and develop on and coach them and scraping call to a 500 record in the big twelve and get an audience we tournament than lose. At Memphis. It's a different job. And an inability. To connect with the fan base to connect with. The power brokers in and around the city. Item. To successfully recruit. All of stacked up on. And that's why. And this thing is probably going to end all way more quickly than. The most anticipated even could've imagined. On the day that it began. I was clear from the jump. With a Tubby Smith hire it's not what I would have done. But there was a scenario under which I I could envision it working. But that scenario never played out. And the most obvious big example of that. Was the decision to demo Q loss in which cost you two best players in further. Hindered your ability to recruit. At least in the Memphis market. Once that was done. And it's why I wrote that column or when that happened. This was always the likely scenario this was always the likely ending. And surround. Prepped for just 24 hours away from it but. I am now basically. 5353776. Is the number 535 ESP annual talk about it you've got a question about. Any thing connected to Memphis basketball coaching situation. I'll do my best answer right after this. As a leader in the treatment of erect tile dysfunction the Memphis men's clinic is proud to introduce wave therapy the newest most advanced treatment for a child whose function. We've therapy is a breakthrough big uses the power of sonic waves to address the root cause of most men CD. By activating a man's own natural healing agents to increase blood flow through the creation of new blood vessels. 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How advanced brain make you break where everything else. County aren't coming Campbell clinic after hours Germantown south haven don't have an appointment. You don't need line can't really Campbell clinic after hours you can block ending. Get treated can get. We're headed there now. Campbell clinic or the beach the official sports medicine provide for the grizzlies. Red birds and tires gas severe feel just smile senator hotline now. Gary back. Gary sheriff Joseph and I do not about me if he had just caught in his gonna join me at 5 o'clock we'll continue this conversation right now. I want to continue what you guys as you know if you listen to show regularly I do not take all of this will be. The second time in May be like three or four years. That I've actually taken phone calls on the shall we use the just do other things but these are interesting times like the most interesting times yeah in Memphis basketball and are you guys were asking me questions all weekend. Whether it was on FaceBook Twitter even friends via text message I haven't had an opportunity to end certain many of them because. I've been busy I've been working but I'm here now so have you got a question. Or comment. Or anything interesting to say what will give to run 5353776535. ES PO discover Rodney any member of Rodney what's up. Roddick. Rod eight. Are they there Roddy that. As a man out then that would advantage of the Democrat. After just eat out though people meant it about experience well alt political debate Kos crowd that while Carter's low ball and in order. They have experienced it it may twentieth but ultimately will direct and all of though they determined so big here and relate that Putin are way. Get rid of these days they eco ready to play as we have. And you get a remote culture he may be a good kicker though but we don't know but I think he's gonna do was to go to clearly out about it. Who had that gone great the table what he hit. And we got what could they back on track right dugout bears bad ideas that opiate that boat site. Rodney thanks appreciate the phone got I won't say that I'm I'm not completely dismissive of the idea that experience does not matter if you're looking for. Com you know. If you're looking for something that would give you Paul's. As it relates to hiring Penny Hardaway it would be a lack of experience. I think all of the things that he brings to the table in terms of recruiting and just energy and enthusiasm. You know taking out. A program that is bidding golf that negativity for. About a year now everybody likes to say it was two years there really wasn't two years the first year of Tubby Smith was like whatever we can even talk about it not that often share. Arm is to win they lost six of their topic transfers that everything really turned to. To what it's turned into. It didn't start from day one people love to tweak that it's just not true it started when that the loss since left after the demotion of Q1 loss and and it started then because this everything that's happened since then was very. A predictable that the team was going to be. Not good that recruiting was going to be hindered you can see all that if you open your eyes a little bit last April. That's when the negativity started the so I think pity fixes. Like a lot of that stuff. The negativity is gone people just be excited we've learned that over the past week that the fans want this they want a reason to be hopeful they want a reason to care. Penny provides that immediately like literally changes it overnight. But the lack of experience as a concerned I guide I don't know how it couldn't be that said. Fred boy Bergen never coached before he got the Iowa State job that went well and the main coaching the best basketball team on the planet right now Steve Kirk. Had no head coaching experience. A before he got that job. Let's go to RD needs mental thought it's scary how are you. The prayers I don't I'm Greg you're okay. Doing great outlet you have one question for you exactly. I know of the athletic director and the president much of the judgment it was involved and aren't so passionate. I was trying to figure out exactly what what do you think their reasoning where or in other words they're they're pros and cons or are in. Coast compassionate. Okay I'll answer that appreciative Collin com. I've had these conversations with. The administration I'll just keep your day. Today. They believed. That. Tubby Smith. Could be a piece help them get into the big twelve they genuinely believe that clearly it was some. Were misguided. But they genuinely believed that he would help. Change the perception. Of University of Memphis basketball. And I think the other thing that happened was that. They did what so many. Administrations do when they're frustrated with. What they just half. Bagel opposite the wall was just passed or at least what was the perception of Josh pastor young guy great recruiter. Can coach that's what that's that was that was the way he was labeled fairly or unfair. So what is taught respect. Old guy can coach. But not that great of a recruiter he can really build your program if you just give it time that was that ball behind. Little bit like again a blonde girlfriend she was just bananas you know I never date a blog again eagle on find that the best Brunette you can font. Like Memphis went opposite Josh pastor Tubby Smith is the opposite of Josh bass yeah Josh wants to. Promote promote be involved everywhere to be don't want any part of that. Josh would go out recruit work and a gray area and do all the things he needed to do to give us your players Tony don't want any of that. Josh had a reputation of maybe being an adequate. With a dry erase board a tubby one of the best. With a dry erase board they went opposite of Josh passer and that's what led them. Tubby Smith then I am. It was it felt like a mistake at a time at the time and you know at this point it's it's quite clear that it's. That was a mistake let's go to. DC in southeast map of day say what's up. Yeah everyone talks yard years so don't be don't cut me off what their children showed little. Trusting illustrated they're actually good crew live from the extreme. And become a better course for first place such an attitude agenda we saw Saturday. Worst astounding. In terms of the turnaround in the ability. Which speaks to his coaching ability very also speaks to durability of those players they obviously were better than what everybody anticipated. I think you have a bit where the ball pretty good days of rest. I think that this series who could've won that game I don't think it was a situation. So we had just turned on the to vote that they they had the political advantage because just writes well he never used simply. Yesterday nobody can hit Mexico thereby political gonna paper announces a couple of bad investment opinion on that. And they know what shape are concerned about canal waterway and that's assuming that he's eligible recruits. You recorded BJ at Jefferies is sort of doused him right. Bet between Kentucky. Alabama and Mississippi State I'd be cherished Jeffords who want to talk twenty. Players of this class of 2019 Genco Biden but there's also on the top players. If not a couple of the present to my training we've got two of the top listening. Recruited this area. It's been a roller bed Gentoo are suddenly reclassify. And gonna settle Kentucky my question is if he played trumpeting now in of BJ Jeffries played in particular system. Why not indicative about the Q did you not want to be going to let ecology technical bid just secure all the top players. OK let out. The B it is still here to Obama you still there. Yes good luck out my car radio system that something's wrong I can't hear. There's always appear to hit I'm shall follow. Okay let me I'll walk our walk through all of that. I'm first thing you said was that from December 31 two big game with Cincinnati. Memphis the improvement was remarkable or whatever word you used to describe. And let's in my eyeballs tell me they did get better and the record actually suggest they do get better. But in terms of an unbiased testicle for formula that like actually write this type of stuff stating it that much better. On December 31 they were ranked a 175. In the country right now they're ranked a 163. They improved by twelve spots so I I agree with you that that might die solve the same thing you're I saw. But it didn't really show up in the way that these things are. Our. Outside of people's eyeballs. The idea that Memphis was way better than anybody anticipated that's just not true now I know that they love does scream about we were picked to finish ninth. And we finish we finish fifth in the AC so woo. I would say two things that hey if you're picked to finish ninth at the University of Memphis you like I've already messed up badly. You should never be picked to finish ninth in the American athletic conference if you're the University of Memphis and that they did finish fifth in the league standings like a you know I've got I got access to the league standings just like everybody else. Com the truth is. That. You know again though the most respected it. Metric. Used to rate college basketball teams actually says they were the eighth best team in the AAC. And if you don't respect can pump fire with me RP IP PI staggering it was all like eight or nine. In the leak. So they work and that much better or they didn't exceed expectations in fact they started the season. A right to 132 it can pump when they bright before they played Alabama they were ranked a 132. It can pop they finished the season ranked a 163. They actually got worse at least in that in every other computer formula. That is respected by basketball people a basketball coaches they actually got worse. I'm in the ratings from November till now. As it relates to DJ Jeffrey I guess I would say this. This is clearly Kentucky. Want to get this done before anything happens with the University of Memphis situation. Arm. That's not something am I I think it's something I know. Arm. Obviously DJ. Jeffries could tell Kentucky to hold off the John cal Perry is. Among the most convincing talkers I've ever been around and if he is putting pressure on you to commit now we're moving on. Then if you really have always dreamed of playing for John cal Perry. Play for Kentucky that I can understand why DJ would do what he's going to do tonight which is at 7 o'clock he's gonna commit to. To the University of Kentucky if you're Memphis fan. I wouldn't be too freaked out by that because here's the truth on he's only committing tonight. He can not sign a national letter of intent and I write that cannot happen until November. And I don't wanna say that commitment will mean nothing. But commitments often mean nothing especially when something changes. To change the dynamics and obviously something could be about the change here. The head coach who. According to DJ Jeffrey's father. Didn't even recognize him in an elevator. In Arkansas did you here that story today yeah we had wanted to area DJ Jeffrey's father. Is Ayers thing is is counted on when Jason and Jon. Says that he was an elevator at a hotel in Arkansas some basketball event. Elevator opens up Tubby Smith walks and Tubby Smith has no idea who yes. It's the father. Of one of the top 25 players in America who lives about fifteen miles from your campus and you don't recognize him. Like that's a problem. That's not something I heard that the story. Corey Jeffrey said today on live on the radio. And they said you know Tony Barbie and can hit us all the time coach Cal's come to school Bubba block. And you'll tubby the end of the Memphis debit picked up a little bit but but not really and they tell the story about one time that elevator opened and to restrict like literally didn't recognize this is DJ Jeffrey's father right. Like I think I would probably recognize DJ Jeffrey's father. It's not my job to secure DJ Jefferies it's not my job to recruit players so that was just another troubling story. Well into your point he pretty much said as much you can't wait on the speculation of what could happen with the Memphis job bottom line at this way it DJ Jeffrey commit to Kentucky tonight it might mean eons of wanna Kentucky chair but it might not. Commitment like out of state means nothing but it is it is completely non binding. And people. So we committed to Illinois. Player for Bruce Weber. The Mike Davis got fired to hired Kelvin Sampson. He decided to go to Indiana why why wanna go to Indiana to play for that guy but I go to India played this guy right. I'm not saying that be the case for DJ Jefferies. But just understand that his commitment tonight to Kentucky will not mean that he's definitely going to Kentucky or that Memphis is definitely out. If the Memphis situation changes it could Alter his situation and and the situations of of several others I got to take a break will quibble we come back we get right back these phone gobble scrap for 44. We'll get right back to phone calls right after this brick. NASA and ESPN and these Memphis is Ford's place I never says number one sports station covering. University of them. Intelligent decisions like hello this is tremendous news for stationary. The only story thank you FM ESPN. Internet providers from a small businesses along. 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Look Chris Lawrence has more on. These funds are greatly influences particularly good venue is vessels at anytime and the book madness gone dark. Guess to Deerfield a smile sooner hotline now. They're getting better show. Who do you bears show is live from the love restaurant and sports scores studio's idea to nine FA. Monty SDA to. President elect. Questions on Twitter. Decision this would grow quickly person that's why would DJ Jeffries a commit this early it clearly is coming from the Kentucky side like you know Don cal Perry Tony bar those guys. Are they you know they used to work here they're very familiar with the so they know what's about to probably happen as other just trying to get out in front of this the commitment again it's just they verbal commitment if non binding. It doesn't mean that DJ Jeffries is going to go to Kentucky. But it seems like the strategy at Kentucky is let's get this kid publicly committed. Let him start getting all of that it's quote on quote love from Kentucky fans. And it penniless coming to try to get him to flip the Peking coming to try to get him to flip over the make it is difficult. As possible 5353776535. ESPN the Starwood blood bought without. It. Hey aria. You don't go and ask what do you know there are a movie of the month and look if you'd go about it would you every day with a 160. Years. I adore watching on TV my wife hates me because every day at 4 o'clock local we'll look for my guy. Well what I do. That's just about the nicest thing anybody can say thank you. Yes yes encore I've grown to love you didn't feel terrible that little walk and Crumpler in New York in the fall of a comedian it's hard. I would say this there's always a chance but Kayla was solid Jason John earlier today I was asked a similar question and basically said he has no interest in being. On the University of Memphis staff again I think. The quote was something along the lines of the way I was ridiculed for that I'd I would wanna go back to that into that situation arm. Which is an unfortunate like that he feels that way. Because the truth is that nobody likes to admit this. He provided more. Good players. For the University of Memphis in his brief time there been any current Memphis coach a call like it is the head coach or any of the assistants. None of them provided. None of them enrolled. As many. Hi major. High quality basketball players as Q loss and was able to do just by like getting its funds to go there. And so. My feelings on the kill us the situation Orwell document and I think it. They was incredibly shortsighted ever to mold him because it it it cost you two best players. And and really made it more difficult than it should have been there to recruit locally let's go let's go to Jason in north east of Memphis Jason what's up. I'm good menu okay. They're pretty good thank you come equipped you should do they erode and come Boeing's. Did a brilliant businessman and access to our question Lou crane. Q did any ill apologized to fans say they have no matter you know we made a mistake can live longer than candidates. Take figuring out. I appreciate the phone call I don't know that however say worse or item or maybe I even the words we made a mistake. But. That's. It goes without saying at this point that they they made a mistake I think. More likely what you'll hear doctor Rudd say when he speaks for Tom Bowen say when he speaks assuming that they do. Make a coaching change. More likely you'll you'll hear them say something along the lines of when we recognize this as something that wasn't going well we felt the urgency to to fix it immediately. We didn't feel like we could. Obama allow all the trajectory of the program to continue in this direction. For another year or even another day. And so that is why we are in ending this after two years. And that. Those types of words by definition will be acknowledging. A mistake anytime besides my to a fifty million dollar contract. Five years fifty million dollars and you have to buy them out of it after two years and you have to give a nine point 75 million dollars go away. Is an obvious mistake I don't know that you ever hear that word come out of either man's mouth but I'm it goes without saying it's it's that obvious. I'm big gain and costly. Mistake. Go to market nine point mark without. I do and Gary gray you okay. Yes sir you know when I found out you were taken called on nearly dropped my new Amsterdam and almost threatened they Rashard so that's my expert. Taken the Collins and basically what I wanted to know. Kenny has kind of taken that hey you. Team. And now account or your child additional columns business. And can he continue on with tragic. When he would come great the coach if you becomes coach power or does that you know what what does that what does that do and remote as far as him in his job status. Yeah I appreciate the phone call. There was there's got to there's a lot of moving parts here and a lot of things that would have to be resolved obviously if your division one men's basketball coach you can also you can't also run on ninety YBL. Summer program. I am mighty. Guess. Would be that that team penny would continue. In that. Some form but under a a different name I don't think the NCAA would be comparable with. A college head coach's name. Being connected to. An EYB a program in such a visible way so the call it something different they could just call it. In OT Memphis. Or however they want to do it but. I mean imagine that there were Nike would be a team called. Teen chef ski. Or team cal Perry. Like he's just now if if that's Mac is so you get that team pity will change it will still be a prominent Nike EYBL summer program in Memphis. But pennies name. I'm almost certainly would not that definitely would not be attached to the other thing that I had some people asked me if I I don't really know the answer. And I asked a couple of that are athletic directors over the weekend. And they didn't really have the answer either but penny they minority owner in the Memphis Grizzlies. You know is that something that is true if you do that is that it within the NCAA rule book or not. I honestly I do not know I should just email somebody in Sibley and asked them in fact I will. Because what about the other coupled athletic directors they were unsure of that but I guess that bottom out this way what ever have to be resolved. In these ways will be result that is just figure it out and dumb I don't think it would be that complicated debt to figure it out let's wrap this up with. With bill on Bartlett bill how you don't. He would dare you don't I'm great man that precedes you Colin. I don't question can totally get another job somewhere else. And if so can I don't play hardball. And tell him that we're not gonna let you go and almost without a field. Are there any kind of looking for another job and get out of 88 and some of the money. Now that's Smart. Appreciate your phone I guess I would say this way. I am because that have happened before. In in coach like listen we want you out of here we are not gold but we don't wanna have to pay your full buyout. So you need to go try to find a job. And if you don't try to find a job could you try to force our hand a fire you wouldn't give you all this money. Then we will still fire you but we're gonna wait for the coaching carousel slows down and we're going to. Make you miss on all of these opportunities. And that becomes a little bit of a game of chicken. I guess what I would say is this. Is one thing when the buy out million. Ten million dollars. I mean ID out of lost because Toby spent. But I'm walking in that meeting tomorrow no doubt and I'm sand. And we don't go to basketball team you'll give me two million dollars. No wind between. Like you say whatever he wants about Tubby Smith but he is old nine point 75 million dollars right and there is no scenario under which. I would take another job or I can't met tubby would take another job until Memphis terminate their contract. There is no it's wide Josh never wanted to leap. It's why any Kennedy never left the list. Any Kennedy had opted to go coach in other places including you weigh day. The only Canadian figured out please mark got. The best financial move I can make in my life for my kids. Is to Cogent all the fires in. Make them pay that money and do not by myself out of the contract you make them by a mean you're you make them buy you out of the contract. And so what tubby. You could try to waited out if you were Memphis to try to make him blink but he wouldn't blink. And it then you're just further damaging your program. If you're going to make a coaching change you need to make it now. Or at least as soon as possible understand any supposed coach in the state tournament this weekend that complicates the stuff. I would imagine that. The hiring of Penny Hardaway. Doesn't happen until after that's over for a couple different reasons I would be. I would assume Penni wants to see that through but secondly if your Memphis. And again it this this is just being Smart about it. You can meet with pending and have an understanding. But as long as he's not a college head coach or college coach at all. Into whatever he wants those kids. Right the second he becomes their former coach in the current Memphis coach now we'd operating under the infinitely rule book and point. But right now he's operating under no wins the liberal vote. He can be with. Chandler lost and James Weisman and everybody else on Eddie's team.