Gary Parrish Show, Friday, May 18, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins on his exit from the CA/Grizz draft pick in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, May 18th
Gary Parrish Show, Friday, May 18, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins on his exit from the CA/Grizz draft pick in Seg 1)

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There is going to be I can't believe this I can't even imagine this. And with a straight face without hesitation this little girl who looked right in his Cameron she said. Will golf course I can believe this this happens all over the country. I've actually always kind of felt like eventually was going to happen here too. In the idea that we've reached a point as a country where our young people. Are waiting to be shot act or shot. In a school is insanity. Now again it is statistically improbable. But you're vulnerable to this anyway. You know there are certain crimes committed in this country where they only happen in certain parts of the country a they're only happen in certain parts of the city. But these mass school shootings they happen everywhere they happen down south up north West Coast East Coast. They happen everywhere. And it was Santa Fe Texas today but it can be Germantown Tennessee tomorrow it could be Hernando Mississippi. Two weeks from now. You know I've got a son who's in high school and I'm not gonna pretend that I go to bed every night worried sick that somebody's gonna shoot up his school. But I am very aware that. That it it's it's possible. Because it's it's capable of happening everywhere. And the idea that we got this young girl. Who isn't even surprised that her school just got shut out. She's a weaning him I cannot believe it of course I can believe it. Like somebody somewhere has completely failed our youth. When we are sending them in schools and they're not surprised when somebody shoots at them in their schools. Until you do something about it. We'll get another one next week just will figure out where when it happens but we'll get another one next week. Story number four now official Geoff Calkins is leaving the commercial appeal we talked about it with the guest today. And he danced around as much as he can danced around that I think if you listen to our conversation. It was very clear after Smart city Memphis. Had reported that he was leaving. The commercial appeal that he was going to be leading the commercial appeal. At some point they made it official today the commercial appeal actually reporting. That Chris Harrington Jennifer bigs and Geoff Calkins three of the most talented writers at the commercial appeal are leaving. To pursue quote other journalism opportunities. In Memphis and so I know that none of them have talked exactly about what they're going to be doing. But there's going to be a new media outlet. And in some form herein Memphis. And they're gonna employ some of the best. And most recognizable. Our writers and reporters and columnists in Memphis like you don't have to be a genius to connect those dots. Of the specifics. I'll let them lay out on their own time line. I'm buoyant on the commercial film took it's taken a big hit here because. Over the years and I speak as a former employee. That place has been dwindled and dwindled dwindled. To. To where there's very few people over there that it's. He that you read too hard on a daily basis and Jeff Jennifer and Chris are our three awful. And I'm not gonna take that they don't have more they're still very talented people working in that building when I'm five union. But they lost three of their mortality if not their most talented. Arm earlier today the good news is that some you know if you're meant to you know enjoys reading them you'll still have that opportunity. Very very soon. But it's it's a bad day for the commercial appeal because. You know and I connect ever struggling. Industry. You know losing talent. That people are used to reading arm can't possibly be a good thing I was just talking about it next yeah. You official. 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And each of the past three years when we did the commercial bill last hope for the best matches story in the Memphis area winner was quick easy. Magazine version by Michael's out and they're taking nominations. Right now performs given a round of government post dot com and nominate sleeping vis a best backcourt in the area of America's most. God good located when the united Hollywood symbolic for a summer added that the Hollywood being. And yet they carry brand name matches the daily death also furniture. Instead diamond head when everything. We try to version on the firefighters sleep easy to make sure to check out free dvd or talk to Michael. You can reach at 6196206. 96. 200 as you mention that you heard about a month Gary Gary show you can get additional. In person often divert his play that the mattress or furniture or anything. Back in front of my Michael battle. On the web for giving me the edge he's got enough to. Jeff Hawkins. Little dabbled I try like crazy yesterday did he get you to admit it. You're leaving. 495 union avenue after 22 years and you danced around you danced around and that it was breaking news from the commercial appeal earlier today Geoff Calkins leave in the commercial deal what do you say about it. This is what I think will be. I didn't violence beat India should there I did not know it. I think all your hard hitting questions they're actually accelerated Ithaca area. I think you're hired him neutrality etiquette questions about it here accessible I thought we would do I really don't know if it's for a I really thought I would do that you do the sports are there times you take effect that's we're what I say I don't serve which is it was a stroke. But you have to get accelerated a little bit. I've got. Got larger more calm and able all but it is a promotional deal and and I'm grateful everybody is as Redford what they do years and I'll talk about it I credit problem other at some point you're emaciated and there. I'll talk about it on my show. Monday but it's a hard and they're I'll be honest error I've talked about that a little bit they're talking their group last night of the church terrorism. But actually it could have a copy well like I turned out so. So it's hard. But I'll talk more about it is true and I will talk more about public or other than Kumble took more than a. Yeah you're you're gonna write a column about you know your decision in in and armed I'll knock it right Tom Boyle it's right what ever come you want you're gonna talk about a Monday on your show that's where you should. I won't press you on any longer although I do will wish you. All the luck in the world with this new endeavor which I'm excited about a whenever becomes a reality let's switch gears itself. I broke down in the opening segment about the NBA draft of apparently at where I think I am. With the Memphis Grizzlies of picking four because what I got to studio today. A bump than that Eric has the time you know him he's play by play voice of their radio grizzlies Vietnam. He asking about to demolish hate would you trade the fourth tick. To the Chicago Bulls for the seventh pick in the 22 pick and my answer to that is not right now. And any here's where I met I think. I'm assuming that Eitan and Dodgers are off the board in some form they're just not there for which I'd I'd feel very comfortable assuming. I don't know what which is gonna go one which is gonna go to maybe one goes one another goes three I don't think either of those players are gonna be available at number four. So forget there. And they come down to what the Atlanta Hawks are gonna do it three or who is the other player who joins them in the top three. I guess I would say this if the top three players are off the border eight and dodge it's an anybody other than Marvin Bagley. I'm stated for a pick among them back if on the other hand atop their players up the border eight dodge engine Bagley. I'm gonna sit for. If my doctors have cleared me to draft Michael Porter junior and and assured me that it's not a long term issue and I'm gonna draft Michael Porter junior. What F. Eight dogs in gym bag the year off the board in some order 123. And my doctors have red flag Michael Porter junior and so you just don't wanna take him for. Now I am actually willing to listen to other franchises including the balls with 722. And I'm actually interested in in considering moving down. What do you make of what I just. Talk about what you said in the distance. I love that you know what you what you have a conviction about Ike and what you want a cake to talk about the stuck in the abstract. Is almost meaningless so for example when we work yesterday when I was asking you if you would. Trade. From order to. Give Dylan broke at the height to as as as. As. And ammunition to do that you said not a chance and that's not a today page and the truth of the matter is I was gone overlooked a very good about it. There's not a chance you could get that done for Dillon broke secretary should look like last year. To trade he heard the Celtics for the sixers talked to an order of public places left to space is yes I remember one to get another I don't want to get that done. The ticket it would borrow at ought to pay dry age. The immediate help 18 and that is you should feel this thing you'll want to let you know that much and so you know what you war. You know what you have the conviction about it which you have the conviction about is. If that is it currently. But you can picture about a healthy I've aborted your site. As so. And I quote that I would I thought of that same conviction about those same player but I think that's what you wanna team could do is to have that kind of a construction. So in the abstract. To the truth is the people who won't say I'll trade for the 4% of its total to try to manage. People who say that. It's based on the assumption generally. Yeah all we want board of 7%. If you don't have a great percentage but this athletic. Skill development others. Porch you hear whether it's Jarrett Jack's whether it's. Chechnya where they're being you name them right whether they're all basically. We are going to be good we gonna be there all the same. If you really like it that's how you're operating we'll of course and earlier outrage but apparently not an MBA yeah. You're job is some of those players are going to be good. Al-Qaeda. I think he'll be at all started those players assembled players are gonna be. You don't mr. no which is what it except there are a well yeah I have to click here failure to bite of the apple is supposed to be knowing who could. A useful to have a conviction about them and so it in that circumstance. It only makes sense to trade down to southern. If you have no conviction about a player if you think this place you know. 80 or mark if it is certain that it would make sense straight down US look at this picture title player. Cool you know it's going to be available itself but I. If you have a conviction about that player that means you think they're gonna be a stock that is at our high in the draft you'd think you're gonna get out. If you will appeal of the conviction about trade ya didn't take a look at trillion look at those veterans like Michael Drake out of senate took a picture detail I. Well but if you have a conviction about it. One part of the someone at five or six still soccer chant that you don't get it you can't tell for sure to also are gonna pick him so if you really had a depiction of the Arab. It was poor diet or I'd like to Cuba detention about it. Take a couple more don't risk losing your. And so I think it's their job. To know who they think it's gonna be good news and to go after that player. And political tactic read that we talked about as subtle things so much it's eagle truck that's creating doubt if more could actually we don't trust them. Two baker right connect them to tell them that more and more you know more parts to both the board concluded a black man don't answer the porch but that's up to come out. It's got to say look pretty good. At what you did and I think everybody good review which you do that you sit. I'd like this Q a for me I think he's different. And that's they should do and so if you bed or. I'm not drop out of their duties different. And you're not just Cheney barrel in the trade basket and I think that's what it you know should erotic but perfectly legal coalition that person might be. A different person. But that's also a trait you can make a draft you could wait Cheney who call for who's available and then talk to the ball to the parents. As they looked at the got a lot of whatever else that will consider seven point oh. But I basically am not in favor of that. 'cause I think what it means is you don't really believe them if you know you're just whatever I can't identify the best player unless a look at like. You you can like for example. It's a situation where. Some of who everyone acknowledges the difficult fifteen or something you know whatever it is your guy that you're gonna take an observer and you really are a 100% sure don't get to that limit seven. And it but I liked. Stay at or have a conviction Dick clay is going to be a stock. I think the Celtics past two drafts are great examples of exactly what we're talking about in different ways two years ago 2016. Danny Ainge is on the clock. At number three. I don't think you could find a mock draft anywhere that had Jalen brown go on third. Nobody. Anticipated the Celtics going door they're taking Jalen brown third. But they took Jalen brown dirt they can think clearly had a conviction about him they clearly were right it. They will now stand oh my god you what you should wait until you should tell you I. That's the look like he does mean our supplier. He did Ainge did not say you know what will it. Like okay 1 o'clock at three the don't want to warm brown we think he's gonna be available seven let's just move down to seven or see if we can't it's just like they did. The guy we want let's get this done I'm not gonna risk moving down in the missing on the guy that we want that we have a conviction about. I've nobody else might take Jalen brown at three but we are and yet two years later nobody's saying man they took into early they were saying it may be on draft night. But not now when he's ball down the eastern cover spot. Now fast forward to last year. It conviction about a player it was Jason Taylor. Now the difference here is that they actually knew Jason Taylor would be available three here's our. They knew if the sixers are coming up you don't deal with them to get Marco faults. And magic Johnson and those guys in LA could talk a million different ways about we're looking at this and there was no way they were taken Alonso. Forum for a million different reasons Ainge knew if the sixers are coming up the taken mark Cahill and the lakers it too. They're ticket until well after so we can actually get the player we have a conviction about at Torrey. We know he's got to be there at three so we can move down the three so in that case absolutely but to bring it back around to this draft. I don't I don't think anybody who use anybody who's available at four. And you have a conviction about them. I don't think you can reasonably assume they're gonna be available at six or seven or anywhere because I do think basically everybody has that group of players. Ray young Mohammed bomb blow when dale Carter. Colleen sexton. Michael Porter junior. They got Dole's group of that group of players. In any order. They could come up aborted anyway. Yeah they all feel like you could do it is this if this but he always should do is if you're exactly right if they're what do auto play to identify somebody could come up you try to force senate Belichick about the taken. But you could do good they could be able to personally force not a particular want that would you got little only do that little one about college. Somebody come up pick the five Republican. It but they don't tax you cannot trust the way to the Celtics did the problem not that a greater the only way you could do it into the trouble like totally supported it. It Kevin doctor itself with the support touch from Kentucky or something like that signal just. Yet it is our duty you know like. Won't it won't get them right in and endured 95%. Sure you don't let it. I think obviously if you really think that's a start like that the stud yeah I volatility out of that this is this guy could it be decided. Did you take it up curry got one in the metro I mean you know in that door to the draft. Not a bit at what would go to a lot. I wanted to do I get there because concrete you know it's it's as if you'd get to me. Drafting in the NB day. People but particularly I the part of first round is a little bit like traffic quarterback for the NFL. If you've got to be excited that you can't take it too hot you can't say well you know this guy would have been okay. A 23 of the first round but it's become the first round makes no sense whatsoever. That's stupid. A bit of its people franchise quarterback. That is the great ticket to exploit the great that it wanted to say it is not a franchise quarterback. And the crappy tickets for the parade the only way you take it all the first round if you could get a different type quarterback. And that you can't take it too early to think they can be a PSA. He if you have a conviction but let's say it's for yup that's the that you really like a war or trade Barack. Just pictures had fallen to try yeah. Look at some of applicable but don't have again they keep people people will roll our eyes. But all the right do you attribute a along will come October and you're gonna brutal market you do trillion gonna be good to be comfortable yet and that's why this sort of it's defeat what it is this sort of I'm gonna try it at the get Senator Clinton is based I don't think a lot on the lack of faith in the front office that we see throughout you know this problem but Waller. Some damage from sporting news is is somebody who reported last night that the grizzlies are interest in moving down. Again I'm OK with the moving down on draft night if it makes sense on draft night but I know I can't really imagine a scenario where it's gonna make sense to me. I'm. One of the things Sean reported and he got to come on he's got he's a reputable reporter. He said that the grizzlies would like to move down and get a weaned because they need help on the way. And I. Hate that idea I don't not debating whether they need to wean clearly they do and have forever. What you got moved out and a draft to take a position. You take the best player available regardless of what position he said it plays and Chris Wallace has insisted that is what he's going to do. What if if he gets to a point where wolves in on draft night are reporting that. Well the reason the grizzlies moved down is because they wanted to help on the wane and they would rather have Mattel bridges because he plays a certain position. That would drive me insane take the best player you don't. I have never and I say this all the time but it's worked it's worked him reminding. I've never hurt anybody work for an NBA team who says man we drafted this player few years ago and he's turned out to be great if he's not a good fit on our roster. Nobody ever says that. I don't care about fit I don't care but position give me the best player available when you pick it is solid and so moving down because it is strategically Smart to do. OK moving down because you want to draft a certain position no way. Horrible horrible horrible idea to do that you're exactly right and it is weird is that. Everyone's stats couples literally told okay. I don't think that's clearly edited to Butler got the best player. And an interior play any dialogue with the truth every league and every organization whatever date and it it is and it's more egregious in the end of the where you really do get into dollars more offensive to do it wouldn't be at a he's never do that and yet but do I believe there's a reasonable likelihood that it might well do about the good. But I didn't think about why yeah because and that's the problem wit. This whole. Short term. So Chris knows. He's got another even liked that that bit. He can't have committed more you know beat these guys. He's got to do something immediately they keep this job. Right as you've got to hold short term conference now you've got Chris solid short term time Tony you've got we all stupid forget about the first show kicked just green. So we get back and then they get so we're given a page. Lower first they're proud that I first connect so we wanna talk back to the playoffs next year. One key market like it's just incredibly short term time timeframe that are looking up. And that drives poor decision making it because that's not appointed mr. appointed to get the best player for the next ten years but the best fit. Exit bark at my age it's a Michael Green and whatever the basket player who's gonna be awesome expert ears and it's amazing how they say it all the time. And they do need work badly anyway. But they say it but in the end. The editor at the best player put it in too many teams do everything that they were there would those types who wanted to achieve today. They did it because they. They thought they needed something that we're not looking for great players you know they look at political football draft. Go look at a team to lose the first scene draft with a history but yeah. It has we need defects and really talk until they drafted. They just a machine pretty. They just could DeMarre Carroll and they got to send a day we're going 486. Right and they get a shot blocker red protectorate setup at the heart felt about it if you could pick wary respect. They didn't develop and they let it go too soon to it and thought it that it is that's been going after they are there and that's. Just stupid I basically got quite totally therefore we don't each chef Kurt but that's exactly what drives stupid decision making the biggest mistake at all. Of course with the Portland trailblazers who says we don't be Michael Jordan could we got quite quite Drexel I suspect they would not just I let go towards. You take Michael Jordan and you put him what do you figure out what Clyde Drexler and if he goes on to become Michael Jordan that you've got an amazing asset to move. In Clyde Drexler same thing with the grizzlies in that draft if you have a conviction about stuff curry. You take step curry and you put him with Mike Conley if he becomes step Currie you've got an amazing asset to move. In my camera and I would say the same thing here I've heard people. And the topic is obviously off the table now but when it was possible that the grizzlies we're gonna keep picking first. People would say we can't take the under eight. Well if you're getting the best player in the draft and you pick you can't take the battery that it's picked of course you can do you do if you think he had arranged the best husband this drab. Your pick your first and you don't take the Andre. You have made a mistake. And so why you heard that from people people on this radio station. The grizzlies can't take Dion create and because they've already got Marcus I'll bet is how old you ruin a franchise. Now I think generate is the best prospect and draft but I think if you believe he is you do not not take him. Because of the presence of Marc Gasol and this is one that actually like if it's still employed. Let's say the degree these are picking fourth or they do move down. If I have a conviction about trade young or conviction about Colin sex. You don't worry about Mike Conley at all. If you think when you're picking trio is the best player available he's the one most likely to be a star of everybody you're choosing between you take train young. And you worry about the Mike Conley situation. When you've got to worry about the Mike Conley situation. But if you pass on a star who you thought might be a star because of the presence of somebody else on your roster that is what dumb general managers do let me ask you this. Well aren't allowed the don't want arguably the best example of what a good he did not do this and they were correctly to not let what they have a clutter up. What date would put that aspect and that was wired. Walked one in this the first tropical Kyle Lowry. The very next year is that you know what I currently the best player you don't have to create a lot of data should orchestrate a lottery micro recognition got off Kyle Lowry. But imagine they'd stick my coming out here. It's that I would apparently that I can't relate because we got calorie budgets aren't great but people at our current IQ you about where you take like earlier that you achieve what you have to do to try to get more that I got to go out not. It is I think well established that their goal is not to go into a total rebuild. Even though people outside of Memphis think that they should lots of them do their goal is to keep my keep mark and try to be. Good again next season make the playoffs for the eighth time and nine year spam. If you're picking four. And eight and guarantees that we are off the board. There is a a look. Of a good possibility that they would take Jarrett Jack's. Do you think they should consider. In that spot. That Jerry Jackson isn't as likely to help them next year. As other prospects are because he didn't help Michigan State that much this year we only played 21 minutes a game about why we're talking with his yesterday that he was so great he would have. Not played 21 you know either eat the Playboy it's what it does get somebody pointed out on Twitter hey Carl went into double play 21 minutes per game. At Kentucky but that that's so different. That was because Jericho very had like fourteen McDonald all Americans and he committed to a platoon system. In the free season which by the way probably cost him a perfect forty you know season national championship. But the reason Carl Landry tells. Only played one woman's game but Kentucky is because everybody only play twenty minutes a game at Kentucky they committed to that of the preceded it wasn't because Karl at the Jones wasn't also. Arm Jerry Jackson didn't play more than one woman's game is based missed and they because he was not an awesome college basketball player if you're actually. If you're Chris Wallace and a front office that is whose future is uncertain. And you or. Your goal is to get back to the western covered playoffs next year. Does that factor into your decision making lists and we love Jerry Jackson as a prospect. But I'll be able to help us much next year let's get somebody who we also love the prospect but who can help us next year. Now you're tired. You've got your job they have the best player it's five years that's your job to job that the best player party is so obviously compared to close to make. It will all started out as a player. Was gonna be the best player on the long haul. You do not if you think about what it's the same impetus for the opposition which this particular. What you try to do look literally. Wrapped a franchise over the over over the on the publishing hoped could let's be out of the country hope of getting a look at political capital electorate now announced that it does she witnessed any hope of getting into the play aspect you know about it impossible but you. You're actually now. That we were sculpting everyday. But if you if you think you are one player away. From wedding date championship. What you just need one let us not defense. Darn bus stop when I can't publish it. You'll sculpt your team around. I don't know if there's one less piece. We can speak at eight I lost a particular. Ballots they think is budget for position rectitude that Tata premise to put it Biotech. Geoff Calkins thank you sir congratulations on your new move wherever that will be able. I've read about it when you write about it for a commercial build our count. But about it of gardens are managing out of them ES PM to it just last point there and I think it's just glossed over a little bit in this market because. You know we talked about David really gonna try to be good again next year might market might go back to the playoffs. Outside of Memphis nobody's gonna know predict in the go to the playoffs no and and I said that like it I don't think they'll make the playoffs next year. Okay so like you look at the west no matter who you draft. Houston is going to be Houston yeah Golden State can be Golden State now. Portland is still gonna have Willard McCollum their lives on loaded Oklahoma City is still gonna have loaded and I'll figure well I'll say they could lose Paul George out like. They're gonna have Russ that they lose Paul George they got an incredible cap space all right they're going to be better than Memphis up. You talked Utah is not gonna get worse yet. The pelicans like Americans are good. OK so that's sixteen right there Anita you guys Denver's good gets revenue mentioned. The San Antonio Spurs I should have coli littered back probably ain't going nowhere except playoff spots that barring injuries to stars on those teams LeBron can be you know I mean they're they're Padilla are almost locked up laws have gone and then there's a chance LeBron goes to the lakers and so you've got to go ahead and that's the playoff teams a playoff if O'Brien goes anywhere in the west and really the only non playoff team from this season now. That he would even consider. Would be the lakers. But he turns them into a playoff season a team. Minnesota that you got things right there to like the grip these are going to be picked. Abacus nobody's gonna pick risen topic west nobody's gonna pick them nobody I grow. I don't think we're peddling. A lot of ifs and Watson held these and all this sort of stuff will meet conceive of them making the playoffs. Here's what I think's gonna happen. I think around the trade deadline next. The grizzlies are gonna be doing exactly what the Charlotte hornets who don't iron which is. Taking Nestor won it you know somebody who's been with their franchise for a long time up in who but it was it a walk year. And they're gonna saying. It's time to. Is that a lot of change it now time to move on we're not gonna get back I was on the radio yesterday and sharp a reality time and kemba that a walk your nest here. As he visited there and. They eat. Loved him walker yeah nobody wants to walker to not be a member of the Charlotte hornet right. But they got so many bad contracts around the pacers star they love them they're not gonna be able to. Get where they want again. Which can walk right. Under contract. So they're gonna probably I would assume be outside the playoff race. As the trade deadline approaches. And the number of Kemba Walker. At the trade deadline and I bet you it's. It's similar. Lee likely. That the grizzlies are gonna be outside of the playoff races the trade deadline. Approaches. And they will take golfers. And probably pulled the trigger on a Marc Gasol trade up to get whatever they can get. At the deadline because. If the goal was to try to keep it together because you wanted to go back to the playoffs but then you're not going back to the playoffs. You know they may be it is really time it took to start there are getting rebuilt and whatever form as opposed to risk losing mark for actually nothing. Which would be an alternative. Scenario but wolf talked about that next January February. 2 circuit not. These games. This is meant business. Okay. Broadcasting and they into the I don't succeed him. This is never easy distinction I didn't know. There's savings and then there's big savings. Can always find at your neighborhood Kroger and with low prices it's delicious choice plus personalized coupons. 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Can we talked about it yesterday. On the show and had been speculated. About. Throughout yes today. I'm Jeff Hawkins. In jeopardy secretaries and are actually leaving the commercial appeal to. Work for another media outlet. In in in Memphis it's now confirmed from the commercial appeal all three are leading and they're all going to be working at the same place. I can get into disputed specifics too much about what is going to be but I feel comfortable saying this. It's going to be a. In New York. Media outlet. Featuring a reputable Memphis reporters. Reporting on. The city of Memphis and the things that you care about as so this is not great for the commercial appeal. Because that's a program a newspaper that's been around for a long long time. And has been an important. Come into T in this city for a long long time. And it is it's no different more different and less than it's than it's ever been and they just lost three of their better. And more accomplished and recognizable. A writers after losing that tons of people. A year after year after year after year. Like the way that paper looks when I worked there and I left there in 2006. The way it was when I left there compared to what it is now it's like not even recognizable and now it's basically run out of Nashville. Yeah as opposed to Memphis which is another problem. And so I'm not gonna say that Memphis needed another media outlets covering Memphis but I'm I welcome the addition yes and you know it appears the room from what I can tell from talking to people. It's gonna be. A media outlet. All wounds or at least financed in large part by men Europeans people who care about Memphis. And then they're gonna hire people who are familiar with Memphis who understand this city who care about the city. And new war or capable. Of writing and reporting. About the things that led teams care about an aura a little less important world. Sports. So I don't think you can see Geoff Calkins change too much as a writer. You just gonna beat him at a different place the same thing Chris Harris has already said this is well Jennifer picks to. And so it's exciting yeah I'm looking forward to. I'm seeing the finished product and I'm getting more details but I'm we will have what amounts to. Another. Daily newspaper. In Memphis although I don't believe it'll be another. Printed product because if you start pretty products in the year 2018 don't worry don't meet it's gonna be a a web based. Daily newspaper. That competes with the commercial pill and given the hires that they what are already made eight I think he's gonna compete well I. I think a lot of people ask me because of of Jeff's job here at the radio station about this and I can dole I think I said is. It's got to be something compelling to motivate Jeff. To leave the commercial deal because as he talked about. At at 5 o'clock when he came on. And that is hard when when you're at a careers stage and you've accomplished the things that that he's accomplished and I'm not just blown smoke a Jeffs but he knows what I mean people know what he's done. That's hard to do you know that's a hard thing to leave and you you know you know just leave for you hope that it's something that's that's. Good and you know I it sounds like that they've got something cool planned. The only for nothing now. And you don't live leave on a whim now. And could be one thing if one of these people were making this move try to be motivated by any thing sure the idea that three reputable well no I'm not skies and more heavily yet commercial appeal to a journalist yeah had decided to all make the move I think should be a good indication for yeah I the rest of you out there that. That they believe in what is happening right and so that's good news and I look forward to it and I wish them all the best. We'll do dinner to go next. 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You know in this area then it is expected to be. And now all these years later after these. Changes have. Been implemented in in the statistics. Show real improvement. Right now. Com. It's 20% below the expected level. They flip the number completely on its head. And if you wanna know exactly what they did just Google regional one helping commercial too because it was a story about it. Earlier in the month but always remember there's amazing work being done at regional war and by amazing people and I can speak. About it with firsthand experience because our youngest son was born there we spent nearly a month there in the nick you. And we watched firsthand the incredible work that they did not only for our family but for other people's. Families and so if you want more information about that they go to the website regional one helped out Orbitz regional one health done or. I had now you've router would you hear what's better than diamonds. Absolutely nothing unless it's more diamonds. 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Who cares you know there's a lot of from the local restaurants words or studio 99 FM am ESPN's. Not the premium AD group brackets made for the finest flooding rains tonight it is still run parallels move this bill to bring down the grid itself this. Included the credit card this Friday it doesn't the injury history is doing tonight the barbecues that's listed at the barbecue at dawn and I wherever yeah where you're at Bridget. Unless your behind the moon on don't drink and drive. But anywhere else. Anywhere else you can get into it I think anywhere else you can get into it. I think I'm getting good meeting room I'm I'm in the spirit to add Jacob Graf pitches all that'll be fun model a new Amsterdam by the way. We're out of time you eat meat yeah hey you got a Drake when you'll Mets fan right now I understand. It's a tough these all right now Brock they started 111 I was so excited I was excited for you in late in the they remembered. I know you're the New York may affect the psyche and they got rid their pitcher and now. Rock movement army that. On the Gareth probably after a year as it nobody except the war and to grumpy kids. Says this is hers as. Todd Fraser heard team who isn't hurts me. All the crappy guys. Bennett anyway. Let's head knocking up he would take your mind although it. They got flavored bargain as well apple beat George mango pineapple raspberry coconuts limited Brad Bird one time I just remember next Demi and Paul our restaurant. Liquor store. Yeah as informed by name. The fact is drawing Bret about United States of America we have our methods and the number yeah I do have a lot of market Burke asked. It's slow on the web. You have to give spirits that come to dinner together. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks folly a regional peace dividend. What did we learn today I don't mind I thought we learn a lot because really more than anything I walked you through the grizzlies draft every. Reasonable scenario. I think as of may eighteenth I've got this thing figured out I'm willing to change and I. Probably will. But at this point I've got this thing pretty much figured out yet at least from my perspective and that's not what they're really gonna just tell you what I would do if I were one of the grizzlies. Or at least what I think I would do I run in the Bristol got. I'm assuming. That eight and Dodgers are off the board in some order in some way they're just not available for my they're just not. If any other player other than Marvin Baddeley joins them in the top three. As the Memphis Grizzlies were selecting Marvin Bagley fourth overall right if on the other head Marvin badly. Is it the top three in some form would look at dungeons and beyond create. I'd if my doctors that OK Michael Porter junior is back and convince me that we're really not risking much. We'll take it Michael Porter Jews. I like it here on the other hand. Bakley is all the board with dodge engine eight in the top three. Michael mortar juniors. Back it's been red flagged by my Dodgers right now I'm willing to listen not today but on draft night can we won't know this stuff until draft night. On draft and I'm willing to listen to somebody who wants to come up. And picked fourth. If it's the boy will offer seven point jump before I'm willing to listen to that. And if I can't get a good offer. And back resolved the boredom quarterback is ever thought. I'm not a 100% sure what I'm doing what got kicked them out we'll try to focus on that sometime next week what's the biggest. Jane tonight I don't know. Not swept and got a I've got one in the Moneyline tonight. Puck dropped seven do you care about this considering USF umbrella and I'm all in on Vegas Zurich gold nights I've been to a name already this year I've got the the jerk did Jersey my kid has a Jersey Roland do you think overnight low Google much of what I was way ahead of them making this play out this colossal playoff run they're now the favorite to win the Stanley Cup down. It's crazy story. Putt to drop the fat you can watch it on NBC sports network. What she's done watch on TV every bit that I'm almost here what's going on a Friday that in daylight. Yeah hoping for Keith Martin do me the league is set up. Bridget within local video they met when they were sixteen I didn't marry them live just outside of Toronto and everything's been great. The danger was looming. Right inside their home. And when Bridget came home from work one night. She found bill hunched over in the wash room you know key doesn't travel to these countries very often I hope it's Keith mores and now he was dead. Hill was a ha what happened to him. We got where that is reporting. And your king reports from 100. It and well you gotta get returned whiskey or if he's he's he might be dead. OK maybe David what is that like that I just like two stories a year what do dateline and try to figure out what happened he warns me. How do you work that infrequently. Adding yet it party contract. YouTube shows the air. Having these three more great agent what Michael's doing a Friday night and ticket sales pitch and that's fine but like. Inner can't address. And he's fine no problem dispute is tech fans are here and aren't you more is there anything I need to make sure I read that got a story about. I don't know if you go to. The web site there and it's about how our city. Has taking these. Places where you didn't wanna go and turn them into destinations for people. Laughlin yard being a great example of that Phil if you wanna read positive things about our city in the New York Times that they should root for a year year. You can do that today if there's a story about it what sun's out next week or pick him out of. They have good play out discussing NBA draft a bit about what happened to mark can think for LeBron did could be playing. His final game at Cleveland on Monday night heat of the rockets award is going to be up to one. By the time we talked hill Monday for Cynthia came bursting wake up looking forward to enjoy your weekend. I'll enjoy in the eyes can see Dave Grohl barbecue that's elements that what's up an affidavit either way it came back here. Monday court could it be careful because be good read you. One. The official who. How your teeth look at affect how you feel about yourself to what today's advancements in dentistry. 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