Gary Parrish Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Mich State HC/Jaren Jackson's former coach Tom Izzo in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, June 22nd
Gary Parrish Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Mich State HC/Jaren Jackson's former coach Tom Izzo in Seg 2)

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Reality in an infectious smile. Arm he has been he's been doing that really well over the past forty four hours appreciate the grizzlies open is that what that. That was Jerry Jackson at the fourth pick in last night's. In BA draft we come back Geoff Calkins is gonna join me won't return to the conversation. About the grizzlies drafted at 525. The man who coached Jerry Jackson in college Tom Izzo hall of Famer to be here again or Paris show. Believe he's ready to nine a ME SPN radio dot com masters and anytime anywhere and favored us today we have the best and he's more or less. Tell them fast man pursues its station. Grab your favorite drink and watch the game with today's birds steal half off a twenty dollar gift certificate to maxis sports bar in downtown Memphis get yours and get my perks dot com. 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Whenever you need to take advantage today we'd imagine that place to go with what they've won the Memphis goes toward three consecutive year they've got the win a forced break you can vote for a Memphis most got pounded with the smoke that kind get a plus rating Better Business Bureau but as the name indicates they did Kerry won back to. Also furniture but you need living room said Dinah instead brought. Anything to furnish a home. Make sure that check thinking these mad diverge about Michael Dell reverse the located at. Point seven I could've would've bought one at some revenues are Hollywood beach Florida told the Michael directly region and I don't want. 6926209016. Thanks to sixty. 200. Check out sounds he heard about all the Gary bears shouldn't get an additional 10% off the lead golf that sleazy thing but Michael downer. We have never wake up on the wrong side of the bed thinking dvd as Jack have bottled for. Jeff got. I tell you one. Good morning when I wake up if I didn't play very new. Why am I spent all Twitter Eric Ghiaciuc certain web site and even if I had you know that lying here in reading is gonna make me. In a tough spot where I might be late for something I still just do what for some reason I don't know what I'll walk up this morning I immediately went. Well don't caucus wrote about the grizzlies drafted at that moment where the I did shut up you Jeff for mentioning Geoff Calkins a 99 of and ESPN during via press conference today about that yeah. That was weird I was closer to its senses. That's the closest. That's a struck out and I that's gonna question and the might of all the government if they want you to identify yourself and so. I'm like oh what might get a cemetery are between job yeah and yeah. And I thought not gonna pick up Concord united united I'll bet yeah. Lot of guys yeah if he thought brownie point delegates dad it's Geoff Calkins from the Gary Parrish a 5 o'clock here on. And that's why it is weird though it was it was I Cary Kennedy is. You know you'd think position I him is that he's not but he riding on his own blog and then tweeting about. So I suppose I could do that the other thing it was actually suggest the community is there. I could write columns. All the come that I not all of them but some of the cult that I would write about the big events that are happening during this downturn. Examiner. Or the new enterprises up and running. Publisher at all it's like a lot former Hezbollah thoroughbred like you're eight columns I wrote that I have now publishing. In this new enterprise competitively is like I did what I like that normally you're you're up until midnight right itself and everything else I just I did go to FedEx Forum. And a lot little thing go down and I'd ludicrous lawless and and I kept my popular couples it's a solar radio show. We are. I have my advice would be you've been writing for forty years or whatever it is relax man in Joliet. Yeah. Yeah love it and there's very effective yes I'd sort of like I I will write again I have been writing your direction of ice perhaps but. Bryant stepped out to be able to literally just go and do they have to say this afternoon and then. Couple. Right now I am amid the suspect. The and I have guarded him an attitude that event ESP and so. What the fourth pick they dig Darren Jackson with a thirty thing picked it takes about Carter we can discuss both of those. But in my large white was. And this is what I should it advance I would say. And I know I need to have an opinion here of bread gonna start ten and I do reality that yes well your vote at some Brad I'd probably that got an opinion. Thank you I think the only thing I would be critical of like stand up and scream about is if they package the four pick. With generous contract just to move up Janet's contract I thought that with incredible. And stupid they should be using June 21 2018. As they date to add talent to the roster not as the day to. Undo or fix past mistakes and they didn't do that and it appears that they did even seriously considered doing that so. Okay good. There comes down to the pick. And I think that's about every tick. Every year. It's seemingly. That's not what I would have done but also it's it's not what I would have done but it's a reasonable thing to do and Woolsey and so what the fourth pick. I'm on record I would not have taken Jerry Jackson I would take it trade young because I've been. I think it's disrespectful for the mavericks and hawks that what you don't even exist. And what orchestrate that trade that won't talk about it on TV. I would have been just mad in the moment I've been that would take it very young screw and I felt I let and that nobody gets stuck with a mad about five with that I liked radio. And what the 32 big given who was on the board I would take you carry Thomas. Joseph Jackson was sixth on my big board it's not like you're crazy reach to take you Erin Jackson. And I Carter would have guessed that in the conversation a guy that could have considered at 32 whatever the 32 pick in the draft doesn't usually matter so it's not what I would have done. But now that's done. Like you just hope. The past and I got it. Yet you know I'd it Jerry Jackson seems like a really easy person to root for so. If you don't make in charge of the grizzlies this time yesterday and let me end of the draft he would have been better used at a different city today. But given any. In this city talk about rear of the Memphis rapper Diddy just seems all told Smart I'm rooting like crazy that in this Libby dole only doubled say that's. I wanna be wrong and I want the grizzlies to be right and I want them to be wrong at I want them to be right. Even if it means I have to be wrong that's not always the case by the way I used. Why are being selfless I hope I'm wrong I don't I hope that train young Sox. And that Janet Jackson's all seven and people can look back at draft thank god my god we dead pairs run and I think it'd been a disaster could that mean that Jerry Jackson dolphin and that's what California. Well I think you point out you get a percentage or right or wrong it's only by a factor of literally to protect. So. So I think the feud thing going on here. One is. A first right I agree completely if these two guys are quoted. They will be wild can't say it's one because he's a complete. Bulldog of a player import it honestly not that good it's not a good Parker's Janet Jackson have to keep this cap. But it could compel people bought a player in your face and people are bad. And then that added our characters is charming intraday like you can't our it was he was sensational he was great last night he was sensational in. Okay when he's thoughtful he's Turkey just wanted to be all so I'm but it doesn't mean he will be optional but he he had also. People very quickly speech and also like not. Is sometimes you can be phoney and everything in day. And out. Humboldt and I mean American capital play like this dispute. Ticker mayfield the kind of funny and care and and charismatic and an arrogant kind of a lot right like. And interjection or not at all he's just incredibly self pacing and yet on me at eight just just booed. Correct he was unbelievably good bad. So on which you I hope for that reason. He's good which. Took me. And this little it. A very clear on this that I. Like you. I act I didn't I would have been curious if they had devalued their pick in order to make up so the Chandler Parsons missed they had. You do this character get off Chandler Parsons contract. Well that really doesn't get you have certain portrait of flexibility that which you really would be gotten flexibility this year and who knows which we've got Betty down the road. That would have really irritated they had and the other thing and we talked about best. The other thing that would really irritated me as well as well to other things really what was. I'm if you were so locked in to this we have to be good next year playing him. Either whether it's full. Are because you're older so we're gonna win fifty games. Or cut obviously Chris Wallace's own job security have to that they had done something shortsighted. And just gotten a player. Greta after upside. But what a better fit like overkill bridges for example we talked about trading barrier getting a guy who gosh if the goal was to get eight next year. We're gonna we're gonna get that guy Heidi even though we know what really think he should be ranked they get good at it like that the other group that's another thing they do I would put Syria to back. So. And then back at the other thing I honestly I would have been furious that can I don't know what these trade were all like to play traded down. My feeling all along with what I want my general manager to do. Is to identify the best player and pick up particularly in at BB ABA draft. Where nobody we're about stars where very clearly. The bad place to get stars is that the high is the best at it at the top of the draft you can tell me anecdotally are people who would pick later in the draft. Good turnout because that's absolutely true but the numbers suggest. The place you find stars is that kind of how the higher you are in the draft. I just lovable each I'd want to my GM can tiptoed back to make a package. So I felt very strongly about all the as saying the parliament to spread my clashed today she is that they know I'd make no apologies for that. I don't ranked players I don't have a big board like a lot of opinions about. Whether Penny Hardaway should be the coach example weather alert quarters because of the worst job to the I'd I'd met October man. I don't know I honestly don't know I haven't seen him about you David and so I do it very much focused on process and do it did they do this the right. I think they get it right why. We'll tell you there I don't think you rank for their board of I don't think he ranked 300 board I think he ranked 200 bored out they could be wrong and ordered a big bit overshadowed this whole thing. Is that. We have seen so many times. That we like OK well we're gonna it's gonna hear about it afterward I hope for the past. And if machine today. And it's not it has. Or read a public good at all hopes and it's sort Adam and it's not the best that we can have to wait all the order output. I got what it kicked it about. Well for the past and I do think there's a certain product ETS steal that. It overshadows this whole thing and but it tore the what they did and how they did it. I think they get that the exactly the right why they they had picked the wrong guy that the reason I have a different picker can't have that in the end. I I I do like the way they approached I felt like you are now to the back. Right arm. Yeah I mean they they clearly had a conviction about Jerry Jackson because it it seems like they they. And I I agree with you I think the board was probably Gary 81 Jerry Jackson too is. I think they thought those were the two spectacular players now think that if that now maybe I don't really know mediate was and kittens so he wasn't. Out they think I'm a quite tell summit that he would write about Ike a report at you they may be crazy. Right he also liked. But as compared to point out that it was eight under the belt sports but look at what they trapped quicker great unanimity around any of these students. So I suspicion is that he at least was higher than Bakley. Editor at the Eaton advantage I would be surprised that will create little. So I asked him walk in what he's he think what does he think would have happened. If the hawks take look at Don it's. And the grizzlies are on the clock. And won't is on TV. Saying there's a deal. The halted slicked down to the good moving to Dallas. Dallas goes in the future first to Atlanta and they're gonna take trade young for Atlanta. What I think grizzlies at that moment because again I might be wrong about this but this is what I would have done independently I believe that I would have taken for yum to. That's what did that multi bit like that definitely taken for a young. Are eight and OK so the it comes up fort ticketed. Draft in Memphis Grizzlies select train young University of Oklahoma. What do you think happens then do the hawks do would deal with you for Don TH. Do they just tell Dallas take Jerry Jackson will do the same deal. Or. Or something it do you weigh that just do you would have stuck which for a young how do you think that would have gone down. I think the problem is that in that their circumstance. As you point out. Gallup gave a future first term can snort it it an immigrant who don't have that picked armor plate and the body particularly. That's just Jeff Green squandering this one like that they try to the first tropical yeah they Davis grabbed eight at right so. They don't have a different. A future first child had such. So it's possible. Right into Atlanta what does that hot day here we are we want to trade on so they could attitude check. Baker says okay great collegiate got we will make the deal for you what we'll make that deal. Mom and if you don't have a first round pick. Give it still Brooks. Right or Gilbert broke into cues or something like beautiful whatever light they give you still approach to check around picks and then we'll make that deal. So they could die of something like that or looked at the Brazilian profitability don't have much way to give up. To think that the other choice east. And what what arrogance that was that he had heard that in Atlanta. Thought basketball people. Wanted Jack. The owner wanted trade yup. And several Indiana and if they took all the world trade young daughter support network apart anyway amongst yourselves what it's gonna Beecher younger chair Jack. If now the first round pick is attached to Jarrett Jack and it's gotta train young. The world is secure Jack in the first trumpet its debt I think there's a reasonable chance that would happen in which case. You end up a tree yards which would have made the people who love train young out it would make you a breath of that because you want anyway. But it would maybe it would happen they would did not want to date they did not want to end up with straight out all of it by the way I don't. Which would bet that what we get assuming all along it's true which you could dockets with the head of our economic order we don't know. Right he think they might have been like we don't want it takes ray young returns Gruber drill a a deal. Or to try to flip him for Luke and Don just the guy we want is Jerry Jackson easier. Let's just take Jerry Jackson I'm not sure of that I. I'm not sure that I think even if they wanted Dodgers it's not at all clear that would have played out they would got back church they get it delete the 50% chance the would have DoubleTree. Right which again added in my blue but what I but I think what I did what I say that's what I would have done. It means that's what I would have done if I run in the grisly. They did not wanna get stuck which are ya. They wanted Jerry Jackson they got their god and so now able either work out which will be awesome or it won't work out in it'll be the latest in. Long line of bullet points that people in Memphis and outside of Memphis hit them with every time they talk about drafting every able to. It'll get it could be the last bullet point if they can't be another bullet point and I looked at that one of the basic kid because about all of that it is. I like to take there are a lot of times. I don't I don't think Eddie Jordan Adams is the most obvious Jordan Hendry because it all but there are a lot of times I think I think you said. That's not what I would have done for good we just stick. And Indiana had that you had the other skeptics out there that that look I'm in greatly landowner who said screening late that's not what I would have done. Well they're not pick between them right. Like people who said that unloaded on they had over the that the court can straighten right brand which is what what what overshadowed a lot of that flight. It would be Jordan Adams single chat Randy that was right there and get ready that is not. It's not that superstar that at some point he Yeager made about a big. I don't want battle and help go pack itself. So in the end. That's a bit at the probable to trust this is is that that the truck has been eroded to. But in the end. I do think their process was the right process I thrilled let him go short. Term I am thrilled they didn't try to get rid Jim Parsons. On this tech. I'm thrilled they didn't drip trade down and devalue the pick they'd worked so hard to get they get further bash your shot again that's our. The only question is did they click the right stock and use say the big guy big ticket or they should depict it checks. And that whatever had a play and even that that's not. That's not so great it's not like striking out on Michael Porter who we are not going to be able walk again. Let me walk you through a likely scenario come December. The guy who got picked fifth who was on the board when you pick is gonna play bad team but he can we put a point. A trio of the most go to school. If it gets train young is gonna get numbers as they rookie it'll be numbers for a bad team but he don't get numbers. And he's gonna beyond sports synergies will be making just from all of the court. And while I agree that Jerry Jackson's upside and potential and all of that stuff is interest. It is highly unlikely that he has an impact full NBA player as a rookie. Yeah that contrast is gonna hit. Grizzlies Spain's in the face. Night after night after night and is that going to be an issue. For the front office they're gonna be saved you could have taken train you dog he just scored 34 points tonight against the Celtics and it's did Jerry Jackson played eight minutes of that. I happen. What I just described is going that. Well I think your chute bag today acknowledging Australia. I think I think for example. Went O'Connor we'll have a better rookie year that. Janet Jackson in terms of numbers and that some of the out of because I had you know obviously had played the same position and having him show. I do think there's no there's no question there's a danger applicable. If he could just not not not just be enforceable in Haiti work area attended split buckled and s's strong Troy striker it and and and that looked. There's a possible result of the possibility that it belonged I'll be right choice by the fact that additionally. That's what I'm talking about her opponent in the long haul it works out fine. Writing this short term it ain't gonna look good right. I think I think it depends on toothpicks. How that goes down on. Today how good Australia. But if train young who is very clearly the transcendent star. Rookie of the year candidates. Scored 24 points regularly. On you know four Q that are on on on on on a decent shooting percentage and whatever and it being time. Janet Jackson is playing seven minutes and scoring two points and a block met yet. Battle car. Right if trade trade young. If putting up a lot of points. With seven turnovers and you know shooting. Eleven of 28 they are thirty or something quite bad. And you know and and meanwhile. Joseph Jackson is playing eighteen minutes or twenty minutes and scoring eight points at three blocks. Get six rebounds and a good either wing. And he shows the clashes that everyone says. And I don't think it would be so hard is this so hard okay so I think there's. There's different versions of that but the extreme version that you describe it or not only look bad I think it'll get back to to get the Contra trying to squeeze. That is just dark and you'll be right anytime soon but you can listen to him on the radio again Monday morning thank you for being here I've we come back. The man who coached Jerry Jackson and his one year of college. Mason at memorial hall of Famer national championship winner. Tom Izzo is gonna join me right after this break. Yeah yeah. 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In the final 47 different times that of course won the national championship. In 2000 most recently coach split grip it's like the fourth overall glad I did reject that I am of course. Talking about nation at memorial hall of fame coach Tom is Tony joins me now top Gerri you doing. Garrett didn't go better than I am glad he's okay and some Wikipedia page you've got bad guys I I don't I never looked like that but I would you look. You have an outage. I've made mine up my own yeah that's got I'm. That come right back here don't want to hear good note cabinet overlooking the dead this weekend in many that are. And get I would there that night and I thank god in August the you guys gotta get one in your city and me I know you know a little bit of both charities they're probably kidneys. An available player. It was then and also night obviously for those two kids and their families but. For you was well having two players selected the top eight I mean touch selected in the top twelve last night. I imagine that's a cool thing out for you too young people you recruit and you coach and you get to watch them in person realize your dream their drink what was that like for you. I think you sit as Jerry you know it's. I think we all live our dreams but not many people get the live they're pretty bad. You know for these kids that's what they dreamed about him and I think they'd vote did an incredible job. They're both great guys but more importantly. They're both good enough player to go in the lottery that. That's not a huge huge chickens. Did you stand talking with the grizzlies about Jarrett it seemed pretty clear that they liked him early on. Did you know they liked him a while back. I've known I've known Chris Wallace and heavy great an eye on him and he called me a couple times so. Yeah I'd with the grizzlies had an in the venom and you never knew what he's gonna work out at one time. I thought he might be onto Atlanta I'd be honest with you earlier and and but background and interesting animal that you guys know it's. It's something that boy one trip either one. Person that takes a different person than you think he's changed all things so. I think it worked out good for you earning good dramatic but there obviously you're. He seems like a really thoughtful and interesting young man every interview he's conducted so far. He's really just knocked it out of the park he he scattered infectious smile all. He seems awful seems to come from an incredible family. Com you know it better than any of us is all of that plagued that makes sense to you with he lived about what I described. You know some kids can be cronies legitimate army base its streets arch BA student. So he's got it academically. That played the league mom weren't sure that WNBA he would help. It's kind of the perfect marriage they were unbelievable parents to deal with they were very supportive of them. And that word and agreement with portion Ahmed. He'd sit you know my mom said it best you know what he doesn't know he'll figure out and I think that's been a stairway I looked at yet he's a really. When guys that you know needed to get strong gain 25 pounds since they stepped on campus that's pretty get. And in it was all good way he needed to it you'd better defensively worked on that he's working every shot work followed the executed gutter right and left and I have a lot of people I sort yet. But because he's my kid that a lot of people that. Said you know he. I mean can exceed three who has played very well on the Aaron. That he could be you know one of the guys that five years and not could do the best Blanche. Talking to hall of fame Coach Tom Izzo in 92 none of them ESPN coach Jerry Jackson junior last season of course. At Michigan State so the upside it's obvious the potential is obvious. Arm he had moments in that one year Michigan State where he looks like he could be the best big in the world inside of five or six years. On the other hand there were times that think this is fair where he disappeared on offense and he only played 22 minutes per game. Arm what issues you rating two with him. It is that maybe not being as consistent as say a Dion create Norah Marvin back we are some of the other players in their freshman class. That OT. Yeah. Yeah. It's. A but you know it's funny because you do look at it that never got eleven points and isn't either incredible block shots but. But I I think. A couple of things number one reason you know he played 22 minutes. Was because you don't follow global the first two thirds of the year I mean a lot right. And you know there were times that. You know. I think he's gonna happen continuously learn to pick and roll a little bit more not just picked it popped. He's a phenomenal regional shooter just gonna get there are more off of but he started to put the ball on the floor better later on in the year it. And you the other reason is we're not Kentucky but we did have five guys they're double figures so. The minutes were because of foul trouble and and the other part is you know he's a key player. I don't like miles those guys and our apps to. It'd be a little more selfish as Egypt could be in the NBA and I see that. With respect I just mean there's more possessions there's more opportunity split. But I mean he lists and we started the era seventeen years old too he's the youngest player in the draft so I think you're gonna see guys that. There's upside. And there are some. Think he's got to get better that you know yet needed to get more physical. Gotti left you're 245 pounds and that's a lot of weight gain and phone from 221 to that end. And when you gain weight like they're gonna learn how to play what you're do way and that he's he takes longer than a couple of months so. Yeah you don't. It really. Get involved rubble that was one thing you start overcome it you hadn't put. Gotta be a little more consistent but he's. Cannot tell you what if you guys want to give them back to meet Pernod. Yeah you can't go I wanted to make it's it's yeah. I've been you know it might miss it that's a libertarian who started. I I I my didn't let callous you yeah. But you know what I bet he'll get another lake. Yeah. You. It's. Not. They're very good news is they hall of fame coach got to do not abandon ESPN. You mentioned dumb you know he put on weight he's still trying to get his sort of used to it took playing with that body it's interesting because. I heard grizzlies executive John Hollander say it's something very similar earlier that. They think he's just growing into his body and getting comparable with the body and and that will take some time but they are really a memorable width. What he can theoretically be on the defense of into the court and a sport where. Now you're big they've got to be able to switch everything in it and guard. Smaller players. In one on one situations. You worked with him every day that we have the feet the body that everything you need to do that type of stuff. Yeah on the brain and I know what I mean by that it in the directory migrated. Quick enough to guard the people what he's Smart enough to actually makes up for. If you really think about it. I guess I should use agent and Arkansas good applause from about six months four months ago yell and I'm every day I think I can. But how many guys can. Block shots at his level. You know shooter three and still defend. You know in two through maybe even one through five you know. That's an oddity that specify what the block shots and she's that the trees. The other thing he has guys they're really interest me in black Panthers almost better than his right at times he's got a great let him so off hand. And there's good so. I do think he has the ports beat I think that's one area you really. Strength helped some and you know I do think we did a decent job put him defensively so he's better in that respect. And John Wright just growing into that body now that's what I consider your you know when you lose a lot of weight or gain a lot away. You have to learn how do. To adjust to that weight and it's not. An easy thing to do but by next year I think you'll see him to 45 to pick these solid as a rock his body that is. Is great and I yourself available player. Targeted Tom Izzo Michigan State head coach Tara 99 FM yes can you mention the shot it is not normal but it does go and how did you handle that when he got there with you what they just like. Paid less than he makes these so let's just leave it alone or did you tinker with Vick what's the grizzlies do with. What tinkered whether it up guys seen the dead shooter and the reason I pick it whether there's. I I still think she DND 83. He's got. Everything right is sometimes doesn't get his ripped through an operating let me get the rotation mate you need but it does go income but he's a lot better. When he came as far as get that rotation in. As they sit do you. You give thought to work on and he works on it and I know he's worked hard on that. During this spring period in. I think a summer of of working out and and I do think she is a student of the game social get better and better at that. He got to do that goes it goes NBA threes are a little farther and be college but CE. He should have effortlessly so it just going to be reps and that'll be a matter of figuring now. The difference to shoot a three and rolled to the basket. You know we've got low midrange got a good jump hook got a little bit everything just a particular record eighteenth nineteenth sir and when he does that. More experience learn how to play and at that level. Even when he was only 220. He was. Weaker but not software that makes any sense you know I think there's two kinds of players speakers and our borders well. He couldn't avoid contact. You know nobody gets stronger restart procedure and that's got to be a big plus for. I'm wrapping up there were Michigan State head Coach Tom Izzo coach Jerry Jackson last season at Michigan State last thing before I let you go out and paid enough said nobody you know how much people in the city. Care about Tebow and he obviously suffered a family tragedy yeah I definitely am just wondering if you've been able just to speak to a media happy I am. I took me forever to get him but you know it's a tough thing was Jack man who has brother and and you know what I was stated that said he was very good he numbered I think really help resurrect his career and he's still loves Memphis and I never forget coming down there and and meet a few people our game and geriatric I saw you that they couple years though it. A mom look at exactly port again it's an hour before he talked this bit shaken hands it was Zach Randolph might you know there was. A picture of him that I still have in my. Office but. You'd love that place and you know a joke for exactly like this mother and I loved his brother and hopefully. Things will work goat farm I think he's got a couple more years you know when you only jump an inch and a half a couple routes you don't get hurt his office told me that I think Jack's got a few years left though he'd go. You had a amazing career and they really fell in love weather here Tom I know how busy you are appreciate your pop in on and and helping the this audience better understand that the player the grizzlies drafted fourth overall last night and I will see you I guess in North Augusta South Carolina a few weeks. You look parent I would say that they don't grandmother and at the table whether he she says coached. I've never been a member Memphis with Memphis play I think well a lot of good boot not a good jazz but I said most of all it's a big basketball town and so. Keep that thing go on their Aron. I'm sure I'll get down to a game to try to follow my guys around a little bit about the other gut and hopefully next hero Sierra. When it mattered you can take it down on deals street not a skinny yeah little. You know that's a DI that you can you can book and I can't wait to see you tell them that's that low and a catch W soon. By the way my wife argued match you really like my being choked. We're not gonna get hurt or Nabil. He's mad at you don't blame me I. And I'll I I thought you wouldn't be the only white men having my own vitality is in that department at the time anyway. All of you got a lot more there are your wife loves it and they're okay and it's. Did get a lot of yeah now I'm relieved at that point Donald is at target you guys pay your bathtub of the above my. That bit them as though there and only 29 of them he has. Yeah some men like you don't get one more person mad at me to have a beach by song but what is the Iraq what it takes a different sounds like another dude and then what and then -- another person even misses his what's another person mad at did you gotta get a beat it beat out and that is some good a year and it sounds like it's not held a place he's been coaching successfully. At the high major level for a long time and when you're able to do that. On the picture expect done it and I'm exited village into tonight's life that he surely deserve the hall of Famer. Is the national champion ship winner Tom is a good stuff on the Darren Jackson we'll be back with the unity government. It's. In places like. The only U 2019 ram 15100. Always living up to extra. For instance when your buddy forgets to mention that he's. These portable. Rex loop current campaign trail no sweat it's you know it's only 300. Surf are coming out here renewed for great deals on the most capable ram fifteen. Right now we're the owners of celebs like three trucks financing get 9500. In total value is. Graham fifteen. Right but that's nineteen months. Spotter and 7518. And you could systems offers a wide range of wireless technology solutions like they have the newest in wireless technology. And it can help increase speed and arranging your home is a big problem for people these days could you got. 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It's getting better show live again. Here's your. Why do you look at restaurants which are studio 99 FM RE SPN time. Yeah yeah. Published study journal global pediatric health shows that I intend to find the care given a very low birth weight babies babies that. Way less than 3.3 pounds regional one help was able to significantly contribute. The overall decline in your mortality and show the judge decided that mortality it's long been issue. In Memphis in the surrounding areas as far back as 1932. Amid this had the highest rates. Among US cities. And with populations of at least 100000 yeah. As recently as 2006 the rage. At which babies were dying before their first birthday that Jimmy Kelly it was thirteen point eight per 1000 live birth at a higher rate than some nations. Like Lebanon but by 2015. Based original one security achieved its lowest infant mortality rate on record eight point two per thousand. And like I said regional with a massive part of that make it simple boy yeah. Before regional one that went this direction tackle this problem this young because new ones that are mortality rate was twenty per city high here. And the expected level now it's 46%. Below. The expected level my family. Experienced an up close when our youngest son Luke was born there he was qualified as a very low birth weight baby we knew that he would be we knew that he was gonna preview richer we knew that was gonna be Dicey delivery in the net Dicey few weeks and that's why we delivered at regional one in. We could not have gone better pass for today he could not be better source bureau. All I know advance that you're gonna be a Dicey situation that you're gonna deliver prematurely. Get your information from original one hell that's on the web original one hell dot org regional one help dot org is considered ago. Jennifer goes presented by Humphries prime cut shot a folks folly original piece did or didn't know what did we learn today learn a lot. A lot about. The direction of the grizzlies have learned a lot about. Karen Jackson's preferred Memphis rappers and like I remember correctly and some mortar yo Gotti debt clock boys. And Dolph. This they would. At gulf won in the Michigan State's. Locker room he and miles bridges all season long well. Memphis make an impact all over this country including East Lansing in. And hopefully future star of the franchise comes here with a very basic understanding of the hip hop scene. Here in the beloved cities I thought he was terrific really did. In every interview you've done so far last night on television earlier today. Here on this show. Eighteen years old and to be a but I handle himself. As comfortably and thoughtfully. Just. Trust me when I tell you as somebody who talks eighteen year old calls it did that. They're not all nearly as good now Darren Jackson has been over the past 24 hours. If fact it's almost none par plus that's a good shot from a basketball perspective Woolsey. Some but I think he's won a lot of people over. And I've bottom line it this way even if you wanted to grizzlies to take somebody else for the fourth big last night I know a lot of you that. Com. Did this amazing very easy to root for. It's a what's done is done and out the best thing for the franchise for Jarrett Jack's would be awesome and so Gobi also Darren Jackson summer league. Right around the corner what's the biggest game tonight the college World Series two SEC schools Arkansas and Florida were basically the best second at the bears three SEC schools in this whole thing now. You played the game and plus Michigan State. And Oregon today I think gorgeous it was because we they've brain incident brings an earlier I haven't seen go get another shot those double nominations thanks Brad college World Series expert UV zero quickly via baseball's world. LaDainian update World Series. Scorers. In this. When I saw Oregon State it was. They were doing work very good teams is they are doing work to Mississippi State's face. That's not good you don't won't work on your no word on his face not a mastermind of the day off so much I'll be clothes they wore them good or beaver on our face. As there is or more sorry track I'm sorry I didn't mean Brad and need to say that line on the radio. Well where we had a had a what you think are gonna have the wind what should I watch on TV and admire Paul what did you think was gonna twelve that's new bottom of the eighth as soon. The Oregon State Beavers are beating the Mississippi State Bulldogs we'll see you are making more fever coach and I watch on TV. Well the two mascot Oregon State Beavers. On up on top of the Mississippi State Bulldogs getting more jokes now I have no more jokes if you get up early in the morning I really don't have to get up early. Obviously been actually a Mexican Brothers going to be played South Korea in the World Cup. I'm Mexican flag came in how are you cited. I am inside your your basically Landon Donovan you know you are actively rooting for the Mexico Tina not only actively enthusiastically. Rooting for Mexico. NATO is part of your heritage I can understand how hard my next compared to Alley I don't know if you've been reading but. Some American Brothers and sisters bingo and Phillips hey you better have it's buried very difficult to read frankly domino rally around my Mexican Brothers and sisters out. Freedom together Mexico tomorrow but by South Korea in the World Cup the coming off a win one mile victory over Germany and South Korea they just trying to avoid. Nuclear war cash it off at 10 AM to go watch it on fox is there anything I need to make sure we don't dateline everything in LA we were to pretend Gary let's make it three for 3M B down until our brand and NBC dateline tonight at nine I forget the description okay. He'll musically and as for him down here when a prominent attorney claims have accidentally shot his wealthy wife and the local prosecutor questioned his story let me say instead yeah. If it like it at him for it like it. If I had shot my watch. And then you can you let go why did you do that I think it was and actually you put at least question my store I date of course that we questioned your story it made my doesn't add up it might it might ultimately add up the I have to question how Hillary definitely question I think it's very basic first first you go to you'd like idiot fuel. If you shot your wife Heidi it might end up being an accident. But I don't care what your story is not a question you sure you didn't question for the local prosecutor this genius decided to question the story. And that's what tonight date tonight's dateline is about. All right am reporting. On Josh Mankiewicz report guess she's. All they shelved the Morris. Again we have a dedicated three weeks and around the trolley it is contract he can't do it two weeks I barely do two weeks arrived veggies and and any browser looks like. I shows a year he viewed the seeded. As they've made no huddle click you have it looks like Friday to show at this one when you're talking about. No war is Clinton I do whatever he mourns. Indeed it did not work as much obstacles dateline instead you wouldn't just make a wits can take over yet just let me just make it would take over and I. Anyway that's tonight at 9 o'clock and what's on tap next week. A son Gary who. What's planned for a fifth guy that was thinking about earlier. Next week is actually a tremendously to take vacations I'm taking it. Off three days sorry that senator will be here Monday Tuesday to let everything take its live. I mean I think he had is that you find it sort of is if you get a try to come right after the other vacation days recovered July though NBA draft is. Over. We're not quite the free agency there's really nothing to adapt here hip when you run like. I I've I I've been working to all day and I. I don't have a good plan I thought about four hours there has potential next week I did not sign up ads aren't. Well I love Eric but I slides for two hours each of those days ahead of the it and I don't know what we're gonna do. I really annoying do something don't happen this weekend hopefully some I hope and maybe the Oregon State Beavers will do something exciting not hold the wheel beavers do something incredible or not do something incredible and we can come back and talk about them all day mesa while she. Seventh grade I didn't need to do that line on the aft month. I apologize to you and the listeners that was inappropriate. It wasn't appropriate I apologize enjoy your win we're okay. And enjoy my weekend. Coming back Monday boy he had falsely so they'll be careful big John be good rescue. The radio dot com masters and anytime anywhere. And favorite us today we have a fast and he's more or less. Early on fast Memphis news sports station. Gary Parrish and I can tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing work deadly long Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mound while office park in fact for eight. Plus years because Cooper says things.