Gary Parrish Show, Friday, January 12, 2018, Hour 1 (w/USA Today's Dan Wolken in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, January 12th

Seg 1:  GP talks about 20-year-old lotto winner

Seg 2:  Dan Wolken, USA Today, talks about college football & the national championship

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with stories about the Grizzlies, Fizdale to the Lakers, and more


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These guys is an advance for that. These 4 o'clock. You need to ratio. Back confident. And studio because the program glad they would make that you whit male you didn't prove that they don't want to. On my because if you do you probably. So what do we did early in the desert about a young man in shame that message you know let's say nobody knows inevitable now that we know now and yeah they won the role. Who now live in. In dollar mega million. Check my. We've got good. Forty years old. No way. Sum payment of 281. Million. I hit. Until it can get the megabits and got to put up what 45 day awarded to the drug covered college athletics for. Okay okay. We from the Arizona quarterback early that are up his father Ed we'll tell you we didn't get down now but did we got and come to Arizona them. Run no triple option or whatever it was obviously got good that they have found them then suicide. Get a get into that but they'll welcome. Fox Business people ball the Alabama won and as Egyptian earlier this week. The Alabama has about that as well give me Air Force One o'clock but does that affect how do portable vertical boarded forward what would have got. Ford previously undisclosed storage among them the gripping the back on the court tonight. Component in the nugget from anywhere and you played anybody at the nugget in Denver river underdog. But I thought what if I don't I thought to handicap regarded today advising gamblers home to take the war. Living in the point we get into that at 444. David is that you've ever dated big bad number Dave because you're below while the tosses. Reportedly the leading candidate to replace Luke Walton. As coach of the Los Angeles Lakers which means we could have a David can fill the ball ball fair down. Timing after that I give the details we'll later on this hour without easy area. The first African born at general manager in the NBA had strong words for president for about the president reportedly. Called Haiti and from African countries have hole. We'll tell you what the raptors GM said just before 5 o'clock in 87 to take the lead of that from the high point church you know the last night clubs have been known last week but. Better late than never I guess we'll get into that. During four notable stories at 4445 o'clock job god given up 45. The same watch an Amateur Boxing invitational is tomorrow at the actress that are among those who gonna be in attendance. The aren't they why out of the 32 year old undefeated I don't see WBZ. Heavyweight champion of the way. He's dealt with 38 knock out bit by march 3 at Barclays that are in New York. Voted they're going to be Louie Ortiz so I'll talk to the heavyweight champion of the world. At the 525 to we'll do dinner to go and get out if that's the rundown got a lot to get to but I want to start with. I chain messed up because that we talked about. The lottery before I'm on this show like when he gets to these gigantic numbers and the reason I think you buy a lottery ticket. Is it because you're going to win because like it is statistically. Damn near impossible to win the lottery you could buy a hundred tickets. Every day for the rescue alive and you're still probably never went off almost certainly never going to hit the big jackpot tonight. I'm so you don't make a wise investment fair. But. I don't think there it is worthwhile for the same reasons you might spin fifteen bucks to go see a movie why do you do. Could you sit at the Gator. And you get a chance to escape reality if only for like two hours and twenty minutes it gives you something to think about something to look at. For about two hours and twenty minutes a lottery ticket can serve the same purpose and other words you buy that weathered or one dollar two dollars you spend ten dollars on it doesn't matter and your mind starts to wonder you're just done my every time I buy my lottery ticket every week or every month even but every once proud be a big number and I'll be inside a convenience store and found to be stand there and there's that machine right in front and again and I think elegantly five powerball tickets no power play can be cheaper some regional power ball ticket. I'll say I don't need a Barber's that you want the power play around the united I don't mean that her because I think this. If I win the lottery like actually hit it is to be so much money. That like you will for a sec ago haven't always had the power play I. It's like I got so much money whatever I am a lot. More likely and you're wasting an extra dollar on every ticket it could hit AdAware did you not know if I don't know Powell play but I've played in my car sometimes I lose that I own and now it's possible I have hit the jackpot for just like Paul's domestic media which would be a nightmare meantime but you do get this moment where. It may be in a car maybe you're just laying in bed at night but you start to wonder at what it. What if this happened you know like what if I were hit if you don't think about OK what what would you do budget job where would you live now what would you buy out you know what would you who would you buy things for who would you take care rove will now draw a line. And then like you look up and fifteen minutes is gone. And he's got back to reality you're like you know while these Legos and Florida but like you get that moment to let a little silly error to me that's what the purpose of a lottery ticket yeah helped by and so you could wind you bio so you can dream. And a what talked about this on the show previous I said this it is you almost everytime you hear about these like a 58 year old somebody. Or 71 year old somebody or 67 year old somebody and egg congratulations I'm happy for them because they still have years left. Planet and they will get the spin them being incredibly wealthy. But what I hate lol I would love to see some day. Is like a nineteen year old said this often I've heard it on the show here I thought that in nineteen year old the way Lumpur are 150 million dollar they can see the rewards of this money and so today when he gets that now yep that chain missed a forty year old William just outside of Tampa a twenty year old junior college dropout all mindful that being in Florida. At this. 450. Meg amid out jackpot like I got genuinely happy and excited for him up because he is now forty years old and gets accepted a lump sum payment of 281. Million. Dollars. 281. On million dollars. Like that's like K okay you can either have the pavement or you can we just give you 281 million dollars I think you know what I just think the 281 million dollars will be done with it. He's got 281. Million dollars in out. Yesterday he had nothing gonna he was a junior college drop out its forty year old junior college drop out and a it nothing and a now he has to treat space eighty thing Warren and a million dollar so obviously all these news organizations are going back and look at social media he's trying to find him and so on the night of the drawing. Which I believe was maybe January 5. He just reported it today because after he knew we want but you gotta start. I if you wait slaughtered up to know what you need to do you really get in touch with my who slaughtered up to know what you need to do is we've been dealing with financial people for the past week. Finally today turned the ticket in and made himself public facilities that happened. News organization are going to social media he's looking for its what do you hope like taking stupid so we just felt. Definitely vote but that's what you'll me say they like you know it's like I can only. Am open to anyone Maine about the top of her and they they just don't to any woman until late on the night like. The unit and eastern times and so they announced a light right around 1130. It's on 1133 on FaceBook. His status update was old mare god. If you don't you realize like you must have to double check it triple check it like this can not you have possibly be real you look at a poll zillion times crap I just one. 400. Fifty million dollars and my lump sum payment is 200. 81 million dollars at the age of twenty he's adequate job of course but it up like a real career type career games forty year old. I figured I'd drop that I don't mean that in any way other than that that's what year true story but he's not like 838 year old lawyer. He's 840 year old junior college drop okay he might have had an unbelievable career ahead of him in the pitted this again they invent some I've just been a decision at the moment in an apple didn't appear to have a lot going off your biggest 281 million dollar so what would you do. Like that if you're twenty year old chain mess but if you're. Forty year old Brad Carson what do you do do you quit your job. Not immediately. Now I would take some time all along with the initial financial help some percent of lottery winners and a broke within seven years like that that's seems crave like you gotta be a mania let anybody see it in NBA the sport. To welcome one million dollar mania people do it. All the time now it's important meeting and they and in fact it's more likely to happen it seems the ninth round cell. Having said that I think you got to figure out what you keep your job because I just think if they're below the 281 million I'll still have my 200000 dollar year job or whatever but you keep it's he can see what your trajectory is gonna look like before you start making these let's why you keep it right you you you're I do get what you messed me OK let's. Crazy and they let Mario and that they are right nobody ever got great to keep your job your motivation for keeping your job as crazy of I don't even know Jamaica to the mattered what you make right but like. You'll salary does not matter anymore as it relates your job when you just collected 20 million dollars now let's say for the sake of the conversation you make 500000 dollars a year all right. You fathered a million doesn't matter anymore can you just collected 281 million dollar like if you vote to 31 billion dollars improperly cable boy 281. Oh million dollars plus 500 ballots so you don't do it for the salary I agree with you I do it for his salary now I would keep my job right. I would keep my job because I'm worried about my income I just collected 281 million if I keep my job for structure. I need structure. I. I think structured now forget being a millionaire Gary give me four days all. You could do nothing to do it but you say hey I'll. Kelly taking the kids out of town before dating you don't have radio or writing or television responsibilities upon desert it's just like obviously Francis I know hooked up to a heart monitor it's like how big I had bad ideas we've we've gone over the last month he would feel bad ideas and so I would not be able to survive without the structure. Of of what my career provide a give you to say hey here's don't. Zillion dollars and you have you'd just do whatever you want now. I what I want to do. A healthy right what I wanna do it wouldn't be good for me. And so what I have to do is fill my days I mean this sincerely and I mean it's like even now at the age of our life in a millionaire I have to fill up my day. Armed with responsibility. And structure. Or else ideal way outside the lines. And so you give me 281 million dollars I would keep working perhaps not as much as I do now but I would 100% keep working because I would need that struck I'd take I'd hate my paycheck and donate it there. Regional wind. What I would I would definitely keep working for the structure that would provide because without the structure I would probably like. I would either dying or I would just be a mess of a human like you like nobody would want to be. In my company I'd end up sloppy in a long and so I would keep our jobs. But what if you are now twenty year old twenty years old like this young man and you don't have. Any sort of career. Like I have a career that allow me to do things that I'm not trying to pretend I'm curing cancer and things but they're just their third. I'm visible. I have a voice there's something to be said for that I like idol and I wouldn't willingly give that up I don't think. He doesn't really have anything that. Compliment that we you don't wanna give all up yeah oh yeah is nothing going on right now except ES 281 million dollars could you manage it. Would you end up. As a mess my prayer for him was would be that he starts his career through the money in other words you get you've built yourself don't actually did what they've what career did you what one adult table now you can do that you won it'd star franchised pizza franchise whatever you have matter you always dream to be at a bar owner pay opened the most expensive but in the war that you want to get your head out whatever you want to tell you can get so hopefully he. Create a structure for himself yes right by building what literally whatever career what you wanna do a quick wit and resent like he can't say I wanna be. You know a play by play NBA and right around and go do that hot spot like that money can buyer radio station he can now buy anything he wants to do. Within reason I'm sure if you can't go beyond Major League Baseball pitcher not like you could you could. C we didn't think it does it take tablets you can yeah you can do yes anything that doesn't take natural ability talent. Well work ethic you can do and even then you could purchase things that could allow you to try to work kinks out on neck oh sure like if you're un talented but always dreamed of being on the radio you can buy or radio and has been coming in and be on the re ignited station are you would tell the mistakes of 231 million dollars. I felt like I went you know say whatever you wanna do in the week that you can create does that to get it done right hopefully yet that is what he does yeah. I would be terrified. Of the decisions I would make would 281 million dollars at the age of forty 'cause like the decisions I made. Like 80000 dollars at the agent told the court we're like we're like incredible yeah like I I yeah and I say this to be funny now but like. I had some like messy moments in my twenties half where I just like made one bad decision after another thing that. Call me to end up in jail or obviously dead but like I just eat you you're you're you're. You really stupid and that's who can't wait. And you'll downloads without unbelievable resource for eight imagine how stupid you can get when you have unlimited money. And no obligations. It's why when Justin Bieber goes off the rails and it's always surprising to make college until I'm like rising when he was like just go bananas and everybody my god not like he's nineteen years old. He is. Of a beautiful young man and a incredibly talented women love him any influence or money an imminent and he has hundreds of millions about it like that's that's that in. Unbelievable combination of things and a great looks great talent unbelievable morning. Yet when what how and of how are you not get into a mess right when you can actually like say hey what are you guys wanna go to Paris tonight than you and your bodies and then you just jump on your private plane and fly to Paris and go dominate the club and then come back you like you would completely out of sorts. And I'm afraid that I would have. Ended up. Again in a bad situation. I don't believe I would've blown 281 million dollars. But I do believe I would have you have been in trouble at about 5050 I can survive my idol live deceit per. While if you gave me too weighty one. At the age it's corny it's about a coin flip situation. That I ever see third now that doesn't mean that I would've wanted and would still want. I get like a went 200 women of tomorrow they'll take that would take. I think I'm a little better equipped to deal with it they that I would have been say it's 18 or even say thirty or even say 35 but what an awesome story and it really should. I whatever he wants to do we can do but like there's an obvious reality show available there. What is the life like of a forty year old who had nothing going on malicious our show he's just a guy. And then they don't 281 million dollars on him and now here's his life did you do a TV show on M it would. Absolutely I don't watch that reality yeah I would be fascinated by the happy about what happened how to manage it. Who we know what's he doing sort of people who start pulling in different directions yet what sort of family. Turmoil does it create just what they're all right now there's always somewhere where you cut it off ya but you go got to take care of I think it's mother's actually passed and I'm gonna take it rest in peace to her mama silence for a miss millionaire Seamus for a mother with Imus for her. All right OK so she's being -- at that tells it like any -- -- and that's a positive it's summer that he get a better tombstone I guess -- might as well whatever aid effort to those who are Gator alligator a mausoleum yet you get whatever you Barea or your and Jared putter in the old Jefferson Davis fusion trolley operator -- putter park downtown and other generous statute that we got we got a couple to play and the very people would put it right out there why not able wonder whether we can deal with it now. I'm so you take you dad now we got siblings you obviously take care of them up. But it's like okay what are bomb. Uncle so and so over here and again maybe I mean I got to underneath one. One million dollar we might take care hand but what about his other uncle there that you've never even met all this gets Dicey Gary at some point you go. That's enough at compass I don't know these people right or even though these PBS cousins you've got friends. The camera helped by a desperate out of here right. Ed girl for some help around him helped her family out yet. Well what about her grandparents to like an army and I gotta love it turns out that at some point after all the lied and wherever you draw the line there're people who don't think you should draw it there no and that's I think why these these lot of old that the percentages are so high because people start doling out and they can't help themselves from Dolan now you have to isolate yourself yes. I would. I would totally isolate myself outside of my work I take care of the people I absolutely hundreds of wanna take care of yet and I cut off all communication with the rest of the total I have an alias as well again and then I wouldn't even be in control of my own money I would like I always say like I am gonna do my money I'd change my name and his mother stuff I mean they do I can't get my my really let me have my mother so worried about what I would do my money. They don't they don't even have we have access to my Oman. It's probably why they give me American Express black card and that's why do you think the extent of what I'm able to get accomplished and I need to be going in and grab into a 2.2 million dollars whenever I won't they don't trust me when my alimony I would have some sort of barriers that I believe away what are. Some good can you match alone what we always around and wonder like what would it be like to be the number one pick in the NBA draft the number one pick in the NFL draft order be like to reach those types of Drake. But what's interesting about that is you are always dreaming that dream all right so when you get there it it is they humbling experience. But it's not completely out of nowhere because by the time you're the number one pick in something yeah but it's not your Major League Baseball player your. A quarterback in the NFL your point guard for NBA franchise like duke and headed that direction. Why are looking on people been telling you it's reasonable for a while so when you get there's just like not all out of nowhere and other words like NBA draft. On that thing and I pity the there's somebody you on Wednesday. Had no idea they would be in that moment right if Alex you've got a shocker like when I was 41 years old but imagine I've never played basketball my life I've never occurred to me. To be the number one pick of the in my grasp and and then like David Starr wants a date or the number one pick in the 1998. NBA draft is Gary pair redshirt him a B hard were still. But imagine how shocked you would be that would be really shocked that's what just happened and as young man yah he didn't wake up on the morning of January 5 yeah. Realistically thinking or probably even thinking at all that he would ever be aboard a million bought much as 281 million bucks. And then it happened out of nowhere that's incredible it is good for him. And I can't wait to see wary of them pocket view continues and if you did you think. Because I'd bet you it doesn't go smoothly L shouldn't probably won't shouldn't go smooth La. There're certain people you could give 281 million dollars to. And it would just go smoothly it would just handle it like those folks seven Millen then that one that yeah you don't hear about I've ever heard about how about they did build I had begun monstrosity but after that night in your mind playing. And learning about things keep quiet any crazy rich and I'd bet you add the add it must be much easier to do at that age. It is to do when 120 in single. And try to go meet him I'd love to try it down there woken up next. The glass. The new year is here what you see her happy days and care free nights credit card bills right credit card girl's. 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This movement ESPN and have market characterized ought to start with an interest in tweet today from Arizona quarterback legal a Tate he says he'd come to Arizona. To run the triple option he deleted it but that seems to be a comment based on where this Arizona coaching search may or may not go right. I don't know pork out there that Arizona's. At least interviewed Kenny model from baby. I don't know exactly where that standard and I think the process shore going from what I've been told I don't know that there are necessarily. Can hire someone like today but they are trying to make higher end apparently. He is someone of the day excess. I think that seems to be a little page saying he doesn't want couture and triple option although. I don't really understand why because. Or colonial they play football right to block it seemed like pretty good push from the beach. Right I imagine he has dreamed of the NFL he doesn't think that's the way to get there but my god launch in that kid play in that outfit would be a lot of form. Yeah I mean these great lottery really bad and that's kind of what he Belgrade so. I don't really understand what reticence and also can't like you know really good coach in Matt I don't think that. It's totally. You know one of those deals where he will be exact same offense but. Yeah I think that almost strange to me that that you know the deleted the tweets so there may be. You know maybe you realize that what about what sort of looked pretty secure out he's open. This strange connection or random connection today navy coach boss wears on a coach I was on I was talking to Jamie Dixon one time who's now head coach at TCU. And he was and I I was OK sorry I'm just hit back I was watching the Memphis navy game. It was like OK and like they're best friends from like way back a think they worked together at Hawaii or something. The they work together somewhere like Jamie Dixon his best friend for themselves and that's completely randomly ask you this. Autumn. If you were making the higher in Arizona would what truly will take tweet did matter to use what influence you in anyway. No. I think you're gonna get higher. You have to look won't comedy even that the kids. Says right now and it. He wouldn't like that higher. That's. Some big you know eighteen or twenty year old Mike Fey and it changed their mind like once they you know beat the cultural. War they were even. Nobody got a turtle pride that you can't. You can't make a decision based on record back liking or not liking the hire who you gonna be careful you know another year or two that are. The book away you have to do it then. I do think that if you're older you get any roll like that you should do and I think it's pretty obvious that you really good coach is super guy. He recruits. You know out of Hawaii and Samoa. He's got you know that strong Polynesian. Connection for recruiting which it put a dirt or work a little difficult to recruit. That's kind of a niche state they'd really can help the program. Will give you a distaste dial on the pac twelve and identity. I think a really good idea prayer at all that if they get it done about should they can't. What yeah I would worry about what the quarterback excess. Let's go back to Monday night national championship game a final score 2623. Alabama wins. Beats Georgia Nick Saban gets his sixth national championship and of course the story. A was the quarterback change at halftime were you surprised Alabama change quarterbacks where did. Who are. I can't it was terribly surprised that thought I thought they'd fight because. They're they're there were some. People cover Alabama before the Clemson game who it. That they've they've been hearing bit. Bit too was getting reps with the first team term bull crap and I think that was kind of up. Implicit. Understanding their but it means he might be necessary. In the game against defense whatever it local bar stopper all of it. Now the truth about your old hurts and he's as he's done a lot of good things there well. If he can't you can't beat you with an arm and that's a big problem when you play the highest level competition but even look he gave a solid good I like their offense and very explosive on effective. And that's right purpose he grew very skeptical without they have a good book or a national championship. I'll I'll take. They didn't literally the only coach in the country you could have made that that call. Because I don't think other coaches you know keeping don't have by championships. And coaches are kind of conservative by nature anyway that's how the cold and make it happen over the national championship game I just can't believe. There's if you if it if you're not in favor if you don't have that or credibility. Republicans are free to make a decision and I and I think he is a lot of credit Nicosia the stones to do that. I'm like you said that because it's something I talked about earlier in the week like it in you know. Sort of Monday Morning Quarterback and everybody was like oh of course you've got to make the quarterback change let it wasn't. All of the by nick Sabin it was the obvious thing to do and I'm like I'm home home and get I don't know how many. Men and coaches in that position. In a national championship game say let's give the ball to somebody who hasn't played meaningful stat snaps. At the collegiate level ever as it turned this over to him I thought it was incredibly ball he because if it doesn't go well. I mean people go what are you doing it and it's much easier to fit that press conference at the loser. Went with your starting quarterback playing all four quarters and just saying hey Jay I heard was our guy he's been our guy all year long. And we were gonna ride or die with him and it didn't work out but dumb ill bet that. We know we never considered a quarterback change nobody would under these circumstances it's much easier to say that it has to do what he did I thought he deserves a lot of credit for. Yeah I absolutely and I just think it would you have five titles in the bank. Four Alabama. Yeah I thought that they have or lose it because I can assure you they don't. But I just think you have so much. You have so much built up. You know credibility benefit of the doubt as a heck wrote bear bit you can. To make that decision and even if it doesn't work out your you know it felt like. Thought the fans are going to Barack do you necessarily so I I think he grew up on by that but I also think that you have your own mind. I want you about anything other than the what might execute when this game and I think that's harper workers there. Targeting a walk it from USA today's on Twitter at Dan Walker if you're Jalen hurts. What do you do now. Transferred yeah that's what I would do and I just think going forward especially in other spring and summer or in Europe to. Having the opportunity. You'll find his skill to become more mature player. You have to think he's gonna be the guy you just developing have a much more. Of offensive threat. At that position. And I'll sue I think people sort of figured out quite Allen and I but he can't get better he's going to solve all our. I don't think you really ever going to be and only passer Clinton Hillary baby you can get them. I'd become a wide receiver something like that but I would be surprised if he wins the starting job. Back to apple at this point and so you know go go somewhere else and go to I think you wait typically you'll get. I think you'd better look at committee what this year so maybe he. Yeah maybe got the opportunity for him. Military could transfer to a high major award you know yeah I haven't achieved a play maybe even our. You know I have is Georgia Tech you don't run the option or something like that vote. Yeah I I just. I think you'd be hard for him to ever get back on the field there. And so of Alabama now has a quarterback who can make that throw he made to win the national championship. What do what do you do with the now. I mean it seems like they just won eight. Six titles for Nick Saban a fifth title at Alabama they're everybody's pre season number one and now you got to worry about him throw the ball down the field like it just seems. Obviously not impossible a lot of other programs got great players to. Like. I mean is it reasonable to say yeah next it'll be even better than they were this year. Well I don't know about that there aren't you know at a local B is good on Pete Sampras eluding Merrill's second there yet. Including that little guy ever hear that they had to replace what we could choirs but. You know you just. Don't know for sure Gary you're gonna be they be weaker in some areas. But there's still going to be strong and other areas. I've you know what what I'm Joseph running game you know would not gay parents keep that you educate you basically do. You know if there are obviously going to be formidable they're gonna be in the picture percent year. Early August. Saban want to be there Burt that I ever have departed in the skill luck plays some political factor ability to wage the journal all the more. You know you saw that even in the championship game and though it would kill hurt and the reason why it was market. To displace him during the season that the yet like 120 all your law. So that you know well for a coach let me say they're too little open because of bad position. That's a pretty big cost and you'll also feel speak different and you know I don't know how it's gonna go pledged. They're W. A sense that you're finally Alabama got a you know big time passing quarterback didn't. That's complemented have a foursome that bet they'd make a record dangers. Rapid or Dan walking from USA today last thing before I let you go Baylor is now ruled reportedly. Interviewed for the colts job has reportedly decided to remain at Baylor whether that means he actually turned the job down or. What are you gonna get an offer I'm not sure you might be sure but were you surprised that Matt rule itself. An NFL interview. Well now Lillian got what he could have gotten to get up sole form. Couple to be honest with you I thought he was a really good. Candidate. You know took to be an NFL coach you were there before. Think just personality wise it's a good fit you know kind of in his style of play it was it was. Very well suited to what Vienna where the NFL going to. I taught him about that oil a day NFL prospect. Eight cents before this year are now obviously you know I think you know they went like one of Olympic order and it. I've been seated so real about life. He's the traditional bowl of the hot college room but. I definitely where indeed Apple Computer's dead. Probably not exactly the right time right now I yeah I would definitely that under the watch for the future for sure. It is still welcome from USA today it makes you read in USA today dot com follow him on Twitter at Dan Walker enjoyed a week admit thanks for being here. I figured Amanda walk in USA today on Twitter at Dan Walker we come back Brian what more a body from ESPN is reporting. That the lakers. Front office does not have Luke Walton back they are considering a coaching change and a man on the radar to be the next head coach of the Los Angeles they could then. Former grizzlies coach David his delegate and that next. Pastry we don't you listen to 929 FM he has the end of my goal here coming up Monday reaction to the divisional round filed for. Aussie NFL preview of the conference championship for Tim Hasselbeck Ryan park Monday the. We go from today's 5 AM to 9 AM up with the sports station night. ESPN's. 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And for tickets get on over to local dealer location and do what I do eat during play. Local. Today's move is an entertainment experience over the weekend and south Minneapolis. It's presented by element electro. You sound big game in PLO has not come to party at the lovers say they. Well I thought don't guests of Deerfield a smile center hotline now. Is it getting better show floor. Could you compare show is live from the blood restaurant and sports for a studio ninety to nine FM ESPN's. Judges like. The pretty in April but remains of the finest quality grain that is five times that he'll bomb parallels both of them fell to three got to create it's all bad. Red carpet. How smiled a bit skinny so smooth my mother. She could drink it straight itself on not only could she drink it straight Brad she did. Evidently gets a strike that a true story from the after Christmas holidays didn't. It really is that sounds. It is honest to god Kandahar what I buy would amend liquor store the reason semblance of quality vodka. That's reasonably price you just heard more about did you want to vote why would you do all that. So many other things you could spend more money on why would you do with. Vodka is not telling you got a quality pocketed three good ride on the list them by saying go get it if you guys doing that exactly what I just said he's doing that fought in the liquor store and person to lift them back within a lick resort it has made the Memphis market. Well number one I'm proud of the problem if a major problem brought up my I'm proud of my family you know Parma boys and their crews. And then like right after them I think my next best accomplishment in life. Is turning the map of margin into the number one the way. I hope I'm making up to you did that Gary until I got did. I can't think and I didn't hit I didn't nobody answer them until I walked in here and I heard you talking about those with a advocates say. All of alleged Emmett Till somebody that Hayes if we pay you. When you do when you talk about the web yeah but in fairness that's it's good it is yeah. Elizabeth and then they sit down. I would have tried as an avid idol has been much vitamin a bottle then I got a bottle that I should limit the ability to drink if you like drink it is straight out of the bottle this is so much you can drink it should not. I am with new Amsterdam vodka and so on the if I was told now by the distributors. I was told that before the we started talking about the rest of their market leader pair showed quicker blip or don't like nobody bought on how old every day where this. Nobody buys per capita more than the Memphis market show. Do you guys they didn't have that tipping point when they had those riots in Saint Louis than you or carried him out of the looters are carrying out of the league are either I think on Fox News or CNN one of those little problem it's better if I had to answer them my right right barely trying to talk a reporter and die anyway no let up not important so let on the web newest dance spirit dot com just got to be here five. The heavyweight champion otherworldly got a lot of gonna do it may have 51 thing about right I got what sort of like it's gospel. Or stories presented by the loss restaurant and bar. Coaches start selling tour and forget what he wanted to. Yeah. Every afternoon. So we've developed the device and rescuers who has such an important things you need to know each day at this time. Keep peace or notable stories at 444. The number one now. Landlords from ESPN is reporting that contrary to what some have suggested the lakers do not have the back of Luke Walton they are not all we had a group while they are not committed to Luke laden. And if they decide to make the change now. The purse and that agents and other NBA people believe. Will be the next head coach of the LA lakers. Yes former grizzlies coach David Bell and back when asked about it here we'll Bremen are studies that I got executive that made here I got agents in my here saying oh yeah they're probably going to hire. David is down I'm down with that I think I'm dollar bets you might think David is does the head coach of the LA Laker. I I don't let it go to Memphis Grizzlies now. I like I I think he can handle the ball family. I would love to see David Vizquel and Millwood Lavar ball because I don't get the sense he would sit there quietly knowing I'm all hell no I don't think the market pulp all the way the ball popped some noble it would just stay above on this would get down did he get in the weeds within that we have like a back him for a very public back and forth but yeah David as Dell and the ball ball up well think about it but what it would be gently you think that Martin homered in the toxic tweet about it yen. We had that Mario Chalmers Momo were like he 'cause doubt Mario and called about one every did on the sidelines they talked about in the press conference and like Mario took it pretty well like maybe this'll be the next thing you think he can you think David is delicate shot down the bar ball and make him. Change the way he's doing things even apologized publicly I think that if Israel would know wouldn't there's no chance the wow whatever apologized on quiet down. But the point is change the dynamic fans would this would talk about it in a way that would be interest things I. All four I don't wish failure on anybody I don't want loop want to get fired I don't need but if he does get fired. If he does what you are Luke Walton. No I wouldn't fire Luke Walton no I would file a one for this reason. You told Lee cowering to Lamar. Yes and you can't do that no in fact I would I would have already gone the Lavar and said the next thing you say publicly. I'm there will be repercussions in whatever way we can discipline you saw on right. Yeah that's right yeah well he if we can't hold you accountable for you hold him accountable for you right so do they even if you want to see more than yours sign right is going to pay a price for your mount a Smart you publicly criticize our coach again I would I would stand up if I Magic Johnson roughly got to stand people who are already have but iShares that wouldn't be thinking about firing Lou now Walton. After Lavar has done what he's done he's done totally it just gives him too much power it plays into the everything that he wants. You don't play into account and I got no interest match. It doesn't mean that I'm convinced Luke what changed is the long term answer for the LA lakers understand there's no scenario under which I would do that now known buddy if you do eventually do it now. I guard David is down and I pay attention to David has to all of our blog you put that on the first take you all are not talking about it is it I guess is full brunt connection right is there like blinds from the Miami days and -- that's connection will just be that he's got a good reputation around the NBA obviously if you were trying to lure LeBron you thought iron David Tisdale might help. In you might do that now I'm but I think that if if there's a brazile lakers I think you've had an independent of iTunes relationship with LeBron James or anybody else it would just be. Based on his reputation around only. Story number two really bad connection back there on the court there in their little plan nuggets tip off that they'd send those inside the Pepsi Center you can listen right here up on that he's not a ME SPN divot about a six and a half point favorite tonight saw a couple handicap or. Or whatever it's worth it say that you should take the point that there are computer simulations that actually had the grizzlies winning this game. About half of the time the that I say no way. Here we don't want the grizzlies winning anything because right now the lakers moved up to fourteen wins pole so now the greatly vindicate the tide at the bottom of the west with thirteen apiece. Two teams in the MBA and a they had fewer wins in the grisly Orlando Magic Atlanta Hawks at twelve and eleven so right now the grisly. Would have the third or fourth best lottery I thought okay that puts us in the Marvin Bagley competition it puts us in the trade young conversation it puts us in there were beyond creating and we wish him for now. And I don't tell you how to route to the right into whatever you wanna do it. But meet partially. I'm poor drink duets there vodka and smooth and I'm gonna go come own nugget it's just a camera boot apparently never gonna make a shot deal. You want them to be competitive so it. What can lose their grass on them yet I thought I mean it doesn't matter if you lose by twenty or leave Michael thank you just have to lose honestly. You don't want to be close for the same reasons when the grizzlies are doing well and you want them to win and I might bet on the grizzlies if I'm play if I'm watching the grizzlies game I wanna bet against the grisly stuff that you are actively rooted yeah. You know president's bet against Obama I'm not because I'm not Smart better I had any idea what I'm doing a lot like though if your everything they want the grip as the wind meet betting against them have probably the best thing for. But on top people late and fix that plot quiet down that's like six boys tonight with the Denver Nuggets shot. The goal is to go by plane in but little brush Evan could leave by seven okay. That would help me story number three the press the United States Donald Trump reportedly. Called Haiti and some African. Nation's best holes. Yesterday and though he has denied using that word multiple people who were in the room. Some have said now he and that is the word used. He used it repeatedly and so obviously this was the latest. President trump controversy and Masai you Jerry who is I'm an African born general manager in the NBA the first and only African born. General manager in the MBA. He offered some comments on it too Adrian awards around skew from ESPN here is in part. A lot side jury said he said quote I don't think it's fair well president trump said and I don't think it's what's inspiring leadership can be. What sense of hope are we giving people if you're calling where they live and where they're from an ass hole. I've spent a lot of time in the United States and Canada and I am grateful for the opportunities that I've been given by people and the game of basketball and the NBA. As leaders I think we have to get people in many places that you have to have success not continue to put those people down. We have to inspire people and give them a sense of hope. We need to bring people along not ridicule and pare them down this cannot be the message that we except from the leader. Of the free world and had a follows what you said about Gulbis here last night I thought that was good. It just a reminder likes guess golf from there now that esque hole. And on his story is amazing and he is as I tweeted a one of the kindness and most interesting John young people my job has ever allow me. To be around. I think the world of of that young man at a low opinion of his legal guardian but I think the world of of that young man and to think that. I mean I don't wanna get into it too much yeah I guess come. To think that we. Would have an issue with the next. Young man like that not basketball player right now at seven footer but just young man trying to escape. A difficult situation to perhaps pursue a better life. The idea that we would have. Something preventing that. Doesn't make much sense to me story number four Andy savage. Last I'd announced that he's taking a leave of absence. From high point church should this after what has been an incredible week. That searching and for him and for everybody associated now. With that. This sort of very basic level of sort of a lesson in public relations don't ever turn what can be one day story. Into a week long story and that is what Indian that church have done you know by. Obviously creating that incredibly awkward moment where he gets a standing ovation when. I'm he essentially admits to if not sexual assaults. Which is what the allegation is a certainly an inappropriate relationship. I'm because he used his position of power. Over young woman. And even gets a standing ovation which is to find one that's a different look and so. You know if you just say I'm take a leave her absence then that's the one day story it's a two day story we're done with it certainly by Friday January 12. But because it kept just new development every. 12 hours ago Tuesday morning it's something new and an addition on Tuesday night somebody say in this and on Wednesday morning. This churches had to do this on Wednesday night. Arm the alleged victim is saying this month or just like now one headline after another after another after another the first thing they teach in public relations is don't. Take one headline I make it fifty right pick one headline be dumb witted and might try to move on as best you can so totally just mishandled for whatever reason. But here we are glad somebody asked. Earlier in the week like what I haven't you talked about this because it is the type of thing that. I would normally talk about because I'm I don't know if you heard but I don't always stick to sports and the truth is. A I barely been here in Memphis since the middle of December. I have been here the may before tonight's poll. Since the middle decent eyesight for the first time yesterday in yesterday three weeks on January 11 was the first time you've seen me in person since December 15 yes. Like almost a month. I barely been here and New York by three times before I was here again. Lexington Kentucky or land though Detroit's. Atlanta and the holiday and I have been a lot of different play I'm barely here and though. I still do the right.