Gary Parrish Show, Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, December 8th

Seg 1:  GP and Geoff discuss the Memphis Grizzlies

Seg 2:  GP talks about college hoops

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 


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Re number three V California angels have made the biggest acquisition of anybody in Major League Baseball so far this season they have signed contract agreed to a contract with. So yeah. Tommy easier the Japanese bay Bruntlett caught the Japanese babe Ruth Brown added does he look like easy pudgy like debris looking like they brown he's he's he's Japanese he has definite OK and I don't think liberal look Japanese know he looks like a large American missile like a fat whitening why not pitchers I've seen what I am Baghdad I don't look at labor though the don't want a couple of Japanese. It's got nothing to do with his physical appearance so weigh a Connie it's got everything to do wit humor it is a eight. A level picture and it A level hitter all he can do it in the box okay yours yet your Jesus. And he can do it on the mound now rarely now and so on the question now because power the angels and used them and it sounds like what they're gonna attempt to do is make him a starting pitcher okay and it DH starting pitcher and DA should -- be something unlike we've had in Major League Baseball when this came up I think a year or so ago I think you might have done one of these fall forty stories on him different prospect of high school kid was a kid it would disarm California yeah he can do both well and you an I had the debate like what what direction do you go if you have a preference on how you develop the player I think was the conversation I've been to benefit I think if you're convinced he's a front line starter right. Pay go that route you make him a front line starting pitcher I'd as a whole bunch of hitters. In Major League Baseball had a lot of guys can swing a bat. How many guys can go out there and give you seven strong innings and just overpower people if you can choose I think at least yeah between becoming a front line starter overwhelming picture. Or big time hitter. Like as a franchise I want that night to be paid but this guy's gonna try to do bald he's apparently got a tried to pitch and then DH on the days that he's not pitching so we'll see how they got you hit it right seven million dollar it's going to be an interesting story out throughout the early season a Major League Baseball story number four big fight tomorrow night at. Ed in New York I don't leave it to the the Gator at Madison Square Garden it's gonna be on ES PNC not to go paper viewed. To watch it you can just turn on channel I guess since 206 on DirecTV it's of the silly element Jake go against wham all. Reagan. Killer I've heard the name Loma Sheikh Al I don't know this other guy but kill or the other guy's undefeated so it's a good fight particulate minus 330 on the money lines is a significant favorite. But if you wanna watch an absolute murder were. In a boxing ring Saturday night. I check out their fighters should be great Geoff Calkins is up next. Yeah. And 99 that. Today's perks deal will make you hungry toy dollars in fines Asian cuisine in the line occasion be sure of only ten dollars did you deal today get my first dot com. If the holiday season which means at the holiday shopping season would mean to prop. About to buy something that's special man in your life the best place to do that that James Davis in the laurel would shopping cinematic Garrett pairs have been talking about James Davis for years story is amazing we're lucky to have you remember it. 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Tonight grizzlies game tomorrow night gripping game if you want to. Following on my. 353776. Colin Campbell want. And I don't wanna make Brad dancer a bunch of songs working hard. There but have already waited too. He wanted to give it to you love or hate watching the answer phones limited to direct my attention towards telling you to focus on me and I learned last week you actually turn your hip bone W disorder and not let me everything but you're not even listen and sometimes it's natural that the bills through. 5353776. Plus college you get tickets to whichever game you watched tonight or tomorrow night. Second college game tickets to whichever David laughed. To me whichever one he or she wants. I'm atop the just got to jump started car. I'm good faith I get emails literally I'm getting emailed about your show. As it is unfold over what it's that was still well you're gonna sit here reading no we got that came in today at 4:26 PM alone. Listening to Gary Parrish talk about grizzlies tanking. And heard that you will be on at 5 PM ourselves because we entered for that to happen for me to come on the copyright. Just the thought. What responsibilities. As a team have conceded I can hold not all the season ticket holders are big corporations. Are big companies throwing away their money. Many of the theater ticket holders are people whose sacrifice to create the amount necessary for the seat tickets. It seems to me that the team is violating its obligation if it tanks gain people buy tickets to watch a team try to win the not to see five guys running around on a basketball court and I was addressing this email to them. That I disagree completely but I thought I would bring it to your attention first. But I would say first off it's all how you frame so if you do get into tank mode I don't think you do that on December 8 I think you might do it on January 8. You frame it as hey listen if your season ticket holder you quite clearly cared deeply about this franchise. We're doing what's best for the franchise we're doing what's best for you. Accusing it might not feel like it are you when you lose about 22 point that a box. But in and you're you're stuck on thirty wins for two weeks. But ultimately. Like it is nobody wants to do more. Nobody wants to do what's best for the franchise more than we. Like the people who run the franchise wanna do what's best for the franchise we've just reached a point where it's become undeniable. Statistically into our eyes. That. Not moving whatever pieces we can move outside of mark my can Chandler. For whatever we can get to a acquire young assets assets and or draft picks and beat make us worse right now. So that we can maybe get a top five pick. And perhaps draft the difference maker which has been so long since we've done. That is what's best for the franchise if you care about this franchise then you'll be able to recognize that. I agree completely I would add that I would add to. First Soledad that. The players on the court will not be tanking like you're not a bunch of our players trying to lose get whoever on the court. Well we tried as hard as they can't get to win games because it's a marriage is their career everything else so it's not like you're going to literally be watching. Came crawling. Right at you like a good point and I got to I talked with less than a podcast. Was so often and I know you don't and most people who really follow basketball follow the NBA don't but so often you hear. Got the teams taken they're not even trying to win. That it did two things the play on the court are always trying to win. Like they always want to win the players like they they're out there playing the blame for themselves a player but the rounds that's the playing for contracts the players are not for their players. Art not flying. I'm Lou what taking usually is is let's put out. A lesser product that we could theoretically put out. To try to. Make it more difficult than it otherwise would be for us to win which is a better. Solution. Two deceased. And that's the second so the first point is they're there they're there quite a part of again the players out there. And then a second point here is to me throw all your money. It's watch and a bunch of mediocre players who are mean literally never we're talking about not even gonna make a play out for a part of a BC but we all agreed that you should. You get in the class you should get in the playoff we're talking about. At some point. In terms of getting more wins for you will be key to get older and more pleasure for you this season ticket holder a wiser thing to do. Is to get rid of some of these pieces who are not going to be part of a long term and who by the lagging. Yeah that might with a few it's a little games which copilot. Get BA to stick instead of the third tech. We're gonna go ahead and get rid of that player helped by this standard we got to say that I mean every year in baseball trade deadline. You trade off. To win meaningless games in August or September if you're out of the playoff talk I guess if you kept that pitcher who you otherwise would adult that line. You might win three more games. And that what that the pitcher walked at the end of the year you don't have any banks and now that's not because that's not at all the obligation. I actually like I'm not pro taking now for the grisly job on activists Lou what ever became a good good for you one last week. That they go to Minnesota did Jamal let's a right but because it would. He in the middle that game at top of water I should be rooting forum. Could just be competitive and lose them and I was now I'm not at all like emotionally this franchise those players they needed that victory are not there yet. When I get there from like. I have rooted for me to many a condom the Buffalo Sabres most probably among them hockey in buffalo. And I swear to god three years ago whenever try to take every two great players you know you've never heard about every two great player I wanna the sabres to get one album and in in hockey goalie. Can get hot and to just start you on games like it like you you. And the goalies would get hot and I would like I would be curious what triggered an effort to trade him. Editor of the visiting what they kept trickling goalie could work but could that didn't want to. In fact they're the one game towards the very end the season when they're played Chicago and they definitely needed to lose this game and they were women. And at the end of the game and at Chicago court like pretty quick goals and I swear to god in the buffalo is in there in this game in buffalo. People working here in the Chicago Bulls actually happened and those people were Smart. That's what I would say those you should be investigated. As the season ticket holder in having built best shot to win the most games over the longest period of time did you have and it's sometimes second involved thank you. We had to be clear if you told me right now these are the options as these make the playoffs I calico bag they get hot. And played well and yet they sneak in as the eight seeding you get a first round series against Golden State and probably back to work out boy about new bells and let's go. If that's out today. Or I'll take a guy that that is the problem that always bid at all and I'll still take it today. But what's going to happen barring a surprise is that it's going to be December 8 anymore it's going to be January 28. And they're going to be. So far removed from the actual playoff picture that you're gonna have a choice and that choice is going to be this. You just keep trying and I mean is still statistically possible let's just keep dry and or do you go all right this thing happen. Even if we try so what's the point in trying let's move every piece we can move outside a mark Mike in Chandler. Because we can maybe get just something anything for them but also it it it diminishes our current roster. And we wind fewer games and at this point there's only thirty games or something left anyway whatever it is it's a smaller number you can make. But there's other things to do you could just as the grizzlies fan find something else to pay attention to it but like if you do that and you've got a chance to get Barbara Bagley you've got a chance to get Michael Porter you've got a chance to get outta dodge you got a chance to get younger age you got a chance to get cow infected get a chance to get Mohammed bumble. Like if you give me all the options are what degree these in the playoffs but what's it becomes clear that's not have to give me the best chance to try to get Marvin back. And and that the clearest example of this will be read because he will have. The way he's playing and saying you're not at mile quarter of next year almost certainly. So could you could command a hefty salary. And peace. You sir either free agent and and see the value because you have and how are you so after trade deadline. You could pull all the country to say we're just trying to win every game we can't even dating back to that play out creepy you know want. We get a first for Tyreke a late first but nevertheless the first or input Tyreke. I would absolutely flipped Tyreke Ottawa. I'm gonna ask you could look at it you can have an advantage should might have a good looking but if you have a thorough look at it your mock draft the other. And you are monitored Bagley water and I looked over some others are actually a mock drafts have him as low as tour. Without sick. Up there and what led the senate who has gone out there gathering up. It is clearer it is clear that I think they don't want or are these other two a practical one how do you break it down. It's not clear that he will go warm it's clear in my mind that I would take him 1. But I am I met this isn't one of those deals where. You've got to take Mormon bagged them wondered if you don't you're an idiot like it's not bad at all a lot of people love. Donte'. And a lot of people love eight and like there are nights where UCE. These guys. In a vacuum. If you go how can you not to be a great number one in the draft my god. I mean he's he's he's big and strong and Agile and steal that he can make it. Like he he is a perfect stretched five for the modern era MBA. But didn't think so you watch Arizona you watched your great eagle guy how do not think that guy like I saw the under a couple years ago peach jam. Play against. The kid who was going to western Kentucky. The top ten player in the country. What was his name oh I can't remember anybody's name anymore I really need to get that shot. I don't. Really like negative. Detailed Mitchell but Mitchell Roberts. Even though it was a good document out of all American and like a future pro like my move probably a lottery pick up when he picked I've got. And Dioner eight murder him. I mean just stated even look like they were like the same caliber god they're both five star guys that's how much better eight was than everybody else. It's a U west got great play you're like I know that's that's the guy that's the number one pick. What Marvin back the plate he gets 35 and seventeen and you're like what are the war how would you not take that guy number one and I've obviously never seen. A look at that just in person. What the people who I trust to have loved him too. And then Michael Porter vapid as bad thing with a guy like you write in their little gas there's four to me there's four guys. That could all reasonably go number one and it's not because this is a bad draft and who knows it's because they're all like they could. And I'll let it not LeBron level number one's talked about the door on anyone let there have been the last twenty years I got that level number one. But therefore people who could who could reasonably. Be number one any good draft. Yeah I think so I mean that they're four guys that you told me they any of them became. Five time. Really the next year. They make an impact. Yeah I think so I mean that's like me that it because it's hard for nineteen year old to make an impact in the Indian. Are they just they don't. And it's very Jason Tatum is is obviously doing it but it's it's very different but yet they could certainly. You know I I I did you take it not a gifted nineteen year old in putting with. Veterans like my trademarked and that's better than they can get the nineteen year old and putting with a get to twenty year old to get to 21 year old adult of where you really struggle like you it's impossible to win. When you regret that young even if you've got young stud like you just can't get anywhere. Like you take a gifted nineteen year old and other worldly talent and put to a market might. Like yeah I think you got some they did me. That the best option is still making the playoffs but that's the option. It's actually get so bad over the second half of the season that you're in a position to draft Marvin Bagley look at dusty. Dion very Aden or Michael Porter junior and I think after that. There's been maybe just a tad of a break. And it's Mohamed Barbara Collins sexton but if you wanted to grow Obama bombing cal infect them with those from Ford and say this is a six player draft I'm fine with that if. Those six guys I think there's the and that's it for now you wanna be the sick you'll be before. But even that QB Adam. I think if you can tell me right now the grizzlies options are playing hard. And trying to maximize their roster. Well the end of the season but they will end up one game out. Of the eight spot which means that we got to enjoy a race to them you know in the regular season and we got all these big games that are meaningful meaningful meaningful. Know what they just came up short of the and that's too bad. We get that which is what the person who emailed you like apparently wore it just tried idea no matter what to do your best to the end no matter what. If you told me that's the option or over the second half of the season get bad. To the point where you're gonna get a top six pick I say get that into the top six. There will be an and I could get there pretty soon I got there you know he would there's there's there's two games this week or two I'll give the preacher and and the quality you lose their got to bother the quality goes a bit someplace that you start to stack up and becomes a year you can't recover. Right like right now they're eight and sixteen assuming they lose tonight to the raptors. They're eight and seventeen to get to 43 wins which is what 538 projects. You've got to get to to be done. Eighteen of the west that could end up being 4441. Like who knows but are they get the numbers have 43. If you lose tonight they got to go 35 and 42 the rest of the way. To finish third 43 and 39 and it still playing games without my common for some period of time to get just what you gonna be able to do that it's impossible. It is it is highly improbable. And I do I do think you don't have to accept that reality today. But it within the next month I I would assume that the grizzlies are gonna be a place worst Honda to accept that reality and then just start moving. All the pieces that you don't consider key pieces and I just went through this as a fan this past summer. Like IE spend every night during the summer with with my three year old watching met games and he gets to know all the players Eagles all the players you know. Let's get explain to him about bank of. The food I like it was actually got I got I was sad for him when Curtis Granderson got traded. Because he loved Curtis Granderson he got he got to meet Curtis Granderson. He located Curtis Granderson gave them a ball and talked to a layman and actually played catch for a minute within like rolled the ball back and forth. And I I was at the heights own hosting rock full of and I and the tech they good to Twitter alert part of my phone. The Dodgers have reached a deal to acquire Curtis Granderson from the Mets. And I'm like getting ready to introduce a band. And then I'm going I'd really like had this like emotional like. I I don't even Obama talked Oliver about this like even love Curtis are good he's not gonna understand. Why the Mets won't go for Curtis Granderson and outlook of 61 headache and I had talked about it and say what might he started crying everything but he was like what do you mean it's a bit when the Dodgers in the for the play golf. I'm like look if anybody so happy to elect didn't love the Dodgers descriptive but they proved everybody they moved Jay Bruce they moved Neil Walker. They moved Curtis Granderson and and by the end of the season. Like they were playing a minor league team. I mean it was like a AAA team would yell at and open about what could Ford was hurt set but it was hurt so they synagogue was hurt. Almost everybody was hurt selected team was unrecognizable. But it was still the best thing for them to do in that moment for the franchise in baseball not like basketball like you can't move. Have your roster per. But you can't move some pieces for the betterment of the franchise and I do think that's probably where the grizzlies are gonna end up with and it'll be weird because it did so long. And I heard you talk about this earlier. On your show. It's been so long since a eat the fans have added to experienced basketball games. At the NBA level in this city that did not matter it's been meaningful basketball games for seven plus years now. But also it's gonna be weird for Mike and mark they had not been a part of not playing for something. I get a long long time and that's that's got to be a weird adjustment. There's no question. And they will not let that that's what complicates things a little bit conflicted because. Pay. You know kind of talk about well you could like he can't feeling like it too much pride you could get Mike out. Base that Mike out. When he was going to be a free agent is what was so war. And EE his contract was up to. And though he really really really didn't wanna get hurt and so it over the month or whatever it was then they set him up. What might come back and around Christmas no matter where they are like it's gonna play you can play well market gonna play can play well. And that's. That's is that a problem that quote unquote tainted scenario if you or breaks or other. That would market Mike are both out there this has always been a team there's a better than 500 he cannot be world beaters but there about a 500 team. And so and they had so much pride to. And they will want to apply. Let if it does. It does get at a later you'll take scenario could there. Two really good players and they are proven that they can carry. A team at least at the very least that mediocrity or might mediocrity cost. And that is it that you don't have the lakers pretty quickly when you do that you could cut the ball pretty quickly what you're doing that right now it is a by the lakers who shot. People like remarkably seemed to get a firm per three weeks. And I'm not your had a the lakers in the sub. Right I just cartons or 99 FM ESPN assuming that this continues to go the wrong way. They've lost fifteen of their last eighteen games at what point does it start to show up. With the crowd has already started. Oh I think yes a little but I. Got that thing and that could deteriorate over the years because it's they haven't you database and so you're not and again. Yeah they're kind of BA arena can you look just desolate. You when you have a year after year of lottery level teams. Then if you pick based integrated. Right now you're still dealing with a situation where they've sold their season ticket based on. Break and take effort that right at the big detailed market by Kim Henrik and everything else and so there's a little spell. A little I'm sure a little bit of but what little bit of a drop in. And game day of game types failed but actually sure rockaholic people don't come anywhere people like gore in the group these games like there there ought. And so. So I don't yeah there will be some drop off but I don't think it will be a man's speech arguments over a period of years old. What's it there that I ask is because I women's stub hub seeking earlier today just curious. And they had ticket for two dollars. To tonight's game but you can't anybody that would feed everything you can bump up the price on the ticket was literally. Two dollars and down and saw the good. But the other side of that. And I do think it starts to happen as well is it opens up FedEx Forum. For people who otherwise may be can afford to go here's my point. Arm and had no planes to go to tonight's game I gotta we got a million things to do around my house but. Com you can sit on the six road tonight for like forty bucks and I. I was like maybe that's what all that was true earlier today there was a six road ticket in the lower level. For like 36 dollars so with the fees it was a little more than forty bucks for ticket and and I I was I I highly thought for just a second. Maybe Oliver would like to go and like I you know it may just sit really close to accord to end and that's not your typical if you wanna do that accosted. To important. Yeah yeah a premium did you get a number like seventy bucks and so I don't think there's probably somebody out there who goes. Meg never paid 200 bucks to sit that close to record but. I'd like to sit that close to the court and it of little golf. Box maybe I'll go dollars so it could actually Dole's ticket to end up in other people's fans but it might just open it up to to Tampa fan who may be key. For a variety of reasons get that close to the court but now on a Friday night maybe it's a little more affordable so they go I think you'll get some of that that's not a bad thing. And you're you do on a public service just for point and I'll. Had so go to chic geek in you the promo code college and that's college BP. He acted download the think again you'll get twenty dollars off your first seek geek purges that's eight millions of tickets. In one place that's around college bashful podcast read. On the meantime. Obviously tiger basketball team that was like probably a modern era Lowe last Saturday. But I think there was some contributing factors they are the biggest contributing factor is they stink. But I'm also merit another college football game title game the Memphis was in drifted. I think past 3 o'clock. Tip off downtown was at 4 o'clock so if you're tiger football fan in front of the television. Who even planned on what do they gain you're like well I believe in this TV and about how the game's over you're like I don't feel like wander back. Also the FCC championship the Kentucky at all out culmination for all lot of football a lot about you just got your development as tiger drilling yeah. Out tomorrow what you got is. You got grizzlies tonight and the grizzlies again tomorrow night. How many piano is that the same crowd but there are some of the same. Some of the same people who go to these games like. How many people go one go downtown for basketball game tonight get up go back down delve a basketball game tomorrow and then go back down Deborah bass organ that I think that really puts Memphis and a bad situation tomorrow afternoon and it's going to be bad no matter what but it might be. Just another. Terrible visual they get past Reynolds. I don't know actually acquitted in question because. It's wrong but it an editor at that point you're down the little tired than I you're you're you're down to be at cannot. You end and so. If this is relatively speaking I got it marquis not assert that the Stanford game was better than. And a week night and that that was much better than last Saturday night game I would think. I took tomorrow. It's it's plaza. Newman's car which helped bottom right and so. And it's it's. Actually wonder if relatively people won't think this is that that goes beyond not gives him don't be much less. You know going to go see Bryant. Which we could find meat product I think the but important part of it. They're. Well now I I think he'll be about it last Saturday an outbreak at Stanford. I kinda depressing when I did like a book game excited about the effect if you go to. Although Canada and we went to. As we understand look at that and I think relative immunity sneaker somewhere to look at about tickets for the decider apple and and that the schedule of the pops up and everything else and a ticket at a picture that there is. The Memphis could dance team. And support and do the dance team they'll let you know looking blatant pokey and everything else and then behind them. Was this the car out. We're not an empty seats but behind them there was this cute crowd that wall of people. And an incompetent and mean just like it's not been many years that hasn't been like that any of its drop off precipitously. And go every time you go it's a little bit the process was if you think it shouldn't be like and so. I don't know I'm I I am going tomorrow on go watch him and I'm gonna cover at and and I do find myself it's dispiriting when I get. Over the weekend I guess that was. Is going back and fort somewhere. With somebody about your about the state of the program and this was one of the like few people like in really there's only a few laughs we're still light. Believing in willing to give it time and thinking better things are on the way and this person likes it a picture to me. Instead it with a picture of Josh pastor like standing at FedEx Forum like after a loss or something head down or something they were like whoa hey get you remember this why did get to talk about this. And I look at the picture and you know I don't know this same thing you know this. So look at the seat by just passing. They're all real people there were people there I mean I'd like to go from. The other night when I tweeted I went from 2008 to now just because that they've contrast is so incredible. That's the thing you'll have to go to 2008. To remember what that building was for that team was in the top 25 there were five star players playing board and you really just got to go back. Three years four years. It is you know from took. Forty years I think four years is there's a lot of people building for years ago then. And there was still. And there's a lot of hope because our players and there was yes it's and it has not been and that's why actually I do you think that they can come back it hasn't been fifteen years ballots and or you are back at those people that left four years ago those people presumably. Could come back but. You know also. Didn't like your exact it they won't cut it won't take that long if you get them met the higher next higher right I mean like no no program in America. At the high major level was in worse trouble than Missouri over the past three years under Kim Anderson. Got made the right tire came back immediately they sold out their season tickets before the season if they don't like eight and 46. Past three years in the SEC. Nobody in the building. Fire the bad coach hire a good coach sign a top five recruiting class building filled up fan just like that literally happened in March and we get back from this break. I would give you two more samples that are playing tonight that flipped it. Inside of a year Geoff Calkins. I don't Monday about a guy. Chacin job always. Have a thousand prizes from Robert what do is super cuts bumps himself available merry crew. It didn't. I just in time for Christmas we wanted each day about this thing around 1:45 PM here on any United States injunction this weapon for your kids to win a virtual stop and 300 dollars in prize it's always go. A sure you're home you need experienced and effective agent who could expose your home to the most by a by using the best marketing strategy available. Somebody with a quick to negotiate the most money possible they got here in Memphis. Is Josh hi so we're Keller Williams real fuel budget. Have heard you talking about just over the years. Doug is among them. 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Saint John's wood off to a nice start one against one of the most surprising teams in the country this body her release Arizona State Sun Devils seven NL. Now ranks sixteenth in the country so there are two teams with relatively young head coaches of both off tonight starts at 7 o'clock tip at today you get Oklahoma USC that's going to be on ESPN two. It's it's at 9:30 central or somewhere in that range and you want to see one of the best freshman the country somebody who is not step curry and ball or like to shoot from anywhere like stepped or been putting up big big number to these after like 27 and eight. Trade young as the kid who did nor a lender wrote about Iran and Orlando has profile of him at CBS sports dot com I reached we did it earlier today he could find it there or you go to CBS sports that common read it and now. Cat okay the game of a triple header late tips at midnight central. So I just Elian cubs' best apart as early today how did wake up the middle and actually who won that game could I had no shot making it till 2 AM. To see the final buzzer but it is number 22 Nevada. Against number twenty TCU to nationally ranked teams with a combined record. Of seventeen. And warm and that game it should infuriate you. If you're University of Memphis fans the muscle men. Because here's the reality. Of the two men who took over those programs. What they had when they got it and where the right now. Eric muscle and took over the about a program. Three seasons ago you know season before he arrived there were nine and 22 it was back. In his first season he led the wolf 124 wins and CBI title. Now and then last year. In his second season. After recruiting. Adding some transfers. Top 100 prospects. He wants 48 games mountain west championship humble in a way to the NCAA tournament and now in his third year. Recruiting. Working in the transfer market now he's got Nevada off to an 81 start right when he sat kicked in the CBS sports' top 251 meantime Jamie Dixon now. It took over TCU program two years ago that went twelve and 21. The season before he arrived just like Nevada. He and have a single top 100 prospect on his roster. But he went out and start recruiting. Hired Ryan Miller lament persistent jelly fish Taylor and Fisher from right here rumble then out. Of work that transfer market. Started committing high level players. And last year he took TCU. In other program that was twelve and 21 the year before I arrived it had zero top 100 prospect now eleven to 24 wins and in ninety title. 124 winds it's playing a big twelve schedule now and just his second year. Check here up to he's got teach you at night and Alan ranked thirteenth. In the CBS sports' top 25 and one so what's the lesson the lesson is don't need tying him you don't need done. Both of those guys. Took over. Programs. That are historically inferior to the University of Memphis program they're heading inferior players. In the University of Memphis program. And that ahead. Actually like it worst like record the year before they are ride then that University of Memphis program had. When than this staff arrived at the University of Memphis. And they took those bad situations. And they flipped up into good things immediately and their great things now. Meantime it's frustrating meantime. At Memphis since that day just pastor left everything has gotten worse recruiting. The roster. The attendants. The season ticket sales. And what we're about to find out. The win total as well. And so I only bring that up because steal every once in awhile it's rare now very rare but still everyone for a while chair somebody tries to explain to me why it takes time I ain't no way does it. If it didn't take time at Nevada. And TCU it should not take time at the University of Memphis. It's not an excuse that's a lie. Don't believe lies like a fake news will be back when did undergo days. Michael do listening to 929. FM ESPN Memphis. Coming up Monday we react to the 2017. Heisman winner plus we were active NFL week fourteen look. Ryan Carr can just Saturday joining us toward Kuwait on Monday. We did morning. M pastry windows you listen to 92. I have been ESPN Memphis. I don't know John carry similar attitude about becoming a bike on the web Jim Carrey's Memphis dot com family owned and operated. Since 1949. And nobody in the entire mid south has a larger inventory of new Chevrolet the gym carriage of late that's a fact expect 0% financing is always available and if your drill bit. And tell it like. 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The regional one campus Barbara health primary care and walking clinic. You could make an appointment by phone 9015154205154200. Reconsider on the web to get that web sites regional one helped dot org slash hr wage. That's regional one health dot org slash eight OH let's do dinner to go. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks folly of original team. What did we learn today later we are today Brad Chloe learned that the grizzlies are on the brink analysts say they're there yet the brink. Of having to really think about you know what maybe we shouldn't we should think about losing some of these guys were about a month away up. Maybe five or six weeks away from Smart grizzlies fans rooting for losses I think that's true he. I think that's true it is that a shame we have to play with out. Mike Conley and then selvin is to sort of been me and I admit I think that there are many people thought he would be a starter this year. Could have theoretically that a starter this year I don't think that was the general your choice when outside the macro more I think grade in summer league and itself has been not an issue as well. This season has taken incredible turn store five and one with a incredibly popular. Popular coach everybody except Arkansas and and now you're sitting here. Having lost fifty in the last eighteen games tonight probably going to be sixteen of nineteen half and not completely out of the playoff picture but. Statistically on the wrong side chair of the playoff picture it is now what are the more unlikely than not now. That you're going to end up in the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year that does it mean to pull the plug now and I think think think and I like let's give it a fighter's chance where Mike comes back I'm all for that. But if you look up at mid January maybe a little earlier and it's just quite clear. They viewing get there are your goals to get in the playoffs that you may get there I think I think you do start. I'm making moves. That don't involve Michael mark. Making moves. That diminish the roster now if you bring in young assets and hopefully a draft pick or two Tyreke and uses art trying not trying to lose games putting yourself in a position where you're probably gonna lose games. And then maybe get a place where you can draft in the top six next year. Any to get. He'll Marvin badly or Michael Porter a day Andrei or look at the logical or more on the bomber Colin thanks to all six of those guys project is possible stars. If you get into the top six you can take one album once you know he can't make the playoffs that should be the goal what's the biggest game tonight where. Raptors that platform and down. Rendering it. Think overall offering of fifteen past eighteen games wrapped in the fifteen at seven and a six and a half point favorite tonight on the road trip while this up at 7 o'clock. You can listen to write me. Many to kind of ME ST what she's done watch on TV brand new dateline NBC. All right well we got called the favorite son had thought at 8 o'clock central came after a small business owner and his bride or murder. Just a few months after their wedding. Police start looking in the story about a nasty family feud and they do with him. And even though he's dead to all evening got you guys can't we can you please about a murder with that pretty quickly. I think it is that nasty clearly abused who's reporting tonight Gary. Josh Mankiewicz reports out of a pin I mean this is that this is a joke. Does he get like 45 months vacation you hear the word as you are what panicking or isn't it. When you thought yeah do investigate what happened at no loss of yeah. We can get to keep Morrison well the number of different that it doesn't happen that my. It's been reported that. I'm nimby thing had he keyboard think it'll sort of a job well known. I don't even get into we came. No I can live without Andrea kidding you know now it'll make me make me do what it does make. Won't we limited now brag. We don't fire a went away on a mangled the country's umpire and other countries covered in snow and Josh Mankiewicz in charge of dateline we're opening day is there anything I need to make sure I read. Up up up. A big reason. I keep more important. Not every time they bring back he's morphed. What's on tap next week also looking ahead a member of Albany may have been global to be a big week could be a big believer disastrous week for tiger. Discuss the current state of the gravity of course I'm sure other things the pop up as they do. Good people and enjoy the weekend. I'll enjoy my meat you back here Monday of. Or should it be careful because I've been good read your book. You know 829 FM ESP. Since we have. That we an offensive and an HU. The best Memphis. 63. Gasoline was thirty cents a day. Beverly Hillbillies was number. These stories Wally tiger. Those service center he's. There's certainly a version. Locations of the. After more than fifty years Raleigh tire is still committed to personal service we have the best reputation in Memphis. Family owned and operated. Locations in Wally coming your bill Cordoba Arlington man dollar price there's a location new. Michelin tires offer safe fuel efficient tires that'll keep you going for miles to come whatever your core drug needs come by today. July 1. That's money saving coupons visit Riley tire dot com. They're here to help make your celebrations. Low prices on traditional flavors. Favorites bill's favor so every moment is truly special. From Kroger enjoy fresh dairy farm whole freighters were 88 cents a pound honey crisper. 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