Gary Parrish Show, Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, Hour 1 (w/USA Today's Dan Wolken in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, December 8th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talks about the Grizzlies and the season ahead

Seg 2:  GP and Dan Wolken from USA Today discussed the coaching carousel

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on college basketball, Stanton/Cardinals, new Japanese player to Angels, and boxing



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Robert half to be experts in accounting finance nineteen legal marketing and administrative staffing learn more at Robert half dot com slash radio and. IDC nine SM ESPN presents its only national columnist who spends his afternoon. Perspectives of Memphis radio do make you think it makes you laugh and sometimes made you change the station children. He apologizes in advance for that feeds. This is the Gary you better ratio. Very scared Brad but convince studio produced in the program. Equipment that you went there hoping and a lot. You know you read this democratic forum. And everybody I'm. I hope you are getting ready they've got a very close. Should support your local NBA Fred Johnson then head Vandenberg. The U sit down and then explore what I was trying to save a little bit and it got a good score and get ready to. Again it's this debate today and little red ribbon victory did David get the Toronto Raptors learned that they've been playing well. Where there is significant underdog zone. From fewer points than the other team why you never know out what did play begins scary but the dog ran into the back of the elements that the that the day's scheduled play at Portland then all of the good joining covers college athletics USA then and only talk about coaching carousel again. From a very simple questions thank twice tonight have brag causing yesterday California golden. I'd have placards that about 89 days you don't did he get an athletic director named John Curry. They hire Mike Lee knew the scenario under which jolly good yeah athletic director Mike Lee did your head coach now there's nothing better off today it was half former. And Jimmy Rollins maybe I don't know the definitive. Correct answer to that but I bet there Walken does he know the definitive wreckage today everyday people. Reportedly nasty things he's done at 4 o'clock o'clock Kellogg about lamented pretty sad fact but I'll do poured out of a veritable port and forward what we'll discuss what previously happened. After the unveiling got a weird started college basketball feel to it could see. It was like there have been more crazy. Upset. Like a leaf levels teams losing to crazy bad team more than normal. Think that way because it's true I did the restart does your portable 44 dot com. I repeat not. Going to be a member of the St. Louis Cardinals into the cardinals announced earlier they had not been able to reach a deal. Which John Carlos gave them but they did acknowledge. That the vision thing that we agreed to terms with the Marlins. We will be willing to do the deal yeah take on his contract. He would not waive his no trade clause he will play a bit before franchise that Saint Louis is not one of them go if you were pretty critical of the bush. I've been Saint Louis watching John Carlos did hit 500 foot home runs and you can still do it but he could be up to do another team's top. Tough tough for the home team thing was trying to say about that little later on this hour. Broad baseball prospect. She'll play a tough day sunny with the angels they call and a Japanese baby more than branding the Japanese favorite 23 year old stud. All mailed. And at the plate I think about him just before 5 o'clock bid by tomorrow night in New York facility Loma Jacob gives square Mo. A Reagan the Al Biggio of the silly Obama Genco against square mile Reagan the out that's going to be a tomorrow night in New York you might not know those names but it's a big big fight is going to be on ESPN's you can watch it without having. Put down fifty bucks or whatever on paper view of and I element she goes one of the best fighters had not the best fighter pound pound guy in the entire world. Absolute killer fun to watch her get into that. During four notable stories for 445 o'clock Jeff Carter just like always been up by 25 got fund Friday night cows Basque want to triple header. At Staples Center all places most egyptians 7 central. Last game tips at midnight central will not end until 3 AM on the East Coast and I'll walk you through that scheduled tell you why the last game of the triple letter. Should drive Memphis fans absolutely. Insane we'll get into that and then we'll do dare to go and we'll get on out here and head into the weekend so that's the run down a delicate about when to start with. Chris raptors tonight. Inside but export 7 o'clock tip yeah you can listen to. Nine FM ESPN's Gary Darby a beer at 6 o'clock grizzlies game night in the pregame show that Aircastle time. On the call from inside of FedEx form the grizzlies are like I said 66 and a half point underdogs so they are. A boring upsets probably going to drop. That's at eight and seventeen tonight they're eight and sixteen right now they are three and fifteen. In the last eighteen games and so tonight if they lose as expected they would be. Eight in seventeen only fourteens. In the entire MBA from having worst record right now. In the Memphis Grizzlies which is just a remarkable fact for two reasons and eight arm were not used to this but beat. They started the six and five in law and and I know was Beirut premature and a total overreaction. Apply it. They were ranked. At least in that horsepower ratings CBS sports that come at least for a week. Number one and we'll hire in the UK head of the lawyers have tigers and the casket of Celtics have everybody down and I think there's been a bad bad bad bad deal. Obviously allow that. Tides Mike Conley being injured on the all of that is tied to my comment being injured. I'm it has. Led to that combined with a bad relationship remarks on David says a coaching change like the idea that we went from where we war. When the grizzlies were five and one to hear. Is like pretty remarkable is pretty crazy to go from five and one would David Fiske Dell whom everybody like six Arkansas marks up. He showed everybody itself Marcus all seen the light seems to be a popular figure within the city. He and his wife to the most recognizable man pins in the city to go from that too now you sit here. Judy bicker fest the coach. David Tisdale is not. Grizzlies have lost robbery at a lost fifteen of their past eighteen games are sitting at 816 and probably on the verge of an 817. It's been a pretty big big twist. In this season. Arm the bad news it has led to them having. The fifth worst record in the MB yet the good news. And that means there are true lottery odds would suggest day. A fifth pick in the 2018. NBA draft number which leads a big question that I know Jeff was talking about earlier today Chris Harrington was with him talking about it earlier today I was on the grizzly bear blues podcast Jamal an ax last night. We talked about they're like how do you perceive. Even after Mike Conley comes back. Because right now the 530 A blog nobody ESPN. Projects that it's gonna take 43 wins. Team to beat eight seed in the west like you that if you wanna make the playoffs in the west now you're gonna have to get to 43. Could end up being 42 or 45 or 41 or 44. But it still be in that neighborhood. And for the great thing is now to get to 43 wins. They have to go. If they are to lose tonight and dropped 817. They'd have to go 35 and 22. The rest of the way. The finish 43 and 39. To put them at the number the 538 blog suggests it's gonna take to just BB eight seat. In other words they got to go 3522. After a loss tonight. Still with games without Mike Conley just to get into a position to get swept by the Golden State Warriors like you know Oaxaca is so that. The reality is they probably can't do that even if they're trying to do that but probably not going to be able to get to 3522. The rest of the way to get the 43 and 39 at the end of the regular season. It doesn't mean it's impossible. It won't even be the craziest come back in the history of the NBA or in recent history the MBA or. A grisly history but it would take a pretty incredible flip the switch moment. And that basketball team to play an extremely high level consistently. To be able to get it done. So barring a surprise. Even when my comment comes back. The grizzlies organization is not going to be able to win enough. To get into the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year that's that the truth. So the question becomes at what point do you acknowledge that as a franchise and we can acknowledge it as fans and men beings and are people who make a living. I am offering opinions on various sports and other things but at what point do you acknowledge it as a front office and then actually do things. With with that reality in mind. You know move off of of players that other franchises might be interested in. Am willing to give you young assets or a draft picks for a draft pick for it at what point are you willing to do that. And down at what point do you start shouldn't put a bottom Ayman for the bottom. As opposed to trying to fight fight fight for their HC right because about the worst thing that can happen for the grizzlies. Would be not. Get to that HC. Body clocks it about nine or ten to get to a place where true. When you could've been picking fifth in a draft that I think has star potential at least through six out. You could have been taken fourth fifth or sixth. You wind up picking tenth eleventh twelfth. And I know that. If you're just looking at a list of numbers 12345678910112. It doesn't look like there's a big difference between. Say. Five and eleven right. But there is a significant difference between five and eleven based on the type of prospect you would be able to select it doesn't mean you can't get a star. At eleven or twelve it just means that the likelihood of you doing it at 45 is much greater than doing it. At eleven. Oh or twelfth I don't think in most draft there's a whole lot of difference between say. Twelve and 1712. And nineteen out but I do think there's a significant difference in most draft between five and eleven or five and twelve. Now every draft is different so this this just bore wherever we put it. On it it it changes in different drafts. Just like there was a massive difference today. In the 2003. Time NBA draft. Because LeBron James would wind up and there was nothing close to LeBron James. So there was a massive difference between one and two like that's where the bar was this yeah and we could argue about. Two through whatever but there was a big difference between one and 21 until real close to each other. Wanted to bail me know if parents get LeBron James or you don't big difference between effect. So. Com. It's got to be something that is awkward for the fan base because it has been a long time since. We don't James and it didn't matter. Or did mean something worked played in FedEx formed by the grizzlies. Like as one of the things I've talked about throughout this seven year run of playoff appearance here that. I never led to an NBA finals were number one seed or number two seed or number three seed. But every night you went downtown and watched the grizzlies every night you flip on the television. To watch the grizzlies every time you turned on Eric to listen to the grizzlies. The game mattered in some way now. It wasn't gonna be the difference between you finishing first second in the last but it could be the difference between you finishing. I'm sorry to yes eighth or sixth in the west fifth or eighth in the west the games matter we hit I don't know that we've taken for granted. But. I don't think we've gotten used to yeah I think we've gotten used to it that's the way to set so then how do you respond as a fan base when suddenly its march up. There's a Tuesday night home game. But it does not matter because the team's going nowhere this same base hasn't been through that in a long long time now and more to the point. The players at least. That the two with a capital roster and a market saw Mike Conley had not been through and I didn't realize this Chris Harrington pointed out early today and just show. Marc Gasol. Since his rookie season. Has not played. In grizzlies games regular season games. You know in in like in March. April. That didn't matter. His rookie season they didn't make the playoffs and his second season he got hurt. And they did make the playoffs but he got hurt before they were playing games that didn't matter who. And and basically since then like he's been playing games that have mattered yet so what's it going to be like for him. Or somebody who was wired to win who hates to lose who expresses his frustration both with words and with his. Mannerisms sure what you're going to be like for him to go through that assuming that they're about to go through that what's it going to be like for my calmly somebody who. Turned out incredible opportunities. Some have been reported. Others I've been told we're not right he could be playing for different franchise right now operating literally at the top of one of these. Conference's. Arm that was on the table he wanted to he decided to stay here. And though the decision made since for a lot of different reasons it be impossible not to. Two to look up at some point to welcome the mayor right now instead of playing for 34 win team. You know at at this age you only get so many years to do this at a high level left and here we are limping through this season both I guess figuratively. And and literally now that's gonna be tough to. You won't you you are trying to balance. What comes naturally which is go out and just win every game you can win and that's what the city has been doing for a long time that is great grind. With what is the best long term. Scenario. For the franchise because. It's one thing to go into a season and say hey we're taking I think that's really tough for everybody. To swallow don't get the bug. Because you're basically acknowledging even though your record is 00. You've got no shot and you're about to play 82 games. Where the goal is to lose is off the pot as possible right it's very hard yeah. Don't hit the buttons. A it's totally different when you are. Basically. Already a third of the way through the season like you don't have to go through 82 games of tanking at this point. EU only got to go through. About what is it 6055. Yeah about a quarter way through it maybe 5560 games of tanking. Another thing you pull the plug yet is already because I don't have to. Because like Mike's out anyway you know losing any weight. Selected the goal is to lose and that's not the goal but at the long term goal of we get to a point where the goals which is to lift up when they are you are already good at bat anyway. I'm but I do think there comes a time when maybe it's January. Middle of January. Where things are still going about the way they're going. If you look up and statistically speaking from an intelligent perspective it doesn't appear that you've got any realistic chance. So it actually extend this playoff string of appearances from seven to eight. Dan. Let's say you only got 35 games left thirty games left. You can actually really benefit in a meaningful way. By losing as often as possible it's something other franchises have done it's something that this franchise's. Pushed away. Consistently. And aggressively but we might just be their anyway. And if you told me. The options war play hard. Play everybody that's available don't make trades at the deadline that diminish this particular team. And I'll give you a fifteen to 20% chance. To actually make the playoffs. Or. You can just take a season that however unfolds. Results in the fifth pick in the 2018 NBA draft at this point. I would take the take the fifth pick in the NBA draft and let this season go the way it appears it's going to go because. If yet. Push push push. But can still fall short you pick it eleventh twelfth thirteenth something like that where you're getting I don't know some prospect has not. Marvin Bagley. That's not look at dungy says flat mocked Michael Porter junior that's not the under eight and that's not Mohammed Obama yeah it's not column sexton. Those six players I think all have star potential at the MBA and it would be kind of fun and I've mentioned this to Joseph less than on that group a grizzly bear blues channel podcast. This franchise has never had a nineteen or twenty year old who has star potential. To get excited about it kind of beef on next season had a Mike mark and a future star you can see yeah the closest thing we've ever really bad. I guess on lean meat eggs that he was so these early in the development process and even then nobody thought of him as a star he's actually he's actually become better than anybody thought of him I think as term you could've argued it seemed to be except nobody really bought into the star. You could gosh star somebody would be a was pretty I don't know people thought I really liked that I've talked about a guy who do you go well a young top five. High level like I. The Memphis Grizzlies have ever had that now a guy you draft him and people go that's the future hall of Famer that's a nineteen year old guy with a future hall of Famer if you get badly. Porter are sick. Bomb buff any of those do eight probably and I think even Colin sex yeah. I can't guarantee I apologize if I answered those are the type of players want and maybe you could point to a goal you might have something special. But a long time since the grizzlies had a rookie in our young talent like that. And perhaps I'm just trying to put lipstick on the pig here. I'm but if you're looking for positives in this overall negative situation is that you could. Without actually do what everything you've got to do to try to beat back still try to keep the court together actually get to the point where you end up with a top five pick him if you can use it on one of those guys who knows anyway wrapped isn't around tonight. A talk about this more what Geoff Calkins at 5 o'clock we come back Dan walking USA today. With more devices in your home you need Internet they can keep up well it's been leading Internet checks everyone's needs AT&T doesn't. Ex dividend is America's best Internet provider according to speed test dot net and delivers gig speed Internet to the most homes plus what's going to be X-Files do get the best in homeland by experience and you can get X affinity mobile include. Included with your Internet without the five lines of unlimited nationwide talk and text so all you. When it comes to all your family's devices XP did he has you covered. 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That's cool salon salon dot com and have a beautiful holiday. Is that tiger nation you're part of tiger history a fantastic. Six season and we get to see our hometown boys and our hometown bowl champion is proud to be deep official supplier of the AutoZone liberty call the great closer JB are offering these official autos on the real merchandise at liberty oldest son come Memphis tiger shot dot com or simply jump see is that 3640 time when place that's Liberty Bowl guess dot com for 3649. When place and regulations tigers you earn your stripes. Guests appear fielder smile center hotline now fans today together very show. Forget you bears show is live from the. Studio like. Tiger there's still another do not have them at the end. My late brother did. Flyers. Miami's blogger but he will not waive his no trade laws that say about that than expected jump start here five right now. Gotta go ahead that he USA today Dan Walsh can make the big interview. Name writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports this thing here and Perry show. Pretty. This amendment ESPN. Yeah Garrett that was basically over now bill won't give you take a breath you're glad it's over. Also lied I clearly don't have a lot I am that so where exactly you can sleep and not worry about. I missed it tax service a phone call for somebody like that I can go to the gym and get on the treadmill for thirty minutes and are being distracted by Twitter wonderful. It is wonderful like for people who don't understand our jobs like. You do the the end of the Seattle above a little different because the coaching carousel happens like before the bowl games before the playoffs. But in college basketball it it it. It carries out through the final four in Seoul. What people say all the final fours you know it did this in the season's almost here I don't even equate the end of the games to the yeah but because we're going to have new developments going forward into your point about sleeping. You really do like get scared to get on a plane you get scared to go to sleep there are two coaching searches last year one of them with a big big one. That if I would not have. Gone to bed early or tried to lay down for thirty minutes one day after I'd been up for like I've I've only slept two hours. I missed on two co two scoops. Just because I wasn't available when I got the text message from somebody and it is infuriating when that happens you just try whatever sleep. Yeah and I'm like dad anyway. You know I've got to why did like 8 AM a couple of bad. Also played automatically wake up every thirty minutes starting at or him destroy them perimeter that the flight. Just that's how my mind works anyway so yeah like I have not had a great night of sleep in. Three weeks. And he did it. Yeah out of the way it is like and again like error or the other thing for me is you know we got he would. Torturer and you areas in Delhi night people all practical all the cock you know I was just it's you're you're at a disadvantage anyway that's it's hard but. I mean look at the coaching carousel this year. Because a lot of assistants were hired a few people who work not. Current head coaches were fired so the dominoes. Is necessarily. Keep falling. You know so it in other words you know organic hired a city power bar codes will say they are just woke Arctic cat. Well to create an opening it now. You know and to them out when actually told ya all out so there were a few more dominoes even though there were a lot of changes your commoner than maybe people ought. That's the other thing that people inside the good out of the business done though you are so excited anytime somebody hire somebody from the NFL. In my case for the NBA or like promotes an assistant because it doesn't open another job that you care about so organ do what they did. Yeah that's big for all of the college of our reporters are dogged them walking on 92 none of them ESPN for like 89 days ago. Tennessee had John Curry is an athletic director was on the verge of hiring a Mike Leach at least reportedly. Another got Phil former president of the director guy Jeremy Pruitt as a football coach. It's Tennessee better off today that it would have been eight or nine days ago it faded just like left everything along. I don't necessarily think so vocal Woolsey. On interstate the last 48 hours. The Tennessee badly want them social media. And I know that that's not necessarily be those that your doctor patient that got the urge people to people who you are spent all day long. Worry about what's going out of the old football program like to pay. Are just euphoric. Like thinking that they are go go check it edit in our. That's where they're talking about to recruit at a later acting out social media tour. The other people who criticized. Tennessee or the way they handled third Couric Shia urge our current situation. What made you very good I mean I W coach are always liked him. I think he presents himself well he's concrete no question about that. I think he's definitely got potential as a good anecdotes the first target coach and he's of course I'm a coach who's been a secret of coordinator. Or some of the most successful coaches. In in the game and then batted an endorsement in the fact that those people wanted to follow him to partners as the coordinator. But I think it's also your he would have to we build anything he would have to commit to cut circumstances. Were all the pressure was on him so it would be different it'll be unique to see him running that program. I don't just talk rookie business. Jerry crew they work out really well couple former Carter I don't think it is really ate a long term solution to cure athletic department by whatever. By. Also understand what you. You are the only school in the SEC group would have offered every green job this year. So keep that in mind and then maybe it'll work out maybe you'll be great but you were the only school yet he's he was going to break your bag church. Like yeah you're exactly right about the last 48 hours to let big somehow I ended up on the list like I had a big put together a list somewhere of people who. Offer opinions about sport they telegraphed our tweet us all now all all day long is like me you. A deep camel cart cook your street fat forty like I ended up on this amount and so. Yet solid hah hah whose lap but now I'm like meat still probably got another bet on a brother he's eleven now. I ask you this question if six weeks ago. Dan walking from USA today which we did Tennessee fans got some good news for you. Yeah you're gonna fire which killed at the end of the year and then you're gonna go out hired Jerry true what would've been their reaction to you. Oh they would have gone crazy and so on though don't they were hiring as he put the coordinator and without a coaching experience you know. Is it's Jon Gruden admitted. You know. Whatever it's to bolster surety to work there are eligible this year one point. A Tennessee yeah I've reached they have talked themselves into this being like the greatest art call at least that segment Tennessee band based. But yet it's really weird how this they have all been. That would this whole search sorry date he had that they were gonna end up without him you go to court here there's no way it would've bought that at a great art. No and that the other thing when they were trying to pretend. Greg Gionta those flimsy second hand possible tied the Penn State scandal was the real reason. That they just could not bring themselves as they institution of higher learning to hire old great Schiavo as a football coach the other thing they would point out is. Hey if she also great white than any other good football school trying to hire and now like again Jarrett Pruitt might be also. But teacher put that same question around and they're German pro so great why anybody else. Liar. Quality Mississippi State interviewed courage and they offered the job Joseph Morton but that didn't mean that necessarily tennis he's right in Mississippi's status long back. Doesn't mean it has to be David Wright it's just. They had yet been approved for two hours and better future recruited they decided to go another direction. I just a fact. I'm gonna get woken from USA today of all the FCC schools. That made higher city that made the best time relative to relative to what's possible for them. Yeah I mean immediately there's is Jim book Fisher but I'll say this op that tenure 75 million dollar contract. Is. Embarrassment. An idea that the best way possible I mean if you can get 75 million dollars jerky. Look at you know but I I do think that. When you take that kind of contract the bar is set a winning a national championship but there's no other. Achievement that would make. Given the success. In that job given the contract and winning the national championship. And I mean asserted says it's it's hard to win a national chain to go anywhere especially exam at that you probably bet against him what he won their. So I I would not necessarily say Jim book Fisher. You gamble and I think they they very reasonable sensible higher Adobe hopes his case. There Willie Taggart at the gables Florida State job just in recruiting. Deadly gamble and as it is is not. No it is a dynamic. Oh career is only gonna evaluate or talent but it's a donkey sandwiched in between Willie Taggart just gonna kill it. And that I order or in my elite program that's going gangbusters right now they're all gonna have to up his game and are currently no question about it. I'm I think Arkansas might make the best hire relatives to. Disorder programs stature and where there are too because I think chat Morse it's Arkansas I think. Easy to get them back in the east Texas and recruiting where I think need to dvd gets kicked out there you get a green get the state. Offense. Which I think is important and what Arkansas has been good in. What kind of called back to Katrina oak what he did when he was different when he was up tempo. I think it. Chad bourses is it going to make an immediate impact on the opposite side of the ball and I think that you know they they bought. Low in the sense that you look at his head coaching record it's not. You know it's Italian when 80% of his games but if you look past the record you see either quality head coach who is also. Being a part of a tour around and bit a part of a program that was really obvious and good climbs and edit big time level. I think he's gonna kill order Arkansas and I think they literally get our. Rather Underwood damn war going from USA today big news in Memphis earlier this week Mike ravel agreed to an extension with the University of Memphis is gonna pay him. I believe on average two point six million dollars. That's a good for the university no getting around it but is it mostly the result of he just couldn't get seriously in the mix for the type a job that he would leave for. Had to think that was it and well he's 36 years old he's been a head coach two years I he didn't have to taught around the program. I'm not saying that were negative and yes we did a great job in elevating that does this seated. But you know sometimes it's it just comes down to sit there and if you're. Here to make that decision between thirty guys ought to cracker eats a different strains in and you just. And of gravitating toward wander over the other four you know at all. Some intangible reason that they eking even articulated. So but it candidate liberal lean to that million dollars a year. To coach it's a one of the better corporate and at least 36 you're goal I mean like oral going to be just fine. Any can have a long career as a NATO difficult of all of there's gonna be out there because jobs down the road that they've come after him so I don't think they're. Could mean that you gotta be it Memphis are elected as contract. But I think it's great read this to be there to cheer on its right to be their next year. We cannot get more seasoning kind of Reese reset the roster a little bit and prove he's not like a one you wonder. And is day awoken from USA date today you can greeted stud USA today dot com exe bottom on Twitter at Dan Walker dialogue and enjoy the week abducted next week. Are eager thanks buddy this dale walker from USA today and. I'm the more doorbell thing is something that I had talked about consistently throughout the season. Com. That's. The reality that. Yeah he's obviously also met his job. And if I were an athletic director I would be interested in him almost regardless of what job I had like I could talk myself and my doorbell at Florida. At Tennessee at origin at any of these places. I am but the truth is. Only one guy gets all of these job and I think some guys stay in the schools. On the basketball side of recent years it's been Wichita State. I'm VCU would have had Shaka Smart. And remember they kept Shaka for a long time for lost them longer than most people anticipate it. Dayton with Archie Miller. And Dayton kept arch longer than most people thought they were gonna keep. Arch Butler would Brad Stevens of Butler kept Brad Stevens longer than some people above I was gonna keep Bret Stephens thank you get this coach. But you operate outside of the power structure. And you're constantly. Thinking. Oh we're gonna lose the guy at the end of the year we're gonna lose this guy in the year and then or one of two things happens. Either. They get offered jobs that just or worst movie before. Because these days everybody's getting rich there was a time when if you were the VCU coach for the Dayton coach. In some power conference school offered you their job you had to take it because the difference in salary was so. Vast facility upgrade. Getting on television. Like you used to have to kind of be in one of those big big league that we're the big boys schools to be on national television. Well everybody's on national television. Every night. A million games on. What did the country basically every game like I'm actually surprised. When I wanna watch it any sort of reasonable to basketball team college as well and I can't find their game on TV it's streaming. Or saw on ESPN CBS sports analyst and Fiorina got them. Oh yeah places you can find it Big Ten network yeah SEC network ACC Nellis all the human DNA DN ESP UESPN two down ESPN news. FAS one chair that's out there everyday fox sports CBS. ABC like plays what so you don't have to change jobs to go on TV everybody's on TV it actually also helps recruiting. Not so much here but but most other places like outside of the power structure chair because it used to be. A young man you don't wanna go too far from home. Because your momma won't be able to watch you on TV. Orbit or or you don't wanna go to that program because they're down on TV one out everybody the TV your mama to watch it from anywhere so it really doesn't matter anymore. About what was. Fans of these schools are always go we we would we're gonna lose this guy this is terrible we're gonna lose in March liberalism in April. Greg marshals still Wichita State bred fitted Butler longer than people fall shocker stated VCU longer than people stop bought art stated Indiana. Longer than people fault. And those things happen for I mean to stated date longer than people thought and those things happen because. They were getting rich where they weren't on your money and they were only got to leave for the right to big boy job right. But that was just and then as it relates to Gregg that Wichita State now. Like would he have left for Indiana. Yeah I think so what do you left protections. Yeah I think so. But only one person gets these jobs. Ten people are listed as candidates for these jobs career probably realistic candidates for the job and then only one guy gets it. So one of the things I said throughout that season has meant as a put up 67 point some people touchdowns. National rankings big wins and mice get hotter and hotter and hotter. I said if I were the athletic director organ if that job word open I would I would hire him. We considered at least Florida I'd consider Tennessee actor he did near the top of my list it not at the top my list but every big job a country. But only one guy gets all these jobs and it's a little bit like musical chairs you might look up it is like you were. Heard it this way you were second this one you afford that this US second of this. But you just weren't number one at any of his 36 years old but this was always a possibility. And while I'm not saying it's a great thing because. That runs character like I want whatever is best for my doorbell a budget tick might put him over here. It's a great thing for the University of Memphis the great thing for the city of Memphis because they are gonna have one of the brightest. And best young football coaches in America. For a third season and it didn't always seem like that was going. To be likely. But it was always a possibility even of Memphis and Memphis fans or think or preparing for for the very realistic possibility that he'd be gone. We come back it's been an interesting our first month in college basketball some big big highly ranked teams have lost at some bad bad crazy bad teams. I noticed and wondered is this normal what were watching so I actually went and did the and research on it and I found that it's not very normal at all to you about it next. It might go to the city 929. FM ESPN Memphis. Coming up Monday we react to the 2017. Heisman winner plus we were active NFL week fourteen look. Ryan Parker and just Saturday join us for the week on Monday. It's straight win goes to listen to 99 SN ESPN men. But the tide traffic on the freeways or parking lot Syrians and you'll be late for work as a stalled car creates its. Poor guy time. You've got the protection of Kindle Motorola that put titanium which alas don't change right. Yes it is your car stalled in the middle rush down no that you've done your part to lubricate jet engine in the Collins the capitalism be proud Todd. You did a good thing and personal podcast now yes time you burn. Ajinomoto over the with a titanium is what we're made of the Kindle Motorola dot com. But important to. Do you call mobile video out of sailors are actually go back to draft a horrible pretty good. Hundreds of sunrise new reducing drug trade in full pledged immediate flight is your true bargain luck with the car. The drugs under 4900. Shall live good first time buyers what about higher car drug could have. For the holidays. Right Memphis dot com coverage of flight school Jason Carter look happy holidays golf full full full full. Was 1963. 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Bedroom sets Rawlins basically anything you need to furnish a home you can get a actually he's seen them by Michael Zelda which of the 27 I Kirkwood road course some revenue and barred it makes Hollywood think you can reach in 3519435. Nights and boy that's how to get in touch with Michael down remember that a guy that fills station until kiosk. That allows customers you guys. I can build your own pillow from the distractions. Is it's a little bit like bill the bears have you have building a bears' ability to pillow. They got building only to build Build-A-Bear especially disease and you'll lose those you'll lose that pillow and all your pillow so you'll sleep on your pillow yeah everything that Build-A-Bear again no final thing on I don't think anybody believes this is true I think you're right I do invite anybody to try to prove through him. Nobody's. Within 48 hours of leaving Build-A-Bear with a fair nobody's ever seen that there again 48 hours later. There's never been seen again you know I eliminated you never know you haven't gone since everybody on the Bayer and never see it again craziest thing in the world. Shall the bill to ban on antenna. Over on the other hand hello on the other hand pillow on the other hand as you keep those don't work that you keep L forever so make sure the judge outfield station looking got its dvd by Michael about it. All the way of thinking these things he has got the job just got to be here just at 5 o'clock right now I have what sort of like John. Four stories presented by the love restaurant and bar. Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about this certain points every afternoon. So we didn't. Devised it into his films such an important things you need to know each day this time. This is TVs Ford notable stories at 444. Plus C number one. How the other night I got real stressed out about that CBS sports' top 25 from wind because I was sitting in a car waiting for AAA. Because I had a pothole on the way home and immediately suffered a flat tire that's no good there was no gonna hit the pothole and I was led the way city about this picture -- a bottle this happen to -- three times like the past two years yet you go to those fancy low riding cars though is that the -- our cars to advancing any you get a fancy car a beat that instant flight stuff in your -- -- she -- -- Arizona instead of play with what happened to me brown audited just blow it out and diagram the whole thing rim seems to be OK let's go to needless to say I haven't had time to go get it fixed yet okay perhaps that'll be in my today's list tomorrow surprise me with something else Gary ally I I was sitting in my car you're stressing about all he lives away. At the same night Florida was losing to Loyola Chicago and can I was losing on the Washington so I was like what in the world must do wouldn't 125 or more was good because this really puts in in a tough spot in the Davis made the rankings and a very difficult to do because you want to know applied common sense and metrics in pre season expectations are reasonable life. But you can't just like. Punish heard do are losing bad games and punished Minnesota for losing big gains but tonight ought not punish Kansas losing their games are okay this is obviously good just had a bad not. I'm going back involved with this them again I don't remember feeling this way to loft the go ahead if you energies now I have been updated 1251 at CBS was don't count every day but three is now I don't ever remember illegal what do I know bill with all these crazy losses soared in the secret. It's right it's the public is this normal how often this because when I'm saying crazy losses here's what I mean to find very easily Pacific. An organ ago we had three. Pre season top ten teams. Already lose. Two teams that are ranked outside the top 75. At camp on Kansas lost to Washington in Kansas City a wash and break the 114. Kim bomb and Arizona lost the NC state NC state ranked 79 and Kim pop today. And Florida lost to loyalists Chicago loyalists Chicago. Right 77. At camp up. That's already happened three times appreciate an eight people top ten team now has already lost to a sub 75 Jim bunting it happened three times this year. Do you know how many times it happened in the first month that first month of the season last season did it didn't happen zero it never happened the only time that happened all of last season. The Marines and look it's already happened more they see as many times to see that at all as it happened on all the less they have and I had somebody I had somebody. What do they do on. Sable OK but. May be. These teams won't even be sub 75 teams by the time this season and say sold back and I say OK I've SharePoint I'll go look that up too so I went and looked it up at the times of games played the number was still three. Last year all season long did what has happened already in this season has happened only only happened three times all of last season the question is. Why is this happening now why are these teams with great rosters and are supposed to be good and great metrics. Losing. Crazy games where they're favored by twenty points and I don't know that there's an obvious answer other than may be these teams are susceptible. More susceptible than they are and other years and secondly all three of them maybe this is the common thread. Kansas Arizona Florida. Are missing key players so they might not be what they were supposed to be when you ranked in the pre season because they don't have all of the pieces either way it is rare what's happening right now because back toward these great teams lose it. Our body count BZ I did on Twitter he said. The city does not maintain the interstate and that's true. Iowa here's what I would tell you now. I would left here on Wednesday night not to go home on the interstate but to go have dinner with my wife and kids and mother. I was in on an interstate when I hit this. All of idol very much in the city of Memphis. Exact spot of the pot hole I'll be happy to give it the end it. But it was definitely yeah within Memphis send it and considered relatively easy Memphis story number 200 limits and start number to inject our stands they're not going to be a single as part of interesting released today by the car did you read it yeah I did read the release they I had never seen a preemptive how he didn't get him because really howled into teams and out hey we didn't trade for somebody here's why I think in a reason why I think is the -- a fan base me included their pissed because they've haven't been spending money. Today and if so now you've got your your your franchises like we. Well money money both of them that we want the money money and they worked Padilla a Miami they had a deal done guys not girls that was going to be say close enough I'll get a deal was waive his no trade on sanitary cloths. And he would not wait it. Apparently in Oregon I should say Dick yeah you're just a wanna live in Saint Louis or play in Saint Louis you would think that. Having speak your career in Miami night. Like like Arby's has great place to live Sharon out of a bad place for baseball nobody cares here about days maybe you wanna go to would be placed one of the places certainly where people care. That's all they care about they care about baseball intention that's like basketball and Memphis and so I was and why would you not wanna go do that like regarding made all the money you know why would you want to do the full court press on this dude located done anything he just doesn't wanna be Tehran but he is waiting willing to waive the no trade clause in New York franchise. LA Dodgers. New York Yankees Chicago Cubs. And your reigning World Series champion Houston Astros so he does seem to value winning and those are all four franchises that are built to win right now as so maybe just thinks those four franchises get much better chance. Two win immediately then Saint Louis doesn't perhaps that's true. But either way will see a bad Miami can get a deal done with any of those franchises and for same lowest. It could end up being you'll excuse the cliche blessing in disguise because how often honestly. Do these big big contracts work out okay for the franchise. Usually end up heating it like Carmen Reinhart of all album pulls some people who were like finalists have pushed back but there was like no we just saw several polls that we spoke to the statute I got here aren't you glad you missed I don't know I'm absolutely. No look at warts. The angels have to pay him going full ball boy and think they look. Word you don't have to do that at the Saint Louis Cardoza some of these things actually work out things look amiss at the time that works out for you maybe that'll be the case to saint Lewis still.