Gary Parrish Show, Friday, August 17, 2018, Hour 2 (w/4 stories cont' then Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 on socially awkward situations/names)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, August 17th
Gary Parrish Show, Friday, August 17, 2018, Hour 2 (w/4 stories cont' then Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 on socially awkward situations/names)

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It I'm Tom Brady and a number whatever quarterback New England Patriots okay. Tyrod Taylor on TV saying I'm Tyrod Taylor. There's video OK and interviews of his father calling Tyrod yeah of his agent on him Tyrod that was his pronunciation SA pronounced it. That's how you pronounce okay. And then. This change because I believe on hard knocks one of his teammates was talking about it and said to rot. And they were like these always on teammate and even know what his name is that's wild tendency is right now that's so that's way introduced himself to me. Is I think his name really is to rod even if everybody calls and hard rock on and so. For rod. This became a thing what are we supposed to call Tyrod Taylor I rod which is what we've always done or Tyrod and that's that's under the outline in the game the browns have weighed in today officially on the instead. Our quarterback is to be called to ride Taylor. Going forward and so the expo is the question becomes if things to ride why have you been calling yourself Tyrod. And why have lived in letting everybody else caught yourself Tyrod for as long if anybody's been calling you anything all the way back to your basic knowledge. And the explanation seems to be this. So Rod Taylor. Is such a nice guy that he never wanted to correct the people. And so he all he didn't wanna make people feel bad so people caught in Tyrod. Not only would he continue to let them but he would even start calling himself Tyrod just to make them feel like they got it right it got out of hand again committee back in spiral line. But anyway clarity. Clarity comes today from Cleveland franchise. Tyrod Taylor is no longer Tyrod Taylor he's. She's a Rod Taylor story number four for patriots got rare Super Bowl remains a last night yeah the Eagles a 3720. And Tom Brady actually played a lot he was nineteen of 26 are passing. 172 yards two touchdowns zero interceptions for the 41 year old go to quarterbacks. He looked good and we got more football tonight including. Cleveland and buffalo to get baker may fail. And Josh Allen too and restaurants in court and and of course Tyrod Taylor and Jeff Carter is a meth. He is ready designers and ESPN radio just domesticity anytime anywhere and save us today from the professor at least one Bartlett. Don't go fast then this is a sports station Elena Castro coming up in three minutes three minutes away we'll give you new cast could you go win a grand come out. Ballgame is they. All to get with a new sports book. Get in on the sports betting. Screen TVs and roomier seats available in the comfort Sam sounds exclusive sports book flash you can Chirac. All your favorite teams but your sports knowledge to good use are Wednesday. Other restrictions apply deadly car. 88877796. 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They dream of yours I yeah. It's Toyota's hybrid Toyota. On the one AG Toyota forerunner. Home safely others. Oh see you're pretty jail. I don't lose the radio guy. I never ESPN's. Plus plus code word is broad BR OAD text the word broadly seven sue anyone for your chance to 1000 dollars in his only two more shows those who stranded stay here. I miss showers thousand dollar reward is broad you've got 54 minutes to six abroad this LSU any why. Spot on 99 now back to the dairy show on ABC nine MME. Shift because kids on six days ago. My body Breaston has yet today is like hey where where these computer play. That can handle data recovery because I need some. Data to be recover from a mile off the pocket of resistance 360967936096. 79. And that's an equality that we got a computer problem if you need data recovery and you got a virus VW computer you need virus removal. Their power supply issues you gotta USB port issue you gotta cracks great so often people think. Well that's good for the computer might be but it's usually not. And you think save money or not spend as much life just getting your computer fixed it up and running the way it ought to run again. That. Better option than just getting the new machines. So at least explore that option. Connecticut is up where you do need to know Michel Edouard who for fifteen got notorious 1236096793609679. Dial so those numbers. Talk Julie Cooper talked a long Cooper laughter. Compass system. Now while the plug on the web Cooper says the dark I'm just going to. Well I'm alive and well in any day them alive yeah. Good dad about it okay. When you're on the right side of the earth is that. Is it is a good debt have you killed people I've already have 12 person killed boy that's flattering to talk about people it is a valuable lesson. Don't ever. Say someone's alive or dead. It lets you know for sure that they're alive or dead. Like I think you just sold them the other day or you saw saw update of those opposed to all of update someone posts and yes someone's life status the person who like killed four person. I know all multiple murderer because let's bookmark you kills two birdies in a column and I killed him in for a fifth and at the time he was a lot. I did iPod as the family and I went out and I related to come on spooked and I'm quite confident that if you're like. Let's say an arm I need a column he still life right maybe there's some. Today was he like he was great great man and he and he. Any deserved to. Then this morning I didn't plan to talk about Jenna Pickens today it just came up. I remembered it the corner of my head in my mind that bush that. Ditched so. And I thought I remembered that she had tragically passed away early. In fact what I had remembered was that she had tie here. Out it should totally different things. For a lot of you say that. But for a lot of people they say retirement is a lot like if you. They say that retirement is a lot like and so I you can put anyone can make more but the my parents have recently fired. Neither dock that mistake so weird like my parents are both recently retired and they're there. My dad's born out of his mind and my mom my glove and I do think that's interest yeah yeah totally different yeah. Yeah so US border as my tour. Under mr. mom's busy though she's got stuff yeah we. Like I don't know she liked not working I think I can be equally busy or I'm busy and view it completely differently my daddy's board my mom I don't gather that she's bored she's enjoying are going to wanna I get my dad was doubled over and tomorrow. My dad would actually like Edward Moore earned honor. So anyway so so I. I had the model to my mind and I should have said anything but I pronounced her dead. And I and then the phone just started blowing up as you might have expected her family was worried I just got calls front desk get calls. Like ten pick use. I just heard yesterday I like that. They want and people like what it would do well there are record well yeah and then again no light and so. It turns out she's very much alive on our way to the big and so Jim Pickens was off headed for the beauty shop. She was headed to the beauty parlor herself she had just retired again. Should matter is she retired from the University of Memphis which is grinding her in the future turf from which right where she worked after that. And so she was headed to teach you can imagine all of a sudden her false starts blowing up and all these people cannot keep. Bombard yeah so she. Here's the good thing. I don't know that she's felt so much appreciation they go joy he. So you try to reach a certain never talked to her. And lastly and outs Rite Aid it's good she had an answer she's feeling loved and appreciate I'm gonna kill some clock every single day on the shoulder just so they can feel. All warm and happy about it and so I actually got to back I don't know on the radio but the broader back to life on the radio that and and she's charming as ever she's great and I. Boy what a stupid. I'm so out of because from what I've noticed you've never killed Annie Le Bret brought people back to life. But he's never to let him enough right. Brad Kilby peaking. He tells you can again overzealous on his birthday because I misfired tweet miss reunite your baloney going you guys you were drilled on Twitter. And Brad immediately thought we must adopt must know really just turn like 84 some those are what then what it was the trade center and I appear they're a dollar it was perfect cowboys cars have like cars it it was a cliche to sell its fifth. The thrill of golf. On does. Well Elena bread was so happy when I did that this morning there was a gotta love the not tell if they'll love the maverick yeah and also your second and I didn't fit in fairness that never undertake Brett particularly not static and had a net as to what prepare as being more excited than anyone ever in July I'll never forget it I was I. Still when I would have to write a column that night I would leave here and you can't just go home because you got kids in there yesterday adding you know if you wanna tell them no. So I would always to get nobody cares what you're not they are but whenever there you better be ready to play legends you're out so I would I stopped at a Starbucks I was like I gotta finish this word we're now well walk in the door I'll be ready to have to be dat. And I'm at Starbucks and I see this week tomorrow. And I already knew that it was baby's birthday that he wasn't there now and is there was like rest in peace BB king and a double guerrillas golf. Hash take withdrawals on a fast and Dez that's not exactly liars head as he's like I'll tell friends and I don't know. Like he really did Brad for a had thought medics have actual people convinced BB king had got that Myers taxis like you dominant. Exactly appellate strongly feel bread other witnesses right. How how quickly did you deleted better is closed within seconds I don't know he screened deputy who knows that fast it was pretty but he got it mr. cancer over here like Gary is the I keep an eye on her. An aggressive monster who doesn't want about your third I could I would could not and enjoy that he was so excited fans now making the other one he hit every brattle include an email chain sometimes we try to book again this is the best one. So we get our sleep that's for. We get he's got he's done some sort of email list for loss for the Walter tell it patent foundation and a and if the water patent golf tournament until they can Kostunica benefit in the Walter Payton foundation. And is like you're one of us together Tim and Brad is got me on this email list on this email chain with this woman who runs the foundation. And she's like she is you want us to promote it somehow or something and you know what we know of security and bring this up and Brad Eagles are back so I copied in the emails I'm reading this it's just like a Tuesday morning and I'm. Missing a possible OnStar Rhea and I mean. Dying laughing his ass off. It says unless it is at Purdue in the names of woman's names were listening to Monica and pres like Wanda this sounds great I really appreciate you reaching out. And if we can get Walter on the Gary Paris show one day this week to vote that would be awesome we can do it lied before and if there Wednesday Thursday or Friday or GP could probably record early you know if I'm gonna explain my site visited fit Walters schedule better. So I was so just let me know. I think its email and I'm and I have to read it twice because I'm right there is no way trying to book a dead guy. Walter pay it's not what brings debt. He ended for eight year. This is a he's been dead for. Ever as it is like early years it died in early two dollar as indiscernible I'm delighted I decided retired and fills assemble plus they look at lake yeah so I I got an excellent so I'm sit there and and I I. I you know brighter tennis unlike duke. You just legit tried to bull. Did ask Walter Payton on the show like and and this poor woman so like when she says she didn't wanna make him feel bad. So she was like OK I'll be in touch. He was let me show. That is likely. You know that Walters and I I would actually say this she's probably in the situation that I was in which is you know this is not 20092010. So IMO I'm at rapid fire ball moat. You your best book inning dull and your ball the next day when I tell a story on the air we invited callers today if there's anybody Beverly on radio audio or Paris show like who would you like if there's anybody out that you think would be a great guest I'm just let Babe Ruth people. Well he's afraid of last year I gotta jet entire hotel got the military judge that would be like 80 GP love the show just wondered. Arm let our actors. Babe Ruth. Did luck out or a bit of it's dead people crashing off I'm grateful for is that the way mine screw up. Has turned and a joyful we're counting of and exploited and asked he says that's fantastic. This is this is figure this thing that I had amassed this has taken a happy turn he's lucky I'm still here Jeff so we all so big gest are killed two people Brad kept killed one and only our look at dead again try to look at that guy I've never actually done that. Because I don't talk about somebody. Unless I know everything about them I just like him and and here's another one of our roles I've gotten to the age now. Where because I still live in my hometown area. A bumper to people all the time that I grew up where. And I don't always remember them but I guard could recognize the face as I can Kroger or wherever and one of the very. Common things that a human says to another human that they know when I don't really have anything to talk about. It's like if you know they get kids they can still. Any don't say that. I don't because I don't want to diligence and what you know he's my kid died you know I just so I don't have I've tried that earlier thought that 30 yeah I just try to avoid all these awkward at all the other one is like let's say you grew up with somebody you knew their parents. You go pairs doing. I don't that dog bed angry at the heart attack yeah I don't I don't know what to say people with him on to say what's up. Yeah. I don't ask about anybody's kids and less I think the kids on FaceBook yesterday and I don't ask about it by parents and less I know a 100%. Your parents are still very do you care about people. He does he just has little film about a I don't want to ask a question that leads to them that it wouldn't be bothersome to them. You know that they would be five they would handle that situation find it and make me feel weird I just avoid but it icu at Kroger and I grew up with you. I've I've got to ask you naked you don't know who they are probably not not gonna ask you. How you parents are doing unless I'm 100% sure you keep it cool compared to cool. Someone actually said to me here's another situation some into the meat and they suggested to me. I'd I'd soft summer and I say good to meet him. And I met him four times before I'm all right I got on I still want the answer I have what they get to see I am all right now let's say what I would loud voice that was said to me don't western Illinois that say I never say hey I'll listen and our jobs because I'm up four times I. On and really do not remember people who I don't have. By dark threat I mean I'll recognize your face maybe but I'm not gonna go to your name a and let it so what I always do us the answer you know this is what I did own. I thought they could help available. At how. How do you feel. It about it here or if you just did a really Smart lingering question how have any event if that's what you'd like your caddie but you don't shake hands of the need you to Shea so shaken not yeah. I even you just unleashed on the U warmly shake hands and hide them. You can't forget that you're gonna yeah. I admit I. And I. As somebody I've never yes and I don't know every day how you've been. I ever have because if I had met up with a reasonable thing to save us about your I had and the event they didn't just give away that I don't remember but if you if you meet somebody that if you encounter someone you met your. Yes that's that's the it's like you're trying to and I yeah hi worse or hey David I didn't under Gary sit all time it works perfect it be like hey hey Gary I'm doing that in the cup to not change that just been a revolutionary we've got Gonzalez and got us Donald. Right like let's say Brad gonna introduce me to a guy named Jimmy I don't know Jimmy. No you don't Jim malign and attack right I don't I don't title that night I was Brad doesn't know I know Jimmy or not I don't breads like figured you know Jimmy. I won't say don't say I will not say nice to meet you now because it's out of bed I go Jenny. Look look look look we'll we'll yeah. I. You're also going into these situations where you would count our people and you don't know that I don't know you know it's just however I can introduce to you remember you don't know their name on cramped. What usually in this setting you're gonna be around somebody else it's a wide that your girlfriend it's your kid is my wife it's just somebody else. I've looked right at that person and Argo it. And they take it from there yeah that's the way everything that ball at best whereas because I designed all the time so I'm there. And is there there's another couple and I know I know this couple. And I'm supposed to now introduce Andrea let that man subdued polite bright and but I can't because I can't say. Andrea this is Paul and Don I got no idea yet on Soledad I know likes all you do is say hey. You know injury that's easy if you're out. If god did. Area and then and then Paula go up to introduce them I just say hey look you're known them longer than dog goes hey Andrea on Paul this is my wife Donna did not like oh. It's even more important to me than the other one yeah yeah that's that's been paid one you know that's what I use and every social setting. I will say. I was say like it could just be like a with a Oliver at delusional. Enjoy it. And Jesus. I beg everybody GP GP what's up. I'll get mad and united were actually gonna stop oh I'll respect it and I'm like I don't know who this is but I do know them a say it Edgar much. And they go buy our I think Oliver sail out in the novels hello and then the personal faith and that's what people. Yeah. You gotta get. And they're not on. We don't think you can they've heavily on don't label me now how you've been and other okay I'm gonna write these in my hand get hot today and now you have no idea how much thought I put in all. For a big guys get around these judges. The thing. I am terrible with names. I'm I'm pretty good with faces. Arm like we were just a recording some spots with the people's eyes she's an original one earlier before the stuff. And there was a person there and I recognized his face I was like I made it was never gonna get the name right now but I was actually just a part of it is like eight do we know each other have we been in. The same circles and he's like well we're FaceBook friends and and I've tweet did you feed our political guy I didn't know your face a pretty eagle will face. But I will not. Even if I'd like. Hung out with you. I might I won't know your name. Any insight at this all the time people be like hey do you. It was or and I'll get of GP I'm out right now and I met this guy his name is judge Jimmy. And I cities to hang out with you and I'm like. OK let's I keep putt and I bet he's telling the truth but I don't not familiar I don't know what you're talking about like I don't think he's lying. And dumb and and so I can't ever remember who Jimmy is a rude gestures or whatever ice. It's possible that I'd been around you a lot but I still don't. Quite I think he came out of nowhere is this does you know Andrea work if you know darn well they don't know Andrea would have any man known Internet so there's these two people and is whatever messaging and Andrea a low public would you say that when they clearly wouldn't they wouldn't know if it's in it's that thing to say you don't we just be like that I think everybody members of their right I don't know if you are right hander and yeah. It's good to get back out. Or you can do this one. It is only heard from Kelly or anything like that anything it is re directing anything they let me introduce you to you I don't have to then say their name know you now as your op. Let them fill us on strike you animators account highest anywhere you can shut up and if you shut up somebody awful start tossing the ball from him. So so you don't wanna get to seven a bad spot now that's the best liked it academy or anywhere and they need to shut up and Adrienne and Paul O'Donnell will pay given. Avenue in part that really is this doesn't mean all of our friends with you on FaceBook and they think they know you personally and you see them like a now that doesn't that though the rough once and these are the ones that I don't mind actually saying no I don't know New York. Win win somebody likes to play that game with you. How to live again. Which is the popular vote you know why am hey you armament you don't remember me. I'll I have to you know that's like Athens and you let me yeah everybody fresh duke don't do that down somebody. You. Remember me do it. That's a dumb game and it shows he is doing is creating an awkward situation makes you look it makes me feel. Bat ya and it's gonna make you feel insignificant when I have to tell you know I don't remember you know I don't I don't know that's a that's a horrible I don't know if they don't do that really I hope I hope I do I get out I don't at all time to Gary all the time. A GP you don't remember or do you. Now I don't as you get they join were my name on now I know that's that's your that's ridiculous don't Donald I don't know if they'll have cousins who I don't remember their names and I. But I haven't heard it because it is because you can't let my kids tee ball team tenure tableau like seriously I don't to those people if you're gonna be like that. If you say GPS that you don't. Remember either you know I think I do not remember. I do not knowing my brother Hugh told me and he's a very Smart man his cardiologist at cardiology at napkins and I'll let I'll and he arm was. On the date and more troops on a date certain things on a date and he. If they were telling dating stories to my nephews who like down there and they and it was so he met this couple. That intermission somewhere or whatever and sent. And sort of the statistic of Obama whenever they walked away. And the woman says to you who's Christie are now. Old and now. It was a Greece Hungary she wasn't Crist isn't here yeah it's it's tough to show I'd done that aren't you never on the date no it is a little lonely island date let's just I emceed at Jake's school auction Kazaa Childers and a weather's dozens of a grabbing an enemy and seeing it and somebody in the audience he's a father a student in Jake's class and I'm referring to ms. mark you know mark over their and I had been drinking all night. And his name's Eric in in sort of a thousand people like older rival and I will not call anybody by the name and that's it I'm harder. His name is Eric John than we did is got what these are grew by just just shut up don't ask people how I do and went on in Iraq jive and says his wife was it's hurtful hateful. As you see some connection with the high school where parents and he's innocent. And so she's like what's special attention. Girlfriend's funeral. Alone oh alone at the disaster. And it talked a body you outta those of you just say you look nice yeah. Yeah as I. And I think people people know that's what a tough one you don't ever ask somebody if they're pregnant. All of that there are no big I don't know I think people know that people who all I really people who let's because there's a nasty people out LA had a friend one time no and they she'd already had the baby. All I saw I would go back together then that's brood and that's unknown I don't know but it was like people nobody just never goal that would listen for how far along are. That's yeah. Bull you should be yet that person needs to goaded by Giambi hit what don't you go all those are major social faux paw that's all my stuff. And they go to the girl was just like column we have three months ago. It's rough and that's pretty long time table to you can't you can't ask people of their pregnant that's okay as an old Ronald holt Blair house rough you don't you don't like really big. This is why when I go the worst are put on headphones are heads off put the sunglasses on your head down had a well I put on headphone hi I listen I don't know I'm listening to you like just. Can't even if you know listening yeah. A better. Talked to people call you if there's an air what I am I shouldn't go to that's not until later they can go wrong. Heidi Collins. How could tell the other one. Like you see somebody and you used to work with their wife now are used to work with their husband and you only see them. Also helped Joseph don't spy had lots that we divorced where Noel over the years I've had a lot of people who have said our work with I used to work with your wife Morgan Keegan and I don't correct them I don't say you lose a lot of them a lot of road you'd think it is or Heredia and hey I don't think you still want to write use like networks just let ago. More than it is our embassies get a name discrepancy on journalists from earlier something uh oh that if you did your guide to show that Obama I think that anti. 45 minutes ago forgot six. So we came up with a definitive list I'll also ask you look at Iraq so I took her exercise arm that from yesterday's job. Straight to Twitter and then it it. It like took off people were into it the same way we were into you're right on the air and I came in today. With a list of twenty eighths moon and these were again and first off. Tell if this is hard to understand may get just got a blind spot for. I'm looking for common first names. Better closely associated with just one person would really only one person right not names like Kanye a meant more beyoncé. Rent or boss or Elvis or Rico which is that we got into an area common first names that are owned by one person. But it basically owned by one person you say that name and you think of one person so I'd describe that exactly where it's just I hear people say you're behind the ocean. Almost owned. And all told the globe people like what about the. 01 GT. How about share. A look at your exotic car bardo GP. It may not even a first name and it's not. All on I don't quite have the people responded you can understand again couldn't get tennis paying the material that was Fred just everybody else yes did. They were submitting names that was Sweden for them and I've got some good suggestions I got some that I disregarded. But ultimately I figured out I've got to be able to define what is common and what is not common because that's the point of contention most of these that games are common enough that name is common enough. So what I did is somewhat to the Social Security database United States of America. At school credible I pulled the top the 200 most common names from each of the past seven decades. And if you work on that list if you had won if this name was a top 200 naming any of the past seven decades. It it was a quote common name for my purposes if it wasn't that I was. Surprisingly Hillary never happen. Actually yesterday I said is that a strange name right we talked about Hillary answered does she really does like there's somebody Hillary does wake Hilary Duff Hillary really is Hillary that works you might want him at the end but I'm actually know Hillary damage to personalize yeah I think I do and that's checked FaceBook but I think there's so Hillary own Hillary because there's no other Hillary's able Hillary doesn't qualify routers I cannot tell you can't say Hillary and come nobody wants a guy. And down lot of people suggested Michael. But the process of Michael this is Michael Jackson reality that's out also Willie there's Willie Mays shall not be over now nobody else. Nobody owns Michael Bryant follow what the list and I got Zack Audrey and actually from an ability to Cummings that would be in the for opening segment and what I did they gave a piece of paper each plus Brian. And I said I must say a name and the first person the pop it right at them quickly at a more mobile more I think about Reagan. And done we they they've dwindled my. They they cut my list from twenty down the twelfth OK and Angelina. Was unanimous Angelina Jolie Angelina owns Angelina to Angelina Jolie and enjoy any accounts the camera maybe it wasn't a decade like eighties I think now yeah yeah talk 200 it was I don't the remarks had a song image. Britney went to Britney Spears she got to keep that. Yeah Donald Trump did not get to keep Donald he does. Back to dock to a Donald Glover actually Glover Glover is factories a musician boy wondered about yeah I want better I got we didn't want that Glover did puppet amassed well into -- -- outlines O'Donnell got no two of them did O Israel the laundry and sandbag low it apparently had Donald Glover. Eli Eli Manning owns Eli. That was confirmed by the panel now LN. This one's surprise and shock has not and now here we actually got three different it. Sure there are always some weird LA and their arms are naming a real age near as. And Ellen pompano pomp and ours is up from Grey's Anatomy I am familiar with all of those Ellen I thought it would clearly taken Ellen. Yeah degenerates but it didn't so Allan Walsh don't show. I know are the rules the rules and a Kendall did get to keep Kindle. Generous Kindle. Khloe Kardashian is Khloe. You act tightly did not get to keep college unity baggage KeePass. Marilyn Monroe did not get to keep Maryland Michelle from popped up right after that might now Pamela. We're Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson's show him all these. Later but I think it speaks more to the lack of quality of Pamela is in our country. And Pamela Anderson in general we don't have a whole lot of memorable is not a lot of them a good point it's a common neighbor we don't have a lot of famous Pamela Graham. Paul did not work. Two peoples of Paul Walker. Yeah Paul Walker wiped out Paul McCartney Peyton Manning get to keep patent Rhonda Rouse he got to keep Rhonda. Same goes Pamela though not a lot of famous front as we lacked quality Iran does in this country com staff the staff count. Is that the name. Chair okay it instead he owns death. Taylor Swift did not get to keep Taylor should dude from the event. Arm Lawler are longer a lot thinner yet jumped in there now Tonya Harding keeps on the shields not common name and she owns it Whitney Whitney Houston owns Whitney. Here's where we have a point of content all of when I went to Kim. We have three Kim Kardashians. But can we edit Kim Kim Jong-Il. That's what that's what I think I act on LenDale White dove into my card Ashe yet. But and here's where we have a bit of a controversy Rockwell always Obey the rules have been the far. We are looking for common first I think Kim Jong we are looking for common first names. That are closely associated with a only one person according to guy on Twitter. I think this draft pick after credit him but he's one applies out. Perhaps that Kim's boss is Kim is a last name in the last name. So it debt so if we're only talking about first thing this is just don't yell came his last name here in our Kim Jong Hoon Kim Jong-Il. Kim's the last name. Kim is not the first Damon met in that scenario. So I submit Kim Kardashian and still owns asked him and now our list is at thirteen. Yeah and makes it that if I don't like this but you don't like it. Your problem I think resurgent all day and all I know that's I think it's. You're sure probably the list. The list is Henry your best bet it's pointless. And at the point you're right what football what should get past the idea that if there's there's there's two things you have to accept one is is that. Let's clearly does what he's what the rules set out to do right they're clearly did what I mean that they that the it it lives up to the rules. So then there's two questions one is. Talking about just what dale. Let's not get stuck on an island there Oilers just. They're actually screwing with you now gearing of what town will be no they're not just DNR and I got two more names. That people are asking treated whether they should be under considerably more Monica. No the fingers in my result Islamic dollars and Monica Lewinsky loans and other real they had you know now I don't think Monica work helped this one if it's a name. And it it would be a common name I looked it up our check. It's not common yes that has spread I looked into it tops what top 200 on social security and Shaquille is evidence shortened. No I think it is Shaquille on short I think that's true Shaq is -- check out the attack and if you tell me that so the only my only issue with this the way you did it was first we have to believe this panel's represented so is the Paul Walker. This should Paul Walker really knock out Paul we had a duty in that he says London though it's one question that's why I'm acknowledging you do what you did I would always. It worked well I know that but then the other one isn't. Energy sector I do I really think that Eli it's a common name. In the sense of the book like. What year what decade wasn't a common name is again we have a lot of Eliza got a chance to accomplish a lot of things like it since that was really common now come in the last ten years. But is it. That's some of those maverick that was my friend Lawrence point of contention which is was there are certain names like Peyton and Eli. Right where they haven't been. Common adverse long enough now that they're not really a common a common among that this is what I'm saying about Kendall doubled all the Jeffrey tells me that club thirty Eurotunnel and Al's run garage a fine. Bob but but is resting yes I can but so yeah I'd Eli and Peyton is really. They're common but not long enough to have accomplished anything my counter argument is if it doesn't take you long to get famous in this country these days you can do it by the age of 61012. In a certain way you can but. A lot of the ways you get famous you can't you take a little wanna Peyton and Eli are staying on our last our okay. Find it under those are my only come. Those are my only complaints with the lessons is it is and I'm not disparaging your fund panel who loves Paul Walker. You bet that aides think they're right. As an editor at age and I don't let anybody over forty gone public unless there's a lot of people if you said Kendall. That they wouldn't know anybody like. A lot of people over 4080 sugary and that has don't Ken doll there's a technology doesn't own it because I'd. If you have never heard of Kendall Jenner really yeah I don't I don't follow the card I know Kim I know camp but Chloe. I didn't others and Khloe you another with a clone little policy fashioned piano bullets non. Home now so I didn't do so to me ownership I guess among a certain gas ownership but but. And then suddenly it's oh yeah I think you've got to be done unbelievable job but now. Hi I didn't realize huh. I was weren't quite a lot huh. Our drill hole or not Oilers were you know Brad. Yeah you can't pick I had a much cowboy coming up and yeah valuable I'm not just under rulers are plenty on my umbrella. I I see you later example bag is that you're. Others just to save her dignity to nine FM ESPN listening and texting to 78. Financial contest now know all you have to do is keep it here is we're a little. 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Receiving. Oral sex from a former Ohio State staffer. And sell out. I don't know exactly what this means that that was crippled wife while and thought man. I charities in Barack cells or wherever text that was why you Jack. Could I told you right now Brad what in the world 2000 dollars to order to down malware to the good you can spend all that forty years old. A it's gonna lie aegis Google like for the shopper and I guess I would now like if you're filling your car up what you like be like you know I think I got enough. Well hold on to route 4200 dollars. I mean I knew what plays I think over those places you see Arkansas on 55 going north you know but no I don't know old. A lot of sex toys noted you're the one he had maybe it's the Woody Hayes plays that were sentenced him as a poor attempt at a hedge representative. Woody Hays plays the Woody Hayes athletics now. I mean. And now. Home oh. Send it still outfit that's a little strange yeah I would you order your sex toys to work. Why would you just don't pretend I wanted to ordered you got like I got bored tonight I decided on the border 2000 dollar were the sex toys. I would start I would have them sent them to hear know what they're craving that would be able strange picture it is a package for you up front. What if I guess but what if you're trying to keep him away from your wife. Or Europe. Mistress. Know your wife is so you can Evans into the house he got haven't had to work because you're buying in the girl who works on the football staff that I guess all that's shut nation but he's away and news things like things like. It's right which is just a bad bunch of bad decisions being made another shows recklessness is what it shows this guy I'll never understand why Urban Meyer is perhaps they will understand when it's investigations over. But they're the big question. Or at least one. Once so far. Unanswered question is why did Urban Meyer keep this guy around. When he doesn't seem to be anything other than a problem I know that urban was tight with his grandfather and all that but like I don't care I was type with your grandfather if you continue to put me home reckless situations that you can't work for me anymore so. There there's got to be an explanation for why it Urban Meyer keep this dude around. And the only sensible one to me is that. This dude had receipts on our Vermont air like yell yes if you if you fire me you can fire me but then I'll be on outside the lines and I'll be able to show this is dismissed. That's the only explanation nothing else makes sense the world find out I would imagine sometime next week because Ohio State get announced earlier today. They're investigation is. Is on schedule and in will be wrapped up. On Sunday back Woodard got. Digital sale Friday and Saturday home. Like twelve best again. Kroger forces are serious things to the stamp you can save your marriage you should. 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Summer avenues explored a Hollywood made a phone number is now I don't want 619620901692. 6200 if you wanna talk to Michael directly to date only so far this year though I mean I imagine though they also self under series. And everything anything you need to first home lit rooms that got him and said runs. Whenever you can probably get it to be easy to make sure to check their first. If you mention that you heard about Emily Jerry parish oh you're gonna get it to an additional skinned person also make sure to do that he. It's tricky things by Michael over. 6196209016196200. There on the web. Cindy dvd edged got out to get ago. Generally goes presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly a regional peace. What do we learn today we learned a whole bunch about. Common names. Closely associated with a only one person we. Came up with a definitive lead if features thirteen games we dwindled down to twelve but we decided to get him back to Kim Kardashian and I think if we're gonna leave it. Thirteen. Common names closely associated with only one person and four of the thirteen. Our Kendall Kylie. Chloe. Him. What's the biggest game tonight umbrella FirstEnergy stadium Cleveland Ohio got rookie quarterback baker mayfield got rookie quarterback Josh Allen Cleveland. Three point favorite kicked off. 630 you can watch it on NFL network what she's done watch on TV usually don't get dateline and it really NFL football NFL football boots off that line Knowles dateline tonight. What. And he's on anything I need to make sure I need to let me finish start over now. Well liked what we do get tonight. It is a one hour show on W you know at 9 o'clock holiday community called orange mound with a look at the history of Orange mound a neighborhood right here admit the let's say. Go for black citizens in the late nineteenth century on ground that was once the plantations. But your little man. You want orange now maybe you can check that out 9 o'clock AM WK you know is there anything I need to make sure I really had that new report from Brittany Murphy is really good so go find his Twitter account about that fifty. Hired Ohio State if this didn't just see. Pete wilder and wilder by the day. What's on tap next week out that it will have a decision on Urban Meyer at some point next week maybe he did your kids as well for that will be big headline wolf appreciate simple bar should be fun. Enjoy your weekend. And enjoyed. But heaven above and tell you please don't ask that I remember your name as awkward and uncomfortable I'll meet you back here Monday afford to be careful. He kind beat good grip you'll. You cycle. Personally donate and cheer us on you for making a difference in the fight against cancer. And Iran and federal credit union we're redefining banking one home sweet home loan at a time visit O'Brien and C dot com to learn about our easy application process for home loans. Super close Chela. It should traffic is crazy this morning. Sorry we'll get there has distracted not make you completely crazy I'm freaking out that's because that's Cass told you to expect to say protecting mansion. What's driving in traffic increased changing hands. Clinton Syrians and forming a protective layer Kansas where. Came from the moment you start to get five points for Castro GT and contend for twenty feet and advanced out of time.