Gary Parrish Show, Friday, August 17, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Name Panel in Seg 1 & USA Today's Dan Wolken in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, August 17th
Gary Parrish Show, Friday, August 17, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Name Panel in Seg 1 & USA Today's Dan Wolken in Seg 2)

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Perspective to Memphis radio he'll make you think it makes you laugh you'll sometimes make you change the station of children. Apologizing in advance for that it's 4 o'clock let's get. Jim Turner show. I'm Eminem is very very bad blood and in studio produced a program glad he's whipped me glad you'll wed may hope here. And for the dead no obstacle. No this rough here. You've been a bad thing about common her name. Should go and one version of much of I have to go I don't. Conversation that jeopardize randomly got injured when her last night and both have been debating certain days nonstop for the past 22 hours. In response. System twenty. Less than twenty common first name. I'll comment first name closely associated with a wholly. One part of applied quickly added that the Netherlands got deported more started downloading your joining USA today would get us up to date on the situation at Ohio State get all the good idea. And about 25 minutes there's something about the board notable stores pulled forty forward once the dust over everything on the stuff for the London JJ Redick. Had a strange scary cab ride in New York City Clinton thought. Aged woman in the trunk of the car and I wild. I got a whole bunch of your story not one like that I've given that each other for 44 we not a possible explanation all these years later 41 Minnesota drafted two point guards in 2009 ahead of the warriors they can step very funny story straight from steps map. I tell you about a little later on this hour Tyrod Taylor doubt Tyrod Taylor. According to the Cleveland Browns do just changes. The pronunciation of the hey hey Tony not a legend and putting nine years he was calling Tyrod and I don't like you do LA then to arrive and work. Whatever I hope to have developed it and we'll get into that 1 just before 5 o'clock and Tom Brady was shot last night nineteen and 26 that 172 yards and touchdown he broke vick's. We'll discuss the bill quarterback during portable storage or 44. God Jeff Gordon to play golf always it will eventually do dinner to go get out of here that's the rundown got a lot to get developed software. Than anything. Associated completely with only one person now first let me export. Yesterday you might her Aretha Franklin died. And now while talking about Aretha Franklin won the points I made is that she is one of the handful of people on this planet. Where you don't need a last name if somebody says now hey did you hear about a wreath. Literally everybody on the planet thinks of Aretha Franklin the same thing with Barack same thing with Madonna same thing with beyoncé these are people who they beauty. That you just say dare sir name. And everybody knows who you're talking about you don't have to describe anything else. And the Porter made is that to be a one name celebrity good to be super famous super brilliant at what you do but also usually if you have a unique name Democrat lite beyoncé I liked Tonya. Like LeBron. Like cause why these are all people who are dignified by just their first name right so what we started looking for. What people who actually have common first names but they also kind of one word celebrities like you can say their name and everybody. Think some of of their. And we came up with a list yesterday we were just doing this in real time having a good time with it and people started suggesting names on Twitter and then I took to Twitter for a larger audience and really it's been most of last night arguing or debating. Or considering taking recommendations on people who would fall. On this list re explaining rules. It is amazing by the way a pay attention and they are how many people can't even when they all cannot comment last it has to be a common first name and then some audio tweeting go went well although not always the Commonwealth Bank. But nobody actually a birthday incredible big. Are you have to be a common first name and it's my between bingo. What about about paying would shake it up on those shares I'd comment first. Right had to figure out a way now to. I did a fine. What is a common first name. An NSA and the process isn't without flaw but this is what I did and I actually went to Social Security database that is they wanna merit world are you doing on Thursday night. I had a series. Well let me my eight semi credible my young boys were with my mother. And Kelly was staying at the store late fed deny to myself basically you know and so I decided to it I just gotta say she's got out got obsessed with this topic yeah but I'm just watching baseball games and and an intriguing new after the bucket and aimed for and and look at in the name and looking up names on those those security data has. And it what I decided was. I would like seven different decades. And I got the top 200. The most common names from those seven decades OK and if you or a common name. In any decade of the of this decade or the previous six then you are common name eligible for the list that will make it so arm. Roseanne does not work now it has never been a tough. Hundred name in any decade. Surprisingly. Hillary doesn't qualify why is that it's never been a top 200 name and decade I thought person apprised of that I've done the project does well now but some names that people said were not common and often quite tied late. Yeah like Angelina variant they're absolutely and they have. Cy young people and fellow we got we had to get that from all squared away and I got that all squared away. And we have some that I don't have on this list of twenty that people suggested but I don't think they work for this free Willy for instance a lot of people suggested Willie. Now when you say Willie I think Willie Nelson I think a lot of people think Willie Nelson. But a whole lot of people would also think Willie Mays and if you got to get two different thoughts sign it did the name doesn't work okay same deal for Michael. A million people suggesting Michael got to be on the list. Except what I think Michael somebody's got think Michael Jordan the male ego thing Michael Jackson somebody else might think Michael Phelps doesn't work 'cause there's more. Weren't weren't because there's more right and so what I come up with here is a list. Of twenty. And if they lift that I think works I'm not a 100% sold on all of them. But this is where my panel comes in the play got Zack Audrey nationally and here they all work in the building thanks for being here guys guys and what I. Frankly the music you want so badly to play them that I am almost certainly going to have wanted to stop I guess if you don't mean. Sonnanstine got here. So now what I've gotten them again that god and actually in here and I got the name that I got twenty different names that I think fit they are common names. But we you save them despite the fact that a comic you think of one person and one person only. And what I do is say the name didn't they will be asked to as quickly as possible right now who pops into their head first and I don't wanna just blurted out all the things I'm on radio to be hard to understand okay so your turn so I will say and David that you and you. You write Yahoo!. Who you Vick who pops and you had to. And if they're all on the same page to brag you'd like to if you want to correct if there are all on the same page then that person stayed on this list forever. If they're not on the same page they get scratched from the lift them by the Tug. Now what did we are gonna have the definitive list in the history of the world a common first names float. Guys already early tester microphones a solo Hank and no. Or are you gonna have to speak up your very soft spoken guy here we got thing the first day. Is Angelina. Zach who popped in your head and leisurely under. Actually name is Angelina Jolie Angelina on the list for. One for one where once I want. The next game list. Again these are common first names closely associated with a only one person in my opinion we're looking for confirmation now. Sport needs. Zach who clubs and your dad Britney Spears Audrey. Actually it's Britney Spears Bradford but they could bring. Forever and the next okay. Donald. Zap coupons and your head first I got Donald Glover. The upset if I guess we'll go to. I have done a glut. Is well would you do know now. And dare I widowed Donald Glover did well but in my head too but I don't we go Donald just to trump the most people US opens deducted you know direct contrast OK Donald and Brad you know I had dropped four hours did you over there hi. I'm trying to make it does not again involved on yes you'd Vietnam com I cannot help doc I'll get a kick out Donald he's been. Well it's out of Donald Glover I'll muddies the waters for Donald Trump when it comes to. Owning the name Donald how about that and I'm surprised how does an upset about that for childish Gambino and how about what in the sale that I Glover you guys are like 25. Our community childish Gambino dad's not enough they don't run again and O'Donnell lovers like super tech is these super talented Atlanta's awesome an announcement. I'm a big cities may I don't trust that was what I wasn't actually sure I'm Donald had been removed from the list. And next day. He locked. This in other Zach who love them dead and at Eli Manning our grief. And Ashley and Brad it's Manning yeah. Next name on the list. And this was only ate comet named top 200 name in one decade but it actually was in one day OK glad that I know what the name is Alan. This is easy I think is gonna pass Zach coupons in the name Allen Paul gonna war. Yet ex girlfriends doubt she's not a hologram that's great anatomy. In Saudi millionaire and it has got to wonder pops in your head and beard you know indebted actually I love in your head first I've heard a starter I didn't you ask me. It is that game of games Allen Audrey on down on be honest I have Alan page in June and this is a major ice actually I have Ellen did veteran Ed Bradley NL towards the general eyes out. I've done this with a lot that is a huge of the baby and named her showed just Allen because of this reason I thought Ellen had Ellen on lot. I am shocked and I beat you guys are BS in a little bit too non problem and of course don't question I'm sorry guys and let us know quite summary question mark and I. Big panel and I are all. More delegates on the list he's a very big surprise Ellis is also lists Donald is off the list so far Angelina has been confirmed. Britney's been confirmed. Eli has been confirmed but Donald an outline. They're off list Netscape dot. Next name. Kendall. That the Buccaneers head Kendall Jenner oddly enough. Ashley and your general if you can look at. Interface on the and I saw you are used to people about this one Lendl is a top 200 name and in I believe this decade yeah did I looked it up Social Security database. You should see my browsing history for the past 24 out it's crazy it's. Ridiculous on next on the list. Kim. That the puppet here in gardez in Andre and and you know what I'm. We'll show. People aren't sweater instead give Jim it was gonna best that money that's for Jimmy Carter as she actually I guess in Brad. Cart as she but it but the rules are the role Kim Jung ill Yemen has been talking out all of the list I'm Zain another upset in my opinion the rules of the rules Brad. While next name and yes this is they topped 200. Common name I believe also in this decade I looked it up okay. Chloe. That scoop up in the air card as him I'd ask actually British. ASEAN there. The only system they get slept well. What you wanted to turn the car did according. It's a bright and a well. We're used to be the ugly ducking W people made fun of her now she's kind of high now she normally does fixed herself and she's hot and she's like ubiquitous in far as first things he owns. Give them an amazing transfer a club over the mains and OPEC clos weight stays on the list. Next the left. Hitting this won't this won't pass the top 200 common name that the Buccaneers head Kiley now gone now. Actually Janet general's corps yet but at the people said well I was thinking about the street fighter minute people said they killed earlier I don't much I love you man but you're hired a highly have been blocked from the last next name on the list. Again if they lift her name's closely associated with a only one person can't nicknamed Mariah yeah. Actual content had I carry our big bank actually tank and brash. Mariah Carey Mariah gets the stale. I don't know if that was in the top 200 on the database yes. I look I'm surprised that I look at that one it surprises me on the database how many being free I would zero Mariah on FaceBook and none we checked this yesterday. Shot after shot at tonight actually know him all the more of Lichen and we don't you and they never did have a question did you ever. I'm not trying to be personal did you ever data mine. I don't believe I've ever dated tomorrow I am I don't think Feldman that would Dallek I would brag about all these I guess then what the faithful as I none of friend put it. Nobel Prize Mel Mirai it gets to stay on the list and next game on a list. I think we might get a split when his right Maryland. That group up in your head Marilyn Manson and that's what's going to be the problem yeah that's an upset Marilyn Monroe actually. Yeah. Yeah yeah. She's nothing you can't handle anything in Maryland now I think there were now in fact I suggested Marilyn Manson with a certain demographic gonna mess it up. Four. For for Marilyn Monroe and that seems to be exactly what has happened Maryland have been scratch how the lynch right next one. Michelle. All while this is an addition that I didn't mean that show yesterday that the Buccaneers head I got the original earth the second cat woman Michelle Pfeiffer that's a weird Al lancer. He got I think. Actually you know what Iraq Lou if I am and someone understand about that there. Yeah Michelle gets scratched from the list I had Obama I thought it would be Obama and a sex thing that. But alliances but. Fight or was always gonna be a threat to daughters qualify for the name don't wife Maria that she was always gonna be a threat Michelle's been scratched from the list yep here's what we also I don't think discussed yesterday on the show but I think it I think it works out it is the top 200 common name in certain decade. The name is Pamela. I think this should pass that coupon that he had I got Pamela Anderson just object. Actually and we got. Hey Gary how out of the public I Pamela Anderson has been for much of the past decade yet her staying still resonate. I don't know that says more about her or the lack of quality Pamela we have our entreaties we don't have many Pamela then this country. And that notable Pamela so I think Pamela women that won Saturday's soccer. Boyfriend guy young dude I she's still in the news. You know I do think one of my favorite scary okay here's one I don't know we're gonna get it did want next day. Paul. He's a man. That group up your head all locker and that thought Paul Walker which is the that are solid and getting ready to get Paul Walker came. Dead guy yeah yeah the document reviews and I used in about him he crashed just after noting dead guy knocked off sir Paul McCartney how would that. The right from fast and furious got three votes over. Me that's an age he's talented usually I announced it. How about an incredible upset moments I download a lot of work that's. Who have Paul McCartney and his small Toronto by the way down he wasn't driving being the victim so far hasn't had. Notice he just got in the wrong call the wrong party behind him Paula been scratched from the list because you know you did say Paul McCartney I said Paul McCartney had and that means Paul been scratched from the notion that aren't yet it is tough to an economy in this decade. Today this patent. Back about the new head man and Audrey and actually Manning branding and his name's Jeff. Right the Brothers the only siblings that old they're common names. Hard as you see yah and many think it Archie make that's 18. No I'm good base to be people go to Archie Bunker yeah man to make people go Archie Bunker. Archie Manning does not own RG they all know it was a great trifecta Eli owns the lie but Archie does not own aren't you back next day. And this wouldn't come up on the show yesterday came up last night get a new one. Rhonda. Oh boy first thing Talking Heads that run around me Audrey. Anybody and think of anybody that passes they'll actually ran around Brad. Probably I think it's right the some of Pamela though not a lot of quality blogs out there. Good point I think another runner right now. I think they Rhonda and you can name run around thinking in game one known with the highs will Rhonda I know I'd go to run and nobody knows a thing as Iran decides about him. We have we are what was that badger yeah I have an aunt on the NC. Evils. Those hand Brian bang Enron I am ready I ain't bad at all that does not accountable or severe lack. Quality run to the in this country really I noticed that a lot of research in this line that's they've done a live round around so they should bear one and they can bumper off. Next today. Staff. On this I. Zach hoopla and your dad did it again staff Carrie Carrie Carrie Seth Curry did. Everybody thinks that staff out OK next name. Zach who profit here Loughner on the home in the health body and you Gary I look like you are weird. Either. Of course I had to Brad. Yeah are you seriously this Taylor Lautner then yeah now he's the vampire movie got gasoline and taking him off a list that the most talking about twilight movies on the other side hill when I said David you thought of him not Taylor Swift I do my mind immediately went back then that route that means Taylor does not own her name on a little ball and polish and their public would be if you had a hundred people their body a couple that did you know I had Arnold I Don Taylor probably owned Taylor did lose out to surprise us and does that again we're going to the list well we searched for probably the most well researched with. It hits three of nine prominent names closely associated with only one person we got two more on the list all right you're young and Tonya. That group up in your head Tonya Harding on Ashley parting Brad Tonya hard about that Tonya and lack of quality time is in the world not a problem. Well I think that's the wrong the problems that is the Pamela prom but it doesn't matter. Does it's a common name in a certain decade now and Tonya Harding owns Tonya or her yeah rough life. Isn't it nice for the things you know dad had seen them movie named after this year it was I tell you right now right there and you knew immediately about a guy time implement a Margo Ronald Ronnie she killed only after this great that's the yellows and all that too because as a show named Ellen and yet you didn't think of the allens what was really follow Helen pay Grey's Anatomy yeah I don't really doing is selling wild man the biggest of federal bill you and that is the biggest upset last name and we need. That what prompted you had Whitney Houston artery actually used Bragg and Whitney gets Thelma. You know when Whitney we need. Died in a bathtub. Her daughter died in a bathtub. And the dude who found the daughter dead in the bathtub. Today I hike in a bathroom not about to the bathroom. Wool threads you would have thought I avoided if you're Baghdad right like yeah you know what that can do. If if confidant of drug problem Brad almost saw a man had a drug problem I was the at a town I forgot about drugs he died at Mississippi for some I and I am due date got to Mississippi did but I. There are drugs down there so Whitney. Kids to keep her name though the list of follow okay of people fool arm I've common names. But they own their days at. Angelina. Britney. Eli. Kindle. Chloe. Moral idea. Pamela. Payton. Rhonda. Staff. Tonya. Whitney. You know 34. All right 6789101112. We ended up with a only twelve. Only twelve people the entire planet fit that criteria. And had you feel about this when you're ready okay. Katie. That's about the end Katy Kirk. That was going to be the promise slide in that case we were gonna get Katy Perry and we would be very Haiti kerik now Katy Perry. Much either muddy differ Katie Couric or Katie Couric muddies it for Katy Perry how did you guys decide but that's why Katie could make the list with that's well a feel good about that but they'll like this is BP figured out the comprehensive less isn't the definitive list and a I have also the only person in the history to play whoever even tried to do list like this is why would anybody else do this but it is the dirty TrailBlazer definitive list. Of common names closely associated with only one car. Gary. Gary is bomb in him to do is generally a famous or does that Gary Busey or Gary Player or Gary Coleman. Offer hello Gary Coleman yeah OK okay. Yeah sounds Jerry Foley actually had Mario yes exiting low Marco Rubio but there's all the Mario's and almost goes not content not common enough Mario I think probably would be coming up but nobody owns Mariam some people said dale but I think you get in a problem because you don't hurry to get to delve in the same family and you got Dell curry needed del Murphy I don't think anybody owns dale dale nothing anybody owns Gary. I don't think anybody owns Katie but I think we got the twelve names Angelina Brittany up Eli great panel. Kindle. Multiply. Pamela Payton Rhonda staff Tanya and Whitney that's that's that doesn't. I'm sorry for on you weird Zack and yet I think there are other people like you out there. Now one of the nicely at adding I'm telling me now right there doesn't sell them back out there and actually help yeah. Guys I need. Don't there faux cowboy carved them up and play a significant role in determining the most comprehensive list ever. 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There's beaver and there's Timberlake found there's Jordan and there's Jackson that's why Michael kept working just forget where nobody else just that Conan is not a common name medicine suggests that's not in those 200 missiles spirit lives wolf if I lived to be a thousand now. I'll never understand why. It has to be a common name is so hard for people to grab on to whatever rules but. It has proven to be. Damn all your comments USA today he's making the big interview. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports it's that Harry Barry show me your view. Presented by. This movement ESP and analog carrier doorman. I mean that they know in a living and alcohol free caller we lifestyle movements. Tell us how prevalent is miserable but then that a bit but I don't play back in I guess that was my early twenties me in my room mayor Cory. Decided we were gonna do exactly what you're doing. Please Palin let's let's try this jets and paydowns they'd get healthy no cards and no drinking. Like let's just commit to make it we do it together and it'll be easier for us and so we decided to start on Friday which was a bad day starts. We started like com Friday morning we woke up now. By about 9 o'clock that same night we must have just saw it again this is awful hand and we like when he got cards and we got alcohol and got back to being who are like so I'd I'd done what your doing for nine hours. But never nine days it sells miserable what's your motivation for. I didn't like working here regularly serve or we actually scroll current. You know to kind of kick start my body like his opponent in order to be well. And even here. You're out late at night equal and equally. So like look oracle also tonight I want you to listen to this current get a nice weight that I would make it. But yet our best for an hour. See I'm better actually during the season and the reason is because I'm on the road so much and I'm well wait for my kids now. And I'm away from arm and that I'm working late into the night. So like I drank significantly less during basketball season because I'm looking like I'm Matt minister of the 2 o'clock in the morning. And I'm and I eat much better when I'm in New York as opposed to home because in New York I can actually be disciplined to them by myself. But like the perfect example Kelly and I go to dinner last night and I eat like a normal dinner. And then I get home and our oldest son had cooked a pizza. And there's one slight flipped over I would go to the like but that's beyond that Sean eaten at some point and I get you into it that's what gets you. You end up eating. Your four year old left over French Fries or your fifteen year old slipped over pizza. All war. Whatever you know it and and and so I'm I'm way better in season and I am out of season that the summertime. Summertime is when I eat poorly and drink more than maybe a show. I think overload. During the team's logo all the stuff won't let it warm for all games and I'll lay writing it well and then I get the right thing and just like I. You'll continue to drink earlier that you like any something loves all her life as a little bit tighter or thirty or warm or whatever you're having a beer supply. It's just kill keeps actually kill puke politically selling out of an idea and my training bases media security called the left side. Oh good luck on target there walking USA today's on Twitter add Dan Walker. Ohio State has just within the past hour I gather released a statement and and said that it will have its investigation wrapped up by Sunday. And then the report will be given to everybody who needs it and then the president of the university is going to make a decision what else do we need to know about the Ohio State situation right now. Actually apparently they're gonna. Have the results of the investigation and it might ask Sunday and there are going to. French Swiss all the people who were ready let's look at the rapper poorer and I guess they were releasing it. I don't know who went 828 early next week sometime I don't know how. On page to actually write a report but they're paying half a million dollar so that you're responsible for the intruder took pretty quickly each. Look at it ever went down also believes there are liars and keep each. And automatic suspension or some sort of disappointment. That they can couch it a little bit. You know maybe he didn't go in opera didn't exactly what he should have done is judgment calls all the while he tactic or disclosed outlook so you're gonna return to tourists eager to some points. Actually used to be the prevailing opinion on her murder and we will find out whether that's true. Probably Monday or Tuesday. Targeted him walking from USA today yeah I had were betting I would bet our on going that direction that they'll be able to. Punishing in some way of putting new protocols apply it. Avoid doing two things that they just don't wanna do eight. Getting into an expensive lawsuit with Urban Meyer because that would be coming if you try to remove them any good and it cost you forty million dollars. Let's I don't know where you think Urban Meyer ranks among college football coaches but he's got to be in the top five in May be number two. You don't if if there's quite a subject you wanna subs that guy I don't should. They have to tailor somewhere or birdied the our not so I don't particularly earth to do that is urgently and it's one of the greatest coaches of all time in college football. And it is why is it I don't think they're one of those open early carriers and there are certain schools where. Very. Do you care how what looks and let me take you seriously they have already. Cut ties a birdie to cut ties to the limit some older kids do I care and I think Ohio State all those. They say they don't it doesn't matter to them what it looks like you're just gonna do it. And I think. Until the two thirds situation but the difference here is what an NCAA east and the NCAA college closer look. Quieter this letter provided to finish the investigation. Into trouble. It was gonna get so red or worst date they could not functionally operate their program is Jim Tressel was in charge so it'll be easier to just cut ties. This matter until always situation this is just took a took the call. What type situation what do you want the corporate or black and this is what it's going to be even if ever ordered rolling their eyes that require her yet or not. When it comes to universities just deciding listen we don't care what it looks like we're gonna do what we gotta do to. To keep the program the way we want it to keep the coach the way we. They're a little bit like North Carolina basketball and that was an NCAA situation but they basically through their own university under the bus. To save the basketball program to say that national championship banner. And it looked awful to everybody outside the Chapel Hill. But they didn't care about that they just wanted to keep their banner. It's they also probation. I keep Roy Williams and they accomplished all that and now it's like you know a non story they're back to doing what they do. I don't go to the court. You know I mean it look at. If you get out or not there it became a global didn't care for all time great until they had until. It or not. Every now and honestly I think the back. Give them an option now maybe their old actually come out in the next six months or the next six weeks and 68. Bit. Basically take much away from them but I. Given all the right now it's especially ugly embarrass me Jerry Springer type situation a bit. It is third shot at it in order Google search earlier to eat what you consider. All the different elements in the parks where he didn't you know people earning power over the mix and a whole please go to circus but at the end of the day they're just betting. It occurred artwork all that and or whatever else Kurt Kurt you there right. I'm Dan walking USA today's on Twitter at in woken meantime they get their own little problems but Maryland. And that came. Courtesy of a bombshell report last Friday I think after. You and I actually got off the air there is strength and conditioning coach has already been fired. I don't see how they're gonna be able to let DJ Durkin ever coach again does he have any chances are Ivan. I don't think so no I think it'll dilute the process at a order Kirstie did. Earlier today. Most of release something. Coming out of that meeting it's been a couple I would I don't know if they have a Durham balloon so anything but I W expecting some sort of announcement. What those fired Turkey and or whatever today I think that's that's actually possible. But they will give him mr. processing go to this. Investigation but I given ever seeing it catch in itself to this story. I just emotional component which is important because. Arctic survey. Are terrible. But also just the facts on the ground they screw up and they screwed up big time and I think not only hope Turkey paper that. I think David Evans or put it out dirt and is it Orioles I think the president wants all the loose I don't I think he could end up being a clean house situation. And go. To me that the quote that do win Durkin besides you know they are the obvious thing hate is to a program what happens in your program you're responsible for. Is that Thursday's close I think they came from George Schroeder is column in USA today dot com. Where you know that Dirk is quoted couple years ago. Talking about the strait coast this monster who like may have incorrectly if not directly contributed to the death of a young man. And in darkened like he and I are in lock step we have the same vision were on the same page he's the best tire I've ever made. Like when you. You know way you know who this guy is and what he's doing and if you publicly quoted. Basically signing off on his way of doing things when something like that happens that you gotta go. Yeah it's speaks larger issue I think cultural all the carpet ghetto or around us. It's the mythology the strength coach and if somebody got to thinking a lot about this last week. Coaches will tell you how important the certificate is in coach isn't it called a ball got just because. The nature of the sport and be a bigger stronger faster way. But also because the straight basic protests as usual though saying. Autopsy it will work outs. Where the amount of stuff that coaches can do the bugle player is very very limited. So low it's taken through eight hours a week. Or acquire. Up and conditioning and work mostly restaurant and coach. We'll see that in so they have a huge role. You know what that program looks like until you absolutely. Have to be in lock step with the head coach I also wonder here. It's a little too important because. You know ever wondered who would seem like this Gloria we're all about you know the player won't it can't count as oil lost. I've found in the heart daughter like coach so awesome in order for your coach don't bring you bought it guys don't believe all the I thought it. You know it immensely yeah there are social media ever do all the great deal to guide Alabama make a million dollar year. And you're just sort of wonder in light weight and we're how we get here. What would the strength and conditioning coach not to the media what they do but I think it's may even got a little forward and we've been hearing. Just because of the nature of what football is an America that really struggled with this week. Last thing before I let you go. I hope. That this type of behavior. Was unique to Merrill Lynn but I not shore. That it that it was how prevalent. Do you think having somebody. Paul Lee humiliate. Beat down home pushed too far how prevalent do you think that is in other football programs around America. It's hard to say anything you are or are. Earlier in the week bit. One of problems I think that I think in identified itself in this Merrill fiasco. It is. Close ultra secret all these programs over a so we don't really get a good window most people and how the sauce is eight. And our agency backed America's basketball. We removed correct this over with people all the time we get our belief or practice. What I could. Told you in an accord and I don't what was going on inside another delivery week you know recorded everything we solo everything we heard. Over the we had a general idea what was going on behind closed doors. Post these macro called Google currently we have no idea and I think that encourages people to Lleyton take liberties and to just things that they would not do. If they don't like. People watching everybody get dangerous so it's a very fine line between. Motivating and bullying. Between motivating you know you're getting the most out of the diet. Occasionally but I think it'll cause that you all are any and that's what it did you know eighty coaches who apple or an old school bench. Well why didn't end. You know it can have pretty severe consequences which saw. That is Dan walking USA today's on Twitter at Dan walking you can read in USA today dot com all right buddy thanks for bear enjoy your week that it seemed impossible without carves out law. All of economic summer. I'll be praying sales the about the I bet they'll look at you evade the day. And I Malaysia and and no cars for no drinking I can do the note cards. Now they'll drink instead I just get bored you know I just below what am I or able to do mean go research names on that brand out there that overhead that that is done at that project on JJ Redick had a strange and scary cabaret New York City he explained it on his podcast. Created headlines earlier today. S claims he saw a caged woman in the trunk of a car. At which point he immediately asked the driver pull over he and his wife and sister in law jumped out of the car. Why a story we'll get into that next. Others just for favorite in 99 FM ESPN's listening protest into seven to 81. Mr. splashing contest now all you have to do is keep it is we're unloading. Some cash for your next chance to win 1000 dollars in free money is coming. 5 PM download favorite listen to. We're now. Academy sports and outdoors is going to college football kick off on Saturday August 25. 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Join the fight against cancer at west side on top alert. Guests appear via the smiles senator hardline enough they get everything they show. Who do various slide from the bluff restaurant is always more studio 99 FM am EST yeah. I'll. And now I'm. Then how. It took him. Controversy down in our own list of common names closely associated only one human now we don't we settle it the definitive list but we have a controversy relating to the name Kim. I won't get into that we just thought oh boy next segment for right now I got forced play that like to discuss limestone and he hasn't been. In Boston new. He's tends to lose focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to tell. Yeah only every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll such an important things you need to know these periods of time. This does keep peace or notable stories at 444. To see number one all right. Wild story involving JJ Redick in New York City he told her to open his podcaster created headlines earlier today here's the story straight from JJ Redick. Of course former Duke Blue Devils start us longtime NBA player. So he's an inner city with a swipe insist reform. For. A photo shoot with some. Clothing apparel company. And as they tend to do in these types of situations they had a car waiting for him and you know you don't expect your hotel particular airport. A car serves are very normal things and yet. And so. There or SUV gets there to pick them up. And the man takes the bags and put somewhere it puts the back and get in the car. And they noticed the car smells I don't know not normal. Like not terrible but like there's something. Off there's something off with that arrived late but whatever you know maybe it's just wait r.'s mouth now we're just scored a few blocks anyways not a good. At some point JJ's wife whispers to him. There's a each back there. In the back well from what would be the trunk area of the SUV there is a cage. Behind the seat there yeah it's like it's you know it's not. Towards the hat. Hatch act eight UQUK you would have to be looking for it to see it but you can't absolutely say you can see you back here and she's like there's the case back there and it's moving like there's somebody you know there's something in this cage in the back of this like a human in the back located immediately think that because you important now you might think dog. Or it's Nate as some or something some sort of pet may be but there's definitely something in there they can hear it move in but it's covered the cages by a blanket. The other little freaked out right so they tell the guy like they may just pull over we're gonna get out the car yeah and as we pulled over in less about the car. And JJ. Goes to the back to try to get a glimpse of what's going on. And he claims to have seen a face a female face. Not sure it's a girl or woman. But he liked the student they. Cuba the person back there and AK a human in this cage wall so here's the question for you Brad Carson now you are in the same situation JJ Redick right now what. Do you do if personally made the right decision you get out of the car you get the license plate number and then you reported that the police you don't try to do something right now I don't know you got EU you've. Ideally if you could you would that you're not in a position to do so. We are in a position to do so for your finest irony I mean I mean you could you can grab the cage. And you could be you could fight the man. I don't know about that do do do love it could be epic gunman in a wolf how are they down some yea pirate maybe you're not a hero Brad listen. Maybe get out bill but I don't know what the particulars or how the configuration was already is a big ES TV is how big guy was what the situation is I just smelled it. If you you don't let on that you know. Because of that that there's a big there's understandable explanation for this story I guess things bad no matter what or there's at or just Abdullah that like if you're trying to like. Think maybe this isn't the worst thing in the world it could be that hey he's got a family member that we needed to get across town home. On this would be a way to get that I had. Are you decide the back I agree that's far fetched but like maybe. The worst is that there is the child abduction case yes like there's a a seven year old girl and a cage who has been abducted and you just witnessed it what do you do. I think he'd get out I think certain people would actually try to do something about it right there like Gilman you're not leaving until you IC would sit there or there is that person. There are heroes in this world I don't think it's me because I've Dodd he's gonna lose the fight. Because I just probably would and also like if somebody if it's the worst case scenario like a child abduction. Well then that's it yeah where does go from here like I try to stop you do you pull a gun don't Michael and I got to be strategic they got tell us true hero would probably try to do something there I don't know but I'm back at degas. So what I would do is something similar to what you would've done yeah definitely get that tag number you immediately call 911 yes. I do think I wouldn't mind him knowing I know because that might like. If it because they try to act like I don't know is this every so I'm wasting a second. Every second. Arm where he could be getting away. Like I like it if he. If I think New York city's that's an advantage the only way he's got to not know that I know is if I just don't make a phone call or make a scene until after he's gone awry and that what did you find out that it was a little girl and then she was found dead and you can second guess yourself forever it's a very difficult situation so I think what you do in that situation. If you absolutely go yell ma'am what's and that what's in the box like it's like Brad Pitt did it in the seventh and sort of box and then dumb and then you you call my mom whines how did this. And eat that we don't know again this is where this is where the story is at at this point the car company service is investigating. But hopeful we still do not have any definitive answer about what was in that cage in the back of that car but what a wild story up that is weird hope everybody's all right story number two open I remember back 2009 NBA draft and some rituals have to. Todd I think top six or seven ticks down and they use them both on point guards which was a little surprising even in real time because I've really taken two guys that play the exact same position. What makes it even crazier in hindsight is that. Neither a point guard was stuffed her. On high sticker in that going if you pixelated the Golden State Warriors the step was our podcast bill salmon's. And bill was they were joking about that has been used to always have a good time with the former timberwolves a president of basketball operations David can't. And stuff like I actually heard a story about why they didn't draft me off and bills like please tell yes for the stories this. Seth Curry loved golf still does not have always pass. And loves to play and making good he spends his free time playing golf yet. And like you step I'm with you as the story goes what staff heard is that the timberwolves. Didn't want to draft them because it's cold more often and it's not cold in Minnesota. And he wouldn't be able to play golf as often as he would lie and they felt like he would be miserable or never commit long term to their franchise. That's crazy. Is that even believable no. It's not believable and it's it's so bad explanation to draw to not draft a star I hope that's not true. I do too because I mean everybody from that air ridiculous fired anyway yeah but it. Edit the idea you wouldn't draft day and a transcendent superstar. And a majority might not love your. Cold weather climate they killed us is like that is exactly how you make mistakes. In the NBA draft so that is skeptical Currie story. That's what he heard but who knows the true story number three. We got a controversy in Cleveland and what's going on Cleveland nobody knows what to call Tyrod Taylor he changed the pronunciation on his name. Today officially from the Cleveland Browns the way that his name is to be pronounced is to rod. He's that is that's crazy he's been on this plain weird 49 years and he's Trevor being called Tyrod Tyrod did ready for this death. He has BN on television you know when they they put you on screen the and you gotta you gotta say your name like Ina.