Gary Parrish Reflects on the End of Tony Allen in Memphis

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Tuesday, September 12th

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports and the Gary Parrish Show joined Geoff Calkins to discuss his thoughts and impressions on the departure of Tony Allen and whether Allen's departure marks the end of the Grit and Grind era.


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Just showing up might get specialist Gary Blair shot 46 year on. The attitude at them ESPN national college basketball Thomas for CBS sports dot com multi Emmy winning. I television personality rising star in the field of meet your knowledge he. And a cracked sideline reporter. College football games GP joins me a GP how idea. Or. I'm good this is a today that we knew was common. But it's still damn they're swayed hesitant. Yeah like your young men and CNN I never obviously you know noticed all of the thoughts on Twitter since the news broke last night or late afternoon. And I got like I would I just sort of went through this like two months ago like I did learn new toll Alan Ball and so when the new blow. I didn't have all that oh wow I can't believe toll call like when the new broke the exact. So I mean that would like oh wow I I remember correct you have a look at Saturday afternoon. And it would like. A while back we're like what abruptly you would like you we didn't know for sure one way or another. Is that coming or going and that it was like tech red dot sec looking to your deal what it will look like won't back radar this really doubt over the Brittany or. What toll when the news broke yesterday. My reaction would basically. OK go but he got a job like I had already been through the toll outback will be a member of the gripping any more specs seem pretty clear about you know two months ago. Gary. But no question it seemed that made the moment that they signed ban medical like you consider that it was the it was it was Tyreke or whatever else like Ben kept adding to death just it's a foregone conclusion he wasn't coming back it's why. Three weeks ago I wrote a column saying he should go to Boston I'd like like to go to Boston to these argument back everybody knew he's coming back. Well be to direct care of I don't really think it's like this but it's like when your grandmother Gary on your have a grandmother. I I had 201. Delivered what happened to the woman whose novels. You die. As. Well. I'd I'd get your point. You know it's like to see if there's so there's some that in your dog your dog your dog it's like your dog and only cared they've assault perilous but it's like you know someone's gonna die maybe like god. You know they've been in a coma for six months now. But then I'd at the moment did you finally pull the plug. It's still sad and symbolic like the odds are. Like technology to your point I'll be serious but it's not here tonight tiger literally pick for a long long time and so. It's really well Alexa McDonough did this whole thing down and they don't hurt at all events are pretty desperate. They are comparing total. And even try to. But I. That's not a bad. That are in Syria and I did airport because bad Detroit bid of she would pick a long long toss out well for a long long time Ed and you sort of knew that they were coming to let like what I got the call from my father. It wasn't like oh my god why. It was more like. You know it very day I can do you know the bike is I've been waiting on that call probably her two year. And so. Which Tony Allen different kind of call. Shot a poker might Jack. It's like he's got a better place it's just Orleans riding on it. Right I didn't know what's coming but when it hits. I still was like I've died I. He wasn't gonna be here but I still was set I think we've seen for the fan base that is still that is just sad and honestly because the way it works. Just the realization that he's not coming back does not trigger. There's dull moment in the course of this summer it was kinda awkward the way it played out honestly if we had our exact moment. We never had a as Tony moment isn't just pump. He's not going to be signed like so there was ever a moment it's and others is that moment what I think people are are stopping and thinking about what what Tony met. All so much stop think get picky about why did it have to be this way because. I mean quite clearly and I think you you Brenda well. I where they are immaculate like oh well you know deadly grip that you want to pay him two years 44 million so like I guess it yeah but like. To bring it out Tony Allen like the grizzlies could have done that. Reasonably. If they wanted to. They just did not want to they did not expect that break up is so big are like that it really doping relationship ever in this way. But he here all the time how we just both decided to go in a different direction. Yeah I think with back and immigrant please it is close to let. Like big credit to both decided by the move on. I'm to go here I hope you're well we're gonna moved a stretcher and good luck with Tony you like Tony got dot. You know Tony got laps per like been back more beat every Kevin did everybody else and bet on that the whole different bill and I big grid we spent recognize that. And I think probably. Certainly my friends. They're they don't like they say they can let the Detroit I would love to give Tony Allen. Seven million dollars the year then you've got to let him walk but you can get told Gallup that instead you would have spit it on the other guys. Most of my close friend to our our corporate declared. We need to promote that at all they don't like it at all like letting Tony exactly understandable. And let me be clear I understand movie welcome Tony Allen but the casual fan doesn't understand that it. Well let me let's let's explore that them. Why do you understand moving up from Tony Allen and are you saying when you say you understand that are you saying you think it was the right call. No I would abduct a bit I doubt it kept me out by. Idol the Davis like let allot each other big joke about like oh yeah. You wanna wanna see. And and I think a lot of like you're never there you know as popular as Tony I really don't think the area is. That big of a difference perhaps with any play hearing in the leaked. There currently any player on the grid these roster the difference between what fans they give them. And what did coach is they go to. I don't of toll ever been popular with any coach pat in Memphis elite coach you bet. And but he's been super popular with the standard. But it it bit became pretty clear to me that whether the front office was all together Wally the blue ball. Church wanted to move ought to have to give didn't foul you. What Tony Allen balked and probably didn't say Tony Allen in 201718. We're going to be anything close to the Tony Allen the grid we've spent well loved where whipped by the way I'd be true but it a money clip like thirty something percent. Different for 2.3 million dollars you don't have to be I. I think by the I think this is that example by the way of every one of those coaches being stupid like I mean we're all due respect I know they all know more about basketball and I do. Vastly more about basketball ideal. But I think it was Lyle be instilled that it. And I honestly Yeager was was what I'd I think had fewer problems than anyone else. But I he did a prompting them to like there were times when did and Tony just a walkabout and disappear on a de Jager and I think Yeager was. I think all summer stupid but I think the numbers bear out they were always better when he was on the court and the idea that you would bench him for Nader Harrison. Is just pure insanity to me and it showed right there at revealed that some I think Israel's been great. But I think he's gonna have to live with this and if it goes badly and don't you think if this goes badly. It's sets it up. As the end of political backlash on the the pre that the so far beloved David there. Chore and and also the art operas because what I understand like they didn't do here. What other franchises do like big it will let they're veterans go to give young age batting get into a lottery there's still try to be good. This what they're a long term I mean I know on some level it's a long term plan but it's not. The typical long term play UC primitive be it French arcs they're trying to get batting you're young so they keep get a lottery ticket Beatty did it again. They're trying to Steagall it they they made that clear they have decided that. Going in this direction gives them the best opportunity dish bagel and I are audit we are I don't know that I agree with that I'd I don't know back. I understand letting that go get tired surely Toledo but if you put in charge you told me 2.3 million dollars you can keep Tony Allen. And and and make this ball great job between the grit grind era a little Welsh. I'm comparable with your candidate. For corporate budget what do they valid in the NBA dot state and the idea that they let you walk through that. I know they are they're comparable with that but I also another tramp art and it's it's like evocative speaking honestly about what I would abduct. Yet the the amazing thing is is Tony million to Tony Allen in his seven years here. Made eight total of the total. Of 29 point seven million dollars now that's good money for you and for me that's very can be very good money for you and for me. But Chandler's gonna make point three million dollars this year Kim an amazing thing is he has been an unbelievable. Bargained for that franchise I think the whole way that I would let him go and maybe this is troupe like as Chris characterized brings up the Udonis has Lem. Just becomes a citizen of those heat and you keep a month for continuity and because this is what we stand for and and the same thing when Nick Collison at Oklahoma city's not a player he once was but it's salaries of the whatever. If those guys are willing to fit in Ohio that literally the only thing that would have prevented me. Was some feeling that Tony Allen. Would not have allowed himself to go quietly into the night you know would not have been content. Playing a smaller role I don't know I don't have a real sense that at age 35 wood Tony I'll have been a disruption in order they just they just won another. Local playmaker. Private debate think he would have been a disruption. Like you know like I got to play like all all nobody ever thinks that they can't do what you need. Until they actually can't do what it what you think the lake like the lakers and Kobe try to a year to declare my comparing Kobe to Tony Aleks but he told his final year. They let him go well and do whatever he wanted to do and it just because they thought that was the right thing to hit it to the white right way to handle it last year. By. All the became crystal clear to Colby. All while IKEA duplicity war like he knew that and he was comparable walking away but it they would have just decided preaching them. They call you go play eleven minutes a game but he would not have been OK with that good until you've proven yourself that you can't do you think you can. So what their particular would have been the big Tony Allen a role player can I don't Elin never liked coming off the bench. But it is essentially what a bad. Hey Tony you just going to be very a veteran president's role player or leader type guy. I don't know that he's good at that lol I don't think that he would be comparable what their role awaits. He was disrupt ocean and and again we're just speaking are we here I'd like Tony Allen's personally professionally I loved it on the grip. But he disruptive burst coaching staffs I mean eighty coach you'd ever be a walk you bet. And the idea that you would put limited most limited role ever and think that it would go smoothly may be what. But I can understand why they might have thought it would. Right. OK so. Two things 22 questions that one is. People losing great grand is dead forever there's no we you know again they're not gonna change the name there PR. Media site and they're not going to. Stop calling in to grind house that I gonna stop pulling out. Grand Powell's. I mean I'm not even being on trying to be unkind about this I'm just looking at reality I said earlier. You can call yourself showtime all you want but when magic gone you know longer showtime. You can push up the bad boys all you want to win them beer and Melbourne are gone. You're no longer the bad boys you got whatever whatever you require some the amazing Mets is long these what have you ever wondered what the Mets are no longer Mazen. You can go hire some good grind on you line. But if you're a mediocre team that doesn't that just to list just blends in with every other team in the NB today. It's not good grind isn't. Oh of course not I let I'm not a big marketing our our brain being so liked. They're they're they're probably Smart people working over there. It will lead to relate to that specific. Expertise than that aren't. But that's why I would always like you really wanna call it why should he be a genetic change you like that's what you've decided to call that. And it seemed very like a temporary boring like. It you you know it could certainly get in the mold it. But what it looked at her ever or even three years from now yup I was skeptical or whatever it can't be today it's just like what you call media outlet what do you know it's. I noted since so much on that I'm just like can you put eyebrow thousand cigarette grind in this playoff series if they get to play tonight I suspect they will they're not gonna let go easily. Yeah and yes I think you can because it like if I were arguing against dust right now are you covered intellectual or I would today. Cry doesn't have it much you do with Tony Allen or Zach Randolph or at least I'll play for being a relevant basketball in as much as they say. It it's a word that we associate with this city would constrain giant you're always right like we agreed that the players might change. And the style might change. But we're still a small markets. Small you know I'd feel small market underdog town that has to drive to survive and that'll never checked stepped back where I would argue. Here's who I believe I believe in five years it'll be gone. I don't mean that you won't be on this year but I think in five years it will be it will forever be known. As the and then lastly because we are sort of appreciating. Tony here. It is fairly astonishing like I remember when they signed Tony. I'll be honest I didn't think it was that big a deal and I want that shot that commercial where I ate. A hot Darden and and and someone stole it from me early Rudy Gay stole it from mayor but end run ins and and. Every shot immediately. It's Jack attack ad and like totally took Tony was didn't have added. And Tony was in that had. They are like even he wasn't a big it wasn't a big factor he wasn't a big presence the idea that over the last seven years. Tony Allen who wasn't a player that Zach was there's no question that's true. But I think he was is beloved in many ways the barrel Lotta people out there who played the Tony was our favorite player and the idea that he became the spokesman for the airport. And then he became the spokesman for the school board and then he but it is almost insane any any it is there is this is this. It was delightful. What essentially Memphis story. It at all or contain it completely and gives is. It's somebody we're told like two years before Tony al-Qaeda members that pay one day. That guy who need extra security in the playoffs while at Celtic played in Chicago could they're worried at gang member of my chili and is done has subsequently become the spokesperson from Memphis airport. I guess China would eclipse and it totally ridiculous and yet it it makes sense and then that agreement retirees back rental security. Make sense in men's play each. They are unique men sit stories shall not saying that it's. Under note certain state that could happen somewhere else but I don't think there are many other places they can happen but it it happened here about the act and provoke Antonio. And legal guys will forever be important sports figures. If not figured in general in this in this city like. There are kids who grew up with Zach Randolph and Tony Allen the same way I grew up with cheaply and Eliot there are. And you know I I don't get star struck like I act leaks especially because this is what I do for a living. But I still think it's cool way like Elliott Perry tweaks me because what I would the kids. That guy with the biggest sports star in my universe and I still think it's cool what I walking the streets better and their Heatley Marian. And he walked the talked to me about something let because what I would 678 your goal. That he was Michael Jordan as far as I was concerned and so there are kids now they don't grow up with tiger like that but they grow up with would greatly specifically. Back and told he had them in the old guy. Though they'll forever be important figures in in Tamil people by Stratford ever never. Don't think it's a little unfortunate that he's in the determinant for the opener. Yeah because. Like we stated many many times the opener the big deal you're what you want when you're particularly at a price tag that doesn't sell out every game. But I have picked their base that loves you cares about you but didn't have a in orbit the type of guilt felt they should not allow spur people to just go to basketball games 41 target here. Are you want to edit mini can't mistakes as possible and be seem to know is why the warriors won the bronze wind. Exactly turns one Tony's return what you want and value yet did you double up or video yeah yeah yeah update you. Or what night counts as two of those specs if the C helper and Tony return so it's certainly not great mate. Operate chart perspective but. You know whatever it looks to be slaughtered I'm sure that the greatly global land court properly and it'll be it'll be one of those memorable nights and I've got to talk. GP my condolences on your grandmother and I have Ambrose from Siberia loss and an alternative yeah. I urge their parish listen to them that. From four until six.