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Tuesday, October 3rd

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports and the Gary Parrish Show on 92.9 FM ESPN joined the Geoff Calkins Show to discuss Lance Russell and Memphis wrestling, Butch Jones, Mike Norvell's future stock, the developments of the FBI's case into college basketball recruiting and more.


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Just got a should joined now by Gary Parrish Gary Parrish is host the Gary Paris show from Ford sixty or 99 FM is PM. He is the national college basketball comes CBS sports. Dot com Emmy winning television personality rising star in the field of media around any joins me now a GP how are you. All right hold up Yorker I'm good Lance Russell. I understand it Lance Russell was a big deal. Explain DNC passed away two day tragically is is the circumstances were particularly. Sad and Jerry Lawler tweeted out. That he had died but it turns out he was back in Memphis visiting. His daughter who died while he was here he then fell broken hip. And dyed his daughter's. Service will be tonight so. Tough. Couple days for the Russell family. But I wasn't here when when he mattered the most what did explain to me Lance Russell. You can't overstate the presidency Eric. On television in the that the markets have been. And Natalie I could everybody by any better when everybody my age. I've we've spent our Saturday morning either watching live trucks or. You're like playing sports but I'd have a soccer game or a baseball game like you. Had to repair expert VHS cassette into eight. Good good machine and recorded Saturday morning Rutland and watch Saturday morning Bradley good I mean to win. You know. After this before. It remains true the way. Kids today. Thank god Zach Randolph then. Tony Allen and Mike probably park hall is the way we thought of Jerry Lawler and Bill Bundy and can't some Jimi value in the but fabulous ones I mean they were ordered and light speakers you local well is so small or Al you're you're you're you're connected to everything and everybody. Once upon a time. I have. You'll just like it in every baseball game you want to watch on television every. Basketball game you wanted to watch available. To watch what was actually on your TV what are going to be here and why does that sound. At center court in Brooklyn book over a look at big critical like everybody watched that Lance brought a one. Essentially bet the host of that and hey if you are accurate remember as a kid like Gordon the coliseum on Monday night was. I mean that would be equivalent of going to hate stepped curry can tell the warrior aren't out like a watch whatever data out there right now we're taking his. Six year old could be okay credited to watch the grizzlies against the warriors. Kevin Durant stepped Currie. Well. You'll be. Lying 35 years and that was my dad taking me to see. Austin idol or radio savage. Or oh Coca. Or whomever and Lance Russell but the big big part of that I mean that he was indeed a big big Europe big television figure. Up from my childhood and I would assume that basically anybody by age group in the market so Serb. While those whose persona. A what was his. In the in the in the deal like. Like you tell me what Monday night for the original Monday Night Football was like and I know what Frank Gifford didn't dandy Don Meredith did an article say you know you know. All mad like you know what everyone's role was what was Lance Russell wrong. Obviously it's been thirty years since I watch the light the set up the cheers when when I was experiencing itself. Like I tell myself to you know in the past thirty minutes like going through your group a little bit and just watching it and it come all come back to yet it would sweeten also sat. He would like you're too. If he were taken from you don't take it give it a little prayer but he would most of it you know I don't know till we hear a little hurt you know like the rest of the world so real so weird world anyway. Particularly them they're mad that wrestling world in that time period. He had the first thing that caught my head and I actually Google best. Where trouble no. Like I can like you can just Google web play notre go to YouTube and let's go to a colleague and Canada eh when you're. Should I actually like the bloodiest single girl that be a bit these men are calling other mayor who like your governor and they don't rebel they'll like. Tights you know Ed Ed yet they're at because men who like. Like he's the only person say that Dave brown obviously grew like a normal ocean in this world what you got to suit a tie into a microphone he looks. Who liked but what you're spoke to look we are peavy and he's constantly. Cheer up her books. I. Look anything like jail. That let the audience big or where Betty. Call him but everything else. And Gary Hart right call all about it throw no look. He's talking about a girl I thought that I would never have other recovered the ball went broke though that ever recover Pico and Olympic due to this morning and watched it. And because Jerry Hart talked about a girl it'd be a cheap guy. If you don't Dolly Parton is Chastain the person walkers are you and everything perfect about her that you got clear of trouble note. There's also a little bit like elegant girl the girl book is that you currently have gravel road could go. Like Lekkerkerker tired tiger light art you know if you told me. That they do but no somebody you know it would have been ripped across all know or whatever Reid didn't go. Abbey with a big big bigger there's there's it hated to hear that the more of what happened. You have I mean that I went to the Butch Jones thing that was exactly the sort of bizarre surreal honestly as you would expect. In all the ways that you'd expect the best at that he had this is was that this when he gets ahead he said let's. There are only. Eleven teams that have plot that a minus for internal X. And of those eleven teams in the country there's only three with a winning record and we're one of home so we must be good like that's what it's come to. He said that several times. So you know that's that's where we've reached. And in the meantime everyone out there like around him is talking about. Who's gonna be the next couple huge. So why I wanted to ask you about Mike Norman. Who thinks about my doorbell I heard one is that when he went to the touchdown club. He and you just knew this sounds like mine are now. He went to every once table and shook hands with a every. And said hi I'm Mike Martz liked the guy is gets that you know beyond believes he just totally gets them. A asked Jeffrey this question yesterday do you think their struggles against Central Florida and then let's just say they go ahead and beat UConn but then we're gonna let's let's. I'm assuming messed I think they may might be maybe they might be used to let's say they'd lose to the navy and Houston both of which could very well possibly happened. Quickly given the state of the defense. If anything they can make the luster of Mike ravel. Lean a little bit this season. Losing sharp eye that that the coach is kick right Tommy Irvin becomes calmer than anyone else. It didn't he wouldn't be their go to guy does now though. I still think Mike and I will still think Mike almost regardless of how this seize control. I think he's teacher salt box Reich and I don't mean that he's just. Nice and he'll you know real texture and that kind of stuff I mean like I think he's good and the resembled garrido and I think he'd go to because. When I talk to people around him they go out of their way to tell you how good year. Like it he'll explode they wouldn't talk to people with a guy and you're peppering them liked. So how would you like and don't you ask me hey nick so like particularly like a person who's mostly it's going to Iraq. But approach of the he would say. PayPal that guy at 99 Ollie go to great you'd like to be great. You know like I am I got bad mouth anybody just the two took complete stranger coming about a much bad about somebody like clothes and if you have somebody check trust the other quick. But like I I got to respect these people go worker Mike like I got peppering them courier commission about my biggest at a fairway utility out of course so yeah. And how how. Big presidency years in the I think all of that is true but I go oh my opinion a camera a week or about college football program is gonna change much regardless what happen the next. Leaked but from a distance and athletic director try to make us splashy hire. You know yak you're gonna see you gotta open job market so he's been Oprah got they had we have got to okra up where the opens up dark post him to go to the guys who. A common problem making things seemed a bit below were out of work. Score eighties for a free for example you think it takes a lot of the running for big jobs. About it takes him out of the running but it certainly minimizes the risk of Memphis and redemption so we're placed at PF this. They had to like Google book program also lining if you lose it's the self reliant and you know I've had it basically you don't root for it but if you lose zillow. All may may be Michaels there are millions. Atlanta and the reality eagle combined quit a separate sports. You know every guy. Who is considered a top five candidates for a big job it's gonna open X gets lifted as a candidate for every job it's gonna get Oprah so if that expands indigo. Spoke you know he's eat you know. Tennessee might want him Arkansas might wanna bowl list might want him gamble this state this state I want him he's dog. One person gets the job and asked that the familiar dark like. Okay. So sick they'd have to go to this every year with Gregg Marshall. Oh god protects the job at opal Morgan only Gregg Marshall we're gonna Lugar Murdock well kept and what shocked. So got that job well no Indiana's open colonel Greg Moore so well Archie Miller got that job so you've still got a like only one guy get these jobs themselves. If you work to be playing and who can't bowl would microbial kit ghost job or at least at the ballpark probably. What if he just happened you know mediocre she'd been relative. Expectations amid an end the national landscape. It's there that piece suggested that the future of not credit picture any appropriate as they go code. It does make it look very different candidate and that's important to remember like it did it there in Europe there's great football coaches in this great football candidate. And the candidates typically want to coming out great seed and almost regardless of whether or break a. So wacky how it works and sure works that same went college basketball like if you name. If you close the coach you can the Georgia Tech coach who we're gonna coach Ohio lives at the nurse who was who was it was. Who have well the front Gregory a show where was Paul Hewitt wherever he wants like he was hot coach went. They're bigger debate great source right so Arkansas removes Nolan Richards and there's this guy had. Jeez on camera what school was that but he elect had an amazing like. She got to be at civic garlic and he went on automatic bid the first Kermit it's it would leak urban and like a bag Olympic game or two or whatever. Afraid at all three of south Alabama is an almost daily Steny security guard out of the. You're never got a book up like he can't Ingram to go to our border are actually best to quick example this Derrick Ward. And that western Kentucky. And she was like on the verge of being spider like I think he's the and they are. For five years had never made the NCAA tournaments which was low words bit which was. Which took knocks on the western Kentucky go to duke like big court protection that there are good big major Croker. And yet he had not been able of course a ticket to the it to the late turner took it like. In February yup its final here western Kentucky it was pretty clear he was going to. Beat tiger because he was in the same week. As as south Alabama. And is that the one bit bleak and if you beat will be automatic bid to backcourt the current south Alabama better than his heat they want the regular season title whatever. So. You get to I get to the Sunbelt conference tournament itself government got upset but he's also somebody on the other side of the bracket. The western Kentucky actually win that tournament went bad automatic bid goes to the NCAA tournament. They have been. They won't win that there are crowned the 64 game like at the blogs are all like up 35 seconds. Are we had 35 which he shot it at that time they are actually or McCain or however she tail and they'll the other side of their brackets. Like maybe it was UConn or somebody like they wouldn't shut up and getting ready to play. A super highly seeded team and yet they didn't have to play that he's gonna get upset that single parent want to meet in the sweet sixteen. So he goes yes span of and eight from being fired at south Alabama to lead in the sweet sixteen BB empire western Kentucky to being in the sweet sixteen. And then he gets the top regular somewhat like a million dollar contract are. Potential like there who got the South Carolina job for this reason it amazes. But it felt as south Alabama got upset with some belt servant and because one of its kids. Get like a 35 foot shot in the NCAA tournament. That got him a multimillion dollar contract added that. Cool and of course he go to their per year been like never had much in and gets tired and I that this detective or else they could beat green. I'd like errant. But like that you pull crude liked his whole career was based on stuff that really had nothing to do with him he became a hot coaching candidate. Based off of just silly stuff where he never should abandon that in the wake Qaeda and its work. It's always good to. The only thing that actually. If you yes I think they should judge marvell on his merits which are not always directly correlated to the w.s and l.'s all obviously loosely is somewhat correlated. I'm honestly I love my said he ticks all the boxes the only thing that would bother me at all. Is. I'd physically like if your item in the SEC. And he runs the offense that he runs. Possession is always a problem for Mike or girls team like they just that's not how they you know they don't care they don't plot that's how they play. And then you see and get run over defensively it would give meet with slowly give me a slight Paul it's. We see there's there's the injuries and everything else this year that would be the only thing I'm because he absolutely checks. All the boxes are the last thing I wanna ask you about was the current state of the scandal. Pitino's Don George is I think a but there seems to be pushed back from meal is judge gone a 100%. Not a 100% they are both technically on unpaid leave. You global athletic association board voted yesterday. To terminate ripped the deal calls. Which is it it we're that we're gonna go a bit annoyed that could also promotes saddle you know. It is a 100% you'll never go to mobile yep sure that would come Jerry keeps its flash that bad now I'm not sure he's never going to be PF are correct urging him protect IP not going through. But there is definitely pushed back a month something and some big car boosters. And he'll come from Coca columns that. To to put him back in this position because it is a tricky you know it and I couldn't identical sight to this because. Really feel bad thing conjured an ever done. It's stand by repetitive. I got a and that he gives. Quietly consider to be among the very best athletic director in the country not best athletic director in the country. So when he pushed back it rooted in oh OK fine com dirt stood by Rick Pitino and that would obviously mistakes but do we tiger or him. Even though he's so great at every other aspect of it jut up like I know right now you're trying to make a statement clean house blah ballclub. Like he's lucky to have wanted to go at. It. The Beverly a bad talk some bail decision to stand by Rick Pitino. But like let's not go. Cut off knows spike big year like let's let the big guy great at what he does. Let's let him live through this mistake and I hope that he doesn't make another one that's one side of it and I understand it get excited. What are your primary job of athletic director could make great personal position pavlik or personal decision that it iris you're universe each. And culture university millions of dollars in and come dirge did that didn't show. You know bit bigger issue we are but but it's got a purpose and certainly could certainly a return. To being global that like Rick I don't think it's likely but it is pop. I and is anything else like we saw the Alabama assistant. Stepped down was fired or whatever that that happened there. Any other developments and what is the network to the extent that next wave of stuff was gonna happen but we just waiting for people to flip. I think so I mean it's not like we're on some normal calendar here it's really at the discretion of the FBI you know whenever. They are you a story to offer whatever the ringleader. A handout. Will ports sort of a comedy I mean. I think you in the district of spot a couple of count basketball coach you know they pickle a big big prizes and yeah they're they're excited out there you know I I'm not here to incriminating anybody. What good prizes what's the big prize like what kind of like what what category of person I mean and a name like what. It's a golfing coach goes down and if it also partly at all I think. Let's send you the truth and I electric fan I'm ready to incriminate anybody could I don't know could be tell you I don't have subpoena power wiretapped. Have blood. I know this for a fact. Bryan Bulaga ain't the first kid to ever benefit promotion company and global at the first program drip a benefit from a shoe company. And right now the FBI and US attorney golfer they have to shell company executives. One of the port gonna be extra long long time and has the power to make things happen. And another who look at it like you call a long time and had the color victory trap and who works at pebble can go or entity to. And Bill Ritter now facing federal prison like real old pot and they're not gonna. They're not career criminals and uninterested in that they're not going to. Lit by some code of snitches get stitches they're gonna talk. There when they start talking among the things the FBI can ask them disk. We know bribe but we're not the first kid who Stanley got money from her go to a specific college. Goose the one. And we also notable about the first program to benefit from you paying your kids family to go to a specific college what are the programs dear. And we start asking those questions. Every high profile Nike school Adidas school will be. And I think under armor school because they're gonna ask okay Rick. At under armour do it we don't have an under armour I dabbled in Tokyo or how they do it like everybody's nervous right now because. Younger sort of buried. This practice of using the issue company you're still here where. To help you secure prospect. Air looked so normalized over the past decade and maybe even longer. That likes some Cogent did even consider cheating but the FBI stood up Lester putrid it absolutely did as. And like right now I mean. And frankly said that before so my thing again armour had a reputation for doing this what you more but he doesn't and I keep in the past couple years. And I don't like it is cool so which are some under armour schools. Maryland. Auburn. You know like elect Merrill and obviously the biggest I mean Mark Turgeon at the Maryland coach at this story you can Google it like maybe two or three years ago. I went dirt dirt Maryland didn't expect sometime within and among the big piece sat on the record account normalizing got. Among the things he should or the record for publication. Was that he thought Maryland job. Can't aren't normally open and know that. Under armored like this we know if they Maryland grad it is headquartered in. In Baltimore. Under armour helped Maryland. They would FedEx has traditionally held the university of members are there. Variety of ways but it surely in recruiting violations although it took like I I don't know people remember the leopard and stop recruiting a kid one time because. It would spell now setup FedEx executives call a moderate. Of a prospect and it would work prophetic like in another part of the country. Big tobacco Gotti I would like hey you can come here and work what do you pick ago demand but like Robert. Heavily involved with Maryland and though. Other state that if I work in Truckee Syracuse. Ohio State inning Nike school graduate school I'd be nervous right now are or Maryland already regarded former school are being nervous right now that I can't regulate. Any big leader school. I'd be nervous right now I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here it. If it's another hall of fame coach lute if your job to Mexico to mark the what. That would not be surprised. Well hell I heard an assistant when the last a couple weeks or last week Aaron wolf name me assistant. Tom said he thinks I'm Norman loses Jeff. Oh sure I mean let's have like. I'll be surprised I think they're gonna have to I I think they'll be able to create book which sort of a loan broker system there unless they jacked. He knows something on a wiretap of shell on being a bullet British golf book book Richardson is on wiretap talking about. We've already paid one player and we got this money to go by another player I mean they're there is no denying that their heirs don't carry ourselves stepped. Using money to secure prospects and take care players that it jungle but that certainly appears cynical accorsi beard but can make free bit. That's another story but that they do croak and you lose your job but if they can't. Directly. At a 100% TriBeCa Sean he probably Serb bodies pretty good get some sort of coach control me real culprit from the NCAA has served a suspension. The count that or change their practically left to do that burned about. Do you Dave thanks very much talked of I've gotten.