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Right now I'm joined. I run belly demand longtime friend Josh pastor has connected to the University of Memphis basketball program and Josh his final year here in the American ever recover school when Josh left for Georgia Tech. Ron bell was closely connected to the Georgia Tech program Georgia Tech last week. Suspended two key players indefinitely because they accepted impermissible benefits. They except to those impermissible benefits from Ron bell I wrote about it earlier today. He's here right now rod it's scary how aria. I know I'm all right I appreciate you being here and let's just Aldo album let's just start bomb with the obvious question. It's been a few hours now several hours since IE reported because you allow me to put your name on these violations that you also. Tom Levinson it's pretty serious allegations against Josh passed for the former Memphis coach Curran Georgia Tech coach. Do you have any regrets about anything you've said about anything you've provided about framing the story the way it's spring. Well I definitely have regrets I mean I should've been you know. I probably. Shouldn't have done some of the things that I did and I and I do feel bad and I honestly. Caves. Josh the opportunity. And Gary you killed with a broad daylight but that's OK but look I understand I didn't mention that but you know and I know that there were also underlying things. Let's play every second because that have gotten a lot of attention today I know there are no doubt as I don't get you people have focused in on the idea that Josh did not call you or wherever they this year and that was something that you deemed disrespectful in into it like in Paris you acknowledge this is this something you said but you don't chalk this falling out strictly that and I would know. UX about this. You're live on the radio why. Did your relationship when Josh bastard deteriorate deteriorate. To this to this place. Well you have to be first of all and I like chill out guess them it will agree to disagree on a few things but what I will say it is I don't know him. I've been on buses with the team in the locker room. As I've never seen the judge's house I've never seen them around just as children Josh is children have been in my home has widely been in my home. Last year it just wasn't he was to Simpson. Things going on between vs Arizona so. I did enjoy him I would actually like to sit down that got I'm very entertaining and uninteresting and I learned a few things. But so I don't put a lot of credibility into and other people say charge. Surrounds himself with his employees. And that's it. And his father and mother and his sister. And brother in law other than that I don't know anyone that knows him in any kind of matter like I do I mean we talk. Or text every day. For the last. Forty years three and a half years. I think. Well what had happened was. The success that he had made him more demand that made him I don't know believe. Things that I don't know he just felt like maybe I wasn't as important because when he was in Memphis Gary you remember we met. He actually introduced us in December of 2015. And all this stuff about ex cup listen I was addicted to prescription drugs. I violated my probation. And in Arizona. Is the only state that would went to prison I mean. There's no other state that put they put people in prison if you're still in bicycles. So. Look I live in the discussed though of Tucson I was an Oro Valley, Arizona which is measured and I think it's nice in Scottsdale I'm not some guy. Who lived under a bridge in a washer dryer box. I'm not an uneducated man. To loaded up with tattoos all over my neck in my arms. You know but. What went wrong was. Towards. The recently just say things like oh I don't I don't have time. We're all busy well he wasn't busy for two years. If I called him a text and believe me got back in the within a minute. So I knew something. What was going on I didn't know what. So that was a problem also is assistant started problems. All of the beginning of last year Gerri I mean is this girl is either in what was then or I don't know what hasn't. It is it's unbelievable the things that went on that you I didn't even talking about that went on in pregnancy and and on the road last year Georgia Tech but. There's just many different things that have to do with this I'm dealing with things in my life. That are very serious that I children if you that are private. Would you agree I would agree with that sore okay okay that are very serious Richard Green without. They yes they appear serious yes. OK well. When you do and you I was putting in thirty to fifty hours a week. On Memphis and Georgia Tech basketball and by the way when Josh let Memphis. Who do you think people at Memphis that worked for him called women had a problem may. So I'm giving people cause. You know coaches that can't afford a car I'm giving them a car from dealerships in Memphis by calling up. You know I'm doing all come to work that my regular or basically supper but thankfully. Prominent very good position financially and I don't need the money I I do very well you know I live with my girlfriend we've been together three years so. The appreciation. Of what I did. He took for granted now that's OK and and if that's the way he wants to be that's fine but let me tell you. I need it in the toughest prison in Arizona for a over four years fifteen months. So I just wanna say that anyone that thinks you know I'm soft enough to care about some of published my birthday that has not. It was just something I said it has nothing to do it's it's less than half of 1%. Of what happened here what happened here was. Clearly I have the evidence is fight didn't the Georgia Tech attorney would not have called me Sunday. Just saying I'm coming into town on Wednesday I need to sit down and talk with you because I also represented Arizona. I have evidence that you know that you have not reported. Many things that you say it may be or not germane to boot to the to this story. I have a lot of things but to say that he didn't know. Look. What are they gonna say about Jennifer that cheating go to prison she's not an ex con. There's nothing on her she's a graduate of Ohio State. You know she has your own mind we'll both adults she heard she was at every practice. In the locker room and Gary you can verify that I have photos of all of that correct that's true. Jennifer was on the team mosque going into the computer grounds. I didn't take my ticket and walked to the front door is dirty there with the team. I didn't send you to shoot around from Tulane and then you know I could send you 500 photos. I didn't send you all the videos that I have. But I'm telling you that this is what it is now just because. This gentleman that was on the Ford made a point of well all of this has tons issues well he can get issues and the settlements so let's let's get the facts straight before we start talking. That's what I have a problem what he says well it's dark don't wanna choose secret about it at all besides seeing their issues we'll get to a can get the issues that all of this he got in the Memphis and I've been in the equipment room in Memphis more times than not gentleman has gone on to know him. And I know what kind of issues they have. And they're not loaded with choose and neither is Georgia Tech. There's like when I was there last year there may be too were two or three kinds issues that the players can get and where access. These guys shoot very important. So. You know I have a problem with that that he says well all missiles all the issues that didn't happen at all let's let's get look at the facts straight. It that you just declare forever people who are unaware what we're talking about and I'm speaking with Ron bell longtime friend of judge pastor who has acknowledged publicly earlier today. That he is the person who provided impermissible benefits to Georgia Tech players that caused them to be suspended. They're not on the trip to China right now the Georgia Tech opens the season when UCLA on Friday. That the the point Jamaican is that market Crawford who was a student at Memphis this past February under Tubby Smith long after just pastor had left Memphis. He received because you provided me with the document. I'm a pair issues from you let me ask this question. Because I think people understand you wanna take care of you were taking care of players. Who played for judge pastor those of the two Georgia Tech players mark Joseph Crawford was a former Josh passed a player and this was. In the middle of the season before he had publicly said he was going to transfer why were you sending a pair shoes to market Crawford in February. Well first off I've been talking to Marco crossword the whole year it's not like Marco call I mean I pat text messages and phone records or proven you've been in my phone so you can go and right now injected if you wanted to and I have no problem and I think I would like to make clear that. Anything I ever told you Gary that you checked on did anything ever not check out. I will say this everything that you stay ahead of where I say is there a document for that is their receipt for that. Can I look at the phone records for that everything that could be verified with some sort of paper trail. Arm was verified and confirmed what the paper trail that is true. Correct so we also discussed we'd sit and I had explained to that Josh wanted Marcello Georgia Tech. Now why am I don't want it is discipline that this is true and some lunatic at all and these ridiculous. Ridiculous standard people say it's very says that people. Have to comment on things they know nothing about I mean. What I was then at Georgia Tech in Memphis I didn't see very many people Jennifer my girlfriend. Is the first woman ever allowed to be at any. I've had access that nobody bats and this gentleman that you just talked to. I'm sure he knows people about it I don't know him so where was he for the month and at that I was there I mean I saw KB every day. You know I saw the coaches every day. I never saw that gentleman and I never saw the Georgia Tech so maybe. You know I don't walk through parking lots of SEC I don't know what he's involved and I know at Georgia except I never saw it. I plummet job that he doesn't even matter for the purpose of the conversation let's focus on. Why the question why were you sending Marco Crawford she's in February of this past season. Well. I would just wanted to mark Keller at Georgia Tech keys felt that they would be a top 25 team puts him at that facility. I sit and he knows that I had federal I have better relationships with Josh is players that he does and that's back. And that and that's a fact. Key does not know how to get along with players he is very socially awkward just like. I don't have to tell what title where I sent the most of his ties and he would send me text messages is an okay I mean to the same things three days and gained zero no it's not a bad that's not gonna make you win you know. He's socially awkward he doesn't know how to have a loving relationship with any of the players or be close to that and so because I could and all the players like me. Which is evident in the handshake line video that you put in your report and that people can click on that. And actually watch it if you watch at the end you see mark held Shaq and Ricky Karen come and give me a hug that. You can tell how close it was to the players so Josh knew that I was a god help now. I was willing to do that for him because he was there for me what I needed him so there was no question I was gonna help Josh so. I was talking to mark all year. And he asked me you know while I you know. How about a parachute that would be a signal problems tell me what you want and we'll go to and he got their car lease. That's a good workout re threes so obviously that didn't have that in in the Memphis. Bet he'll choose every school so I sent until now. Mark hill and I he told me that he was in that he was considering Georgia Tech because there's. The conversations we're having. And I told Josh that look if you wanna get them I have to spend time alone with them I mean I can't do this over the follow. He says great you get him. To come out to your house I have no problem more kill agreed to come with his brother mark also agreed I have all the text messages to back it up. That he would not make a decision on where he would go to school until after US Arizona. Seven days before he got here. He went to all of us. So I canceled the tickets. And I'm out the money could have never been reimbursed at 800 whatever dollars that I had to lay out those tickets because there are nonrefundable so. That was his reasoning war I'll gladly after the show Gary send you the text message. That I had to go somewhere with people like it trust and he would not go to school. What Julian source close he would not play for her and her little thing to do with them. Julia hit it only reason why and for people who really are unfamiliar with the staff Julien as someone who was on staff would just past remember this is now on staff at Georgia Tech. We just passed. And a different capacity is actually a coach of Memphis and now into the administrative position. Is not a coach he's actually an administrative position that Erekat adventurous and you could go explain that better than I could probably care. I'm talking Iran bell who earlier today acknowledged that he is the person who provided the impermissible benefits to George tech players. That led to their suspensions. Josh Cody is a suspended right now so as tawdry Jackson. Marco Crawford might have to. Face some sort of penalty because of the impermissible benefits that have been document it connected to him it is possible that regardless of what your motivation was arm. The players are gonna suffer a punishment and Josh pastor might not are you conflicted by that at all. It's very much so and Jennifer. We look Josh jail that's what people are known call to jail and and Jennifer were very close. And yes but in thinking assault through. I couldn't allow an article to come out. In the newspaper where Georgia Tech reported that all these benefits. Have no connection to any playing boost or anything that the program that is. 100%. False. And let me tell you what you can you can even acknowledge yeah elements that everything and explain to people last week Georgia Tech in announced on Thursday evening. That they were self reporting violation they said that it AM violations involved Josh Cody and tawdry Jackson. And though they did not identify the person who who. Who provided impermissible benefit. They did say he's not a boost or not an employee of Georgia tech university and certainly implied this is just a guy not anybody who was connected to our program. And you didn't like them framing you as somebody who's not connected the program when you literally had credentials to basically be wherever you wanted to be. On that campus or at sporting events. I had like I caught like not sent you photos and I'm in the training room getting work on my back all the time bomb. On the floor I can do it did during the game might get up by go from my seat right on the bench I can get it out of the Gatorade I go in the locker room. Whatever I want to do. And in Memphis and I believe that I yesterday and verified and say you didn't have to. When Josh would do his pregame interview with Dave lotion twenty minutes before the tipoff after only three people in that room. They've lotion. Me and Josh and then Dave lotion belief and me and Josh should be alone in the room I also have. He's recorded. Because Josh said no money if you portico. So I have all of this which I never got to send you could there was really germane again to this story. But. There's so many things that are out there wanna address during number one. Well he's clinging he doesn't do anything dirty looks and there was a guy in New York ran a Ponzi scheme and I'm from New York name Bernie Madoff. I wanna tell you what if somebody would have sent fifteen years ago that Guy Ritchie. He's doing this he's doing now everybody would have said the same thing no he he wrote after rules with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You never investigated and for the same reason but just they thought he was. Other than what it did turn out today that he wasn't so. Someone's. Like with me I've never. I've never done an illegal drug I've never. In my life I got addicted to fight can be good doctors gave it to me for eight years so things can change but just because. You're known as someone who is perceived that doesn't break the rules. That means nothing. That doesn't hold any water. I have enough proof. That and many times Gerri great during our talks we talked for hours I think you'd agree with that corrects our. I would say do you do you want fifty and you say no I don't I don't mean that I don't need this I don't you know. US being pushed to specific things that I gave you everything you ask for. Are provided proof of everything now what I said if you do you want any part messages of Josh calling me saying when should I call Marco. And him saying all all find out on the 27 corn apparently that was the day mark felt was supposed to be here could that was the day that Marcos goes to tell me. Where you can go to school. So. There's so much proved that your story I would say contains. Maybe 10%. Of the rest of what I have I have no problem. I am not afraid of going in front of anybody. I have I am. Completely confident. That. I will be vindicated and that. You'll see it then you'll see something happen. To show that I'm telling the truth. I have no reason to lie I mean some are running some kind of 50103 C. You know charity to fly people out to my house it's not like I'm not part of the program and that's how I'm gonna get to meet players. I don't need to fly him here I've talked to these guys every single day. I talked to jail if I didn't talk to my text them every day. Every day to go left Atlanta. And he's very close with Jennifer that now he's being I'm sure you know they told them not to talk to us at all about. I have no reason to make this up if I really. Was the person and every once that I was one Mark Heller called media attorney who is a guy who. Could've gotten me probably money a lot of money wanted to represent me so I'll have this on TV and actually this is not about money. I don't need money I was a very comfortable life. My life is better now that that's not involved with all of us. My health is improved. I mean I was up at 3:4 o'clock in the morning four nights a week. Dealing with Twitter is dealing with getting phone calls from this coach wanted this for me to help on black guy this player. You know. It was a very taxing and straining on my life and I told Josh I I don't wanna do it anymore I I don't wanna hurt Georgia Tech fans. Like I was hurt yeah Olsen you know I've known moot since 1984. And it hurt very much to see. Sean Miller coming in and just basically destroy will lose bill. In 25 years and I didn't wanna see Georgia Tech and goes through that people can believe me or not. But that's the truth I just didn't wanna do it anymore and what I didn't he got upset. And you know I've had grants. I'm not scared I mean I was in the roughest prisoners Arizona native fifteen months I'm surely not scare the living lived through open neighborhood and I'm I'm not scared at anything that anyone has a problem with me the people on Twitter. All they have to do is come to laurel valley people know me they'll tell you our lives is covering the doorbell. You know we've we can I'm not worried about it. So this threats and all that is nonsense all I know it all these people that are talking. Gary I've never seen him in just a house they've never been there they don't know it's kids that don't know its father that are those mother and I don't know his sister they don't know anybody. So what they say in their opinions don't mean anything to me because I have the one thing that's important in my side the truth. Talking Iran bell he is the longtime friend of Josh Pasteur who. Earlier today disclosed he is the person who provided impermissible benefits they got to Georgia Tech players. Suspended so let me ask you this question you said you did not get to bring Georgia Tech players to your health and Arizona. To get to know them you knew them already you talk to them every day at why were why did you fly them to Arizona. Well. Josh has had a problem and eat because he had doesn't have close relationships we as players. And you know you you have to know judge personally I do and I understand that when I got in them is Gary. The players are always come up to me so why did you repeat himself ten times he thinks we're stupid and I say to them listen. He's not stupid he happens to be a very Smart person. Josh I mean no one could get through college in the get the decrease he got in the short term that he did but. I had to explain to them Josh has those CD and he repeats himself. He doesn't repeat himself because he thinks you're you're not Smart you don't get it. Except he had never explain that so there was always like a gap between and then. When coaches wage tell Josh something. About the players he would swear up on Campbell sane and sixty seconds later he would confront the players and tell them which coach told Iran. So. People are are leery at telling him things because he that he can't hold his water. If you Cleland don't ever tell the secret you don't want anybody to know because. You can tell he can't hold it any gets too excited. I don't remember one time and then in Houston when I was on the road right and David Jason Schmidt told that story Gary in the paper remember that yes okay. Josh was and so I was in the same hotel as routine use of last year. I got that. He wouldn't let the players were black uniforms because the last time they wore them they lost to Virginia and determined all the players came to music look. We want to Wear the black uniforms are made that happen. Could I explain to judge you lost to Virginia because they were the better team. You could wore purple blue yellow you're going to be that's that's CNET here they were too good. Any any let the players Wear the jerseys now they they blew it for me because they lost to Houston on the road but I remember that night he was in my hotel room. And 1130 at night and I just remember how nervous he was and there they were all kind of things going on based on the article that you consider pro and you know. I remember him waiting outside the hotel from the at 11 o'clock at night calling every five seconds were are you are you were argue. Yet when I'm going through very serious health problems and a very serious personal problem. You don't hear from them anymore as much only time he called with the ask me. You're coming in November. Oh yeah Auburn's thinking you'll plane ticket which essentially Gary you have proved that I also wrote the text messages with him. You know. All that's stoplight. It's started one mark held didn't wanna go to. Georgia Tech. But at that point the plans have been made for Josh to come out here that tiger was attacked a law jail with not come alone and they lived together. So basically my relationship was much closure would jailed on the project but can they live together. Joshua green yet they should both come from a trip well. When they got here I talked to jail about a lot of things and one of them was. Not the advantages of staying in school explained to them you know being a first round pick or second round pick is guaranteed money we talked about those things. And also that the best years of his life all those things I gave them all the reasons to stay as a matter of fact. Parker wanted to go out at night after the university. And I talked about it. And I said listen I can't have you we have been someone drunk goes through a stop sign or Greenburg a red light and runs into your car. And what's gonna happen you have to stay right here. And just enjoy your time here. I was always looking out for him. Because Jennifer and I do look at him and and no matter what and I would think that we would continue when this is all over with and he's out of school whatever happens I'm quite sure that. We will remain very very close could we do care for him dearly but unfortunately. I have to come forward. And say that they were they lie and they also lied about when they reported it because October 2. You verified that Josh was on the phone with me how many times how many minutes. In different time overloaded night it was two different times for a total of 405 minutes till. I believe around 10 o'clock and it. OK so let me get this straight that he reported. To the NCAA gets someone who doesn't know that has no connection was providing benefits. Yet after he reported that. He called me all those times why would he do that it be number one. Didn't know the person who's involved and number two. Why wouldn't be calling me if he reported a violation. It doesn't add up. The end game has also closed late at night so I don't think he was reporting things at 1130 at night or whatever time he was calling but it was very late. Because he had flown to New York C code more. Who do you assigned to Georgia Tech by. The good news is that I have true friends like Kenny Anderson I know everything. I will back me up. 100%. So. That but you know I don't care what America thinks about me I could care less people who talked with sticks and bones don't hurt me. You know you come to my house and he threatened me or use anything to me then we'll see what Woolsey. I will protect myself I'm not afraid of anybody. I've been in riots. I mean how many people out there that the tape National Geographic magazines to their body giving you're gonna go out. And there was going to be. Alive so. I know what scares most people really. Doesn't frighten me at all. I'm talking Iran that is I'm talking Iran bell the person who acknowledged earlier today he is the person who. A provided impermissible benefits to your Georgia Tech players plus mark Carol Crawford the Georgia Tech players have both been suspended indefinitely pending a ruling. From the NCAA run only got a few more minutes left let me just ask you this for the final question. You had previously described. Less than two years ago just pastors someone who saved your life who. Is a brother to use. And he says that the name. And text messages that you. Shore and and solar. That reality that this is the man you've given credit for saving your life no matter where you got twisted in the past few months. Did that reality ever give you Paul's about. Doing what you've done and secondly what do you hope it comes of this what is your goal. By talking about this in the ways the tough talk about. Let's take the first part was sick the second separate so the first question is. On. Saving my life yeah Josh. Was there for me there's there's no there's no question about it I went to him. In 2000 and I believe six I went to the celts center here in Tucson and I should just. Look at. I can't live like this anymore and he did. Make arrangements to get me to a place. Where I could begin to heal myself. And I did and I have not. And you know I just had we discussed besides had a procedural my back and I have not taken any. I think no narcotic pain medicine and having an up and eleven years and he's a big part of that. And yes if you don't think I've agonized over this I have a shed tears over it. By. I just I couldn't. Sit by and allow. Him to throw me under the bus and say and lie and not you know. I I don't like to Josh and I felt like when he took L east side about something. Because she didn't get it he sure put his fortieth birthday that I had made for the players that by the way put someone who's not connected. I have a lot of conversations were more than Lewis. Who's one of the athletic directors security check of finance who gave me permission to not only make sure but. To use the Georgia Tech logo without a licensing agreement. I have those text messages so. It bothered me that. He was telling me wouldn't be nice well while I've never done anything go get really goes through Georgia Tech I get phone calls people sanctions that. Running on now enemy and they still lingers as if people don't know who Elliott Elliott someone who works in the Georgia Tech basketball office. That's right that's right and she was very upset achieving get a shirt and one of the managers. Ku. Will leave out of that at this point. Called me and I know text me call me silly and in the film room. While they were playing Georgia State and that game called intentions in the film room. She's saying this is saying that well I don't appreciate that collect call someone who called me his brother and tells me he loves me. And he says I don't wanna see the text messages I don't care to be nice to her and talked down to me I told the judge. You're spending all of your time with people that you paid money to. So you're the funniest guy in the room. Knew that every idea you have is the greatest that's not reality. Reality is you've got to you know. Step back and understand it you gotta stop listening to all the people around you could all they're doing is stroking him. And I didn't think it was right and then. That thing came out about me not you know it being. And nobody not no one connected to the program and at that point. I said I'm gonna tell the truth because ultimately I have to live with my decisions I have to live the rest of my life I don't live there for you. For your guests were people on Twitter. I've never been on Twitter the only reason I was on Twitter let me make this very clear carried past their asked me before I came to Memphis and February. A 2016. To setup an account because Josh is getting killed in the media by people like Calkins in Jason Smith. And I did that I set up the Twitter cabin it was a very effective. But Twitter means nothing to me it's not forming I actually think it's ridiculous. OK I think it's absolutely ridiculous and I'm keeping it open only because. The proof from chronological order of things and what I would text something about jail within a minute he would immediately text back. Like if we tweet it. Cracks me up baseball in Cuba just to show that everything I'm saying it's true that you'll read in the account for a battle I'm gonna listen. I did I'm very conflicted I'm not happy if anybody thinks remotely you're laughing and I think it's army it's not funny at all. But my reputation means something to me just because I'm not a basketball coach doesn't mean my reputation is worth less and injustices. So. I'm gonna stand that I have all the proof. You've seen 10% of the Kerry that's all I have to tell you know you can call me any time and asked for more and you know I we'll send it to you. But the story's not over because that Georgia Tech lawyer I did. Tell just he had till Sunday to call me I gave I I'd pick him let's work this out amicable. I didn't I didn't let that lawyer I did not. We retain more cheery color that's JA YHELER. Is representing. Famous people on this Weinstein KP represented Lindsay Lowell and dunking and being every five minutes actually no I don't I don't wanna do that. So I told them listen you better have somebody call me but Sunday while I spoke to you Sunday and gave you the story they call too late but the lawyer called. Which shows. That just have nothing to hide while we have an order call while we need to say while the guard knocking at the program out in doing anything wrong. He's not sleeping and he's not eating like articles that are coming from Shanghai because he knows what I have. And he's made some crucial mistakes with emails. And he went after he attacked my character. And now I'm gonna defend myself. And Jennifer and my life. And that's just what I have to do but yes I am very conflicted. I. Believe it and which just the best of luck I hope he does for me to but. He has his side I have my side I have. Tons of crude and if the NCA called me I believe when they see what I have. There will be a lot more than a couple of games suspensions. And this will be swept under the work. That is run bell long time just pastor friend who acknowledged today that he is the person who. A provided impermissible benefits to two Georgia Tech players both of whom are now suspended Ron spent a lot of time with you longer than I expected. I appreciate you doing it thank you for being here. Gary thank you so much for your time again and it was a pleasure working with you and I just wanna say to your listeners. Gary as a standup guy Gary keeps his word. I'm even though I didn't hear those two words from your area that defies logic I think hero but that's okay. You can explain that you listens Gary's as standup guy and I want to thank you Jennifer wants to thank you we appreciate you taking the time to listen to my story. And done I'll always be considered you a friend hope you consider me your friend. And thank you so much for everything that you don't try to resolve this. Ron thank you have been here a touchy isn't all about about as Rondell long comfort of just pastor who acknowledge earlier today that he. And provided impermissible benefits to the George tech players who. Are currently suspended.