FULL AUDIO: Jonathan Bowlan (Royal MLB 2nd Round Pick/Memphis Tigers) on J&J Show 6-6-18

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Wednesday, June 6th
FULL AUDIO: Jonathan Bowlan (Royal MLB 2nd Round Pick/Memphis Tigers) on J&J Show 6-6-18

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As promised his name is Jonathan Baldwin. He is the second highest tigers baseball players second I was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft we talked about it yesterday huge news for the University of Memphis. Dunk the ball going in the second round to the Kansas City Royals he joins us now. First off congratulations. Are this big oh man do only David Henderson how does that feel that must be surreal like. Our house so John has a ton of folks have put on that tiger uniform. He played baseball for their program a ton of good ones and to be the second highest ever draft or is it like surreal day you know this was commonly. It's fishers are real I mean at no I did that I'm an early to know that until a salt sweet. So mean it's. It's been all some sort of four some did you know that night if there was a possibility that you -- be drafted that high did you have no idea did you were you ready go to bed what was happening. Rome well that night we knew there's a slim chance of very slim chance and then as the night went on. House when they start to get phone calls are starting answers so cause such home also files like. I'm Maria hanger on so. And then because Al's about to go home earlier that night because we thought there was an issue because things weren't pan and out there and they got so real. And then I just stayed there until the whole entire thing was over and in the game in a phone call so do you start hearing from a lot of like how does that work for referrals for us nobody Brett will never don't have age quiet tonight as it all going to the agent do you get all the calls like what happens it happens. Well I had an advisor and an advisor and we went to a coworker outs her. Three or four workouts got and then so we had those teams talk ensues and then. The business part of it was the advisor and the area scattered. The head of scouting catcher so. They were the ones in the phone calls and then my advisor was when they gave me the phone call before they area scout and then the director of scouting him a call after they drafted. What was the your dad was drafted back in the days of former tigers well because the only. Holder still little perfect payment tyres as all history that writes this is seasonal rule and tell me what. Just because. Talk about army airmen do not close we are would dads and everything went when you're doing something that your dad. What was that hook like what after you did it after you get called me both both he does know and you've both been drafted what how how proud was he your view. I mean whenever I got dressed as. It is very special arm he went on outside and to celebrate when my mom insists is unsettling is making phone calls I thought Estrada you know if so then going out there and also home and then we went in for a and they discuss emotional from there are so does and discuss all those flashbacks of working hard throughout your life is good yep and then near in the moment that you've been organ for problems. So what's the plan like what's what are your next day's lookalike what's what's your new life going to be. Well let's morrow morning and headed out salute surprise Arizona early in the morning though of totally and then known. Go Tom I was dead roses get some Dover ordinances so then we're gone there and we have like a mini camp we have to do enough to get my physical and everything else like that. And so. Well good the mini camp and then after that I think he's the go to Idaho or North Carolina so that's what their affiliates are moved that is where their short season. It seems or. The have a preference. Over North Carolina right now. She tunnel and no matter to me on just I don't know global out Bragg North Carolina. The Dinah. I'd like there's actually does more to do what you're getting paid to like blog live your dream home of that moment that I didn't and you learn to love and yeah he alert you'll be a proud Idaho or whatever it this. You've got a good causes I think so in terms of these terrorists signing bonus like is there are almost no much money I don't I don't even know the dollar amount to sail again do you size than in automatically like the money you deposit your accounting go have some file I what's the deal on the outside paperwork. Last yesterday in front of my family friends it was a big deal with the area scout coming down Africa. Kansas City and bring in on it bringing it into a bar that we're having our. Celebration. And also in a cool thing about the signing his that is my dad's birthday yesterday Ali is out and I don't all the stars' lives. It was it was crazy in the end. On some of that and then come and its air zona and then I think that's who have immune checkers so I got I'm not completely sure Erica we'll see. How much how much do you think it maybe you know maybe they told you how much did your eighteen strikeout performance which was a Memphis record in AAC record was against USF. How much do you think that played and how highly you were drafted. After that again that that's what really put us on the most arts and thus would boost me up the charts. And so after that. There is there Regis my advisory was in slammed with all these calls and then also has concert just to me and asked me and that's when the invitations to all of his work out sort of dominant yup. So that's that's really what booze to me tell me about that day what did you eat drawn in that game what it in just tell me about the zone that you are and they were all swing and write all eighteen Novo. There's single known as soon. Sliders or yeah so I was just attacking them you know just. I thought it felt like it really David I was locked in because my teammates the day before he said that one of their players were talking trash. There are like China like our country's. OK this is. So in the next day als locked in from the start and then home. Who have from the air and then that's or religious. Is this is. On some of those beautiful day to a Christmas because filed out of our seven own series and Memphis were double headers in our division every double letter awhile so. Yeah so who you recruited by Colorado high school and you're at you're Arlington the first three years of yards or you transferred to Bartlett. Who were you recruited by a home at a high school I was recruited by its it was Memphis of course and then there's Ole miss Mississippi State Missouri. And that in Walters state community college. Then. That's really does with a Mayan ruins that reached out swimming and then I was gonna go on officials to all those places. But. Fracture the growth but my hip my junior year of high school a while laughable. I was fine receiver now it's just corner out caught it Lincecum of the film it's a spot. So then we weren't able to go to the Ole miss or Mississippi State. The book is but I mean I'm February ended maybe it's all worked out and it's been it's been a blessing just ahead of the game at the did 66 ABC we're trying to pick too awful well is 66 you know 250 solid as rocking out there you can catch passes and Judy I guess yeah did you Dominican you can big volume is what we're looking thank all right years. And seriously thanks guys very same size basically a debt how important was I don't give a shot idea yet as foreign to win the season how loved. How much is has as coach rock hospitals even the he's been he's been a blessing also wants over the many blessings that have done yet so. He's been he's reached out and in high school he is really close and he. Really hasn't enjoyed it come to watch games to and he he's. And he. We return to the community so much together with our team and it's all because truck he's he gets us out there and he knows how to get us like. Ensor community so here around pizazz of Jews was due to be a good person or just a good taint. And so he's he's told me how to grow as a man. And also as a player and if so does not always wanted to kind of shark that's about you know do you realize about spoke football those who does get all the love in all a lot of time but I mean rock and raise and then over there for years do that for sure good to get a little over alone he's held bells so many people give us how patient you have to be in baseball. Okay 'cause when you get drafted in the NFL and you could rapidly NCA it's like you're automatically expected to contribute because they've figured top two round pick. You know in the NFL you're gonna be on the field. In baseball. Who doubts right or who knows what you might actually suit up for the royals you my head it might be a very you know secure his routes I'm just curious like. How patient do you have to be are you prepared to be. For your opportunity there. There you got to be prepared him and I have friends that are that got injured in the past years and they've gone from. From really it's like they army of closing their signing bonus on top of that you don't get much throughout the minors so it's apparent in Europe to keep yet to be focusing after really love the game and be ready to play. At our slow and you got to work itself every day I mean there's note. But really there's no lost its right in grin grew and yet units or you still Methodist rest of those moments again in my career annulment go from there and the targets of the top I'll get there I mean I've just got to keep working hard and keep staying healthy and pursue my dream how are you. I'm Tony want a fair that you got playing time he could you could pitch for a long time in that lets web based you heard some blessings and having your dad he's been through this that's a blessing what what about it you know guys in the league now I'm a bit of former tigers but guys you lean on to ride maybe advisor. They'll go home connections as well. Oh we mean don't know anybody in the big leagues now know a couple people but I don't know place Fey does a home there's been another quote there's some minor leaguers and I'm only amount of hard Alston Riley although I think in true LA with the Braves and we grew up. Of playing against it so that the years and also to play on this team in the fall. And soccer results and many sound and then also. Month the former players in Memphis have addressed it like Nolan Blackwood and a true Crosby year call now talking although. And so from the questions there could mean it's a brotherhood of Memphis and saw gonna do is assess them old domino Brit rocker obviously right break records is he still with. And you'd think that the black armor so that they would know much covers all. I think that plan won't be the one of the doubt conduct this interview. But like. You know I mean like I like it's just not getting names as is is it is good for him like I mean you know I Memphis there's not knowing there's the red birds obviously but there's not a Major League team. You know so it never. It's harder right in lets you play in are good at a great disorder and was fond of the I was so nervous about unions and if you do just because he has an early start on knowledge or you're in want him in but you know. How how do filter that. Calm down no good if you're doing great I'm going to be yeah I mean they're there seems to be there's there's several opinions you know codes are they're all over here because arts in the early in the league rules are dome is gone but came out of I'd say the myth is absolutely. We claim him we we loves echoes are meant to. Absolutely so congrats on the absolutely I congratulate Albert dog has don't forget about the little people well I'll do you do give up. Up you all for him about a spot tomorrow. The other thank you for doing this and and and look. John let's give our intern some low four landing this interview that absolute cat thank you yes you got this done Catherine they get it done so you know if captains a former an athlete is what the human not a former or current happily as well as much as they golf family I guess that's how this got done. I. Exactly right ex tiger ram that you've proven yourself to that had thank you so much he is Jonathan Bartlett this Miller tiger. Got drafted in the sake around by the royals for its coming event aren't they go.