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Monday, May 14th

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Start Jason and Jon back with 99 FM ESPN and man do we have a treat for you. We have a living legend in the building is name is coach Fred Horton when I say those names that name I straightened out John Marin. Because he's one of the best we've ever seen do it in the city of Memphis if I'm not mistaken goes toward one still one of the three winningest high school coaches we've ever seen in this Citic. That was Jerry pianist spirit Tippett and yourself. Right right it was 605600. 695. Victories while a man who has coached may. Many acute mania boil over B two Debian turned amend the men a minimum there were hundreds and hundreds of when you talk about how many years were you Libby to Demeco. Positive for forty years. And now. One. Fellow blue reward and expects it must of that. The only one place that won't want placed along the richest paid once when I think about it. A lot of people let it thank you know what I did this is passenger own. And that's straight guard it with me every step of the way I meant I meant if his. Not Tom what many what my man John Martin on though to not only were you a long time Haskell as well coached in the city turns boys into the men. You were former tiger as well been trying to school one man job Maarten on it and and and and here in school I'm on this aspect of the coached. A 1971 you're going to demand with a chair you picked up a chair. And that Louisville Memphis Robert disallow or ask you what would you go on do DeVille chat with that with that your coat and. Oh wasn't gonna do it that they and to do that it would tear there was only Eric my defense. If anything can Hamachi if I had been clutch and new assignment or that well or what happens is. You talk about this added it to the currency. Seven they want us or you win you a little bit twice dornin regular season Oca. We Biederman a colosseum. And big couldn't ticked it lulls a very easily my. Game was oval. Only two dressing room. I was blessed. By the its. Lot of people have different stores well what happens and that's one way to generated changes over the latter got here and what happened. It's a blind side and how well. I'm looking at a I'm just glad to sit here right Osama there's a picture there was in the loss and the sounds are looking at right now where we're looks like when he gates is trying to hold you back. And says there's a pulled there's a policeman and you can look at the policeman's literally got as his and is going to is gone ESCO erratic control was this by aren't bad incident was a little but this is the Louisville just in Louisville. Will. The Michael. Mountain situation what happened the run Robertson. And Michael Han. Was assumed that altercation. So I went to the risky try to defuse the situation that I wanna mind the whole entitle you hit it. You're so dead led me to. Do whatever is necessary in order to defend myself you know along with our 1012. Louisville basketball players. Surrounding what what those days like. Back in seven and when you do that in some places where did this he knew what was that route relax and be in a part of it was like in a tiger back obviously this was this we'll start. And a and his it's. A lot of people who like to thank you go both ways to robbers were initially. That's what start rubbery. What for far folks have been what kind of player we for the folks have been welcome tiger will be well as competitive. Put the ball. We know nobody messed with no. Very physical. Took what gave an art. No of the game and appears in full. Multi dimensional. Good Hamels. Suitable the mid range. Jump out did you. Could rebuild I'm like you describe LeBron. What advocate for a look at that you know wants an epic that open in Pasco. Might. On a tribute to mind. Physically aware of treaty in. And think of Google. All the lived up to pay it off we're all these years later. Is is the pat is big debt that passion of being a tiger that having that balloon. Brunt through Ukraine is that still there when you think about Memphis and and out of pennies back there and you see the excitement Paula here everywhere you're read as it does it get the blood born again like that you. Two freeway assists as there aren't pitted as there is definitely doable. Now. After it was a team that's. You know articles please. And unfortunate things happened you know as usual in this sport's world. We talk about some business and then. But. They're sisters situation it fair to stuck. Accessible pin in which has Pollack who are different. Is that. Good coach. My grandson if T predict but to be this year. Not a good enough he's gravitate to pin because he treat those cues whale and indeed he dozed in the service you know on this one of the main reason why animals accused gravitate to him. Which in return hips. Him and recruiting process. Yeah as you concede admitted he was brought into the program. You can see a lot of things start turning. Historic turning in the right direction. No question which are a lot of missing you know which there was hungry for. No question one of something good to be done. And I think pretty you know has the has a role. To fulfill ovals promises you know that only wills and if so Dundee. It was looking for. My players won here owners come back now we use you said you win when everything went down on Larry you stopped coming around start coming. And you had been gone for that long but man off a bit long what was it about that situation underlying issue off I'd like to weigh the situation that was our votes are thought the whole situation will lose some hoops. Slots listed on the pitch and steer the man of the largest local. Physically looked like it took its told all her to remain in an hour just a matter when what you do after retirement you wanna. Mountain as soon as there was matters like health wise. Like he could physically it was like they took his heart out away from model has made it very had a great look from Memphis he saw and what it is currently you know which was dangerous. Go to Oakland got two days useful. So I wonder it's having seen that and seeing how you felt about being in for Larry if you have some of those same concerns. About pinning and and where record right now where it's all a honeymoon right we're all excited but the big gains in the wins and losses will go go go. The games will call and he will be he'll be judged by the fans here. That's good that's correct. The other thing about Pitt and what it has to do is full field. Promises you know going to be this or he wants to win and we all. Right. But what I think would. Pitted east dues surround himself for a good stuff no muscular strength coaches regardless of what a good group of me. Who can cost you gave no laws about the game. And do his job. But this knocked. I guarantee. He images and it causes so much more than just it is because that job. So is this a lot more to the W noted this quote. It's all what you put into. Which get out of do you like. There's a Mike we just had one of assistance on Mike Miller former NBA long range shooter extraordinaire. I Scott Dohmann Matlock is a former tiger. Has done this now college basketball a divisional Cisco from 120 years. And are still looking for about the last do you like where so far worse that Saturday the kind of guy as you think he needs arousal for a life where is stiff. Is that they might Billy you know would duo will be a great editor up you know to finish you know by. Follow bin and the pros and pretournament lug my start his coach and if I'm not mistaken you know it or a personal statement. You know and know him well thank you just. Oh Rod Graves of experience. Slow and do you mountain. And and it does get a lot of energy. And they can pull into these young guys and I think he's doing does you noted that it buy into his playing buy into what these drug and implement. I think he's going to be quite successful would he still needs to steal topic this game is plausible and cook coat. Award of this to resist the coach would talk about the best loss out of it and having that right staff and don't of course Stallone Tom Foreman beat GW. Coach Fred Orton. Living legend runner I wonder too how much of it. Off the court. Right with Vinny is is didn't just like you back. So you felt that way after Larry and you would on your former tiger revenue YouTube you blood sweat and tears for. The have been so many old is this just elect for whatever reason it's just an all want to be upping even goes back and Josh. But deliver a cap but just having been around a program folks like yourself bit but I wonder if any can. Because it's because Hispanic and get bring all yelled back as if you'll like bets that you want that in your program to all this knowledge of these vets all these legends. You want them back around. I don't think it is up to where about it vehicles and is a good guy. I fainted finish. Him seuss speaks vice. I think discord at bay hill are both former athletes. That attended universally from the state did when I was beaten affect his colon to. Calm during a lot of people ought to do what works to the sort of us are happy in school in the support. It and of the mall assault indecent image. Is it pretty you know is is elevated. They gonna go also allow a lot of charisma and dad real well plays a very important role in a down to what you tried to accomplish. He'll have to occur Risley you do it. You sure did this and people fall in which is not to go for that of course what are what are some of. It's challenges. For a Memphis guy coming back to do that job obviously we saw. Would it can be right with Larry Fitz and he's going to have you know AZ b.s because we've got teams. What are some of the challenges. That it that bad that entailed his job for Memphis guys coming home and doing that job. Press well you know you have to get to trust me you know and strains. And he got a hell of business that it too is where neighborhood and coach you know of course. You get to know all of the court. Sad. Mountain in order to accomplish which beaten desk where. His staff comes via. Which is. Things they must do then. To stay afloat. Now cause a keeper about to happen and you know about them players you know when you got to look at the folks in New Year's ceremony you need be start and you need coast do when you roll. Out how hard will that be for it is this. Hart and nest where the coaching comes. Jim the buy and to those role and that's that's right as would go to committee you know coach sometimes you know they'll have to wait a minute let's. When I was at BTW manner or so minutes man nodded and ran out of it snapped. The notes that you saw and all over there and tired. Arm and teachers and coaches and administrative. Konami are as you know Google which it is written. See if you didn't have they been the type of formal you know do fear and which you program what we're in the process. Did you get to work and hopefully Nina and I think pretty you know school we're in the same problem. What are you what are you miss most about. Coach and then I'm forty years old when your one place that long right and you're doing a day after day and your little change in kids' lives. Each day each day that goes and he may not feel the impact right there but eventually the kids and gradually come back and they tell you how much that you mentor what's what's. What part of a do you miss most you're there for so long. Despair and it would accuse. That's gonna grow up and been able to see him progress. Suit accuses is already at a disadvantage. It is scope accused cheated of their that you have yet. You know I was Burnham Tara how to win ball games are important it is to win ball games mr. rose's party occur to party at Google. They become Henny Youngman becoming a moment. And you have different got to have some typical form in the early you know to get these cues you note to respond to you deposit amount. Pickles and in that neighborhood you'd Odeo and it goes in and typical have a difficult situation imagine like a father figure for a lot of pollen and have fun with Milan is actually and not to echo. It took it to the president. It over and over very positive way absolutely. And it bought into what I was trying to accomplish you know and and in history an assistant to win info and when it programs you know. Yep yeah yeah yeah yeah. One agree when you met was a Lorenzen Wright or when you see this. The trial lawless stuff or that does that make you feel on all you can ask where you have to be anything super close Recco is acquitted. I was close to his news alerts Morrison. Her red eyes it's probably just aren't very close and I was about to do for you is it government coach you know the old way Houston. So it would be cool if you wanna be like for it or do you want to play his game are created and is on the could jump up did you her career. It was a resident came to Memphis. Curve and I get together. There are broader Tokyo and whoever has it was imitating you Chris Gocong Burton whom. This it is there's certain events. The news well you know you didn't and a spot in my energy. What's the story on his father like earth from chopped it came back to the Communists and shot her in the back yeah that would put in Manila and what happened here. Was on a the record. GO Clinton. It is truly now please immediately put out. What is also do new Altima and cable. Malice and on an antenna and has been through so much we act now with this on and what's going home. They came let you know guns you know and Teresa Montague and he was running around and you know trying to get away from a news. And I know we'll forget that a moment they're. Just little cinematography. And so unfortunate. In your time there you had so many great I mean you had Antonio Burks who ferraris and is a phenomena age myself here. He's the only Antonio was the first tiger I remember watching in in really loving like and that's the guy who he would the first guy Rimmer despondent love with own bass while courts of and yet Antonio he had Lorenzen and yet he hit. I mean you've you've had you've had Carter Andre Allen have we forget our value Panama coach was to hit it easy to goats are hard to coat. It out of visible to he would. If it were related to. Figure was it was. You know bubbles that no amount assistant coach you know to be with these two men out there. Agreeing green light on the issue that ball pretty easily I go to the ball in the air agree latent T did accuse who to bullet he should bull. You gotta be just Duma. So yeah Utley got no we didn't. I expect I guess here's a listen to it based border into Newton and it. Agree fiscally do agree and he can throw at us you are mentally as far as I'm concerned he's the best suit of caves delivers numb my head up. Some people might disagree. But. The shooting did others. The national. The third. And Indians and then drain must've been you some high Q floor leaders Andre. A hundred you have about a floor leader than Andre Allen was aren't. Elie you know when he came to BT and I was in the state Perot the year before you know and lost his. Franco. Committed turnovers and commando. Project came in BC coach or mister near low total listed. Plus it is correct any respondents who application. So look back at stake. It was the most valuable player now as a freshman. Who's a stove and in our fault tee is should have been. The most that'll put you nobody gave to do it again. Newton TA shut the book at the most two most trees in the state bills you noted Nasser who was after he had back then in terms of school. Everybody. Wherever about it you know it about him. Up to me like Carolina and other types schools not Caroline OK got that killer a lot of due Brett. But all those countless whose know when they come at you noticed in the couldn't care right and puts out some time little. Yep look at the character of these that you could school. I'm applause in the ball game but the good character who's not a report to be able coordinate stances Brett. Look at who and what does just the best pistols dukes in the collapse rat. Yeah Ater about it. But what about Antonia. Until they're quite a few it is it quintupled basically an all my health leagues you know to play for me if you really think about it. The attended the University of Memphis. Then you you set a model one that actually literally that is that old Marvin have to I was announced it could have attacked a a. But they weren't at the University of Memphis. And edit here by labour Tory richest. Please keep. It playbook to a lives and do those years. And the situation. Was too good lord told me and so he was you Torre about sixty it was a couple of. What you did you know Cheryl. I'm with which she was a realm that went when he when the prince's classic she's a well practiced every day. Two very SEI for five years old and hammer senator somewhere in the neighborhood right so. She was a corporate perimeter. So when you see this most of c'mon you're thank askew loss and as you think that she would be capable of something like this not so innocent until proven guilty but everything coming down we were holed cap. Do you think that woman that was in your Jim Watson in their day was capable selective it was kind of puzzled me to believe that happened. It defeated issue's proposal like that lesson she did not yield curve was tolerant record speaks Lewis what are you most proud of if Tom wanted to spend all Donald and upon this community. It quoted a bit a bit and it. Well almost followed you don't have an opportunity you know to teach stills too to America just before he isn't. Cogent accused of forty years and and that that pays off. Us. At one school will go to school and who does not want forties. Very taxing you you bring up. Teaching earth. Might not basketball but like teaching American history we we talked a lot to coaches on the show and very few of them seem to have taken as much satisfaction in being able to teach third subject. Well I wasn't over Goodman out of the district eight. Was a student universally it is and this was also to them. When I came to. BTW. It's 97 buffalo. A load to each. And despair and low altitude stills you know taxes to lose will model it is. About basketball rec for excellent writer. I don't put to use you know to get to education. Because she uses as a tool is stepping stones or two ago it took to get in life and I like to teach on the go folks that in new entity. Unfortunately. Snap Peco is still the law you know the beauty of this and work harder what do you try to do to accomplish to pay as you noted it's. To get it. I'm just trying to pitchers don't fret or more than in 1974 and I have no clue man you beat him the next four years doing as much as you do. I had no clue be the next forty years in Obama and a lot of scope of the Serbs don't attorney you know you it'd be good old what's mystery. Spirit and number NASCAR Mubarak there. And they supported program. That he is. Went on a one on my list for years and it be to do you know that. Cut it to school spirit kinda changed I was Toronto and our would be to W was his fellow robberies in the cities is as heated as an animal as intense as any around Allentown school spirit changing. Not start coming around you know slogans or that kind of let me in a direction you know I mean in my best interest. Well listen I want you to know that any time you won't come on top basketball we would love to have you I don't know I don't think he's. It's an education in time we can have you all not just for that the Manson across from him myself when I had for all of our listeners and is so that we know this things about the pop off in Memphis wins and you won't comment in time home anywhere is doing right what he's doing wrong we'd love to have is an expert to our expert analyst. I don't think there's going to do to. Figure is building. Two day making nimble purpose he's he's always a you don't hear to to win when in his as my top priority. Think that you know in order to win you get would have weeks they're gonna have the deficit program available to accomplish that his goal recruit he's working on that way. Coach thanks for commonality that is an honor. Is on legendary beat UW coach Fred port will come back Jason Dunn editor on FM yes it.