Frank Harris, Tyler Harris' Father, on the J&J Show Friday (4/13/18)

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Friday, April 13th

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We're back Jason and Jon back within 99 FM ESP in it has been a celebration all day three hours on the and we are wrapping up the right where we're gonna do it with the father. Of Tyler Harris knew Lee committed university of Memphis Tigers Tyler shares his father frank here. There is welcome to the family brother feels like or all tiger apparently now. Okay thank you. Thank you. How would you croak a coach you don't outlook your car you'd better whatever. And every carded. And a computer are you are trying to put their but I liked it. Out I. Argued out and out of a bit. Op now you're a man it's always been true to his word. And Amanda stayed true to your word here we appreciate you coming off and dumped out of feel meant that if feel seeing your son up there and on the crowd went crazy when he announced Memphis. I was look at the pictures of view was it tense man where you where you daddy's had a field day added today deal for you. Credit. Card it goes well. I'll part probably under well well like. PR talk America can't part yeah. Aren't aren't altered to go out. Oh no you don't know where. Where Obama supports. What do we know. He supports it go out all quote I'm an old right. We need to know oh. I. Want to move. It. And I'd like. Like a pretty electric. Arc broke mark. There are per share. And our partners order. And looser and I appear blue your read a lot Hillary ought. Parent the speaker he the bottom line. Arctic cold people to post on your computer art dealer he went to great and it. Other current appeared disagree. Why you were Peter. There are recover but. It would. I know a lot of grader Rebecca black critic. You have a lot of produced. You have moved. Her out of a bit you know prepared a repeated that a lot of people right here. The bigger you don't go to that pitch they're here. You don't I don't argue that David did a good way to do I don't go to. Like we did try to rep regard recovered a bit. Coach congratulations. For me I am obviously very excited for all of you that that tire chose the school we felt was right Ramadan I feel like we are privileged to be able to watch his career right here. In Memphis can you just sort of speak to. Penny Hardaway and and the job that paid did you know obviously come and play an inmate and. The duck out or does it altered its. And Carl Carl McCall or go to our group or. Perry camp orbit. In a bad trip article what do great. The whole time they won it big attributed at all into your group Peter you're. You don't you got a good group good doubt no doubt about it and Peter do you attribute your. He didn't he we are a motor recruited. We are the moment of goal you didn't go a bit I won't lose our. Or codes here don't know what not to grow pretty program and Coke Coke are ordered. Two it. You create. Oh they want it done I wouldn't doubt it will look out 0800. No where nobody and I probable or appropriate to. But he can't pick apart the bell. It he. I'm on Coconut Creek now I gotta be an approach up what do pretty. Well I did create. The temerity to our on the lot and took. Maybe not on our outlook article cook. An open and you do you're not allowed well. Group but it better could he do oh you want a. Am I allowed to hear that obviously does coach week we obviously know about sort of the concerns you may have had you know obviously because pity. It was bring in our hour is bringing over Lomax and you know playing time is is at a premium. What did did he tell you just sort of about. How Alex and and Tyler can can fit together he's gonna give us an idea of what he told you there. And I'll blow you all want people to Rick did it hurt here. Prisoner there people are part of a big picture. You know they took the coordinates. Of where to go out and got knocked on either now Brito. They're pretty Mueller got it. Are they do all. To park my body out Dell wrote it. Typical aren't a minute I heard that Peter Cook I don't look at Canada Olympic break. They're well enough cold. Beer oh it probably appropriate car Richard great editor and you've got. Internet. It better. A duplicate copy it open and credit card route beat beat Uga beat duke and the clerk. Well. I tablet they are when we're in. Trouble you were a little Butler don't support but we're broke don't repeat it but it. Eric broke it you wouldn't be recruit. You know tutor their pro. A beer can pick our. You're bigger to consult our I have urged. How how taxing was this on you coach on your wife on Tyler just you know I'm sure everybody trying to charm and tell you where you want nobody hit you up asking you where you're going. How how attack or was this decision on US of on Els family. They're important as important to our product called alt a great. Probably you really don't know what you peak you know I know not to go to 11 o'clock midnight tonight attitude now. So you really don't look good. I agree I got a call from which a cornerstone group Rockport 32 Bowen outcomes aren't True Blue print great cater to do you know. They're. We knuckle under. Remote corner because of the unit are urged. And these huge return ticket Carter theater and they do they retire. They do agree to. Rick can be an even better idea. What time it won't appeal a tiger and console. Are upper or middle. We are we're talking to frank Harris a father of new Mitt society. Todd had decent everything in coaches and all of his letter and all the Everett is that done. I signed it. OK but I. We re government did not become still no duty OK and not allow our. I don't know who are under your authority tutors or. They cracked what's the plan goes get there in June and everything starts up did all of what are. Period June that he should be greater ability to lose. Oh not be ready Asia period and it. Are bigger moms and soccer tournament like all the beer won't be rendered their. But I don't want community. I can look at look at creek bridge. No. Where we. We are pretty hard we're gonna Mike Miller. We got a spot starter can't just now I don't know real quick reproduction. And you don't know who don't worry my hope art. You're purple. Up arms aren't who have I don't agree need to do it wouldn't. You side with a rock are big because we got a potential to breed we're pretty. Like. Period could well be over. And then lasting for hours ago coach obviously. Big development today for Tyler committing and signing with the university there was if you could. If you can tell Memphis fans one thing they need to know about this staff in the future of Memphis basketball. What would your message to them they. Created bigger bigger and older parent I. I agree are pretty. You used royal county. And I'm learning occurred or spoke aren't together your career and I call repeater and done. Now to victory up. Deliberately. Luke Luke and sweet tribute you're you won't somebody you know I. If you're you really want your column color you don't like hundred. Our our group on third arc third. They are ultimately bit cooler too poorly won't you oh were you want to credit. Warm to really launch so I typically don't do very excellent. Wants to know one or divert Saturday. RRR Bernard acre and people old people bought it all in particular. Our people treat you rubric of real quick on. Mike toner and not denigrate our computers imperial to absolutely do recur recur. Coach a gradual and I. Suppose we understand we will absolutely congratulations thank you in the family in town for the decision and coach thank you for doing this coming all witnesses and talk on this day that we really appreciate our. Pre senator Carl. Marcos 200 bill and how are we don't. Ultimately you know we're a no it didn't where he regretted it will be uploaded out. Rica. The there you go oh we're right there are small way or right it's been a fun journey and I'm glad it ended with tire stand now pain. And listen. You don't have the bank does not have written ascendant and you don't have the bank us but Frey cares literally just said that we kept there interest up in the program. I'm speechless. I mean think about it than we've got to college that we are the reason why not they're overloaded with as many of you today was Lyles restaurant the crooked finger. I mean you Bahrain and you're not gonna found a better name of that and I actually called Bogart that's the name I don't know it's another you get that's actually not out of her early as excise aiming so you you know the crooked fingered you can open that they can be so what you're next endeavor you know. You know motivated now. It's a great name is such a great name of an S there's a congratulations to their spam it. A day at a very Austin's process and bank kept his word came on the day Tyler committed could not be happier for them I think you commissioners I get gradually he says it's all about the big picture and you want to get to go wherever he goes as best but for them. On a personal level to be able to watch him. Play at home it has to be. And he did that adulation when he announces decision out of his love from the city they got to feel good apps those looks on death another went to a lot to make them know he's tired. Appreciate it coming all happy day for every day as.