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Wednesday, May 17th

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He's a seven year NBA veteran former University of Alabama star anatomy star and he's the father. Of 2017. Universe in Memphis Tigers signing Jamal Johnson's famous book Johnson. And he joins us now mr. Johnson how are you sir. I'm great are you we are great thank you for your time first of all we really appreciate it hum got a lot of questions for about you man and about civil started. Just how excited are you. About this time I imagine you viewing your son have been looking forward to it for years just this time him about to get in the college on him and starting this level of his career. Especially from a great year you added Alabama. This must be it does something you were you to look forward to for years. It ads being NN mound we're very excited and actually you know with the coast Tubby Smith there'd be a man you know he. You've recruited Jamaal as we undertake this pick a year and he wouldn't want to get here we'll look at the remote part of hi how we're. We're very excited but with what goes and does it help him achieve. Stand there and let me achievement in bring that. They seem back to two comments. Was that the relationships was it was it knowing tubby in and haven't recruited you winners at Texas Tech correlation with Joseph Esposito. Was it what you saw what what all went into it that made it the right fit for for union sought. Like you get all our quality of you know the LP. And you know something he's the chief U coaching career you know we've explained dot I've followed him. You know. For our multiply it could via. Watching them on what flaw in just marred what he's not that all of it stops in the end you know coach yet. Cheadle coming on in its relentless pursuit you know and so. So you know we resist they're excited in Norton you know a lot about it you know and in Birmingham admit is that a lot of that you know even back when out of school no mention that deserves better. Our great history of well basketball. Roddick that it came over played great beat develop relationships repeat so. I'm beer me remain in their community would rather they. And people they admit to and so. We're very excited about them. Coach let let let's coached let let's get right to the chase how good is Jamal. How good spot if valued it got them to work with these great shooter updated got to bring them. About shouldn't suit to the mixture and and you know he could label caught this and so. And got. To do a lot of things that think for a repeat what you've got to be occurring. Couldn't guard position in the MM a he's very good rebounder whales so. So you know he knows he could never afraid you know poignant I'm not. Hard ball that my view is that the world you know that asks where got to thank you going to be. We're good addition to two were coached. Coats that would get written. Well mr. does that and don't get mad at toward the end of the interview but since you bring him up just as a bad when asked about Lavar ball is there is the geniuses the insane is it a little bit of both. Or failure in a well. I think it is is it marketing you know you mound and that they're more mad out. And did note tablet feel like if you could network say who's gone to war until they actually get on the court late crew of the sale so. Wouldn't it they're I ballots you know. We'd be in in that mine mine mine my slate to talk. What what do you think's what do you think of what's happened in Memphis sensual side that had some turnover hats and Gaza leave and I realized. I think in and fairness one of those guys was a tubby got to keep our players Jolie they were at recruited Texas Tech. At recruited here the rest of the mostly Josh is guys. On but what do you think about Paterno because it's it's a different roster. I'm sure than what you all thought you were coming to at least at the time his side. Wait you know and you know each year you know things happening in you know alarmed. Teams you know faced differences and it challenges them and so while. You know steam coming out some of those internal and steps and so we without percent confident in -- smear so whatever. You know happened chats are some. And who will leave the Colombian you know I'm certainly gone to a fantastic job with that would would go to whatever he has to work with you about. We are talking to former NBA player bugged out and he's the father of incoming Memphis tiger Jamal Johnson speaking of Jamal your son is the highest rated. Part of a class that has at least in Memphis book been met with. Tepid reviews and that it is traditionally not as highly touted as others in Memphis history. Have you heard any of that do you pay attention to any of that is it is it your responsibility as a father to to tell Jamar don't wary about it. Sort of how do you approach that part of it. BA you know mom wanted to old school rap about the lead and then he let strictly due to talk you know all of that out all of the all of the social media. I don't have a Twitter cattle outlets Napa cattle. You could well that you're hot hot like they're going to put. Particular on the go to work you know I'm old school loudly enough that I've met in my actually speak to them they out and I don't. And not try to ease that they have that did not involve them well. He's HD theater what what exploration and expect they are going to work your butt off and they need to try to earn your spot. I'm just curious state do you pull. For the rockets bucks since you spend most of your career their rights six of the set I years. I'd do I doubt CNET news about the it will put a bullet that we don't let it. With the way pictures and let the solo album big must appear yet. So what the world haven't put James Harden their last game that he did he quit. And I had you know I don't know I mean look like what was going on on the black distracted appear. But what I can tale but you know you know exactly. I just. I don't know it would that the strangest thing was so. It was we can been harping on either side note as as someone who falls and closes someone who played for the organization if you get an inside force if you had the inside and I can't. No no no no not at all and I doubt which side to because you're such a great player of on the what happened there their land and not young mom I'm mom apple much else you know. Listen you you talked about you touched on US does he go to the relentless recruiter that he is. What does that look like when you're on the family side of it decided that he's coming after when you're when you're the guy that he wants what it is he sending you letters every day is it calls all the time blown up your phone. What does it look like was it feel like when US does he goes on you because we know how relentlessly is. Yeah where you know he knows how to walk alive you know ha ha he don't be she looks to go bearing you know you know for the right. Strange that's right you know reached it doesn't make sure all my dictator limited but is not overbearing and so. He's basically no doubt off their lives just right and Q thank you got to do a fantastic job of continuing to bring gas being picked out good quality. Players in there. The minister. Oca bug after after we have you on as you know we're gonna have your son on so we I was gonna mess it a little bit and see how well sun knows dad and asked if he questions and we have Jamal and we'll see I got the same answers. Yes our best players you win against in your seven years in the league. Bet where I would again always a layer bird you know and he shot the ball so we don't actually need it he went to ask Linux so you can military context shoot the broad topic and you in Egypt out increasingly global he gets finished with Israel that the rise it will spin can dump the bad paired them with jail under a minute it would the only. Leonard Little Atlantic you know market and the more though. Oppose and this it and Larry maybe they have to the both of them both these opposing players you couldn't stand. The most. Would go man I think it it is they want to get. There. I think gas. Mean. That the gorillas are our it was going to be somebody that you wouldn't probably think about and that would be somebody like a balk. Acquire a bottle glad you have him you will be available at. Mannequin that would give you bet you know back you know they doubled dissuade the opportunity. To give him bad and it would be tricked. What aides could they you know and maybe that he hasn't yet look at what age that Jamal beats you what needs to Jamal filings. So you. Look out there. He's an about it mortal and each dot com and go about it a champion that he didn't know not not you may remember. He he beat you here to land that we played well. I would spank here yeah you know go look up the plant wait albeit slowly so we think he's sick of it but not each. I think got out a couple of years ago. You know he was able negotiated and then them tell them the bit about. Absolutely that Nike Adidas on normal kind of Ghazi Al. No again I went down. Fathers out like Nike you know reignited gain in back to a well yeah we we looked like. But you know we read every you know we're like a ball we know we played the Mac labor being well. You'll cut off any options as writers don't wanna go right back row and are replaced with him we're well you know corporate and let the ball put. I do real lap on them. I'm proud that needed it. Mr. on the on me nice and so weird we're excited about that we're. And finally that the piece of advice that you've given Jamal the most I'm sure there's been a tonne but maybe the one thing to say to warm all the time that that. BB EB he hears from me all the time. Well you know take coaches you know. And in the cold to go there. To get better and it made them more ignored her or their coaching. You know to the credit on BP called on them or too little bit too which are coaches. Well ball or try to element of course you know wilderness school are and that's his mom period though he's he's got offense that as well. We will run by am and I can't wait to hear what his answers are as well he is former NBA player Bob Johnson the four the father of demolish Johnson book appreciate the time so much for your time mr. Johnson. Don't know product thank you get it now. He is book Johnson.