Fizdale Houston Postgame Interview 11-11-17

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Monday, November 13th

AUDIO: Fizdale Houston/Memphis Postgame Interview 11-11-17


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It's tonight. Which I expected you know they are part of an air we had a two and a 20 in this season's series. So I really expected to. Hard so we tried to prepare for that. You know we had a few mental breakdowns there move forward itself and make. Sense it. Maybe force backpacks. You know winning contests so. And I really thought they got after us to trust me they really upset. Slow start for my car is there's anything to he's doing some things physically. Are they doing anything differently defensively wasn't so this is the stuff he's he's seen all these coverages as somebody. And a box and yes so. You know I just want to say struggles is up and down right now. I know my kids feel it is to exterminate them. You're it would give both ways so that amber and Mike Morse and some minutes so there was anything. Those who have not bad. The move well. He's obviously got a serious motor. Landing gear. I can ask some elements to a sudden run anything's wrong tonight nobody cares she's standpoint I just want your comments go to guy. Well nobody really competed against James Harden defensively. Obviously wind came in late but he. The right frame of mind trying to find room. Have you both guys.