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Wednesday, May 10th
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David Tisdale the coach. But he Memphis Grizzlies is in our studio if we make coach fit is pleasure to have you here how are at least not this is often blessed having the good the one thing I I have to ask as as coaches now. Do you hate that dreaded phone call and by the dreaded phone call I mean. Hey can you now being analysts insurer out of the playoffs that's actually. I wanted to do it this year and get out of the way GAAP. You know and knock at our early in my career and also are really it's your stood on what you guys do to prepare in the side of the camera and I don't know anything I got a tutorial from Moscow van pelt. Last night doesn't do so cruel and how to put a show together or no deal itself. The citizen you can apply team and everything right you guys don't function here went out this group of people that's out here in front of you saw I'm really incident just want to I don't operational. Differences our team stinks how hot about it bucks I suppose that's the background. Glenn the phone call I thought you were referring to what was the one more after you made yourself are you had a legend that went to Wear these comments take that that data. And in this one but did not Holbrooke us and then you get the phone call from the leak. Yeah that's gonna cost you little Myanmar's curious that I know you got find. But forgetting to find it as crazies it's easy as it is for me to say well that's 30000 dollars and that's not that big of a deal I'm just curious what exactly is. The protocol calls you and what do they say to inform you your being fine by the. Lee was someone called me from the league security office just to get my point of view on it. You know they hear my peace and then they don't tell me what I'm being a finder file being defined at this I get the call from the GM later on this made. Thirty K it's gonna give away. So you know I was prepared to go down obviously it was a somewhat strategic you know what I did. But among players stepped up big time for me and who took them that their burden off. About that was I seven to do I do remember when I got finds 7500 bucks for my shirt being on talked in some things I said to the rough about it I remember for the most medals my wife. All hold tell me you don't go to all that Lou doesn't that's thirty K eight you know that's supposed to be coming out here pocket there. Part of that Gilad a scolded right before the playoffs because I ended the lead at the goal is number two with a marine technical foul oh. She wasn't happy about that money coming out of bank account CNN I'm so long the pay scale compared to other head coach is. And she goes like you haven't even broke a fifty wins did you giving away money and so I hope my wife stuff and and she's does he have does the money you know Osama. When I got this policy was like are you kidding me right now she says thirty K. She says it wasn't worth it that's absolutely every diocese and are thus far. I know this is at a difficult question. But my just brought it up with with a Isiah Thomas earlier when. He's complaining after game is about calls he feels he's not getting and clearly he's doing that with a purpose he wants that call in game five. Do you feel that when you make those kinds part of it you tell me is is it just part of it is just venting frustration and then part of it is tactical do you feel it is effective. Yeah Hammond owed biggest the biggest part of the tactic don't want to get out of it was too so my team that I believe they won the series and I'm not fighting for nothing. I'm I really believe that week it could beat the spurs and I'm one of them the CNET and sell. If that's all that I got out of it than it was worth it. You're not only off the fishing and we won't Wear another after that. You know because I couldn't use that as a crutch anymore anyway. It was this either use either of them when they gamma lose again missile. You know for me I felt like it you know it got the point across to my team and I believed in him and galvanize them to come together and really compete. So did it to digest he had to continue agrees point. Nothing in the back here Wright is saying maybe argue calls next game more just kind of a me playing. Her I mean it's just you just wanna make sure that shorten your main guys this touching the basketball. Are getting the benefit of the doubt you know Mike Conley obviously as a quiet guy and I want to speak on his behalf because he wouldn't say anything. He may make a little Foster and again but he's not gonna go overboard when the smoke. I just thought it was important that I stepped up for him see both mark. And these try to get. Playing field that I felt was level. Zach guys are great who's that guy that's gonna blow up who's up player that your gonna have to say whoa easy. Well I mean Tony Allen is. A little off his rocker. But I'm glad he's on my side he's he's he's awesome that way but I'll say him on anybody but to notice here. You know who became a grumpy old man. Vince Carter the this card losses cool multiple times where I had a real amid and come up with a straight jacket on moment. You know relax inclusion Owens in the older now and you sort of thing here is that not only is he he's actually still yeah I heard everybody you know we're not much you know by now months in the he is a little grumpy this year to a couple nobles as a young guys on the court so he knows like young puppies and a bit old daughter I don't. He let him know still my yard. Memphis coach David Vizquel hit our studio the straight talk brought to frustrate talk wireless best on best networks. Have to cost a reminder in fourteen minutes we're giving you the word we're giving them ways to enter. And you could win a trip to the NBA finals to every game of the NBA finals just be listening we're gonna give you the word at 920. Eastern time so fourteen minutes from now the contest has presented. I buy Dell for small business adjust quickly and that is that you're a lot of people say. What's going our events what why is Vince Carter still out there at biggest stage of his life all the kinds of all the money he's made all the fame to take us behind him a little better I mean but he just loves playing yeah. May come on I mean you only get to live wants and I thinks I thought we put these labels on sports. Where guys should just hang them up they hit a certain age order this again. And he loves playing the game and it's not about the money anymore which is what we should be praising now that a geysers out their plan because he loves to play bass while he loves to mentor young players. He loves the camaraderie and a locker room. And that thriller competition so. One Illinois and then you know when I was a Miami we had to want Howard all the way up until about their image in there was just a bow. Being able to come to the gym every day into what you love door you know what she started off doing in the first place saw. I love the idea implants with three more years than and really fulfill his dream of of a woman who was forty. And then how about an a lot of that we know is just time that we talk about the same thing in the NFL at the big money contracts according to quarterbacks and Mike Conley whose highest paid player never British channel my god what is going on in the NBA and you did you talk about he's kind of a quiet guy. Any discussion to have about that was he feeling I mean a lot because there was a lot of talk like that going on any effect on him at all you will. Have known that anything changed within you would have never known that he has bank account change he was same guy from the death metal. You know until the last day of the season to see total professional first class guy team first guy. But I'm I made it clear it's on right away when house you know I got the job and I met one of my students who were about it I'm in this with the and we're gonna do this together where you where people stop talking about you're not good enough for this contract then I really felt like together we accomplished that this year. He's an under appreciated really terrific player there's no question about that Mike a microchip is his Brothers are much richer to work as an analyst here you just played San Antonio. In a previous series tough six game series now they're now up 321 Houston after a thrilling win. Last night before we get to the choir Leonard and I situation let's start with Tony Parker. The loss of him. Specifically. How does that change what they're capable of what they do and if they get through this series how does that impact and going forward. So I put in the ceiling on the spur state and and coach pop on me he's gonna improvise that's being worked Dole's hearts to word they just keep move it. And I think that obviously not having Tony Parker in crunch time situations a guy that you can trust with the ball that you know gets the team organized. That's not afraid of the moment. You know out of Dunn has always something that's you're gonna miss but you don't have a backup and Patty Mills was a champion Denny Green championed mental champion and you go down the line. All the salt even though wasn't with them champion. And so they're gonna find a way to make the parts work. I think he gives them opportunity actually the place on some really dynamic lineups now when mandolin collide when all of mandolin and you won't won big on the floor with Simmons and Danny Green. You nodal that I belong to us are gonna need to have to pass not only Houston but you know if they get the next round against those states. And I'm with you cannot put a ceiling on pop but you know Syria may be put there are quite limited to Leonard is hurt more. Then we think so. Looking at it now for a as a head coach when you're you're gonna be in on the decision trainers would be you would be in the player. But good don't want part dollars lovers you got to trust a player. And trust and no player that felt the world but the good to say I can't go there are always going to wanna go just like you wanted to stay in the game. So the two were easy ones if it's bad enough Reno is gonna be out the next game or he's running on that thing today and you know is going to be fine right its offense as you know. Of what you should do how do you go about that. In making that decision not on where you want. Juan thank you gotta be gotta look at the guy movie got you know go out there really gates is his mobility as pain threshold all of those things. But tell you what if this open. I know was when I play in my short career in college and if so something that I felt like I can play with. Who is just no way I was gonna let them hold me out not Tennessee Q likewise toughest he has. If he feels like then on he can play in this game is no way. I can see him sit down. I agree but there is a way by pop saying you're not even gonna travel. That would be made out obviously popular do them but I mean if he's anywhere near that court. Put it this way he's going to be on it. And you know I'm on the pop wants them out there but if he's harmonies are you know and this is the kind of common god you don't have to question. If that city be planned or not plan right if he's not playing he's really hurt right so. If you think he can play in trying did buy a game within playing does that come under the thought process were up three games to two. At the end of the day we can afford to lose this game and come home in game seven I know I know that's contrary to believe that but I I guess that's why I'm asking was does that ever come into your brain to say if he's right on that that the cost of playing to our city because we have a gamely. I don't know I mean outcome on the type of person I think the longer the series goes the more dangerous it becomes and the more things actually go off. Flashes finals is a perfect example. During mongering gets kicked out. You know that's serious should've probably been over going back to go in state. And he woke up a monster it went longer. Next thing you know couple guys got banged up in that series as the series went on right Soto morally gold the longer you go the more things that can go wrong I think so. If they feel like he can released about their contribute. I think she's gonna go try to close that thing out. He is David does dailies with a series the coach of the grizzlies represented by progressive insurance I guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line and we invite you to deliver a smile on Mother's Day. With Right now when you order a dozen multicolored roses for only 29991800. Flowers or give you another dozen plus a base. Absolutely free go to Slash ESPN. I'm so there's that series going on right now on Golden State is waiting for the winner this Boston Washington. Who laid their game five tonight and LeBron is waiting for the winner yet. You coach LeBron for years here and assists in a Miami during the entirety of his. Stay in that Miami. So take us places that we don't get deceit is so incredibly public and it feels like we know almost everything about him we don't see him in that locker room when it's just the guys we don't see him. In certain places that that you do when you're part of it take us places we we can't go with LeBron. In this is his public life is so deliberate Jesus and you guys cellphone play at at at this guy's brilliant. I mean you're you're talking about a a true businessman. A strategist from the standpoint of understanding his brand and how it's affected by an all outside things. And so he's Smart when the coast of but behind closed doors he's personal. He cares. He really cares about the fifteenth guy on events. He cared about us as coaches I mean I don't know how many times are candidates and office. And there's a gift on our desk from abroad causing is so much free crap you know he gets less than that that's definitely benefit allowing him anyway you know we got some good sponsors. Never got somebody Chris has goes in my life blood you know he would do stuff like that for no reason minister always offended that you know I've got a new set of Dre beats on my desk you know for nothing decision he would do for all of us you know it was no guy. That was too big or too small so. Did associate tubby guy was he just really like to build camaraderie we do this only days together as a team. Because he wanted us together. We know we were playing Cleveland were all that this house and watch this stuff together and doing things together so. Though is the part that I'll always remember about on the things that he did foresee put me in a commercial wants is a wedding gift. About that you know until closer don't give me anything. And instead of him listening he says any coach want to be in the sense on commercial with me when that. You know it's emotional today you know now an assistant coaches so it is say hey man congratulations anyway I mean come one and so. You know all I have is as great memories with the guy he obviously had a lot of impact on me as a call to talk product taught me more basketball wise and I taught him. So you know offer a regression to the guy. Those are great stories but let let's go to the basketball site has wrecked Kyle core right yesterday. And he talked about the IQ off of LeBron. And my comparison as well as calling college games I exculpate Manning reviews and college. And could in talking him up production meetings and seen the wheels turn and that I got to talk term production meetings in the NFL and how he just you know was so Smart. But it's more intangible sold tickets to air a little bit on things that don't show opened the box score just the the basketball IQ with him. Army figures out. Quickly what other teams are trying to go against. And he doesn't because of his as preparation before you ever steps on the court the guy as a film junkie. You know even when he's not watching his own against his watching everyone else in the league play. I mean that this is thing like he really enjoys watching the game watch how teams strategize how to how to make adjustments things like that. You know it was huddle sometimes word is suggestions would just be like these suggesting that you needed. And then exactly you know read on a play that we need to make to break it teens back. And the great part about it dispose always like okay great if it affected us a great idea kudos voting care suppose that you think you guys know now watching him he's a very eagle in the sky when it comes and stuff enough. I thought it was just cool to watch him work knows moments but IQ are how many he is a genius. When it comes to the game and understand and. The bids could you know what you said though lest we think and and a lot you you can add that naturally as well yeah but to hear about all the preparation isn't that that's a great message for everybody is that you don't just show up and do that there's a whole lot that goes behind them. And nothing like I said last night to sky you know. He really picks up things from other guys and he comes along with so much Shane Battier is a big time numbers guy like really understand some really knows what's on the foreign and how to defend a guy where to push. Insane brought that you know with him when he came to Miami and the brawn immediately grabbed that added to his preparation. As part of the way he goes about getting ready for team Morgan ready for an opponent so. You know he just soaks up information so fast they can apply immediately I think that's the difference is a lot of Smart guys. Which she showed me something and you teach him something he he has. Right away. They're the one question that I would have relative to that is. There have been times when I particularly when David blatt was his coach and I think there was a sense that he was just overruling the coach it's one thing to make a suggestion. It's another thing to basically say none and I were doing it this way and I wonder haters especially Spoelstra who now has turned out to be a terrific coach clearly. But he was a very young coach at that time on the promise of big started you ever see any of that was that was that somebody that was an issue most. Oh didn't agree to say no I mean it was just for you so what do best part of boss Posey one agenda and it was very pure goodness when it. And so you know Sproles another guy you not just gonna. How collect him when he comes to preparation and Indian all information stuff like that so what spoke may decision that was based on sound information and a whole lot of work so. Was both said no they respected it and they knew it was coming from a place of big time preparation. To Tehran Lou recently said he thinks that his is the toughest coaching job. In the NBA and I sort of smiled when I heard him say that if I do. In other guys coaching far less talented on the way to games. And have been what an octave I can understand where his comer from where's it coming for a. As he's handled in a lot of egos. On the management of Eagles. Often times can be the most difficult part of his business you know land and not the x.s and holes I mean we are copy each other anyway. You know one coast offense is in defense is and you try to plug in everything that fits your team and then you get a little cute and create a try to put a stamp on things right but. At the end of the day you know this other stuff that's going to be you know what really makes the difference not Texas and also he's figured that out. Tiger's Vizquel is up in our studio here and everybody loves them I mean that Ritter is phenomenal being. This man David add David as visibility so laid back in Chile has to be a cool cat off the court. I'm I'm surely not the only one I see Derrick Collins to read it here as well I know Dan Levitt tried pointed out. Everytime I hear you talk I want you to say funky cold Medina. I assume hot topic at that has to be something that. That you get all that stuff like this. Let's throw it to. Do sound just like I'm delighted that a lot of there's just no way Bernard. I mean you know I do their wild plan. Those that got out of puberty and then. Now so sizzle with you know a few years now about what kind of stuff out actually pretty well I would think that as relevant nine years ago FF anyway I'm OK I help us with us coach we're watching that highlight here for those of you with us on radio. Which you showed how the Houston San Antonio game ends in overtime last night. Took quick scene set for those who didn't see at San Antonio's up three. In overtime. Final seconds as a jump ball like nine seconds ago I believe cheers Dan gets control of the jump ball a little bit of a scrum and they've got two players who are sort of trapped between the sideline. And the midcourt line which obviously they can't go over or it's a half court violations. So they're trapped back there they have a timeout remaining you got two guys there's two defenders it's an easy double it's easy to switch. And they have a timeout remaining. So even if your strategy going into this. If you Mike and Tony is we're not gonna call a timeout and let San Antonio set up their defense. At that moment the one that we're currently watching where were clearly Harden is just boxed in and out. Did did you see a player calling a timeout after the coach could you yelled time out and say OK we still have two seconds left let's set up a play. That option is there obviously and I've been on both sides of it you know you see the ball come a Bobble it ends up being your best players hands. I've been on the side where you let it go and millions of hidden if you shot swollen eyes a joke about all the time. The fifth and you know so you don't know huddles pleasant gonna work obviously I know closed in Tony wakes up this morning vsan probably I should call a timeout right so. You know the next day in hindsight you always kick itself was a coats but I've been on both sides of what you call time out. You turn the ball over trying to get it inbound or they feel out of its chances that a defense yes a lot of different ways that goes so this is their flow you know me to sit here now and make a decision on Abbott and heated about releasing the ball fall into what Janice Lawrence hands. You know he really got my mental errors and made a heck of a play from behind but if he gets that off he was sent us a pretty good movement anybody contested affair and. Yet it all isn't that because I thought the same thing it's in Arden hand so let him play he made a move on Ginobili and had an open three rarely do you see the block coming up from behind like guys great play by that's only right Carlin was looking right at the basket on it other textbook three for him blog. At teal and a hardy felt like blood is broke free. And manage it only on me just made an incredible basketball play because I could a worked out where mental chop does our. Right now is who threw for free throws us a lot of ifs in there are so. You know I was slim and take care among coaches so did Tony. Row which are best player you'd think at this so. I hear you and and and obviously for. Ginobili not only is is adding a great athletic play but it's a great heady play because he knows Harden has to pull up to the three point line yeah. Because they're down three with two seconds left in the game so at at eight were. With a lot of players you might say well they got kind of lucky with a garlic Ginobili let's give the benefit of the doubt to say he read that he knows he's got a shooter from there and that's why he makes in 1000 Melissa got three more Sus forms trying and I donated tied to that'd be evidently the only thing that all of -- bill I guess sourcing Ervin if you chopped him and -- and pathetic and I think ultimately only the thing mental thought about it yet his competitive spirit Lewis don't give it up right plus a couple of questions around the league and by the way everyone enjoying your appearance including our friend Stephen A Smith. The united rated great to see my man coach Chris tell Mike Mike right now a great job this season coach thank you Stephen. I know how much you you love LeBron again you coached him in Miami for four years. And everybody admires how great he is but the NBA player resting debate is one that we talked about a lot here on the show and it directly affected you guys because as I recall. The first time this year they Cleveland rested basically all of their stars was in Memphis yeah. So as as the coach of the home team in that situation. Robbie see no. You know it benefits you and and and try to get a win but you know your fans are disappointed your home are disappointed. I'm just curious what your thoughts were that night and what your overall thought is on this issue at play. Arrest. I've tried to kind of take a backseat to this one because you know obviously this being my first year and has been such. Polarizing topic that I content. You know I think pop and guys like that in out of veteran Rick Carlisle you know those guys as soon enough for the stuff that they can come some better conclusions and I can't. You know and only thing I can think of is that if we don't want him to sit out against a short in the season you know just me being an you know. Not really knowing everything about this but. Something's gonna have to happen because fans in a lot of these folks they don't have money to be you know so one out single you know you disappointed by who plays and again it. And we have to be mindful of that what our fans that and respect the fact that these people work really hard for her money. We we keep hearing the science of today in such. Have you seeing any documented science or has it been presented view by by athletic trainers or anywhere else than they told us how they should work yeah I think every team has a formula that they're following him and you know some type of experts that some you know given him advice on how to players should be rested and then when they're hitting certain points where they're more prone to injury and things like that in. You know as a coach wants you know that that is a part of the formula. You know from organizational standpoint that that's what you guys are gonna do to monitor your players. It is for me it takes a load off for me and I don't have to guess anymore on the phone taken the players too far from back in law should be back them off whatever it is. You know causes don't know conversely if I go against them for whatever reason and then overplaying guy son and I gets hurt. And on and listen to that you know that now falls back on me so it kind of gives me a lot of clarity and when they are making these decisions. You know obviously and a lot of W frustrated with you know the restrictions on minutes and resting guys against bush. You know you got a thing from organizational standpoint they're thinking about you know we've invested a lot of money in this one player. You know we anonymous who take care of our investment not display units at a ground. And now he's their photo full of them really important stuff which is the playoffs and so. I see both sides of it. Obviously I empathize with the fans from the standpoint of finances you know and it doesn't come easy and you know you try to put food on the tablets and it's on a show you key is a good time. Anyone missing the Bronson has player going when whoever. You know when they're not there that there can be pretty frustrates. We're gonna have to do something hasn't league because our fans our our everything for us and I'm sure you know commissioner silver's all over the story. Those are. Some of the biggest names in the sport someone else who for entirely other reasons has made his name one of the most mentioned in the sport of basketball. Islam our ball and I'm just curious as a as a coach in the NBA right now. You've obviously seen all this stuff playing out in the kid is gonna come into the league this year you're not gonna get a chance to draft him this. You're not in the draft lottery is gonna go someplace super high but I just wonder what is your take on this whole thing. I guess this is worse than I think I think this is. You know. The new generation of everything we're word learn the stuff every day with how the world has changed in in how athletics has changed how social worlds a change and so. You know maybe this is where a skull and and I don't know if that's good or bad or whatever you know I just know he's he's their dad he cares about them he's outspoken about how I feels about don't. And you know we'll see how it goes and it's funny because I've I actually grew up playing against the ball the younger ball Brothers. All course poor twins. They played at Westchester high school would or whatever reason. Bobby Brown all of these guys Amir Johnson went to school there. My high school years was against his uncle so. You know is you know we us a small community in LA you saw bruised bone to right here I yeah you're you know our LA basketball rules were all tied together so we. You know it's kind of cool for me actually to see these kids now the next generation of ball Brothers. You know community MBA in a competing. So as we see a new generation coming as you mentioned this this things of today and how they change you've got the NBA's an assistant in 2000 three's are talking about fifteen years now. From that point. Tim now what in your mind has been some of the biggest changes that she's seen in the game. It was really not that long tonight but I that you seem I would talk and tactical or let us every day every aspect I don't see dealing with the younger players now and and and not not not more x.s and knows what more. The game has really pressure. Well I think this being honest about it you can't yell at these guys like he used to. You know for whatever reason when I was growing up you can beat us right into the ground and we just stole faces taking a key move annoy. But if you overdo that with these guys. They shut down on you. Tennis and for whatever reason I don't know I'm not a doctor I'm not a psychologist I don't know what has created that. You know I know with some of my guys enough coached in Austin College in now Proehl. Come a lot of guys and are close to head that came from single parent homes a lot of times. Especially when out of debt and home had a hard time would have meant no yellow metal. You know 'cause they were demanded their house and that's why didn't you know don't talk to me like that you know we go to respect me and so I've run into that ally you know with the younger generation. Com you know from guys in tough situations put. I don't know what it. Really ultimately creates it I just noted different another used to getting things right away. You know with these phones in these tablets and be in love me if I accomplish it but now order sought in the semi house. You know 24 hours and when we're going he had to wait for everything number everything was like patients. And they don't have to wait for anything now and so. You know maybe that plays a part in it and you add in a ton more money. I mean these guys again pay a lot of money compared to what it was fifteen years ago overall. You know and and a lot more social recognition. And everybody's a star now. People have no talent on TV now with you this reality stuff is. Superstars and millionaires you know just because their lives are open and so. You know we distill what a lot of different aspects and things says and not only offers better worse or whatever I'm just flown with it and and trying to just as ago. Your choice right I mean yeah I do Dodd and it at a very a couple of interesting psychological questions that you bring up I wanna get your next and most importantly. We'll get to your question next. The Twitter view for coach is your questions for him through us on Twitter right after this word York. Take that for data ramp was one of the best in recent memory watch your favorite coach or athlete grant of all time. That you can you know these are kind of recruit Danny. Particularly Denny Green Denny Green yeah in your arm loan and they are who we thought they were just smack the podium to just like you smacked this table match. They found myself saying that exact rant in my office after game one it's one that we lost again until attainable if they exactly be this exactly how they we told them they could beat us. How is young let them but codes is doing the same thing and I know myself. And ask how pigs goats grain right now he did on Allan Donald kind of stay at literally obviously and in the practice. Practices that go watch all Iverson. We just had the fifteenth anniversary of did what he swore all that green used are sports generally through practice or senator Reid had to apologize in the country for all the source is so funny now well I don't know is endlessly entertaining gullet what's next we have from gallon moon. Do you think this is the best you've ever seen LeBron play in the post season. Yeah for sure. This is what were witnessing right now uses this is historic that no more 66%. You know inside the paint. You know 47 from three. Every pass he makes his perfect opening Lou or watching greatness right before arise and you know this is going to be a great playoffs as little forward and the last one hour I ask really that's a two part about our NASA's second part of it what was the most challenging part. About worker with the Big Three in Miami. You know the beginning really was the toughest part of this kid knew him to be okay. And if you know with the process and and be patient with the process of figuring out who is gonna take shots when then. You know all those guys are trying then let the other guy play. Thanks trying to stay out of each other's way sort of took a little bit of time and once they figured that out boy it was fun to be a part of you know at the end I thought it was the toughest challenge was. You know didn't you know give these guys revved up during the regular season you know when you talk about blown four straight finals. You know I just when they don't get seduced by the success. Not gospel did an incredible job of always keeping them on edge and I just thought about it that fourth one. And it's only was our already pissed from the year before and hungry and I thought we were just done physically by the time we got there are so. You know go salute to biggest challenge as I was saying that air. Contorted view Mike in my coach Vizquel to finish it up today. You brought up something earlier that I thought was really interesting. On the notion of how young a young people today in general the players today he can't yellow from the way you used to. And I've read a lot about this not necessarily when it comes to sports and coaching. But that younger people today as opposed to people of our generation we want to know why so just to you Bob Knight is the ultimate example won't. And his day he would yell at players and an inappropriate answer if if that the player had a question was because I said so that's it is that would you have vowed to players if you yell at that they do they shut down or do they do they ask you questions they say. Why do they want it to the demo and more. I give both. I gave both were I've had guys what is this going to a shell. You know then they're not talking and and I talk and anybody in that personalize it and I've had guys that are like no tell me why we're doing this and and why this is the right thing to do. Like I said earlier there's times where I do feel like that is really important that you should explain why. Also feel like over the course of time together. You shouldn't have to explain why as much to you just know that I'm going to be prepared and I'm making decisions based on sound you know you know. Work and hard work at night much emotional. And then has turned slightly to the bus it's always second timeout buddy. Carolina time to tell you why we're doing this. Internet attended a jab enough notice is not a negotiation yeah. Get it done for those players that kind of shut down and go into a shell do you then have to place psychologists or do you just kind of I'm due either none themselves on the try to play psychologists soon and he really try to try to help him out of it. You know obviously sometimes it can come off where feels like it's a personal thing and guys personalize it. And so you try to fight past that and just you know try to always remind them that this is two more to push you somewhere else in the kitchen to another place. Home blood in Austin ties it can also fractured and you can have a frustrating relationship from a personal standpoint. But again we're not in this to be pals and as to when it yes so what coast like grown very young if you asked why you started running behind or you yeah or just left the gym closure get kicked out angry and Peggy did this point it's going to shell gonna go to Michelle goad due to showers get out there are so different so different today no doubt -- both inside and outside of the world debt which is just an area joined topic they also stand out when they're not like that right the climber and it's all these guys who just stone face go to work gated dine and play through it all capsule there we are out of time this was a declared our fans come back and haven't again sometime consumers really appreciated. And we will see you tomorrow right back here same place. My command.