ESPN's Rene Ingoglia (Calling Mem/SMU) on the J&J Show

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Thursday, November 16th

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Colleen. This weekend's game. Against SMU the biggest. In the history of the program Jason Smith Michael my colleague not gonna do that that's coming. But it is happening in this weekend pretty and go is gonna be on the call for at 11 AM on ESPN news is God's loyalist for ESPN. And he's here now ready how are you. I don't want they may write everything has got Memphis man tigers they keep calm and every wake everybody is good in Memphis. Ever roll and they look great. You guys should be happy. I know you get this question every time you do a radio hit but I can't help myself. Are you still a police detective in Orlando. I actually sit in my police are not just came back from lunch and parking lot downstairs from the please voters in Orlando. That that's the reeling it did it mean I think you might be our I think you might be the most inching guess you've ever had. But I got a little bit we've ever had a police detective mark. Yeah not that's an article coming this year people are starting at packaged pretty cool calm and I like they've agreed to at all. Pretty job the only analysts that the Utley off certain set of dots off. What is what is your schedule like during the week. It's it's crazy it's like it's controlled chaos by calling on opponents and 09 some kind of used to it but. I work Monday through Thursday I worked and our ships although this week we have a guy that can make a much armed robberies. In the southeast part of Orlando's we've been doing robbery he yelled at night thought probably our. While he put fifty hours in this week already and that's off fly out tonight so at 6 o'clock and get the Memphis. And it Somalia that you know won't meet with all the coaching staff tomorrow and we're gonna Mike Corey and I much farther we're in around one of the children topped all our own. And not talk with some of the kids and then not Saturday at an early game. And I'll fly out after the game and actually doing a studio show and breast go on Sunday saw why the Memphis. Our bird and then do it figures show on Sunday and then come back. Late Sunday night and then not being worked out you know work at 7 AM Monday morning for my dad to a good job. Do you like the most interest and memorable. All they did this sort of puts you that you should have been the success seriously does techies guy. Well I try and outlook saying guys you know. When opportunity knocked and hope to cliche in you wanna do it. Answer and you know I'm living your dream to our daughter in law enforcement and I don't want to play pro ball all I felt you buy a cup and app coffee NFL. And in the abroad get beeping has really happened why it's been great and I love doing. Your fantastic really I would imagine if you wanted to given what she accomplished a college football. You could probably give up doing police officer work and and just call college football games full time. Why is it important for you to. They had to keep doing what you're doing in Orlando. Yeah you know for me get in the place where there really is about the victims and our societal one day normal robbery that seven. You know you deal of people that are victimizing you wanna help them and you wanna age. You know really bad criminals off the street just try to make society safer and so that's really. You know my passion. Behind all force you know I know. Our society kind of gotten twisted here in the last few years and a lot of people that don't like police and a lot bill and and I'll tell you got a double out. Some bad cop stop of course terrorists but 99%. Do you great great thing is the Cadillac NFL right one god of the map to violently. You know you try to paint the abroad should every NFL players bad it's you know it's it's like get an anchor fashion. But the majority of police officers do great work. Every single day. Really we salute the mess that he entered you do in the important word brother no doubt about that I appreciate so it's hard to turn into this game. I think you're gonna earn your money on Saturday because I think that's what's gonna go up five and a half hours you've got two top ten scoring offenses in the country and SMU in Memphis as you know. You expect in the shoot out because I think we all are. I am but I tell you what guys every time I expect something on the opposite. That happened golf Iowa. You know what I'm old enough that it was it was the man that navy game in crest all cold maybe a quarter. He had a good game plan to stop that triple option that's what it does not I want to put anything behind him you don't think you can actually eat at the coordinator. But you're right and you offense. Just a tick under forty points a game I've this'll be the third time out gonna happen it is just not seeing them up and up close and personal. And they can mean they have to bet that ten evidently receivers that are great and when that and come up Cortland thought in triquint. It may be about once you punched in the country and their explosive and they have. Big compliment that really well armed with their running attack so yet they could score a lot points out that you spent the Muppets is gonna be up for this week that you are sure. One impresses you because we've been talking about and so much obviously with the coaching carousel the dawn and you figure Mike Novell's going to be a name that that's on some people's lists what impresses you most about him. Portion of well yes. All I just think you know. Well I think that was the last time I know we wish you wrong and I met that we Jenny turned 36 Jennifer Sutton and they announced that there was this guy in thirty picture all along is thinking. You know that you get pat he just had the it factor he's. He's super richer and and the odds are prominent. When you're gonna assistance starting out. He had the mindset and I think all I think every assistant coach after the that he got the mind that they always wondered coach so although you Mike is in the receiver coach or you might be a special interest. You have to put your mind that it would follow that note however on this program and I think he's always done. Any particular thing people learn from his mentors and had urgency or or. And like any good person you put saying what you like many sprinkles here stopper into it and I just think he he's an excellent coach and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I know people are members are gonna wanna hear this it's gonna be really hard. From Memphis to keep him just like it's hard here in Orlando or use the app keeps stop fraud that can be hard in Dallas. At that you keep Chad more unfortunately. Mike Iraq though the commission the American athletic top spot locked applause they're out because. They come in the power but opposite in the village every coach from the top but it's great when you think about it. It is and people have to understand and I reality and I deal by fans don't and and don't want to accept the but it it. If you're not a power five conference. It's really just a compliment to your administration your program is meant to your coach your athletic department your administration identified him you know a stud of a coach Wright like that that comment to your program. I agree review article absolutely and that any of the group of our school. You know that's what you hang your hat on but it. At the end of the day when your coach who received restaurant then you're back to square one again right it's just it's really talked with a group of biking and you'd still form now. But it of respect for the American this year. They have a stranglehold on the New Year's six ballgame you know all that I would be shocked if it doesn't come out of the American get their and a really good position that I'm game. There are public profile game and then money for the opportunist bolts. We are course soccer readying goalie you're gonna be on the call for Memphis SMU this week at 11 AM on ESPN. News in terms of quarterbacks have you seen this year rainy. Where it is Riley Ferguson rank. I really like Riley Fergus I mean you look at his numbers 127 TDs against only seven interceptions. It's great that person's sanity is completely go over 60%. I'm locked inside export cute and he understands the offense sputtered this year and that's the biggest thing. You spent a leader on the offense and you spread it around I mean all of it lowers this op target but you know magnet for publisher of the times and twenty reception on the air. Market when they get the tight and it also made you do. So he spreads it around understands the offense in the understand what he needs to do I just think that leadership it is what really sets him apart from some other quarterback out. When you're down there in Florida to tell us who you thinks come out I mean obviously you look at UCF right now they've got the upper hand but they've got that game with South Florida aluminum. Do you see UCF coming through in terms on that east side I mean that's what we all expect here in Memphis that you tell me yeah. That's been my name. I do you know you know you just can't sleep on trouble this week chapel route. It's gotten better each and every week now even if they do it well that's up from Lou Beckett got doubles though comes out of the last one right. And it because the game that you yep here in Orlando about I have done US that issue too I give the edge. They use Seattle now it's this method does their part okay. Then epithet to come back down here again I tell people all ran the hardest thing at all all of the beat a team like. And you know it all like there's no way. If they met this mean they got beat the way they did early this evening here in Orlando that can not shown up again we know that not much it came up a small win the wedding but. I think it can be a much better game but I do you think I think everything also I think we'll see that those. Down here in Orlando. For the American drop shipping and we're hoping. How much of a challenge is it permit the semi Nobel ready you think to just get to the title game obviously like. They know they control their destiny their first in the west think they can feel they can almost taste it they win this week and they like it down. But it's a music cable team you know they are they tested UCF. A couple of weekends ago like they they're they're totally capable how much of a challenge is it do you think from magna about a keep those guys would have focused. In the weekly because you can you can see the reward you can you can almost feel him much or not there yet. You know that's the biggest challenge to keep them focused on health cliche every coach certain one game that I'm on game at a you're right you're the old age you're 22 year old kids and let them sit there like they look at the standing there like OK we're up by game but it's really too because we've got the head to head against teams. So when they start thinking and looking at that stuff. That's when they got to take that put up the gap Boehner right off the lead in this picture Morrison that team. But he's taken this program over and your right you cannot sleep and to get that you're not supple limbs that's one yeah. You're still kind of in control but all of a sudden you you bring some other dynamic and the way you do not want that that happened to be really frustrated and early game. Saturday may have to come out played the way they know they can play. And I think they'll be all right but they're also looking obviously at that setback he get more that they're fighting. And clawing their called up to a ball game they got a lot of flight four well. Really we've seen Anthony Miller and you mentioned camera the wide receiver from Memphis that mock drafts as high as number seventeen. In the first round pick up that we sought to the cowboys at some point and a couple of weeks ago when you look at him. Do you think it leave level NFL receiver of the point maybe even a first round draft that. Well you know I don't know if he'll go that high an NFL wide receiver all of that law and really I think what set him apart. A lot of receivers I watch him week in week out recipient you had incredible and if you watch him he does not let that ball it was body you've got. Apple can't go up in points or updated got a Bible the one body but he got depth bill you can see it at a slot receiver in the NFL. He goes across the Middle East topped it now but he's got that speed as well what do you know vertical so. No doubt is you know NF LL or receiver he's gonna be up my drop. I hope it's the bears were and we neighbors Roberts. Right you've got it yep. Ready meant they he says my upper class are we will be we'll watch and listen on Saturday. You've got to let it hang up using is there really any goalie. Gonna be on the call again for Memphis says to you this weekend is to sit in the squad car had to sit and talk about that. About that I we've got a lot of people on the show we've never had a police officer and a I don't think that's the first time we have been able to do that he's on robbery detail map.