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Friday, March 17th

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Right as promised to covers college basketball for ESPN he's the better half. Of Rothenberg and Metcalf which in here every Saturday from foursome via multi ESPN radio he is Myron Metcalf and he joins us now. My R&R event. The world local government government. Madness. Yes are we don't we are in the middle of it's also tell me just tell me tell us where you larger pot in India thank you gonna be it nearly bankers life field house today. Very Germany and it can also watching the Louisville, Kentucky. Oklahoma State Michigan and also yet to be some good games. Tell me this. Before we get into the to the games they've best story for you from the first day of the term and it it is at northwestern I mean that was that was a pretty big one but for you best store. Vanderbilt in the while ourself and to get bored. Out you know popular band saw Adam like. It was a horrible place he could make a mistake. But there between you realize the common good you'll never lived that he'll always be alien attacks of that moment. Public that would distort light notebooks and a bit because. Then the made sure of state. That's by the store nobody else could mean up in credit in other than that I think also we'll do some tea and there's a pretty. You know most of the Yugoslav. With Fisher Davis Meyer will. What what happened do we know was that was that this confusion from I I guess he maybe saw Bryce drew motioning and he just panicked what what do we think happened. Panic panic and you know I think. That you don't you'll widget code to leave it at the junior level satellite. You know makes you know what on the clock which you know score in the paint pretty elementary but in the heat of getting right back. Don't it is coming back to give northwestern. Even cardinal scored clearly didn't. And that's why to me. Mr. Davis we got to blame. Brides to have to communicate that to his team's. That look you know it is hard to meet in May without despite. And it has exactly past apple looking at the other end of the court because they're trying to assert their defense. No pay attention to you know the governor ball. Update you know this great little get the criticism and quack but. He's got to communicate your team problem. Don't follow. Need to go panic you know it's Dooley thought we don't know what to do the best in the dual file and it just babble. Well they didn't have any timeouts either. I mean and that and they didn't they they were they left themselves with no timeouts and so there was really no clear way for Bryce or to communicate that because they're there and having timeouts got to the got out. Yeah oh yeah I haven't had to yet you yelled at signal the bubble and I read that happened in seven and a great great place to get let go. How that happened that a division one level. That surprised they don't communicate that summer. I'm with ya. Well like to me in of course can't put ourselves in the kid's mom but but look they're Babylon and and scrape and to get back in the day in the entire time and he sees and I realized in Europe one at that point it's an it's a new game that. Mentally it looked like to me he's so used to scrap and backed once he saw drew point. He thought it was and Salomon you can tell you do it isn't as he did he could all meant that what what he was telling me he was telling me to guard that got turned that guy but come. I think that mindset of trying to come back all game was probably still has it that anyway but the one thing about it. I know people are all over him today but it's not a net gain if if he doesn't play the way did what he finished with point two points I mean this summer. I feel like I guess my question is can't he'll bounce back from his right he's a good enough player that he'll bounce back from. Seattle could get Chris Weber ever really knew that the child is with the mr. Davis like I think they've played. In the other team. That wasn't in the tournament for the first time I actually in yeah copying he would escaped but committee. Not like it superbly and I'm not make it. Could be a movie absorb what northwestern evident that there. Would all of the support the media's support. I don't turn its wanted to documentaries. About time to do to beat up here that we hear about long time that mr. Davis to new all would be that guy. In the middle of that at McConnell. You know in that situation well I mean he'll try to escape it but in the social media era. It is going to be awkward and get away. We are course Stottlemyre and Metcalf of the ESP or are or will take the games your own at this this which to Allstate date Danes got to be the most intriguing first round game now. It could get it in the first round I mean the winner others. You know certainly a problem opponent for Kentucky Lou Dobbs. It would suck they feel like they've been. Nobody got a bad deal with the concede. You know Greg marks a lot about that. That they Archie Miller also built like sixteen. Deserves more respect so. You likely to do to build attitudes coming to a game like this put the prize being most likely the game against Kentucky. Plus the Rover's help it to like will Gregg Marshall and Archie Miller beat these schools as a huge amount. Maybe not you know in today's game to dictate a lot of soul a lot of stolen detested. I wonder if farm if one of those two might not be the coach at Indiana next year and a lot more today out of ourselves on the games but the justice that game may be. You know who's gonna replace conquering of India and how do you think they'll both those names apart a bit out there for that job at. 100% and anarchists you know I'm not a casting any thing. But Greg's you know we listen to offered maybe one day I'll take it out like you sound record due to a you know I'm never alluded to Woodstock power to do those and Molly that some. There might be. So. Certainly epic in its ending years were in Indianapolis. So my guess it'd Gholston got out of the mix home and they're seriously considering you don't meetings are either taken place already or they will that we. So we may get some news before the end of the day. About Indiana's interest. What's your assessment of the job itself is India I know that's a fan base that obviously because it the history the tradition they made themselves is that there was a top five job. What do you think what's your assessment of the Arab of that Indiana job how good is it. Watching the clock Barbara are probably that's in recent years but. The fan base and its immediate top team like. That's their base I was at Indiana covering games when they were winning one bit to get in Australia so I went to a game at Indiana. There's simply call win it and there was an ice storm like dough in ice storm that was like taken screamed out and play and couldn't give it. And you know there were gonna carefully getting and they went for with that in India as still suck it will walk and over. Speak about what you get to this game to support a team that won you know court by things. Like that in yet if you can happen at bat. On top also the best facilities in America there. On top of a tradition that few programs to match it didn't happen to that. Nothing you can do really depended Indiana. And Arctic where at a point now where. The old school Bobby Knight supporters. You know there there are no longer opting. So Richard in the black for the program. Erupted there's a way hopefully. Some given their sort of hit the reset but because that's what they need your got a opposite you gotta get a popular guy in Indiana you don't. Figured out who can win it that's all that matter out backlog that he had gotten plugged it would be used to. That's what matters I did some guys who maintain some tradition what the tradition that you have been went right in a battle to win that's what matters. Let me play devil's advocate permanent. Why would Gregg Marshall and need to take the Indiana job. Or doesn't need to create a a WD he's continued to build the question is this your grid. On selection Sunday you beat most of the teams in Europe conference. Bucket pinpoint a more like he'd destroy the Muslim Africa this year. You couldn't really get a big game against the power players. In the Pollack fire because they'll play not not real hormonal situation right you don't ever let's go to their place once every two years but they're not gonna give you equal chance to play them. You've done all that. And the committee says Europe's currency. If you Gregg Marshall at what point do you say. I'm tired of being in this position. Where. I can fight all day in a double double digit seats at the goal to win a national championship reverse and so. That the goal is preemptive move up to that next level. Donnelly and I think that's why he would go because you got in the amateur Gregg Marshall was built facilities that tradition. After Greg would. You know put themselves in the contending mixed pretty quickly. Based on the kind of coaching is something that's why you lead the destiny with a blow for them that they do at all network in the committee Duncan says that. You're simply bit right over the by some. Pitcher NC you know I don't think you like that. Minnesota completely screwed me I will never believe in a pitino ever again. Cut cut cut bill to that the Dow what they're grown men out yes they all work. They weren't on the loose. Does Tom Green land on speed and an aunt and as is the head coach somewhere obviously he's going to Leno has been busy head coach somewhere next year. You know a bigger that this question. I would be surprised. But also be surprised if you waited but he's gonna get another big you know our time screen. Went to Greece is sixteen and won the big game a couple times. You know turned out like that to all the people from unheralded prospects in their you've got to just made 84 million dollars like to me when it comes to recruiting. It's like what is there it is an update Tom Green can always say. What. The dude that's crowd recruited and developed the only way. To do that have been to all the people from nobody. To a guy who basically got a million dollar contract there's also like truth you can communicate to these troops. That I can show you the money. Don't go outside and I think Tom crane is still that Indiana didn't work out but according to coached in Oak Creek has proven that many times throughout his career. Either that or aren't you happy to Wright's spot but how would describe the got a job tomorrow. I would be surprised if he says you know what take you off. Figured things out but how creative and gone to some like low level he wants concrete on the Apollo player didn't really quickly. We are of course out into the great modern Metcalf who joins us every Friday. At this time are you are covering the south of recent you'll be in Memphis next week. Hoosier dark horse man who who do you like they be unconditionally. Industries because it is very tough and there's a number of ways to go. Well. Let me just say before we get to the into the bracket. Who bought art course or barbecue night. Side about getting to these barbecued or lack of how object to begin next week. I don't work out into the gangs but I'm not like. Completely convinced of that there's some barbecue spots and then it tumbled important. That I you know. That that will be our lord they're selling out but you know that's how it is that it is distinct and everybody looks at. You know you can see and that's quite a team that most people and you know wolf will make it. I personally. My talk about lob the ball today. And it is it is dead eagle we talk about that leopard a couple of we thought at that will quiet down worse which it is. Surprising. Some. What acting. To me it day. Put it all together. You know I wouldn't necessarily be like a shock. A lot of people but based on the deep into a lot of people doubt that they can agree it'll be. The defense capability. To admit I liked element that CNET. To me is maybe the most interesting. In that particular region just giving a net. You know you got to be the best player. It is in America the most dynamic player in America. Maybe the most interesting player. America I think back to beat a guy who will carry them to come out of this deal which does state beat Kentucky. Not saying it will let's say they went and they and they beat Kentucky what about it wanna play them. Well well we need Kentucky to get here. We need those cal story that would be the juiciest thing it's half Kansas City load in a decade out what would respond. Accordingly. We've already got it we took we took calls on Monday and we had that we had to use the dump button twice because people used profanity. And you better got to remember to Marlins. A couple of years ago or a year ago they were meant to said the big idea and callous and on to there and honoring him with a banquet because park as part of in being inducted into the hall of fame what they got so much backlash Mirant. A the president the university got so much back that's on foot after he announced that. They canceled the dang thing I remember yeah you know it was a you know as a bottom line crawling has in enacted it it had to tick Al off. But but they're still both in Memphis man that. To this day I guess Tom will hate him and I suppose it's it's more the way you the way he left but I did there there's been so much time that's passed now. I think optical out most of the reasonably people have moved on an epic got you've got to. But I think it is is being albeit if he gets. To lead you to and it is sixty. If you don't count on back down from the question home and I think oh yeah totally different if you had a coach would say you know the whole. Had a great time amid it's gonna take all will question him in response and cal has his way. Catapult him people went out actually do wanted to live like blatantly up when he did have a way of life you know. Straight dating. Got to frustrate people could go back Bobby obviously. The all contributed to this thing. Bottom I know you got to roll many advocates of the games console market Missouri is that going to be a successful marriage I feel like it is what's that you. Yeah that's Solomon's stables dark to recruit yet have a kid like. Motley Fool. 21 million dollar to succeed. One way or the other you know enemy act like one million dollar its success consider went back came from like black console Martin didn't come from a bad part time. Martin came from the projects like armed pocket. His brother was imprisoned me that guy's probably overcome more than any coach I've ever covered so they have to be in a place where he's happy. Colts to a Stanley yeah that's home. I think he's committed and I think gonna recruit well. And over time I think certainly you would do well Michael order comes you know we we ain't got to witness anything I mean that they don't want you also didn't see. I wish there was that Michael Porter. Like tight that because higher I guess that was Lawson and what. Yep now at at almost basically over. A while others watched Missouri lived through Missouri he is Myron Metcalf covers college basketball for ESPN joins us every. Single Friday in my heart appreciated nose and my calf. I gotta get together. He is Myron Metcalf. We neck wrap it all up here on a Friday man busy day in college basketball 99 event yes Pia.