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Monday, April 9th

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His name is Chris hey if you covered the NBA for ESPN last week he had a very well done story. On former Memphis tiger will the thrill Barney joins us now Chris let's go to our man. I actually have on absolutely and appreciate your time so what did not make the story negated. Very detailed very well reported story but what did not make the story is forget about will Barton is affecting you beat him. One on one and the backing up your time and in Portland is that the proudest moment of your career. All over look Libya context of that patrol. Door marked time covered the Portland troopers in fact that they. I used to show will recover the players you know could players always get all reporters about. Never have apparently they gave you like how can you dissect both Chris Fogg LaMont total. I'll play high school I played college ball these social. Trio will be computed on that show. If I thought it will argue no restatement. I'll lock you look I'll shut you down and show if you chamber to a we came up with a conscious aware. He would give each had opportunities to score he wouldn't play golf if you just play defense energy Amaechi had opportunities. Or shall our school awards one welcome our war. And I told we don't quite look back. I do not cure period BA player I played college you're not shut it meet dale good competitor talks. If so why I scored off older secondly Russia could opportunity at the scored regional Arafat is being ill but I'm a full scale then. You thought he couldn't shut me down. You point absent where were you surprised did you already know Chris about him turn down that extension with Denver look weak. We got a chance does he barn here obviously for two years in Memphis. He's done it all the right way right we wanna see him get paid but I worried form Chris that the morning gonna be there and you kind of laid this out a story. Were you surprised to hear of when you learned of the money turned down Denver. Outlook enterprise. It is definitely a risk and I think if you're looking at forum is therefore is you know he's. He's on arguably the most. Chain friendly contract in the NBA in the do you look at his production euthanasia believe Google little rebellion that she's. But differ got more that contract when he was improve my. When you look at that in at this. A lot of people a lot of players. Looked at best summer of 2000 mobile is sixteen. Whatever part look at these deals Allen Crabbe could twenty billion a year he's not the clear wallboard is her. You can educate their kids based or father got the player that will only heat you go there's oil. But that like you guys mentioned that money is not there. I think. Did this is my this is not reporting I would speak. That deal would still be on the table of com. It if if Bart you know important shift market there are peace open at least you talk a little bit above that. Well I think it that bad field might still be eligible to heal so he won't lose out you don't lose out on you know how could he he's. You gotta know these players pull off the left here. Israeli coastal strip Khalid loses the general manager of the Turkish actual. I think everything will work out but they're definitely into this short duration or. I was gonna ask Chris is he happy in Denver and always he's obviously come into his own and and found out you know a good role for him on that team. As they continue to try to make the playoffs armed is he happy your car is he the kind of guy because. Listen man recovered well we know how sort of flashy he can be when they won the conference tournament. He left the locker room with with Debbie Debbie got around his shoulder a Daze or he's experienced a flashy news on this one and if these delegate and is he happy in Denver in that market. Did you guys a little all too well. Now he's got is that you know that particular get an opportunity bloom he's a competitor he made noble about the need is what you. Tighter state. Q what did you score. You Lee walker. And expanded role. I don't know that could happen in Denver brought I think. Starting may be if if they move to the small horsepower which he can't play he's played that position to lower import cooperative this season. I just don't know they wanna do that. I just don't look at one of best human historical position. Play it. I think I became what I there'll be still be afraid was truly shine. To assign nobody can skeptical look at all of his options and you know these trees it was shut virtually. This sort of route we really your first chance of eagle cheer. What the climate of life see what it's like you had you know it deserves it and hopefully. Things work out it is favorable like gosh. Could feel horrible that is that you know that this should this is pretty risky for years of 42. Right now. It is is a pretty good these. He hit it does but I public debt also ordered out in in my scored to Williams shot with a hopefully it was eight years more. To order toward a 24 out of those of you people really it's the 24. Yeah. And on. I thought the outlook. I thought he could have got more out of market scholarship that you haven't talked. 113 we'll try to use that contract. A gift. Players like we've gotten better you'll throw that back actually do it restaurant in nugget I thought well you know what will may be. Hurt or help wallboard in the future. I think to an Andy you you would probably say this too from northern just the two years we have norm. And the fact that you just lay that he's been on this team friendly deal for so long feels like man I probably I haven't earned what I've kind of what I know I can produce and maybe you know what I produce so far. So I'm thinking will as confident a player he is he's gonna be a guy that's willing to take. The big money on a losing squad. You know what I mean Fink and I'm I can be to god it turns it around it and you point out your story there there's not many teams in the NBA that right now projected to have. The ten million or more feels like. He wants and maybe only one of those outings a playoff team was the was the 76 is I'm not mistaken. But that does it feel that way for you that he'll he'd be willing to go to maybe a situation that's a losing situation right now they got to turn around to get the big money. That's always on top priority. It's in our own home what they know I would think that matches will that would be any clear where early. Have to look at data encryption that any yet but it will partner hasn't been fairly concentrated throughout his career west so if if there is a change. Well that might be alluded change and they offer you must Blogspot yup all three of these should be if I would probably affection officer ops. I'm yet not cut either you have to look at. You know what they haven't ever they got shall do look a little. Yeah that it will go out of their clothes business models or at all or shall but not on what is. I don't know which which which side would have pitch but definitely I know for a fact. He will have to really consider that option. We are her son Chris saints covers MBA for ESPN on Twitter at Chris the hangings were just talk about sort of what the market might be. This summer Chris and that that's gonna come into play for the Memphis Grizzlies here. Because they are hoping. That they can get back a guy like Tyreke Evans who was going to be a free agent. For the mid level obviously had a great year. You know we've when he was in the game he's put up 25 to ten basically there especially at the end. Armed they're hoping they can get him back again. For the mid level because they can't really offer anything above that what do you think the market's going to be firfer Tyreke do you think there's going to be a team out there. That would be able to offer him a would offer him. In more than a mid level. You know god and god only negotiations on crucial lessons. Bigger and it's just sells couple the couple times you know it only takes one corrupt and only. Yeah that actually it. So let. Just awful what we've seen him I read that do. Did you do to combat illegal obviously can be comeback a comeback player of the year. There is an injury history they're not. You know these don't look a little bit this season. Our. Update seems will be a little leery about giving your receivable go to Google exception because of that fear. There's no doubt about it we'll do whatever he's been held below or Easter do this to Charlie if the cowboys a quarter recognition this so I. I don't really see. I just don't think there's the big about. Of our people because the big gusts history of bush pushed the interest is straight day. He's off free. He's he's going to be OK guys going to be global articles she'd accidentally you know but as an act like less pressure it can be getting the military force Cheney go. I. Hopefully they'll give more that their level I just thought she didn't change out their order Dudack and they look to the couple's change. You guys mention the team bad. At the caps they give them should include more. But there's a lot of creators out there you know big big freedom you know bigger the world boards and talk about what brought all soars. Lot of people expect both guys too distraught to talk to change so. Dead at buddy's got to toward food supplement either so that that's that's go to happen. There's another hurdle I should say that the world blogs try Richie Evans have to get all the options. Chris is there a real debate to be had between down on Donovan Mitchell and been Simmons for a this year or is it is it really just been because of everything does because they're in third niece because they're twenty games over 500. Is it just better as their real debate here as Donovan has been unbelievable my. I pity alma she gonna actually seated in your deal would be in I ask don't. You know cooked for me yes it is a two Middle East welcome. Yeah its door for me. At the right now my pupils go we have a we have the bit lines to cast a ballot this far this Friday. Actor right now octagon reader towards the end. It's just just with everything he's done but I can't listen there's garbage that's why it's even if you if you are pleased those that are too bad race for the most part. It'd be had just ordered like laughter. And I'm like oh all look look what oil. I think on all follow strict and all that I think you know actual what. And it actually a lot of people getting on beer right now companies cocky look at all can't tell you about cock as leverage. You won't player to beat Chattanooga that's talented bill. Would put out there but. I do they get to debate up I wouldn't. I wouldn't do this city unsuitable for Donovan to gosh not certain what this mission by should vote to be in. But. I'll lead and I'm leaning towards being out there right now which is everything goes back on that floor had a lot of people are back and did a barrel. Another thing we go to Asian trekking here. She should tricking you guys you know you play little unsure earlier and the end I have to be at about their age I look back Israel through a year old guy comes over. If he's there he's he's a rookie. These social don't we battled these data structure for what I did not play at all tradition all the years so. He's clearly not by the today and I'm not really as well and show up at our. Arctic could look odd that you're closer there what did properly field from home but backlash is actually. I'm with Chris is really really really need a bigger threat to Cleveland then Toronto. Got massacred questions. That I don't being released if LeBron itself the I don't think fairly or shall although it was legitimate threat. I'm not so sure that Toronto has charred a quarter they're they've all they've always been a great reckless you train. And then the post season they die down with a particular. How loud means before oh. If things like there's a lot of blood flow to interview your around that cheap now to got a big believer that this cute she's. And hell is just too you know from the right now that's. Maybe they're definitely have me possibly they can't pull off about strip but I just don't you know. Came you do like that they do you have to go there launch and they have they haven't done there that this fought and did another the other aspect is if Apollo days until he. In the Eastern Conference and I just can't picture you got. And I didn't do yeah I know your cover playoffs David you have a lot more to worry about in the grizzlies this isn't always bad season they've had. But they're not obviously have a decision to make on the coaching front whether or not I guess to retain data bicker staff. Or open it up and and and try to hire somebody else. I'll give any sense of of what the grizzlies. May be thinking or what you think they should do. Well I know they are really rely called British that it either guy who. But let me say about that small market teams whatever your cheer. For a coach of the small market team. It's always great to have people in the front office or a coaching staff. Who asked who is great at recruiting they relate to players. Bigger statute one of those guys who you talk about talking any players around the date they all have some type of history of the big staff up. Cash awards about you know so that that's great about or work if they don't work that they were obviously got a big interest problem you have just. If you stand there they're bid out there if you don't you would just to be had out there but opting. Because that's going to be around I expect people who wish you Portuguese girl to the nitty gritty of that the culture searchable. I think he really relate to cleared. It's really hard to which. Judge you know you know with the slot or their doors and obviously this rather you don't tested you know god is she what they have that's not really clear if there. So it's a tough situation kind of gauge whether I think the franchise. Understandable. Though what they have impetus that I just respectively do their due diligence and it looked sheep who else is updated yet. Couple things Chris Ware let's ago how attractive is the situation. In Memphis obviously Marc Gasol is still productive Mike Conley before he got hurt was. Probably playing his best basketball that you had a number two pick are are the best again best odds in this this draft coming up how attractive is the situation. In your mind to other potential head coach at. Italy it all the pins you know if you if you're talking about of bettering a veteran coach. There is probably thought that attracted because you're better coach I would stay. Try to get in the situation we usually win now. But if you're if you're young book cover coached this job but extremely attractive because of the high draft pick special couple couple poor how. You know it it all likelihood server rather than later vehicle actually. Probably. You those stocks start to rebuild this is cheap. And so if you're young coast completed it will reveal you would based you have some years to prove yourself new national security and our fashioned soda. That ash bash. I think that's where we're scared they'll achieve what it. Good look at that it struck me as a result there's a lot bigger a couple of great stories written about Isla cosmetics can't. More spirited they're defeated. A potential you know yuk it up and coming coach cabbage that can be. Be out there on the market this summer so that the mr. they'll they'll have their pick of the litter and is politically attractive for a guy like that I just don't see about a true bench. Veteran coaches who wanna step of tradition Jewish. This man a person at the time and thank you and to run. Party Colorado pitcher yup he is Chris Haines covers MBA for ESP. And.