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Thursday, July 12th

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Broadcasting on 929688. PM and on line at 929 Lynn spears the cheese and Josh no prisoners and by the way Hulu only on Memphis is sports station ready Judah NFL Monday ESPN that. I have back Jason and Jon managed Yunnan FEM ESP has been monster shows so far that's gonna continue because we are joined now. I've about a coach Eric muscle men you guys no one. Not only was is the head coach of very successful about a program right now former NBA head coach former assistant with the Memphis Grizzlies the man's done at all at the highest level. And for a long time we are happy to get him coach muscle and how are you so are. Doing great great about you guys and appreciate you coming on any chance we get out to pick the brain of the country's best coaches and we we appreciate the chance to get to do it's a we appreciate your time this arm and our mayor Gary Parrish who has the show on this exact same station has got you. Number six. And is pre season poll Nevada's top 25 in one. You've got the twins back coach you've filed your top six scores are back as he points out yeah just the second McDonald's all American in the body history and five star recruit Jordan Brown I mean your role in coach I've got to ask you. Has there been anything that hadn't gone like beautifully so well for you over the Euro since the in the last few runs we sixty like yes any bad luck 'cause it seems like everything's good for. For coach muscle. All sorts of all. Gary is a friend so he's got to its fixed probably could be like speaker that's pretty high. That's a you know where you belong you know that's the back. No we're really excited you know we had three players test the NBA waters. In in coding Caleb Martin transfers from North Carolina State as well Jordan Caroline's. And all three decided to come back and it'll firm bid major that does not happen very often. So we're really really excited you mentioned Jordan Brown. I was gonna give us inside play it and so for us. You know it was a it was a magical run and make in the sweet sixteen and and and and then we've had a great summer selling tickets in the enthusiasm and energy. Here in northern Nevada is at an all time high and we have a higher expectations and and so we're gonna have to continue to have a great summer. Because these guys have to understand. Other platform in the spotlight to go beyond then headed into the seat and not just. When you make a magical run that they're a little bit of luck was involved obviously last year. Coach what it means that to get the twins back I mean obviously you know your year you're trying to do what's best for them. You know NBA would be great for you but also you wanna win some games so what what it means that to get the Martins went back. I think the biggest say we're we're we're all three guys to test the waters was. Noble water our jobs as staff is try to set up for them to get as many workouts as they possibly scared. And then the war in the NBA work out requests start completed. Its hard job to be able to look at their roster. And then also look at their draft picks. Could you don't want to guide to go work out. If it's in a spot that unrealistically. Our kids not gonna get drafted routine doesn't have a second round thank. Yeah you got to have those conversations with whoever is calling though it was that you guys interest in purchasing. A second round pick or trade for a second round pick because. A quality player. Like it's more work out requests the needs. Able to dog writers when you test the waters you're not allowed in this class. On and so that puts this window. Really is doing weekend situation for the most part. And so you gotta balance all those things in and then you gotta get the player feedback on what you're hearing. From the NBA teams and you gotta be open honest. But yet the players got to feel good hey. Coach has my back coach wants what's in the best interest that built me. And you really geeky you you can't have any selfish motives screw up that process and ball got to be a about what's best for the student athlete AM. His future not just. This year strapped you go what's the best interest of this future over a long period tribes can you just. Speak to I guess. Or do opponents you know McDonald's all Americans not in the body and its history. Had had one of prior to you your full minute talk about Jordan relevant to started off but. I think if I'm not mistaken correct me if I'm wrong coach. You were the first offer Jordan you started early but you were coming off like that you were are you oh a month removed from like a 922 season. You talk about top ten top fifteen prospect did you actually think you had a chance with him when you offered him come off a Madden pointed. Well what I what I knew was. That we were gonna hang around. And if we didn't get return text messages. Or he didn't pick up this phone we were we were still. We get it we get we've felt. There are programs gonna build and build and build weekly told him that yellow early on you but that doesn't mean that that he and his parents. Can see the same vision you do but I do think it making sure that. Prior to this past season. And winning the mountain west regular season and conference turtle bit. Although we lost the Iowa State in your living NCAA tournament that. Open people's lives and actually the then what we made the run this year. I think it is parenting in Jordan say you know what. Like this is a team that is going to be a pop and Sheen and so why yeah why not really consider him and then you add in the fact that we're only a three hour drive. Extra X actually two and a half hour drive from his home and you know what this really makes sense from a geographical standpoint. And now is playing another team. You know that they can win snub or at least has the opportunity to Wear it and and and play in front of big crowds and and they don't we got a grad transferred. Who was a big man in trade Porter I think is that. Was the final piece. For Jordan in the spam wouldn't say you know what I don't have carried the burden inside income last year Nevada was really small. And I gonna be the guy that out to battle against. You know a big player every single night and then getting straight quarter allowed Jordan Brown the play the fourth spot I think that was really intriguing didn't spam act and rats. All millennium it's absolutely huge to do you welcome. I'm I'm curious in your approach coast you welcomed the lofty outstripped expectations and they and then the sort of final four talk when you got pair saying you guys can make your first. Final four when you're number six in the country at least. This pre season you're gonna talk about joint do you welcome that and we got Penny Hardaway here in his first season in Memphis you know he's talking about trying to win national championship tees. You know he's not put any limits on on expectations here. Do you try to temper that stuff do you welcome indeed love the Iraq obviously excitement scoot which and you got to go out there and do it so how do you treat that. Yet I think there's a fine balancing act and they were trying to educate our guys' side. You know hey look. Men we we we are very talented. We are all of a sudden deep which we haven't been deep in the first three years here as far as GAAP. But hey let's take a look. At the precision top 25 kings over the last ten years they did not even make the NCAA tournament. And I think the minute that you start looking ahead. Yeah you gotta get slapped in the face up was it reality and so for us. What got. Yes we came back. Two really great comebacks last year to advance we could've gotten knocked out by Texas. They had us down. They were playing really well they're very well coached we easily could not even at danced one game and and so I recognize that I recognize that. With this sweet sixteen run last year we did not win our conference toward the San Diego State. Pop that's really good in the conference tournament so. You know Europe there's this finalized since. Right now today. We know. Good at the end of the baseball season that final weekend of MLB. It's gonna come down to the final weekend. And they play a hundred whatever games they play him in in the NBA every NBA season after 82 games collapsed. Regular season game. It's guaranteed playoff position is still being fought for insult. We're trying to tell our guys like hey look here's the deal. Yes we had talent yes were highly ranked and guess what it can go away really quickly. Bombing and we know we we open up against BYU we each we have play against three pac twelve schools school. On the road like we're gonna have a that's a really challenging difficult nonconference. And we are not living like seven the other teams in the top ten. Ranking where they play a majority of their gains and Paul ran not who we ours in this major. We are of course hogs in Nevada head coach Eric Molson in here on the show now was brought to my tents or coach that. Once upon a time you coached a man by the name of and Bernie. Penny Hardaway is this true. Is true. Coach Staley. Chuck the only doubt. And and so yes I was around penny when he when he played four Orlando and and I can. Remember many have post practices and treat practices where. I was rebounded for penny and then luckily he was such a great shooter I didn't have to break a sweat and I could stand right under the rim and and not collect the ball through the net put. Why do you. You each could mean this can't even describe how great he was. You know play in the position that his size and his court vision. And just an incredibly. Incredible talent. And then finally obviously you're an assistant here in Memphis with the grid you're an NBA head coach a couple of different times. It is is there one you prefer to the other. You know college basketball in NBA basketball to the jobs or are very different. So so which do you. Prefer. You know I think it depends on where up coaches in his in his career. You know for me my father was. Long time NBA coach. You know he also coached in the minor league he also coached at university of Minnesota can't stop Alabama. And it's kinda eerie how are two careers. Coincide from the timing standpoint college and and not in the NBA and not I know from my dad. I mean definitely definitely enjoyed the NBA. Coaching much much better than college and I think about probably. Slightly the other way I enjoy college more. I got. Mike hicks. Of coaching at the highest level. And there's no doubt in my opinion that the NBA coaching this is the premier. Our coaches in in the world obviously we all know that the players are the best. But I like having an impact on young student athletes and and for me and my family at thirty games schedule. Is much. Easier for us to spend time together obviously they teach you games c.s and then. There is there is pluses and minuses though with Pope obviously at the NBA level. When you walked in the office and walk out of the office is all basketball. That the collegiate level it's marketing it's it's you know you guys graves pitched. Checking classes this all of these like skill lessons so. You know I think it's for me at my age being fifty plus years old. It's it's a great spot for me and and and you know. I think early on in my career being a part of the NBA it was a perfect spot so I feel really fortunate. You know working for a guy like Mike Capello would with Memphis when I was there with with the grizzlies and you know you you work with so Albany great coaches I mean. The guys that I worked with in the NBA for Helen and Doc Rivers and Chuck Daly and the but those guys mold you as a coach and make you what you are. Coach listen you gotta you gotta go win in my economy that Arum fours and former Murtha staffer and are you just hired him as a multimedia specialist he's gonna serve your nets that pretty well brother. Yeah he would. Absolutely ops that we feel really fortunate to have Mike here. The submitted one day we get you down a road little home and home pay any and muscle man in the bottom Memphis maybe it won't ask you commit today but the we'll put the bug in your your you know Oman. Put a bargain credit ought to what we got an act apple to coach thank you for this and I let us pick your brain by the thank you for the time. Well thank you so much appreciated Jason job thanks so much crap. Doesn't matter the mail's Eric muscle men. Nevada head coach.