Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Jeffery Wright. Hour 1 1/11/18

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, January 11th

Segment 1- Guest Host Jeffery Wright talks with Eric Hasseltine on the Grizzlies win over NOLA.

Segment 2- Ring it up & put 3 on the board

Segment 3- Jeffery Wright talks with the radio voice of the St. Louis Cardinals Mike Claiborne 


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It's just check the weather for tomorrow and yet there's still predicting freezing your rain in the morning which can make a mess of the roads but listen to have Elena and rooting get up and we'll keep you posted on. All the roads closures. All of them in so. I can see him on diet. And Leandro. OK for me and then design. Really am. Usually I'm really. Ringing and he's. Let Macedonia. But I am. Let. It's orange and we're CNN. They should really. We moved way. Then yeah it. And then. And I usually. Okay. How do you. Yeah. Let them and. Good. I'm 100. Joseph and that is. This can. Mean this to my. The. Well there and smile I see is. America needs. Me and that's. Many. And the 100. The only reason and I'll vote for tennis to put them yeah. Well I have come Don. King day and saying oh yeah me boo comes just like. I think he's just this. It's huge dollar. So it didn't. You know. Yeah. You know. Yeah. Just okay. Begin. Film match. Just things. Did pretty quiet so. That's. She plead I can't. Could see. It's not I'm. Drinking. Age and there. Okay noon news. So Q arms. This. News. It's. It's. Use. News. Am good and. Okay. Who they match. Yeah. Yeah.