The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/20/17 - Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, March 20th

Segment 1 - Eric joins Jeffrey in-studio to talk Grizzlies.

Segment 2 - Jeffrey and Ben talk Grizzlies wrestling night

Segment 3 - Rapid Fire


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What day it was wild let's start first for the grizzlies because there we saw a lot of time discussing the turn them we're here your policy on term as well but let's start with Saturday night. You know we talk about. These the five game stretch in which I'd David fizzles on words hurt the grizzlies were bad and it was honest it was his turn to just say that. They were the bad basketball team but. You know now the grizzlies in the midst of a four game winning streak and I think they basically picked up in my opinion the best win of 2017. That that portion of the year. And they really did it in typical grizzlies fashion except. One big difference I did notice last night virtually sessions they Saturday night was the the improved. Emphasis on the three point shot and they really really stood out for. Drizzle as well I'm in years past that's always been an Achilles heel against San Antonio they've had 101213. Ford senior at three or four in your make it up ten points. Somewhere. Is everybody always gets it you know a little. Overstated if someone hits fourteen threes and you have four well they outscored you by thirty from the mound they escorted by ten. Because you had ten field goals are more house. You just attend Tuesday at ten threes right so if you can't look at it that way and I'm I've always template you spot San Antonio temple as a manager to win that game corks so they'd they'd get a good job of that I thought try Daniels and Zach Randolph were terrific. In playing. Off the screen and and I heard the highlights this morning which Israel would just show and I thought Michael did a good job pointing out that they ran that three times and who literally is accent one of the biggest screens I've seen earlier in an effort out we knocked just straight to the floor but Ali did was stand there and Gary as I said he ran into a wall full fifty. But I thought they do you know they'd look they've they've re engaged in Q what they've been over the years which is a really good defensive team they can use their defense to feed their offense and now their offense is added that three point shot spread it out a little bit so make scoring a little bit easier. And on top of that he you know they look like there haven't funny and I talked to my count yesterday. At the season take a bowler MBP event which was fantastic out of golf in games and very excited at the weather's turning in my son's getting older and he seems to love many golf he did get a hole in one yesterday on walls which. Had nothing to do with skill and everything to do it just slamming it against one of the walls but it did go and also sounds sounds better to be like anything get in no question about it I was proud of them I gotta give Jason Wallace's son. Also credit he had a long one it was fun to be out there are kids but anyway. Great event out there yesterday so our thanks to the people at Doug awesome games hash tag at for them. But when I talked to Mike and I did interview for the TV show we do on Sunday nights and ABC's 24. And he said he said we just got back to playing ball and I'd been saying that on the show multiple times you've just got to go back to enjoy it because it didn't look like you're having fun. Obviously all the talk is about you know after Chandler what took what the situation is here's the thing. You know guys not right so you know you've got to cover for some of that and that's not. Through any fault of Chandler's it's not like Chandler wasn't trying but when you've got to make up the difference for someone they can't really keep up with what you're doing it's tough. And his body just wasn't letting him keep up with what they were doing and as confidence wavered a little bit because of it there and Gemma Parsons doesn't guided. That waivers with confidence on much of anything especially basketball. But he could tell what was in his head a little bit and now you eat it throw forty year old Vince Carter in the makes for the last week. And it's not something ever expected to do. But you can trust him if your Mike can marquis can trust still nowhere to be on the on the defensive and the things you know he's gonna move the basketball. If you're Tony Allen you pass the basketball to him you make sure you get him involved because Tony Awards and do my kind of rely on Mike and mark a lot. When times get tough he can't just goes with what's comfortable in and that's human nature but when Vince is out there means there's another got it's getting his hands on the ball. So it makes it gets more difficult to defend and again I listen every team in the NBA does the same thing. Pregame they have a white board in their locker room they put up the team's plays they put up in each corner I'd never. Ben and NBA locker that I haven't seen us. They have free throw shooting percentage is top guys bottom guys three point shooting percentages top guys bottom desk top guys you don't go under the streak you just don't. You eat at 393840. Whatever percent it is not going on around those guys pointing 2223. And knock yourself out take them all day long and war we'll trade that for forget an upbeat on China over commit you get to the basket. Advances in the high thirties and you know and and has been around 40% he's got the names of people. Aren't gonna go under the screen they're gonna go out they're gonna cover that perimeter and it opens up a lot more for everybody else so let's it was a great win. Again we you know we talk about never too I never to open its okay to celebrate a win like that. He added data it's a really say right now I had a bad practice today now we don't know situation here is examined very good at. Multiple days off. Going on the road they're going down to a place that they've had some problems in the past to get their first look at this new pelicans team. I did as Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins on it. It doesn't seem like it's really worked with what Alvin Gentry likes to do he likes to play faster everybody saying they'd play slower. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a coaching vacancy in New Orleans at the end of this season. I hate that for Alvin Gentry is I think he's a brilliant offensive mind. But and to be honest and they in my opinion I think he's a much better first chair assistant helping you run your offense then head coach is that the numbers just aren't there. To sustain him continuing to get a head coaching jobs it hasn't worked in the eighties. He's a sub 500 head coach this like over a decade in the league is echoed some people who love them. But it doesn't war and sell. It gets to a point where it is like come might seriously we've got it we've got to get somebody in the head it's gonna really help you. Win it you know I at a higher level and if they're gonna make the commitment to bring in DeMarcus Cousins and try to keep them. And that's what's gonna happen but that's a tough match up and kicks off a foreign trip for after that you see the spurs again and then the lawyers and then. That's second at a back to back summit Monday there's no team that would love to do it to really pop your bubble if you're playing really well. In Sacramento on that because there's is giant rivalry in the two teams hate each other but that coaching staff you know look they were basically after three years a winning told. I Diaz go do some mouse were were not that we're not on the same page and we're gonna go on our own direction and whether people are cool that are not in the end yeah I mean look aviator got what he wanted to got a four year contract and so forth here's an option. But from what I hear especially the way they're playing now since the DeMarcus Cousins. I'd be shocked if he doesn't get that fourth here extensively for years and and in sixteen million dollars which he was gonna get here. So on one aspect you're happy he's going to be able to take there's family for a long time. But another aspect he loved it here. He loved the people here he loved the community here he loved where he lives he was involved and a lot of things in all the coaches did as well I know to a man they were all disappointed. That that's how this went down. But they've resurfaced there and they are all enjoying it out there and they would love to get a season series split with their former team. And that's something for them when they're not going to be in the post season that they can hang their panel. No I mean it's it. Cheer exact point right there mean to me it becomes a tragic story of Dave Yeager in that staff that don't land on the feet but they really have landed on their feet. They would be based on the last day by day they they did very well out of themselves. Are alleging that about Alvin Gentry that the thing that stands out in my mind as you know at a certain point you're given a win loss record for a reason you are right numbers are. And one thing that also stood out to me those become a flip then and then bring it specifically to the grizzlies. The numbers showed that the Santa and his spurs were darn near 40% three point shooting team. Grizzlies hold on to 32% for the guy. The first three quarters the 25%. What they are off their first nine and what to me what's what has really stuck out his everyone always harps on. Defense defense defense being the hallmark of this team. But the thing that's that's that's fascinating to me you're at least is noteworthy to me is them. They're doing it in a different way you'd rather be. You know make a bit and make big steals they cut a high risk plays they give up threes but now they're just they're guarding the perimeter so well army and it's they're making it so much more difficult. On opponents and to me that's that's even more encouraging really then just say the overall. Yeah how to win that they're getting it means the way that there when. It's more straight wins against four teams that essentially. I think Chicago was the lowest scoring team and they were like 103 right to everybody else's moral fiber batter which is top. After the leak. And none of them. Literally none of them I wouldn't even say Atlanta even though they get an idea were really sniff and a hundred right you weren't thinking they roared into a hundred LA and I did a lot some damage at the end. But they weren't getting there. They want get there and they locked them all down the way they locked down San Antonio it it is amazing to watch. The effort being put out on the clothes out to the perimeter and taking away. The first option San Antonio how to go to secondary options third options and men. When you're doing that you start to become a little hesitant as well and and grant Santonio did miss some shots. But expect sometimes comes from the fact that you haven't been getting the vessel looks and now you've got when he got to rush you like and it this way now I guess I guess you this now. Woolsey about playing them on the road is is a lot different than playing them at all. There's no doubt about it and and that that rivalry. Tom is Carrie surfacing San Antonio's. Then they're recognizing that the grizzlies say you know this is this is not your father's grizzlies team from six years ago. You know that that in 2011 not this often. This is a team that they can now beat us from the outside I I will tell you right now and they get twelve games left. And let's just say in the next twelve games certainly is 75849. And three maybe ten and two but probably not because of of the nature to schedule right. But let's say you're winning those games away your winning these you think anybody. Above you wants any piece of you when that first round not a chance. Everybody's going to be looking to go hey if I'm San Antonio on us again. If I'm San Antonio. And I see the grizzlies and and they let's say they win this third game right they win this game they win and wants it was their game they got a six game win streak. Who knows gold staple let's say they go to a 231 Thomas road trip. And your San Antonio and it's looking like I we can't catch Golden State now. No word we you know what do we wanted to San Antonio doesn't ever fear anybody. But I tell you what I know they'd probably much rather play a clippers are the under them plated that third grade is the way to grizzlies play defense and sell. They may just get it out as I'd be a nice nice to get some guys some rest and that fourth and final game coming up on the final road trip to the flickers Woolsey I mean I hate to speculate that. Because Gregg Popovich in and there's all the talk today about all these rest games and it's going to be an all time line and and for people that wonder why copycat league. Who's the most successful franchise over the last two decades and this Anthony's were and who does it more than anybody day are not the investigators and at the end scares of this event and it was a point blame. Look at the Phoenix Suns that it was Mike and Tony. Giving arresting guys like Steve Nash Amare Stoudemire who had battled nagging injuries and so let's say that got on some because when these guys come back they're fresh. And they're ready. It's a it's a tough thing for the league and I was listening Mike and Mike this morning about him that I look at the numbers I think they're they're projected to be 450. Games. The players it's out out of ball games because of rest and that's. That's insane to me but with that said. You can't tell people how to manage your team you can't tell people who complain who can't answer is now or believe he has but what AB CN and TNT intern can Duquesne is gonna look. When I keep paying you guys. Did that the rights fees were Pena right now. If guys are gonna see it in nationally televised games if you guys can't hire somebody with the amount of money we're paying you to make the schedule work because that's. Essentially what happened. They got it made the schedule for years and had to make it a certain way. Retired and so LeBron and a couple of three other guys and also have other positions and they took it over. They did a pretty good job two years and two seasons ago not I mean last season. And this year. They guys and I orders you know we got a lot of things we got to deal we got a lot of response those this pop on the computer promise computer doesn't think it's just spits out open dates and plugs teams and and you get teams travel and a times owner too to go play a single game and angle back home and that doesn't make any sense it doesn't make sense. You know they there's been so much it's weird. Because the guy that used to do what happened on the grid. And a lot of times he leaves things similar but I think we played Boston in the second or third week of march 65 years in a row in Boston. And I loved it because for five years and around we had a night off right the Bruins play the night before I was always coinciding with that it was like we all loved it and now it's like. We're playing San Antonio three times in the final fifteen games he can make plays you've got to break that up he's got to make it you gotta use some logic if you're in a division. It doesn't matter. What division your name you've got to see. Everybody in your division at least once before Christmas if not twice before New Year's. And then maybe one more time before the break the preferably one in February or march and wanna April it's a pretty simple. Out aren't you don't play them back home and home back to back to the Eastern Conference teams. Bingo that's your only gonna play one time because then now you're bring an end at play. The rest factor like Cleveland and of course everybody wants to see LeBron James he just have to think at three this guy left. There's a better way to do this and you know losing hours in the air you can't avoid back to backs you're gonna have some no matter what he extend the schedule week or not. And nobody's ever gonna be 100% happy about it I think they've done they they they'll. They'll reexamining the NBA's not stupid Adam sober brilliant and Adam silver will be sent down and I look. Can create a job. In this guy's six figure salary which is not going to be you know for basically eight months of the year is figure out. Where you want like start now. Wait for arena availability but you start with a grade now when you want teams to play each other and where you want them to play. And you really can't do much you can talk to Ted Arenas and men admit the season ends what you have on the books for concerts. And many say all right that's it now from that data finals and tell. You know August 1 you're cramming man you're working fifty hour weeks this is this is your busy time. Hope you don't have family wants gone summer vacation. Has yet taken at that you can be taken vacation other times. But that's who she got to get and what he got to get the one or two guys. I think one guy could be just fine in fact I'd prefer to be one guy if I was the league because. I want one got answered Adam silver and just take a rough draft of it that in silver on July 1 ago. Here's what I've got so far. And then on July 15 all right here's some of the changes you make I guess first this is the hard this is that it rough draft percent announced teams make Germany still court this. Let them come back Sony and since it but you know gone back to what I was saying. I would be surprised San Antonio on that second game if things are wrong around maybe set some guys of the grizzlies won three straight out and wanna be slapped. But Woolsey it's going to be very interesting because you have an Indiana team coming into Memphis you have Oklahoma City coming to Memphis study at Dallas coming to Memphis twice. Those are four of your six remaining home games. You know you've got games that are winnable at home. But she you've got to you've got to finish it out and they go Indiana one nailed Dallas one they need to get that game with a clue does thunder that's probably the most important remaining game. On the schedule you got the next coming in their talented as while you all of them one for early in the season adding he had Detroit coming in so mosier six remaining games. I honestly believe they got a six and on those on games I really did. Aircastle time is joining us on the show in studio. That he lends his name to shepherd right sitting going to let an old building that's good studio where Aircastle plans studios and in the palatial our camera to your complex it's really nice for into real polls really rolls off and that's gone now earlier I don't think they're gonna go before we get into the turn and I do want to touch on one thought the U they've kind of been hitting all around and to me. It's it's what makes it's so interesting about the entire 82 game NBA season if you think tag to about. Just honestly the last Saturday night OE a week ago from Saturday. Probably. The two of the three they were hoping amongst all hope that they wind up for the grizzlies now it's funny how that all switches throughout the course of whole week. DT. Think that you know some people say well we probably overreacted in the midst of the five game lose. Jerry you didn't. You didn't the way you're glad you didn't overreact than it is an ebbs and flows of an 82 game season and I'll jump in right down much out of a job no no let's. It's eight ia didn't overreact because it wasn't like you released I was so you're overreacting if you're losing my two point games this year games. Playing well but not get by just making some mistakes. There were correct the book you're getting your ass kicked. And yet your ass kicked by a bad basketball team to get your ass kicked by good basketball team didn't matter everybody was coming in just beating up on you. He lost to Dallas he lost a Brooklyn new Austin Houston you lost that. That's brand building and yeah. Yet and that's beats you when your building and didn't just beat she's flip the script by 25 points erupt while they won by three when the fighters thirteen. With Europe twelve was exposed to go on the third so now and but now you look at what they can be and I think the good thing about it is is a read. Re engage is that confidence level of that that's a good thing. Nick now as we turn see the the big news of the weekend. The reason they are also other good news is okay are you sure you and I just smoke the first two days thirty and thirty into in my first two days bad. And I economists Saturday and I hit 20. Right out of eight games and then yesterday I got a bunch right but. I lost I won my championship teams and they're so I feel I feel like they got a shot at. If the other floor the other three teams go jab Arizona and Kansas. And UCLA coming out of the south put Manny senate. Pataki looks awfully tough right now I like using ayalon done at that we saw the best UCLA. We've seen in the tournament second act out a little they were terrific against Cincinnati. But I'd really is the first of giving stomach. Won the south Carolina's government of the sweet sixteen there SEC team for God's sakes you would think at some point they just had a group and they've had some good players so they gave go to America's sworn like that and though they them they were like high res I. I looked at or better than a high ranking I was on yeah when I heard that he has great bargains you're never commandos we sixteen and you know I'd wanna turn again like 44 years I see Alex English there is class act. But they just flat out played Duke Energy out this morning the bathroom bill I don't think that hurt I really don't think that our I don't know how much to help but I don't think it hurt. I think it that I think of the South Carolina fans where I think it helped probably more was the first game. Yes and they get a first game yes you're out there's a lot less and you think I'm not drought in two hours to watch him lose the Marquette the one they beat down. Now you're probably hop in the car picking up those tickets which are probably still available. Bit and it was it was look dude just didn't play well every I literally watched South Carolina just basically. Grab the ball and take it from a duke players again that Digi big did that. That's how many times how many times have we seen. A Duke Team that does not have an inside presence and physical strong inside presence. How many times do we see that get exploited and Janet I love Jason Tatum and I think that they've they've got good players but that. Yeah that that that hurt them and sailors and Rosie Jones they that can't be understood well on when. When they're not knocking down threes on grace and Allen is not knocking down threes and now now I'm blanking on the left these name or kindergarten are looking hard canard is not not and I mean I've watched Lou canard air ball like. An open three and I mean you're here now pushing because you're not used to being. In that situation survey out you know raised in play particularly well and that's all it takes in the NCAA tournament and I think about. Think about everybody and I was one this group everybody kind of wrote Florida off because of loss of a bonus. Because the loss in the middle that they suffered and I was like boy if you're whistling and I I talked yes it. I would tell contrast what I just had that Florida team to me right now before that injury I was like. That is a team that can make a deeper on the way they are playing. The way they played defense the way their belt they are killing people or anyone on a stretcher there are beating everybody by thirty S and or why I got to the floor I'd immediately mean I remember writing down don't. Leave Florida out of the elite eight or the final four maybe and then a bona goes down and they're losing to Andy twice and I'm like wow that's such a big loss. I'll get them into the second round but I don't think they beat that Virginia team and they absolutely stumped them into a slow start secretary winning kind of aura we have old. Virginia AA division one college basketball team with a good. Point guard in London for on pace to under forty points under forty points. And it just expose the Virginia sometimes needs to play probably a little bit quicker they did in the first game they had to switch into a five yard line and may put the ball about it. But. It didn't work on that night with North Carolina got everything they want from Arkansas still came on top beside a Kansas really count flex their muscle. Against Michigan State doesn't they stores because Stacy what happens that this Inzaghi team. Because I I heard you talking about it gap when they're in the daddy's CC. It gets one point eight died instantly there isn't done yet that's it like Colorado we get it we can cruise now but if you can't do that that tournament and so they almost got caught by that. That Xavier team and you and I talk about it they'd just be attacks. Chris match a terrific coach and he just out coach Larry happening and he had a game plan perfectly 100% and a lot of divorcing the Florida State was over seeded and and Wichita State was under seeded. Hey you get these things every year it's it I think it's a terrific thing is really a shame me. There's 31 seeds last I think there's two twos. There's three threes there's a few fours there's couple hours but for the most part when you're in 75%. Of your top four seeds. Into the sweet sixteen it is not right there's always gonna be upset but he gets 75% U did something right. Lawyer on top of that I know there was some grumbling about the lack of upsets on Thursday and Friday. But because we had those we didn't have those you know those Georgia southern moments or Georgia State moments. We got outstanding basketball on Saturday and Sunday they are really high level games. And only get a seat because of that fact we're really gonna see even more coming up on Thursday through Sunday. I'm I'm really jealous of the people they get to go to the streets are still early days here in Memphis where obviously going to be on the road but we will be watching attentively and and the great thing about it is. Yes we've played Thursday against San Antonio sold me once in a Friday we have. And Saturday have those two days off in in San Francisco and so that'll be a lot of fun for us to be able to. After practice Friday after the show Friday as a be able to do it on the road just they had to ride over to a couple of spots we know on and sit down and watching some great college battle should be a lot of fun. Yeah I am and death to Villanova and death today. He had them gone deep not. I do good damage an embolism. Yeah I yeah did I heard it and everybody talking about how good duke laws and how this you know this three seed was not right for them and they should be in a championship and everybody had duke and North Carolina and what an epic story that would be and I might. While I believe it did and I believed in North Carolina but the one team I really believe demos stand was UCLA because of their uptick in defense. As of late obviously didn't work in the pac twelve tournament but. I think when you've got a special talent like Alonso ball it makes everybody around him better. That's the type in the ones but if I look for all I know they can get bounced next game by Kentucky. You can Taki and Carolina probably plant nice and or maybe Butler not soft North Carolina North Carolina looked a little susceptible but there's been playing great we amazing it's been wild but. You know we talked about for the most part. The upper Echelon teams we're going to be successful and that's the way this season has looked and so it's it should be fun. Yeah don't the last thing on this TV the one thing that I really hate that always and you know it's coming I remember talking to bill Bender about a last week. I can't stand. When people tried to establish some type of narrative. Based on a eighty minutes of basketball played to me you know we there's these massive over actually see the Big Ten wasn't that bad now. Our CD SEC wasn't that bad CD ACC was ever it's like oh it's Tony it was two basketball games and some team is great and a bad match up. Present wolf almost dominating that whole game. Michigan's decides hey no more threes. We were not there or not taking anymore three's were pounding in the pain and we're gonna get claw back into this this weekend's race until she's. You can't say that that body spray paints of surviving a plane crashed and affect us Wisconsin's turned a corner sometimes you just get hot at the right time. I I still think lessen the best the best conference for basketball routed to meet the top two are always. We'll as a way to big twelve and and the ACC. The SEC's is not nearly as strong but it's better than people give it credit for because everybody knocks it down for the fact it's a football conference. The Big Ten is solid but it's it's. Not and the but as as always thought to have won a title since well and there's a reason I didn't have anybody in Ireland a forsee yesterday he did them they're solid strong basketball teams that lets you get a solid strong basketball team starts playing well tackle and then an air gun and that. That was a terrific when for Michigan insulin I was I had to pick that just because the that the hard strange or gone might look at bonnet over some this is a lot like Kemba Walker and UConn team. That made at the front so should be a lot of fun man sir we appreciate it we wish you the best as you head on. Down to New Orleans for this four game road swing thanks for joining us by thanks rather I'll be on tomorrow. Time joining us right here on the hair castle time shows stick around got more show coming up for. Bracket challenge in 92. Presented by infinity of Memphis and pop John's pizza party IBM I met this interactive solutions like marketing and there are being bought and legible and Christian Brothers automotive and Romero prizes for misogyny because. Saw the bracket challenge ignited TI It's time to the program by 55 sales. 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Comments don't. I love you back. The aircraft. This is my a reminder that the black crews did not write part handled out yes. Is Otis Redding yes that that's kind of agenda on. Do you all realize that and oh there's like an awful. Some no doubt song I didn't realize was I didn't realize what color until. Way after that was that was depressing the worst no doubt that the effect the worst no doubt fake out is. He was that whole bag girl no I don't and I believe that was I believe that was originally penned by a Gwen Stefani. Those those wonderful words on the Helen good that rom that can teach you pitch it's the worst Billie Jean fake out the world like you don't. Nothing. When you hear that drum kick that baseline for Billie Jean everything's okay. When you hear at the drum kick in the baseline from Helen good everything's the opposite of okay. Not like that's that's like the world's worst fake out. Our but the next time yeah Philip gadgets that was my reminder that that is not it did that is not a black crew's original. Jeffrey Wright filling in for air Cassell signed you can balmy at Twitter at Jay Wright. Dying to nine ESPN. Been across the glass you can follow at Twitter act not the golfer. We may do at the top of the show Saturday night when the grizzlies took on the scene Antonio spurs. It was indeed a wrestling night and your boy and then our. I'm Emily Tony's been there as early thirties. Some about wrestling fans Lucia and don't care at this point I am what I am. Exactly I gain back to the top the show I mentioned are pettiness. I've had this chicken or the egg question when I Seoul last week that Debbie daddy dot com asked ever want to rank. The undertaker is best wrestle mania matches. And then they left off CM punk smash with the undertaker. I realize that other guys that's that's the definition paddy. It's so I had this nice chicken or the egg moment. MI heady. Because I grew up loving wrestling and banging that that was kind of how the world works Arlo wrestling because I'm patty. It's the first one profit dropped probably there probably got to accept it. Well as it pertains to WWE. They could have taken a few notes from the Memphis Grizzlies. Because the Memphis Grizzlies put on a best better wrestling program about fifteen minutes of actual action in the W dot he's probably put on. They're our last decade. Guess I guess technically if you look at the day O'Brien angle. I got was well done but it took so long and then more surprises than sheer any. Shirt so that's not after rustling so wrestling night kicked off width. A botched fast between two independent wrestlers and that was when I turned my buddy Devin. I'd not not dead and Ian ball dead in the inter but no longer the intern Dan Walker. And I realize is like oh yeah. I would good dress like I don't at the end you're seeing not for me it's like ballet it is just is a giant botched fast and that quickly turned into we got to set up the entire moment of the night. Diamond Dallas page was live in person category promo to start. And then out walked to just amazing blast from the past. Number one we had Xbox who so low key one of my favorite moments of probably live wrestling ever he walks out to be in W low fifteen own ice while only wearing DJ DX stuff I know and then. And it was introduces what expect expect a great talk eat all they say okay spent a lot there. I thought I am. I can cause I went to wrestle mania thirty yes Burton about a party and I saw eye to find a good one. Yeah I'd like I think that's those are birds like Presley at thirty the government. While the one where we undertake a loss right that's also what people reference it as an act like they're just just chill. It was a good day all I think your video poker rip off that plane just drinking. Yeah a bomb so that. Xbox appearance caused two reactions from me when he showed up in DX stuttering is well why is he wearing DX stuff and expect they're playing in the idea theme to which. I actually think that this is I don't think this is that spike far fetched in stupid ever sponsored a like guarantee he'd probably has he probably can make money off that DX shirt. Did the 69 like I guarantee he'd young's no rights and NW Loescher skimming money so probably maybe if it ten people see that shirt they wanna go buy it that's. Ten more shirts then he would've could've sold and possibly getting license fee. Let that put you just mentioned about that the drinking and stuff. I do is I got indeed the whole love Wikipedia rabbit hole but you'll do sometimes you we see you guys a blast from the past. Fun fact I did not this triple H had to go fish him out and paid for rehab for Xbox himself. They're nice guys we'll do what it looked latest super nice guy who is cleanups and that that's good good for him happy for him and then also. Another favorite like Wikipedia rabbit hole moment occurred. I totally forgot about the term ex hockey. Which is. Eight feet at a nuclear terror report. If you are wrestler and you're just getting booed out of your mind and it's not so much intentional now would be Roman Rainsy where you get booed just for showing up and Xbox was unintentionally getting booed left and right. And so I was like oh yeah efforts totally brought about the term ex hockey sense that was amazing. So. Xbox. Winds about at about halftime. This is completely novel concept. It's apparently not illegal band for the bad guy to win the belt so that he can have the good guy go and chase. Billy that's that's that's something that everybody gets up there you can do that global Memphis got a nose they're wrestling and uninsured people that are in charge of pressing at the grizzlies they don't fantastic job and they know their stuff it's obviously not just a couple of guys off the street and got all eyes I see other big fan. I mean doesn't start there and see does sure Russell's and so I mean they had and gray is a nose big time all that was an insult. And that was what was great so. You had your big revealed that you have Xbox that the true bad guys bad guy celebrating his championship rubbing it never went space flight. Actual like wrestling stuff like oh yeah I'm supposed to hate this guy. And then boom we get our conquering hero gray is comes to save the day and it was awesome and just like they got a pop. That's not that the so he can export to the temperature for the best thing in wrestling you get the ball whether it be cheaper not to. I understand the Debbie Debbie historically has always been a babyface. Promotion in which you know they always want to pump up their their bases and whatnot it's like. The only that the thing is so ironic about it is the only time they've ever gotten remotely close to getting Roman rains and actual pop when he won the belt. Occurred when they gave it to an undeserving champion in Shamus they had to put it on someone that was so reviled and so disgusting. That would rains beat him like well at least it's not Seamus. So it's likely they could even get a good people which are over in Iraq and mountainous. Above all I had sensory ours Jessica bans water ice keep watching I don't know I think. If he keeps getting worse and morsels it's a problem and watch for like another 5020 yours that's basically where a man that's that's format they've I'm not. I'm not the solution I am the problem. Stick around coming up next we're gonna. 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Online at Cornell Kordell dot com that's Kordell Cornell dot com 6000 poplar avenue suite 225. Memphis Tennessee 38119. To Viera Cast returns show where gifts and New Zealanders. Nissan. Broadcasting on the WMS says that yeah. On six NBA. And lives on Memphis this board station. Do nine FM. ESPN. That today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. There hassle I shared Jeffrey Wright filling in for Eric who is on his way to New Orleans. As the grizzlies begin to air war. Game road swing as the south region semifinals and finals will come the FedEx Forum starting on Friday. And concluding on that Sunday hours thanks to Scott Gleason. USA today who joined us you can get him on Twitter I since they can get at him on Twitter at Scott in the police and Eric join us at three if you missed any of the showed they can always. Catch it on the podcast that the brand new 99 via haven't seen any website check it out. It's offering a lot of cool new features so that. Will be able to give you more content than just what you hear on the radio station mediate theological multimedia type. Functions on the east side and we're really excited and eager for that but then the time today we got to wrap this bad boy apple sees rapid fire. Rapid fire is brought to you by pyro suppliers fresh pizza now needs rapid fires up. Tony Eric Kessel thanks Joseph the lightning around or radio rapid fire on 929 FM ESPN. Imported into don't want to give thanks to a round house to face onto quarter he says the no doubt Sloan. It's my life originally done by talk talk there yet I knew there is there is one out I heard that like on like out. First wave one of those like series sex and stations and as well while. Okay did not realize old cover. They did not do justice sometimes covers are better that one not so much rarely covers better but sometimes Ross while you'll find you'll find a gem that is sure. I talk Brady's jerseys are back in his possession are you excited rapid fire. I can now go to sleep at night had been losing hours and hours and hours of sleep now our long national nightmare is over. I'm surprised has our president tweeted about yet. Some because that's like out at the start right up his Alley he's he's a nice little thing you'll busy with the FBI he's. Hi Bob Kraft involved in the FBI's who found the Jersey for he's got it up Kraft or Robert Graham simulators so that's a point. Luckily the German journalists hailed from Mexico that stole is Stoll is jerseys so. I'm just expecting I'd like to hear our president slots on down the Jersey aid is finally finally. Come to an end to the public NCA trying to make it can take a reporter delete videos. Gregg marshall's wife rapid fire. Yes I do because it's not like he was Smart the way this is that the game yet though he was not doctoring any of the videos he is not it's not like you is it's not like he was. I eight. Misrepresenting. Like what he's doing that he was. Even blues sitting at serious check this out. I give is unbelievable and basically I she got out on Twitter that people are being mean to her while she was in the process of being mean to Alicia got a big F bomb decal. So all you all humans again neither and that's a point so yeah I it. Yeah heat that's if you don't like if you don't like the way to being portrayed stop acting that way. Speaker portray yourself and I can now way a quote fraud boy is being bless us social media (%expletive) yourself using the teeth of a dead shark. To shotgun a can of beer rapid fire. A little bit of problem that oh I mean to me it's the ultimate example I know it's he is not sin cast the first stone and when you're on spring breaking your. Clearly inebriated maybe your thought process. Isn't so great but. What on earth could make you think that I had no a lot of problem in this fight. To me it's just like that should have been common sense aren't. Is this problem published about a better what when there's so many other ways to chugging a beer a village of Rogers and different way. Washington Wizards take on the Boston Celtics tonight Celtics they're poised for rapid fire. I am got that as my Lockett that night. Boston Celtics minus three coming off a bad loss looks led silence hope on hope there. And finally all resting NBA players not sitting well Karl Malone get your ass to play in is what he says rapid fire. Yeah pastels better in the ninety's and so we keep figuring out is what he can't hardest hardest working man and all basketball mean. And then they're they're getting paid millions and millions dollars to win championships I mean if that's the end home page is on rest their players that's their prerogative it sucks for us as fans let. That's the risky they have when you not buy a ticket we gotta get out of the way here we had to make way for real talent Geary pair show coming up next. 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