The Eric Hasseltine Show w/ Guest Host Jeffrey Wright 03/20/17 - Hour 1 w/ USA Today's Scott Gleeson

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, March 20th

Segment 1 - Jeffrey opens the show talking about Cal's return to Memphis and the weekend in the NCAA tourney.

Segment 2 - Scott Gleeson from the USA Today joins the show to talk college hooops

Segment 3 - "Ring It Up, Put 3 on the Board"


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The matter whether you want traditional pocket. Or flavored vodka just make it new Amsterdam barker asked for your favorite restaurant export a two favorite watering hole or wine and spirits store you can mix and obviously don't ever forget it's so smooth you can drink it straight that's new Amsterdam bucket your town on the web knew if Jim's spirits dot com. It's you know. CPA yeah. Bring to you wherever you may be. Jeffrey Wright filling in though for Aircastle time from the palatial. State that is. Entercom radio's studio is the C is that I believe air dubbed the studios by the freeways. Like in life. Start us off in the show in which I indie producer on the Jeff Hawkins show from 9/11. Jason and John then picked it up from eleven to. Now you've got lost and so forth and we make way for real talent when Gary Parrish steps in afford the scary scary show. Scott Healy said. A USA today and will join us next segment we're gonna discuss. All things NCAA tournament with Scott. Then we're gonna bring it up and put three on the board. The PGA tour golfer brings a whole new meaning. To determine shoot your shot we're gonna discuss that as well. Then Aircastle time will join us in studio for one segment before he heads on. To New Orleans. Then boarded discuss wrestling night. From Saturday night at FedEx Forum before we wrap it up with. Rapid fire Jeffrey Wright began filling in that four air castle tie and I'm joined by my partner in crime. My good buddy. Benjamin no name Hogan and then good dame a man no nickname had a name. I mean somebody else's. Back and rights of an ally and they myself both of us both of us have names spelled the exact same way. Very very more famous people that. People that really is what happens it's a tough one for me because I really believe in setting the bar low. As I did is I like to think my tagline is the pit disciplining his parents since 1988. He set the bar low no one's ever disappoint and then you can always pleasantly surprised and that's a big win we can pleasantly surprised someone. Unfortunately those two guys really set the bar high and very very different ways exactly here is this was arguably the the greatest golfer of generation. Might as one of the most probably under appreciated actors however out. I will hold certainly not live up. To that again we as Scott Gleason digital editor and writer for USA today and join us in just a little bit. Mainly we're gonna discuss the B story of the weekend that was in the NCAA turner which was the officiating. And much much more why ask him his thoughts. On the weekend as well but first let's get into the big story at least as it pertains to Indians here. With the NCAA tournament. John cal Perry's Kentucky Wildcats will return on Friday they will take on the UCLA Bruins. And much much discussion has. It's mother be on the Airways whether it be. The water cooler wherever it may be if he had any vested interest in Memphis basketball the question becomes. What to make up. The John cal Perry returned. Obviously Lou let's let's let's start. With what it is. Would you agree it's no different than a break up then. Yeah I I. To me I don't think it's that big a deal but I get what you're saying it's a break up it is a break out and we here. We here at the Aircastle type show ascribe to the notion that honesty. Supersedes all we need we need to be honest we need do you have. Very very heartfelt. Look in the mirror type discussions you can't move on Lester honest with yourself exactly however when we take a look at the mere. We need to be honest. The relationship. With John cal Perry had red flags from the start. Your friends made sure to tell you and my god did they make sure to tell you admit this is that unique. Blend of not only tiger basketball but also you have Tennessee fans you have meant Vietnam almost fans the city state fans. So nice little melting plot of that SEC culture. As well as the Memphis Tigers. And you're SEC friends for sure made sure to point out all the red flags. Expect it expect that yes it's no different. Then. Let's say maybe you got that's striking blonde that's probably the hottest girls ever show an interest in new. Sure she may have been certifiable. And maybe your friends later we didn't care. Agree you didn't get right right times are good right now and that's all that matters it's really no different than with cal. However. As is inevitable with just about any relationship that starts with shall we say severe red flags. Inevitably. A break it's gonna occur. Let's get real. From the moment that break up happens you're a race against time to see who can win the break up the great. If you ever had a Beverly I did read a break up where. First they go to Mayo was how can I make a how to make sure that I went. I I admit I am petty. I always have a scoreboard I will I will admit that that is that is one of probably. Probably my biggest flaws although I would offer forty delisting audience that makes me very entertaining. The question heavily the comes how do you in the breakup. Mostly bulls say. The best way to win a breakout is the simply live better. Not this hero but. Yeah most people that are sane and and probably our art taking more w.s in life that I am will will tell you that's the best way. I would say day the city in general is in a much better place than in 2009 when cal Perry left. It's been PN's we'd experience. Playoff wins that was a new one for us that was a big one not only do we have playoff wins we won playoff series right even experience the Western Conference finals. Then let's take a look at the city just infrastructure locks. Violence tripping over an square alone the revitalization the renovation. It. Huge huge wins and and you could make the argument that new v.s alone which used to during the cal Perry era. Reek of Clorox and bad decisions. The transformation that newbies is taken in which now probably eight home to some of the most underrated wings a delicious cheese burger great pizza. And an underrated beer selection that renovation alone. Pretty they went. Pretty pretty big way. However. Those are kind of macro elements. And those dole looks specifically. At the heart of the problem that that many Memphis fans are going through currently. The bigger question I have is is there a statute of limitations. On what it takes to win the break up because. The positives and the wins that we're experiencing now is an Indians. They took us awhile to get there. For instance. I'm now. I could not be more thrilled to where I met life I'm back in the city that I group then I met back in the city that I love. I worked for the guy every single day that I grew up reading and idolizing him wanting to be I could not imagine. This. When I when I left Pepperdine when I graduated Pepperdine in 2011. However. They initially. After. Break up that might have resembled the striking blonde with the red flags. Take a lot of w.'s initially initially moved back home is working. Working at a job that I hated I was looking for another job I know taking a job the city that I it was miserable end. And end up hitting a reset button that took me another four years to get to this point that I met today. However I wouldn't change. Where I met today. But we'll look at the initial aftermath of the breakout. Definitely was not taking taking diabetes and so. Then you start to consider. Do events that immediately followed the breakout does that change the way that maybe you look back on a certain relationship. For instance though cal Perry. Place stipulations in the heat scholarships. For. Guys that he was recruiting in 2009 that should he leave they would be released from their scholarship. While most would point out that that was largely done with. Shall we say less than altruistic reasons because. Those would argue will cal was looking to get out. And he wanted to be able to recruit them. I I can see that and I do probably understand it that tells not may be a guy that deserves the benefit of the doubt. However what are my biggest complaints about all of college athletics. Is that a coach can believe. At the drop of the hat. And essentially have no penalty in fact not only does not have a penalty. He gets to go warning usually end up in a better situation immediately. Yet the kids which are the direct victims. They can't transfer. Without a penalty. They are there they're beholden to this to the essentially discussions essentially contract they're old under the contract that they signed while coaches are not so I would argue. That that was actually the right thing to do because. In this day and age in college sports kids largely commit to a coach they're not committing to a school and though we may love a particular school there and in general. Committing to a coach and so. I actually like the fact that. He released them now the fact that you immediately go and start recruiting them brings in what what were the intentions of that decision. To hammer results guy and the results guys that the kids were able to go and do exactly. What they wanted to do. And then the decision of where do you move on to. The tigers move on to Josh passenger. And they essentially do what every single person dies in a break up you have a person. Any big of a profile of said person. You generally. Immediately go to the exact opposite of that person it's a human to human nature reaction of well. I was with this person that had this characteristics. That didn't work in knowledge did not work out it's Sox got on the hurt on the on und. Pissed off all these things say immediately know if he had the though the blonde with a lot of attitude. Oftentimes go to the Burnett that's quiet and and very Sweden plus. Precious human nature that's kind of what the tigers to at and especially in coaching when you look at so many coaching. When she coaching changes whether be football basketball baseball largely that's what you see go across the board if you had a guy that was offensive minded and it doesn't work out for what reason immediately always CEO of a franchise were a school turned to a defensive minded guys gonna treat teach you know. Toughness in and whatnot you see someone go to the polar opposite. Well with cal very you have the flamboyant personality indeed. The slick used car salesman if you will at seizing the term that is so often associated with John. And then you move on to a guy like Josh pastor. And the first thing that was always said about Josh pastor even if you're gonna DD but. Which is you say something nice about someone in your waiting for the but the everyone to a person would always mentioned. What a good guy Josh pastoral. And so that's kind of what you move on to where. The lines are blurred a little bit is despite the fact. That. Despite the fact that even though Josh had a and a less a sub standard. A sub standard season compared to the previous four under John cal Perry. He had a big time recruiting class coming in so you felt OK you let you know what. This can work out this can be fun we got a big time recruiting class coming in we knew inevitably a transition year there's always going to be a speed bump. But we're gonna be fine. For whatever reason. Primarily. Because Josh was stubborn and a young coach and that's oftentimes what happens to young coaches they'd be. They are really big on looking in the mirror and saying OK what what MI it would do I need to fix where where my shortcomings. And he dug hit any de again particularly on the x.s and those aspect of it and he was stubborn to change. I think largely was stubborn to change because he didn't want to admit that. The reasons that everyone was giving for him to help and into improved. Heat eating one admit that those were the actual reasons. Smash cut to George attacking essentially makes Ellis changes and and Georgia Tech's feeling like they're on the up and up. But as it pertains to Memphis fans. You don't place that you ran to. Didn't fix things. And now you're in a position where. With Tubby Smith. Despite the fact that he had some initial early early thoughts of OK I can see this work this teen clearly. It is much much better coached they. They play hard they know that they didn't play our pastor but that they. They passed all the eye test problems that you saw her pastor there was an offensive flow. And but he sold he soul defensive tenacity you saw all these things that you were hoping to see in her pastor but never really developed for whatever the reason may be Yasir to see this. Then we're all victims of the moment. The way that the tiger season ends everyone's kind of back to being. Shall we say apprehensive. None of this matters is what I'm trying to get that light. It's not ready to tiger basketball doesn't matter it's not that John cal Perry shouldn't matter what I would. Odd bag but what I would ask everyone is too. Look at where we are right now. I mean even think about the of this as it pertains to the grizzlies fig about where we were just. A week ago from Saturday. The grizzlies just get off the floor they've been booed off their own floor and gotten run out of the building body Atlanta Hawks. Smash cut Monday night you get the TV news that Chandler role will no longer be playing. I'm not here to make I had another insufferable Chandler. Give another insufferable Schiller take but. A splash Ford where we are today after four straight wins. A team that it is largely appeared to got to have gotten back to their roots. A being a a tough defensive minded team that plays largely on on energy and just sheer grit. Everyone's feeling a lot better. So what I'm saying is don't don't fall victim to the moment when cal Perry returns to town because here's the reality of cal Perry's return to town. It's gonna be awesome freaking weekend. It's the only region where the top four seeds made at Carolina and butler's gonna be a sneaky good game it really has. I hope fur by bracket Satan because that's what were all concerned about our brackets. I know the argument away lay out Mina I had at duke winning so. Season tastier I don't know in Villanova winning on the weekend all about that second to it is bracket and when they redid it after sixteen yes yes I'd just ask Fordham sweet sixteen. Although I'm sure I filled that out I would I would fail miserably but I'm trying to say is that it. Think about the moment that we're in right now. The moment that we are in right now. Is it's going to be a huge. Huge weekend for months. Korea CBS is sending their number lawyer and TV for. Yet Jim Nantz Grant Hill bill rafter that's a big oval that's a big of a region it is they're sitting there AT. About what gets. You know first solo first solo we've all bull mode like hit it does get a national respect are you kidding me right now they are this is the this is the reason it ever was turning their eyes to. And then on Friday night UCLA and Kentucky. The two schools I believe of the most combined final four appearances of any two schools. Org and do get out and it's going to be an absolutely. Fantastic match up you have one of the best defensive teams. In all the land when Kentucky as does the play defense they are so so so tough. I mean when you look at how they essentially whining that he was the Wichita State game in shape was largely elephants and then they made stops. They got blocked shots they got big big moments like to bankrupt out there at the end which Allstate never got a clean look now. Now. You add that to the ailment of UCLA who's been historically great offense. At points during the season. They showed their best offensive performance late last night the second half. Against Cincinnati. And you're setting up for just an awesome awesome battle of titans where your offense vs defense and then. At the bare minimum you know if the thought of you know let's let's let's presume that North Carolina moves on. North Carolina vs either Kentucky or UCLA. I mean holy cow light when we figure of we think of college basketball those are the three programs that everyone mentions. And honestly at Butler is able to knock off North Carolina it doesn't really matter I mean it doesn't matter who's played on Sunday. Yes ideally it would be North Carolina Kentucky or Ener1 UCLA but Boller makes it there. They knocked off UNC it's gonna be held a game no matter what the minimum he gave Kentucky UCLA to the teams that have been the most talked about the entire season. On Sunday and it's also that I have all the regions to go talk yes as a sweet sixteen it was the ones coming to Memphis which lines up perfectly. And this is kind of this is what everybody was hoping to happen. It's going to be a big weekend and I could not be more thrilled and really my first year back in probably five or six years that. I get to see an event like this to either slow big events like weather B. You know if they think about whatever sport is of the skull if you wanna you wanna be the masters when you wanna be at the masters were a big name wins you don't wanna be at the masters run. Material to any well Wentz you know we don't really key when it's college football you wanna see the Alabama Clemson USC game that ends on the last play. Last year. Villanova hitting the shot you want that you wanna see those big moments that everyone will talk about and I think. There's no question right now as you look at it on Monday that meant this will be the region that is talked about. Come Sunday when the fourteen to punch their ticket to the final four Scott Gleason a USA today is coming up next thread talk all things. College ocean they all things NCAA turner with him especially the officiating Renee gets Scott's thoughts on the officiating whether or not. It overshadowed. 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Reruns of friends three runs a supernatural American Dad! Family Guy held a classic. I TNT and TBS shows that you see in the morning Sally slap when whenever fired the TV in the quit supernatural what ails us in the last in the tournament. Scott Gleason of USA today sports joins us seize the digital editor and writer you can follow him on Twitter at Scott M Gleason. Scott did Dave my man how are. Are you still come on man I want my first start with the story that. Think from LA from a national perspective at least is getting the most chatter it's. If fishing from over the weekend in your opinion did you feel like the officiating overshadowed the quality of play especially the last two days to 82 games are two days of games. Because I really thought it was high level basketball as two days but do you feel like the the officiating and of itself kind of overshadowed that. I don't know could overshadow it I think you know concerned that there were inconsistent I think that facts. Frustrating whenever you're on the players the coach since. And I sort of sighed and mom there was one particular situation where it change the outcome of the game completely. You know I think that was I was in northwestern. And it got a child because it became the government I share and one call can completely change we'll let and I think that was Chris congress argue that. I think that you know you get casino game where. I think that caught you know called there and it just. You can call that color can call me consistent. And how the CNJ. Now another bad call. When we're talking about northwestern side. I didn't see that overshadowing his letter that it's eight it the other key story about it that it happened because of all. The matter is always what sort of a car that we're talking about. That's part of the actor is sort of to have all up bad officiating controversy. Elk out of that one thanks a bit. So they've ordered the big questions I have is that when you when you think about. When you think about college sports and obviously the the largest event for all college basketball is the NCAA tournament and it's the money maker and when you when you think about all the all the amount of money that you know turn and and CBS are paying to broadcasted. I feel like it's a similar situation to particularly like with the SEC. Experience isn't football where. When you see these big games that that have so much riding on malign. It it begs the question with the amount of money that's being made. Does I I and I don't really know the the answer to it because it it begs the question does the officiating need to be better because. You know when you think about when you watch it and NFL football game. If they called changes the outcome of the game it's. It's truly a a news story and you know the same thing in the NBA pivot called it changes the outcome of the game that becomes the the only talking point. It feels like in in so many more games we'll be reached the highest level yet of the turn it it it begs the question. Does something need to be done about the selection of officials as it pertains to turn. Right I mean I think that there's a lot of those two up early officiating Saturday. No I think it's JD Collins you know what. Edition Beckett is because it's got the job at hand. That's something that they currently do they ask themselves questions like that right I won't make you. Make it better and so the one thing that I guess you can think upon that a lot of the afternoon. As we can that that sort of illuminate. You know some room for improvement. The product as I mention I I think that period there's so much funny. Riding on their. And god that the bull market and they get back or forward. You don't want. I don't think it overshadowed it but I don't think you watch the DF stored on the pick and there was because. Then look at taking away the product the product being large Spanish you want the back at the peak I think zero point out that not. The measure the controversy because. It also Phishing with a consistent forward as well and. Scott Gleason. Digital editor and writer for USA today joins us here on the air castle pines sheriff. Scott who is I mean to me at the last two days were were just outstanding and I think that's one of the advantages when you get the when you get that Thursday and the Friday were you don't CD. The pitcher upsets than ever run loves the the twelve are the five the you know the the elevens are the six is even though we had one of each. But to me even really see high level basketball on the next few games. What is what was your favorite. Game from a weekend and you know what to do you know what did you feel like was. What did you feel like was the moment that made you say wow the most. It's got left in the game one. I would say Kentucky and wished us state. Because that felt like vote came you know we're our political feel which has stayed up all kind of or contenders. Our own you know I just I think that is good match at a negated that second round. I'm in the game just you know when red alert crew to be. It's the fact that showdown. I think a lot of people expected. As far as while back here. Some are trying to tell me what they get while back and I captives. I think it duke we can do people before they go to church outside out. But the thing whether it can be anything like it finally caught their groove and bound her identity. Armed. I would evidenced by the nation can turn meant so. You know that you can go back a lot of words that cow suit out of contender lost it as though nobody can do. I'm we're concentrating on art you know look at it all goes angered by an incredible basketball. Oh another little cut less about it if you could I think we're confident up there were they got. They're pulling that anybody committee addition I have an eight the end of the shoot sixty. But they have their incredible swagger and I think it based. Adding often experience you have brought think it uniter ate it got the ability to file force. You know very slick enough force we compete. So that's what's surprising here I record there's not elaborate. But South Carolina. I think they get Pampers dry out so I understand that because that's what went. And normal although it seepage and if it was early and it strive. And ready to look at the final four so and still got now is about result. Scott Gleason of USA today sports joins us you can follow him on Twitter act Scott M Gleason Scott as we. Look at the you know as we look into the regions now only as you mentioned duke in Villanova both getting knocked out in the east. As those fourteen had the Madison Square Garden who he think now it is it just. Shot K now that that the top two seeds are out hey it's it's Baylor turn is that the team you're looking for a come out of the Easter maybe someone else. Well I mean and I don't think that we can conclude as cal South Carolina be currents. You have a lot working really kind of the statement. A lot of confidence like what they're doing right now. There stronghold planes they're gonna third term but I don't need in this account because you look at bears past the sweet sixteen. I don't think there would be anyone had a picnic it was that great I think that the they would decorate. They hurt me and you know a Jerry gained fifteen. But. I don't think it's there by any stretch of the period the ball there proved themselves this to keep up this. The Arctic base. You know we look at these so I feel liquid the order up. It's just it's it's a great matchup OK they're really kind of plot blocks. He did today. Up security large order had a really key and pictures they got sick and I had to appreciate single bet they were off it that's what wrapped up their up all and it that. And Scott then it just looked awful and he is awful. At the beginning of march late February. And then make adequate candidate debate and turned it final so. Oh post seems to me I think are surprising in some ways but also opt. You know exactly out out of said he could not just because although local bank. Scott EE mentioned the DUSC at the USC game and one thing that really I felt like I noticed me for this turn at that I had. In years past and maybe I'm just a victim of the moment right now bit. To me it was so many east also many teens lose double digit leads and you know org and eventually comes back and holds on that. He saw these double digit leads what did you what did you. Account for the reason why we sold teams that we're able to get out front and be impressive and then kind of fall flat. In old goofy and I think that. And I can understand their identity altitude and you know I think the first game already at seventeen. Point deficit and anybody in Providence and first or air stormed back from that. And that obviously. Based they are they not talk SMU. Economists. Find a way to really come on and on what they're good at. When they're back in the wall when they haven't got the urgency you know sometimes can only got the ability really have to analogy that yet a lot of and it kind of carried over into I'm. Very Indian Taylor and to your point about you know in that sort of are able to come back waste. I do it again without on the iPhone so it kind of pandering here I like they are. I think there's a lot of I have to do it. They're what they're saying and they really need to work out the kinks they didn't play great at first out. And then help they took over won't let up so I kind of saw or that I collect and ship them because it is caught at backward teach me where USC. This seemed like they were just cut when he played awful basketball because they are behind. Rhode Island. I don't know about neurotic about I thought they had a walk out. And org and I think Dorsey just buckled and I can't foresee that a lot of turner. Where a player really can't put it back and perhaps the most organic. Great zero plank at the whole as a unit. I don't think they accounted for a guy would take over ability like pat Gillick repeated her. Scott Gleason of USA today sports joins us you can bomb on Twitter at Scott M Gleason and then Scott obviously the big story here in Memphis is that. The top four seeds in the south region all advance. To FedEx forms starting on Friday aid the headliner obviously Kentucky UCLA to the most storied franchises. In all of college basketball but certainly to me an intriguing match up is as Butler you know it obviously being the having. Forever reason adding the the identity of being the little guy who need the Butler and North Carolina mashups going to be intriguing. When you see when you look at both of those games how do you see either playing out. All you know assert where I learn Carolina out of Milwaukee I got you to see other up close and I think you know it's how efficient they are. And now a wallet site together. I think what. In any there was without Brett Stephens went up there are other kind of stepped in the spotlight on the back to back up our gates. There's still a lot of that was this program is how it so they have a giant killer mentality. Regard the weather factor in the big east and there are foresee. And I think that it's fitting then you put and don't forget what the latter because. Im also getting out of place when it went up and middle of the city to the dangers that other white school basically that's it. So. I think it plays their bands that they're out underrated against North Carolina I just watching the truck they are I saw that the eagerly. All herbal up. Singler duke it's just I don't think there and about basketball right now we get there are you rank the sweet sixteen game that I put Cheryl and it eight which I think. Spend a lot of people that it don't see them up I think everything on paper they're for the boys national championship. But I guess there's not a part of that area are thought could be about game but the others and to mark the bag and get. You know as far out Ari you know get back on their split up. At the they're ginger really good change to end I was so impressed with their freshman let's stop it because it was not curtail water tutor. That's all we need guy here. You know what you are trend in longer on the banned hunting deacon that at all strong block at the end of the game to really kind of feel it. And they're popular thing is just down an article by Steve and it is incredible so. I think this is this good you gonna get first sweet sixteen matchup when you can't lob the ball and you feel wages and unbelievably potent offense. Against the Kentucky kingdom I think Wasilla maturity and their lives went and stayed there I think had a cup effect around matchups so. They're very out of the great battle crime and two apple usually when my bracket because I was so light. If you till I can play. Good defense they're offense is just unstoppable. Passion consultant put that don't play it so well with Michael Arctic patent and some of that current. The man like their offense that's a special right offer came stepped up to stop. All and especially when you can Cyril last night you mean to me you know they have the they have kind of the disappointing easy meant mentioned Carol sergeant first half fill it up thirty points. Who they got into the second half menu you almost all of them recapture. That often an identity that they've had a mean to me just it that team is that match up in of itself is worth the weekend just because. To me when when Kentucky decides to play defense and I think right now they've really adopted this mentality of being a tough defensive team and you don't really ever so sad that. With the teams that are largely collected of you know the wind dawns but to me they've really really embrace that and that meeting that's the game I'm looking forward to most us this entire weekend. In I think you know with what he's still a Alan can realize how good of a divisive figure than an hour flight or you can lay it out there you know this car in the picture came. We've seen them play against cap and Gloria and they're not act all but. I think the fact that the tax all this year was early topped everyone like great and create those very. I think you're really overshadow the back of how dominant was the up as a I was I was really impressed where it. Cincinnati I got a big problem without fire as ushered. It's really just trying to. He packed it in effect after initially in another fear that this that felt like. So matchup wise. Because you can anything like it electing all them other than the act of Allah. But. We'll keep you way to have a mix of veteran guys they have picked up this often don't outweigh. Until August or if black. Scott we really appreciate your time you've been very very jazz with a send enjoyed the upcoming games this week and a man. Governor appreciate it. As Scott Gleason of the USA today he's the digital editor and writer for USA today sports again you can follow him on Twitter if you like to do so at Scott M. Gleason a PGA tour pro. Gave a whole new definition to shooting your shot. 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This is the story of the shipping company called Harry's in an epic battle David vs Goliath. The early 1980s a child was born in the two of them actually their names were Jeff and any. Time went by. Developed facial hair one day something. Armored dog fighting over priced razors so they decided to start their own shaving. For hire the best designers and brought in 95 year old German leagues are. They started selling high quality razors online you know what charging. Overpriced razor company respond by threatening to sue their pants off. Try Harry's free we'll send you a razor with five German blades. Only shave gel and even probably cover when you sign up discover shipping plus get a free post shape Obama checkout with code. 9898. Cents Harry's dot com. Code 9898. To get your free trial set. Ever right billing in a sport where half the time you'll join us during the next segment in studio before he. The parts of four New Orleans as the grisly start a four game road swing beginning against. Pelicans tomorrow night our thanks to Scott Leeson and for joining us. Last segment to discuss the NCAA tournament but now we got to do as we do every single. Aircastle type show at this time we had a ring it up and put very on the board. Really you know. Sorry apple really being. We know 82 nice fairy castle and that live call ahead to the end of hood. And sounds so evil grin at. That area on the board story number one we mentioned it. We teased at last segment that. A PGA tour pro has brought a whole. New meaning to the term shoot your shot PGA tour rookie Grayson Murray now has a little motivation. To win next weekend earning himself a spot in the masters. Murray who has appeared. On the big lead for calling out price Cindy Sheehan though after you with withdrew from the Genesis open as well as calling out other PGA tour. Pros were being boring. On social media he chose to prove that he himself is not boring. He asked model I use air quotes on that Lindsay palace or maybe it's kill us I can ever remember. Via Twitter to be his caddie. In the par three contest at a gust up according to Twitter from his own account at Grayson Murray hey Lindsay payless. If I win next week in Houston will you be my caddie at the masters. She carried. Her. Let's say at the spirit of honesty of biz which we mentioned at the top of the show which we we very much hold true. Her profile on Twitter is incredibly honest. Genetically gifted is what she calls herself. And she most certainly is. Apple doctorate degree most most certainly as. Let's just say god did not exactly keep that one fair. Interesting moment here so for those that don't know the masters has the most limited field of all the majors. You must either be in the top fifty of the world golf rankings how or you must have wine one of the major. Put it not like a split tour of day you have to win one of the standard PGA tour stops the year before. To wall bout for the masters since Grayson who is not lacking in confidence and self. Probably a pretty good make up for a PGA tour golfer. Since he has only played in eleven events and made four cuts with no wins he would have to win in the only term that he's. Has left on the schedule before Augusta occurs that's the Shell Houston Open because he will not be playing the suite at the match play so. I think I like this move. Why not pick up villager to call a growing out for being boring ye that kind of but got to put yourself in a a spot where you yourself must not be boring and I aid for 1 am rooting for Lindsay tell us to show up at Augusta National because I do not know what Augusta national's entire. Coordinate through what what would ball would the make up beat there. Can you tell him no. Like I don't know. What he did there I'd I don't I don't think you can I be right yet the daughter of honey. And you know maybe it's related called. Tiger Woods says he doesn't beat they get to this later about it today he saw that. We're not conspiracy theory is guys were connect the dots guys here just say. That is a little little boy that is related I don't know maybe it's related this is seat he set this tweet. Yesterday. It does something so does I don't know. Yes shape. As when Grayson Murray sent the tweet today tiger on Good Morning America. Said that. He would love nothing more than to play the masters. Again we're not conspiracy guys or connect the dots guy does say we're just we're you know we're just say it a little bit. I mean now I know that tiger wasn't just full of it when he said I'd really really want to be there that's been violated. For those that don't know tiger definitely as a tight Lindsay falls into that type category. Now story number two. Bruce hornsby. The great pianists he's also been the B keyboard pianist for The Grateful Dead on to worse for the better part of a decade. He had some inching comics today all lined the damn glad it's hard show. And essentially what happens was he was proposition would he rather have a parallel career as to the one that he's had in music. But rather have it in baseball and this was his comments in his response on the dale archer. I take your musical career I'd tell you can have a parallel baseball career but you can't have the music career. Baseball career with the success the Bruce hornsby has had in music but not the musical success do you take that trade yes or no. OK the trade is there are the FB I would trade Biden declared I didn't think. Or baseball career. Hornsby to be Roger Moore I mean that's a little bit Oliver Jones took our jobs. Our first trade report it for Rogers Hornsby yeah you know what he was. For a long time in front of the greatest fight in history and hater in the history of baseball at one of the original hall of famers and and all that. I don't know. Look look I wouldn't be here is why wouldn't trade this for sports career because I'm 62 years old. And I feel it could do everything I wanted to do I'm I'd been through. I'm quite the musician I wasn't out but what I would sort of popular. So it is sport you know there's no there's no parallel may be the golf world to give the senior tour you may get fifty year old playing that they may be but until I know I wouldn't trade it just because the longevity of it. This sort of not possible in portrait of the body wears out of or. He's dead on right there now and this is why I feel like if I were an entertainer and entertainers that was not. A musician that had hits why would be insanely jealous of every single guy that even if he just had like one hit. And you get toward that hit for the rest of your life. A heat and ice and I still touring I mean. You know ever really is makes them like birth shortly probably even though he's he has a much more diverse career he's done more things than just two were that's the way it is forever never. If I order a stand up comedian. I would absolutely hate musicians. Because. As a dip comedian. You can't just go on tour like if you have one killer set a great jokes for an hour. You can just go on tour that for the rest your life because then people saw you five years ago and heard the same judge say amen. We want to hear that those boarded the first time yet we looked uncertain if they don't play and it's worked outraged. Like Garth Brooks Garth Brooks apologizes to replay the new saw. How insanely jealous of that uncovered this ought to be they got it. And had a great doubt always a bust my whole life to get to this point record data few hits and I'm just gonna play does trust my life. Exactly I get to do is. You know what if you have one hit it does sit through that whole concert in new crack all just to hear that one song that you're gonna play last. It's also while love guards when he apologizes it up all Ellis played its it's like Moody's and keep a man. He does what they want any delivers he's an execution got. Story number three. A and one from the world. Might help. Monopoly just announced the results of its vote to replace some of its old tokens with new once. Beat I should say Milton Bradley now Mattel the three that were voted out or the them all the wheelbarrow and the boot. Replacing them all our number one a tear acts. Number two rubber duck. And number three. Paint. Then I ask you. Do we upgrade. Did we downgrade. Or her. You somewhere between. So are thousands of percent. I think we're somewhere in between my whole question is why. All I question is we're supposed to make it stuff that's like. More modern and kind of like you know. Shirt like a cell phone or right know something along those lines literally able ticket yes exactly severed a rubber ducky. T Rex and paying when things were all round I believe well obviously the T Rex extinct by. You're all around win monopoly was first made. My other question is John I know we obviously there has to be capped at some point that. Why do you have to limit the number of tokens. Like it just add one. I I you know to me like your point I. Mean when they had the blue Eminem I don't believe they took away any idea. I don't know I am very confused as to why we had to do this second question I would ask have you ever completed a game of monopoly. Alone. Start to finish I do not believe so as anyone. I've economic pilot that was not a doubt without a judgement to question for me now is right I. I had to take about a per say and I played monopoly many times but I don't know there's ever been a time where everybody else in the game had zero money in one person was sitting there with. I have all the houses and hotels and money. A monopoly at me by smoking jacket and monocle. Yes now yeah I've never I've backed up completing complete game of risk. But I don't they got complete game and monopoly. I know that I'm what they would refer to as attention deficit. But this is also why. Growing up Bible swear by Candela. Candela and you're in and out on their way to exactly do you feel like forty minutes Max it was. Tonight or did it all even better the next 40000 blows. Battleship on how accessible to law to make it takes a little bit. Low but still confirming a cute idea you know one thing in you like all okay well. A Miguel for five this wired that way or whatever for. Need to complete game of battleship and had to be that out yet to have the out the rich friends that had the the electronic one that made it sounds in the noises there. Who had a keep me. Keep me around dusk through which is by far the most were brace is game ever hostility to it's it's quick like that that was a product of assigned and that's exactly and oh yeah. Those are the three stories or today. Coming up next we got Aircastle time in studio the grizzlies picked up their biggest win of the calendar year when they defeated the San Antonio Spurs. 104 to 96. On Saturday night it was wrestling night Rick talked to Eric about that and much much more. On the Aircastle dot sticker on Wilson 99 FM ESP NW and that's an issue when Bartlett. That's.