The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, June 22nd
Eric takes phone calls from the fans and coninues his thoughts from draft night with Connor. John Gasaway of ESPN joins the program to close out the show. 

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Article it's all on what the next step is going to be. So I didn't think it it would amount but Papon didn't indeed act concise in terms of what their identity going to be. I'd like here it will give Jack and I loved his personality all its all part of it yet it secretly can't tell me the main story about presser in the needed. Goal of what this ain't gonna be moving forward in the general manager of the head coach and I'm optimistic now I would it be on the Jackson checked. But literally in the thirty minutes of that press conference aren't feeling a lot better because I feel like they have a direction that they want to go Mike never once they had no direction. Yeah now I'm pain in the ass and make it look like they don't gear they're trying to look forwards. By going backwards and away and it's it makes sense at least certain logic behind yet. Not good to be a rudderless ship in the NBA got to have a an idea where your gonna what. You wanna be appreciated sat down and joy the brewery. I will give you one tip when you're on a radio interview never fellows that would rather be out on a patio. They can I have. Answer at a brewery that's just cruel and unusual punishment. Well that's coming out here a couple of coordinator also beer or beyond that I swear and I'm not I'm not making this up to like if I didn't feel like death I would. I absolutely feel awful that. And an expert no other reason other than I'm actually legitimately sick but I just don't take sick days especially after the draft. You're one of the harder workers out Erica good on our analysts and adolescent phase in for a compliment but I'll take it they aren't on a given its computer server I appreciate it buddy enjoy the day. I'll its catch up soon. They're back to where you got a body. I'm on actual grizzly bear hosting and domain it. He's gonna join us on a regular basis yes yes breaking news Jamal an ax is now a regular guest every single Friday it through 25 are very very happy to have odds that every Friday NT 45 he's in a bar somewhere. Always teach yourself. He's a he's a teacher on the in the my guess is this summer and it's a summer yeah I don't know. I'm excited as a teacher yes. And I Rosie and do it three delay they must ask all 3 o'clock I think he's doing it for breeder for the summer for now on and see what an emergency happens during the school year but he's going to be great. Schools is very very very Intel and on the grizzlies I just got a message. A mother great John mark and he is going to politely step aside if I here's why he's got something that he's working on this very day basket and I don't want to jam him up so we're gonna take. A break we were were missing a break. So we've got to take a break we'll come back. We'll take a quick segment of phone calls as best we Camden I'll take another break and then now we'll try to balance out our time as best we can I'm sure you can work your magic when we got me react gasoline using the awesome yet and we'll talk about the animal skins is not about the NBA addressing you've heard at all. I'll try to take some phone calls let's take a break out probably a little bit longer than usual but that we've asked to do that. Got to pay some bills when we come back they'll hear from you about the grizzlies draft selections that's next ninety to not let me ask in my office. As Michael do this to me. Good night to night FM ESPN Memphis. Get window. Coming up Monday on the latest in the World Cup Dan update affairs draft rankings plus we'll recap our leadership was treated Pinehurst we'll find out we have an accurate number on how many mode musical she's. Gold do we go Monday mattresses or face in 929 FM ESPN was. 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Sports station. Samsung is censored our am series program program bribe Steve merely seeing golf course play got the right way. And rarely achieved. Fifteen minutes from downtown short drive snap on. 6195. Was sad humor road coming from Charlotte you can be there are no signs felonies. Or from out east German towns. Titles a little farther could buy those little brother out. Coming from east Memphis come from downtown Memphis. You're there before you know it. And when he gets there you realize you're gonna play one of the best public courses there is not only in the area. Probably in the entire entire southern United States truthfully public courses the better it is nicer just not that easy to find their jabs. And it's beautiful out there it's serene. Rolling creeks. Actually saw safe and one of them didn't wanna find out those voices are not knocking on those. If you wanted to fight and no has always near there and I just waited for in this letter and down at the other end and I went got a ball left. I figured that's a free drop. We've had too many horror horrible animal. Encounters stories in the past eight you know I was a little ahead pocono battle water and I didn't really get a good look if it was say Al rounded batters squared and which is the square head as the ones you that by Jay you're in trouble yeah. I just sounds whether when he was told to go down that plan eligible for him to go down that way isn't. But I didn't take away from the experience it was a great. Lay house. They've got a great clubhouse situation as Obama man Charlie running things out there and Jeremy C and take excellent care of use self. Make sure that you head on over to merely seek and play golf the right way merely see. It is where you wanna be it'll help you challenge your golf game and I'll be get cheers swing ready and out on top of things. And that I'm telling you you'll have a great day out there so what they're going by yourself. Whether you're hitting low range when you're going out with your buddies when you're making your next tee time make it merely chief tu fat 93802593800. Mary meets he played golf. The right way. 5353776. I 353776. We will get to your phone calls we will get to John gas away. From ESPN talking college hoops. Right next he's covering the draft as well I'm assuming I'd Arnie look at it between nineteen draft. And and this kid on our. If they're calling in the left handed OB lives might not be fair. The young man because that's a little bit hype on him but so are watching highlights of him from like when he was sixteen. To like black or fifteen and sixteen and now like last year as a as a senior and what's it's like when did you Leonel Obama. When he got. Well people said he was it was like a combination of idolize your line in light anti Davis are so guess what they said dad is solicited or I didn't like I did like Michael Jones or Michael Porter junior gone. A candlelight Kevin Durant team Mac and you know somebody else all rolled up and wanna might. Well OK so your leg literally the greatest player ever exactly not even close like you're here you're gonna make Michael Jordan look like he should be playing. On the summer circuit yet. Hey that's always. I enjoyed those and I enjoyed reading the comparisons on the draft web sites. More so for the ones that they get or if I read it doesn't take out Buick what seriously check. I did appear to throw me and that brings like six points a game for my career arranged any right and like how angry today yet because you know Avery. Maria I your thoughts on what happened. Last night grizzlies is Joseph Mullen said seemingly now have a direction. We southern New York Knicks kid again on the TE MC and as on my computer you see that on the draft. The other big the kid that like basically started crying when they. Drafted Chris stops or Zain as always the same kids the same kid and his dad and so they had them on camera the minute they stay Kevin not. The dads Owen yeah that was damaged kids like. What a world in my fan of this team for yeah. That was priceless mats in Cairo as the people's Republican cardinal Matt. Are eager to talk about like division I heard at a press conference and one other thing though. How wanted to to point out was I'm glad they're gone against the grain because. Every what kind of taken talent that imitates. Golden State. And premier defensive count can't drop it into our lap that may be higher quality than people taken if you look at lame example. You could make arguments that all three of those picks which are Golden State close were reaches. Well I mean here's a thing how about Atlanta's general manager also saying hey we are gonna trade a draft pick. Are to Milwaukee and swap picks with them and move up. Until we read the until he read Twitter and saw that they weren't taken a guy we wanted so we just stay back. I would think that GM's now that have said they all these social media guys are making our jobs harder. Are gonna have are gonna have their voices heard somehow they're gonna have eight on I love loads to death but in scooping everybody like two minutes before OPEC. It does have an effect if you look I mean like we knew by the way I'm just get on the stand up for a second. We knew they train young was going like if if Dallas was able to take tray on. So it and it races so while the grizzlies estate trade young injured including doctors will Dallas had. A first round pick that the grizzlies could not offer for next year it's an Italian I sort of get yet is so yeah glad now this was the beyoncé Davis or does he go hurt at. So many die if it Irving doesn't ever want but it. But even if you had the picked. If you're the grizzlies he knew and had to take it you really did value looted onstage more than than Jerry Jackson junior which we will never know but let's just say they did. You get that he'll bring you could just basically turned to Dallas give them a double middle finger salute and say enjoy whoever you get suckers because we're doing it now. There's and that's what that's unfair to the mavericks you can't publicize that stuff and I don't know who's tell these guys that stuff but it is an. I think you're right they went against the grain they took a kid that's a long athletic but everybody in these you know these draft projections that's also the same thing about Jerry Jackson. He is by far in their opinion one of the best big men if not the best big man in this draft. Down the road they're saying not right away but when he develops because of his ability to play defense already. And his ability to shoot from the outside that he will become the prototypical NBA big man and so look at that's for the grisly scene and that's great Mikey said. They seemingly are doubling back down on great ground. Now they that's absolutely true and and we would want it given that often hear about the patriarchate. You can tell they're committed to that vision and carry on with that that all. Right now I may take him and then make the trade salute the downsides is when I was and no you I agree you could have double bird or DeVon taken straight young and nixed the deal altogether and then try to work something out of Atlanta that way or Atlanta and then. Just gives you double bird back and has global just keep down tension you can have a guy he really didn't want. And so then you're you're looking at how that that plays itself out but it does it doesn't I mean I don't think those general managers don't see that stuff. Or have somebody monitoring didn't know who is going wire when you put that stuff up publicly like that. It can have a series of fact not only on teams but on these kids' lives. On these kids finances so it's crazy Matt appreciate phone call they solicit bud. Charlie you're up next what's up Charlie. Well and I think I also enjoyed the point that not only did you get. What what hug and says look this compass defender ever but now he gets to be coached by another. And you bears favorite it and then Nick Van Exel. Yeah now Astor and I think they'll have that ad that. In common nick was a eight is seemingly more skilled ovens are yeah did you hear Javon tired of those say because. I've grown up I put the ball but that was a score but I knew when I got to West Virginia. There there were other guys that were. Scorers as well so I had to find a way to stay. On the court that is the seed that they what I wanna hear at a kid's I wanted to find a way to be able to play so I figured out what I could do to do it great that. The thing that the thing that impressed me as numbers ratio. Only college basketball player ever 15100 points 500 rebounds 500 finished 300 seals you discuss. Or average three steals a game and edit it any highlight you see of him this is no joke and now you see of them. And granted it's highlights but watch it they're showing a defensive highlight it's because he is picking up. Other division one point guards. In the backcourt. Free throw line toward that to the baseline he's not meeting them at the top of the arc he's not meeting him at half court he's not meeting him at the opposite top of the arc. He is picking them up as they catch the inbounds pass and I'm telling you the looks on some of these kids faces are just like somebody get this. Able away from me like now what I said green on him. Makes you smile before. Oh my god it's Tony Allen with fewer cure misplayed apps. I'm not gonna put the Tony Allen thing on them. Blanket that's okay though I couldn't let go negative and it's only on the on the unfair. And Sharon Jack Jerry jacks and you control the latest on between the years what that young man are easy and he will be orange show. Nine and I think dead. That's one of the things that when you have a father who has played. Act that level. And worked his way into the league and then there's something to that Charlie thanks man appreciate it take care act patsy factory 776. I 353776. You know. You can read up on all this stuff everybody's gonna give them grades eight you can't here's the thing that I hate about this now. Well we're excited about what we've heard from Jerry Jackson junior and from. It Javon car right we're just excited we're happy they're grizzlies. Everybody else out there don't we gotta get these trades grades we get you'd like that the draft picks grades who reached who did what. One now. You don't know now I would love to I would love to go back and read what people said about Donovan Mitchell's back I'm sure they said hey these guys can degrade and there was one. Website did the worst grade I saw was a C plus. Was a C plus yeah and then it was like. AA AA and it's like oh what it all of us should say inconclusive yet every single green generally in hotel mid season. Does he fit your system you'll know as you get to training camp and that's that's my part about it like you'll know. You'll now bad news for Mississippi State fans right now although it is a double elimination situation. The Oregon State Beavers. Our smoke in Mississippi State six to one. A big hearing for the for the the believes who have. One loss already but it's bottom of the second that did this and stated I don't understand that. And that's silly to me and account World Series. Mississippi State's total or against it ends play off topic but his lead missing state and those going on. Or is faced when one or say subtlety. The city states have been on table games that's my. I 53537765353776. Who wanna get in time to get in is now because we are going to hit a break and we're going to talk. Always John gas away from ESPN we'll talk about college hoops Terrence is joining us here on the phone line stance puts out. You are lotion. We did the best we could in that first round. Giving we traded down loading and they'll put a player we weren't enamored with. And I think guarantee actually. When a player defensively. You could be a nice. Picture like it. Police say and that we NN we were enamored with who who do you mean by we the fans. Or then declared concluded orientation. Why can tell you right now we're being hammered where it would work would we will look car. Now they would have got they let they'd like Wendell part of their loved Jerry jacks I can tell you they were high five thing in their draft you know and they got him. So they they loved ones they love Jerry Jackson they really did like Wendell Carter but they thought if they didn't have the opportunity to get somebody else that they really like that that's where they would that's there. So so it did that today you gotta see you gotta go to player alleged that there to love you man I mean agreed. I wish. But I am not a warm a bit more if not reported Beck told not the end would be well we all right yeah that's a big hit them that. I I believe it's here but that's a big roll the dice. It's a big roll of the dice and so people are worried about that I just appreciate it and thanks act we get. I don't think that we were questioning that they were enamored with the anger now that they should have traded down there are those that felt like that I will say it is. Until he spoke. I think a lot of the fans especially at the form word. Satellite and whatever. If I'm being completely honest. It took me about thirty minutes because I was like he's not he's not a sexy tape that's the thing music is still be a little bit of a project put he's got that mentality. He has the mindset he has he worked at that he's he comes from a great family background I think his father being NBA players great and he has. He has a better offensive game the people given credit for his go back and look at his highlights like. That one new teammates with his left hand and it's been living that's sadly that's not like gay thing that you can do is do you like Gary like I hesitated led the updates and went piano legs and went to is off analyze it and he's a higher block rate in the Obama does so I think that we got two of the top three defensive players in this draft. I'm happy I I really am happy because I think they're going for this like hybrids jeans he's saying and these are the two guys you wanna start that with that you you are. You still have yet a few of those guys left. From those days of the New York agreed that seemingly let. They are doing all right dialed they break when we come back we are going to talk. To John gas away from ESPN and all break down the NBA gas Moran. What this does to other landscape of college basketball as well many do not have any estimates as. It's that big deal matches. Small brands are on sale with savings of up to 500 dollars plus enjoy our most famous ever went 0% APR pursue every few months. Out you can get a New Bedford slowest in nine dollars a month don't wage this deal won't. As long. Your budget stretches further pad matches where. Nine dollars month for every two months deserves an eighty yard call 1866706220. 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Man does is crazy hot and humid what you did know. Is that old spice pierce port anniversary we'll keep you feeling so fresh and so clean in this heat. But you're not gonna even really be about bias ply in me maybe spotted at which you're not gonna feel the effects of it when it comes to your freshness. I imagine heading out to a post work gathering today and you. Add your old spice pierce port and a purse loaded up and you see that. Lovely young lady from another company across the way certain other co workers. Don't ring on the left hand so you feel like you got a shot. Take a shot planner did it. To your shot man. Botox sort of get settled place pierce Florida in inverse and you don't have to give yourself the dreaded smelled check. I nasty out there I'm nominating this song everytime Janet Jackson junior gets a steal we should placements criminals. It's just it's my it's and it's perfect knowledge of our Carter gets a steal. Well it's Michael Jack the name mister Jackson. That's why it's there yes they're Jackson called in my back pocket. Allspice fears sport offers various weapons actually get some today don't want to you'd be you'd beat the old spice pierced or anniversary. John gas aways college hoops reporter for You can follow him at John gas away on Twitter. Let's vegan today's Q and I am today the best in sports. John thank you think it's time to be with us your thoughts of what transpired last night. Well I'm not just saying this particular to a talking to at the same exact thing to radio station at a different part of the country entirely commenced their but I thought it was a really good night. Jerry Jackson. So much alike already. Particularly on defense and speaking of defense. Not a bad value to pick up in the second round either in Turkey Iran Carter people who watch college basketball. Know exactly what you will see therefore are Carter can make as well on the horse so really good night ferment those particularly on defense. This is what I said and and see if you know obviously we. Here in Memphis and that I've called the game since 2001 and and never thought I would really enjoy watching a defensive oriented basketball team I'm always the guy that likes. Hair on fire basketball. Offenses in football to throw it 75 times game. And baseball I can go either way but I like scoring but I really did enjoy watching our team play the way they did and play a type of defense that. Wasn't just like hold you target the Jersey it was where I get after you or make you take bad shots are gonna pressure the ball. And that will slow the game down when I am a cellular be terrible offensively but were gonna make it difficult for you. And then they kind of got away from that Marc Gasol said that getting back to that and he needs both these guys I don't know as much about Janet Jackson's defense is I did you buy cards because I saw him more. For whatever reason in college acts on TV. He looked at literally at times during his hero like other point guards. Just wanted to take it like call for a sub and say get this do away from like seriously get him away from me. That's exactly right and he's doing that in the best conference in the in the country or at least the strongest arm in the in the big well. He faced elite. Point guards that he was starting and exactly fuselage of on Carter consistently made their lies that are all close. Elite point guards were unhappy to be guarded by it and he can do that from. From the word go I in the NBA if you can find his way onto the court if if the rotation. Allows him to do that. That is hostility does the work ethic that he shows. And he can bring that and I think unique and Woodward response positively to that and that isn't even. Talking about oh by the way though the player taken at number four crew who were the two. Chevy you've earned no appropriate amount posts. You know as you say got away from it they only count or he should have in the whole NBA they're. Allowed more points per 100 locations where you're so others look there's room for improvement on upload the ball and Jack Carter and that's why you're part of that solution. And I think that they help part of it meant getting Mike Conley back helps that as well and getting a little more familiarity with some new faces they're certainly. Can't hurt you mentioned Jackson. The one thing I've heard from scouts from experts his footwork. I mean kids eighteen he's not turning nineteen until September so Hilton nineteen just before training camp opens so there is room to grow and I I think. Based on what Jamie Baker's step Ecko said last night as they look we see what this kid can do and give us like three months with some. And we feel like he's going to be ready it's a damn agent you know is covering contrast will work guys come and and it's almost unfair to expect them to be ready were asking nineteen and twenty year old to step into a league. A grown man who are considered to be the most superior athletes. I am not only is basketball wise but some of the most superior athletes in the world. In any sport. And say oh yeah by the way go guard you know Kevin Durant he's 31 and has been doing this for twelve years and has grown man strengthen your nineteen in. Well all about six months ago you were us sit in a college classroom. Dreaming about getting the basketball practice it's almost unfair to expect them to be productive right away. Right and he is. Incredibly young even by the standards so that people were drafted last. East. He's got a few more months ago you sir are still being an eighteen year old. That being. That's a great time. Q are grab that kind of talent. The number four drag. He's he's got the full work you've got the wing span you know it's and he is just wanted to ensure those you know what guys play. Anthony Davis going to be there and in the way of wingspan when when they were drafted there they are pretty well and you know he he actually Jackson had a for whatever reason. Troubled big playing time and it wasn't all. Culturally that are keeping you click fifteen minutes in Michigan it's do. Win or go home game Nancy determined at Syracuse yeah. That's between him anyway to resolve that between imminent so we're we're going what Lou says he can't duplicate it pertinent stats because he only had about 41 point two minutes. The percentage of opponents two point shots that you block or credible. Michigan State two point defense was incredible and he was a huge part of and he's he's just got all of the signs that you look for. The only question is you know big east he's not the kind of guy where he's gonna be there. Don't know rookie really close to try to stop the missile. Not the kind of guy who's who's going to be your creature scorer make it go but hey. He's he's already making three if you shoot 80% blind. This was great great great pick and before. I'm sure you get that the question of so which diet twelve or thirteen or fourteen or fifteen can be next year's Donovan Mitchell and I would have to edit it. None of them because you can't expect that out of my bag I can't pick one because if you would guess what. The NBA GMs would know when they'd taken second or third and they ambulances were bad and it's what I laughed about that I do wanna ask you this because I saw that you. You quote we did some from Jonathan Gibboney. Eight came out today the Atlanta the Atlanta Hawks saw what was going to happen. At seventeen and instead of sending a pick to go up a couple of spots to get a guy they wanted. I'm a kid out of Maryland. They just said well and I have taken him there and think that they'd even sends us so why wouldn't make the trade. And now it's getting some people to raise their eyebrows that maybe that did this should Nat. This should not be his public now part of its own the teams and you get a good teams and not tell guys what they're about to do. But. You know it does raise eyebrows like let's just cost Milwaukee a potential graphic. And you don't mean this draft is such a highly. Artificial situation where information. So tightly constrained another good example are talking about those that most of those. You know medical reports always going to routine right that your future interest that. In the being you know looking at here and not giving them other teams. Yeah this yeah we can do things to improve the situation with the very particular medical or it should just see how. I'm free to. Thirty teams but you know is it highly artificial situation man you've got five men out there and hopefully. You know you've done your advanced planning but still you can't know for certain in which players are gonna be all aboard by that time and you do see. Drama queens conflict what you look like he described there that's why we watch this of the best. Televised draft you know our group but are strapped for TV and sports are far below the population the players this is small its prominence. That's one thing we would lose SharePoint and done one way it is we would know these guys yearly as well. If they're coming from Findlay crowd and an okay role as as we do when they come from duke and Michigan State have that this was a draft in the parliament. And I think that's a great point as there is talk that they will do away with the one and done that you certainly will know a lot more about the guys in the draft when there is the one and done. Then you won't when you're out. He's I mean yeah I don't think it's going to be a problem for the of course the NBA. Used to not have one done they used to say you know can be in Garnett strict high school there and I think that concerns about quote unquote marketing error overblown I mean the minute these. It before as a rookie when they'll be understood and appreciated the only they. Well I will say is that it did does change the actual draft by itself because influence. It was cool seeing these guys marching hand in there you'll find last night. And you know who they are and you've watched them all season and you know them very well. You would lose sat on draft night and they were just moved back when we become out. According to a number two we we'd gain that about Schmidt rookie year instead of in their freshman year and you know. I think that's fine it's fair to players that would make a little bit gun control. I am. Let me ask you this it's it's impossible for me ask you to give grades because. Really all of the teams will get incomplete until these kids either take the floor or do not take the floor or whatever it may be but who did you. Who did you think did well with what they had there's a lot of talk the Boston getting Robert Williams had a tech Sam did well with what they had. Phoenix being able to make that trade in and grab Mattel bridges. From Philadelphia although I thought that was an incredibly Philadelphia thing to do hey your mom orders for us where you try to Villanova. You're going to you're gonna play for us and and then six weeks later go well scratch that we're gonna send you forget about that brotherly love thing we're sending you to Phoenix visiting at a rapid or enjoy it. They're up. That was actually I do you feel like that's the case were the sixers and the son benefited from the sixers did that. Well time delayed. Benefit but it could turn out to be huge. And unrestricted first round pick in 20/20 one which again are being back to work prior topic. There right now I'd be O one and done by then and it might be the first year so that they are not in which case. That would be the equivalent of kind of cute draft class was on collapsed there could be incredibly. Incredibly valuable and the funds such a great young nucleus there's got outlook. We produce them and just circled them and Booker. I think I had a do you have to give so close to the mavericks were coming away. Well at the end of last night would look at gunships. With the number five pick I would not known. But it could have happened now of course you know they traded and they they gave up though we're young completed draft pick five to get done Jews who went to three but. If I had to bet on who can be the best the soonest on offense in this entire draft you know Lugar's lead are pretty good. Pretty solid that he's been playing against grown men professionally now for years already. He was Euro league MVP. He didn't just stay away from the American cancer cleared I've got real it's what this guy can get gone on offense so the skilled succeed. Automaker and so have also looked. Commandos were getting that deal done. Well it's not that easy to stay away from the American fast food analogy that putt with apps on your phone where chicks away walking out to your car it's even now it's even harder to stay away from it believe me I know. So before before I let you go then let me ask you this as we talked. With John gas away from ESP NEA bomb onto her at John gasoline GA as a W a Y. How soon before we start talking about that 2019. Draft class and once a day later but people start talking about it and I will say is I just looked at him a couple of mocks him. RJ Barrett looks like a month's terror he looks like he's gonna be awesome. And we leave your pet currently can start talking about now I wrote a a piece not long probe pointing out. Historically the last few years the high school rankings would come out now. Those track what you see one year later on the actual draft very well. So absolutely now's the time to assert you know talking about guys like you know Derek and then Brian Williams in the mobile Lankford and reddish the FB you'd either username so we're very likely to see how. At the top of the draft board in just one year's time and a lot of these guys like Manning or playing for duke in the coming here I am sure you know you would think that would make them a sure thing but I. History's not not so sure about teams that are really really young and too although they'll be counted they know you're really really young so. Still have to catch these NBA stars to be and get most of Obama's short period of time. Yeah and I think we'll you know it'll look very similar. You know a year from now. When we go into the night before draft letters that I should I say a year minus two days from now we go on draft night. So what it looks like now for the most part in terms of the top guys because it's a lot of college freshman and in high school seniors going to be college freshman guys they're freshmen going in their sophomore years. And a lot of people don't expect that to change that much you know you'll find the train young and maybe moves his way in and and we you know Lamar mag really busy reclassified initially. I after the the mock came out but. We'll follow it throughout and generally in this is the crazy thing that I said about drafts yesterday when the less they like or how much will would you think there's going to be and I I thought there could be. But I also said this. It's not like these guys woke up yesterday went all they've addressed today let's get on our let's get on our ipads and see what we can find. Let's go get a guy and then now when we're down we'll go grab a a cold one down at the local. They have been doing this for years and so the guys that are coming and it's one in ninety Mary know all about them. Yeah and I mean I don't want to overstate the case there is some movement another movement in the wrong direction go to call obviously from Michael Porter junior. Contrary young moved out you know he was still ranked whatever you cracked a retreat. You know coming up high school. The big big movement I guess would be from Dyer Smith who led a one and done. And he came from well outside of the top if you win the first round so kudos for him right but by buying large. Yeah you look at the top ten I. Old order urged. Fast forward a year and you know short dark and you've got like an eightieth on 90% chance video lottery picks so be of value leaders for better or worse it got pretty good. You know finding this challenge and identifying an early and so they're they are by and large on their way into the NBA at sooner not later yeah. And I think a lot of that with the summer circuit where these guys are playing a against one another and you can see who can. Go one on one at 18 at one another better than the other ones and sometimes it's a matter of whether your teams that are not have been. You balance that with what you see any structure of whatever their high school team is doing and I didn't get a pretty good grasp on it and moving in. To the college ranks John appreciate it man I can't thank enough I know it's a busy day. I enjoyed the conversation let's talk again soon. I'm good thank you credited to our guests away right there from ESPN. You can follow months let her act John gasoline will come back close out the headlines gets ready for the game press experience that's next night you out of MES in Memphis. Memphis is number 1 sports morning shows Jeff got kids go with Memphis in most significant sports columnist Jason Smith and John Mark heading home. 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Very happily yeah prime Jermaine O'Neal is there any good I'm Jermaine O'Neal and Portland did nothing now but in alienating millions enjoy yet is awesome all right. Connolly says I don't mind Jerry Jackson junior but we didn't need and I can't believe in Hammond period about a fact we just like Dallas and Atlanta bend us over and Eiffel Tower that's. Gross it grows. Phallic symbol here's the trauma that coming. You didn't have the opportunity to not. Let that happen you didn't have the first round pick that community I'm could've thrown in there yet he could have gone and taken very young at four. It would have been I think you and dad Andre Young had four and they were disabled people get thousands of you don't have a future first round pick. I energy E*Trade young wasn't a guy you want and then why take him on the fourth overall that. A lot of people wondering how long they'll have to wait. Let's see. Inspector ounces I got a terrific shirt idea hash tag grind baby's interest in a little barbecued chicken with sex offense that is the fantastic. That it's not the actual ahead of what is the name becomes utterly handle. I love it violent. All the right things were said by each person at the podium I'm ready to see what these guys can hash tag welcome back he has a doubt that. Named for caring Jackson trade. And it's that is what the political pull or something for like name my greatest and now that I trader. Michael says first undrafted signing please Billy Preston from Kansas leaders Rama that in terms of saying Billy Preston from Kansas they're played a minute forum. Designers that doctor that top recruit inside there never played his all these academic early yeah all these questions and he supposing monster worked out for Washington but nobody took. Are so it is there and then Justin says in the NFL defense him when you're championship but to me in order to win basketball. You have to score defense is cool but you got to score the basketball I agree with that here and I would say that. There's more than one avenue to add obtain a score so unless you're talking about. You were just so high on trade young because you saw him scoring college. The comparison I heard someone say today is like look this guy could end up certainly being staffed very. You know we're not gonna take anything away from them is arms aren't as long and he's not quite as big. Buddy can also vary just as easily be Jimmer Fredette or Dion Waiters. We're waiters in the NBA Jimmer Fredette I'll play in the and go on sale I'm saying I think trade young can score Arizona will be. A guy that can lead a team I see what you're saying I I also like Indian latest at. But they're they're they're the comparisons are making is like big game is similar to a debt instrument for that had crazy range yeah. And that's a good Sacramento super sad to get him and he just never. Could make it work. I never understood the same as China and never missed it's I think he is. They didn't really have the same college career stats it was similar his legislative it was a similar to stiff wind fir room here is less I think in a hastily turned into her young days so I that's why I never really understood debt. Let's again because he's a slight build shooting. From the parking lot basically in games against Oklahoma any just burst onto the scene scoring like. Thirty points tonight let isn't saying we won't know the actual. Feelings there actual outcomes on anything about these guys and tell us are applying yes but. What I do you know is that we. In Memphis now have two young guys. It's seemingly you. As I've said give me guys that will run through a brick wall played basketball both these guys seemingly are willing to do whatever it takes. To play and be on the floor I agree and when you do that and you have the talent to back it up which seemingly both feel it's hard to keep them off the floor. Yeah golf player works out well no moral it seemed very soon and summer league's. The Utah subtly will be the first and then now on to Vegas that'll be what occupies are beginning of the month of July. We'll talk about it more next week. At a great weekend everybody JP is up next for Connor American till 2 o'clock Monday C up. Movie he's ready to nine a MES PN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today I don't know the best and at least one Bartlett tell them best business news sports station. It's inner nest but not just any in its. Yeah. Internet its Wi-Fi that lets you stream on any device throughout your whole Internet. You analyze free. Yeah he's a little under its weight I can get fast speeds and up to five lines of talking tech included in this Internet. Hello saves. 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