The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, June 19th
Eric is joined by Bryan Kalbrosky, Hoops Hype and USA Today, to breakdown the upcoming draft and the Instagram game of the NBA Rookie class. Eric and Connor go Across the Association and give you the best headlines of the day. 

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This is one that will be played out the court of public opinion and the city Milwaukee and have to do some. Two to shed this a little bit here if it's just my personal opinion. On that and then a bizarre story and hockey did you hear about this now. So. In hockey. T like players are those trade yeah Gary actually hear what our. Like usually fiercely lawyer. Mike Coffman was player for the Ottawa Senators he was treated to seeing Jose and then he was treated almost into instantaneously to Florida. The Rees apparently being in my Kaufman's fiance. One after one of his teammates wife. Via social media supposedly according to Eric Carlson's wife Melinda. My confidence fiance sent hundreds to thousands of tax matter messages via social media. Wishing her unborn son dad who would eventually was stillborn. Instead somebody on a murder YouTube. And someone should take out your husband's legs and and his career on mark none Hoffman's vehemently denied these claims of fact my conference and I'm 150%. Sure. If we had nothing to do with this. But it does really. Rein it in that if it is knocked down and somebody used a Twitter account or a FaceBook account or a whatever in cigarette account somehow got it verified. And sent these messages and you cannot find any evidence that they sent us. Boy added the Hopkins are gonna have a huge libel lawsuit against Alia. Ottawa paper however whatever it seems to be there is a restraining order filed against Mike Hopkins fiance towards the Carlson's. And guys should be instant see how this play out quite often an excellent hockey player. I'm sure Ottawa as happy to have the drama way but a very bizarre story if you wanted to. An interest in re right there you can check it out multiple sources others ESPN or on the big lead or Marshall sports all have stories. About this situation when we come back. We're gonna go across the facility association look at downs its daily look at secondary interview. And a lot of people are wondering what's going to happen in the choir Leonard's side. San Antonio's not gonna have regain we talked about that. Apparently did a Schroeder from Atlanta also available for a tables are about all those things and more when we come back here especially 92 now let me just in Memphis. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and favors us today we impressive and he's more of our list. Tell your best then this is a sports station. If you love pizza today is your lucky day. Right now Papa John's is offering you two large one topping pizzas for only 777. Each that's two large pizzas each made good quality. And then topping of your choice for just seven dollars and 77 cents each when you buy two. Don't let your love grow enough border online Papa Johns dot com. 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Bulldogs put a hurt on North Carolina winners frankly good player last night is against rain delayed. And then. Oregon State. Later shellacking I don't know Washington. Think that eliminated below the old Huskies Florida right now up early on Texas one nothing's off a second trying to eliminate the long warrants. And Roger Clemens on. Program is brought. Do you in Clark. By the good people at Mir Amaechi gulf. Course of that that will be out of mammy she tomorrow morning with my good friend Hank McDowell. You to test the track again. Because I had a great time out there on Wednesday morning and I am looking forward to another. I salad afternoon or morning of golf I should say because I will be done by 1230 and beyond my way into work. The mayor Amaechi is a great track and a great layout and it's only fifteen minutes from downtown it's not that far and people always talk about. You know I don't know where. 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More about the association as well Brian de Rossi who that in very interest staying piece today about is the most popular players on the what he young people call the Gramm in some brand cigarettes yes it IGD gone I cheered the Graham we've got IG IG GAAP. I was at I'd better peoples on another grandson must have been in the middle to drug deals yeah grandson different now welcome Graham has some different. Yes those nose candy notre sugar. Now. Little pixie dust now thank you fly now. Yes yes and now a fifth time this week off air conversation started another. I don't expect him I can do that. Not that deceive this is how bad I am like literally negatives of any upper melee. So I would be to hit and dazed and confused really. So these are you cool I'd be like leg out and that played Ole me. It is no do you get of the union I spoke I mean Baghdad again like spoke more on. I don't as is that stuff it's not my thing. Some. Big news though we've been done about this company. That is jumping into the world of basketball Jay-Z is joining to a basketball. In a high profile role so now not only today of the outrage now and I only today Marvin Bagley inside your Smith. Jay-Z. Is jumping in. I can confirm that according to his deal with whom daisies official designation is creative director Adam Patrick global director of marketing. And brand for puma told ESP and I refer to it I referred to him earlier today I informal designation. But alas I'm Vince Carter in 199810 year deal although the short lived contract ended after just two seasons. Here's the deal with that now they're gonna bring back Walt Clyde Frazier to a lifetime contract. And Mary had done that he was the most famous probably cool a basketball player back in the seventies and Clyde Frazier was. Yes. Losing what style he was New York City in the mid seventies were that the club scene was going and Clyde was drawn around. As Clyde guys. This is a massive roll of the dice again as I said before but if you're gonna roll the dice roll. Yeah I don't roll wanna time Rome both. And try to hit that yellow lab with a bunch of money on the fast on because with cheesy behind it that we'll give you some credibility. If Marvin Bagley India Andre Eitan and or Zaire spent all turn out to be. Really good then you've got an opportunity here's the thing they did this once before they roll it out Vince Carter who turned out to be one of the most electrifying players or generation. And two years later it was over. Now I do like I said remember puma got in there and the like. Doing some of the teen years well on Sacramento was one of the teams they had and it didn't look bad. But it's just that name brand recognition that you have to get over that aren't somehow someway went under armour first came out people they know what it was all about. And it was this. Moisture with giving material members like come on really nice glad it's fine whatever I just expect my teacher to weigh six pounds after I. You know gold basketball practice or football practice or baseball practice may when it's a matter for. And under armour was able to maintain a that they maintain it by looking cool remember the protect this house is big burly guy get in what seemingly was a Maryland football outfit. Firing people up puma is going to come up. Was some. Sort of I. Advertising campaign that is going to look people's attention. But I will say this it Saturday through social media and it better be somehow where it's attached to kids' phones because kids don't consume things that on television the way that they used to. In the market you're trying to hit. Is the fifteen to 25 year old market. Guys my age if she was go to the shoes school or by. We have the money that's fine but just the general demographics of my age group has more money than the younger generation. But the younger generation is more frivolously willing to spend it on shoes and more guys in my generation or so that's your target audiences and should be and shouldn't see. Al this does work itself out or Rudy Gay is up it out of his deal in San Antonio. And Alice spurs are talking about who they may be willing to trade coli Leonard too there's a great article on who side. About the six willing trade partners believe it or not Sacramento was included along with Philadelphia. Boston the clippers. Late. Cures. And if at the other. I don't think it was Cleveland open but there were six potential landing spots for quite lettered in the one that kind of scratches everybody's head. Is the lakers why because. I sexually you would be pretension. A dynasty like squad. In your own conference here's the one thing I know about Gregg Popovich. He's not afraid of any. He's a legitimate mean that worried about anybody billion dynasty because he's that confident in his own situation. Where he feels like he can coach his team out to be. Offs don't worry about regular season wins even though up until this year they had won fifty or more games it's essentially every year since Tim Duncan about your other than 1999 which I still say should have an asterisk next to it. Because they only play fifty games and oh by the way they want 37. They were 37 and thirteen went underwent an NBA championship pretty sure they would've won fifty dented but. Rules are whirls out a New York Knicks was the other team according to Ian Begley. Some ideals the next one isn't very good. That they were pitching was Tim Hardaway junior French elites in a New York's pick this year that doesn't thrill you spoke down vote domination sacramental number two overall pick. And the kings then what have the money to sign. Are quiet next your I don't know they why would wanna go there either. The most intriguing one as probably Boston where they could get. It. Get Jalen brown Marcus Morris Terry rouge here a couple other young guys including semi social A in the king's 20191. Round pick topped one protected so as long as the kings don't have the best of pit and the topic next year. The spurs would get back. That's the deal that seemingly sets up most for me. Tobias Harris and the clippers 21 round picks don't make a lot of sense Dario charge and the sixers number ten overall this year doesn't make sense. The lakers though is intriguing because of sprint and anger and Josh art. I this is the proposed deal on whose side are the lakers picked this year 25 and the lakers. 2019 lottery protected first round pick next year. If you think that much of brand name or maybe go with that. But again you are setting up for the lakers to potentially then go get LeBron James and maybe even Paul George and created dynasty but the spurs a 71 Melissa lakers offer so should be very distinct I do not know. What will happen you know this is a one time where usually I can read it and go. He's got he's out or they're not gonna budge on this. I always thought you know with the when the powder Salter trade went down on the Chris Paul trade Chris Paul was going to be out of new wants everybody knew it it wasn't a shock. James Harden was going to be out of Oklahoma City everybody knew it was a shot. This one's still would surprise me a little bit of San Antonio doesn't find a way. To mend this fence and E. Coli Leonard in San Antonio because he seemingly is a perfect fit for that organization and they're gonna get some money free with Rudy Gay. And they have opportunity moving for whether they wanna make some moves whatever they wanna do to once again vault themselves back up to the top. But if the relationship is beyond fractured and it does appear from all the reports that a very well could be. It's not Boston in May very well end up in the lakers because they seemingly have the most to offer. That a shooter apparently is available for a trade this is not surprising to me because Atlanta is in a complete rebuilding mode but here's the thing do you wanna go straight for a guy. That wanted to be traded when he was backing up. A point guard that had may be also a team here before but he was vocal he was. He was complaining about it and I can finishers an instinct alert me is very quick he gets the basket he's not a great shooter. But he's a big fan of his own words and when you have guys that are big fans of their own work and they're not seemingly backing it up all the way around. It can really be a problem especially when they have the ball in their hand I wanna cot at wanted to cocky. Brash point guard to an extent but not one that would. Sacrifice the good of the team to try to make himself look better but he is only 24 years old but its successful one and about a 170 pounds. People wonder what kind of wearing hair he's going to be able problem for the next few years is salaries about fifteen and a half million dollars last year so should be into staying if they do you try to move. Then ushered her out of Atlanta and finally before we get to Jonathan Tony's comments. Look at Don sage. Is just a beautiful human being. Look at times it's. Had to have a wonderful interview and we will just posted on the FaceBook page not my personal things available on the show pays what based that you posted that. That you posted their bid the better things on my personal phase of value I didn't exactly utter whatever I don't know that was tied. Is this is great because look at Don sits is basically said. In five years I wanna be collecting like all star game MVPs. Finals MVPs. Writing NA like Porsche convertible. With Jennifer Aniston as my wife by my side. That dude is eighteen years old Jennifer Aniston. Is what 3839. I don't want pusher of forty ad. I think she's like closer to fifty. Is she a and so. Hatches for. Why are looking that up I've been informed by my girlfriend Catherine that it is called instead now it's not ideas that's not the granted you're right she's 49 yes. Jennifer Aniston is 49 and look at bounce which is eighteen and he is basically saying that. Is in my wheel house shooter shot man shoot your shot and he is basically saying she looks good. I'd be after I don't know for 49 year old actress who has. Loved and lost many times including now he says she single now right so apparently sees that no longer relationship would be after a nineteen year old NBA player but who knows. Eight loved Moran and will announce it's now makes me want to have him in Memphis and I've heard a lot of good things in fact who is on went. Jeff and Jeffrey this morning it read only for red right reported from CBS said. He is very much about like culture he wants to go to dinner with teammates who wants to create a culture that's what seemingly to everybody. He should be vigorously selection if he is available in fact the point. Or read for race at a fluke I doubt this is on the board. The grizzlies in like if the fourth pick comes up in the announce it is still there. It should take the grizzlies five seconds to take a card to the podium to select look at dobbs it's in a lot of people are starting to feel that way. I love his interview I still have my questions I still love Michael Porter junior but Michael Porter junior indeed is going to take a redshirt year. I don't know if that's hard for me that's hard for me to swallow liquids with joy Allenby unit. You knew going in you knew they're just needed. Yeah to have foot surgery. You knew it could be rectified the doctor's reports are good that this now was a head injury led to a back injury and I always been told his back injury isn't that bad as everybody's saying he's been saying. Hey look I feel better now than I even did in high school. If you feel better now he denies corny about take a year off and that's the case or if they're from that smokescreen out. The small stream maybe start to work even on me. If Bagley is there and bounces there I'd probably still lean more towards Marvin Bagley. But that he's gone eight he's gone into Aaron Jackson goes three of the playoffs is a lot of people thank you very well may if Baddeley goes to the kings. I'm on board that look at Johnson's train and let's see what that young man. And you Jonathan Gibboney talked about Obama earlier today would Jason John here's how that went to. If it decides to profitability covered the NBA draft. For ESPN. Other you guys have together. You're sort of alternate mock draft the perfect pics. For every team and and I find the particular. Pick for the grizzlies interesting because it's a guy. In my Obama who they have not interviewed one of few teams. Picking where they take they did not ask to interview Obama and they did not bring in men. For a work out given sort of his free disk as lettuce is a man his attributes. Is it a little surprising to you that the grizzlies have shown virtually no interest in Obama. Well I think that feeling is mutual in no small combo has. Refused to come to work out for Memphis and bigger future shared medical would have told them openly he would. Prefer not to be in Memphis. And then if you look at the fact that you know markets sold particularly on the roster there's only one position them Obama complain that the fighting on the nontraditional market slocum played out of five. They're talking about winning fifty crushing next here. It just you know that's what I think that's all comic fun but like I wrote in the great in my drives you had to recruit sleepers on and achieves. I would projecting a six to 815. Need to rebuild you know like the budget take. What I who I think is a profit on the board at this stage we heard he had a judge gone in this scenario and an I think you know I have it. Yeah underage one. Look at the luggage too. My Obama three and so if you can come away with a bowl bound here or who I think had a chance to get a part in that draft. And it counted up to charge I think you do it and then you know view future figured out because you're drafted all about finding the best player. Three to five years from now are not about. How many wins you gonna get make your pick it triggered a long ways away for being on the future of our. There's no question about it so we I don't think we have heard that that information Jonathan that mobile armor refused to to work out for the grizzlies. That's accurate yes while about that no matter of course there are no matter colossal. I'm not worried about a medical from Obama. If he doesn't have any injury concern and I guess you have that clear everybody bit. Look at Fiat doesn't wanna be there they're the obvious reason is because. What the owner has said and what they game planned seemingly is just to try to win fifty games for the grids and so that's the case then. You can't be too. I'm not overly concerned about it because I heard also that the grizzlies did not have them on their list of interview in Chicago now whether or not that was because of what he's Saturday had discussed it. That's fine and if I know going into dad doesn't wanna play for me. I'm not going down that path for Saban again I don't quite understand why he would do that to yourself because what if the grizzlies get an offer from Arkansas that they seemingly can't refuse on draft night. And you've now slid to seventh or eighth and cost yourself. 567 million dollars on your first contract. I don't make a lot of sense to me now it is not I know you think you're gonna make all these piles of money down the future and I like the confidence of these young men share but you know what. And I am a big fan of some of these kids that found themselves especially his second round site in one year deals and I'm becoming free agents. Great doesn't always work out though. And when you talk about five to seven potential million dollars after tax after agencies. You know what you can do with three million dollars in a bank a whole bunch collapse and that's three million on top what you were already making. Three million in the bank figure not touch him. Adds up very very quickly and soon can be 456789. Million dollars and you don't want then. You've got. Playing time to live out your life yet you know. Twenty years of 450000. Dollars for literally doing nothing and that's if the money's not making you when he thing yeah. It won't think about like that though that's the problem but. What do line. What do I know what I do you know is that Brian cal Brodsky is going to join us next we'll have a quick conversation. Oh with a writer from who've settled taught him about his what is it called what your friends say. And stuff. Instant instant so she's saying it's insane how old is your girlfriend she's at she's 23 in just graduated college how many 125. And 323 yet so same age you may be school yet. Although she's 42 about it OK so you get my career high school sweethearts who do we know we met my junior year college I moved Aaron. So seriously on sounds like a lovely young lady acknowledged she's a big amusement park and which banks are out right up without so. Frank out grass detox of is step accounts of all the S. There's a draft picks and train young apparently has the strongest in state game going in fact is outposts. Are worth almost 5000 dollars per post so we shout out to Bryant eyebrows about that now that could affect. The NBA draft and what will happen to these guys after. They go pro which there is that accounts that's that's not easy not an Emmy as. And if it does job having two hands won't cut it. Which is why I thank the stars I have a third. Granger on my two wins or Paul I fully rely on Granger America's number one source for industrial grade supplies. So one round picks and a furnace surpassing a faucet greater hands me what I need when I need it. Which makes me a pretty lucky guy because when it comes and in an extranet. Rangers got your back caller good Granger back on to say for yourself. Granger for the ones who get it done. 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And I'm telling you his Twitter feed is that quite salads you say the least he is bright out rusty and enough. To come back to the program itself but. The young man you know I try to be what made an operable let. I was not looks on a lot of forget about it you. And I hurt by the great amount by fiat for thought Abiola area but I just see it played out there but that yeah and it didn't happen. Did you say TI no clean version man he said no clean version of the TI's own. You know what that totally fair about it Arnold bat. Dead several when I get that FCC fine but I appreciate you buddy metal music. The big red state I ain't Howard's third and I did I get that bankroll yet but now I thank the basket. Now we can finally entitlement we can. Clean it up for you to to say the least listen all the rumors going around how much do you feel like. These next 48 hours are smokescreen. How much of it is real. And it goes from everything from draft picks. To who's gonna get taken where to now the spurs are possibly saying yeah we would talk to the lakers which makes zero sense to me because if I'm San Antonio. The last place on trading coli Leonard is anywhere in the Western Conference. Yeah absolutely. And a lot of these things are apparently coming directly from the spurs made I think a lot of I'm gonna be digitally that in front of them permission. A look a lot Leonard I'm sure it uncle could be unpredictable that has asked that very thing in huge stake in collide management. You know knocked out in the digital property but certainly and decision making process. I think that a lot of that going to be smoke create acquired because you're being very truck the reporters. You know. Who are definitely getting sort of that are very credible I'm sure that same completely opposite bag right you know you look and look back. Sacramento right now you're saying are you hearing that some people. Michael porter's you're here is a lock. People up bar that was a certain. And these are guys who you know. Nine times out of patent and update right but some of them have to be well. And I think you're right down the you know both of them could Iraq and that they're considered though look at Dodgers Adams. You know Jerry Jackson junior could be in play they traded down. Did that quite a few options here for all the teams that definitely. You know it emotional. I mean it can creek manor from Yahoo! people on the record that even though it typical years. If our. That you're going to be different that you're going to be more traded the he'll be odd that you see throughout the and in recent memory and I think about the okay. It and everything I'm hearing that while there's going to be particularly new event the other team that the clippers it would move up. There are a lot of it is a tradition that moving down here in the rocket might wanna move up. Are you carrying a picture of my wanna move up in the same time you know it either have to move down to make those things happen. I and that's the thing you're hearing Dallas is incredibly enamored. With Lugar got such. And all the sudden. You're hearing if you're Sacramento old you know Dallas that wants look at Johnson sat badly or somebody else wants to move in Chicago once Michael Porter. Yadda yadda yadda and then we are hearing other things like. Michael Porter could take the entire year off next year what does that do to his draft stock what if that's not actually true. And that's done to scare teams off so he falls to Chicago or New York later even though it costs money. On the front side was NBA contract he certainly in a much more. Endorsement rich market. In Chicago or New York that he would be in say Memphis or. Or Orlando even though there's great marketing down there and has great marketing. In Dallas here's what I'll ask you. If you're daft. If you're debt. Interstate and moving up in the team is that interest in him moving up. While the teams that are there ago. Hate they know something we don't like oh how why wouldn't you think like. These guys are willing unless let them the bounty is such like last year and I thought a lot of teams would get scared off of that because of Philadelphia ended up doing. Was going to Boston and going. Hey you're still gonna get the guy you want is everybody knew wants a ball go to the lakers. We're just gonna give you an opportunity to get an extra first round pick next year although it doesn't you know I didn't come to fruition Irsay. It didn't make a lot of sense like and they with a bus apparently was going to go Jason Taylor number one and it comes Philly go on. Well just take we'll just go up and move to number wanna give your first dancer first round pick instead. And I would think it that would make teams a little more hesitant to pull the trigger. On draft night unless it's after the draft is already gone on and you're now just trading rights instead of trading picks. And that's Philadelphia diplomat out of general manager. I'm wary that the letter that got Philadelphia and other other general manager that strapped. You'd think they'd like to have somebody running the show. Them to make the draft picks because of people every. Upland charges the general manager potential for the that the bulk of operationally. Should probably have the failure you know. Scoop up potential you know franchise piece to be immediately lottery pick what they do it and are you gonna wanna lose here I think one trade but that would make the most sense to me though would be up to conduct its all. You know a lot of people myself included believe that he could not believe the franchise cornerstone. Potentially that it's a franchise which are the clippers believed that a person not believe that as well. And I'm depending on where is all we looked at Sacramento goes back here order to. And that three. Atlanta go to the Peter Jarrett Jack search for a young two got another really I'll. Not that you've been in a really unique opportunity because. Sure they could go lethargic but they got all the gat it potentially the guy they blocked cute whoever that may be. And still get another out with a welcome luckily fallout after Philadelphia. I heard one trade loaded on the burger ought got their Bill Simmons a little thank you to trade up or break day. But Jason Gallagher. Blood the idea of dollar amount that the way to pick. It plop it cleared it all and five and all the trading. Certain parts per chances are that I'm not doesn't really trying to get off that chair department contract. And I know that obviously Eric and arm to get better piece from Memphis. That. Benjamin park and we'll be. So I don't realistically I get there at the mavericks could do that to get Dodgers. And that the Special Olympics got daylight looked at Marvin Bagley. Five things you definitely do that happened both teams. I get it got it why. You know I know that you're not kept them that the guy another guy is ready to play. And he apparently aren't certain aren't and the search for bass player championship team. But you've got got around and don't mark all along Tyreke out then you know they have a decent corporate there I probably it'll I think if you're doing that. That's a trade that make a lot of assumption both sides that they don't a lot of unpleasant and try to exploded that are sort of play that. I'm now but that'll actually kind of made me click play actually a trick I could definitely people to eLearning. And it more speculative but informed as bought the ball a bit of evidence that. Meant that the Obama talked etc. are the contract between doctors could be slipping in and dollar isn't do you enamored with the deductions. Yeah I know that does make a lot of sense and and if that is the case. Even excited Bagley is gone let's say Bagley went to and train young I'm Obama go three you either get here in Jackson junior who. Ballot counts I thought that the grizzlies were not as enamored with it some tables and they are more because you now could potentially. She handled a redshirt year for Michael Porter junior. You take Michael Ford junior Ernest Harrison Barnes wants out. With the last series deal you can dangle him next year you get him for a year Michael Porter comes back they played the same spot and you've not only gotten. What many people think could be the best player in the draft but may take a year to find out you've got a data can be productive for your team. When the player in that position before had not one of these things that happens as we. Continue. Our conversation here with Bryan -- browsed he. Is that these guys are becoming corporations and one of the ways they are corporations is through social media must late in sir Graham he did an interesting article. On whose side recently about. Train young being so most followed of all of the players literally one posts from train young withers many followers is he has and I can understand why he did. With the way you 10 o'clock hour fastball a storm is worth almost 5000 dollars. How much hired did these numbers do you think go. After they are selected. On draft night by their perspective teams and how much higher does it go if you say. Selected into a top five media market as opposed to a smaller market team like Memphis or utes are San Antonio. Yeah absolutely without clarify that I think you have realistically. Even alleged that at 25. That could be a better situation of the brain happens that some of the respect that you know let's say eleven to Charlotte. Because the Charlotte hornets are not that similar situation had not exactly a big media market. And you even at that you have someone like shot or other vendors that. You know you potential guy with ability to a lot of up a lot of offense that he's back. And you have someone like in the balloting on at a later when we thought well just got more aware net because. They're gonna how. A lot of their ability to play on television national television but actually playing back the polite to. One or two or three of the three including Paul George. LeBron James E. Coli Leonard so you know that alone be on the court we're gonna be huge thing. For those guys epic realistically. You know I think that you you gotta love as but he said that the media market it's definitely a big debate factor here some guys portray others in. That's us there is not a play they're ready had us all and that the continue to recreate no matter where they go and these kind of situations. Are buried today. Upper in the south to mammoth especially because a lot of guys that being. Look like Jerry Jackson junior no bomb for example. And both of those guys they're both high IQ players. Actually get defensive specialist. Really well spoken. I have gone up top and the well I'll let you know if you look at. That when I post there at the kingdom Obama got a much bigger follow me and away. That he Jarrett Jack Jeter. Well all about pitching the rock about separate them all of you kind of Darren Blake. You know it it comes down like that small be dealt with the matter. You. How odd they're obviously not. Anyway one of the biggest or even like. That video up and they get factored that. That's a bad idea that your franchise especially if you're looking at someone like Orlando the trailer somewhere like Orlando for somebody like Triana. Is very important that are in Orlando I've been sort of deprived of the star. A lot you know how many years then I got the white however a way to block big guy. I've never understood why add more people aren't enamored. With playing in Orlando there's no state income tax the weather is gorgeous all yearlong. I'm not even counting the Disney World the best you know universal studios' amusement park type thing. Orlando is a city that has a lot of things offer right now and is growing. And when you're talking about state income tax and there is none down there when you start dynamo of these thirty million dollar your contracts that can be a lot of money. That's not that's a chump change. Yeah you'll you know of the weather's gonna play a bit at the army. I'd rather put up that it will report that game at all and other in Cleveland. Because the weather I'd rather not politically play wit you know the winter played just with. Cleveland knocked out of duck it must offer what is that on the other side there'll end. You know I think. Orlando's really prevent it there aren't all that a lot soup. I like they got an outlet. They get a really good job at Milwaukee. Audit they're done they've done good things I think that. I don't and I that is a real hot that you half of what you're going to get a lot better over the years to let them barely got the the play a lot away. I'll but it really high character guy somebody who are now and it is just the latest. These security kid. There is somebody like that god gave me eternal life for a very long time. Somebody you know to stay out of trouble and just do it right every dollar lost the court on that they do that again that here. With whoever that that that you know for a lot of bad things about train young. I think we're gonna get a pretty good situation and I think you know. If you've built through the drop of unfortunately for the grisly bit get a lot of important income dropped thirty years. Don't remind lung and not yet and don't bring up bad memories out let's not let's not bring up bad memories. I have a one hit a real quick other it I would love the ability stuff there that way right now yeah yeah now I hear it doesn't I agree with that and I. It's Kennedy edges and see what they can do you go for Brian I can't thank enough for jumping on enjoy yourself let's catch up again after the draft and as seemingly we get closer to summer league and July 1. Where people will be headed to us Salt Lake City and then on a Las Vegas also start hearing a lot more about free agency. At that time as well appreciate the time as always my friend. My thought that it had I'll be out some really look at the drop on Thursday and empowered to adjoining you have got it. You gotta bunny Bryant out rusty right there. From USA today and from an editor USA today and from a moved side when we come back close it out. What the headlines Gary Parrish will follow us immediately after that take it tells its class 99 a MES. In Memphis just in case the best I can taste of life goes on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash 929 ESP NW and FS a 71 worthless. W an investment and ladies and gentlemen this Friday 7198. Stated right. That's so no it is happening to win a grand opening. We will be their broadcasts live from the shoot shoot out miss everything ivory and a bunch premium flavors of the world. Who come join us for Memphis is supposed to be here and now ready to unite for. The ESPN. If you've been lied to us by two by Washington politicians in the Wall Street propaganda machine type underneath magazine bestselling author Brad kitchen and if you're over 55 with an IRA or 41 K I want to do your free copy of my new book wealth beyond Wall Street because according to time magazine ball streets for one case of failed millions of Americans after losing 35% in my area in the crash years ago I said he now. 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The studios where guests who fear. Lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone line on 929 FM am ESPN. That. I'd be afternoon is. He enough as it always does don't let the heat beat you beat these little spice peer support and upper sprint. Full size here's what anniversary gives you confidence the field look your best all day and into the night it's the only choice during the Memphis summer. Beat the heat and stay fresh and clean keep your swagger. Stay looking Chris. I've for me I am a guy that's what's a lot so I need a great. Deodorant and die found old spice Pearce Ford and a first for an months ago. And it keeps me feeling fresh and clean in the heat so why should you as well the best thing you can honestly here's when you walk by someone and someone says he's now got obviously. Could be Cologne but it means it's you're also not. Stinking it up so. You can make sure that happens by picking yourself up some old spice pierce port. Anniversary of the Memphis heat is brutal it gets hot it gets muggy and makes you sweat it makes you feel wilted it makes you feel like. You know you can't seemingly. Stay in a dry sure you can't stay dry at all but this will help allspice pierce port anniversary can keep you dry and help you keep your swagger. IA in this Memphis summer heat beat the heat and look cool while doing it the old spice pierce port anniversary try it said today. Let's close the program out a little thing we like to call the headlines. It's. It's. Time headlines a 99 have been ESPN. I'll say this honor it's never a good idea if you worry server two hand to your customer. Deep printed tagged it goes back to the clock rate correct OK so this happened fathers and I didn't get to this yesterday. Hit. Let's say go to a restaurant and you want. You basically want. The receipt you're saying hey I would like to have my receipt thank you very much. And then you get the receipt and you look at it. He see the order one cheeseburger chatter well done tells spread. Please spin it Cyril and caramelized onions nannies and an order of onion rings and an exclusive interview with a television station. It's basically in a story. Well or again. Cars may says it started when his order got mixed up PD has birther any felt like he was gonna throw out PS switchers receipt. And that's when he noticed the extra degree ask her why would you do this. And she couldn't explain it she said she didn't do it. So he said. Who prints out the receipt she said I take it up there and put myself. So you did it he said to her and why you lying about it and she just walked off. I said he's being treated to a Father's Day dinner by his daughter granddaughter and daughter at bohemian hall and beer garden. And I said the evening started off pleasant she was very nice dinner table hi how are you doing. They said the manager fired a waitress immediately any got refund of course he was saying how can I compensate you and he was like. How can you consummate compensate me. Or somebody for spitting on your food I ate this already. If she could here's the thing. Stupid to put it on there one yes two she could've like just men and as a joke like to the clock. Or maybe she was angry at the guy for weld done toasted bread or summon my just being picky but hey gotta order what you want right. We don't know that for a fact we never really heard from the waitress but here's the other thing. You're an idiot for giving him the receipt of what you sent to the cook your receipt would never say that. You're you have special buttons as a food server to allow you to add things and when you ordered just as they put this put this so that. Or whatever if it does print out on the receipt what you write in and tied it back to the cult in your system and it may. It may in the systems I had never Digisette cheeseburger you know what ever. And then the price came out. How would you not think that this is on there gold act can reprint it out right yes. Yeah editing did you're asking to get fired yet never put something in writing which when it's something like that always struggling about it never put it on the ticket it's actually. Is EB is the fact that the burger made him feel sick even if there was this bit on it. There's no way to prove that now the manager added it took was unlikely to spit the burger but he understands what our customers and. Of course he's not sacked oh yeah he got a receipt that it isn't as spit this guy's burger. And these people learn nothing from the navy waiting I refuse to watch that movie. Really why because I'd I don't wanna know you don't want an outlook as I don't want it is every Tommy how grows the giving and I worked in food service for a long time. And I don't wanna it I don't wanna know what actually goes through people's heads that they might actually consider. Doing. I think I think it's the best lesson to customers who watched that really gives it makes them remember oh I need to be nice to these people because they handle my food. Now imagine that people actually hear it problems sometimes people that work in certain food service are not good either now I will tell you. I'll never forget. I had one we had when I was running a restaurant locally here and bar. There was a girl that it was there and items food specials. And clearly. She. Ate it looked like they'd caught like a mosquito in them restaurant and then put on a play. And she like half of the meal yeah and that the sandwich and wanna say what's what I was answer was because it was in my cable or was. And they called me over and I was running I was running a restaurant that night they said. Hey this was on her person on my nationally sorry I'm not sure how that could possibly happen but you know we'll take care of it no problem. And hasn't even saying I'll take care that the girl like starts trying to make herself throw up with a table. I start gagging at the table I'm like and I'm like oh stop yeah c'mon knocking off an excellent. I doubt it organ inside you know I went and called the honestly made just so you know this is when I'm gonna do and just. Content all on so just just please you know pay for it and I don't think he had any like alcohol so I just said. Got told Jack that this had nothing to do with the server so. If you don't want you know like if you feel up for it you know feels really good gratuity for the server and then everything else is covered. And unity that and a server like was bending over backwards for these people says source he's you'll realize how hard servers work that's why I think people. I think anyway it is also on servers remember you are serving people you have to be nice yeah. It sucks when they're nice and he goes badly against them but when they're having a bad day in nature to customer orally. Sometimes it's on the servers really fine line to walk but I try to. Ice that is the bottom line understand what you're going through but if you're if you ever seen me out and I give you less than like point 15%. You'd get a crappy job yeah you did a crappy job because I will never generally goal less than. Wanna if you're an all good usually swings and but that's just because I worked in that industry and I know how tough it can be eighty got to deal with some real. After some really just it's. As a catalyst parents yes day. The least Nate Robinson did an article about depression in the NBA I think this is becoming a very real thing. Around all of professional sports because what we see. In. The world of professional athletes is a life of glitz a life of glamour a life of wealth. And privilege. But what we don't always see is it can be hard on some people you are constantly traveling the NFL's different than any other professional sport is you're only going. Once a week but the pain that is associated with the NFL on the M what are your body goes sure it's completely different to. But when you talk about baseball. Basketball hockey. The other three major sports. Just think about this when the season starts let's just say from last season starts in October and I'm not asking anybody feels sorry. For an NBA basketball player when they make millions of dollars but you can see how this could get to some people. You start October. You are definitely going until basically taxed at fifty. Percent of that time. Usually may be closer to 65% of the time you're gonna be on the road. You're not at all because factoring in that. You know all the time to travel that goes into it's you get to and from places usually right around 60% more that more than half Zomorodi and only after games. In fact he fly out after some. You don't give backs sometimes you stay over usually it ends up being closer to 60% so 60% of those months you are on the road you're living in hotels. You are constantly packing up you are not in a city generally long enough to really. Establish much of a French or female friends that live in the city but if you meet somebody there like let's say you're a single guy you meet a nice girl there. You you're basically going on May be one date yeah maybe one day maybe for an evening or maybe for lunch and then that's it figured out. Now you can fly them somewhere else that you definitely probably just at that person. Your bodies your teammates are all gonna do their own thing. And sometimes that hotel life were all you see is you tell your hotel and a some guys because of they're notoriety because most NBA players are easily spot on the promise of them to buy category don't like going out because they can't seemingly get a moment's peace yeah. So now a sudden you're just an entirely your I'd. All the speed people results and liked what he you know I second yellow snow after like a couple of days of being in different hotels and these are nice hotels are beautiful places. But you're talking about being essentially and 700 square foot area there and that's it. And that's what you got and then it's arena as an and it's flights and then it's another old talent it's late nights and it's trying to get ready for the next game I can see where this is becoming. More taxing on people. And people are becoming more open about the fact that their life as as as glamorous as it may seem to some people. Sometimes can be really hard mentally in terms of maintaining relationships and maintaining a normal balance like not like regular people did. Yeah I couldn't agree more Internet. And plus she felt like he didn't really taken seriously efficient with his teammates which can help me it is now and that's the thing for daylight Nate Robinson who's like 59. Day exactly 575980. Abnormal. NBA player. Yeah he can jump out of the Jimmy is a phenomenal athlete. But NATO also kinda played into that to an end so. It's it's personality and that's the thing it even with people that seemingly out of all together and we've seen. Recently two people that I would think. Their fans of the Ayers when he talked about K Spain Anthony board and fans of theirs probably were blown away by the fact that these people who seemingly ad. Life by the tail. Would commit suicide but now what depression can do even for people that seemingly out of all together. I do hope the I think the NBA's taking an active stance on checking mental health yes and it should not just be what the players of people that travel to you definitely training staffs PR staffs broadcasters and they're. It can grind you down there are times where. Sometimes you just need a brick like to take a brat I think baseball in terms of their. Broadcasters. I know for a fact that they give. A lot of teams will give their radio or TV guys a handful of games off saying you gotta get away. For like two series are like three series a year just take a weekend just go. Just don't. Don't go to the ballpark you're not working this weekend. We're finishing on Wednesday we don't play again until Tuesday likely play the weekend and money's travel day we'll see Tuesday yeah you know like. Get out here type thing and I I can understand that. As well Terrell Owens ran a 44340. Our dads in the age of 44 which is remarkable but not surprising to me because. Even at the age of 44 I can still you can still keep speed yet and who knows how fast that clock is the appeal was a physical specimen so. Tom it was interesting to see at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The new class coming in and his picture out with Randy Maas and Brian Urlacher router Brazil's senate. Ray Lewis is an at and T Els and at and TL's like that they've they've got kids. The exhibit to TL like where the new class NTS add a comment yeah thanks but no thanks the red white Jersey was wearing. In the picture. Question and look at that. I wanna say it was the police. Really Philip I don't know that he's going in is adding data yeah picture it's it's easy Urlacher and is Okur with sabathia and Ray Lewis spent his whole correlate Baltimore Randy Moscow's end. As a viking there's no there's no he's got Syria. I think TO has been going as a niner doesn't have to think I would think it niner may be a cowboy but even then. I think his is really his breakout titles with same Francisco. I think and finally got to fill steal earlier and and about I don't imagine maybe in four years. He's going to be writing about a young man who received the scholarship offer from Alabama and Florida State because he's an eighth grade any 67. 380. I remember like one of the biggest kids in my junior high. Nowhere near 673 this past what is going on there's a picture of him standing next to the next edit it save it and it it looks more simple makes it is not a big guys out of 67380. Yeah. You wonder though if he did not get his growth spurt and it's over because some kids do still. Might not grow after the age of fourteen or fifteen like they've hit it in that hit a 67. 380. It's like bread I eat well David before we're not far from when there's a seven foot set.