The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Monday, June 18th
Eric is joined by 92.9's own Jason Smith to talk memphis hoops and what the Nike contract means for Penny and the Tigers.  Eric and Connor also go over the headlines of the day to close out the show. 

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Of course they can but I'm here to tell you it is. Really diamonds are like snowflakes and no to diamonds are a light some diamonds have the same exact collaborate we're gonna finally see them is that one is gonna sparkle more than the other depending on how it's cut and and with the conclusions are located only five to 10% of the diamonds I see our yearly basis to make it into Robert when Jewish or is I want to show bigger and brighter diamonds for you come see what I'm talking about port convenient locations Robert when jeweler. Guys. Programmer at the end of our. By Mary MEG a golf course I was out of mammy she on Wednesday prior to the show and it is. In a really good shape mirror image she. It's just a fifteen minute drive. From downtown. And what I loved was the. Not only the play ability of the course and it's beautiful out there. But. Arnie golf cart tells you exactly how far you are out. And I could dummy on one of the par threes I didn't wanna listen to the golf cart eyed as one of my own and I sailed agreement 120 yards. I was not happy because the markings on the course were such that they moved the tee boxes around. So I thought it was it was kind of shortening a little bit numb and I do not wanna come up short here. Pressures Elden come up short but I still was able to get back up there the greens are in terrific shape. Other courses are around back in after all the rough weather we've had golf courses. Had done a terrific job in the area of getting their courses back the play ability and the army chief is no different 6195. Was stuck Cuba road 2593802593800. To make your teeth I am actually announce their Wednesday morning. Our early with 19 Hank McDowell the one we called skinny Palmer. To test the entire tragedy at the first nine Amir may 2 Wednesday morning and had an absolute blast. Are great opportunities. On that golf course they had some relief on golf shots if you are a golfer are. Holes that will challenge all your skills and then on top of that. It got great dining in now beverage experience as well also there it's at the turn at nine and ten or in the clubhouse there's always a way it is stay refreshed and stay hydrated and also get some good ground out at me or me she goes at my buddy Charlie long and his staff out of mere meet you visit them on the web mere meat Sheikh. Dot com remember that short drive just fifteen minutes from downtown a 225 minutes from out east mere Amaechi. Play golf flew there right away day Jason Spence joins us every Monday. I am still beckoned for you do come play golf the man now when I did make that last I'm Jason. Brad Carson stand ins and out. I'll play alien. Like what do you do when your boss chimes in and says well we'll play it in. You can't say I know. Now I get and are illiterate and colonel Burt. Who drove her around that's where Taylor based on the way I'd say based on away at the golf ball that wouldn't have anybody today I was close friend and your bread and acute I don't know. I think we're seeing here athletes and people get credit for what now that I've talked about you know you know listening sneaky good athletes is Jeffrey Wright. Says it together capture baseball here in here and yeah though the law and developing guilty of underestimating them are seen him. On new look about him or him now he's dribbled around this and shot. I think it's in the general. Well he's way more athletic than you thought our I've made the mistake or the Lindbergh crossed all the cost of coal or happened in the book tired little nicer than it looks he certainly look. I can see that I can see that all right tell me about this Nike deal with Memphis since it signed but it doesn't seem like they. They really maximize their best opportunity here how long does it run foreign. How soon can we get pay our way to have his influence he had. Better gear. Home margin not a laid it out in terms of how all exits or are here and right now the numbers for the poor and so have heard this weekend. Unparalleled pocono animals. People look well slow. Our focus was a big participating are in there will be opportunity to have any maybe either bargaining chip in in your in your deal with Nike which we knew into this year. You can look at it got the colts you know you're not gonna get a hundred million dollars over ten years like a little bit from the tedious but when you get something. And we don't why that's important for them to the school without out of our look for any. Extra revenue stream you can get. Well we find out how are the weekend mark nailed it down to the actual date of the start last year you already re upped with Mikey did it before it. Yet any idea you're gonna looked in art works. And now we see what the numbers in the number of order around to bring it per year insiders who gave up to a two point Tutu or to try. It almost you know right or are you or in 2008 so ten years ago now remember in years ago you're coming off a national chain richer experience. They're our doctors got this spring clothing and at that point it's it's more than ever probably imagine here we are ten years later you know and in. Dirtier tad lower are than where you're dead and here's the deal. We know what like he's done that to that program we know that you know they're. I keep sex like Willie Gregory who works you know big decision makers to come to university with a double axle workers at a parts are ready to turn the iron. New coaches Allen grounds. Also go to the CFO of FedEx also a big time decision maker from world. The University of Memphis he's also a minority board of directors so you have to do it you know Nike's corporate and typically call article to back. So you've got a special time with our. Mark my only issue for this ball and you go shopping partly because again. You know until February when wrote after the loss to ECU that's what look are making the calls they make you wanna make the switch accent though. You have an opportunity. To let that the you'll Elise wasn't on January 1 articulated this year but should negotiating lights the Nike. Exclusively brokers negotiating rights where all you're only dealing with film. That in the don't genuine person Scotland and if you wait until then get yourself at least an opportunity that you can tell you go girl like it's too. Listen to or even if he had it under armor one simple you to weigh in if they do. What did it and that intentional great right hypothetically you couldn't crack her leverage with my. I hate at these other schools wanted to let her when he got hurt and you're a little more are not doing that by signing up at November. He's got to be our approved it December. Yeah I think he capped off your leverage that was like you got your kind of where they want to hurt they're paying the price there quickly for you in 2008 corporate Nike. It's a hell of a deal in especially now okay signed up. Now you're adding any auto and now the program back a lot of play explode up in net org and we got two other tropical by your great deal for us. It is the pure tactical itself and root ball and shoot at least could this expand Gupta take take it back to November. All you do. Yes it's just didn't stars for good things sort of respect what you see you see the excitement level are on the programs seek out the potential for. This thing you know at least financially going off cliffs because what this season ticket sales or. And in that instance you're you're you're scrambled you wanna try to lock something near and and I think from XY. You didn't wake they can wait until January 1 to see what others are correct because they look is okay we were just making one point five for the last artificial murky. They can get us up to 22 point two flat with where we are right there right there are safe and our record didn't do it rocket and and hope that things get better and I think you know from that airport unfortunate timing. If you just waited and I don't know how much or Kirk got. If you if you open it up to bit. Well but you EP Eric you're a businessman didn't wanna get yourself all the option to care and it just sounds like with. Quick because that the tribe like he was involved Grassley Gregory and because the book where's horror and know them or. Quick quick money just in emerging you don't wanna go up the doors sheriff expects. I'm sure that's what they did it. You just wish that timing a little different maybe even tell you what a couple more months ago it looked older and older. Bushehr in terms of in terms of the timing of this annual sugar got a little more of a good quote yeah look stop force didn't know for a million from come under armour you know you don't Cincinnati student. No other you know but don't look. Can't coordinator of Connecticut bank and five points or from ninety duplicates or situation you know you know back athletic department that the scrap and claw and fight for money. Just wish they got a little more but the as a result of the timing of the issue or Asian or November December. He gonna have to go for what you got just a Portugal forward. Buffer South Florida does that mean like that that includes football those two rightly these these deals and elude football so. I can see that or South Florida's head could solve football teams. But here's what I'll ask you Indy what date you know looking at the UConn deal it's not there's no doubt who the better basketball team was less UConn was terrible. It's why they ended up firing Kevin Ollie re self potent but here's my question. In the state of Connecticut. Isn't quite UConn basketball is still a very very big deal or maybe Nike looks at Memphis basketball more it's fallen to. And sees the progress of the SEC last year wonders there is meant there's gonna be able to maintain their market share in the way. They have in the past and I think that that was the scary thing. About what was going on in the Tubby Smith had a lot of people say this is why you gotta get it. But it wasn't that long ago that address is on the same bowl and southerners are laid to the rights the naming rights to the arena. And Michael wisely said screw it I'll take my money up front. You achieved a lot of like 25 years or twenty years or whatever it was but I just go ahead and take that cash right now thank you very much. No you look you you're it has been really risky. Keep right there because jurors can't tell people walked in YouTube whatever you have no I did not record durable in Connecticut bring our car. So would have been super rich he's a great group put ninety on multiple law. Literally tortured more because you don't know what the value of the incredibly you know they're report that nuclear could go down low well down the tubes it didn't. Irsay but it did come up from a from a an attendance standpoint from season to the temple took our order. Ultimately the big there's no guarantee you're going to stick to that you got from Nike and it's called Latino ball or waking. Maybe they don't complicate or prefer and you know with quick. That potential outlook of one or public or didn't own black argued that it might it be able airport at an open up your quote what the UK now. Go big or any risky. Spot there was certainly that now it's a written but they created on their whole. Rockets started quick quick job after what happened there and the whole mobile wallet dot and then what are being not being. What they expect it to be and again. There'd be issues. Is that you hired to represent the right it looked like a good article you're close or move all that stuff but at least you're on the if you open part of this but the change Latin beat Robert rock and get this internal. Who were at all because it was done your homework they're known to be never change to go and I'm fortunate that a better feel on what. Who Portland underneath seven put Google to a couple of covered that he got their workers. We saw that it didn't we solar wing at Arco accurate or you're right they were in particular are awkward there and they decide to go and Coca-Cola. We're regrets or what we know you might now get back up two million accord that. And unfortunately it. You know if if anything that you know can become a couple months later maybe you rich quick look at what are made when he could have been a little better but there's a purity. There's apple will guarantee so you go back to. Unfortunately are what we're woes and you know you hope that you're Padilla float they're called here's the deal. I wanna be like Louisville you won't be like and dedicated and you know it'll get more money you gotta win big yet to win big in football bat well make yourself more valuable. When money and are usually get more hopeless from Nike the cut you're stuck in Africa now arrogant very important though. Still have a separate contract go back. Basketball still give the extra year because but but in Conrad contract. You'll having extra leverage delivered that you with a bad back or hold on what about all you'll because we don't know what we're gonna be good for your Carter park. Now you're locked in look like they've got a whole leverage they wanna help you couldn't opening our way to go first signature shoe that would come up a coach. But state they're the ones what all the leverage so yes that deal was good for basketball but. It won't be a deal where that money that you will get that excludes a let people know about all he'll sort the groups that are regiment let's on the that we didn't know that they're bigger deal that ticket would be the person that is done now. I think he had let the city of Memphis down yesterday I was in the airport returning. To go have fathers they dinner. Would Chelsea's dad and myself and my son. And in the airport on my flight back to Memphis from Charlotte. One James wise men and one of his teammates I can't remember who was. Were coming back I think from the USA under seventeen basketball trials they were pulled there and I did not take the opportunity to corner James Wiseman said. Young men you do not need to leave the University of Memphis is area. Whom the war battered a colossal joke because he's kidnapped or are there were those patients. It's public galleries physically he's saying look they're all the pummeled. On Twitter solo looked like you gotta go back from your Sayer had just seen it goes or do you know I had with them. I'm assuming that someone that is not a local beer that was governor article may be like so. I can look at trying to whopper I came back and then as I go back to Alabama as blackbeard. They're. Now it was trying to think who was I saw a picture of him and I it's. He was on the team I have no clue what I'm. There. That he was the only one that is best actress Audrey wood almost or demoted only local corporate government ought. Although we bear yeah I don't know he was in the air he was in the airport with a when he was he did for me sassou I'll have to look out of Almonte. That's not machinators devote to confide maybe just what happened to chill with the kid and now and then that they could be scroll plumber kind of buckled together there there they would get a good. They're welcome. The other end institute out collecting big men to get a guy like quietly. He was not allowed in everybody's and they got to meet Jason and I am I gonna announce that I would I'd look and say that but I got so it's all. You and I. Or plant a great he looked like he is bigger and it's four but I had I digress should I be studying courage though that and James Wiseman sweater so I thought there might be a picture of the two of them. On Jay's license what are you didn't read tweaked. Take two minutes to appreciate how much of a problem Penny Hardaway was so we don't hurt either. Whopping huge up and look at the equities here look at the fact that well right now we think you'll know whether to feast or someone else here locally though he couldn't it. We'll bring in the backyard of the picture Mexico. Easier for any couple couple of our council oral Warnaco more crude oil and here's the other. You got a guy that's going on than this right now that's why it's and all our blog at all I would relish what you saw an airport I don't know there are banners and within. They're good friends all of them we can together and I'm not a majority of minutes so you got their work and all of you got the got a good amount. You know for last year east Oklahoma orbit goes cookbook great relationship with a this city. There's recruiting and why isn't pretty unique and right even got got got like you know a little guilty about not. About not saying hey come from the particular look at cholesterol and it's something I've always. The whole city's doing that so we'll know at all. Or that'd be grand sent to build up some prep school. You lose a little bit of that if there's anything won't have a problem to jump all over arch didn't it now told. But you can bet that that he wanted to walk around and that the kind of recruiting important so. Already here and we'll keep an I don't know what happened to be tried not to Arctic home. The former trainer you know coached there he's got a good relation why aren't there right now that looks like Oreo greet our political work. He's here and I picked it you have to feel good about chickens. Wanted to get conduct for doing blog when you got the whole city or problems. I do wonder how much that will play into it because look it's it's hard when you've got. When you kite kids like it basically sharpening year here. And I do think it matters of these days I think there's a better chance if he takes off he goes somewhere else. You know like that sadly he could go like to a prep school or some little you have and then then that then that may not vote as well but that. I didn't want to I didn't wanna bother the young man but. He's big kid he's big can I'm not sure I think it was with them at the USA's but it I'd sells it looked up his picture and I think there's a kid from east but he was that the import with themselves. I don't know what they were whether they went to the same thing together or not the whatever may have been maybe was as someone a one out to have support for him I'm not one hour procedure so. Trying to get you a bit got to know about either that or not and quickly these battles for the number one player on election and so do. It's not just call lives and their good look agenda are the fallout from Lexington and I know a lot of North Carolina everybody ought to be potential argument. Other certifications are. Antibody. What you get tomorrow on the show. Hopefully we're going to jumping to pony on route for you the very want to ban the like parent European and track. It may be commercial or not the key to a bunch of their work with folks all over the country. Other what if we can get him on that hopefully it ourselves in some kind of notebook. You know some kind of of understanding what the grisly appears there is certainly a great they're somewhat reluctant happened starting with. We don't know what they're excited to look right to blow up off the draft early you don't weeks ago I thought OK the draft or it's or bigger. Aiding you know and in some order patent concerts. Badly you're patent not just you did today and then the draft start look critically well. Now it looks like the press starts with Sacramento because people feel you got all kinds of stories that they wouldn't let me try it back take Michael Porter. That's portal template the font will start to open a goes number one but Google's computer. Yeah no I think that's done the stylus you guys with a mean today. Hostin and I think he's right I think a lot of this is just smoke and mirrors I wouldn't be surprised it's in Sacramento. If Michael porter's back is cleared that they goal Michael border because he does seemingly fit what they need it gives them a wing to go along side. Spoke down below Donovan it's column this year in the Erin fox you've got a young players they're galore that's why I don't know about Don sits there because. It's a mean bow down below dominance is at different rehearsal yeah now because that's it just more of a ball handler. But it's kind of the same type of guy but here's the thing we're talking about it are at a record debt we're talking about possibly you know that that people are now bringing up this whole. You know right and it brought up this morning I go through window will brine to LA with coli and with. Paul George error resume like how would that possibly work out we don't play he'll play position basketball wanting more you play delicious basketball you give me three. Really good 6869. Interchangeable guys. You can do that so I don't know that net that and so it goes away but again Sacramento's in the same bowl. That Memphis is in terms of in recent years they just have not had or they did have DeMarcus Cousins I shouldn't say that they're not assembled but they don't have that right now on their roster. Go get me 2.5 GAAP. I can I add that with with DeMarcus Cousins but it didn't seemingly fit with what they're other tees were the grizzlies have never had that. And I think given more in smaller markets when you can have a guy that fans will rally around because you'll score and keep people intrigued. That's that's big that's a big enough so it was I don't ask you this question. I as a let's go because I'm about due reveal what I did as my top ten for the number four overall selection since the lottery began. My top three. Were Russell Westbrook became an tumble and Chris Paul how would you rank those three. Holy now just go 1230. Yeah gestalt. A career there aren't a whole lot of careers they've had been a factor in reply Westbrook got more career to dull and as he continues at this rate. He's averaged a triple doubles luge or users or is it because a third straight year it's hard not to say yeah he may be the best. Was articulated Butler Chris Paul. Cook Russian girl was workers all the camera. I don't I'll tell you what I did I kind of seized out I died I went I went soft. I didn't I am I tired at one and one night and I went in that order to salts are not got that dollar and not acceptable or. Yeah because what happens if less for studies upon cold tomorrow and then this eternal is actually proven to be human. It almost quote I know I left sourcing to settlement I think as I don't know is coming back from this injury. But none of us and yeah and I'm coming up that side coming off the center of your typical corner but he won't if you are gonna be if he conceded on that may sound when I had him and the substance for sure. Spark plug. I gotta you gotta take care yard carpet but Brooke and I know what they've been. You can that make me take just like you cannot make me vote between two horrible presidential candidates in my opinion. I heard and that's right yeah I get yelled for that one themselves. How is get yelled as landmark voting for either one of them I'm not a big fan of either so thank you root out I body art will be get bigger I. Jason Spezza has been every day elevenths you. Hopefully we'll have Jonathan Gibboney. And tomorrow I will reveal how high ranking these apps and of fourth overall takes you can tell me I'm right or I'm Ron you can also tweet and add Aircastle Diane. Pat O'Connor downing. I did ask earlier what would you. Be willing to do with that force takes is it worth. Giving up to the and by the way Connors Twitter is at C downing now one not at Carter at C Dunning and I don't want. And pleaded innocent it's only torturing Chandler the grizzlies think. They could use the money to Laura big creation of these free agent we've ever lured was Parsons so that isn't likely. I kind of him in that bowl I'm so I would kinda it especially I would like to see what happens I wouldn't make a moving Garret Anderson this. The other day I wouldn't make a move until the draft gets rolling you guys if Michael Porter junior has selected second. You are either getting look at Don stitch or you're getting Marvin Bagley yet in that case. You keep the pick a 100% don't think you move in less you get lights and dream scenario trade offer that you that came out of left field. I just say I think that the top of this draft is two stacked yes. Trade away that pick without seeing what your options are at 41 I think that it they make that trade it happens while they have the force. I think that's the only way they did you. I yak you've you maybe have something in the in the works but then again everybody keeps saying they they are enamored with Janet Jackson junior so. And so if they're enamored there you know like look there's no denying. Your jet in one of those three guys if you want yeah. And what do you get Bagley. Must all hell breaks loose in the generate knows that as the number one pick and getting yet you are getting somebody of the of the group which I think Dayton's got on the one there's no. Seemingly no doubt about that yet so out of the remaining guys in your taking forest lit it on such Marvin Bagley Jerry Jackson junior. You are getting one of those three guys if you want to. And it there are multiple there guys they're available data once it becomes now the one that they have brought in for work out has been Wendell Carter. And hearing today some guys say that Wendell Carter some people think could be. A multiple time all star's well but here's the thing whenever we get to draft we everybody's a probable multiple time all star that spot about a dozen top ten pick. Oh he's great he's a terrific player but you goals early the only time I've ever anybody just trashing guy was in and or hand. When Toronto it's a brutal kabob co host. And hand thing plus it was her friend Priscilla said he's two years away from being two years away. And I like amid growing like a later first round pick and I was like with say Sacramento he's no longer in Toronto but. The fact of the matter is simple that. When. You are taking that hide people generally think of the fort peck. As being awesome I'll go through the list of those fourth picks overall against. And I'll give you are ranked in my top ten and you can make a decision for yourself the question Apple's earlier was. Are you willing to give up the fourth pick if it means you can unload Chandler Parsons contract. We got one responsive from bandits and only giving get a big name free agent based on the fact that. If you have to take things back I don't think anybody's gonna take that contract off your hands just to take off your hands for two years different if it was one year. Not for two years that's a big difference it's gonna cost sixty million dollars yeah you may not be getting much in return. So we shall allow. We shall see at Eric cast and am not a golfer and that acts are acts he got a nano one I just essays to say an earlier SE dialing 901. You can tweet your responses there when we come back we'll tell you one those. Did efforts you passes the grizzly draft party inside senate swamp tours a lot of class there you know get a list of the number four overall picks how I ranked among top to bottom top and from the lottery or that's that's 929 a MES in Memphis. Hi this is Gary Parrish and I can tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing work deadly long Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mouth while office park in fact for eight. Plus here because Cooper says that was a that irresponsibly gave her show since day one and they never left that's a testament then it's a testament to you when you've heard me tell you about your great work they're doing it Cooper systems for a long long time now it's time to hear from you guys. Got a great deal on an Apple Mac from corporate system literally have the right of the big box stores values dirty before they heard about Covert support for the. Otherwise and one day I love coming out it's a big blue green is down Zach I love all my files Cooper had killed were able to retrieve everything all he. Feldenkrais. Like computer faster and better than have a lot of people very owe you referred to go get out you're not supposed to do you guys catch are here vastly different. 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Lies from the Sunbelt rentals studios where guests who via via the lenders Chrysler does she ran full line. And on 929 FM am ESP NF. I don't think. There's also home to their supply very CEO rocker hall of fame. Walls. Really but it is cool like when you're there you can you can. Nominate who you think should be on the next ballot yeah. And the most popular was Stevie Nicks was Stevie Nicks isn't in Asia in there for Fleetwood Mac okay but not as they solo artist. And I saw like Smashing Pumpkins are nominated Boston. They weren't they're not and possibly be honest not in their bosses should be an anti dilutive but Boston Mike feels like the first time they've been voted or. But people aren't we rely upon boss I forgot who the other ones work but it's cool like you can go out there and see who's on there. It's a really cool exhibit I know I hate it like people hate that it's in Cleveland but there are some serious routes to Cleveland for. They said the World Series of rock and roll there all the time but it's certainly not Memphis yeah but one of the great things about it is. As summer body Kuerten his daughter lives up enough Cleveland he's he's a big golfer in the area. Known as duck and. They have like city areas. If they have exhibits like with the city select the Memphis sound and then there was the Lundin. Then there was San Francisco in the summer of love and 67 and 68. And that like the number of concerts for the hall of fame rock and roll groups that they were like every week. Ed in San Francisco you're like she's like no wonder you that we had table they have cable TV that. But that was really cool to me and and a lot they paid a lot of tribute to Elvis and Memphis music in the things like that was really cool actually and obviously promote down yet I was losing to a Seattle which we could of went down without a grunge movement yet. Billy Bob's Orton actually gave an interview today on and on some of this continues talking about how. Growing up living BC driven Argus a living next to Memphis is like the greatest thing in the world and he's using musician growing up. Is that you just come over analysts now listen see all them he said it was such a hotbed of music he says he's. He even said that Memphis even though the national prison gates he's still things is underrated in the music scene. He had a cool thing to me was like the origins of it like seeing music from the twenties and thirties it was like. More progressive than my big band like people playing. That the roots of gospel and soul and things and what it went in and what do you how it influencing country. How would influence what became a rock new role and then make the outrage be glad like we are not playing like they have. 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The clippers would do that I don't know that. I don't know that the and don't know that big the clippers have behind on that though. That's been the rumor flying around as if the rumors then it's going to be twelve to thirteen and had bad person buys airs as a package and I it and they did that I'm co trade the pick PG did you get the value from four from twelve and thirteen back to back like that. Yeah I wait. It's not senator Lisa I am trying to figure Chelsea was looking nuptials as picture of OS on the airport yesterday so he added VV big question. Is like what you do it number four now a lot of the smoke is out of the prisons are listening so what Michael Wallace in with frank city media was sad day. You guys give me your list. You know number four picks here's the list of guys have gone for. And so the list looks like this in terms of players that have. That have gone number four overall last year it was. It was Josh Jackson. Dragon vendor Chris stops forcing us airing Gordon Cody Zeller Dion Waiters Tristan Thompson. Wes Johnson that boat ran a string of pretty. Mediocre four picks overall until parsing this may be Gordon but Zeller hasn't done much waiters thinks he's much better than he has just 2000. Is what he isn't Wes Johnson never really panned out of their before that it was Tyreke Evans Russell Westbrook Mike Conley Tyrus Thomas. From LSU Chris Paul Shaun Livingston before his knee injury I probably would have had a much better career Chris Bosh Drew Gooden Eddy Curry. Marcus Fizer Lamar Odom. And John Jamison Antonio Daniels. Was a selection of the grid is actually. Stephon Marbury Rasheed Wallace Donyell Marshall Jamal Mashburn Jimmy Jackson to commitment tumbled Dennis Scott Glen Rice Chris Morris. I believe out of Auburn Reggie Williams chuck person and Xavier McDaniel here was my top ten. One Russell Westbrook. Won a court still crystal. Because of Westbrook continues on the that is I think he's at a crystal. Iger is overall I guess things that he does on the court but it doesn't continue that way it's bad enough fizzles out. So that was a hard thing but it's it's more to Chris Paul. Three Dikembe Mutombo and for a put Chris Bosh five nice press let a small match. Jamal Mashburn when he was right like literally could score fifty on anybody any given night. He I mean night in and it wasn't always happened. But Mashburn like at one point averaged like 2720 points a game you averaged nineteen points per game 195 and 41 career yeah or is out here and thousands again is a twice 128 points a game. So ages knee injuries hurt him yet I had Rasheed Wallace six Stephon Marbury seven Antoine Jamison eight Glen Rice signed. And Mike Conley. I think that's pretty good I mean I can't really the only thing is near the top on the flip wondered you guys. I think that's free I think I would be the exact same order for you I still I don't agree with you I think Glen Rice is extremely underrated as a player. When he should be I mean the man played a thousand games in net average of between points per game. That's very valuable it's it and Chris Bosh people forget about how good coolest. Chris Bosh got a terrible. And absolutely terrible. Wrapped it and it basically in. In Miami because everybody you know there was actually a video that went around. Which broke in pieces of hoffa's qui equipment that they would call eight Bosch. And so when they did that basically divorcing. A you know Chris it's useless it's a bosh and you're like now and learn I don't know dude that's not. That's not it that's that's not it at all and so. Aegis was a he was a guy that was the third option behind Dwayne wade and behind LeBron James Chris Bosh in Toronto was point 112. Night in night out English is the reason the raptors. Had a resurgent after they broke up to eighteen. That was led by Vince Carter Chris Bosh was the guy that led them back into prosperity again and Toronto. But eventually chose to it is play in southeast with Dwyane Wade in with LeBron James let form that trio. I went on to win multiple championships so. It's never. It's never a serious thing now because a lot of people not marked as Pfizer coming out of Iowa State was going to be a monster. NBA player Eddy Curry coming out of high school was another one that had a whole lot of people. Very interested in what he was capable of doing and so. This is a pick there's really no matter what you hear from people people are gonna go okay well this guy can do this in this cats and two that yadda yadda yadda. But for every. Russell Westbrook Mike Conley. Chris Paul topped inside guy you have a Wes Johnson is now just a guy in the week. You had Antonio Daniels who was a solid role player but not what you would hope to get at number four like when Antonio Daniels became. At a bowling green was a role play. And you don't use a four pick on a role player good dude Alan and Tony and analyzed as a government the NBA is working on broadcast now. But you wanna Jamal Mashburn you want a Rasheed Wallace you want a guy date. Can really help you win basketball games even on their own it was sad to me to see Reggie Williams from Georgetown. Fizzle out there as I love that guy in college I'm out of Dunbar high school but again. For Reggie Williams there's Glen Rice and Dennis got was really good it was Dennis got a great four overall pick and maybe. You could make a debate there but. Marcus Fizer Lamar Odom had a really good career and probably. Are gonna crack that top ten this is not for disputed some tough situations but at one point with the lakers he was considered the best six man in the lead on a regular basis. So. What the grizzlies need to do here is obviously getting home run. And I don't know that trading Monta gets sued the opportunity that got home run if you drop down and you play it safe and you take somebody had said anything can be good but you. Unless you unload Chandler Parsons founder Chris I just don't see happening here's the thing about this that and they they're talking about all these things and and Marc Stein treated it out about how the grizzlies are taking more phone calls and their lobbing. What channel manager in their right mind goes right now yeah I'd give me Chandler Parsons for two years in 48 million dollars nothing has Chandler. Personally I I like the guy but his body has failed in the last two years and no one would like it to be different any more than Gemma Parsons would. But there's not a general manager out there they can go to was older and go. K let's take a roll of the dice on Chandler Parsons and by doing so we can get the number four overall pick unless you absolutely. Unequivocal bleed believed that Michael Porter is going to be a star or someone is going to be there that you think is going to be the next superstar. So you would have to be trading out and it's fifteen million dollars. In hopes of channel persons could give you anything which there is no evidence of that right now. To get these four pick what you think you are drafting a superstar. To which I say this. If they think he's a superstar for a whoever they're taken why wouldn't you take them as accurate at like that's my point exactly ins and I still am a believer or not if Taylor can come off the bench and give you ten a game by ten points a game maybe a couple of rebounds some big games. I think that's good I mean yes we're not getting the superstar Chandler Parsons that we were hoping for but if we get any production out of him at this point it's a positive especially for this team moving forward. He's a good locker room presence is a good veteran guy that it's these young guys coming in how to play the game right how to prepare all right so. I don't have anything against him it's it's you can't control sometimes what happens your body now not his fault. Now it but it's a shame because he. The backlash of it and I listen I put some fault on him too and again I feel safe saying this is nothing that I wouldn't say to his face. You put yourself out on social media Jenkins didn't help yes it's Cancun didn't help the other pictures and how sometimes it's unwarranted but when you live your life. In that Sarah and that element you're gonna have people. 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Band nominated sleeping disease point seven ID card when a road in bar at the corner of Kirby Witten and summer. Right next Hollywood feeds you have any questions call stored directly sixth 196206926200. For sleep he's he's very never wake up. On the wrong side of the that will come back and when we do. Don't make bears right skate forests they don't apparently like it we found that out of a Russian circus and it's never a good idea to jump on a field whether Canadian football game. Or at the college World Series we'll tell you about that. Starting tonight an Emmy instruments. Thursday out at the blow all be out of the bluff and is now a little bit more excited at this. Quota met as grisly as they make their number four selection. Future superstar come at a Memphis. Excite dead at the bluff will be there from 530 to 730 watch all the action father's dreams Jason's dolphins say hello I don't bother you by south island at the book what happened. You can come in July. 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Actual or local drugstore or grocery store today old spice peer sports. And a purse friend the only way to beat. And Memphis heat let's did headlines. A 99 has been ESPN's well. A couple of things real quick out Rudy Gay is decided opt out of his last year. Of the deal we got a couple anniversary of his deal San Antonio so you'll be a free agent I'll get a couple anniversaries. That we will discuss. They're momentarily to the breaking news in other world professional sports is the reigning Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals. Are now looking for a head coach Barry Trout who was the capitals head coach who only got a two year extension because they want the top yeah. Has resigned as their head coach and it's basically because. I he signed that deal a few years ago he's been our coach for four years and in that four year stretch they have the best record in the league he's only 55 years old. Here's the thing Toronto signed the coast they might bat got shall Quenneville signed with Chicago and basically. Blew up the salary market so. For Barry drives the extension could kick in so he just said screw it I just wanna tap I'm not coaching for that amount peanuts. I'll take a year off and I will get paid more by doing that morial gets signed. This year but he resigns today as the head coach of the Washington Capitals for those of you there hockey fans but that is. Our most of them want ours to win a cup and I thought it might be because he was ready to be done easily should savvy is all but he's already be done to say the least. One good solid notes created no probably not a good idea to put a bear on a skateboard. Ever. But that's what happened at a Russian circus the trainers putting brown bear on a skateboard. If you watch an idiot you put this on its order on the FaceBook page clear Alfonso put us on a FaceBook pages from our good friends at bar stool who do a terrific job fighting the stuff. There's a video from this Russian circus result looks like it's a wait and somebody's like auditorium it's very rate is is is tiny little thing. Any push the bear down in the air look at basically as they push him down like looks back to the guy that pushed him. Eddie's attic that's it I've had enough and he gets like he is this massive animal. Is like going after they get it train him and they are just like trying to calm his pared down. By doing what beating it with a stick you're just making it angrier. So they bear is now angry and everybody did it for everybody out at a base. Well there's a did you big giant Teddy bear it's like a dog eat it and now it's a pair overture as it's used and push it down a ramp on a skateboard is probably going to be angry at you. So lesson learned right there check out that video on our FaceBook page have you ever thought about going streaking. Now OK I knew two guys who did it in college got away with it over talking like our field we talk a little like in LA. Don't field are now I got in front of like thousands of people are passed okay. Meets you accept that I'm also the same guy that moon the band Barenaked Ladies it at that music fest once in front of 5000 people are. They remembered on asunder asking for that they well they were in their name they basically. Dared me to do it and so I did it and they talked about it than there latest they've dvd release that here. So that let's get a better claimed and I had a leg whole lot of wrestlers like till I got I was Angela militant as liability fast from the top but I've never thought about streaking and you know two guys did it at Davis. And they basically ran in the way davis' football stadium of the time they now have a new one. Shaped up as a you've got over the back fence but you got into a residential neighborhood these guys live like literally like two blocks way. So basically ran naked from campus to their apartment yeah and then put on clothes and came back to get real it. Not so much for data decide to streaky Canadians Tripoli game. Where he's just running around pants off had the team's Jersey on I think it was the the BC lions and he got near defensive back and get absolutely. Pulverized. Awaits his teammates came home early gave the guy lives for just laying out his fan. Here's a good idea and it's also happen to somebody add that the college World Series Perkins Arkansas fans cent jump the fence the other day Iran out in the senate field and one of the workers. Are basically steered the guy who funded yet we just crushed him. Now here's the thing. Those players. On the field a don't know you and don't trust you can be no matter how funny you think you are they don't think it's funny and they don't want you near especially when you're gonna close our. TV employees in the stadium are told. Make it hurt so you don't. Like encourage this like this is not something we want people thinking. Is a good idea we want to discourage a so basically they've given guys like almost free reign to do is lay you out it's got to be like a dream come true. She's bigamy thing in the world it makes me go. Yeah let me take my clothes off and run naked guaranteeing I'm going to leave year in and globs. And with no clothes on and be banned look I have consumed plotting amounts of of alcohol in a night. I have never once thought it's a great idea to run around somewhere naked skinny dipping is one thing. Running through a sporting event naked totally different level of any creation and you're an idiot for at two anniversaries. Two gay. One of them was from the from the Miami Heat game today basically. I was saved. By Ray Allen hitting a miraculous three to the point work. That was the game people left the arena and my news stations were outside there are trying to come back and they are like hey it's just wasn't our year it is what it is and and they realize that the Miami were making. This miraculous comeback came back to win the series LeBron James and company. Winning game six and seven years ago today after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup they ran up a bar tab and guess how much they're bar tab was. Gotta be like 101000 plus all your not even close why you are not even anywhere in the ball game nine bottles of grey goose for bottles a Crown Royal. 35 Yeager bonds three bottles of captain Morgan's just to get started. Ten more bottles of great use seven Jack Daniel drinks. A 136 bud lights to Coors lights on amstel light little bruised right amount. Still blue moon. And then just continuing on down the line tried dabbled a 156679. Dollars. That my friends is doing work the server on the bar that's what it all ran down two with 825000. Dollar tip. Because when you have that kind of party is service charge honors her has servers got a 25000 dollar tip grand total 156679. Dollars. That's doing work in a bar but that's what happens when hockey players. Win a top. Bad start in for GP next DP will be back in tomorrow then back down to allow Florida to cover the NBA draft till moment you know around the all the duties. Until 6 o'clock will be back with you again tomorrow at two. Until that time for Connor America enjoy your Monday C. He is ready to nine of them ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and favorite us today on the defensive and he's when Bartlett. A young person in this news. It's station that's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms and tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. 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