The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, June 13th
The big show continues with Bill Bender ( Sporting News) and Kevin Pelton (ESPN) joining the program! Connor also gives Eric the headlines and they talk movies, Netflix, and more to close out the show! 

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How is the mood in Ohio after this so weak and now Dray mind green blob in shade everywhere I think that says. He wouldn't shake Tristan Thompson's and because they're not cut from the same cloth their fabric or whatever. Had the Arthur mean that they'll bronze weeded out only had three rings on yesterday. How about that display yesterday at the L lawyers championship parade. I'm mean million Andrea. They've they've won so they can talk to much and they want I no longer the Cleveland and there are still. There was talk about the cat which you we wouldn't get them that if you want but I think it's more. You know resignation that he may move elsewhere. You know the more I think about it. I think you know we put a complete where we're like what would be the most likely destination than a lakers don't have one now on so little interest in an idea that's what it comes down to. I keep hearing the lakers spur him. How bad would that hurt Cleveland fans I mean you we talked about this last week and he did get the championship. At the city of Cleveland has crave the Indians have come close. The browns' thirty years ago did of course it did it was the John Elway situation but. He did bring that title to Cleveland so Siewert a bolt again this time for. A glitzy glamour. Situation in Los Angeles where he wants to get. Eight post NBA career started according to people and joins the lakers how badly do you think that would hurt to have stands. Find out when it happens because right now I don't think it would hurt because there seems to British and I don't wanna call the path there but it. The fact that he did bring home that title in almost a bold and from Levy and especially look how he laughed and I don't have gone down. No secret that the Cleveland. All season last year with the disaster will be losing grip on them treating the urban and that trade looks really bad now rank and you know I don't well so clearly we're gonna have to come up to a now make your case they had minute doesn't sound like they're really going to go out of their way to do that mean you're reading the bin Gilbert's story now armed. I think there's a resignation that he's gonna lead from the band because you brought that title incurred some sort of a half give them. Yeah you're not that you're not ripping their hearts out again and then and then having Dan Gilbert go whoa what a title before that so called king well. Which was just the silliest thing ever to say when he went to Miami but. They do have that. Championship now I look back on that before I get into some college football stuff that I wanna talk about here. I do look back on that trade and you know what I get that it looks bad because of Isiah Thomas. It also looks bad because the guy that they got seemingly to help them stop. Kevin Durant Jae Crowder just didn't work out it didn't fit and everybody thought that that was the real. He and the real integral piece to that trade that you're just kind of swap them point guards but you are now getting Jae Crowder in this mixing Crowder was gonna be your guy. And it's seemingly didn't work out what people said about that up there. That's a good point I didn't hear much about his Crowder but I am not ones you don't just didn't work on every level in the New Hampshire Oreo. Maybe she's intrigued that you bringing guys like a fire all the guys that brought an achievement that it showed the much. The most in the well it was probably me and I mean yeah it really well. In some spots but it. You know clerks and include certain contributions were up and down obviously. Just didn't make the right moves and big gap between Golden State in Cleveland from the end of the seventeenth final and you can Arnold was huge. Likely would get a game. And they didn't end when they did that help or not obviously. Again the task. I mean Erica. I didn't necessarily like I wanna know how old. They kept that hidden when there are so many writers out there and guys that are in the know. That could of broke that story just conceivably after being more and. Yeah I it's. It's interesting so I mean I just look at. They seemingly have tried to make all these moves to appease LeBron James. And it very well could be left with a crappy roster with a lot of money going to players that are just okay. And no LeBron James and I guess he got to do that the wanna titles so. He can't fault them because they have the one thing that everybody comets and that is a banner flying in there arena I want us what's college football. Because it's not long before we get SEC media days big twelve media days. All the media days coming around. And the one thing. And I think it's going to be very interesting in the SEC because we've all kind of just resolved ourselves that. You know Alabama's going to be awesome again too it's out of my low was is probably going to. Unseat. But why my blanket now on the Alabama quarterback that that you know her jail he's gonna see Jalen hurts. But for the first and a long time it appears that LSU may actually have a quarterback and you are up there in Columbus so you know about Joseph Berle. What is LSU getting in Joseph Burrell an easy going to be that guy that makes LSU fans realize that quarterback Yates is actually a position on the football field. Yeah I think there'd been an efficient passer and make them. I was kind of resigned Ellis you have in the seventh poverty or year before he went there now. I'm wondering what kind of squashed they can make in the SEC west. I don't think they're going to be good enough to beat Alabama but they do give them back home and get other games in Baton Rouge collapsed Gloria at least. It'll have been beat by an average of seven game so and hacked and that Lebanon that you said there's been quarterback Dan and coaching you know and perhaps broken help make up that gap and it's very big shoe thread or draw and our program which typically. Over the past decade we've Alabama's biggest challenger and I don't think there are any more and yet he's feeling jordin problem had surpassed all you want netbook sure. I look at and Borough and also a lot of people think that they get they have there that's the sophomore Myles Brand and really is the future there. What do you know about Brad and has his father is Owen brown and so. You know he's a highly were touted recruit himself and his holidays is today look. You know the only thing he's got on Owen air then he's got on miles is. Three years in my fifteen pounds it's not like they're bring in Tom Brady and and and Jo bros gonna create competition that's great miles will be up for it. And that good thing there's one bad month certain I mean you know if you lose the job you wonder featuring a church. I'll put Penn State this week and that's an interest in the you bring up Arnold. Patrick McSorley was something I'm working on an accomplished even tobacco comic Stephen he's waiting his chance and some schools you can do that some he can't every interest you know I think parole and up winning that job. It's just a question of who you gonna be the first order of one or two year end what that would mean for Brennan in the meantime. When we looked dead and how things are playing outspent around the SEC who's the biggest threat. Alabama. A woman used to order that might normal walk a lot. Play a definitive the most talent and they also are in the division where ward and kind of he will be making transition. South Carolina been challenged. Special treat Georgia as South Carolina early. And took them two and number eight and all people like Mississippi State by unkind and wait and see mode bear. Because together and see if it could show helping in that out of more milk. Kinda get a seat let me appreciate. Is this the first here a long time on the SEC we felt like. With all the coaching changes in the things that have happened over the last handful of years that we really I mean we know about Alabama there's no two ways about it but. I mean there's a lot of variables there that we haven't had it in recent years. I don't know which one of those worst your team pushing her coaching is to lick the quickest transition you know so I mean just because. Look for a quarter better than some of your Texas saying them this year. It doesn't mean they'll be better in better shape for years from now because Jennifer is already recruiting well I'm not just by the way so. A lot of unknowns I think Chad Morse will be okay Arkansas. But there's a lot of work to do better so. You know it's one of failure of the unknown you're a lot of new coach and and a lot of teams Jason Nick Saban so I mean that's just who can emote more machine moving. You are up in happy valley Penn State finish the year last year eleven into obviously sink on Barkley a huge factor in that they were. Talked about as potential national title contenders. This is a team that I I honestly if you resolving this five years ago after everything that went down with a Jerry sandusky thing and all the things are gone through units all me baby back. Perennially on the top ten I would've thought you were insane I in fact not at some point they may even have a real problem you know keeping a football team or whatever I. And I get the trade that the tradition and everything but we start talking about lawsuits in the amount of money they could go out the door there's sometimes regal. Could this be that you know that that knock out punch at least for a little while so they recoup. They have done a remarkable job of distancing themselves from that situation and just go on back. To doing what they've done over the years which is a non Penn State and I'll I have to admit they win football games and when a lot of them. Yeah and then think a lot of the plunging for a coach who brought these guys to believe in that monster ball is that it it. Almost like when you wrote some guy at the wrong way and I get that but it's just because she's got to do things should Blakey had to pull them up from. And he got a nice job and I think treatment school is right at the part of Walt entry on both we and the cal they had. But McSorley is gonna step out of that this year I think he's gonna do a fantastic job at quarterback. Great to talk to good leader in. Didn't they got a winner man he 55 on five and heightened wanna run and five now. That's all and you know the first sudden your period. They're recruiting while this year's schedule shapes up. Really nicely for them they have they at Ohio State and Michigan State at home two weeks in between the two games of their back to back on the schedule. The only adult that the best in my face on the road is miss again. On November 3 I mean this shapes up for them to make a real run at winning the east side of the Big Ten doesn't it. This isn't a huge that'll be Eugene do think mission and then they Ohio State Michigan State Earl and bring it this year. Obviously Michigan State and Penn State a moment or two home and then the one on the road. So you know it'll be on the city. Michigan's going to be pretty good till. I think Ohio State with a quarterback in the towel they have this one rate at that can actually go play about the let's listen in college football borrowed as Steve Jones wondered out so. And save Ohio State put that may have a game last year and what happened appallingly both teams walk that come into World War II. Yes now you get you get those masks those monster games and everybody gets up for and then the following week you have to go back out. And it end and get right back. After it when you look at where the American conference's right now because a lot of obviously with Memphis being there and I might doorbell is done such a terrific job in. Navy's been good in Houston spend code in Central Florida obviously last year undefeated but they lose Scott frost. How much more they creeping in of the national picture in terms of respectability. Now that Central Florida went undefeated now that Memphis. Beat Josh Rosen and UCLA on national TV last year in these teams are beating. A lot of the power five schools now I know that at that might arrest the wants it called a power six a name they kind of played that. But there seems to be a lot more respect coming from the national comments towards American athletic conference football teams including Memphis. Additional and I think short term forecast is great I mean. Say they will need to gain big east and don't rush out to think adding navy wouldn't true. Memphis and you feel itself sort of been good program now eat and you know multiple long term but he wanna really take X go out there you gotta pay these coaches and you got to keep him. You gotta keep or development and having people in the got to control strong and well quarter. Yeah near but below what they're made in yeah I got that right on the first try. But you you've got to keep you coaches around because. The unfortunate part of that is in that same stretch that would compound and have no doubt good at what point they have moved. Helped Scott croft moved up although that one. Why are you gonna do we gonna go to Nebraska does not grant. Danang. I was you know I don't know races that I honestly was a little bit surprised just because I think it's tough to go back and live and those but the money is just so grateful. There's also get paid pretty well in Florida which has no state income tax of two million a year. And you bump up a little bit more but I think he realized hey look we just went undefeated and eating and had a chance. To play for you know the national title. And if that happens here in and year out it eventually gets frustrating so I get it. And it's hard to keep coaches. That are all right the big question is are you you have to let me know if he'll be at the Indians game on Saturday and we talked a little bit about it he said are you got to figure some things out if you are first beer's on me. Well some greater demand quality. You're gonna outlook social on the weekend in Cleveland. Our own thing is that very few people usually by the way it did have a great time in Cleveland all mumbled and Cleveland and now I think it'll publicly. Equivalent in the summertime our demand further tribute you're saying I'm going to Cleveland under better January I have a different speech for. I would tell you I'm not leaving the hotel and I'm walking into the food court and getting a Charlie's grilled sub and then walking. Underneath the street over to the casino and I want them over the other sports bar over there. That's at it and you're good assortment of Purdue America you get that right up to see this weekend now. Our record I told that they're right there from the sporting news. When we come back seven continents out NBA basketball that's the Wednesday edition of the Aircastle thanks Joseph rolls on next 99 and ME SP in the. Memphis is number. Sports station. It's Jason and Jon are canceled so I'm Gary Parrish. CNN. ESPN dot. Yes it CD yeah yeah. This. Step one. 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Well at the trying to get some double pronged and you know they're. There have been the team put more whispers around the league that the torch is going to get serious thought to resigning with thunder and it's tough to say how seriously to take those clintons but it. There at least he's had you know in the argument I think for in this they would have under in the idea that OK we'd we need to get. No pun intended we need to get other robbers and back here and people we can do with that team. We didn't have our full squad last year against Utah in the playoff that's what constant. It is I think that's probably more credible argument for him. You know maybe along with that the monetary difference of more credible argument preempting local city than that there is really for LeBron stating Cleveland at this point at ultra competitive it's important. Let me ask you this the rumors seemed to be hot and heavy. And today he's going to Los Angeles. Can you even imagine a scenario where LeBron James and his camp would put up with the nonsense that Lavar ball has continued. To bring to the table listen. I was one that said Ewing draft and his dad your draft in the sun. But now with Alonso and doing that distract towards Kyle coups Larry on people are saying. And that's not something that you joke about even if you talked to him about a guy that's never met as biological father and you throw that in your rap songs. A guided didn't produce the way they thought you look around and there's Jason Tatum. Lighten it up and Donovan Mitchell lighten it up in the lakers also look like they missed on their pick. Now I have a chance to get LeBron James that he wants in. Add to their offices and Watson a magic suffers a magic you know what I would love to Wear the purple and gold. But decade or his dad. If his dad's eighty starts spewing anything it's that's Iraq so you either got to get rid of the dad and alum I put double that Horry gets trading Kidd. I never thought we'd ever see a position where a T a player's parent is literally. Taking down his NBA career seemingly. Well we did see you know I think it will more volatile public presence to people who called Conant the midseason. That you know whatever happened at that point and I think it's. You know you put in an up in the background that I did I don't think that'd be a big issue. I mean it's just a question yeah it you know or brawn feels that way personally it that's well within his rights and I think he probably would choose to draw the over long until particularly given the fact that. You know you look at it still had a couple other trade I you you know despite. The fact that he struggled with the shooting and and dealt with the injuries during his rookie season he was phenomenal defensively I think better than anyone expected at that in the court. Did did a court vision and everything we side in terms of his past the ability translated so I think. You know he'd have a lot of trade value and particularly you know we've all grown school is. Well I don't wanna come here and play with a bunch of young guys. Yes the right side you've got a young talent but you need to go trade these guys and get me another veteran to go with all George. You know I think that. That the people who Wear could be acceptable. I look at that situation they get at LeBron and Paul George. I know it won't do it but what does LeBron just after all the trolling the lawyers getting Gehry compares it stack that is yesterday's on the Steelers thundered askew. Whatever LeBron just goes to the lakers are our calls Chris Paul goes yell. These guys are Robinette my face they kind of pumps you the last couple years I'm sick of this nonsense. I'll take less money you take less money let Paul George it is Max contract CPU and I've made plenty of money we make money money off the court. Let's put all three of us in Los Angeles of those young dudes and go kick their ass. I. It's not as crazy as it sounds. Then it Chris Paul or wanna win a title and LeBron wants another one who wants to shut those guys up that maybe they do take a little bit less. Because there's beat their will be more on the back end if they were to lead the lakers back to glory. I don't know and these data were appealing scenario in terms of competitive standpoint and just trying to force a trade to you know walking in enforcing trade to Houston and playing with. You know Paul and James Harden I mean I think he'd rather you know Paul Jordan maybe a better fit in that third guy in some ways and in tartan that he's not a better player and you have the infrastructure. You have a team that already. You know I did. Has built a game plan to cut into the game seven with the warriors so I think it you know it. If you're going to LA it's got to be a different proposition than Chris Paul and ended he can't required to be a money because they can do it in Houston potentially without having to get companies. I last few days he Houston's got to make a lot of moose Philadelphia does not seem to make a lot of moves. And the fact of the matter is this the Bryan Colangelo things now does everybody think of a Philadelphia's out of the question to me is is bizarre because. Just a month ago we were on agreement that Philadelphia seemed like the most logical fit form when JJ Redick contract coming off the ability to move some guys. I don't know while the sudden because one it'll front office guys wife is out there tweeting or whether he was doing and who cares they're gone. Now Philly can set back to moving forward to that roster is still in good shape while the sudden it's Philly a per Ryan LeBron dies. I. And I think it comes down to you know and re evaluating whether that it makes sense that mean. It afflicted is going to talk you the most young talent to win win over the next few years I mean. You know than India the police even while other ball centenarians. Yeah you're right that they wouldn't have to. To sacrifice much of anything they'd probably just have to you know trade media first round pick or two to get up cured be able to its final season may be Bigelow won because they not a big contract. Like you're going to a place where bad Simmons is not a shooter where you had the ball in his hands. All the time and even though there's been some you know con discussion of this idea of the LeBron wants to have the ball left in his next up. That's the talk circuit that it is you know going to put Chris Paul and James Harden got two are capable outside shooters and it played off the ball with each other or. You know played with Paul George who has done this repeatedly throughout his career so. No I think it's more about the fifteen point that it did anything with all Angela. I look it Ed Ed then Simmons and the lack of shooting and I think to myself that's the one thing I've always said you can develop will what is the problem while watching shoot the basketball. It's not like this. Awkward busted look and jump shot he's done billet and and I don't know these ever had to do it his size and his. Athletic ability and he seemingly didn't have to do what his rookie year. I mean is there do you think there's ever a day where we see Ben Simmons make him jump shots or is it just destroy it this is my game I need that you take it or leave it. I mean I think it's possible. You know and certainly if you're right that it is the skill that is probably most culpable but. The indicator usually look for in terms of someone who's likely to develop as a shooter you know could free throw shooting usually translates. Well he's he's been particularly poor free church shooter per. You know on seven footer. On the I'm until the contract that you're that he is shooting his outside his jumper with what is wrong here and so maybe peace which is that it helps things but so far he. He has not been persuaded that it can't. Talking with Kevin Pelton here on the program all right with a all the offseason stuff coming this summer. How much does a week from tomorrow play into what we could see happen I mean their stock that. If the grizzlies can't get a guy you know they've they've got the fourth pick and could they moved down from four to get a guy they lag can add a veteran with the four picks for the I don't know to Chicago for seven men and a player on their roster order another team. I in the lottery and their roster how much shake up do you think happens a week from tomorrow. Come NBA draft time for either teams trying to move upper teens trying to make room for young talented player that they found it. Something quite a bit I mean they do it's rare that you hear this much talked I think even you know this time a year ago and ultimately was betrayed at the first and third pick in the draft. There wasn't the same kind of chatter about teams moving up and down that there is this year because it seems like. A lot of teams are urged India to number two work. Or potentially before it you know to those teams might be receptive to moving down in Indy you know. He didn't multiple takes over or did you veteran he say aircraft kitty are the bad salaries fell. I think we really fascinating over the next eight days there it's. I did sue and I think that it's one that we haven't generally seen come draft Knightley seemed. Trades made I mean last year the most notable one was the bulls and the timberwolves. The bulls and apple Larry mark and and Amanda was act Levine and Chris Dunn. They give up Jimmy Butler but to end their pick. But really I ain't which turned NB Justin Patterson from. I Creighton but you literally it's set the foundation to me for Chicago to move forward and gave Minnesota the guy they needed there. I don't know that there's that kind of deal lurking out there for a team to add a guy like Jimmy Butler again unless we. Sees something wild or you don't maybe we will we hear today the rumor that. Boston may have tried to Dick while Leonard and in at the deadline in San Antonio rejected the deal. There's all kinds of talk about call why Leonard and so. I am intrigued to see how this goes down I generally feel like they'll when he gets this loud that's generally only see the fires put out a lot of this is more smokescreen than reality. I think maybe done in terms of the veterans in terms of the established are changing teams at this point in I mean look. It is dramatic change in the Kline Leonard relationship over the next decade and that. That probably seemed to put a timetable based on everything that quote reported today on But it. I think it's really going to be more that she's moving around with me in the draft because of the fact that. You know I think what makes this draft different is that there's not much content is on the order of the top five prospects it seems like younger age pretty lopsided number one that. You know there's definitely something that values don't change is the best player in the strapped it might be willing to pay a lot to go up and get him. And then if you're you know Sacramento and you don't value in that same way then. You look at this is an opportunity guy you like just as much and you know additional picks or whatever else you idiot. Out of it very similar I think to last year we saw between the sixers and Celtics of all today. I just wonder though if teams are scared off by that because people see what happened to Philly and up and mark L faults Boston ends up with Tatum. Had the opportunity to get another pick it didn't it it didn't pan out that way. Shoppers say what they're with the protected pick Philly still ended up keeping it because the lakers at the time no one was made nobody thought the lakers would would push that far forward. And thought that that pick was going to Boston a lot of people felt like. Boston still got the guy they wanted and they got more in exchange so I do wonder about that if teams are a little scared off by that that may hurt. A team like you said like Sacramento or Atlanta who may think they look we really like maul Bobble we can get him at six let's move down of the team wants to move up and see if we can't. Pick up another guy we really like him picked up some other assets. He heads to the default situation is so unusual that you know probably should scare came up a notch and really a big believer in trading up and draft. Did you know there's a big difference between him and dawn church is coming in with. So much how little experience and you know has again having conceded that the next highest level compared to the end of the NB yes. Item and ask you this and it's it's way off of what we've been discussing but. Grizzlies majority owner Robert pear was in town yesterday he spoke with side right city media's Chris Vernon who used to be a host. On the shelves and as were upset that he didn't talk addressed the media one thing though he made very clear is that he intends to try to keep the team wants to keep the team here. Obviously people here a little nervous. If it goes back to what it was or if the grizzlies fall into a situation. Like Sacramento and Minnesota did back in the early two thousands where. Once they are out of the playoffs they were out for a very long time. And areas it is the the part of the country which you are residing annals a little town there called Seattle where. They've got a couple other professional teams they found a Starbucks. Did seemingly is. Very much in line. You have NBA basketball once again so I'll ask you two questions. Likelihood that the city of Seattle has an NBA team before 20/20 four. And likelihood on top of that that if they do or do not. That it's an expansion team or a team that moves seems to me the fans in Seattle would rather have an expansion team. Get the name sonics back get their records back in just start over the way the browns did but sometimes it can always go that way. Who is the last part I mean you know out of Tolbert continues to tour called light water on that expansion idea at least in the short term. And you can you can help focused you know his public comments have been much more about Mexico City seems like things about Seattle or any other market in the US including bay yes it's. In and out of that NBA ready arena that's hosting hockey. And so you know I think you eat eat the Sonics. You know it's getaways to get a team back it's probably going to beat by a move but I'm also pretty pessimistic on that front. Income from our Brian win horse just kind of you know alluded to the fact that he has belief is the NBA doesn't think that the deep current plans do renovate Key Arena into a larger. More modern facility is going to be good enough for the NBA especially because he's become you know there is the second team. You know with the NHL team that's they're already in line for expansion. That being you know pentagon did that seem to get the best choice. You know everything in terms of defense and you know that this would have revenue and on all that's sort of things so. You know there there's a lot of intense skepticism though whether Seattle's really any closer to getting NBA team even with this new arena plan and you know that might eventually bring it to Chris painting group and their plans to bring you build an arena. Near the end of the stadiums this sort of in Soto essentially can Safeco Field. That would probably be a more viable NBA plan but you know that there's a lot of politics into getting that to the point where you know they can go on and pursue an NBA pick. I wanna hear your I eat you follow the WNBA. They they now have a team in Las Vegas the golden knights just went through their season. With her and the raiders are going there I don't know off an NBA team is viable there in the next four or five years maybe they wanna see what happens and seeds taken its support to I don't know that they can do three because of the way the city structures but who knows. But there's also Kansas cities in Mexico City. Hi Adam silver he's talking about squelch in expansion. Is there enough talent in your opinion it's good to put a couple more teams in this league. I don't think there's any question and you look at the way that the international player pool has expanded it needs that they can. There's more than a quarter of all minutes this season were played by international players and I don't change coming over in May be the top five pick just the latest example of that so. You would if increased dramatically to cool players would be in beer is taking compared to even. You know thirteen years ago the last time we expanded to Charlotte so I think that's going to be the issue the question for them to always gonna be ordered 32 NBA caliber market. From the presidential perspective and then it also I think he the other standpoint it is. You know if we put a team in Seattle the expansion are Las Vegas or wherever it is. You know. Is that better for us today and taking a team that's currently getting money via revenue sharing and putting that. That's even a place where golf and so and there are you know either going to be neutral even paying into the revenue sharing pod. That's going to be better for you know other owners in big markets who I think are gonna really resisting expansion talk. Yet they don't they don't want that that ties sliced up anymore and asked him that Marty got to give us lies do. The family the owners of the Saint Louis spirits of the ABA who took the greatest deal in the history of sports and said. And I like it lets you blast out oldest steak and share the TV revenue every year for the rest of our lives okay cool here ego nobody ever thought it would be what it is Tuesday and how those guys. Every year lock to the mailbox once a year ago. She seeing and so I don't think that that policy. That happen enjoy your weekend my friend that will look forty catching up with you next Wednesday a night before the NBA draft and surely a lot more rumors before them thanks brother. Unprotected and I Kevin bell near joining us out of program when we come back. We close it out today wit the headlines that's next 99 an Emmy as in Memphis not. She's. This is mrs. I'm getting better. Broadcasting and they. Don't succeed him. This is never easy distinction I didn't know. 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The improvements that they've made out there are terrific and they continue to get better great staff out there as well. You can book a tee time pretty old man. Send your dad out the mere Amaechi. And let him experience. One of the best. Golf courses. In a Memphis metropolitan area. For himself that makes it great Father's Day gift of fact why not just even. Taken out there yourself. Yes can go have a a good time playing golf father and son or. Daughter and father whatever it may be you McNulty 59 at 3800 just fifteen minutes from downtown appointments from out east wanted thirty minutes not as long. A drive as you might think. And once you get there. It's a wonderful all around golf experience from get loose on the driving range to CNN off funnel number one and going. Through all the Rolling Hills in the creeks in the lakes it's a terrific spot. To play a very challenging course almost certainly 400 yards of excellent golf and this is a terrific spot mere Amaechi. Is open to the public in its open Tuesday through Sunday. All you have to do is go to mere Amaechi dot com to check out their rates they've got a great golf shop they've got a great bar and grill as well so you can make a whole day. Of enjoying the great outdoors and enjoying some great golf. Act mere Amaechi merely see out there at 6195. Woodstock Cuba road. You give a call setup that tee time or give data gift card call 9012593800. Mere MHZ. Play golf they're right all day let's get headlines. It's. Times headline a 99 have been on ESPN. Play headline from nailed it wants and get over this dry off for whatever it's nasty storm everywhere I was damage if yeah. It's awful import it Chelsea's been battling a different version of it do so. They are supposed to get sick this time. Of each year. I saw that doubt Wonder Woman 1984. Has been announced what yes I'm missing here was Wonder Woman 1984. Wonderful woman was never around in 1984 Wonder Woman. Was part of the like World War II was that tell you as a shell. That's what the last movie was right now we got Wonder Woman 1984. So and Wonder Woman it's her sentence is the DCU sits in DC extended universe Wonder Woman takes place during World War I or 20 to. And then they Justice League takes place and today. So it's gonna kind of be like the middle of what was she doing between world war two and then we showed up and just cannot put Steve Trevor went to saint or spoiler alert Steve Trevor died last movie. Essentially was generally so. But it's been announced Chris pine may be coming back to their may be some time travelers may be sound superhero stuff going on. I'm excited that I Wonder Woman was awesome. It was one of the biggest openers never. Patty Jenkins coming back the director which I think is the most important part yards out to go come on back so I'm excited about it. Hopefully it's whether. The few hates that DC is had so because the rest of my latest traffic jam and they're not trash are they. Justice League side. I have seen just about every sip mammoth disappointment that was incredibly disappointing and then suicide squad is on unwashed what's the first movie I've ever considered walking out on begins I was so mad and Gonzales champion in our series and a resin lies that. It was so disappointing to DC just like fall incredibly short of China chase marvel years out you're telling me basically what happened was that they thought that everything had to be super dark after the Dark Knight series Christopher Nolan did and then they just kept my. Either way incredible incredible pain and all that less Christian Bale was terrific in Syria they try Izod Gould. They tried to combine that with. It being still like more power book stuff and they focus too much on the looks and then over everything was rushed his marbles just whipping out all of these like hit movies and stuff like that. So then trying to catch out. Which is pretty good all of them like Spiderman like seventeen different way that is though as though not in that yeah it's just DC. They they'll figured out I'm hoping that Wonder Woman gets him back on track which for me is a 45 year old is bizarre because when I was growing up. It was DC was like that Justice League like super react like this super friends the super friends was the cartoon. And it was. Does this super friends vs the legion of doom had a had a series there and it was like. Lex loot the war and all I got all the villains he recruited like black man though is. Okwu man's arch nemesis the Joker but Solomon grundy Superman or their nemesis all these people that were. You know like that on the bad side and inevitably every episode the Justice League west region doing was collecting it they're little like. They're little like headquarters of my car ride away exhaustively Malia so shocking that that does not happen Ireland you know look look for that I thought that I heard anybody tell me. Wonder Woman with Delgado is very good and now I am DB has its seven and a half out of ten serves usually. A pretty good ready in my reading this correctly Netflix is now worth more than Disney yes nationally and almost look more than Disney empire that's impossible for me to believe what Disneyland and Disney World is seemingly. There to print money on a daily day. This Netflix is burning money every day I mean it's it's. I've created what was really up and political backlash in that cowboys boycott Netflix now because they signed the obamas and the producers or something but what people are realizes that these companies are so big you not. You're an interview that I did a gap there and also when you cancel your subscription you're still paying for another marquee guys like so you still given my surmise a key to subscription and just not watch the show yet. I get that act. I listen I'm not penalize. I still Netflix from my threats because it's my parents at my sister has a Netflix account she doesn't know enough people users and then we have other friends and out of there on I only have like one other person might I guess you know up to three. No exchange that one day Netflix and ago. You can have one other person user count that's it this the third person it'd you know it's five boxer it's two bucks or whatever. I think we may have gotten grandfathered into the system that's happening now because my girlfriend district and her new house and her sister they only have one Netflix account so if one person's watching in the living room they can't watch on their laptops. So we are trying to set it up and you're to pay like five dollars now. Four in what happens so what happens if like at my house I log into your Netflix. But sure a lot getting your house does it like a log you off it it it ticks you off he kicks it keeps your body says that Spotify yet but stratified as a light admin of the accounting go in and keeps you off socialite. It's it's it's basically you wanna watch it I guess you know you don't go right. That busy watching stranger days. Which is incredible I meant the last episode of us he's in what I can't wait until we're going to how we organize a strange knowing some high era yeah you don't. October 12 this anti on after ram yeah I'm out time out as I get back after the please do. Please do yeah I believe I'll give you some free advice about that are under way that though are you triple A member. Yes it's yeah wholesalers Gary piece of advice for AAA members. Get the Halloween horror nights like extra screen passing go multiple nights yeah just go. And get there in the park before it opens and got the part as we don't know like 630 and we ripped through like six houses. And Mike. Two hours and you act like maybe wait for one or two of eagle multiple nights it's here I trying to squeeze like ten. And houses in one night you know like. This is now on just like overloaded we added I agency was she's never been Orlando where Disney Iranian that's on taking her first time here it's going to be the magic people seriously hurt us for feline now you cat lover boy wants to take it Incredibles two this weekend because there's people expect that it is going to be. The highest grossing animated movie of all time I got a minute looks awesome it does it's going to be finding dory which was the last one that I've heard nothing but good things for the younger ovals to the first one was awesome and you know we're gonna do a second one when the un battered automobile holding up your trainer Mike fourteen years later it either friends that are just like you undermine every time you say some might. Yeah well I'm going to Indiana go to. I'm gonna go to a clean honestly gonna go to a rollercoaster or Seattle we're going to the Bahamas next weekend Reynard wasn't trying to like wow heated late what he had to be the undermine it. Look I think I don't know I'm I am my achievement system that's fantastic form via her music can never figured acting out so well. Suggests that I'll. While it's the best and that's where it is pretty amazing like how they mimic each other right there it's it's almost identical depth. Went jet or flash reports of the blog at flash he's the only one that doesn't excuse her debt she's the only one that doesn't have a superpower of the fantastic four members. You say and mr. incredible he's basically that they look around rocks in any got to last the girl and then you got to grow the disappears violet. And then I'll sorely missing this is the firefight law. The only thing about Johnny storm oil Imus yeah yeah yeah yeah and then they did get silver surfer and put them in the I essentially like pros don't yeah. Although it's different again I get to see which is an idea that should be that should be fun as well and finally. Seems like Paul George is making the rounds I had it be amazing NBA players all hang out together. I get called George hangs out one day what Mike Conley the next rumors can be pulled yours go to Memphis Grizzlies now. I wish her with a lot of it was supposed to be here's a little known fact a really Dillard's the year he gets drafted out of Fresno state. That was for the grizzlies wanted to and it and they did not think Indiana was going to take in fact they thought Indiana was going to take obviate Henry. And every link legitimately. I've been told by people that were there like that pick was signed sealed delivered written now. And winning Indiana. Turned in their guard in that balls are there but wait why Michael round. And when they they were so set on Paul George but they didn't think they had to move up to get that is ruined my whole day because I didn't know that was and while my you guys you know and that's an excellent like heated war and it I mean we had Mike in March but maybe. Playoff run they had he may have been the answer to it. Yeah idol I'll inform everybody on my trip to Cleveland went dial beyond tomorrow and Friday Jeffrey Wright will be in and next week we'll be get ready for the NBA draft happy Father's Day to all of those of you that are dads out there to he had a father. They see spent some time with them are a few I have some jail tennis doesn't valued at. As someone who lost his father this year trust me you will not want to look back on Father's Day and wonder if Jesus spent more time year old man because. I only have one bad and make them feel special because. That's what that day is all about so enjoy Father's Day if you are a father or your spending it with your father. Please have a wonderful wonderful weekend and I'll look forward it's not and everybody on Monday for Connor I'm Eric. Will be back with DA again on Monday Connolly back here tomorrow to the Jeep tees up next until that time CN. One. The official. 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I'm in the super cuts for our attention to detail signature hot tell finish here not just ready. Check in Ireland today the creditors group lost 125 Cannes festival on Saturday June 23 at 8:30 AM to benefits of any recovery center run walk volunteer donate fund raiser beer vendor go to love well five K dot com and I am just. Armed playing your same toss that I mean girls while this from the moment our column to begin just advanced. And it proved it works its. Merits and. Know early on I view of the others. More so warrant a rate compares then was being in this game we can't eat. And they're there we will precise little it and you don't call it chicken and I'm wins. How long it came music is fair organize and make sure you. USA is being one of the best resources that I remember and I'm sure. We're in the hills and we USA who live here and see what you can see it's less than anybody on what you're gonna end. Insurance get home today and religious. 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