The Eric Hasseltine Show hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, August 17th
Eric is joined by john Martin to talk Tigers football and hoops. Jason Wexler, Grizzlies President of Basketball Operations, joins Eric to talk Grizz promotions for the upcoming season. 

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So literally in the. Trying to turn ESPN. These two. All right it's 3 o'clock his time here next code words this hour's worth is edited text the word edit ED ITT tech sad words right now descent into Haiti once you're changed when it thousand dollars right here in 99 FM ESPN again thanks a word edit. CE DIT tech that word right now the seventy to 81 appreciates what a thousand dollars and don't forget to download that radio dot com activities with you wherever you go again and text the word edit. ED I T thinks that work right now to seven shoots 81 year of one hour to get that word into pleasing hour Texans drives Brad Carson Wagoner exported or plots again the word edit. ED I ET. Good left. I bet on me exams are our number two every Friday to start our number two is. I don't have the cool music to Gary Parrish as our next guest. I don't particularly like bringing up his past relationship live people named cookie. That's okay what are you talking. Do you not listen to this station after legal affairs. I'm not I tried to I'm super busy the United Airlines Gary shares is like he used to do it was Filipino is married to stand up. No harm I don't know I don't know what it will lose a few clues as for John Mark you wanna Selma because he has. Cookie is you know. Part of my iPad. That I get reminded of every week and expire donated it to be a two I have been fortunate fly out but Dutch season. Should rock party girlfriends. I had done this year later became a stripper at opponents to a record. And Gary brings out the end of every conversation I had Gary likes to say. Static cookie forming and I actually wait for John response is usually just blows it off and it says good bye to Gary normally sometimes he goes not a chance but thank you. That's what I need to start saying just like not breaking stride not a chance of that happening but I appreciate the concerns Selig has. And I got my I think I would like good to see cookie Lamar aren't just started oh yeah and they're settled. Would that be alert that. Alia and I don't regularly. Is now because of the exam found out you saw a cookie. Sam might make you late spit cookies like punch you so hard the gut you're gonna third top circle. But I can hear a lot yeah I think fairly comparable amount I should enemy you now see shooting. If they've operated the cookie would they would bear it would be very platonic obviously didn't Ed and I also found error. He leg couldn't even when the segment came up actually they got I found errors you got like a glamour and ask directly and I guess you could still restart Bloomberg. Probably not. You know and so it gave like it worked out the vote the vote it out and I'm happy about all I have inning Derek. Happy endings are always a good thing my friend they're always a good thing that's a happy ending in Denver. Four out Paxton when stuff. Not a bad you can write it down the bottom. And it's a shame because I thought you had. Based on power. About our body going to be a star quarterback either by tweak the mind and the password that you looked optional accolades they gotta be article about and well I Larry. And then what you did learn in these circumstances than this situation there that it is just there's so much. The government of the Internet from cornerback DR armed talent and and how are you can pass the ball and I assure you are it's about you know when you show up. Ladies stay after practice you know what to dedication level how much do you want it. More so than really any other position. Because you're the leader you know you are you are the face of the franchise. And or whatever you then you know pact similar as has not embraced that com. And that's been around on him basically ever since we got there now. Well let me out of control of course are they don't have the blonde played never really didn't object to succeed. I think the fact that. Gary Kubiak was never a big fan interest to begin with bill coming out of that this and that the John Elway decision I think those those things were certainly we're gonna give him but. If you could say indicate that you could change our. How would you work ethic and and how seriously taken are bad you want it and and actually never let that that's why not urging quarterback and you know losing the jobs a guy he beat in college negotiate it you know what you do in college it really means absolutely nothing once you get to the next. I wonder and I. And I thought about this as I know that you knew the young man I thought like you did I heard what you said yesterday said look you may not find any racial or. Offensive tweets and my putter history but you will find me saying. I think that's the most is going to be good and I was on that train because I saw him. In that bowl game against BYU. Throw a fifteen to seventeen yard out there it was a laser that is an. NFL throw I saw him do it against Ole miss as some do it all season long. And I am I here all the rumors as well I wonder what's going on in his mind because for him to reportedly walked into his coach's office and say. Why are you do Modi meat if that actually is happening. Is either age soul. Beyond. Grasping for me like you can't be that that down you you I mean I cannot calling him dump but you can't be that dance. They you don't realize the fact that you're the first one last wanna get their first one to leave. And seemingly don't spend any time in your playbook wouldn't have an effect on your NFL career and when people may have even told you hey look you've got to get on this stuff more. I mean my god we just watched hard knocks and baker mayfield showed up. After Tyrod Taylor got there early for like a 530 work out who hue Jackson said Doan said to see what five did today I hear 530 and baker went. A he's his own guys get his own scheduling as you might wanna be a little bit more like him. And they said literally the next day baker started showing up an hour earlier just to be in the room be in the playbook look at the film. And leaving later and they said whatever they said bill baker baker said he got the message and that was like first day of camp. One day this has been two years for factually so. I wonder has anybody even talked on them they said have they told you anything as he confirm or deny that anything because. I would hate to kill the kid in his college hometown. Even though eating grumpier grew up in Florida and have people that no woman and care forum here hearing people don't want. I do doesn't study is style but I tend to believe also where there's smoke there's fire too many people said this. Logic if you accept it as an edited the case which again not isolated. I am edition. Is really an end and I I hate you can't know what you plot. You can't know whether guy's gonna work harder not necessarily. We can be great. When their college like you know I don't know like our I would assume a god it didn't work hard to never play quarterback for just report to like you know not that no BFR. And an out is similar scheme worked hard at it you can get there's within you wouldn't be the starter. Employee got a Malik what it was very committed to actually it wasn't just like are you the best player on the team that we look to beat up as bad fight. Pete calling it squad in the ground. When it was unpopular to do so for cracks or silk. It it was hard it's hard to sort of our you know predicting course see how a guy is gonna handle that workload. On the next level but clearly I actually never been able to master you've never been able to understand where that's bias towards or whatever. You know the fact of the matter into the first round draft pick and you know at one time he was projected to be a number one overall okay. And what they tell that he should be able to yeah yeah like servers and it drew a career backup it backed. And he wasn't able to do that and what you do Broncos and ultimately what you're gonna show in the games and I think listen. He looked a bit more than a game actually seen the mideast they had a mini. You love a good immediately he had a couple dark and an opportunity to show what he could really eat all the H I I I would like to say. That I at least saw a glimpse that I at least saw something in those couple game that he started. That reminded me of the actual knowledge of the university America. And I can't play than I've ever seen a single throw a single moment a single drop back. Where I felt like there you have actual actually the he he he he's still got a I don't know PW more are really don't aired out. I appreciate again last week and against the vikings you know I'm actually not banks out. In I think it's probably at least the end Berman Denver Weathers in the political career seat. A class and actually over in Denver for sure. Yeah and I think you're right lake Gary asked yesterday if thousand dollars if he eat would you put a thousand dollars he would ever start another NFL game and I'm with human milk. I I wouldn't put a dollar on it right now. I don't know that he's ever going to see significant time it led me to look up. What. What possible. Quarterbacks drafted that high may have had like last. Less success so here's I don't know I'd tell you what it is. The quarterbacks that were drafted so quarterbacks have been drafted over the years in the first round. Will last this year obviously that doesn't count last year. Mr. miscue Patrick Holmes to Shawn Watson they're all gonna see significant time you're before Jerry got Carson once Paxton lynch. Paxson was the last first round pick your before that James Winston. And Marcus Mario on it posted a good time you before that late portals Johnny men's L Teddy Bridgewater. Man Zell may be there is aired they were drafted well I think time and Zell may be there he got a play I play out but that was just a problem with. Stand on the straight narrow. Yeah 2013. EJ Manuel maybe. Maybe Jamie and also is not as it's not as bizarre as we think. He's got a long way to go I mean there for the raiders you know our great friend and weeding is still in the league but he was a first round pick in 2012. I don't want outlet in the confidence of a actually bounced. Yeah you don't you don't I don't know no yellow rock I wouldn't be coveted they're not. You know who obvious I who I think is honestly probably the closest to a but he started more games Christian Ponder. Kersey and Byron probably the most. Yeah he's out Dickerson all of our EA needs still had an opportunity to have very flamed out lowered their quarterly drop about men he got their draft and the sun flamed out many I think got a dress I cannot today with your Oakland Raiders. But I mean yeah yeah. Josh Freeman got multiple opportunities so maybe it's if you only got one opportunity and and missed badly. Those are the guys man that's it. I mean like jamarcus Ross Lotta thought opportunities with the raiders but then it just again party himself out there too young an article is a little remarked you asked that that doesn't really. No longer have an hour ahead they would die and there's two quarterbacks in our Barry Q and that fact humans as a quarterback in Edinburgh by in my life. I don't want to limit the markets are also. I love JaMarcus Russell and our start but it started out there aren't. A lot of bet. Other you know what I've also been marred by a guy who no longer even played the commission. Out to erupt fire on how thrilled I was gonna be our quarterback in the future -- like 102 yard run from line of scrimmage and thought record whether or decorators. Packed it wasn't three dozen of their quarterback took part lighthearted moments. I would say you know actually was probably the closest. Answers from 2004. Is J. P. Losman. From Tulane that went to the Buffalo Bills. And literally there like never never even got really a second opportunity at all. After buffalo and I'd they realize real quick that they did not get a good one Kyle bowler maybe from cal so I don't think it says is the we you know we are talking about your years antibody yesterday. I don't think it's as. Crazy like it like it's not as rare as people think because we tend to believe when you use a first round pick on a quarterback you're gonna be Stu you're going to be positive. Go all the way back in 1999 acutely Smith at Morgan was taken third overall it's already clear where he was. Not good not and you can third overall but. It is disappointing because we all knew. The kids got the talent but it's just seems he's like QWERTY and it's not important to home. And at that level. It's impossible to meet to make it all the sudden import to someone it's what I said about it seems to beat it as seem the least problem was never. What they call laughed problem a lack of passing talent. It was a lot problem with this team to beat it was the fact that he didn't love seemingly playing basketball. A lot of play basketball Dionte Davis doesn't seem to love the play basketball. And when you get to that level. You're dealing with people that as awesome as it they are deep down at the heart of it they love to play. They were the kids that had to be taken off the court by their year by their mother to come in for dinner but seems the good was not that he played because he was already was athletic. He loved playing soccer. But he was to talk to him play soccer so they put on a basketball court. Right yeah yeah I don't know you know I had no idea I would actually done it began what do know that you delegated this is that we've got to be a wake up call there if there and he wake up call his career it's gotta be it now. You know claiming I'm Denver somebody legitimate chance the Utah State you know by the end ebitda. It triggered cheers and our prayers go out on a work shirt what do you think's going on with the tiger quarterback situation and user talk about that earlier today. I a real the. I really do. Believe that this is going to be fun to watch I wanna get out C a practice but I still think in the end it was pretty weighs probably gonna get the job you know because of his agent and the fact that that the familiarity but it's not it's not a done deal. And it it's totally not you know being covered on the level looked to do it hurts but. It's a very interstate now the good thing about. You person that was cool looking and I think they've had come around the quarterback. Like there's there's they certainly more. So whoever it is you know your your violence Saturday game anyway. But within a minute. I had a culture ready why and I I don't do it because if Pete you know name the starter. But the fact if you let you know the number two pro style quarterback coming at a high school records they started army all American day. You know he's brought you good to have been bought by women dodman and the bag but he hadn't yet I'm not certain that says more about the bit more about. It was more about David Moore but he pushed I don't know I and all fortunate love limiting our subscribers. And give myself. But you know you just hope that whoever you don't lose somebody emerge basically cannot discriminate then. You know whoever I end up being a good enough to at the open not lose gates revert back peripheral and around. To make the job pretty. Was your plan for the weekend. Metal halo let's do not lay low. And down on manhunt that. They're out of trouble if I rise up to your Madden challenge with your ass on Madden the other day. Nobody responded. I mean I had a couple of guys who I'll explain to our listeners are obviously dispose of them pretty easily you know I know I was on the. Birds are beating you that day they at the record of a bad UP I just like goofing he went for it on fourth down unless you went right. And in my dad wants to be our I don't want to be hurt. Everybody can rationalize it got used to that you're a good bit mad prologue probably I used to leave rationalizations are. Didn't punt on like four and two are like fourth and fifteen. With a six point 08 he'd what you're talking about. I am not bad that's bad decision making America that are made have gone bad on your side of the ball but I let your coach or. That's a good American that's again that's going to that is not me it's not me I'm not blaming anybody. But myself all right and I wish she has really taken my backs they commit sticking up for me would with the corn bread situation you did tell me. There was a time last and that's why aid the second piece which apparently was. Supposedly being safer I Jeff Hawkins which by the way out of order while have you ever seen Jeff Hawkins around. It is an Enron. Ordinary work. I did today he'll lose the it yeah they're rare there was there's Steve pre Fontaine and there's Geoff Calkins ladies and gentlemen he was I don't really know why the nation he was moment I didn't. I don't know what do you think he's and we don't you think he jams and his headphones on Iran's that James Taylor. Now. And I'll be that of the the only Israelis and so now he had headphones on. While I had no idea who obviously don't like Mozart Beethoven read some here are some classical. He kind of got you got to reward his son's. Christmas carols with his two book. And Israelis that you yeah I you can order certain remembered certain partly burger doubt. Do you is that it was like 95 he was running at like 145 in the afternoon Mike Hawkins what do you need to lean. Like one at a time when you're not gonna get heatstroke dude. Chart whoever they're. And that all of us in the eye and listen I was all for you planned that league they don't know the elites on this of the John Mark jump shot right now it looks very last time I saw. I saw a lot of it over my face. We recalled a little bit we've been back a little lamb you know it's an American wait many movements try to hold the all the followed through you know overall what they usually are. We usually go in order they don't know. I love you and that league wants you in that league played against those guys. I would have whenever we're ready to beat everybody to leave their let me now. You got a brother have a good weekend I'll see on my watch sails on does I Atlantic this John Martin's right there those that Jason John show. Every afternoon from eleven to two well pre afternoon. They're an afternoon and with bad. Let's give you know 75 dollar gift card. Where are you content honored just lean to end of this dead serious flood color number 840 did a Kennedy as my age college. In my day. NASA waited and some moderate anyone have power we use target kids this. This fifteen pigeons get here with your name brands. That would be hilarious letters and a carrier as a must have to implement arrives. Yeah what Evans of tight fight that dude this morning speaking of that I was walking I walk my dogs I wake up and want to dodge the morning right. Boy watches a little card to go out and get way ate his breakfast I don't watch dogs drowned blocked rough 1520 minutes. One bird landed on the other birds branch I swear it was the worst ear piecing piercing screech. Like yell from a bird at one another and they literally like no one the one that gets reset flew off the other one took off out of I want to stop because that was like. They were gonna go to that was a battle to adapt it looked like craziness and nobody cares about that it was a the most bizarre thing that ever in my life I want that doctor. Lack damage what else. 7 o'clock in the morning and get attacked by Adam curl I thought. Was attacked another crop we'll take on number 65353776. IT I 3776785. Dollars to IKEA can't be all. Were. Issued on number six. Welcome back when we do will soc which Jason Wexler next ninety Janet let me ask enough. This is Gary Parrish and I didn't tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing. You work deadly long Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mouth while office park in fact for eight. Plus here because Cooper says that was added to sponsor the Jerry parish just since. 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Sunbelt rentals CEOs where you gestured for years he has unless there's these unfold live on 929 FM RE SPN and. President of business operations. It is clear Memphis Grizzlies in FedEx Forum is Jason Wexler. He's on the phone with us now what's out. I got that yeah I. Look man I'm just kind of live my best lives there and if I could be a six foot one inch 250 pound little leaguer from Spain at the age of twelve idea that it. We're gonna talk about that a India headlines segment there is zero chance of that it is under is thirteen or less. That is big Tina from what's that movie with a rival miner bench warmer twelve and twelve down. The birds at elegantly. You go look it up look up I think he had that little leaguer Ronald this guy ano. His favorite candidate you. Market sold basketball program governor his favorite movie is black panther how this kid could be damn black and there isn't the biggest it's Allah. Easy and they say he's twelve there's all like hey Jason when. I wanna know he can rebound he's gonna be about seven foot eight. If it's one to 48 at twelve years is Marc Gasol common. Play basket that Ronald. We've got to get hit there it's been a senator dole out green on. How we deal good history with. Was having good things for the fans as well I'd I know you don't have the list Irsay right in front of you all one can we start to expect some of the wonderful promotions. That happen every year. So I looked it up. After our conversation last night and I hear the announcer went out September 18 so give or take around mid to late September albeit now seeing this year's promotion. I I will tell you by the way about last night so there is a sponsorship deal last night at the outside restaurant called southern social. Chelsea Chandler my girlfriend. Paid an incredible compliment towards you so your outfit was on point with the red jacket. The but not quite a professor at that they had checked in issue issues you should win I don't know I can't has now you now on copy and Jason Wes there's look and I like since he is considerably. We're reasonably is like my bosses also makes him the ultimate boss I don't wanna match that means like copy and has looked plus tonne where's that out that all the primary here are two sides. Hey this. Sacha today complimentary. Experience doubt somebody you know barge you're looked at it weird to hear anyone say that I have a look at. This I guess I thought I slaughtered. I pride myself on being the best damn dress radio announcer in the NBA thanks to my good friend Allred Don James atlas. It. How good is this offseason then in terms of kind of restoring. Some faith obviously when we talk about the team if it is going to as injures it always does on staying healthy. But after seeing the performances of Jerry Jackson junior Javon Carter. I'm getting players that seemingly fit more of what this team is about making the commitment to JB bigger savage feels like there's a good vibe. In the city are you guys seeing that as well on the business side. We are and he had a bad light Latin I have only had he had big uniform roll out FedEx announcement a couple of weeks ago there's no dissent in the room network coming off a 22 led sixty feet and right so. Yeah everybody is really looking forward to this year by the excited about what about lock so to die in the aisle seat and head out. You know hey it. They're real sense of optimism around organizations around the city Ed you have you disk. You can tell that from just accommodate people very much forward looking at not well now what happened last year what are what are we don't accomplish this here. I look back at last year and everybody has to have that pick up and I thought you guys in try to keep it as positive as possible. When fans came TL like what what was your message to the fans because let's be honest he pointed to be successful. It's not just about wins and losses it's about keeping fans please keeping them coming back what was the message that you guys tried to preach to you. This fan base and hey look this is not this is not who we are this was an anomaly. Right Abby got a lot right we at Portland at a track where we could quite here yet I mean straight years in the playoffs and strong culture to show that this could not. Yet who we are there's no history of this there's no sense of why not let. Or yeah look we're not looking at that they long term strategy it's so that an aberration. And did the second part of it as well as just that. You did a lot of luck in sports and you just kind of remind people that. Some years you may get a little bit of good Ol bad WGA they get more good at bats last year we just add a wave of bad luck like we just. Anything that could go wrong went wrong and that happened in sports on dive then yeah as part of what make it exciting to be expanded that sense that it so little bit out of your control and you know last year a lot of things up an hour out of our control but they weren't good thanks so loud you know. People get that need to get a we weren't quite what we analyzed or the such a huge extent we forget how much of that is you know right place right time right situation that did know a few things about your life. I do think he had was it was one of those incredibly unlucky situations but it doesn't hurt now they've. And we talked about this yesterday that sponsorship deal. They you have a young man it's eighteen years old it carries himself like he's at 37. Year old successful businessman. Seems to say all the right things but it's not. Like I acted like generally comes from our. Does this city have any idea how how in love they're gonna fall Janet Jackson Jr. an Iranian. I think it boomed the leading edge so to go to really paid attention to summer league and a big vote check it out the videos but that they're starting get it sent to the yeah I guarantee personality. Yet repeal would come and yet folks like you better but does that give that a violate tell people hey this this did. If I'm not that this special player but he's had a lot of fun to be around. And it had a great. You have Biden about the terror and how we present itself out here actually the media interact with and joke. He got big as people get to know and they get the imam at court this studio. He played the joy cute it just comes through what you love big game he loves playing the game he loved everything about it and I think that yeah energy is infectious. And I think that's gonna bring you know are a lot of positives but at a charity hearing I think our and there are. In a real Colombia or out of pocket part of that you know a new generation that. Used to being on camera from the time they're ten years old couldn't make it videos that you have be it audio with their friends it out from that hey Don so. You have been on camera for a second is going to be wait audio that you can rhetoric and continued you know I had a little Lola. I find myself incredibly funny and eight seconds every day. You know you're that after the long form hilarious story I check out there. Yeah I think that added. Skill that party called late as are each on to say I'm wrong when the now Dottie tell the best story. Connor Connors led to their life in fact I got out of bed yes you are long winded I was gonna ask you about that in today's teenager when you've been around this game. And in business for a long time in today's day and age without too. How much is how you market to the fan base in the younger fan base changed with. The you know explosion of social media Twitter instead Graham FaceBook mostly answered lemon Twitter with the followers. Because FaceBook cast your friend limit at 5000 look like. When you can see a player that has you don't a 600000. Get in today you know pushing a million followers back and do nothing but help your brand how how you kind of started to train your staff. Had to capitalize on those opportunities and get in and use social media to your advantage. Yeah I mean it's a huge component of what we do there are marketing strategy group there was any better group when I got here five years ago as one person who's in charge of everything did you call it out I think we've got you had nine or ten people working on peaceably with our marketing brand group that you have. It's a huge component of what we deal we got that with the players every year which is that. Yeah admitted that he can do for your brand is figure out how to be yourself that you're comfortable with it. On social media not everybody is viewed as it got yeah I got here being as an individual but as an organization that the huge point of emphasis for us. Yeah it's part of why we get how he had stepped up on a rise in the immediate thought he's so much digital video where you have constantly. Not too much you don't want to be annoying but yet I that right balance of putting out great contact and keep in contact unstoppable 'cause. Socialist drive being the conversation. About the team you know it is certain to be here herb you know number one PR consideration as well. It was once upon a time thought amongst college coaches. Like let's get our guys off a Twitter often answer Graham take it away put it away put it down now it's almost the exact opposite. The days aid do you get strata have conversations with the players is another business of basketball side. Are not always you know 100% and I'd like to wrestle side as job do and that's get players ready to play games business side has jobs do. And that's it people in the seats to watch them play those games and get the tickets sold out but I would imagine that your knowledge in your people's expertise could help the players. Not only maximize the the the brand of the up of the organization. But also the brand that is the player these players are essentially their own corporate entities now. Yeah and we make it very clear with the players and their agent and they did feel great job of that statute they understand better than anybody how important it is to their client careers to be affected by social media. That we collaborate very proactively with the agents in the prior say hey any support you need from anything you want not to do cute. It wouldn't bull that we're allowed to you know how work week you cultivate your identity ad did make your part they've weathered the Albert. It also look you're center I have to be your comfort zone right because. The one big social media expose is very quickly is if you're not comfortable on the platform if you're not articulating in Europe boy aged. If you're not. Yeah natural way that. Eight start to get in doubt so that's why we know we're very careful about what are ways says that no prior bad the people who work with them are very careful about what their voices as well. Grizzlies president of business operations Jason Wexler joining us here on the program tonight is one of those fun nights. Eight in the summertime where the grizzlies in red birds. I come to gather the jerseys are designed any kind of across fusion between the two teams. How important is it for you to state Natalie connected to the red birds but also the tigers both football and basketball because let's be honest about it. As nice Iran as it's been for seventeen seasons and then disease and eighteen. They are still the new kid on the block the Memphis Grizzlies when you have the red birds at the fighters you're still love them they shortest tenure here. But because of the success. Of AutoZone park being built and and you know listen its its AAA baseball it's not drying 40000 like a Major League game well. But they draw nice crowds and it was kind of a thing that spurned the the resurgence of downtown then FedEx form coming in the tigers. Run during that time when the grizzlies adding a little bit of a step back in and struggles but packing out the arena than the grisly seven year player out front and packing out the arena. And the development everything downtown how important is it for you guys to maintain that relationship with the red birds maintain the relationship. With the tigers and keep all of these things moving forward. For the betterment of downtown Memphis which I just be honest with the and I know you knows he's been here that on his error even longer. When I got here in 2001 to where it is now. I tell people now as a you think you know downtown has machines now. You should've seen it when I got here from my visit before FedEx Forum was built it was up to him it was it was lacking a lot of things and now it's got. So much more class a much more culture so much more opportunity to have a night out on the town. That's fun and entertaining in someone so many more things you know you are fans always been there but. They've done a remarkable job of the resurgence of downtown and and there's they're trying to make it even better. Yeah I mean I'm a big believer in doubt doubt we moved out here reduce the east village in New York in 1996 without mainstream way nobody would act that we were you know original pioneers of this thing so. They've been great to watch him grow and get sports addicts warm and the red bird and the tigers have been a huge part of that so. You know from my development pat always believed in our rising tide right more project is good for everybody that's not competition that's gonna lift everyone. Op Ed period I think the demo spore there's plenty of opportunity in Memphis for the red bird commuted just deliberately to be successful. And in the playoffs that tiger to be an NJ toward an entire football to be a bowl game and ego big city can support all of that being successful all one. And all that happening all want the ball and generate everybody's interest to bring more people in the town of make downtown more by Britain. I really think all that's stopped its self perpetuating that. Regards joke if we never view that it operatives and I'm excited to it and it soccer game that's going to be coming so well be the new kid on the block anymore. Rabin. It's gonna be out bill. On to have Borg going not a downtown. More Daiei said the more people who attend sporting events the better it just you know create that big culture in this city. Getting out and being a thing. Will you do realize that. He's to realize that that what you just described could possibly happen this year right. Yeah I mean like the members red birds are 75 and 48. The tigers are expected to be awesome in football but basketball team each week apple are laid out there we got to get in that payoff on. And it would be had to literally the first year and I would imagine the first yearning history. Of all these teams being here where the red birds are the playoffs tigers are in the tournament fighters on a ball game grizzlies in the playoffs. That's amazing. That. Related delay right now. Yea did I. They may have been out squeaker they get a cup skiers back limited tiger football team within one of Birmingham mold to wipe out there who are all the same place the same diameter cheap tablet. It feels like there's an opportunity. Now to kind of get that at a higher level where it. You know all preprogrammed dad died you have put it out said that it did the red birds are set the bar this year they can be in great shape so La. That would be yeah I had in the story and yeah. If you a lot of undertow Lockett updated either city didn't sort resonate with that energy. Yeah there's. There is no doubt about that listen have a great night tonight with with a all the stuff going home of the red birds and other caravans. Our get rolling as well everybody can check out all the things that are happening with the grizzlies over grizzlies dot com ranks of the media has some great coverage. Of just about everything that you can imagine grizzlies why so follow that Chris burns over there as well and I for one I'm very anxious. For October 5 for the first pre season game on a Friday night. And that that first weekend fifth and six back to back pre season games before we know it. I will be heading towards that first home game against Atlanta on October 17 that believers in October 19 it's which of what it was my. I'm hitting it in nineteen is seventeenth as the game in Indianapolis the nineteenth is not exactly is that as the Friday night and people can still get great season tickets right. Absolutely Chad yet even ticket that are available at packed you'll be seeing an announcement shortly probably later today about our opportunities senate coming out did you. And thank you Eric for participating in our caravan being wanna cracker the yeah ought to be Eric out urgent need to be part of our. Not denial thing but now part of our paramedics they'd gone forwards are really appreciate you participating. They only has been on the ones outside the city limits Jason you should know this finality of it cannot offend me a list where there are people that are. Better but close enough proximity I listen all I know I'm thrown out one of those first pitch is on that Don experiment down there I don't care what level baseball. I can't guarantee you'll want Samantha so with the red birds. I went high and high island basically let the Las Vegas you know all day again tonight boys because the first pitch that I'm thrown. Don't be a lot like our other pitches you get in and get comfortable and or someone show you what's life. But I don't throw strikes I got to finally district. Get our cameraman did that people are slow mode saying certain kind of had that yesterday at them jam sat there and I haven't had good form online to somebody got a good picture and I could forma but I it's just it's slipped out when pyrite. I Hyannis I'd like that too high though I appreciated is always look forward to us CNBC my friend and can't wait for the season begins. And are like what you gotta Jason Wexler right there president business operations won't really good guys really cares a lot about the city. I get out there and listen and I am Kim beat goof ball that here. So my sons on those entertainment books right away your buying one. Yeah what is in the entertainment unanimous in a book oh yea a solid group wants it yes yes some ice on some of 25 box. Untimely listening if you want if you want 125 dollars in here if your kids aren't selling me wanna get one of these they're fantastic here's one thing in their a lot of people don't know he knows inner. The Memphis Grizzlies you know what you can get it eight pinnacle level buy one get one free ticket. That saves you eighty dollars you can see it basically in the pinnacle heavily in eight out political level seat. Bring it to a Humphrey eighty bucks. Forty dollars to sit at a level I obviously brought enough for the Laker game will lawyer game but like you wanna see train young. I don't Mulder might be able to pull off there it's a home opener though but you wanna see. In all a good Toronto team you Aussie buddy I'm not sure like what they all can be fun but there will be opportunities to get incredible. Savings on that that entertainment books it is part of itself. You don't have essay by I want from my son colony bone itself like six more. Actually for more after today that two people at that smashing aces tennis in Germantown up on Isa form war. It's resisted the FaceBook page. Did this so he sells fifteen it's a different presidencies house twelve fret it's Purcell and the well is better than one assist me. So he sells more than fifteen like I think for him as a party incredible pizza as they got her incredible pizza a great place yeah. I'd rather I'm always hopeful of can't monitor a memo like we don't want fifty we just want to while president thank you don't. Here's is you have more money oak elementary school Bartlett programs but on. So if you want one go to the F FaceBook page Aircastle type show. Sent us a direct message out get in touch with the 125 bucks apiece. Literally two meals like a lot of restaurants and their two meals or make your money golfing game joint take the family you'll make your money back I took the golf in games coupons and that only saved 45 dollars like in the pursuit as a civic 45 dollars. The first time so it's a lot of fun and out for a good cause that is my son smiling that's the best cause that. I know we'll take a break when we do come back. We'll get an LA away another IKEA gift card we'll tell you about a six foot one inch 248. Found twelve year old from Spain that's next 99 of and ESPN Memphis. Thousand dollars just for favorite in 99 FM ESPN listening and texting 217. It's my national contest now all you have to do is keep it here as we're losing. It's a catch your next chance to win 1000 dollars in free money is coming up at four PS download savers and listen to win. 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We knew our store right next to the Kroger on stage and park boulevard and you gotta get to Robert when you lose all four locations are celebrating saving them to 70% off plus free financing party. Now I'd just been part. Locations prizes and discounts and giveaways celebration ends on Saturday. You may be a bonus. Then the best web protection on the market. Hey Steve will banks thank you sir. He's got a point five dollar entertainment book you should buy one film that I think it's pretty violent and have to I don't. You're like I don't. And that over it I'm not really I don't know Zacks. A man Zach. Kelly what are you guys don't like what what's going on my with the Gary Parrish or turn on at the house Michael python more Donald's place area. Purdue and day out toward association and all the guys analysts analysts say gee he's gonna say name and then we have the follow with the first. Personnel come Jim guy imagine. Did you just car's tank. Kim. Bomb. Lax like I say Bob you say Levy. I would I said Kim what was your answer. I think cart bashing all right. It's what they did yesterday did you listen yesterday now they're John I hated it I don't know had a meeting of us people that they're trying to come up with people that all early name and one name yes but he can't be like two out of the bye yeah. Yeah what's. LeBron is he's not eligible number Heidi when those who. There's there's like gather pace becoming a bronze the NL won 47. What you know 47 right well you know everybody like you we do your 862 years old at that you always served hey this is true path. Well let's hear sport anniversary especially when your 847 he might have to do this now sick as your. A little must be a little stinky headlong into size or death yeah you got it yet you get a date with destiny probably wanna put titles by spears when a person and so she doesn't think your funky and and that leads they're. How city baby you don't want any bad. That's going on I'll take it up at your local big box drug or pressures are authorized pierced or anniversary we'll give away another thank you get started in this but right now let's do the headlines. So millions you know has been ESPN so again if you 125 dollar entertainment book where. Basically you can. Get a buy one get one free grizzlies take it you can get deals they've done all kinds of restaurants all over the city. I'd Dunkin' Donuts has just buy anything and get a free don't know who doesn't want a free dollar for guys they am so yeah let's let's roll that if you want one you can just. Asset is a note on the shows FaceBook page I will front evidently figured out is is 25 bucks you can either write a check out to me because I'm gonna front the money for you right out and honored I think now not the kind of daunting because then Connor downing will have. If you think Dwyane Wade went bananas about Jimmy Butler since somebody has wife I'll go on what is like my knees not even what I'll begin with account. Also like those damn birds from fighting in mind I'm I'm I'm. Yeah all of that let's go. What's yet. So Spain has it. As a 248. Pound June and playing formed six want to hide its nickname like why didn't name is is is the kid's name is Ronald is Dana I want to book is on the FaceBook page. Go to bars those sports and get this because the team picture. Predicting or the Spanish a Little League team that has representing Europe and is it Europe and Africa. It did sort of looks like they beat the overseas teams obviously all of the American teams in other regions than they have the Far East you have Mexico or Latin America. And I think it says Europe and Africa but it may now be at it or Europe and something. Duties in the middle there is no way this kid is twelve years old. It's free dinner impossible. There is zero chance that young man his twelfth. Reminds me about yet bench warmer irons well I'm well yeah I'm twelve. This is my Carlo problem with the league baseball it's one of them Carlos is smashing tequila on the ground. Talking about his Maria leave and him and it's just learned look at it as I believe me money yeah but yeah I believe any. And twelve and but Dick but for real you like watching the league baseball now I don't either because I really here's why. I don't like seeing kids cracked I mean expands in Mikey did give up our home run. In a game where the kids obviously awesome at baseball because he's on the all star team he's on an all star team that went all the way Little League World Series and some other kid. Just puts the bat on the ball the right moment hits one to freedom Mars. Over those fences and the kid just breaks that in my then they have to have the coaches my company go out there attitudes like. I'm so worried and like crying in the dad's ads are right. When the dads are likely suck it up and get this kid out lets get out of here like it's impossible I've heard some great speeches from coaches and Little League. In the Little League World Series but I don't like seen the kids like at their hearts like rip out on national TV. They got all the way the World Series. You're not good enough to go to the world championship because that kid just pull one of the moon on your best friend it's pitch and he's now in tears the other kids are looking around might. Do we be mad at him or we'd like angry I don't wanna watch that. And it's getting paid millions of dollars a lot to do that I don't care I just you're a kid it's like putting his emotions and feelings on national TV for a bunch of 45 year old fat ass is sit around watch him that have no. Business critiquing a Little League aired out like it. Ally and that is that is that there's like there's just there's a lot of things rather I don't like first of all. I I grew up playing in YouTube was a baseball and it's different we would have been in my. My dad and that's always bothered me v.s like the rules are so different they can't use of the Little League editors differ had a little again here is definitely lead off it's like 200 foot fences look kids play real baseball well that's real that's what the look that's the Little League I've played in the little he had played in in Sacramento. Actually went to Williamsport at all star team. And my last year I was crushed as I was like the last guy left off the team home. Right here and I was. Livid because I felt like my coach didn't give me an opportunity to play more of the position I was better at it now Michael just all the kids were deadbeat yeah we're better than me yeah. I'm sad that all star team the team the beer I went was one game away from go to the west regionals which is in San Bernardino. And it's even went from our area got the finals in San Bernie also pretty sure that we would've. They're pretty good Derrick as we lost like extra innings of I don't know I just. Just authentic like you said it's really not represented in our youth baseball not around the country truthfully and then they'll put all right we're excited still a little league's great but yeah aren't enough aggressive like he threw six miles an hour it's equivalent to undermine Arafat's does not go it's not. It's like that's ridiculous when those kids those 72 from 45 feet it's don't have only then of course there has consented to land Danny Almonte was like sixteen yes but what choice did you get putting a sixteen year old on the mound to dominate a bunch of twelve bureau there has sickened errors that it is like Heathrow yet is like these are you on three strategy early yeah I had that pop of the Mitt was an attractive of that sun. Let's take a seat on the bed and now I'm not a big fan of Little League World Series a more of a fan of the people a story a thousand a 100000 dollars with a rom on deck I had to be constitutes right. Do you know how much drama is a 100000 dollars basic because that's like for a pearl buck yeah it was ridiculous isn't saying. Let's let me like two times were there prominent. The let's just I considered that after undergrad work that's gonna do it for us. Gary Paris is up next word association coming up with some of our staffers you won't want to miss that. Plus stand woken on the program wore down Oregon until Monday at 2 o'clock for have a great weekend we got a IKEA gift card giveaway. Caller number 45353776. 5353776. Enjoy your weekend will be back again Monday it's actually Jeffrey will be stepping in for me I'll join in the first hour. At a golf tournament demos for Jeffrey I'm Eric. For jet operated at least for a day sort guy and I'm Eric that's terrible for got out Eric until 2 o'clock on Monday they have. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favorite list today a lot of us and he's more or less. I love fest that this is a sports station. If you thought attending college while holding down a job aside the question seabees college adult professional studies can help you make it work. We offer flexible eight week courses. Take your busy work schedule and budget and see you have options account works restore your degree which saves you money. Contact us today at 9013213291. Or visit C do you dot edu fours I see eight PS. CDU dot edu for slash CA PS 4901321329. 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