The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, June 12th
Eric goes Across the Association before he is joined by Michael Wallace (Grind City Media) to discuss Pera being in Memphis and the Grizzlies upcoming draft. Eric and Connor also discuss the biggest headlines of the day. 

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Perspective to Memphis radio it'll make you think it makes you laugh because sometimes they can change the station children. He apologizes in advance for fast speeds. He's Tuesday June there ratio. I've been a very bad track confident studio producing a program glad he's whipping glad you wed may open third hitting through the day no obstacles. Expect her heart got back home event of future and they brought back the might be in play burned before they hit in the 2018. NBA draft they're honestly even the 32 day. NBA draft guys. I'm not the case this. And try and this kind of change do on the next eleven days plus going on we'll get enjoy a moment. Elaine Levin said the president's got deployed TV's what my local basketball X birdies. Your local basketball expert nation's leading authority hopefuls he rose. Street corner clad enjoyed beverages in the bars Gary good bit about twenty minutes. What's up and we'll see what he says keep these were going to be about what they want to. Then I will do portable storage pulled forward forward forward in the dust bowl preview of the does stores among them. The warriors another championship parade today in Oakland. Jordan belt was drawn up flyers try to make a joke Kevin Durant to spin me that I got. I'm a little awkward completely audio buoyant. Wolf 44 meantime great Andre was throwing our king and Sega LeBron game with a T shirt they know competing with. Drive a golf course around that had a cry and LeBron James picture on the front out of a bottle blonde I'm certainly willing to take a vet minimum. Gave Chris Paul Paul George the lakers just kill everybody that's how mad I would be would get into that. Little later on this hour work. Larry held a press conference earlier today and among other things you have the possibility of joining boards of of the Brian James again he didn't seem too excited about the idea. I'll play that audio for you get the ball 5 o'clock and Brad Brad graduate Greg Hardy is making a professional fighting debut tonight if you went to get a good USC contract and UFC president Dana White. Stretch the truth. Pretty incredible lead when trying to rationalize. Giving an opportunity. Like this to somebody like Greg Hardy. We'll tell you what he said why it's stupid during portable storage full 445 budget got. Just like always we will eventually do get to go and get out if that's the rundown and allowed to get to the wanted to start with the NBA draft is now just. Nine days away. Not this Thursday but the next Thursday in the grizzlies had another work up prospects earlier today over FedEx Forum is basically. Former Kansas star Dovonte Graham and a bunch of guys you wouldn't take at four or 32. To take an odd day at 32 but he's at least. I guess a viable option at 32. I think you'd make more sense of forty to fifty duke but what ever maybe if you fell in love with him. You can talk yourself into the reigning national player of the year bottom line is brought more of a hostile work out the grizzlies work out. And I think that like most of the work out so prophetic former muscle work out a a instead of grizzlies now cast and it's a reminder that. Our local NBA franchise for what ever reason just cannot give prospect than to Memphis to work out so far the only. Projected top ten got to work out for the grizzlies is when dale Carter. And it's starting to look like he will be the only. A projected top ten pick. To work out for the grizzlies and honestly. Though we don't know how this draft is gonna unfold. After Dion create goes first round of the Phoenix Suns there is no scenario under which I'm drafting I'm personally selecting window Carter. With the fourth pick if I traded down for whatever reason with the eighth pick. Maybe. But what the fourth pick there is no scenario where I'm taking window Carter and yet he is the only. Projected top ten picks so far. To. Work out for the Memphis Grizzlies and he's not even a projected top four pick. By literally anybody in the business of projecting such things. It's no surprise that they can get beyond create near or look at dawn to cheer even more from bag here. But you would think they give to get somebody when they're sitting with the fourth pick for a young. Jerry Jackson I personally won't Obama here even if they don't seem to I might wanna look at Colin sexton as well but there's no evidence the grizzlies are gonna get any of them here. I am which is what Chris Wallace the general manager reportedly suggested earlier today and it just shows that. I'm as much as people in Memphis love Memphis and take Craig great pride in Memphis. There's not much of a desire for a leaked specs to want to come to Memphis they'd rather be picked fifth by Dallas and forth by Memphis has what it looks like. They'd rather be picked seventh by Chicago then fort by Memphis that's what that's what it looks like. And it will not prevent. Of the grizzlies from taking whomever they want to take Betty is available at number four. If Marvin Bagley is somehow available and they want Marvin back where they will take Marta bag even though he never came here if Jerry Jackson is available and they want Jarrett Jack and they will select Jerry Jackson even though he never came here. But the reality. And we go through this of basically every draft process. The grizzlies have a difficult time getting players to FedEx Forum to work out. Who are projected to actually be in the range where they're picking. Like if they're picking nineteen. They have problems getting guys that are actually projected to be picked nineteen to come in here and now that they're picking fourth. They can't get anybody projected in the top five. To come work out here. Nobody wants to come to the mound you know the president I remember. Kevin Love who's interview with him. And this was. So I went to Minnesota and of course you got moved to Cleveland but they were asking him like what was your nightmare. Like what was your nightmare scenario. Any tobacco into Memphis like he just like van like it was just right I grabbed the gun at my kayak and went to Memphis and I will tell you having worked with. NBA players and people who. You know to travel the country going to NBA cities implying. Know almost none of them speak highly of methods it's what don't they lie with just that. Not sexy enough or it's not New York if not LA it's not Atlanta it's not Miami it's. Thanks in when I thought those guys they'll say Memphis was the place where we its way to catch up on you Netflix. Like oh well that's where you catch up on your TV jedi if you don't watch the TV show. You know we catch up on a TV show in Miami or Atlanta or New York or LA. But like in Memphis you just settle into the west and and you you kids have when you TV show and yet. As you you get ready for again that's what you get some. Some some extra rest and it seems to be the prevailing. Thought among prospects as well because again. At this point when they'll Carter. Is the only projected top ten pick. To come work out. For the grizzlies. And he's not a projected top I've picked by anybody maybe the grizzlies feel that way but it doesn't appear that anybody else does I certainly don't. And there's no evidence at this point that they're going to be able to get in anybody else in here that is actually in that one through five range might not get anybody else in here who's even in that. One through teen range so the work out was the work out if you win and perhaps you saw a future member of the of the hustle. A but you probably didn't see a future member. Of the Memphis Grizzlies although it's worth noting that the grizzlies end up somehow one way or another with a whole bunch of dudes who don't get drafted like you look at develop rosters like when he come from sub may be I'm overstating it but either way. Not an impressive long list of guys list of names. Instead FedEx Forum today but the post. Work out media availability. Was interesting on some level because Chris Wallace did discuss Michael Porter. Junior and egg knowledge. It shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that they are going to a tee and and I assume he's going to attend Michael porter's next work out which is they work out strictly for. Lottery teams like if you're picking in the lottery and you wanna come to this work out to see Michael Porter. For the second time you are invited in the grizzlies are going to be there which again. Indicates that regardless of what you hear from anybody else. They are seriously considering or at least considering selecting Michael Porter junior with the fourth overall. Tick now keep in mind at the come by and they are the one team peaking and on the top seven or eight they did not request a meeting will Mohammed bomb. I subsequently talked to somebody connected to the franchise that. Who suggested like we're just not interest it and and Mohamed Obama. To be clear I think you should be interest to dance samba at if you're picking fourth it's not who IE. It. He's been. He's back definitely who I would ticket for because I wanna see how this draft them fold it but if Deon curry Aden. Is off the board Marvin Bagley is off the board look at Don two just off the board of Michael Porter junior has been red flag has his back hurt as bad as my mad at us right now. Much love is on the short list of people I would consider him. Under those circumstances trade young another Jarrett Jack off in another but they don't seem interest in him Obama so they did even request a meeting with small bomb. If you're not just him Obama so you don't request a meeting with more bomb left right or wrong. At least make six were not interest if it's a waste of time and my point being if you're going to see Michael Ford junior for the second time you are at least interest in him. More bubble was down a hole you could talk to me if you wanna to out they weren't interested. They're going to seat for the second time in a week Michael Porter junior work out that means they are interest and they should be and so far. The signs are encouraging. Besides being this. The Porter family is reportedly going to release his medical's. To everybody. There was some thought they'd be very careful with giving up that information because they would want to. Guide. Where he ended up guide him to a certain franchise because I think most franchises at least picking in the top ten. Are very much on board with the grizzlies way of thinking which I told you awhile ago. Their interest to Michael Porter junior in theory if his medical's look great if the doctors are comfortable out. If the dot medical's don't look great they're not anything they don't have access to them they are not so even if the medical look great. To Chicago to Dallas into Atlanta but they didn't get their own look at them. Their doctors didn't get to see them for themselves it was a non starter they were no scenario now given what they just did what Chandler Parsons. No scenario where they will draft him sight unseen. It now appears that they will not be in that situation. Because the family reportedly is gonna provide the medical to every NBA franchise. And he reportedly looked good in a non contact situation but looked good at in in the initial work out. And is willing to like they don't seem to have anything to hide right now that doesn't mean there will not be a concern a red flag. But they're not being nearly as secretive with this as some people ball that they might try to meet that's encourage. Because it suggests that maybe just may be. Com the back is going to check out fine and somebody is gonna be able to get outside the top three. A player who this time last year was projected by basically everybody to be a top three pick in the 2018 NBA draft his ability has not changed at all in the last year. He just had back surgery now let me rephrase that might have changed his ability. But we don't know that yet in the sense that that the fact that the families willing to share the medical with whoever wants to see them. Suggested they felt comfortable with what they're going to show just think about it from a common sense perspective if you got something that could. Theoretically cost you. Millions of dollars. You don't show it though to everybody because here's here's the deal. As for. The grizzlies would say this that it shows the medical's we're not taken a pass so you just would like it's it's not just it's a nonstarter it takes somebody else. But they're becomes a place in the draft. Where. If there's something wrong in the medical's. And you hide them from whomever. So we'll take you eventually sure I might urge you not to be a second round pick somebody would do exactly with the -- what they did with Gary Giles last year which is. I don't know this carried out things will work out or not oh my god we're gonna guy who could have been a number one pick in the draft a year ago. Act wherever he was picked 171819. Point 11 wherever that watch. At some point that sliding scale Michael Porter junior like gets to that point as well some franchise picking seventeenth that just says. Argument worth a shot at it like for a shot at tackle or taken where I think it's about who we hope to make India rotation player tonight or maybe we're gonna start and I sort of worked a shot now. If there's something wrong with the medical connecting a few dots here at bush. Common sense tells me if there's something wrong with the medical they showed up to everybody out. Because you want war then somebody picking fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth who has the senior medical just say you know what he's still on the board is worth a shot. But it will be worth the shot if they see those medical and there's not obvious red flag there. So the idea that there will be given to everybody to me says suggest that they feel good about them. It doesn't mean that. Atlanta doctors will feel good about them it doesn't mean that Memphis is doctors will feel good about it does that mean that dallas' doctors that. As Chicago's doctors will feel good about it but it does suggest that they feel like this this. Possible red flag that there that's going to screen you cannot take this guy is it actually there. And so that's encouraging not only for Michael Porter but for any. Franchise drafting in the range where the grizzlies are drafting because you just had the trust me when I tell you if you thought his kid two years ago. He looked like somebody projecting a safe future NBA star. 16611. Complain on the perimeter could be a stretch for can get his own shot Al Gore's at all levels star. Ability and then had a back issue and it's possible that back issue prevents him from being any of that. But it's possible it doesn't and so. I get asked basically every day what would you do with Michael Porter I've been consistent with this if either Dion create and he won't be so just take human drama over here is available. Marvin Bagley is available or Lou could dodge it is available. At four I'm taking one of them period we're not even talking about anything else if either and it's really Bagley or eight and live back there rate drops to fourth pick them church are once they've both got a 401. Could could it Jerry jacks from Obama sneaks into the top story. Whichever one does then I'm taking that player and I'm happy with what just happened. If the top three players all the words of mortar Eitan Bagley on its. Then I'm seriously looking at Michael Porter NF uncomfortable with the medical's I am taking Michael Porter junior. If I were ready for whatever reason I'm not comparable with the medical's. Oh Michael Porter an aid bag leaned on to draw the board now I'm in what I consider to be the worst case scenario. But I'm picking between. Obama and Jerry Jackson Andrew young and to me that's the whole draft from the grizzlies respect I don't I'm not pertaining that is their perspectives. I'm not pretending that there approach but that would be my approach if Bagley or dodge drops were taken him and we're done. If Bagley Eitan and dodge are all off the board. Were taken Michael Porter if for comparable with the medical's if we're not come to what the medical than those three previous play throughout the board. We're picking between Jerry injects him Obama train young and we're done with that it's pretty simple from my perspective but it obviously isn't always that simple either way. This is what it looks like they're gonna pick somebody. And next Thursday night who they never got. To work out in south FedEx Forum because again. For whatever reason they can get players of that caliber prospects of that caliber to come more kind of FedEx forma talked to Jeff Hawkins about this more 5 o'clock we come back. My local best bucks for your local basketball expert nation's leading authority hobos hero street corner clowns keep eastwood's on next dad does. 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Guests of Deerfield and smile center hotline now it's getting better and show. Food ratio is live from new look restaurants and what's your studio right. Nine FM. I don't think waters another championship parade today in Oakland. Bob Meyers and general manager of the waters and try to make it joke that Kevin Durant six and the heat a sensitive. I don't know that I know when that happened in a free agency will. And feel appreciated enough finale general manager. Rodriguez the championship parade daughter like that audio on the next segment. Just dogged get a mere 5 o'clock right now you in my local basketball expert. Your local basketball expert nation's leading authority in global heroes record glad of the break TV with a legend making the big a deal. Big giving view presented by this crusade. As he's the one and only GT eastern looked OK yeah down for pat down. Local basketball experience you know those heroes and street corner clubs on nineteen. I n.'s Gary federation know. He's done. Yeah. And what a pitch moved him to come up at IV he had broken pinkie. Hey I at all and I enjoyed it and I've really aren't respectful way he played in the people you'll public Arctic but what Obama or down. It fourteen outlook watching play it's eight issue basketball camp. It early it is universe PGA New Jersey while Bolton the top form a freshman and sophomore to junior. He faked an injury I'd say they cut that you did so that he can go and spend two days. It's day BP. To build back your board of Nike in Saudi boat had a hard line stance if you went to warn you couldn't go the other not want. The dates were the exact saying you know this well that do. But he was able. You know because the matter or some other guys and all all of is created or internships. Which is you can't be done I'm mad at about it tomorrow. All what they've built in terms of empire they'd done great but to Hawaii and show well in life somewhat it red and black to run it. Make our you know I'm sitting here in how wide begun to bridge the Golden State Brandon. And I'm like I mean what I did it really to me your heart rate to just deal did Eddie better well. You know sometimes to get they get it over that done dotted blue ball. I would respect you more suited to bear to look at the move don't read the network or Smith Menem. Come out. And try to I think cover foreign. I mean there's been no no sign an MRI has no assassin out in this into the bruised right whatever but you watching go to ball and gate to walk back or to go Duckett. You watching debt people look at you gain what you're writing in in being to come out of the post game show without the drama it is it really to me Bob. I agree with you as much and I love LeBron I agree the nugget back that does the second but to your point about LeBron being the only prospect ever to be allowed to go back and forth. From Adidas and Nike from Sonny's AB CD camp. Two. To the Nike all American camp how about this true story Kevin Love Nike affiliated player had played the Nike teams. This summer before his senior year I think it will be. You have people look at they're at a California. Played the Ted Barrett that he was unbelievable by the way if we're gonna write it had brand did and what's his name Brandon Jennings. Kevin Love wrote an article seed me. California yeah another kid that went to USC that was really good like they want all the major tournaments that summer that Kevin Love team so capital off. Decided that anybody could you neglect from atropine which would no no easy thing to hear. Right O Kevin Love wants to play at eighty through cant pick the last year he never thought he'd ever played before he just decided I wanna play AB CD. I had. Like working on stories and stuff develop a relationship with the love fame. And so after a BA BCD all star game in teeny New Jersey you know that there was that Cheesecake Factory right there that everybody always went to. Right so what are what are the Cheesecake Factory Ford dinner. I am sitting at the table next to Kevin when he gets a phone call. And they explained to him he is being kicked off of his like you affiliated team. They they don't they removed Kevin Love from his team because he dared go to study the bid that go to that Nike there. I you've got this far away and I PAU program right at this article but it didn't care the long run out better off I mean I've let. You know an attitude guys. Under armour dated AM. Not even though a decent run by different people I mean it was just. They they make you beat Loyola and that they would have it at the same time again I've mentioned before how they're productive they're editing your best you've got to be subject is. Well one year and the burden a dated they've played it absolutely Reebok out within. And they're not eating like you go to GM we got sunny written than angry about get you dieters. I think we're being catcher Darren K with whatever is in the clear that you had to order rattling so. You know the there's so many people gravitate to sunny but what if Nike and you dated people all was that Nike and Adidas people gravitate to Sonny and AM. But the deal was just so strong as probably the strongest summary bit. I ever went to court the next year it led to. But he's just doing their only big effect on the job how to deal Nike's jumping in what happened inside he broke off because like you let it be known only not speaking to participate. There are countless stories we're a god would jump right in go to a different jail and beat. Kicked off his game but Kevin I'm sure that it is some somebody's face an outlook because the cavaliers. JR. Kate and LeBron all came up to the system together all the boys on and I think that's why bond there's no question. There are currently under the mother got it came up with their own. Are historically the same time period but those three were always very top. Talking to keep these two here on 929 FM ESP NN circle back to LeBron you're exactly right I gotta I talked about it yesterday. I know that there's a way to get that information out there but showing up. In a black soft cast at your press conference is not the way. Explained you look ridiculous I know why love LeBron more love LeBron he'd look ridiculous the way you do that. I think is you have tied Lou or Kevin Love just somebody with a voice that matters. And and before you even speak to the media. Already prompted. One way or another. With the cameras on national television. Do you say you're let's just say your title there. And they ask you for your initial thoughts on the game the series whatever. If you say whatever you say you can gradually told state and then you say at less than. LeBron will never tell you guys this and he's not gonna use it as an excuse him we're not using ends and as an excuse but he injured his hand after. After game one and he has been playing all worked. It's not broken but it's bad. And it's in the reg if this were a regular season stuff he would not have been even on that court. Given the stakes involved he was on the record but it's it's a shame that you have probably will lose the series no matter what they're clearly the superior team. But we really lost something after we lost game one because our best player in the best player in the world. Was not himself and then you let LeBron come out and they go. Ty said I'd be glad it's no big deal like this that I was out if I'm. If I was healthy enough to be on the court I was healthy enough to be on the court that's not an excuse if you like your downplaying it but it still out there that you were hurt. But when you're the one that shows up in a cast. When you were. What they want to get it was a little play opening this big losses. This guy Andre and I look and I felt so much. Yeah at all. You know any and went hard really like Leonhard got no idea. That could be it equipment Miami and what brought you up out. And he's been on the LP somewhat for the broad agreement covers the cavaliers he's got to be careful and worst case scenario you could let being home. Leaked word outlook well we've heard it done a little bit. And I did again maybe I'm wrong. How long did it take me a long time to come around to appreciate it greatness because of some drama no words going on behind him. But I did that you're diminished. And he played Brady played like sedated they got around to help they tie Lou makes a mistake or Rodney hood. There have been getting for a total opposite got will never go back to Golden State you'd be on their home court. They want to Golden State Warriors you're saying you relate inserting a combat stop copy key free throw line. And distribute the ball. I had thought it played without saw him do to get San Antonio I hate it for him I expect Golden State Warriors are gone back to back at all there are right now. It will come home where is LeBron going that Kobe's trying to get in the conversation and as a bitch mean the more you do don't a lot of ego a lot of money. You know it'll be interested in what he does. I'm not a good thing is awarded to stay intact so that they may be able to I had another. You know by David Wear to god who's going to Harden securing Jackie played anybody today. Also is going to be interests you have that in June 28. Talk and they keep these two what are your 99 from ESPN's if you or LeBron James where would you go play last year if you could play could basically play wherever he wants the play he can he is these type person who can make whatever happen even if your Boston and you're in love with your core if LeBron James says hey. I want to come there. Then you'd figure out I don't know why you don't figure out he's the one guy in the world can probably dictate where every loss to go. Where would you go if you were him. I don't see you know a quartet of billion dollars. So in theory he wanted to go to work for list somewhere. I don't know what the air that if they want they to Kobe and I do what do you mean you get prearranged. Equally well six. Six titled a day on the me Jerry whip in oil debate and it wanted to which one war so. He's thinking of Cleveland's west Akron. Families bear. White got support our families they're you'd also got a home in LA and I was doing a documentary. All he sometime this summer owned the the doubles w.s gave way to take advantage of athletes so from a financial standpoint so you've got other things to do. You've got people around him helping do it just like you here. About uranium and think he's doing the Silicon Valley in Durant. You know those are what got these Sports Illustrated talk about. United Eagles opened on the sidelines. A Golden State I want to be doing an Oakland pound feet or what he's talking to people who were playing in front row tickets over our dollar ticket he'd be able to go to get a look people. To pick your friend about investments in and grow new brain to make it more money then what do you make your basketball is partly to get to a million dollar much direct. So I don't know I mean I think this Obama got to sit added it would maverick is that what you got whoever. Is why can figure out what he wants to do you know what's funny to me. Saudi cute like two years ago are not PDT wait negative. They keep somebody signed or are they had been brought some plenty NBA all apple this is a long well. If everything about that I had I'd I'd be curious what you think about this because they're the the it's actually attributed to LeBron. Somebody Jim what would be your greatest achievement he said here's what it would bay. He said for me to be on an NBA court with my son with what Ronny with LeBron James junior he's fourteen years old right now it basically LeBron would have to play. Five more years in the NBA and LeBron junior would have to go one and done or right out of high school however are and so. The personal like you to read that you may be on the same team he's had on the same team on different teams. But for me to be playing in an NBA game while my son is also planned NBA game that would be my greatest achievement. I don't wanna and you go OK I get it does anybody who's a father that's all you want is great things for your kids that's right and so I get that part out of the other part of me went oh my god what an incredible amount of pressure to put on a fourteen year old. Because today it very big if on some level on some of their prey on some love let's just say and you know they don't let LeBron aren't. LeBron or wade looked like secretariat yet that's. Yeah so I got and I have done it when you're going to like. If you're sending. The kid and eight right can you find out and getting people don't know whatever it may do that you know Sony got Chris river did have an apartment in Akron. Little Rock freshman year. Police junior year on innate babysitting and the law. In Seoul they've they've decreased the critical how to operate a candidate would you like. In all big east secretariat he's you know he's justify these special vote in the future he had the same page. He's not just saying if you look at the Japanese import that these are believed their order speaking you're you're you've been around long enough and and I dual. Welcome back while people let. Jiang block and he walked that you don't eat a different guy right along. There is. Right now different guy is peppered Obama different. How much your good acute from the very difficult because Sergio doesn't. Take on it all of them got got down they want this much support I've got a bad back in your bed next. Cannot go away a cage tractor trailer and in the really got my grandma all Leary Doug Johnson Larry Johnson yet could get a pressurized depiction mobility does stuff but. I just began when I read this I have seen some video of of doing what he's kidding he's got a gang put all of orchestrate. And again. Ego amid tight and it got real dollars yeah I'll probably couldn't stand by air so our own. I wonder if you're kidding don't like it today I. Now you don't sit unidentified but I guess some WG and people know YouTube I'll let you watch he's cute I ate into required any margin. Orgy and under a great basketball player. But again if you could find video of when he was this again is a bond blows. He can eat that Allstate twelve years in football he was just that different care diminished Alley doing what he don't want I have people would theoretically you get beyond the borders something like eighty based. Real good care bill. But he's 33 going to be thirty or what important you know I don't know I do date. At the twilight of his career your going to some Kobe is the minute in an adult and suddenly jump scares at home. Couldn't trust doctor develop about the Kobe kill the lakers a two year contract. I don't liberal bloc were brought it. What did you some wanted to go somewhere else. In this same Cleveland be a billionaire Trout about it and NBA team to do what you gotta do make her beat by money job. You got what you've never been in trouble never been any EEE. Rumors have anything bad about it. Redux only. That they connect community. Mean partly because you get older you gotta do certain way you wanna go home eat and our problem staying clean and be happy what I've done to try to get it. They pay to be so up to date and try to get toward him but you know look at respect a couple of loose. We could maintain competitors or wherever he goes and age that he's going to be I'll probably less well all look at the exterior it comes Philadelphia but. I think it is say she's done what he's done he is what he had the most where they go right now he's Fujian affording. Blake are going to do a lot to be competitive. So I don't I'll give me I was real proud about and how they law stay. Yeah I'm not ruling that out I think that is a possibility I'm not sure what I would do but I'm not I'm deathly not ruled it out that's easy to wait my local basketball expert your local best buy expert. Nation's leading authority hobos he wrote recorder I've got stuck on average educate their lobby. I about it keep these to a two things here real quick a bomb. Back to. It would be my greatest achievement for them to be on the same court with my son an NBA game and it's just in and again this is we're nitpicking at this point. It's just words whatever. But. Think it's fourteen years old and he's Exel either one of his genuinely one of the best fourteen year old basketball players in the country employ it. So much of that. If so please be one of the best 1617. Year old Beth Cooper is the country you know we using a loading our by the end but a lot can happen or not happened between 1416. Seventeenth as it relates to growth in that you're just you're you're down your fizz account variables there bomb. So a lot let's say he turns into like a very good division one basketball player but just not an NBA guy like it's hard to get in that league and it. Do you as aid it's trying you'll then feel like. Oh I let my father down because I remember back in June 2018. My father said he's greatest achievement wouldn't be winning MVPs or. Champion share down it would be mean getting to the MBA. And now I'm not going to be able to do that and I wonder if I'm letting my dad down I guess just don't know why it's a big thing to put on a fourteen year old tough. If I'm sure he'll be fine everything will be fine but when I read that quote I was the good I don't know if you wanna say that. About a fourteen year old kid I wonder there will be a day were LeBron wishes he could have this and it's back. Secondly about where should the bronco I made it clear I I if your goal is to just which is of the does this win championships I go to Boston. I'm LA is where I think you will end up and it makes sense because and Oki said they got a lot of work to be competitive but. You know take Paul George. To LA. You've got Alonso ball count crude LaBrandon Ingram may be Jewish friend that's that's the top three team in the league right from the jump. That's good at the top 345 team in the league right from the job if LeBron can do what he just it would those idiots in Cleveland he can do more with those dues and into in LA and who knows they might end up put them on the ball for some sort of veteran because Alonso like made this trek about cal who's not an alarm bells that still won't shut up and that's becoming an issue in LA so there's a lot of moving parts there. Bought. I joked earlier. And people sometimes say this you've got so much money. Like one I just take veteran minimum so that you can be old. Incredible team around you like what if somebody said yeah the lakers have room for two Max players. But what if Paul George takes a Max and you had Chris Paul. Take half of a Max each and now you've got Chris Paul Paul George LeBron James in LA you're sacrificing Tim fifteen million dollars. What you were putting yourself in the best position to get another championship is at war to tell you when you've already got a gazillion dollars what you're loaded on what did you go yes that would be worth that I would be willing five or 500 million dollars I'd be willing to pay fifteen million dollars or lose fifteen million dollars. To put myself in the best position to win another championship on the other hand and this is where I think people like Chris Paul LeBron James most of them have an issue with this her. We'll let the owners as collectively bargain but we let the owners put in this salary structure. Where. We then asked to take. First up even if we take Max contract rational work around or look at work were below market value right. That's why did GM a bit lawyers can say Kevin Reagan had any country he once did there's no bad contract for Kevin Durant now you cannot possibly overpayment so we put in the salary structure. Where we as superstars can I get fair market value. And the end. Hey if you wanna compete work around now you still gotta take even less than half that's why Kobe always stood up and said no every penny I make it every penny. I am not gonna be tricked. Into these. If I'm not going to be tricked by these billionaire owners. Into taking less money so my team can be competitive. That is a flaw in the system let's fix the system but don't take less money and are supposed to take that's the ultimate dilemma there for LeBron James or Chris Paul. Or any of these guys. Yes it is advantageous from a basketball perspective to not take all the money you can take. Especially considering you don't really need the money you've got all the money in the world. But if you're gonna play into that system what sort of message are you sending so no gimme my Max deal that's what stepped it would this last contract. I expect LeBron and Chris Paul both. 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Sheldon Almeida a little after 5 o'clock we'll get back in today NBA draft grisly stuff and I divide just dogged the vehicle right now got short story that like this console war stories presented by the month restaurant tomorrow. He tends to lose focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to tell. Yeah only every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This yeah GPs or notable stories S or 44 to be number one of the best. Lawyers Heather championship parade out and Oakland earlier today and it was jam packed Jordan bell was drawn it was quite eighties scene. And there is he's awkward moments where sometimes they they just happen in these settings and the most awkward one. It was courtesy of Bob Meyers general manager. Of the Golden State Warriors we've got the audio delivery set it up for you basically they're on the stage Bob Myers there Steve Kerr is there they've got somebody. And like the Pete paired Franca of the warriors I assume. Like handling some microphone duties asking questions conducting interviews the fans love and so Kevin the ratings like sitting right behind Bob Ireland right next to step curry. And they guy on the Mike. Is they've Bob FitzGerald. He as says that you know hey I saw that she's sick Kevin Durant can get any contract he wants which is true about Myers has said that a whatever contract commander wants we'll put on the table he'll sign it will be good to go out. So Bob FitzGerald brings that up but here's the way that unfold. OC. Okay T plus so. It's. And the gurus. I think Kevin Durant but he had a back like what one and he there is clearly I got sunglasses I can Angela. But there's kind of let go like eight with a slight smile but but really what he's saying there is that what. What lies what are what are what are Joseph and I hate on and I had two time finals MVP you guys are appear saying I'm not worth it and I know you just go put a wrap. But like don't tore out on the ankle line and a reason is because Kevin Durant is sooner superdome since sensitive super sensitive. And he's a wanna be Joseph good win right now don't like as if you couldn't make out the audio basically Bob FitzGerald says. I know old that you told Kevin Durant he can get whatever contract he wants and Bob Myers is that was just for the media he can't have anything that he wants. Update Cardin says mid level would give him a mid level and got to show jump back just bacon says well let's do you told staff he can have whatever contract he wanted to know and Myers has what that was different that was when he had been here since the way before days. He earned it. Young. Are all joking. Blood is not. Kevin Correia yeah she incentive. And he isn't already sit there as back to back world champion back to back finals MVP feeling like he's not appreciated around the leak like I. Kevin ever copped to it but that's the wake Kevin Durant has felt since last Friday night why are people celebrating near think two time world champion. And they two time finals MVP as somebody who just at least in one of those games clearly outplayed LeBron you know man also outplayed giving game four so yeah outplayed him in the big game where you love forty whatever and then outplayed him in game four is way out and why. People around the league appreciated me. And then people hurting Kevin Davis and listening keyword of that stuff only worried you gotta worry about is right here this is your family Golden State and they're the ones that love you they appreciate you been fast forward to the parade and they're talking about maybe we'll get in the mid level staff earned his Max contract Kevin has that done that yet and they were just joking. But like if I'm governor and I'm like you know let it. Yeah I do appreciate me in front of people. Bought. LA what LeBron James and covered for you don't Waltz you can appreciate mile publicly it's what people read only glad to appreciate it but China. We joke about me up real estate graduate won another championship I think you have a good point but if you're Kevin Iran and you dole and yours this sensitive don't go to gold state then. You know like debt that I mean that's a that's. If people around the league won a bag on me. Bag on me this is what I would think about Kevin Durant but I don't have my coach and general manager that I just won another championship for appear making jokes at my experience. I asked. I'm the best player in the world in my mind and maybe in the main you know most popular player mile market that's still a little bit stiff curry over there at home he's the one that won back to back finals MVP that was made but everybody here still love stiff curry and then I got my general manager in my coat if anybody JAMA baggage be my general manager Mike college Jamaica again and now you're joking around or may get a Nokia is joke. I'm a girl and what LeBron. Well I would LeBron I hope they push Kevin right out the way to send them. Be making jokes about up there on that stage story number two little grim and gray showed a patrol came knocking and save your own home LeBron James he I don't know so you might remember last year LeBron James had like he posted on instant Graham it was our first hand like an hour fist yes and it said mood right. And so. Whatever people tried to interpret that to mean whatever they wanted it to mean well drew a migraine just feet with a black shared docs and it got that same fifth but he's got the three Golden State chooses. And TV drive around a golf cart in this parade with a cry of LeBron James Frey. I'm Jan beautiful outfit and basically average a triple double through to finals took the most. Ridiculous roster ever to the NBA finals. And you turn on the TV on a Tuesday afternoon and these bombs that gold standard clown and you even though you battered and all of them you're the go to your everybody's team gains savior and you still get controlled by drain mongering that is exactly the type of thing by the way. That would push me toward you know one. I'm playing for free this year if you're freeze up and up to them face to get a team we'd go beat now beat him when we can go. As but the costs are stop myself but we can go. Put them back in their place because I am not I would troll that I am not. I am not gonna sit here and be the best player on the planet. And have these guys because they have or all star and I'm sitting here what Kevin Love and a bunch of idiots who can't even keep up what the score. I am not gonna turn on the TV the week after the season every single thing that I am watching guys try to play out on me. Now put a cast on and then all of a cast that call could walk. And I think why. This is your king and savior LeBron James I'm thinking about playing for not. And this year it you'll join me in LA if he'll actually play can you force a trade LA and actually play and I try to get that humble won't give them tell helped topple give a little off the ball and I gonna follow Paul George and I told George I deserve all the money in the world but I'm playing for nothing this year come on try to put a team together to go late for him on green take is stupid shirt off I don't think LeBron don't do that I don't go on paper most. Shovel committee cash but this is exactly the type of thing that would make me go hold up. The lakers got room for two Max contracts. What can we get done if I convinced Chris Paul. To take a fraction of that I take a fraction of that and then yeah Paul George can get his match and were good two week.