The Eric Hasseltine Show hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, August 9th
Eric is joined by The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel to discuss NFL football and the preseason. Eric and Connor go Across the Association and over the headlines to close the show. 

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It that your local drug grocery or big box store here in Memphis metropolitan area and beat the Memphis heat the best way possible allspice piers sports. And a first for. Our next guests. Covers a little bit everything. For the big lead his name is Ryan Glass-Steagall. Eli guy. Huge packer fan and he joins us now what's up bud. There are much are you right dead where you at all concerned that Aaron Rodgers is late into the young wide receivers. No I think it told mode. I don't work for coach rod yelling get ya TAG is so it's gonna happen that. There's quite full with football when they're your guys and you wander around I mean obviously if he's runs out team he's not playing tonight against Tennessee. And he's trying to get the most out of these guys I just think young players are different now and even young players a don't have a spot on the team or just on payments shot up lead bustle on my best is that seemingly the way I don't. It's just so many reports of him not being a great teammate anymore. Yet he's still an awesome quarterback. Look at. Would you rather play Atlanta quarterback Blake Aaron Rodgers do needy. It is a little bit harder on you by you know it's going to put you in a position district she had to order. Would you rather tie would press oddly like kids. I think Eddie packer who. That's true how big book of leverage their starter last year which used the order knowing everything they know about their respective personality. It's at that point I'd rather play with the talent the data to get the ball which today I lead me to multiple catches and touchdowns with should be made to multiple dollars. In my bank account. The ringer did a fun exercise though that as you pointed out that you put this on your site. I'd asked Aaron Rodgers lead change about the NFL if you really commissioner and he wants to do away. With franchise tags do you think France just actually heard the NFL. Well it's apparent I'm accommodate her bid probably. Good for the end of that team because they leave. If you have whether he's really top flight players. Ed you're gonna keep control wild card because of credit card back. Is this the ownership group. But grapes to negotiate long term deal are they say well. If you don't do that and we're gonna franchise junior dot. What term security. It is god for our. There is. Just like it here is that getting people quality into watching every day and you want the aggregate BJP had mentioned as possible. We cheered the NBA the last couple years. CE they thought that they record it not trapped but. Really make it difficult for the players to leave when he can sign this secret back to achieve your and get war money but. That would stop the way through people like. Look for or coli letter to cataract shatter pushing kind of your big pushing to get out of there. It go to places where they're not gonna make you collapse. The tire flexibility is great in the NBA because. There's a constant discussion of what great about where people are going away in the future. It you're kind of just a pair of what he. The franchise tag might actually be good for you the weird black. Right Glass-Steagall joining us here on the program. One of the things you cover. Is. The media and the coverages of ESPN fox sports want all the major networks. And ESPN has canceled the show sports nation. That was reported. For sports business journal by John now we'll run as you said. They're gonna put high noon with Omani Jones and Pablo Torre. In that slot instead. Is this a problem when they run these shows and obviously every show has its run in runs out and then he got to make some miles but. Every I mean it just seems like they're trying so many things it ESPN they've got at the roster. Paid certain guys to come over like Adrian won't announce key exorbitant amounts of money held their pay and a guy to not work for them any made just broke the biggest story in college football. And Brett Mike Murphy. But they keep trying these shows and I just don't know that that's what drives people hell I may be sisters I don't know what would drive people to watch ESPN in the middle of the day. I don't know that it's for people yapping about sports and trying to be. To hamper too cool I mean I just I'm not sure what the what the solution is but seemingly sports nation was not it. What part nation I think it really rounded corners. It added it says it has seen them being moved the showed that the yen in 2000 died wed. Colin Cowherd admission appeal that was produced by Jeanine correlate to collide the pretty straight taken some other shows. But it would not the same show if they they didn't they stay. They bought the identity of I think that. In aggregate this is really good decision for our eap applied at high noon is gonna go for being sick you get thirty minutes. I think we'll be a better amount of time for that show at the peak between the chocolate highly questionable there's not going to be. As director chaired position of going from skirt steak or back. You know they're yelling at each other into. End practically routine. I like that that's showed going to be afford because. I didn't really like sports station IQ like show but I also quiet. Video that attacks show that you've got an arm there hurt Rick Karr however which are boat alone. A weapon they have in New York Times and right sides shall. I liked the fact that it's replacing the show that I don't like you're not conflicting with you showed that make you look. They're going to put storage center. And he Easter telepathy and search up tight spot that's gonna be hosted by Sherri she appeared. And keep it below I add that will be per hour. I don't anticipate personally. Watching that show very much but this court clerk read instead. On the rebound the last couple years because actually people they're really good job validation that sports talk radio sports that are genre. I'd hit show look. I'd like to gauge steel cap and they got these 6 PM sports center so they're like. Well we're happy about that at least two hour let's create. Bat flagship brand got from courtside with the Jack. I do like bad combination with Carrie champion and and David lawyer David Lloyd was guy that I knew in Sacramento. When he was there before he went to ESPN and I think sometimes you just find most nominations. That do work. I. I know you'd boasted it was part of the round up and are you guys all do this and do you do you familiarize yourself with the the third the stories in the round up. Because there was one I want to ask you about but I'm not sure if you really went deep into it with a with that being the Vegas situation. The blood where'd they get casino resort down yeah. Yeah I've read a little but I Everett ballots should be at that site I bet. Quite that the couple they had but basically. There was lax quality. Did she do Keogh clawed and if you go to center where cutie Yuriko there propriety. Possible exploitation street. You know I think that. If you could appreciate your own you don't have each already. Jung urged people not he got out of blackjack people. It's almost seems like it is. I dare I say the industry had double what he knows our Ed that the people who come after that and the picture skiers are trying to hook. Not killed it's scaled back. I would say this because I was just out there for nine days. And there's one growing trend in all casinos and that what I'm gonna lead into what my actual question is. One of the main things is slots are guaranteed money maker did they just are and that's why. Even from when I was a blackjack dealer might not on 1996. Where they eliminated three areas of table games to put more slot machines and because no matter who wins or lose it like you know what you're take it if you're gonna take fifty foremost percent out of that machine. Mean every time we do it a goal of what's brought and that's just dig that's a guaranteed fact. For slot machines. Don't table games can run hot and cold you can make a killing but you can also get killed on the other factor is. And this is what we're told the reason slots were growing in such popularity twenty years ago and still have escalated as a you don't have any pressure from anybody around you I've seen people. Nearly get in fights and people get angry that other people how they player what they gambler what they had. And and now with the games being even more computerized. And like I walked through our hotel and in Las Vegas at the win. And you've got Wonder Woman and you've got the godfather and you've got Monty Python a hundred things people relate tonight I'll I'll watch that movie let's go to that. Game of thrown things like that tell you can bet on horse like they do a little light mechanical horse race in those things were act. Where is you go to craps table and there's like three people there because they don't know how to play it's I think part of it is people just don't understand the games as much as they once used to. On top of that I'm also start to wonder one casinos have now been legalized to be in a lot more areas around the country. Including here towards Memphis we know right across the bridge and hurt our little seated casino area wind. The local dog tracks Southland game park was able to do real table games people I want to drive the attack and drive ten minutes now. And on top of that now with at this is what I was gonna get to. Are they fearful that now legalizing sports betting around the country will also eliminate some of these trips to Vegas that a lot of guys taken it's always going to be a convention out. But you'll hear guys that literally plan. Guys trips for golf and football or golf in the NCAA tournament or whatever. To go to Vegas and that they will spend a lot of money if they can do that now closer to home. It changes the game a little bit for. That you know I can't I think hit Derek no way to think that it will impact the barges. The sport structure should be guided her major carpet sectors. Well I think it united the shear play. There of that four groups to go out there and that step their body advocate she got another way to show. Yeah I think. But there there are always going to be a lot of people who want to go to rock's biggest because that church pretty Cuba gets its water. Changed become. Home. Entertainment publicly guiding I would disagree. And I play. And out of things of that being chaired. So they they get a chance to pitch for twenty to thirty years. Black out I kind of like create saying that if you order coach who played re entry of 24 hours each day we can gamble away you can eat. Where you can catch some great entertainment. I'm thinking I'd like to figure out for New Orleans corporate law a state guest at least nine times out of ten. While and New Orleans is a good time there's no doubt the one thing I also think it's hurting Vegas is they're getting away. From shows in terms of like creating shows the sort of slide shows are there. I was told us when we were just out there at the real trend right now is trying to land headliners trying to have. You know like Britney Spears or yeah I got a hello it's got got you down to ratchet it and that of the residents shoals. Those people make a bowl load of money I mean they're your you're fronting that money hoping you pick the right personal cell battery out. Every time they do a show and it's not always is is interesting because when he when he died in the article essentially what they're saying is they're down 1% like how much can 1%. In Vegas yeah so that's that's it that's a big chunk of change disable these Ryan always good to catch up will do it again next week. They Serbian Croats and their brother and your credit get what you got a body. Packers game tonight finally watch and I'll be watching as they take on Tennessee Titans. Will talk about that coming up in the headlines and also talk about the first episode of our docs that I saw the coming up next we'll go across the association will give you the odds. The win rookie of the year and one that's just an absolute. Ridiculous sucker bet and the guys behind them. I beat ticked off if I'm Obama today I'm angry I'll tell you why not it's not of any us in Memphis. 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You never wake up on the wrong side of the bed asleep disease mattresses and furniture by Michael Zoller across the association. It's very calm & Associates. There passing time on the NBA. There's only association. Now I'm 99 FM ESPN good business. You station. So. The rookie of the year odds came out and it is his. Interstate two had to say the least Tom. Here's why. Because. We are banking on a European player that is. Very young according to the oddsmakers. To win rookie of the year I don't know that that is. The smartest of bats. But they're looking down Sitchin plus 400 is the favorite. I don't know why I just have this feeling it's gonna take a look at doubts as a year or two to get adjusted to the NBA massing any won't be great. But it's just rare when a European player comes over to step in and be really really good right away how Gasol was a an anomaly. There's also two years old Lou Dobbs. Second highest favored the honoree Aden and plus or fifty which makes a lot of sense why can play a lot usage rate. Usage rate gonna be up there you know wells is usage rates can be up there Kevin Knox and Colin sexton and they come in at three and four plus seven are for Knox was eight. Marvin Bagley policy fifty Jerry Jackson junior plus 900. Trey young usage rate high but not a lot of faith that his game translates. Plus 1000 here's where I'm pissed if I'm Obama. Down the list a little bit Michael Porter junior plus 14100. But they've done about Michael Ford junior is even gonna play this here right. Her plus fourteen honored to be does play it's probably not going to be until after February man just had back surgery. My Obama is expected to step in and play. A lot alongside nickel of Lisovicz too many people think Orlando could end up trying to trade at some point. Because they don't know if they're gonna be able to resign and they don't while they wanna sing that big money America. Jonathan Isaac is there it's their first round pick last year them Obama is expected to be right up there in fact mall bombing tested off Jaroslav people's body was moving up the draft. Bored pretty pretty meteoric way. He's also a plus 14100 alongside a guy who may not like I don't understand it. I don't get makes no sense. These things make no sense they're so hard the usage rate is what I would look at if you ask me best value on the board right there it's Knox and Sachs agreed. We since it even more and yet sex then knocks I actually think even more so not because. He's got. Gotta be in a position where. The ball's in his hands and he's exposed that he's not ready yet con sections to have a ball on his hands and he's young but when Damien Willard came into the league. You knew it was gonna play you knew it was gonna have a good opportunity to do some things for Portland because they needed a point guard. But he also Bennett Weaver state. For multiple years he wasn't coming in as as a nineteen year old. Guys that are at the toughest position in the NBA can chew up kids and spent a mountain yes and no problem. Cannot seem to plan on the winning. Cannot define a lot of open jump shots again gag in the fall. But no Chris stops forcing assuming you're looking for someone else to score. And you look I don't know how well works Jerry Jackson junior plus 900 intriguing but we know he's gonna have to earn his minutes. Wendell Carter's one that actually may be the best value plus 12100 because he could legitimately step in and start. Right away it looks like the bulls got some with with Martin and and then. Window card they got a good that's what I like well yes I like William. Who I think is terrific he's so good and the problem is though that the reason they're dropping it down there a lot of young talent that they did that Chris Dunn. They ones re you know they made sure they can't exactly deemed it it may be hard for Jabar he's there now departed our guard Parker just and so may be hard for Wendell Carter to get. Touches the way other guys will. Eight is probably. Would be my pick. Just because with Devin Booker on the outside and eight on the inside. He's gonna get the ball a lot and he's got to be able to grab rebounds we'll see it's always tough to Powell who. You know is gonna step in right away and and produced not one person would have thought Donovan Mitchell would push Benson has awaited. I didn't even know have been Simmons would be after not playing for a year but if you looked at last year's class. Donna Mitchell what events out loud people said Alonso ball Alonso ball in LA is he gonna be on the floor right away going to be starting right away just trade De'Angelo Russell winning close. Winning and best rookie on the scene Alcoa's molest. Question. Marco faults as an eligible cracked is he played last. Believe you play. Yeah he played the at and seasonal passes. His wondered are Zaza like baseball or if you only play like six engines that are guys now once until I remembered Blake Griffin never played or not yet you know one that that was the one that really hurts somebody and Julius Randall played like six minutes broken leg missed the entire season I was not consider it election. He could've won it. News ran a play and I it and backed and it was not he views not gonna win it but he like that eliminate like he is opportunity. Was eliminated when he broke his leg like in the opening game yeah. So yeah that it doesn't work like that at all. I just not good for him for four more Obama you're like oh stop you know we looked at it today it was like what what the hell yeah exactly like what the hell. By the way I was told. I am. A rich whose a loyalists at the show. Basically that. Carmelo Anthony preview said he wanted his own hawks Jersey his name on it. As a collection peace. I saw the hawks set amount on sweaters said. Hey at Carmelo Anthony your jerseys on it's way good luck spam I don't know how like when you just trade for a guy and then you release and he spam. And LeBron James LeBron James they're a little shade is away. On his Twitter account with the laughing they're crying face and Mo G several times it's that held around. There speaking of the brown Alaron and a Jersey did you see him in his New Jersey and now it looks good heat. He is evolving into the 199495. Version of Karl Malone with a jump shots and that's just not fair it's not fair that in his season with the have you not seen him he's. Let's check among gets well yeah yes even like he's always been jammed even six foot right to sixty lover my point is though is that. He will eventually start going down vote. When the Broncos down he you say you figure out we wanted to let me know by the way he's 33 Arnold Dow winners that aren't nearly half best season of his career but. We need guys he will be like Karl Malone to jump shot which is is an unfair it's just unfair that when he gets worse and turns and wanted another greatest player of all time. I know it's you you love hearing. They she loves hearing what I said the other day which is that he's literally going to be. The only player in the history of this game Adnan and I don't know if anybody else ever does it 40000 points. 101000 rebounds 101000 assists. And they'll also have multiple championships may be more than three as three now but maybe up there. Right now and dad coli Leonard broke his silenced and the spurs and Gregg Popovich. What's. Man it's been a long I have been going back and forth the last few weeks trying to figure out the right things to say and it comes down to two simple words thank you look what mattered that. Okay. They'll always be grateful. For his growth under the guidance of Gregg Popovich he said through all the ups and downs. I'm glad there are many more ups I'll never forget. Well we've shared an accomplished together Leonard wrote while looking forward to next chapter in my career always remember the city and people of San Antonio. You know we did mention there of athletic training staff and O'Donnell president the management it's a dig your fine to play nor Tony Parker. Listen there is no doubt in my mind that there is. A player at that level now because of the tutelage of Greg Popovich in that's quite letter. Coli was good when he came in Gregg Popovich made him the best basketball player he could possibly be quiet also did that through his work ethic. And his determination. To be awesome a fast launches exact same mindset Mike Trout has. What I still wanna know is how cool I letter ever thinks he's gonna get issued deal. Unless he starts actually talking to people and smiling and being non robot like this thing robotic how many drafts I think this took. Do you think he even wrote this not a power. Now there's no way I think he probably had somebody easier drastic I think he probably had somebody talent we'd better do this yeah. If you want to get short name on a positive light listen. Does heal Gregg Popovich to thank you yeah in my opinion he does because Gregg Popovich helped him become the best basketball player is absolutely necessary Knoll. I think one coach one players know all the coaches made them better yet you can almost thank you even though they're just doing their job. But you know that the organization need to be grateful to acquire Leonard do for the efforts he put in to be the best player he could possibly be which led them to. Opportunities to win championships out and kept San Antonio in the forefront of the Western Conference can be very wrenching to me to see if he is cool with being. In Toronto I still contend with what they got. With Cole why letter nifty any green is healthy with what they gave up. They're now right there with boss. And I think they're ahead of Philadelphia because they have more experience. And I think they have a deeper team I really do they had to give up Yucca pearl which is a former first round pick a guy that was a big part of their second unit last year. What's your swapping out DeMar DeRozan who's good. And developed a three point shot the score the basketball with arguably what many people believe for a long time was the best two way player in the game. Best on both sides of the floor combined. Could score on offense could locking down defensively. That's the case. That's a big step forward I think for the Toronto Raptors into S and Yang garrison new nurses got to go in there. No I listen we Soledad de Jager when he first took over for Lionel Hollins it's not result it's not always as easy. To take the keys to that sports car not like not screw it up yeah right you got to know how to drive it and it nick nurses is gonna coaches raptors ideas. And his team could very well win the east next year especially if coli Leonard is in the right frame of mind. Taylor brown Simpson about that though. What they say did you see comments and I did Casey said there's no chance of Boston's not going to finals and I kind of agree with them I think that Boston's gonna kind of walk through the eastern. Playoffs next year I just don't see anyone beating them especially with the additions of hi we Irving and Gordon Hayward I just don't see how they don't make it to the finals I don't think Phillies ready. I think Trotta will give them some troubles I don't think their depth is there to beat Boston. And that's my analysis you don't think Toronto's deficit to beat Boston now. It's going to depend on what Hayward and I think that I don't think you're off base it's gonna depend on carrier himself. His willingness it is desired to be there as he said he got a seemingly wants out right right. As Gordon Hayward comes in listen Gordon Hayward in Jason Tatum is not doing what Jason Tatum did last year. She Jalen brown is not do and they've they're splitting up. The minutes that those two guys played you've now got to find 28 to thirty minutes for Gordon Hayward yes well that's where the death comes and that's not talk I just don't think Toronto can match. Mano thing and they can say maybe it they can stay or how well they can also keep as pressure for longer yeah in terms of the season in. Because when they were once downloaded developed Tatum I mean Tatum was in there I think it was a starting lineup. It was basically just our round that really a benefit from a so now the question Jalen brown is he going to be cool court they were coming back and you don't have those same kind of minutes I think or do you just keep playing them all together. And you just signed mark is Smart to. Terry rose years right there like these gathered beat. So's been traded I think prop Mo more than likely -- year BC's on the last year of his deal and mark and more and more is if he's well I think Damon I don't examines and then somewhere think that's the biggest mistake teams make. We gotta get some form a straight mallet that ride it out CD and went title. And then worry about the trade they don't worry about it or trends are try to sanity inside and sometimes that's costly on business I would rather lose a player in the off season. They can help me potentially win a championship and lose it in the offseason for nothing then trade him mid season to try to get some mouse or turn. Disrupt chemistry to subs disrupt some miles to say look. If you get paid in the off season great all my karate but we're gonna keep this together as best we can't right now. Do you believe that just for championship caliber teams are in I believe referred anybody who's even in it remotely. A playoff possibilities even though you may not be quote unquote a championship caliber team something happens in the playoffs that breaks in your favor. I. You know I know myself ace yeah I eased for the cold state lawyers Tony Allen's hamstring gas stretched like a rubber band and and as. Killing him and he can't chase Clay Johnson around Mike I was playing with a broken face you never know those are gonna happen now code. Would the grizzlies have beaten gold say to those two guys and LT it's debatable. And that team went on to win the NBA finals but they did say that was the toughest team we've played hands down in this entire post season. So it I think that they can beat them is they had about the bad shots bad a shot at you they certainly put themselves in a position right. Right Charles you guys plan basically on pure raw adrenaline with a busted face. At some point catches up to you a little bit some force. Unfortunate situation. I that's across the association by the way I was told our Penny Hardaway had an American Express black card. And that they are very heavy they are incredibly every bite you if you. What's. Random task was and that the guys from Austin Powers the edit through the issues. Well I don't I don't remember their names are member to die of being patient at the wrestler and looking guy random task was as random tests I think that's what his name was right. I'm not sure I did say it but he took an American Express black card and through and you it might chop it might cut your jugular those things were having. There are weapons what are way to go. But I got to credit card from Amazon to be honestly. And it is heavy as act like when I handed to someone like it if I if you like the rule would add a bartender and just like flick it and threw to art you can kind of you could go out of I naral ever advocate throwing cards bartenders or other people. And he's seen as videos of guys that can throw that Chris and cards I added I've. He's the poker player he does his nickname is Jesus because Chris said Chris Ferguson. Yeah he can cut a banana and a half of them with a plank or that's insane yeah gradually do your foreign debt takes money from amend their blackjack different yes. You semi right then though. Is loading up on any part of that will come back I'll give you my review of the first episode. Of hard knocks next 929 a MES in the. 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Use the wrong and a first for the right and a person to beat the Memphis he is old spice pierce port and a purse for it fixed sum up today to local drug. Fox or grocery store and find out what we're talking about was a you can keep your swagger you can beat the Mets eat. Old spice pierce port and a personal housekeeping go on long into the night. Allspice peers for an anniversary. That's what protection money and die. Soon headlines. It's. Headline it's you know I have been on ESPN's well let's give you a quick update on the on the PGA. Each team being shipped leaderboard. Dustin Johnson and just drained about a thirty footer he's now three under par so when a group that is right behind Rickie Fowler who has finished his day. Kyle Stanley has 300 and odd through tunnels so they are still on the course a handful of guys at two under still on the course as well. And then you've got. Tiger Woods at even par. It's a tight leaderboard obviously separation happen tomorrow then moving days as they call it in the golf world moving day. Is Saturday and then now Sunday kind of Jordan's speech one over through seven holes today so far. As it continues to be played out at well read country club in Saint Louis. Missouri actually has to go. And tickets I could buy tickets for Sunday but my problem was if I goes on them watch the whole thing. You'll get out there to like 7 o'clock in Oklahoma like midnight so I was willing to do that. You're never gonna believe this I am get a clue what happened I looked up the henchman. Is name is random test you know what has happened it is actor now what have. He got life in prison for a rape torture case that's got what. That's like the last thing I was expecting to see when I looked him. That's that's no way I'm not going oh yeah blowing up. And I get those out studies or else it as an I don't I don't know I don't word I made a big mistake once in my life. I made a big mistake once in my life and I drove home after having too much to drink. I mean implant I haven't mustered piazza the I was ordered Beers and the guy was on the radio station Sacramento. And just fired me down a shadow Jack Daniels is a year I liked it. I literally live like. Half a mile mile from the far right but I went out of my legs of time I was dipping. South don't violate your kids listen don't chew tobacco is just not it's back at Ford terrible. But I went out on my way to go get it cheaper camp they're on sale at different gas station. And I couldn't find the clicker to my gate that they anyway side away from my roommate believing he was leaving right after. They got pulled over I felt okay. I was not. Pace I get arrested. I hire an attorney. We get in court attorney does his job does a wonderful job it's not the way down. I have to do a little bit of like alcohol class anyway so my attorney. Is. Unbelievable at this he's well known in Sacramento. Going to his office or just right. Pilot go to guys off as you know first thing jas and I'm going there to meet with him on a DUI case put a drink in my. No I don't like small mammal like I really would rather not drinking on the situation yeah my diagonally now that was just him. I'm watching investigation discovery about. Three months ago. And I see the name come up and Mike plain old let me and they show it was CC the actor right and they show his picture of Mike. Holy acts and I call my old roommate who also had to go through this that's how I knew he had before I knew him. Am I dude turn ICD a direct TV. He has yeah I don't turn on this channel turn on the channel turn on this channel now. Basically thought his wife's family was trying to have him killed so he liked essentially held her and her or their kids in. Like essential captivity in their home to Jehovah's Witnesses came up the knock on his door. They eat out there are gonna kill he chased them what eight with a 44 Magnum shot himself in the leg. Blame them then like to literally go oh my aunt it is it's insane he's in jail for the rest of his life. And I'm like this is not this is the guy that basically made it. Lake almost got me offer this altogether but I was pretty guilty he's got the charges wave reduced because I. It's a long story but anyway yeah when he sees a one on one of those shows that's crazy sort of US story similar thing. Sad story that has a great actor it's not sad disease of piece of crap you guys are we advance a monster home like god has yet like the last thing I was expecting to see when I typed in Austin. Helps man city design. Sent him as his is random task was a plan James Bond character our job that's their whole thing was it quite Algiers arbitrator Graeme and one thing that I will tell you that there's not a play on a good football team. Is hard knocks because if you watch the Cleveland Browns. Literally in the first episode and here watch a do you watch hard knocks on radars when I can't I don't average American house so I generally watch every season I did not watch much of last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But like the falcons I watched. The jets was and are obviously an awesome year saw the one with the rams when they were going to LA. You don't I've never seen in the first episode was that like. He's seen that translate literally guys getting called out for like not work. And I know. Hue Jackson went through an incredibly difficult. Period of of personal time he lost his brother and any loss of mother rightist camps get go it was like in a month there's some. Within my eight weeks or like someone that rate boss's brother of losses mother tough right yet. Guaranteed everybody they're gonna win said if we don't win more games. Of jump the river they do this he says we are going to win. He had a meeting with his coaches. And the way he laid out I was like. This dude is in real. Trouble it was kind of like we're gonna do it my way. I've sat on that side with you where you're sick I've been there I've been there but this is how we're gonna do we're gonna do it my vision my bro you are one. And 35. Yeah not not the best are now one in 31 in the last two years now much better one and 31 in the last two years. May be some time to have it may be a time delay your assistance. Pontificate on how you guys could be better and not take the it's my way or no way and I am watching those guys. They've got talented players. They seemingly have very little direction yeah. I I I'm not buying in on the brought I think they may fields look good not like his attitude in terms landry's a beast. I think miles carrots are really good player. Pot I'm looking and as I can't wait for the at second episodes of his show the trade of corporate Coleman. But there I mean late guys are just everything in his league is a terrible price is terrible practice. An additional it is seemingly has no leadership led team I'm sorry browns fans I hate to tell you that. But like worry you're gonna have to earn your stripes. Is he said that the last two years is a big big game and nobody to have a spread butter but anyway. You wanna game last year they literally take the stripes off those orange helmets staged you have to earn this yet to earn a strike. I'm sure other guys and they're guys on that team that are pretty good players. But they just ate it just looked like a Mets. It's just looked like a mess in the first up is that a might not real high. I'm by the way you know with the browns record last are the pre season was on foreign help of god. Pretty sure they want all for their pre season games lasted a double Sedona right now. But I'm almost positive on all their precision gives us they are all. They are who they are just it'll. And that they open up I think they open up tonight against the Jeffrey rates they receive the New York Giants in New York. Will be at 7 o'clock agent does 6 o'clock eastern you can check. You can check us out for the Packers and the titans as titans radio we need to get my teeth on. I'm here come and shortly so I'll hold you that tell me about these aliens you're talking to me about what's going on. Kansas is incredible so earlier this week we talked about how the pyramids we talk a little like conspiracy theories up like that an astronaut. Just said on Twitter. I think yesterday August 9 when he to rest today at 505 AM he said that he saw an organic alien like creature. On a space shuttle payload bay. Now NASA has come out to say that it was probably just ice heat it is Kaiser tension with the reflection and all this kind of stuff. And he said. This thing was trans Lucent curve moving in organic looking and never seen a night a piece of ice move. It's frozen it's not about a bit blazers fall under the water out. It's not moving incur being it's a frozen block. This one elitist out supremely talented iceberg are all I'm saying. It all aside what it has a joystick with a B but has its sister did you go to all of a sudden the pyramids are given off electromagnetic. Waves and then this dude seen aliens. It's it's happening. It tin foil hats on those are watching alien movies what. Would you ever wearing tin foil hat for. They might read your minds and now they can if they began resigns and it. Actually I haven't had that moved through forever didn't seem sirens going wrong with the I don't know I need to go watch it that's when any legalize their movies and Barrymore movies you need to go watch that I need to go watch some zip it. And you're older than I am so I don't know I notice and an eighty year old man that. I was actually gonna get through years old is that I was actually you're at this hour now and then you you were there here's my question about this we have always. Are are we fearful that it's going to be like Independence Day that they're just gonna come away waste of the planet. Are they gonna come down here might be cool but what do you think happens I'm asking you honestly. You early dad has fascinated with the aliens you're saying that they put the pyramids there. They're people let's say they put this doughnuts that she's there because there's no way anybody can bill that removed them into the way all these signs of aliens and bend to our planet. I'm mostly getting when I say that stuff but what I will say millionaire I think I believe it I just think. If there are really easy probably look at us and were probably so not even close to their level intelligence in my technologies out there decide these idiots are too stupid. By different look at this as like in its rudimentary. Like yeah but if what do they want our planet and there to take it or not immune to stop them if aliens come and his spaceship be they were gonna be able to stop them. Now yeah now. If they wanted to gonna take. Now that's my thing I can bet if it's gone down it is it just got Iowa down we're in trouble we got good it Will Smith I think it's. Mechanic at a time release you know all blue Jeff Cole I'm really Jones led to act. Almost out I was the united later on about Independence Day I now Will Smith island stop. Although that did not do that pod bears a striking resemblance Mona my French bulldogs. We negotiate and that is queries crazy brother I just I was known for Christmas vacation with her ranger any way that he's Vince and the stuff right now see with the law of always easy anyway saying unity I would. Cousin Eddie yeah you in acts. I'm wondering I'm wondering like what late. What the the purpose would be a must say it I don't know why would they can almost say they're not gonna learn anything from us right because if they can get here there's certainly more advanced than we are. And I think it would be foolish to think we're the only intelligent life forms in a vast infinite amount of space that we know nothing about her. But there's not a place relate space and you run into a wall I ever just you and going yeah ever expanding which is just that that's. It's now you've got mom passed them. You know it's ever experience of Buffalo Wild Wings again sports books and Ozzie is a Jayson Werth hitting that home run and indirectly did you see that. Monitored and Jayson Werth hitting a home run and rec league play softball or lazy ships have to a baseball soft like a baseball rec league games they'd get a place is in baseball or Seattle baseball. So he went to a men's baseball yeah and he basically launched the first pitch he saw. In this case. Yet might be how we Kelly aliens the balls and hit a spaceship load out Jayson Werth it yeah well I don't have a doubt about that. Because he. You bears' first all. There'd as a complained some of those leagues but generally there's no one on that level and he's fresh and I mean fresh out of the major leagues he's been seeing guys. Throw 95. With movement he gets in a league EC's 86 the ball doesn't move at bats 86 and the ball doesn't move. Down the pipe he's going to do it's like batting practice he's going to deposited in the next county. The ball's moving so slow it restarted turned and you can actually track they're allowed batteries he's doing at a baseball game you're sitting on the side in a pitcher throws it you can't really see it. You can see the ball the entire time this is not gonna go well and didn't just destroys it. Draw as it. I'm struck oh yeah here it is in an appearance an amateur would badly. I get asked the play at a forty and over baseball league. So as we afforded our team owners like one in the eighteen over the AT and over is not about the forty numbers wouldn't bad guys have done that that makes out. You need to flip that around the story number need the metal more than anybody ever. But yeah I would be surprised and added that doesn't surprise me one bit. Buffalo while he's fencing you know expanding its forceful. Brilliant you know laughs it is in general you know who doesn't win. I'm people who gambler wings yeah right and so if you're getting hammered eat wings and you wanna throw fifty bucks on a game. There's no way Buffalo Wild Wings loses money in the steel now in fact they become even more popular than they already are because now you're getting wings. You're getting beer you're getting sports. And her didn't gambling. Plus they have those little games or you can play poker on the thing in the league little NTN trivia yeah. Throwing it in buffalo while he's related they will if they'll give Buffalo Wild Wings a corporation that gambling license you watch what will follow looters will get one. Twin peaks so get one tilted kilt all these places that are just like that sports and sometimes with girls like tilt until the Eric tilted kilt suitors and twin peaks but. Any other places like that Dave and busters will start to get them I promise you. When this gets when this starts it legalize they'll let these places if they find a way to do it and monetize it make money off of it for the state of the government. They'll let him do it because those corporations loud enough money to sustain a bad month but in general win this commercials will be real where they call the referees know like we need. Recorder back towards her well we had a big need one more. We had one more miss kick yeah I need to cover this three and a half from not able to pay for these wings it they they saw the future they saw a comment. Or how many people walk out on her tablet it was like 200 dollars if your Buffalo Wild Wings again it was a 250 dollar battery cool. If he walks out on as like a piece that size weighing in a couple of Beers. LA is Sammy is just go to forgive I've seen about a year later they set up. As good if rusty fees up next for Connor I'm Eric will be back with the yet in 22 hours for the Friday edition of the program. At yourself a great Thursday till tomorrow night six. He's he's ready to China and ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and save us today a lot of us and at least one or let's go to Memphis Memphis is a sports station. I'm John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan. For thirty years we've been in the business of bringing dignity back to those who lost it. And it isn't something we take for granted. Dignity means bringing the paycheck home. Been able to put food on the table and provide for your family. 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