The Eric Hasseltine Show hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, July 27th
We open this hour by going Across the Association and talking about all the NBA news of the day. Eric is joined by Evan Barnes of the Commerical Appeal to talk Tigers football. Eric and Connor close the show with the headlines. 

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That's as skins king and Barney are on the web at contain dot com. She's so little in the. I never ESPN. All right this hour's word is vacations I sort vacation he's a CH. CIO. Wins right now to sentence you really want your chance when a thousand dollars right here in 99 XM EST and again your birdies vacations. CC a CH. TI flow and text that word right now to seventy rated want your chance 1000 dollars right here in 99 after an ESPN you have one hour to get that word and again the word is vacation GAC. ATI. So yes. Since last. Ol' boy you're gonna go on permanent vacation about five minutes I'm just sounds. Smith host made Illinois Cleveland and Michigan are all the same thing damn midwest not know work. You said Michigan. That's where most people say it you didn't say you did especially sorry to admitted Illinois which is right near all of that. And you people are going thank you on Twitter yeah. They hear you always room you can take your office Steve Carell thank you and take that thank you. Right on down the robber or Jewelers. And thank them for the summer of 2000 engagements. I dad's death. Center fielder. The national. Ranger boats and it's over and alleys on July 31 the only and a short time he gets. Funny 40% off all engagement rings in my minister promised fairy tales limited edition last for a guy be made ornaments the last. To be loved at all. Elections are on sale but months expert answers get up to sixty must thank you spend 15100 more you get a thank you I kind of just set out for no reason. Because the house or get a freemen need a speech on that you were not right eat I was that you said that no market. The north is now at Illinois that's been like midwest. Where is that located down in the mainland. Part of that. Then nor is my main American car American diplomat. Northwest is. Seattle Portland. It's north of here yes yes. Then nor is it touches like Larry Norway east it touches a greatly at the sizzle out of things that's. It just feels Venus played rivers that light on fire in Ohio. Nothing. I'll send you back high school. Yeah I go back through history as a trio as not to look at history class and you miss PA cardinals that's that's you talking. The site history it geography genius what gives you look at that senate you know I understood it never. Whereabouts. Were not be admitted is gonna come take my degree array they should if I don't know how you got it. Register I've missed the second part is that I have no idea regulate you. Bet all it does seem lessons boards geography I am guessing you got a I. It's great and it really is because on him for an essay that. Register went for my cruiser supper at the several thousand gazans are in Jewelers of it rains on your wedding day also you can get urine for free. Sears store forward deet tails. Don't forget the best guarantee in the business of 365 day return policy under made to order. Meant to last engagement ring and on loose diamonds this is your chance to take advantage of all the specials during the last days the robber went to a summer of 2000 game was going on now. And off for a locations or on line and our I Jewelers dot com rob murder when Jewish treasures relax or less I debated opening the phone lines here. About the a generational debate amongst NBA players like who is the best because here's what. Because what they thirteen year old basketball game being canceled because some Jack wagon fans wore a Lowber let Michael Jordan Jersey. And you understand Jack wagon that explain this to you to I'd get down and I had an answer act and they insert not my fault. Sony tech wearing out my salt sunny. Like talking trash to LeBron James from the stands. And basically LeBron James kid's game canceled because the people from the event went and said look we've never had anything like this in canceled his game. And as Gary Parrish put. Or talked about as far the most anticipated thirteen year old AU game ever probably and some fan like rats. And so earlier in the show. I gave the numbers for Bill Russell. And based on what I said if you wanna based on numbers alone and I talked and championships because let's be honest it was an eighteen league at the time. Different. Forget about that forget about the race if you only judging by the reins from Bill Russell on eighteen league. Of course but if you judge by what he did on the court. He's considered an all time greats still right back yet the man in his career. Shot 44%. From the field. Shot less than 55%. Or 56 he shot 56% from the free throw line. He score career average fifteen points a game. Also read 22 and a half rebounds which at the time at 610 to a fifteen pounds. He was just like bigger and more athletic he was like Kevin Garnett except only. Three inches shorter and when he pounds lighter gap but essentially what Kevin Garnett or. Four point three assists but he also never felt. Dating keep blocked shots back generals he would have gone or offense and defense or rebounds which would be interesting to me. If they kept it now when your big and 22 rebounds you're taller and everybody how many times did you missing you got your own rebound. Was he 22 rebounds a game because he would miss a shot and he would just be bigger and go grab it. They get like 6789. Offensive rebounds a game. I was there no question in my mind. Having never seen him play any on our anything other than teton. But hearing what people said about him that he's one agrees small times but if you just based on numbers which is what a lot of the younger generation does analytics. Is Bill Russell like that and that's why when I go to like when you wanna sit here and dig your feet missing them and say. Michael Jordan's greatest basketball player ever I don't care what you LeBron people say you guys don't know great bass well gravity related to a goes bananas right so I got this. I got this right as that I would discuss. This is arousal. You you saw this this text here this yeah I think we both responsive. Brad says that goes both ways let's talk about Michael Jordan didn't. Playing in today's day and a problem back then you got to think Michael would average weigh more on today's NBA and I say. What do you. Go back and won't be hard I don't know all you have to do is look at the year league leaders points per game. Ramon Mike tell came to Memphis yeah and everybody went duty coached nominee they scored like 110 points again. They were fun to watch they got up and down the floor. You know who led the league that year in points per game. Denver Nuggets. Here that like just the years they've that he was there generally is Denver Nuggets you know what they used to score per game. A 122. And up. A 110. Was bottom. Third of the league and by far generally the best. Of playoff teams. There are like the on they were the only playoff team in the bottom third every other playoff team was Adam them. Translation. I can tell wasn't Ron and a fast paced office. It's a back to look at film and wonderful why is that. Because everybody would take a midrange jump shot. Randy Wittman went nominee was pistol hot against. The Boston Celtics. Was stepping into twenty footers and knocking them down because they act you'd that was the shot into right. You could have taken a shot clock and thrown it in a toilet for most games. Nobody was gonna get a violation unless you like threw the ball on a tip offs on when the backcourt. You weren't locking guys down. What changed that. Was came what came with the notion that. We don't have the app. Athletes that some of these other teams have so we are going to slow it down. Pounded into our big guy just keep giving him the ball because he's bigger and stronger and everybody and go to work I eat Patrick Ewing. I eat Alonzo Mourning I ED commitment tumbled those groups right. And where in reality announce today's age what they've realized here's. If you don't have the horses to run the race. Truthfully the better way to do it if you can't play defense which a lot of teams can't grizzlies are a little bit different early anomaly but he can't play great defense. You know best way to compete with a Golden State team if you don't have the guys to play defense let them. Ramos of trying to maximize the position two possessions which is hard because if they get rolling they're going to be even. But if you can't slow it down by playing defense which most teams can't if you're young. Yet OSHA. You got to maximize possessions not minimize possessions because when you minimize possessions and gold Stater. Warriors are Houston Rockets release three point shooting teams are getting more points. Per their possession and you are because they're ability to make the three is better than yours yeah you're screwed in. So you got him you have to increase possessions. Hope that that causes them more turn our hopes that caused them to start taking bad shots holds them back causes them to get out of their rhythm. And you find a rhythm and you're just playing fast and free. If Ed doesn't always work generally in the end in the NBA talent wins out. But the reason I go back this is because what Brad says what would Michael averaged in today's NBA or like he would average more in today's NBA I don't think so I guess the numbers were. And today's NBA Michael Jordan Madeleine last player income only the second player to do it and the last player in NBA history to score 3000 points in Macy's. He scored over 37 points a game. In a year played only two games or 3000 what's was a big deal yeah but most years he was 333435. F 35 middle class when I scored 34 points again. Any time and go find me the last players what they're and the reason is now because they're not as talented. The game is different I don't know that Michael scores. 37383948. Game in today's day and age and here's why. Hey. All of the analytics and all of the talk and all the things happening B game is different you don't play as fast you don't just let a guy. Go one on one no matter how great they are just go bananas. LeBron James to score I think that's I think it's the opposite. I think LeBron James could of scored 3536. Game Anita back in the mid late eighties early ninety's until they slowed it down and even then. Any scores now 27 point eight a game and that's really go all. A big reason people easily like to say that Jordan would score more now is because they and you get more free throw attempts yeah. But here's the numbers it and says how many free throws. Per game you think LeBron averages for his career. Allies you average them. Seven close eight point warrant out how many do you think Jordan yes. Average for his career free throws per day. 118. Point it. Back identical and they both ends LeBron made six Jordan made six point eight so that's never made any sense to me. And I don't know Jordan would score more of this decade because he doesn't shoot the three point ball very well the only shot at 32% for his career which a lot of for some reason Jordan a lot of people think he's a better three point shooting years he lived in the mid range. I think he. Even magic and bird that would be different is he was on the first player that played above the rim. So I think that's and he would dominate more I just think LeBron just because of his size and his ability to kind of play every position I think he's more. I think he's easier just to drop in any era. And he'd probably still be the same player if not better. Jordan I think kind of maintains his averages through any generation still dominate ice I think he's more I think kind of stays the same more than them for I think LeBron. In a different aero would be a little bit better yet now I I think. Because of his size and his that's why this is an eleven yard for the hand checking what it would be of it would be I don't have solid level of soft. Until I'm Tom Allen. LeBron can you imagine LeBron defending with a hand check. You don't remove our. Embarq the weighted Jodi. Where how'd you get around have over these army might even see here's the thing those guys learned how to use that contact. With their motion and their ownership and they the other hand. We're gonna dive down and Barnes tournament you're ready for this one yeah. My man one. Want Hoss of NATO who's at whole underscore in underscore one which is a fantastic that are handled and not the one last avail. That played last for the Colorado Rockies are firstly Colorado Rockies 1995 and last for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2003 a salad. Major League Baseball pitcher with the 828 and forty record as a reliever 53 saves and a 433 ERA. This panel is a loss initiative that says there's currently at double a body is planning on taking it in my first titans game this fall. I'll be sad that you I think humans and Matty you. Are correct gosh I understand if I wait until five minutes before kickoff and and get tickets popped. You better be careful resisted there I need and the way I just said. It's a role of the base and I would be shocked if you could not go out to certain parts. Walking over that bridge and find people selling tickets and you couldn't barter land now here's the thing you're also Rowland dies of buying tickets on the street. That's always had a risky proposition yeah. So I say go stub hub two hours for game one people start dropping prices. People only those tickets so I wanna match ads I don't do some so that is the way it's rolls by the way. Clinical palette has agreed to a five year ninety million dollar extension according few a leader in almost announced I can't wait to read that week. Which will say how much help is James Harden aid. And so I'll say that's not would you like. That's a Loge pop gun not even allowed to bounce in the at all that's a bulge. On pieces out so unimportant I was a lot of people's concern like what would happen to him but he got paid five years ninety million dollars. We're at one point that's a guy who came in and missed his first seventeen free throws in the NBA. Oh for seventeen argued wondered if there. Roll of the dice on him in the draft was a buster not clearly not a bust he fits that team. Perfectly when we come back we'll talk tiger football as you bring in Evan Barnes from the commercial appeal. 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A taste of beer before we comforted. Like you're just dying for on because I've been like destroying you on the air though EEE three even destroying their go about as easily blow up a road. A top Melrose soda desk cluttered desk clock. Fans as. Using other guys. They trickle welfare and the finest guy and I desk yes he stated this app. Now the other guys as funny Yankee clipper it's crazy VA because he shot Derek here. The Irish chewing your boat eat Gator doesn't play Europe and has no I was we can't we can't repeat to me I should have. Movies that collaborate great movie great movie great movie I'd satire in hollered. Is just I Dotson tiger football we are. Five weeks in a day away from them opening up against Mercer covering desires of the commercial appeal is at a Barnes let's make him do his unit that. The best in sports. And AM that day on ninety you know. Yes. And Democrats business by saying. I'm old surges hear me out when I read this tweet. This is from Blake it says did I miss that tiger football segment ally David Moore. And most of the hype is around Brady why I'm basing my opinion off the spring game. An NCAA fourteen plucky stifle press reports that lets which I'm assuming is a video game. Are you are more confident in more or white. I can tell you honestly Blake. I saw little edit David Morse awesome snaps last year I don't know anything about Brady was other than his typed coming and but if you're basing it on. NCAA fourteen placed out preferences. You're basing it on a video game that's now five years old when does this would be. NCAA nineteen at this point I would think because they usually go a year ahead but if not four to five years old. And I would never do that so I'll ask you was probably seen more of this and I know we'll see more of this than me who are you more hi Don David Moore Brady white. I know I had been out and now like I'm in the middle they're both really exciting our main gate and won't stop that run the spring game he would. Electorate that has a comment I believe it was pure food at a lodge. And perhaps it's more important why don't get it yet I mean you got to understand the offense and playing from played Arizona State so I think. I'm excited to welcome home. And all how they've grown and gotten better I don't think your people the tools that would lower the start of something like pain but I think it'll be very on C. Who I'm sure that this ball. It seems in the in the years past obviously when just and went there was there it was back it was actually a very and made it very clear. It was going to be facsimile and she benched. Our wide Jacob care on the piano man and sacrificed a lot of people's opinion. Eight season now potential home you know potentially. Getting to a bowl eligible record to develop lynch which led to two great years and anyway. In the NFL. And then right away we knew rally Ferguson was going to be the guy this the first time we got a real light. Okay who is it tight situation. So does that mean if one of them falters early on which can happen for whatever reason last year leapt right. Rally Ferguson's first game last year. Was not good granted it was in a monsoon but the numbers were not good we expected him go out lighted up. But the rains came down and we all know what that first game was like. If that happens this year were one guy and I'm not saying just because of weather does not go overly impressive. Do you think there will be more of an inkling to make that the change. And does put a little bit more pressure on both of these guys to succeed right away. And in so I'm talking to both let Norville and up a quarter condone him. I think they're very one particular pollutant because they know what that state you know that. The clicking right urgent going to be huge you know this isn't going to be huge because they have so much at stake with laughter do you Rankin. Now want to gain respect if I don't put an Iraqi to where. It felt like the back acted. Automatically there you know they're out of the race I think it's gonna be a matter of what happened you know the next. Two weeks we figure it out could run or what name quarterback until August 22 two years ago. I think this race and mark are located at age he needed to make it or go deep into August so. I would be deprived me if you don't hear anything until right before game week. This defense is always ban a question mark in terms of their ability to stop other teams and I think that's the nature. Of college football today. Jackson Dillon as a guy that has battled injury problems but when he's on the field. Kid can flat out lie and he can place is keeping him healthy Howell. How much does it mean for that defense to keep him. On the field for this many games as possible without a serious injury. Do you feel like there's depths you continued suited to be better this year is. Every year they they kind of seemingly take steps forward that leads but steps forward in. They keep taking the steps toward I have the faith in my dorm l.s office when football games. I thinks on net income whether or not the end you know what interviewed you have a late to get Jack done that secured eligibility Zion oil and. Hit it I mean what. And a good kid that can happen at a lot of pro and feel good. You know for Matt play at the whole city board there's a good hope you can play didn't even if he doesn't play much of human element to find out don't know. We have a lot of debt all mental where you have a linebacker here in Austin hall courage aching and I'm you have more. The secondary which everyone can you really are on our this morning I Crist also did get the very hungry they're living an athlete. I think when you have a yeah yeah and it did give that line and they'd be the one that even without question. More than me there's more intensity and they need beckoning word they aren't aren't a lot of games catching up on it and last year. They can go to W quarterback that's I think had a gap won't what happened I think you all and I play. Right puppy cute brown who did you go transfer. This winter that really stepped up as far as like eight. Get past first want to get you know they know they have to get better. I think got multiple fortitude and ActiveX control what we saw on the current. How did as his running back core. I don't know why didn't the lone wolf Cormier is beyond what I agree this I think. I think there are good as anybody on our I've read people. Take part of look at myself I I think you're looking at your religion. I prepare and Tony Pollard you know continue to run that by trying to and you got to believe that mark or I'll beat anybody. Want to try to deal with purple you know a big plug cheap shot about the offense because while the quarterback it's what you can be figured out. Every game thinking that give garrison that carried it had a terrible scary at all upon Pollard the jacket so much easier. It carries. Everyone's gonna focus on them so I didn't luxury S. That first game is against Mercer the real first game to me is against navy. Which gives you essentially you don't wanna light sleep on Mercer we seem Jacksonville State comment NB. Ole miss we've seen Appalachian State comment and be our apple actually stayed coming in beat Michigan. But let's just assume they're they're gonna if they're gonna roll through Mercer. That game against navy every a lot of people like that on making or selling sooners I would much rather have it earlier. Then later to give yourself more time to prepare against what something you don't usually see you know by the way. Then what is it Georgia State got a runs another triple option type thing. Ought type offense in air they have in years past. Are why I wonder how much you've seen in practice of them focusing on hey we're gonna get our scheme variety. But we need to know how to stop this early on because that's what's common. I was the only game yet and I know that ultimately that. I would let you know going to the ball is. Public argue spent preparing because I can get maybe even weeks to edit the first road game of the year end their home opener that may use it was going to be a lot of but excitement and anticipation that want and I agree I think I gave his. Catching one I have early just doing what that's for blocks later in the year your deep concern petitioning. I can go around it and often told. Earlier the better get out of the way you look at these numbers may have and what eight starters I want you that you don't prove himself again. Again maybe like black kid gave the defense. I'm sort of great job not making big play but I don't think we're gonna do I think that's going to be the key to see how that you can go with you look at schedule after may be. There are too many games and maybe we'll get what I'm most people until you see Afghan red October OK so. That's going to be the big game and I think per how good he can can really be. Am I crazy thinking that after the navy game the one that scares me the most is two lane because it's close enough. The Central Florida they seemingly have gotten a little bit better every year that that's one if you sleep on that group and just think you're gonna go down there. And stop them into the turf that that could jump up and bites it. I would I would agree he got into my name is but the popular sleek looking and HE I'm not doing my research. On AG. Two way to get jumping on me because their quarterback John Danks who can make some plays. And I think that. Had to do you have to be careful or I'll call Friday game toward turn around town south Alabama it at. Too late in the war on so it's going to be a challenge implemented to see how they can. Quickly you know turn up on top of know what should be. I gave me and I have on the trouble let let get ready mentally to go on short week on a road trip to a team that you beat back thirty last year that want to be. A little bit better I could beg you definitely attract game and you can't amazing problem or long live the black churches I think. Let aid can get when he got or you Fiat. I'm never going to be tested and they can't overlook those at all. September 1 against Mercer then at navy and I was at the navy game last year and it was an absolute blast. I it'll be fun to watch the game at Missouri obviously they'll probably unless they just thinking out loud even though they've got a great quarterback. He's favored east Carolina was dreadful last year it's also he stepped back as Samuel C. What happens there with a new coach and it's used in all my mean this team. Legitimately should be where people predicted them to win their side of the American athletic conference which if they do. And it's I. It's hard for me to even put into words how far this is calm and such a short amount of time might. I didn't start doing this radio show until. Right around the lockout and now that was I mean that was right around myself when I was seven years ago. Seven years now long time seven years ago we are is somebody brought this up to me the other day about Larry border. Then they were one of the worst division one teams in the country. Now they have enough respect with losing their quarterback and a second round draft pick at wide receiver. That people are still predicting them to win that's got to be. A charge for these kids that have helped build this back out and the coaches who have kept the talent coming in. Actor via people of people called me when one sporting news announced that there are Henderson and Tony Pollard who appreciate him. All Americans pick mortality like Evan do you understand how big deal that is what we have to appreciate honored by that now that the fact that. In your life I acted it out I probably would work for a while when he. There a lot of greens and be happy with where the poem it look at work I did good work feeling. Likened the people they can little bit behind when I get the job I was excited because people probably going to be fun to watch. As well I think people should be. I'm very proud of what. This program has become and I think a lot of pride no team no doubt important AM marked envelope or. Getting the right player with a player of the onion the DP on the field and you know you feel what recruit you know the recruits arm they're coming they're commuting method in a talk about how they want it. Keep the tradition going in a way though. Good good good I'm probably think it deadlock output to turn around that term you know when whenever we want what. Two game and one game three and another winning. You know ten wins I mean ten games and hit. It is content. Robert certain. I appreciate the time and now look forward socket you're down there on I can't wait I've got my season tickets you should do. Because it's gonna be a fun football season Evan large stock and now Memphis football here with us let's catch up soon and I have a great weekend. And blood got there I had to get to David wicker says that's a listen Dave and I know me on odds on pick on David. They no longer make NCAA and college football games video games I know that. They had to stop making it was is a big disappointment is the E. A. SPORTS NCAA college football game was a blast. Even though wants almost led to a fistfight between me and Chris Vernon. Last year was 2014. That's why he's basing in on that. Am I wrong in saying I know is that making it. But I would never base any opinion on any real sports and real athletes. On a video game. Well I think revolutionary saying but. That the played the coaches different assistant different since the 2014 tires on my game isn't gonna be similar in what they are those out. And I wasn't looking exactly what I think he's point was because the the playbook would be similar to what the team to running lift and elect but how you know coming on comedy I think because you know he's ever seen an actual playbook. An actual play hard knocks a to find great if I hit a bit on that I'm not calling you out. An actual playbook now is like a freight an encyclopedia. Graham may be for the latter acts in empathy encyclopedia. Yes you people that are under the age of 45 we said these things on encyclopedias. Every house had them and add a letter. And you look things up you didn't just Google Abraham Lincoln to do a pay your hurt us they were on you out you never looked out of did you just go gold whoever you do in the paper I did. I didn't OK got the wicker PI PH I think that's that's I mean when I Expedia what do you think Wikipedia started from. That's that's not the PDA it's an encyclopedia online right yeah so right so they would have a mall by the letters. I know I was born in 94 I have I haven't had technology mojo I mean it's not an email as a 1993. Yes my three year announced three using it I don't know I need more you were born it was their before you know whether it's a 96093. C again not only can you guys not do Matt. You don't listen you call me a good listener earlier this regardless Joseph there you are godless there are great listen to my friends I love you. Anyway. I would nab an actual playbook. If you actually put a real playbook into a video game. It is like you have three teams. And as that would Craig there's not enough data you could put in you can't. Bass play calling preferences. On a video game. For real football. I know I just ask Madden every time there's a massacre right there you're OK here's here and granted the intelligence on a video game these days. Is ridiculous in the graphics are ridiculous. The let me tell his story about early in my radio career and no offense Mississippi State fans Carol burns in particular I'm going to tell the story. I once this was before we had like Twitter so we used to have what was called the text toy. You can text radio station he couldn't call you Tex like that I owned. 472. Whatever. And text your response and so as people tax listening to the show at the old station Els on over down the road. On the AM dial you know war on talk about. It was just pop up as you are talking yeah it. The net the phone number he didn't even know who YSE sates signing your names are we Italy's credit. I got a text or email I can't remember realist it's probably the email says. I am going homeland. On Mississippi State are known and I went I went off on our players as it was article papers I guess I spouses outlets one of the Mississippi State player says. We feel very good going to Eugene or again to face the ducks. Because all summer long we've been playing NCAA football on PlayStation. Against them and we know what they're going to run. And I read that and I went. You have got to be kidding me displeased I got a little unanswered please tell me joking. Somebody please tell me show he's serious or as a serious serious and someone called in and Mike. Obviously regardless of safe you don't know what those kids know you know I said he is quote in the paper. Two way reporter is we know what they're going to run because we have played against them. In NCAA football on PlayStation all summer and I said. Do yourself a favor. If you don't have a bookie. Get one and get one that has deep pockets or just right now. Buy a ticket to Las Vegas take everything you own sell it. And go bet everything you have on or again to not only anywhere in the game but the point spread as well. Oregon beat the living crap out of where you resist like 20042000. Story. Joey Harrington I think was the quarterback so it was it was so is it free like Nike superstar or again with a Chip Kelly. Is that before it was like a lot. It was Michael body who was what led Chip Kelly yeah do it and they're telling was his guy they're Mike Bellotti was starting to beat the hell out of people yeah. Your Mike here's president. I'd Pilates offense came from where I went to school called cultural organs UC Davis around and he tweaked it does he coached very tweak it and like half of our coaches. Ed Davis would go to or Dan Hawkins who went on to Colorado. Eight or Merrill's. Davis act now back to Davis that he brought them all there and then they went to Boise they went from Oregon to Boise or Oregon or Boise is Hawkins went from Oregon boasts. And both those offices were insane and they were both based on the Davis office division to make sense tell you the truth. But no offense. Point being and I'm not trying to knock a guy for saying this. You can't. You can't base. Real football on what you see on a video game I know they seem real I know it seems like it's it's it's. Like what happens on the field. But just like with Grand Theft Auto you can't pull somebody out of the car beat the crap out of them take it and not face. Retribution you can't blitz from the outside it was a little noisy as he can't blitz from the outside every single play like you do and Madden and expect that the work in the NFL. And you sure as hell can't find a play calling preference from 2014 with a different coach and think the quarterbacks at that system I mean I let my outsiders are wide open every times atlas that quarterback every time he's wide open. That'll well it'll pass I don't know ideally it's not about all these guys never I would blitz that I would blitz the quarterback I don't have I had to play and that seasons like 2002. And we had the Madden might sixteen terminator. And our listener Daniel. If I would have known how to park I would have beaten him because he couldn't score as I just played regular normal defense yeah. So there's not until it. Tennis I would get killed I don't know I want any don't anybody challenge me mad because I'm not playing you because I would lose and I know I would lose once again. I based file my reserves on E. A. SPORTS. I mean it works for arts and I'd bears and adds picking the Super Bowl that's a database in I added we got to get after its compared. Well about what CK yeah I suck at that. In terrible. Unimpressed by what those guys and it's UK we can do math but it's not it's not the real and we'll take a break we'll come back close it out wrapping it up for the week up next and it's not about me just enough. It's your tickets to the 21 annual big Brothers big sisters forceful finishing game you like twenty to 7 PM. These children drive. More in your possession now. Thirty to nine ESPN dot. Come if you want an awesome car truck for summer I promise you'll I did admit this auto market end. This just have bed Mitt does auto market and did 2607. Minute not at mount Mariah it is not a market has the cars trucks and suvs we loan and yes all in sections of making easy one I tried not. Six in an SUV how about the SUV's sex in third Rosie and DVDs luxury cars in sports car sections I just let. It is not hard Ed. 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A pop business soda analysis on his tenacity for the rest time now that's what that's what knowledge do you have a couple of pops up pack. Is a soda at a high like a couple of pops before. I am registered a couple of Beers and 9:30 in the morning was wrong when you. Where Wi-Fi was drinking in the morning out of the titans game I need to delay in the manner that yours or members you will the most time on Youkilis had like 1 o'clock. The game starts you know what you do that no one knows him every get tight. This game except for Monday Night Football starts at noon maybe it was on Monday. Certainly not on opening day just. You can try to justify I saw an unknown on the isn't he so I'm as an asthma but yeah. If you tell me you go tailgate before it titans game I know you're drinking before 10 AM there's nothing wrong with. Yeah I don't like to be judged. Yet so doing I just made me now I just as a resident I got in my swagger I I. Bulls eyes fears or anniversary and a couple of pops keyboard and I am. Don't judge me. This has selected thanks none of our take it get up today Philip focal big boxing grocery. And drugs there's this show is done so far off the rails they have last and that's the let's let's is wrapping up with the headlines. Headlines in 9910 PM EST yeah. I inherited. The great feared debate of 1990 don't know inquiries and lies so today an abomination. Came across my Twitter feed sparrows somewhere in America people are make being hot dogs. And putting peanut butter and jelly on top of them. Not all sinners is what those people are. Here's the thing it. Every thousand Ambrose wooden catch above. Peanut butter enjoys a whole different story they did this on birders and I saw this like the first place I saw was I. Think placed a hamburger mayor reed I am MM maybe mixing up the names. Because there's a hamburger Mary's and California those I think it was hamburger Mary's or something like that. Down in New Orleans and former grizzlies assists in our current kings assistant Bob Orr just studio Chad appeal of thunderbird or might. No I have no desire to put peanut butter on my free giving hamburger and everybody that is tried it. Swears to me. It's amazing. And I almost feel like I had to try it and I don't know if I could go on a hot dog and I mean I Amber's got to get hot dog. Is all hot dog is if you get an all beef hot dog is essentially similar side ground beef because we know what kind of nasty things going not he's a talk about but it's similar yeah right. So if it works cyber agency but I just think it sounds disgusting. I agree I agree so next story yet. So Mexican cartel gap has put out a side and he's a thousand dollar contract. And dock well and it was ten tons of cocaine that's generally what will happen. A Colombian on narcotics out for years or some brown. Who is a decorated German shepherd on the run. 70000. Dollar downing honor had a according to reports. The year Bain euro's drug gang Colombia's most feared criminal organization. But they hit on somber after the six year old pooch sniffed out nearly ten tons of cocaine into separate bus. Somber which we shadow and English have been working Colombians Colombia's ports cities. And officials have moved her beat to the Bogota airport as it's outside the your being your o.s turf. Yanks don't for taking out it's on its enemies are usually in the hundreds of dollars. In somber because of her six years. She's a bus tour has 45 suspects I watched on Netflix. The other day I. Drug cartel had its reach Ed episodes about each like aria a drug lords the first one is Pablo Escobar. And like at first he realized like Pablo Escobar when he first started Rowland with this. Taking money in my giving him back and then like somewhere along the line went absolutely bananas because of how much money they were making. And just started I get didn't matter really where they would kill any. And they're here write this off duty blew up a plane with a 115 people want it to kill one guy and the guy when he non complaint. It's like what the hell's the matter with I I did you know making like billions selling cocaine cannot make billions by not murdering everybody around you. I guess not but now they wanna kill a dog in this is the or based drug they were there us and so we had. I went on a Panama the country not animosity that like Pamela country GAAP. And they will say look if you go too Far East in Panama you get near Columbia. Get Dell back oh yeah I don't get anywhere near as you step wrongful one wrong foot my god. Ended in visible property line and into somebody's field that may be doing something wrong you went walking out. Add not everybody tells me that spend their car to Pena is gorgeous. Gorgeous. Beautiful Colombia has some beautiful parts of the country. I never gonna find out. Because I'm afraid like I'll just be walking around exploring sites. And I walked in the semi I don't know what I think is a CBS and it turns out they're making tons of cocaine and you know what happens to me there. I'm not leaving ever created different kind of popped yet they're gonna give me a different kind of found that an energy or big movie fan archer huge you ready for this region. I actually watched the first on the other night I lost it last night after. I like all the other night so his seat is next yes I saw like I caught it like thirty minutes and I'm like I've got to remember how. That night in Prague went down like were his whole team got blown out he killed my he's seen it. Always saturated diaper Amelio unless. Why wouldn't you just ducked out why Axl and I said why did he keep looking up to the basics of it and I would take in the back before I take it looked like there. And that the four as he's as. Damn they showed today in did you. So Mission Impossible fallout coming out this week and it drives huge numbers I'm going on Sunday I can't wait. Armed on this movie marathon I watched. A lot sworn into teams now they get that 345 or really get. It was protocol and I rogue nation or race I yeah I got to see those. You know was national tequila then you know today I did I was at last he did you know members is the news that you have is. Is it good or bad for the city. It's bad. National tequila there was on Tuesday and Rachel van Wagner who allegedly went inside Gaza Norris Mexican grill in Arlington and let their kids in the car and restaurants are and why I could see that authorities were gov when people heard and a lot of baby crying. Shelby county sheriff's deputies arrived reportedly found a baby in the backseat of the car. Which was not nine. When those were slightly rolled down the car's doors were unlocked. About 95 degrees that day according to reports was a member in a hot day is removed from the car examined by first responders. And Wagner are reportedly ran out of the restaurant without any issues telling deputies should ban restaurants are roughly thirty minutes now wondering according to the news station. That's way too long for an excuse if you're gonna make an excuse me if I had dinner or. I was at zero I would her shopping a state fry got home and I walked out and there was this kid just sitting on top of this car. Like we came out the sunroof in light no parenting site that there hasn't been on everyone was like what's going on someone had left their kid in a car. And just let the sunroof open to the kids brought out some reform just sit on a car possibly doing yet. It's just you media safari they wanna Jimmy what did you figure out we'll learn from as they've from opponents under we don't know that she does said he learned something. She said yes that is what she says Syria did. I'll be able wonderful week and enjoy the movie I just enjoy. Playing by the pool and have a few thoughts. Not to my knowledge that nothing wrong with that right for those of you that have stayed with us all two hours appreciate Jack have a wonderful weekend. Began repairs experience can take yahweh till 6 o'clock until Monday at two. Have a great next couple of days. We'll talk again next week say. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. It's an easy time anyway and favorite us today we have the best and he's one Bartlett. The only other best Memphis is a sports station. 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