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Tuesday, February 20th

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Some real results announcement this house owners dot com what's up Memphis this is former Memphis kicker Stephen this cascade I know you sort of flattened yours by now you've heard from former prison Mike Taylor my man DeAngelo Williams tell you about them. Now taken from me a two time Super Bowl champ platinum Jewelers is the best in the business when it's time for jewelry make sure you get platinum Jewelers a look before you die. Platinum Jewelers to locations and area one in east Memphis unpopular Perkins extended. And I Germantown parkway in Cordoba. Or visit anytime class Jews dot com. It was a challenge to senator. And BSI matter destinations plus he's got enough to join us ballots for candidates Humana today. Ricky Aircastle sentiment as. Are about. Gary. Good and a lot of Memphis fans are dancing on the grave of Louisville's that's one of their. Bitter rivals did you agree with what went down today. I mean it never really agreed at a championship and they're coming down what into double A gonna do like go in here Marian take away the mines limited. It actually happened to write the name all kind of pointless and England. Don't want it to doesn't dating back to an agent knew little band lock gate enjoyed it celebrated at Rick Pitino got a tattoo I'm married again. I know you can you know take away those memories from that I don't really paid back deported but certainly you know Lugo. Well Colin recruiting violations definitely helped them get players that'd say. Apple that title round so I think that there be punished as far as the banner coming down it is impact every any irony that aren't there. So let me ask you this because this stems from the Andre McGee thing we know about the Ryan boat right thing that happened with the heat with the fads and and that cost Rick Pitino. His job. I don't have a doubt though that they're going to recover from this there's still Louisville they still have a wonderful stadium. They have a rich history and tradition now of being a top tier program they're in a power conference. And they've got. Alan Donovan Mitchell's in the end like players that in her in the NBA that have been very successful. I think did you know coach Padgett there's going to be just fine moving for being able to recruit to the Louisville man or am I just. Look him at the world through rose colored glass and. Well I can't the problem is now right it is closure to Louisville they still have an app B I doubt hanging out. Open so who knows that deregulated under senate back to get into the back. We dollar and a little idea guy investigation immediately intrigued Simons who is one of the best record in the kite and senators immediately he committed. Chordiant. Randy in another African Evey minute. Look a lot we give it your how great kid who want to go to a program that I get indicate that. NCAA violation that we thought North Carolina. They're recruiting really took a big hit just forget being scared to commit there. When they had you know the academic fraud and being overdone. Now that. Hide them in America and immediately got that did little about it through the crap out I think in the short term Google will probably still be impacted by the FBI handled. But in the long term I do believe you're right because. Didn't backbone creek without a little bit beautiful stadium the program a lot of money so I didn't little bad apple will recovered no doubt about it. But it might not be immediately. Looking at the college basketball season ahead and there's so many to meet good teams and then you have teams that and fizzled. One of those last night Oklahoma just got thumped by Kansas who continues to make a play for another. Big twelve title whether they get there or not we shall see. But I wanna talk about Oklahoma for just a minute because obviously here in Memphis with the grizzlies struggling train young is on a lot of people's radar. Didn't do much come too soon for Trey young with all the hype and now that he's trying to live up to it it's hurting his team their six and nine in the big twelve. They're now sixteen and eleven overall they lost six straight games. They're very much in jeopardy of not getting into the NCAA tournament that they don't. Start when and a few games down the stretch I think they need to win at least four or five more games and have a good showing in the big twelve tournament. Overall so I mean. To me of Oklahoma does make the tournament what does that say about Trey young and and what happened with his it rocket to startling news. She eloped I'll buy that extra yeah. At the moment it yet selling lower than acknowledge even. In the back of the oval of the game which it never backed good. You're coming into years of looking at flat even on only eleven day mission near the top five in the country at a certain point that even. Jet because Yahoo! has been a phenomenal offensive board chair what and that he can't do every night Oklahoma. Hole I had no other creative I think in another top one wanna recruit under eighteen. I didn't even terrible you know they're pretty young yeah anyone and keep and bear it played. Like they're not take you on the front nine offensively no doubt given how creating shop. He would do everything in terms. Manufacturing off and in Asia creating opportunity for others could know after they do many things. I think that train young you know. Compared then the real movie we just. Unfairness has begun to meet curry is one of the bat you know 120 NBA player. Ever even peek the only man of MVP ever so they will bring back and you did that carry. And he left to kind of ridiculous. The other with a late game and I think that someone who an apartment that period band W really get MBA yeah. Our country. After the great leader or any other team. But yet at Oklahoma he's broken right now to shame because. The unique trio that instantly character to be happy game modes put up of forty point game whenever any of that at the local looking you know go to that we pick the name so. Right now they're all of our but I don't think you did because you know let the country there's PJ Allen. During our bad. Can you remember a season where we've bad. So many teams they could essentially be the number one team I mean Virginia their defense is ridiculous Michigan State. Is loaded with talent their currently in the eight. I can roll at any given time they're the third ranking Xavier playing in there at number four and and that's squad that's really really. I've deep duke at five can zag at six Texas Tech is. Now the surprise team obviously on everybody's radar said tied for sixth with Zagat. I in the AP seventh in the coaches poll Kansas today Purdue with that size and the whole nine North Carolina seven losses it and which is surprising but you look around and there seems so much parity. I just can't help but think in every college basketball guess we get on. I think this tournament's gonna just be incredibly fun to watch through the first weekend in terms of the first a couple of rounds. Definitely why don't get any good prep course that backup and I thought gravity are the good Jeanne good at it that much division between the good teams and let the Middle East. I don't think so this year I I can think Villanova started even and I would stick with Villanova is Max X. The update that totally wide open I mean I can see a team like. And that evening era and I can see it seemed like. You know all of the box people and all of these items. Like they made around I clinic and McIlroy and Gerry I think you know I look pretty good actor and he would probably won't get paid because they don't have the pedigree. They're even that often made that give dire medical I think is gonna be one of the real writers that even journalism did that experiment if you're lucky. So it wide open this year I think that you know just the thin and generally been so many programs I think another one where like. You didn't expect them to be very good at it now they are and how it in team. So everything you thought beginning of the year might not hold much water. And yet slide out. Look NN. Looking at some of the teams that maybe we don't talk about middle Tennessee right down the road from us. A team like Nevada a team like Rhode Island that maybe people aren't realizing her top 25 teams. Howell how badly do some of the top teams want to avoid getting one of those teams and their bracket. Adding that that we then he got middle Penske not cop Michigan State you did and Alabama and every. Asian state that I don't they have built you know mark the twentieth last year to actually. No not gotten them I'm. Like you batted in last year they have a lot of although the Arab. From that squad they've added a couple more impact after the Martin ballot so. You know looking bad either. I think the general theme of the turn a bit like there is no consensus pick that is not going to be you're like everyone in your bracket it duke and ruining your bracket and Michigan State. Even if you like to birdie any like the general public doesn't really shop Virginia they didn't never made it or I would Tony Bennett of the college. Arizona another powerhouse in the creaky may never made it I don't or under Sean Miller so I didn't have a lot of doubt creeping into did. Steal that you know the bird about a comment that could be a good thing for people who are cool just because you know they know content that take it why don't you did take any wanted. Maybe you'll get your. I love that Virginia team's ability to play defense though I think it come tournament time they've got un winnable ball the bucket but boy they are tough to. To find a way to score on end to me it seems like this could be. That year for time and give me your thoughts on what's going on in Memphis because. I always like a year outsider's perspective is can we hear. Ian people in the city who have been very critical of Tubby Smith in terms of the recruiting in the lack there of for this team yet they stand with three of their last four games and all of our opinions being very winnable. Which would potentially put them at nineteen wins on the season would give them a ten and eight conference record. With a group of basically junior college players end lower ranked recruits. What's that what's the perception outside of Memphis about the job Tubby Smith is doing here with the tigers. I think he that in that I think outran. Pretty good even dramatic gain nor expectations bracket started even the reality of the team that no one who jumped out at you like any sort of marquee name. Hey maybe he beat David. Together the rafter after they lost so many people I have to Josh patent last so. You know not fit together and aren't at immediate about the current state of the program but. Even more than half a little of that coming into this year I don't. Think that you can critter back Toby did too much because he didn't have a whole lot where equipment. I know you give them a fighting chance to hit the ball 500 confident record keeping Americans permanently is to just go haywire and I'm very you know you've got hitting like a court shot when he injured bloated and doubt. Who knows what can happen the bad I think that you know did without it he'd been thinking that hadn't happened around the mountains and why didn't understand their companies do but. I didn't know what I think that had to deal it is it's been an Ironkey. Right down the road at Ole miss sandy Kennedy steps down that they claim Missouri tonight Missouri. 1898 and six in the SEC all without. Michael Porter junior. For Andy Kennedy. Obviously I'm sure he would love to coach again say how long do you think before he's at the Helmand. On the other side romance war do you think they start looking at it the rumor here is Penny Hardaway but a lot of people don't think that'll happen. Did they go get a Steve Forbes forty think they start their search. Yeah I have no idea I think he ought to be great VWE and it isn't nominal. Any argument with the intrigue and being you know a lot of former NBA guy they Covert program as we expect our nagging injury act. And especially given penny pedigree of the high school coach coaching game I think that the number on into the concrete without nineteen. Any app would let me any girl that I think you know maybe a little short sighted here nor the winning it helped you the winning coach Ritchie the program. This has not been a good deed for all that but even a debate who's tweeting every year I think you need sharp iron or another program. And put in April that right now that it is totally floppy in the law when it likes seminary there again point. It's been you know yeah I mean nobody talked about all the fat are a whole week but and you know I can't get equal had to be because you could you could parish. Is that a good job I mean it is is almost considered a good job and it's obviously not a blue chip job it is in the SEC obviously SEC focuses primarily. On footballer and that's what the focus in Oxford tends to be. You would think with Memphis right down the road and some other hot beds of of talent around the area. That you should be able to fill a pretty good team back on in Oxford but it seemingly doesn't happen on a regular basis. Yeah I think that he's actually pretty keen to Indonesia backed by the U and Kentucky beating everybody encountered the Alabama that good like what have you ever heard about Abbott gave back all global bar. Arkansas on the ballot that you can really get without Michael Porter junior I think activity either one of the biggest prize of the EU and Auburn how they do that the date of the FBI investigation. With off wiley out with another starter out just remarkable. So to me how can he bat well trending up I think that you know all that doesn't make it higher. There aren't even with Ballard for a long time they're Latin that you see right now. Vanderbilt and co opt out of the next gear Jerry Garland didn't ask me that ilk. And I eat we know about Carolina they're the bad even this year about premarital of the better coaches in the country so. If I'm all that you have to get serious about this iron because. It is good gap that is that he got out there that I think it back look at enough yet they're so young keep up or they're gonna be gonna become a competent to be somewhere else. Ricky expand bank in a pretty O'Donnell. Joining us here on the program the college hoops editor NBA SI matter SB nation. Will skip the NBA dot because it's the downtime right now and it's been a rough year here in Memphis but. We'll get back on talk a little NBA as we get closer towards a class thanks a friend. I'd Ricky O'Donnell from espionage any follow Matt SPN underscore Ricky act as the end underscore Ricky we're gonna come back when we do. We're gonna talk a little Olympics with a our body LA Daniel for a few minutes and then more. Will chime in on a couple others topics as well grizzlies getting set to resume action on Friday NBA on hiatus so college basketball taking center stage tonight the number two team in the country. Michigan State can play those two. Illinois hail Olympic update when we come back and then some more. Just talk about the legal situation today and no it's ready for the headlines segment get out of here and make way for Gary pears that's all next on each and out of MES in Memphis. You always test the water down cheered when you get into the shower the bathtub you always make sure the water is not too hot seat you don't get our. And same thing as truth you're thinking of selling your home. This is Sheldon Rose Garden with marks band's tour for realtors celebrating a 150 years in business. Back to the hot water when you or someone you know always thinking of selling insurance test the water. 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I have no idea what's going on the moral ethics because honestly I just haven't had them sit down and watch but I do you know 217 year olds apparently stole the show so. Tell me about Chloe cam and who was the other gathered. In the I think it was snowboarding. Stole the show they're Daniel. Great you're our friends. That's. Yeah I saw. And yeah he's pretty good it distorted this whole Olympics by aliens in the wind. The wind is caused a lot of problems and in this slopes doubt that was slow start he wanted the slopes four win inch. I think 26 riders went down there only about six of America to the bottom. What are crashing they were roundly criticized for that. And it really peak of what they started to move a lot of heat Alpine skiing admit it peak this week in when I they had to do away. The super G women's super G and it was gore to get into the figure skating live broadcast. It's so. In one there in. About 945. Kennedy was awarded stated it was. Pounded the gold medal winner basically I NBC and she was standing up there but on the track and that it was over achieved one and Lindy bought it not and the bench children's greater came in second part about it meant to demonstrate that we have to worry about in this letter came back interviewed. We really bond and it showed the medal winners again. And I can't fifteen during figure skating great civil something crazy it happened we had to go back to Alpine ski mountain. And that's what they showed he's a young adult gold medal snowboarder named Esther let Decker. Going down in a most decent people like me were like what's going on is over well apparently aren't I NBC. And made the calculation that we'll just all up. To the public ambassadors. Over. And that way we don't have to go back and forth relieved figure skating cadets are. Bread and butter and that's where they had dollars or go. And that's what we'll do it in this girl had no chance couldn't put the worst girl to begin in this girl is certain to be. You know really good at it on this particular run age you want an NBC kind of got bucket. And they had to go back and explain that well can. Don't. Detroit got a guy that what we should talk McAllister charged in the cameras are aren't opted out at two minutes now. The caught that depression my altogether and it's too makes it less in the corporation term. And agents in a bit more dangerous an edge species get bad as you also skewed when you're down hill which is tomorrow night. But that was clearly the moment of this Olympic softball. And you know I wish more people would will be given in the NBC a hard time about it they're told and how to remove books were basically it was a protection. But anyway but instead debt. The night is going to be really good would women's downhill they're McCain ever did opt out at the end of the and tomorrow night as can be a great late night dealing moment because you don't have the women's. Our hockey gold medal and you know you could say Canada at each other on. I'd be honestly I don't know I assumed candidate beat the Russians because they beat everybody else including us blast and that law was to us. Like several years ago so but goes to change our great robbery robbery and that they really really hate each other and if there's not a fight I'll be surprised so as Lindsay bonds' run and tonight. The club go tonight yes here's the tariffs Kruger on the super secret medical first should they be given a training run. Of course can't do typical person would know practice and it might actually are you scores went up to track your bike it's okay actually dangerous sport attract many what to do. And I think that's you darling right here eight years course was hard for years ago or Russert but tonight she gets their she's got a really good shots taken goldeneye. Another wrote Russian athlete would accused of doping and beleaguered guy is currently have actually that's possible yeah. Yeah he'll be yeah our breath and don't have stepped in addition these stem the boatload of the Dominican red stripe you have to direct strike beard. Finish up the Jamaican women's bobsled team who lost their slave because the coach was Archie duke becomes the slick we're all going to be coaches sled. So rent strike. That it'd and it it took care of that. You know they're they're there I mean there's been so many things and hopefully the way it will. Allow this this this scheme to take place and it has been all these great scheme biz card stand. Are not our top favorite moment of the Olympics was the root part via openly gay figure skater figure skater rejected. The black credited operative he wouldn't bet and what would you like to say when you go to eventually goes our judges and your numbers are racking your own their race he says. Would like to say it. A look at that make it cocktail market. How what did you. I really did interviews and it's gotten all of you know. I would I suggest as good about like your two we return to tell you carriage did you go to Q you have to hit and I say not what Olympics. He probably can't bring itself. You know hey it's going to be great watching gotten you this coming up mass start in its speed getting where everybody started site's parent could also got a team event this weekend. It it in Alpine skiing worst chambers sustain so there's a lot imported. I'm a man I appreciate the update will hopefully when's he gonna bring home a gold tonight it's going to be possibly your last Olympics so hopefully she can go out on on a high note we'll catch up again down the road thanks brother. Yeah get your letter about it LAX and all right there given us the Olympic rundown Lindsey Vonn is us that basically she's 99% sure. That this will be her final on Timmy can't expect anything more right she's 33 years old. That's an excellent some draws they're receptive you can be skiing down Mountain View of things but adds especially after that the injured it's yet to come all the way. Back for just a brutal brutal on the injured by yeah. Having the Olympic Games have been I don't. I don't know like enemy really talking about it's crazy out Jeff's Jeff's praises up pieces like nobody really gets fired up form then they happen everybody watched. I honestly the only time I've ever turned and looked at the TV when it's on. Did early on here much curling is there in this stand Olympics and why don't people wild why are people so fast they Dole's sudden. With currently because it looks like sleeker. It is a cleaning exercise is there's an improving and it doesn't look like you need a whole lot of like athletic talented skill. It's like a skill work like it you know it's it's like a junk in the shuffle board on my strengths of people like old looks interesting I can't ski a case or Warburg in reaction to sweeten and I mislead or skiing was a lot of fun and used to be something that was. Part of the the winter routine when I lived in California was just in a lot but. Not like those pesky so that should be fun to watch at four Lindsey Vonn all right wrapping up this segment here momentarily get into the headlines before we. Do that grizzlies are gonna be returned to action. In terms of practice tomorrow night so they've got a nice break away from the game and then now they will start their play. On a Friday when they host the Cleveland Cavaliers who comment on the second out of a back to back Cleveland's going to play. Thursday night are they will play at home against the Washington Wizards coming in at 34 and 20/20 and senate interesting note. LeBron James. It was pulled too many NBA players were LeBron James would end up you know I've got to think that someone was kidding about this note note when they said Memphis don't should be down. I am shooting you down for one big reason don't shoot me down. Dude I'm gonna give you did the straight skinny right now and June. LeBron James had a certain coach. At his wedding. He was in that certain coaches wedding poem that certain coach began the season as the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies that's certain coach is no longer the head coach Memphis Chris. One king LeBron James was very critical of the Memphis Grizzlies for firing his friend David says dale do you honestly think. There's a snowballs chance in hell that LeBron James is looking at Memphis and going to go yeah yeah. I man. I. Until that day come out and I think he can play anywhere this is like when Tony Allen voted for like Mike Moscow for the all star game but I would like what you think who every voter who do you think was the player that said the group of these though like. I jokingly probably one of his rally the other group lose yeah. Editors Lisa welfare. Not sun beat down but the most people think he's gonna stay in Cleveland the problem is. They I've read articles about this to keep all the guests I would cost him like just ridiculous amounts of money and if they get thumped by the lawyers the files let's say Cleveland. Gels and it all comes together in the stretch run. And they go on to win the Eastern Conference title yet again yeah and they go to the NBA finals yet again and they lose to the Golden State lawyers yet again. You think Dan Gilbert's don't wanna go way over the cap to keep these guys together to finish second again as a little boy you obtain your income makes cents. It doesn't make sense and doesn't matter how they lose though it does if it's in six or seven and opposed to a fourth. Now it doesn't it because if you lose you still don't have enough in the tank and and if you keep those guys are still not gonna have enough in the tank next year I like Jordan Clarkson I like Larry Nance. I like Rodney but I like George Hill I like the additions they seemingly got four very good players for now than they don't forget they're still missing catalogs catalogs and that makes. They're damn good basketball team they're probably the best team in the Eastern Conference. But the lawyers are just plan on there's not one not even sure that they would be the rockets with that. The rockets or plan on a very high level right now. You gotta show me the impairment officers yeah I agree I agree Tony seem to just global com and place else well because when you play at a fast pace and you played basically living and dying by the three era. If you're not on in a seven game series you drop a gamer you because you're not on. You know it's a different ball game and guys are gonna be more intent to run you off the three point line. Come that time of the year that Dan Tony probably should that is team in the NBA finals Wazir Mars Stoudemire jumped up off the bench. And got suspend his birth or the spurs against the spurs which I thought was an unfortunate suspension wait too literal and I think that that's where. The league should have used better judgment that much like they should be used better judgment when he came Zach rampant there is something reset for that. Some of this thing about the lawyers fueled on talk about obviously Jerry monitoring gets on us for but as a teen yeah. They play good defense yes they do they're very good defensively they're veterans like top of the league in blocks yeah. They're very good defensively they switch well yeah they double team from the odd angles and different spots like. Like San Antonio does usually double team from the high side they double team from the baseline which makes it very difficult at times you catch teams off guard by doing that. Steve Kerr essentially learns. This stuff. By playing under Gregg Popovich and so he's taken a lot of what Popovich. Brings to the table and then added his own offensive style to a where that ball just doesn't stop when he was clay Thompson the Austrians bomb went quite costly in the NBA in three point field goal percentage catch and shoot just catch and shoot and when they have guys like that they cannot account. It's just hard for me to believe that. That Cleveland is going through. I'll be able to knock them off then becomes a debate of where. LeBron will go when he opts out I just don't see the lakers I've never saw the thing for the lakers I understand he has a house in Los Angeles yeah I understand it. He would like to go out there but if you're already struggling to beat the warriors. While at Cleveland why are you going to go to the western conference for the team that seemingly consigned. Two Max players yes as a a couple of good young players on the balls there but that. I aides say an illusion boy I know you love their family. It's become a sideshow it's becoming a circus. And everybody said it would be branded an arms a good player but even with LeBron James and Paul George the lakers don't fault. To the top of the Western Conference I don't know that they vault ahead of the Houston Rockets with a roster the way the lakers roster is construction though right now. Where do you go if you're abroad like it are seen. Houston Osce told baucus seeds are watching basketball feels that you said. I'm mark the other theory that I will be surprised why would Charles Barkley be done watching us well you want to use and because Kobe LeBron James Chris Paul and James Harden the same thing. Okay well that the lawyers have Kevin Durant stuff Koreans and Klay Thompson and dram on green. But for all stars on one team says I'm watching vast volumes does now Houston is gonna be right there with a lawyers okay. I would think you wanna watch more because I would think it would make you more competitive between those two teams with. More likely that I'm warning you sir do you think you can go to Philadelphia. No I think it's probably a more is probably more like in my opinion out of the two of them there. Probably more likely going to. Move. I would say Philly to stay in the east we are but maybe Houston because he wants blow on sectors bombing lucky played my team USA. Not enough or not and a star power not a star power you have done and so while it's not enough start carting his job will slow though. Just Winslow did you say just this Winslow. It's a hell is wrong with it. Just this one's a tough citizens. For a again enjoy while MB Benson man. Yeah Martell faults if they ever get him back and get a shot knocked broke artists charge won't about the way they JJ Redick maybe resigns another one year deal with them is a play game. Of all if I don't we'll see I don't know like I've heard things about that they're. Through people there that basically they'd they reached out to him with a shooting coach that's on their staff. John Townsend who used to be here yeah and John was basically told mark Dell's got his own guys so we're gonna go with that and it's just the most bizarre thing ever. And you look at his free throw form there's videos of this back. And it's it's worse than it was at Washington what it whoever's working with them is racking this kid shot right now. I would like to believe it's gonna get fixed there I've always said the one thing you can fix our players a shot. And you draft a guy and you tell me hate everything about him is amazing except one thing he's doesn't have a great jump shot okay. As long as the basics are there. Won't get him into the gym with with a machine that'll fire amassed bulls need to take a thousand shots day and it'll it'll come Michael Jordan was not a great. Outside shooter he wasn't wasn't that damaging biggie obviously had a big shot NCAA tournament there when he was what North Carolina helped them beat Georgetown. But he wasn't known as a great shooter as he got progressively longer in his career he kept working our shot but if you watched his form it was pretty. Mean it was absolutely perfect. You watch our skillful this form you watched and I hate to bring this one up this is one that I always have discussed. I was sitting on the bench before a game after the grizzlies made the trade with the lakers who probably saw one of the pieces in the trade who's now in prison. Was Javaris Crittenton. Yeah Javaris Crittenton was sitting taking jump shots and I hate Internet I know is convicted found but my interactions of ours written and Robert Haas is very nice kid to me. And I looked at Johnny Davis who's on my own staff as a coach. How does a kid get to this level with a jump shot that is that flawed. Like it's sideways it's spinning it just nothing about it looks right he does because nobody. Told that it what to do because they never won a simple goal wanna go play for somebody else so all through a you all through high school. Even into a year of college is George attacked. Nobody was sitting him down saying we've got to fix this because he was six foot four and he was quicker and bigger and faster and stronger than anybody that was playing the point guard position. Problem was when he got the NBA. You know he's not Russell Westbrook and Russell Westbrook is a rare breed. But the jump shot needed to be there muscle can you know he doesn't have a great shooting was examined real tough replied yeah but it's not broken jump shot watch Ross was what form it's fine. To our strict as what am I can you fix that now at this point he said probably not. And that's the thing if the form is there you can fix it if it's not it's really hard to get there mark helpful to us right now. Doesn't seem like it's there you give me somebody like I watch events Simmons. Wants those form isn't as flawed as people think it's just a different release points. But what Spencer and expensive as a radio station doesn't they wanna three sped Simmons has it in him to do that eventually. But does he need to probably equal seats I think more likely in that scenario that I LeBron. And so potentially. If he does leave Cleveland at Philadelphia could be a possible landing spot for him. I don't think that. Hugh I don't think Houston's out of the question. But I again I don't know why you would go to the west if you're one reason for leaving Cleveland is camped gold states are your best opportunity to beat them probably remains in Cleveland but depends on what Dan Gilbert. Wants to do it we'll take a break when we come back we're gonna closes out with the headlines that's next their prayers shall follow. Studies in out of MES in Memphis. Eight straight window you listen to 929 have been ESPN. Questioned their quarterback for your team we have one man with all the answers. Would you stop I was latest mock draft and traded back as well we'll going on Wednesday. Live in lingo weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM this is for basic nine to nine after. 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ESPN and you know that you want to get a great deal they're number 6926206196200. Solely BC's on the Levitt sleep easy easy easy yes dot com lets you headlines. From DeVon and analysis from parent. As the times' headline on the 99 events ESPN's Eric has sometimes you. Your whole story airs. Which we just heard that was supposed to long post alone announces tour de. And in the tour de during the hosting these fans what is the deal should mean defense lineup will be announced tomorrow. If postal old beat fair Eric. Oh yeah do you know powerful motors not a clue how to argue all postal on as it related to Karl Malone is not going to horrible not related to Moses Malone hasn't released big Moses no relation but now did make its own called white Iverson. Jeff Malone now just almost a sharpshooter now now it's anybody in the NBA but he didn't come Obama arms and a whole lot Iverson I operated in the break all right. It's moved through this is why it Iverson. Missed. All right welcome the world will be in Memphis during these goes Jimmy's professor he's he's the first person announced or confirmed. Announced aren't they announcing everything tomorrow yeah. Are real big beer bill should music channels that you love it loaded down their all three days not Fortis now and Altria dropped a pick a day were Argo. A flasher when on Saturday insult to chains. Was Khalifa. Aren't in just and a ruler you know the band. Barenaked Ladies never okay Barenaked Ladies band they had a couple of a couple of hits. I wants moon the Barenaked Ladies. Thank you sir meanwhile us from the bluff while it's actually on their on their. Album and the next Salman release of their video they have the outtakes of an idea and they just barely tie it and as you'll see music as well. It when we dared him to show is but they showed his but namely Jerry was meant as well. So blessed me in there I am and that's a long time generally because we've been in the playoffs so it's always around there on time. I'll say this so it was basically a friend of mine's house. Which they no longer around but they would it overlooked the bluff and so some we have the all weekend party going on there and you're just gonna come back and forth. And it was the Sunday shows we're all there and Barenaked Ladies went up in the look at one Ausmus of that house looks like the wine and cheese house over there that's it you know quiet party but that house over right now so what was long we're out there. That looks like a party look at began the redshirt he's ready to go the only question is. When will only show us is. Edward and I said. Well right now so I've got like 4000 people down and watch and show chanting for its ideas is that it is that it won't offend you yeah well nobody again nobody knew my face and eventually had to -- to admit to look at that was an easy everybody had people go. That one night when the fun the story finally apple a figure the statue limitations was out by now. People like when I was there remember that vividly and I might accidentally hitting and solid were so far away from me on the fact that they remembered it. We want them to bring their tore us up and come party with us is we were the only ones really put some days not a big party day people like all or all partied out by Sunday here. Smuggled senator Saturday announced that we have bills and he's a lot of will be announced tomorrow or talk on the show with someone tomorrow how an awful to have come on yeah so Eric you know. On Twitter people like to ask at these Al DePalma I. Yeah I've heard this is a growing trend which is very awkward for the athletes first while like if you're an eighteen year old girl. And you think and an athlete is pot okay now there's enough young let's say an NBA player. There's enough young NBA players' words really not a stretch for like a rookie here. Who essentially would be two years older than a high school seniors I don't think that's crazy. But like it would be creepy for like an eighteen year old to like. Bring up mark saw was also married so this is he's mark dosing example is like thirty tree but we don't like a thirty year old go hey would you take him out from each ventilate. And that's a little bizarre. Well Tony fifteen airports would you shot a shot Stephen Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder. She's tree at Stephen Adams if I get a thousand read tweets we go to mile law schools call me law school all school from. So law school so she's is a law student yes spyware and in the Nick Collison asked the other one high. Please his girlfriend is in law school at Vanderbilt University is saying. At that shell I was that as the listener but I'll continue and I was I wanted to express that you know I think I have gone over the line Stephen Adams. Eric yeah responded yesterday. He responded yesterday or years where three years later pay out earlier Braun oh absolutely he responds RD a lawyer right side. She married or anything's I don't know she's mirrored by Ishii attractive. He's our I Burt Stephen out here on ours judge and I don't even Ari and I wanna go impairment mama bear pick Obama woman Burke. Here's what three years later how he threw about him. Taking forever good friend and barely can never write them. I don't and I think a lot of times these guys don't like some of them are very active themselves on put a lot of times it's. A guy and there are. They're camp what they're doing it for publicity here and there agents have cat. So like you hire an agent and the agent has a team of like sub agents essentially to handle different slate. You know once savior. Leigh Steinberg Rachael Leigh Steinberg has got it handles. The numbers some guy's guy. He's the main guys under his roof there but he has other agents that work Foreman handle specific players here so like if you sign with Leigh Steinberg you're not probably dealing between Sanford every day. You got one of Leigh Steinberg's agents working with you that handles you yeah. A light. The guy that. Worked for. Zack and Tony's agent handled ball sack and Tony Parker and it like it out we got not good news. Really so yeah now battling the number room better than ever so she's on her shots I needed yes she did and it took three years to get an answer if you had an answer positively so there ya. So had I am sitting last night at this shell here. And at the listening room and I look over and there's Nick Collison involved analysts Allison doing in its extent. And I usually goes the measurement and we're standing up to show Wednesday comes back out and stop and I say hey and I don't know me. As a but I work for the Memphis Grizzlies a caller radio games are very good friends with your PR director Matt tumbles and in essence I just wanna say alone aren't as set and by the way I'm ready for you retire. He said he elegant like funny as it. Did you killed us for like the last and for all of your tree you've always been a soreness at some really ready and he does it's funny because those have been such great battles and great memories from meaning goes. Well we just played you guys Wednesday as I'm also learning just. We just played Joe's working out at like 430 with a cheerleaders RS that I know I was there I was doing my radio show because he was all cast you as I can remember seeing out there. He says I looked at Mark Bryant who played only implants see our I think. I'm here and I told coach Bryant said how far via phone or how far and I come. When I'm now working out with the young guys at 4 o'clock on the cheerleaders are practicing their routine what is going on my aggressive. Did you still get paid to play basketball still pretty damn cool asserted his dad's pretty fun as of I don't really wants to retire I just I would rather not see you play against us ever again exactly always like. Even last year he didn't play that he has not this year but last year when he was like kind of out of their rotation they started them against us into the games and he went like double double might. There's just so he's just a hustle. Solid player you are you of being solid player and he was a really good gas when he's donors that is. His girlfriend is in law school at Vanderbilt University all underlie for Nichols yeah loans was an actual. He and Kevin Durant. And I think she F guru even. Are the last three guys that actually played for the then Seattle's. If not like those comparisons but the big story was yesterday. Yeah you can't like to be the army knife. Because of and the nature that they have the statement goes along with diamonds are Eagles want that comparison but playing like giant has so when he was in college I don't think is a bad there's. Well what yesterday someone asked about Texas. Impede your silly he was told that several wall as young time and era veteran center. Was born and raised in Austin. Recruitment of fifteen miles from the campus. Can't stand anything that you don't care. You know talk to the NFL guys that it is there to come down a little bit but when it comes Texas actually not I can't stand him. Now just to the but. Bigger. I saw we saw him out in LA when they were they're the rose only came to both the both games grizzlies played there. Is that no doubt and I mean I know Jeff is a huge paper fan as the days a work that he was talking in my comment when I was over there and us about that work in a work on their broadcast and worked at a Memphis listen you have one of our guys that the station is that the ESPN affiliate in Memphis is a huge fan of yours. And you'll still must have been nice I kind of felt like an idiot saying that film I just dig bureau from Vancouver fan boy. But I figured Jeffrey would appreciate it is Jeffrey loves him some baker makes it again and I love rumors I would love to see yet I would love to see -- mayfield in Green Bay packer Jersey back in up Aaron Rodgers for a couple years but that is not gonna. Who's gonna be long gone. Solve everything or suffer because I wasn't days I thought it was easy easily Jose six where it is about six and what they want said Drew Brees is too small a Drew Brees and the roll a bowl on. To a very small window and put it right on the money so they can make so confining accuracy and that's the thing about the cinema draft coming up. Well people outside and look at it from Wyoming was named Opsound Josh Allan ray Allison wasn't just Davis it was a wild and basketball player the grizzlies at for a minute. You can't fix accuracy here. And Josh Allen is. Inaccurate in college. So I am yet he's got a big armed with. Great tomorrow rookie out you're going to have a big arm if you can't throw it fifteen yards to the right spot you're gonna get slaughtered in the NFL I just don't know I don't understand the fascination. That's a thing like people were very critical of the chiefs getting Patrick Holmes whom. I I thought homes pretty accurate reporting Denny took some chances and that offense. But I think you get the right guy with them which they'd seemingly feel like they did in Kansas City and being. He's the guy now so they have is that what they did. And in this Shawn Watson say I was budget Shawn Watson was accurate. And so when he was slipping in the draft them like this is a must win this kid can play. Any can move and we saw what he did with the Texans before. An awful injury but yet I think this quote this draft and be very quarterback Eddie but I think there's going to be some that turn out to be big time boss even our guy I think he's going to be good for a mistrial first. I hope he does I'd love to see an agreement secretary. Anybody anybody out there and we need a backup Brad I only just didn't. A lot since this wasn't a big red finally got Lesnar. So we got caught not I'm it was a good pick up to when I got my just and maybe this is the fact you don't have to play it's really hard if you develop and I don't know I will say my track record in the NBA sometimes been very good as well. Went in terms of first round picks I don't think will be there nix asked is is one right off the bat it was and I don't see it I don't know why it doesn't. It's not click in for me I like it getting college but he didn't seemingly. Gold get his own shot was asked to do in the NBA and you know I was right. Early in the Clinton took up more for you out there are so happy birthday for Pittsburgh favorite Charles Barkley around mound every shot is 5550. Today and today as. Still and still smashing Beers like he's twelve yes or about 12 this morning one. He says there's ladies well that's bad. But like he's gonna want chuck likes to get after a little bit but he's he's host an SNL host the Sonoma I think you'll be funny or you do you think that what's that guy's name that does the Barkley impersonation. Jay pharaoh Null Keenan now team. Tear down now Thompson's in tops it can Alice in now's your wide receiver for the chargers he probably doesn't mean Charles Barkley took. That would be awesome if he does the impersonation to Charles Barkley. I won't be fantastic so Hamburg it's the round mound of rebound yeah absolutely every nick and by the way you know one more for you out here. You probably know more about this and how do you rate Ruth. The story of recruits. He had apparently supposed to get out of jail in six months he wants custody of his Ichiro kid. Eric just do you think you deserve it because now he is the guy that is we kill this. Our gasoline now it's Eric Adams was. Was. The mother that breakthroughs. Murdered. It's crazy recruits actually grew up in Sacramento. One of my best friends played high school ball with rape Ruth. When this went down he said I he literally was like I would've never. Ever thought that would be breakthrough. He and break Ruth was on his way to be a star and she just absolutely. Through it all away in just the most selfish. Horrible. Way possible by killing a woman and trying to basically have her murdered when she was pregnant when this child. He didn't wanna pay child's perspective what are what on earth and now. He sent a letter apologizing to us to Sandra Adams the mother of cherica Adams and accusing her of lying about him in the interview for years and basically is said he wants the that he wants to. To have 'cause he was somebody's release in October which I don't think you should get out for one to. No chance he should ever have any contact. With that child whatsoever for what he did I don't know how you can forget that here specific case for sure yet we got to go Gary Parrish is up next. Everybody appreciates Jenin and will be back at it again tomorrow beer at 2 o'clock actually just start your day with us. With goalie can window and then roll through Fredette an American Julia Tuesday's sale. Once we see UW and S. W investment this broadcast mementos six in the end of the dilemmas at online in 9290. 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