The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 2

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, July 12th
Jeffrey is guest hosting today and is joined by Kevin Pelton, ESPN, to talk all things NBA. Jeffrey and Connor also ring it up and put 3 stories on the board and go over the headlines of the day. 

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I mentioned before we went to break for the start of the second hour Mexico's national team coach pulled a rib Trout and and for those that don't understand what a Rich Rod is in fairness. You might be asking what is a Rich Rod because there's about ten different things Rick tries not exactly what you would consume what you would consider. On the shining light of humanity is not the model Manuel now Dayton pretty much universal front opposite up pretty much sport generally thought of is not exactly what you would consider a moral human being correct. And generally that is that is the reputation. And everybody else's words not mine just here reporting okay. Well last year I don't know if you remember right around right around the time that he was getting fired from Arizona. I story emerged from a lawsuit. In which it was a young woman that have been fired by the University of Arizona. And in her lawsuit she alleged that whatever responsibilities on game day was keeping it rich Rodriguez's wife. Away from rich Rodriguez's mistress she was the one having to juggle between them making should dated cross pads I give. A worse situation that you can put someone that works for UN. I think we can probably agree on that how that meeting go down like hey honey you step in my arms have a very special assignment for you. Greatly wants it's like how do you react to that that's a great thing I don't think people realize about football coaches. Com they are split but they are these special brand. Of Eric hit the lunatics and adult. That's what I guess they're actually dumb people but the great thing is though. Because there's so arrogant they don't understand the third don't. Like they think of themselves light as brilliant mines but that is one of my all time favorite like. Things to watch that it's such a confusing thing to see in person. Because like unused to seeing like people with people would back on air against usually or brilliant. Quick note it it is a special form to watch it with really dumb people they think because they can sink. And eyes eleven guys at once but somehow they're changing the world. And obviously comes with any situation where you start getting thrown a dump truck full of cash yeah because of course ever knows he can't. God forbid would pay to kids so but he's got to get some workers reagans on the old bangers cross IEA sports yet to come all the all pay it will -- football coach is six million dollars that's money well spent. OK so. Our story comes to us from Juan Carlos a Soria. Well it was juggling not only soccer balls according to the Daily Mail but also women last Monday when his team was eliminated from the 2018 World Cup. After their 20 loss to Brazil. The former footballer turned manager is reported to have brain is only bought both his life. And his mistress to the game where his team was defeated and the rates any. It just the grandfather to 56 has been allegedly having extramarital affair with sports reporter periodic Zacarias. Thirty years of age for two years according to local reports which have called him out the car is the scene at the game as well as a story Joe's wife. Juliette a Soria Cabela's who was with the couple's two sons. Juan Sebastian and Sergio. A source close to the coach and a reporter told local news outlet TV notice that his sword in his mind has been occupied lately you know upset. And blame the alleged love affair for being this concern. District I think what he needed concentrate inherited yeah I think what he means is it's been blown out of proportion. I had I think he really picked the wrong word there he always said that he had everything under control. But he could weather is alive with his mistress and with this team is an important analyzer it's yeah he's that man can multitask. Not twist coming in this story that I don't think he or there isn't twist coming in the story so for those without further figgins comebacks comebacks come back. I think he's just come back that is why Cilic did she know it could sit at the source. You are about is aware of her husband's relationship but that is Soriano makes light of the whole ideal. Sure he knows that Mary on as a lover her husband since Tony sixteen. And has her well located. The source added that the car is in Florida Soria she would always set aside time to be with him regardless of the circumstances. That's very nice of the mysteries to say I listen. Are able graciously allow your husband have some time to be what does family. Until she knows she's a sideline reporter. And she's more proof that I've got to stop judging kids well. Basically the arrive as light you can keep doing that by and are going to be money now so now I think she was basically saying is by keeps him off base. I guess he must be a terrible human being like I just I have to imagine that faith based aren't as crazy as good lord might. Just when knocked it on its fifth starting out and. Us they had terrible human beings that Montgomery biscuits that's the minor league double a team down in Montgomery have been a biscuits and by the what. Two of my we're randomly select college roommates are relates to my college bodies. They eat their mommies work in the gummery you know the from California so they have placed there and we would go to biscuits games. Will there having a millennial night. So that will be on July the 21. Indy care to guess what a couple of the giveaways will include during millennial night. It's gotta be it beer your way out now now a no no no no I think insulting. Are resulting yet millennial now. Home I'd like what I have no idea. They'll be giving away participation. Ribbon how that's fantastic. There'll also be giving oh they'll also have napping and sell these stations first off. Jokes on you napping station felt awesome yeah what can can you. She never heard brat who do you need lightning out cartel bit cooler is that is that our does that is that one of the stereotypes of us were and we Napa. Yeah OK yeah so it's our all right. And then also there'll also be lots of avocados. Okay Purcell a lot of people like god goddess that's not specific time always doubt yeah like first up I got is not that that the blue bonnet are. Start your them. But all participation trophy thing and tell me and it's. I'm not defending us I think our generation. Largely about the weakest generation like when you have on the one end of the spectrum you have the greatest generation yeah. Basically on the other side DOS yet again cutting agreement there but then the drives me insane about the participation award thing. We didn't decide to give ourselves a participation award auditors are you know enact. Our parents so what point the finger at them because we want to pick who we got the one that came up with. The idea you should give us all trophies you have that's on UI is also is China's Liang won that you know you had an Alex week. First some I got what do these ever feel like. I don't ever I don't think my like I can't remember grammys ever been competitive sports idol I didn't do and I don't remember their being your participation Jeremy was like eating come in first or second. And you won't get like the little trophy for being on the team like a plaque or something dove that was a 1005 but adding fuel when I was light. And like ending years were you wish when you shared learn how to lose and be okay with it I didn't I never got to participation chirp I can never. Remember getting a pretty bored pages or. I don't know I didn't. And I was never remembered did it Bristol though I've just never. I think that blame is completely misguided on us I think that's parents of our generation not wanting to take a look in the mirror and go they screwed up. Because they screwed up. Because first appeared to me. I don't even know it's our parents I think it might be the parents after our I think it's I think it's that middle ground I think it's the jitter I think it's like when Generation X. started having kids yeah. I think that's right now next agenda they'll order millennial had kids is millennial there was under forty now it's it's eighteen to forty now is what the millennial czar. The other thing when he's got a big gaps too big like eight years there's never confusing there's a big difference between my forty year old friends and eighteen year old is a big difference between the two of us yes like I think that certain. Start narrowing these ask Danny to view or fifteen years or eighteen years just make it Lara it's confusing. OK but the other thing that also. Thing that I will say. Let their dual participation sure we made the point and that's on them the only time I've ever seen. Like the first summer river like hitting me in the face and be like this is awful. Was unmarried college. I would took fairly decent school. And I went I came from high school that was very competitive. And I was told hey if he did he showed up. Did the bare minimum like eat out all your assignments like yet. Do you average work Yancey and the average Burke was seated below average working got a key if you did below that he got an app. What blew me away was getting to college and the kids that showed up thinking I went to class I get all of my homework I deserve NA. Now that blew me away. Like if you wanna take if you wanna take issue what would our generation and that line of thinking all listen to that argument. I'll also turn that around and say they didn't just decide that out of any where like someone started giving them back. Yeah like the self esteem movement as one of the worst supper. It I mean just kids need to be tougher nowadays I mean I think that some that some of the trends that were honored good but yet people need to tuck and out like. Just because someone doesn't like he doesn't like just get over it and you don't have to be on every sports team you don't you trophy for every little thing you do. Just just be just be heard it's okay it's elevated at that point it's okay to fail so kids just need to get cut. Yeah no I remember the first time yeah yeah like is as bad on the talk about it for the sake of competitive sports are talking about from an individual perspective. Some of these kids just need to know what it's like I caught. We the problem is is like EC on all these reality shows when kids go out there and like I'm than some murdered my generation and nay saying and it sounds like cats fighting that those parents. Neither I remember when I was young. I thought I was gonna be a senior class parents looked me in my eyes instead you suck it singing and now I talk on the radio so I went the opposite direction. Kids need to be told that there. Climate every little thing that they do. Yes I it's I think in general I think that's why most of us love sports yes because at least at the highest level. With the exception of like when Cody Hawkins got to play quarterback at Colorado is Dan was the coach Tim Tebow disgraceful. He's actually learning it though that's the thing like at a but he needed a reason he's going made the reason he was the reason EI. The opportunity to play baseball because he is Tim Tebow put. He's at least now that's the thing. Even though his name. And his Michael Jordan to if you want wind is all that or that better there's a whole another rabbit hole for at least at least with Tebow. Like he's made up the double play he made the all star team on his own merits. Did he look at is quite easy to eighties hit bombs but he's got high and it is did. Or his team his name wise and all star game it is a bit about every little about. I don't think it hurt like Kobe making it in his like last season order jordin making it with the wizards had a pastor until I got into this all day your name does like. So life's fair yet now that then that's one thing people need figure out yeah I've never once said that life is barely got I'm fully aware of that but my old deal is like. The reason why all of this gravitate towards sports is in general. You're all the fields that if you're the best player great. Basically outside school high school do you still get. You can still get some political movements. But. Say yes so shut out the Montgomery biscuits and millennial night I will say to sell the thing. But you can't make one of those fit. You get did it with a possible. Or take it up now. I think with the guys it's not the millennial doing this self he's fixing it's it's an older generations you know we may have started the wave. Also I wanna point out colonials are not the people eating the students' iPods and cell that's the next generation of kids do not have. Havoc on those kids I think your generation Z or something I don't know we need like we don't. Need more creative names yeah. Like any surrogate they certainly are maps like marvel characters I don't out. I am very confused like baby boomers that was maybe you know that is they had you and you know on the heels are immediately but in between you and why he was going on yeah chaos. It's absolutely. Terrible okay story number three comes to us. Story number three comes to us from Weiler. Dude. What is going on I had no idea I I am not even kidding at this point just just dated overweight like it. The raptors but what does that gonna do. Other thing I'm interested about. I say it is weird because both sides don't seem to realize. What they're best path forward is because both sides are trying to light stick their chest out so. They talk about quiet this first draft yet. All right here's I mean by that. If you disperse. The longer you wait to move him. The worse off you're gonna be yes because at the deadline like the truth is. Your best chance of moving him you need to move him before the year to eighteen that all week if you move him for the year. Deems to be more willing to give up more because they think they can sign don't watered and why commit. Whereas if you wait for just the best deal from a random team and you wait till the deadline. The team loses all the incentive do they have this available screw it will go bull go after and free agents so. I don't understand that and then the other flip side it is it took awhile Leonard. Your brand. Since you've been in the NBA since you started making your name your brand has been at lunch pail guy. Mike the best version of lunch pail got you wore the best two way player all you do is you focus on basketball you'll care about. The flashing is you don't care about where you play use you wanna play for a championship that's all you care about everything you do is eat sleep drink breathe basketball. This is the opposite of that is crushing that image it it's tarnishing. I don't I don't wish him what is. In general what's the point out it's like always got bad people around him. That being an excuse. Don't put that people. You get an all forty years old you had to eat at the end of the day. He's still the one that makes his own decisions now exactly now only eighty people that he looks or his father figures which which can it can take that changes things because you. People that raise him he's got to look at in a different light and like his is body from more from my San Diego State or something like that's different but. I does not understand if you're dispersed wheels egos aside and trade if you are solid at sitting in the lakers for the best package begins. The best group of young players you can get. From a team that's willing to move players right now is from the lakers I don't understand why they're not by their being like ours are gonna latest that's done that's just that your ego. Always. Put putting your ego first in situations like this never works out it is never ever worked out this. Ports the only way I will say not moving him makes any sense is if the spurs plan is at the end of the day. We're gonna put 219 million dollars in front of them were putting the super Max contract in front of them and we're gonna dare him not to sign yet yes so now aren't. All I think. In my opinion that's kind of what they should do because the Ozzie finding the next coli Leonard. Are not great I don't care how great of an organization you are the odds you finding another top five guy in the league are not great. So far no one that is have the super Max in front of them as yet decide. Mr. alls that one thinks you are yet to leave it on the pointing to the spurs need to be aware of don't seem quiet play he played nine games last year what happens if coli comes back this year and he's not the same all the sun isn't trade value plummets. Is that a risk that they're willing to take a guess their risk on that is. They're willing to take that risk in mills say well pay. I'll we've got more invests in you we can give you more money and no one else is gonna give you this loan money. Even if he's not the same player they still gonna give him that huge the Max contract that there it's a very interesting dame because there's so little information out there. I mean to be completely honest I'm still not convinced that the spurs. Medical staff knows more than Philadelphia's because Philadelphia's medical staff was a doctor he went to New York to seek. So duke did disperse even know the full story of his medical's. I mean if if we're to believe if we're to believe the story that CBS legal CBS reported last week. Where the spurs and they're they're people went up to visit quiet New York. And then turn Bynum go look why people like lock him in a background difference instead take ideology Jordan parts there. Yeah. Which it but it's like dumb RG outrage or at least like with the Audrey Jordan there was a play like one team was trying to sign him yeah this is just like don't. It is it's it's a very confusing. I guess that to ask you do you think they acquire new thin needle enough for Toronto and do you think that like DeMar DeRozan is needle enough for. For the spurs if I'm San Antonio on. I think San Antonio is better off getting smarter Rosen and the raptors are beginning quads there's zero chance that he's staying in trying to. I think yeah I mean TV I think you're right on that so I think if the choices Dumars contract is variant is very hard to move them. That's so yeah it if your choices. I can seal world we're DeMar DeRozan decides to go long term in San Antonia ID tip your right die do you not see a world in which DeMar DeRozan stays long term and product now. But. If if Toronto is is enamored with coli as they seem to be and they trade him for the season starts then bigger part Toronto has the opportunity. To get him the super Max and keep him their long term. I for just for some reason I still see this says. Does no matter what happens he's going through one of the LA teams next year I guess the only way I see it is and it. This feels like the world's dumbest game of chess yes. And neither side knows what the hell's going exactly neither side and us what airing at each other in what name hasn't even started yet what does this horse he did. There and they're missing one of the pieces of this call hi this one looks like a bit. I. Does. Not heard of bishop I guess it right yeah yeah. Played chess and my second grade I have a checkers guy I'm at a Cracker Barrel but there's a huge checker boards. 350. That connects for react to keep checkers. Low we'll see you have to copy edit and John gave by Verizon is dumb brain is too many calories a can do as well there's like and I don't like to do the double jumped thing that I nine yeah. I mean another thing to USA basketball and a lot of irritated UC bass organ together soon and pop is all that's got to be there and number. Who do you think at the end of the day Rudy big pop pays more choir LeBron. I don't think pop no pop is ahead of they love each other. Do you gay dad I guess the spurs won the championship. Pop couldn't wait to do the hand counting thing all that's just hop that's his comment. Delving ice I think hopping LeBron love each other item IG that's why my dark horse for the bronze is our season. Was seen and Tony they have a respect for each other. And I think goes back a long long time I mean and be completely honest. Some of pop's political beliefs and sociable east does play into that if I'm a mean askew but. Pop and to meet pop is arguably the greatest coach of all time and I think LeBron respects that acting there's a mutual respect that you just don't see Iran a leap between players and coaches. We had daybreak we come back we'll see it and get more clarity on the quiet their situation as well as. More from the world of summer league and NBA free agency would talk with Kevin Paul we come back right here in the air cast and shipped 99 FM ESPN. 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What is going on with wild winner because it felt like almost like two weeks ago that. He might be treated within you know 24 hours or so and now it's just gone all quiet on the western front. Yeah I mean the pitchers if you look at happened near the trojans did it feel like a lot of potential suitors. You haven't stepped up the way we expected the lakers. Showed it seems emergency before they got a commitment from abroad just you know they have they're mad that Paul George and Al. There's really not as much reason for that trait for a while rather than put. Getting back to try inside and back somewhat the creation and keeping our young players pick it would have to go back at a trade. Austin in Italy it doesn't seem like it deployed to give they got a big offers to Antonio expecting. Be concluded that that feeling that you know that there are certainly going to be old take out a thing more from a rental. From court level or did you know I've been thinking what little absolute formula and a contract. And you guys you know I I think you that means that this bleeped out into it he didn't penetrating or it could be armed. Work means I have been an unexpected suitor emerges who's doing. You know take terrorist got rectal part of our growth and character are quite letter. In the back that day. We want judge why don't they are blocking roads and it can get that I had seen that yet to bigotry but that she loves big big doubt. How all likely is it that. Why Leonard is not blocking when he he puts it out there that he's willing to sit out the season because to me if he does that. Doesn't that just killed a Brandon kill everything that he's established us artist career. Yeah I mean I think that's the block you're willing you're you're considering calling editors Darren Tony be a lot. You know people leave that he didn't teacher the person you believe there is the truth it's Syria it it can't believe it was death yet at lucky in the fact that he could have been able to play create and you know maybe you know its willingness to beat out loud he can they continue rehabbing it an indication that he is pretty serious about. Talking of course with Kevin Pelton at cape Helton on Twitter may she read this stuff over at ESPN That I wanted to ask you this about. The entire thing that we've been seeing throughout free agency and whatnot. I'd even able to make sense of what the lakers roster is right now because I cannot. Why don't read on there to make this actually get a look like on the court today an entirely different states community adjusting you know there's there's the pizza last week by my colleague. I would question or rush over to argue about the possibility that. You know they they wanted you brought Jason horse finisher of our plane making that the defense probably be around him to avoid. I think the one dimension now to the plate cavalier purple thought. Lied you know first off. Did the players they acquired are really very good at the track record that the bill allows that your job lined up at the back I did not consistent basis that. No it didn't fit the physical tools but again doesn't always apply though. And then it would introduce me and I'd be all bad the mediator. The talk wouldn't accept her family for the first time that sun can official. And you know you try it out about that ITF and pushed back out there look what brought it had the ball it example. Though. When he's doing that would value warm John why don't want our bill ball. You know only if you had provided that they're not guys who have great spot up shooter. Do you put any stock into the idea that LeBron is more or less willing to punt on this season in order to try and make all the moves that he wants to make in that. No offense to GM not enough instigate it anyone that actually has player roster development titles add. For the lakers but that GM LeBron will make his moves next offseason. I I think magic don't get a real concern about an hour that much share. Yeah you know. I don't know the attic you page you're gonna want to get up on the feet and I don't you would side with the lakers if he was strictly stick it. I get back to my budget is one championship this year no matter what they've W it would. If stuff that I think I've we Gillick would have complemented the broad better than boot they're actually based and does not a game it was going to challenge the warriors this you're bluster caught for itself. You know look they've been able to get you know. Brought in Paul George and David did so that your quality okay now we're talking about potential geologic. Outdoors once looked toward what it would come along. We do abroad made this decision more or long term perspective edit or his wife perspective of wanting to be an LA at you obviously have a different attitude adopted our. Was you make of the grisly signings Lama. I think I'm one of the figure that out there are two sides though yeah I've always been Italians and died exactly it's time that they. UCLA when he did highly ranked prospect of my projection then. You know he picked unorthodox when you get that done because of the fact that he not traditionally Korea leader Ed. Not a particularly good shooter Percival who plays video file to get a player ordinarily it's awful what smokers live. But nonetheless you know you look at it can impact and Antonio entered the yet yet scheduled but by the numbers on court off court that it packages. You know factored into that. He's been a very partly I think because of the fact that. They're usually too long arms to accumulate a lot of defenses that he scores reasonably efficiently because they shoot a high percent on two point attempt. The one question that it does it translate outside advantage audio system which is generally the favorable I like they did. You know each you look at the option to all of the bark it's there was no way there was a lot of restricted free agent on the wing it was nearly as good talent Anderson. It especially projected out over a long term deal at the group inside. And die by their logic that this is the target someone in all long term deal itself I think yeah I think really solid side. What did you make of the grizzlies decision on it almost feels like. It feels like David is still have a lot of say it in the roster that was built last year and a half or so and now. It feels like not only did not only do we see Marcus all win that battle last December. We're watching the way that the prisons are building this team and it's a lot of defensive guys that. A really Smart basketball players players that seemed dead. Very much would fit the idea what Marc Gasol once in a basketball team what do you think of the grizzlies kind of reverting back so traditionally what they've been which is. They clearly say they wanna play tough defense and that that that's kind of gonna be the hallmark of their team. Yet this is dad about it without Latin night. I hope you wanna give up on the opposite or that the two that was probably going to be important book let's do what you put it this summer's free agency had and where they'll pick in draft that sort of thing but. Relieved but try to put trailed by comedy write something crazy like that though it I mean that you would get dad. Slow Mo it. It was a dictated it I'm not sure he quite had that all the day eat at different style of defender certainly comfortable about Tony Allen didn't want to start birdied it to be very how do you control about it they want one but that's. John Carter certainly that seems to fit very well and accurate crying all EP. He decked the player who accept the toughest ticket that air. Talk of course with Kevin told Lovie espionage street bomb on Twitter at cape Helton. And then what went into the big stories for you about summer league because it felt like initially tray young was Abbas. Now Strahan is going to be a hall of Famer I've I've present the truth will be somewhere in the middle but for you what what is piqued your interest the most out some really. Yeah military portable until altered just slap your body you also throw in the shooting early on that you know I came around and put up big numbers and some good laughs. And I think it's been really shouldn't watch it looked big men out there because of the fact that they're fighting among the top seven Texans. If Jerry Jackson got off to an all star within its reporters he made in his opening game in Holland city. The contract law school that did that which is not too surprising given first off that the do you get it back they eat Ari played. No fight game better. I had heard firsthand how well at this point. You know that the guy didn't play either Sacramento salt that is still you know relatively early this summer league and of course. Hillary you use the effect it even you know the youngest with these guys. Your your drafting immortal what he can do your got relatively acute heart related it. Miguel harder it was really infected are brought in yesterday I think he could probably the most impressive that this group. Young lady didn't eat everything that made it the number one pick the physical tools are all there. Also achieved some of the weaknesses in terms no need to be set up by teammates and then defensively the fact that he thought it polished to curb Obama. All of that they're definitely chill and a modern day good luck is probably the most disappoint you that group. You know someone who also made benefits many pitching rich or rather that it hurt him in gear fox pulled out some really relatively early that. You know Pete you stop and if you would go where he got checked out table the score is. Politically order to efficiently that they can help. If you take out the unbelievable debuted the Jerry Jackson had. What does he made it his performance to I think I think it's safe to say eight of thirteen from behind the three point line might factor into the out liar category. If you take away that game what he's seen from him thus far. And I think it's mostly in fitting into a wall which you know what there's that you're gonna need to tune in to do early in his career did not to be asked to create a lot of you don't often. Especially. If she ends up playing the warm side in a market Mike Conley and is targeted the sorting you know there are you finishing gets that group that. You know you're gonna want him space the floor about Lucci shown that he can deal. And then to be able to defend out on the perimeter where I think it was also been reasonably thought given that you know he's primarily played at at hour fourteen rounds that. When you look at. When you look at what the likely grizzlies rotation as if we say it's gonna be Mike Conley at the one dawn Brooks that the two Alan Anderson at the 32 Michael Green at before. Market five. But Jerry Jackson as the third big man you have. If that injures and is carrying your second point guard. Looking at Marchand Brooks is probably your your second to. Chandler Parsons or cast the as your act extra wing when you look at that roster and that kind of rotation. Where does that stack up in the west in your opinion. Yeah I mean I die I think this did he win talked it's let's see. Eight day today too aggressive instead that they would you have done in the western Arctic there. In Sacramento and the only team next year that I think goes into the teeth and not really thinking. We want to intimidate the oil out even Phoenix I think it going to bleed out after that he ate. Triple worried about. I know that don't agree they they can't or will do that but that doesn't make it Ed. You know that the absence the team that their release you know there are seeking long term or just you know keep the defense. It can make it difficult even yet gala though came that. We don't in that category would that this fire is and it appears team proved that he could dodgers' Andre Jordan dealt. You know it can be a really difficult fight to make the playoffs the bluster carpet and it probably knuckle battle for the president. When. He's thinking about. Houston Rockets and we've seen that they have Smart people running their their franchise. Please help me out I am very confused about. He reported interest in Carmelo Anthony because they seem way too Smart to buy in on that or mighty dumb one. I mean I don't think there's something you're limited in terms of without the ball in flight. I was surprised when I first wrote about this bit last week after the news broke from load it eventually it Carmelo and EDO poverty and about to part ways that. Yes it was better switching lucky enough I would have expected them you know. Didn't to some extent into individual you that the applications are being negated by the fact that you're not out in game two that you go to bed the toppling one on one it's going to be a lot of you know can you pulled up in different matchup which he did that he's the complete game and I think he should shoot better than he did Latino in Oklahoma City I I thought it was going to be much more on the petition for the under. Bet he was then. It even at his age there's this smoke boot Russian billionaire read all about the attacks. I gotta feel that this is mostly kids with the fact that eight public good to be available for relatively cheap. After a buyout and then beat note a peeping your star players wade Carmelo and thought hardball with regard to play together. In the last seller and ask you this. Today there seems to be some some difference in opinion of what team or what people that I a what I deemed to be Smart people much I would include UN. Think of what Indiana has done in this offseason. When you look at the moves that they've made one where where do you where he think they're gonna stack up now on the east. I think more positive than negative terms thereof is apparently there you know enact exit. I think you're in the east that they if you're a Toronto about until we have to operate now. And then I think that second here it's going to be. Indiana and Milwaukee Washington meeting by any different tactics as well. And of looking that would say you know Vienna bought it to be in both likely to end up with what you need though. I do like what they've done overall I didn't like it does the term contract that a lot of money for someone who really hasn't been better to replace the level of his career that. You guys content and it's a great time he doesn't qualify you to be peaking give this patent you're 85% that you can ignore the freedom relate even flirted. And although I don't play in the they got relatively cheap it's not afraid of packets that are held jumpers like it would have been better off after the buyout you said that. It can't help them make up for the fact that if he would go out same group back I think it probably will come back to earth a little bit what they get lucky ticket refund. It's seven games in the first round playoff. And we appreciate your time thanks for us switch days of those and we really appreciate having on Sherman man. You know it doesn't help the course of ESPN so it does appear Connor that we are not alone in still trying to figure out. What the heck is going on with Houston and Carmela. No and I mean reports came out yesterday that heat that there work that's okay see in Brooklyn may be working on a deal for Carmelo and to be completely honest I think Brooklyn's a better spot for Melo just he's you can go out there and do his thing make his money will be back in. And around new York and you can just go out initiative fifty times in Mikey wants to and I think I think that's the best of both worlds for everybody. He may wanna go chase a ring but I think there is zero positive for Houston if he goes there I think they James Dennis is it ten times better signing. It doesn't make a needle that much but it's better than mellow note see to that point. Carmelo and Brooklyn makes lots of sex yes for instance like that makes that almost makes too much sense and then send light. Okay see like at the end of the arrests or maybe ageing Milan and just let these simulate you know Casey before. I don't like when the world does it makes sense like I don't like when so every day old but like in general and the like. Houston Rockets clearly are Smart organization you look at the way they built their roster they cannot. Think they don't do things that most people would go I have no idea what they're doing in and then you wind up like. Getting in your own head thinking like well maybe they know something we don't about Carmelo but that doesn't make any sense court go to Brooklyn. Makes entirely. All the sense in the world flick now called now the world's backs spinning on its axis like that that's more that's more. Perfect ideal landing spot. I think I think she seemed really did I think they saw an LA did and I think they saw with the warriors did the bogey and I think they kind of panicked and they're like oh god we got to make a move now and I think that. I still think the biggest thing that's gonna hurt them is sending away Trevor reason I mean that I was one of the leaders of that defense and I think that. I think that that move is gonna hurt them a lot more than people realize it's not like you're two best players. You know what else did you guarding Chris Paul are you are Chris Bowles or great defender when he when he's healthy but he's in another year older and James Harden. He defends when he decides to sell anything then. Losing your choose any even when he decides it arguably your two best defenders is not gonna help especially yeah Clint Capello all pissed off. It also shows to meet. Just like to York if you're Houston. The margin between winning a championship. And just having a really freaking good team and there's no guarantee whatever is his Alito will come back next year though. They'll get another shot. So again I see you know shots late as the Sacramento Kings and they are the shots and probably win a championship knock off the lakers are likely brought up Sacramento because I think they were gonna look back on this James Harden Houston team in the same light that we look back on early two thousands kings teams this Amazon's sends out and signs. Some of the teams from the ninety's maybe to Karl Malone John Stockton Utah Jazz is a team that was. Really really go there can never Gator over the hump gives you had just that. Other team that was doing a little bit better in front of you it's unfortunate but. It's the way that the wrote an NBA works. We come back we'll get into the headlines and then we'll make way for myself on the air pressure. It's cold said Blake or for rural town but now unfortunately still the same really crappy town but we'll put so put new bow on it. It's got its got a new boats out of make it completely different what you want you won't know may have real talent term for Brad Carson GO well well Jerry's gonna come on the show so I'll. I will make sure that Gary gets to do the talk. That's that will be my guarantee tee you stick out at the headlines coming up next ready on air cas pension 99 FM ESPN. He is ready to sign and ESPN radio. It's an easy time anyway and savor this today and the professor and he's more or less. The only other fast then this is sports station. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one download the radio talk comments for free 3929. 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It if you believe it did maybe the most real logical Schobel. Do you teach we have a lot. Jared play Gaskin Michelangelo. Teach me to paint like you've got the cannot be gotten. This much cannot be done. Oh my god this if it if you don't know if Sarah talking about. I don't look if sunk into an election if this if it's good yes yes yes. I still think it's probably. It's probably affairs army did that South Park or the other. Let's get that once. It's. It's. Headlines a 9910 PM ESPN's. Jeffrey Wright would you consider yourself a self made man. Though. Yes I would now you consider carry your inner self made woman. See this is a fascinating debate because. This is. To me. The fact that she. Had a platform and had she didn't come from absolutely nothing. To me that does not discount her from being self made no I I. Because well like other people are really try to do the cosmetic thing no one has made the money that she did and it yes. I just think. I think that putting her on a magazine and being an icon for the self made people of America. Way to go when you start out we're going to that's I mean. That's like getting smaller and of a million dollars and to start here empire like it's like it's like yes she works extremely hard she gets all the credit in the world for that. But let's not act like she came from light let Arrigo. I think this is also the other thing that people don't realize. Come from light. Like. Not pull war. Why shouldn't their father was urging his well what you did he wasn't even like that's a thing like you. He had to re getting is he had to re get his license like he was not a practicing lawyer. They were a upper middle class family from Calabasas and they had that boutique. They are wealthy I think the family's more self made an individual right Ike is much is I can't stand them. I had the one I respect him but one thing I've always given them credit for. They know how to make a buck. Like yet kit is similar to what I can say what you want Chris Jenner knows how to work desist right like they don't stop working they don't have any talent. Whatsoever. I guess their talent is the ability to make money individual talent you know I mean but the real. Three court is the hottest one and she's by the porcelain. Yeah I. It's to me I just it's we I hate. I hate that the world looks at the Olympic hope it was a card ashes and I had bad advice that I need to really. So played like okay. She had money and she turned it into more money that's the way business war dead she just flipped it I don't understand there's I don't know she was is she self made is it as much as business that. All right now the flip side of it is his what does that say about our country that she's now worth 900 million dollars. It means our country I don't know man like that's the thing about. I'm not I'm not gonna hate on her forget her money I just don't Baghdad where we're trying to act like that her stories like. Like this that I. Call up the American drought by now so let's stop that like that's not my. Here in America what I articulate. It felt like first up it's like her family that is Celek they were in the makeup business. Now let them a film with you like she heard the belly was the brand but. Also. Let's be honest man lakers fans I don't desire them seriously. Stop paying the marrow though I don't think that's lakers fans look at this. Whoever's hand though they last movie fans. Think staying beyond that now. Don't go Kobe fans are not Laker fans Kobe fans are completely to sit think you're not you're not it has been good at keeping world LeBron thing it. This is what they need to understand that were not coming through real lakers. Or come deliberate for LeBron if you all live with your font if you if you win it's the bronze it's beatle abroad there's no between what numbers you are now. It's one point three I think he's rumored 23 during the game six in practice. Albert let's let's all of my basic kind of ridiculous thing you're rolling my thanks sir Eric Brian Glass-Steagall as wells hadn't held enjoying the show. However now I gotta sit right or I am they gave their show coming up next with your boy get pairs. And join us about three minutes stick around less than ninety out of them yes and I don't believe he's leading designer and ESPN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and save us today from the possessive and he's more of our let's tell them fast then this is a sports station. Hey it's Aircastle Sen from ninety cnnfn ESPN and I'm here to tell you about tackle what if I told you. You've been working hard lately. 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