The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, June 22nd
Eric opens the show with his thoughts on the 2018 NBA Draft and JJJ/Carter before we kick it to the entire presser with JJJ and Jevon Carter from the FedexForum. Joe Mullinax, GBB, joins the program to give his thouhgts on draft nights and the presser to close out the hour.

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And Bartlett props to Billy reciprocity Mike Novell for millionaires wealth. John desolate college hoops experts from ESPN get a join us as well. And we will do the headlines. At 345. Each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on this very stage we bring air castles and show. We originate from the palatial Internet radio complex as we go on the studios by the freeway. We've follow oh. Go lick and wing know we've followed Geoff Calkins we immediately followed Jason and Jon gets ready. For the Gary Parrish experience. Sit in the captain's chair inside the Sunbelt rentals studio Sunbelt rentals any job big or small some councils has quit before the call 1800 no sweat 1800 no lose sweat. To book your equipment rental Sunbelt rentals and when you do in Memphis you mentioned this programming it and set off your first equipment. Or rental I'm oust air cast out of the senate last gruesome program one and only honored downing what's up hello hello. Feel pretty good we are just waiting for this to start reuse our eyes that this was this your first NBA draft this was these guys but the it. The absolute tedious Nissen boring as some of an NBA draft night. Some yes and no for me it was a little. It was pretty exciting for me is I mean all the people I grew up listening to a reading and stuff I was in a room with so is little surreal for me it yeah but once I adjusted to it. I mean to be I was at a great time Mallory how underwhelming was that what you sell is the people you grew up listening to and reading smashing pizza. And talking about everything but the players being good I don't know it was it was closer Cambodia now let me ask that you look like it and I left and Greg gas and let's say he's been in the weight room for like three years yet I don't know it was interesting I had a lot of fun I mean I'm such an NBA nerds at anything involving the NBA I would just soak up now I I kids as I kid for one reason. But it does become age. Very long night yeah I mean imagine towards the night match in the nights a granite first saw this verse that we've had something out there. And perhaps all the people who came out when we we navigate production you act like this where there were fans there was. Food there were concessions there were. Yeah saw entertainment pieces yet they did agree is girls and hundreds girls were there there. Finals are coming out so they obviously there are out of season. The king's court where their degree is line was there. I think grannies and grandmas were out there as well. And then that we had all of the the Talking Heads Pete Braddock a Brevin Knight rob Fisher myself Michael Wallace Chris Vernon. All just kind of Chiming in what we thought and then you don't like it would add a good turnout magnolia in an attempt. Right around I think it include getting close to a thousand people type deal. But it does become a long night this is the first time we've had a selection for the grizzlies that early in. Over almost a decade yeah or maybe right around a decade and so. It really did kind of look like okay. You know this is what what do you make shadowy how to legal bout this you know nine years later how do we entertain people because. When you're just showing the draft you base of people sitting and they're showing the route they wanna know what you're doing and when you're picking fours. It makes it so you're like okay and pick fours and then that's where we're gonna get so. It. So. You know it's it's that again. A night where I got javy bicker stabs at a fast and he said flat out straight out. We will be a better basketball team and Neitzel I agree and I think they are I do I. Let's and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and sit here and Dahlia. Yeah I was 100% on board I I circle Jerry Jackson junior and said. That's who I want because that's not what I have set on the show since the draft lottery came down eyes I was old I was very much along the same lines. As Gary Parrish then. If Michael porter's medical's clear. That's where I would go oh when you're hearing set out an entire year and you're trying to get yourself back in a very west and competitive Western Conference race. Then. That's not gonna working right. I was very much. Changed in my opinion initially from what I saw two would then what I saw of Luka dots which. Hoping that either dance that your bag we would be there knowing the under eight would be gone those were the guys I preferred. And I thought if you really do like Wendell carters much as you seemed like Wendell Gartner CF. If there's a bite on that trade line that Chicago 722. For four of their enamored with Obama or. Or Jerry Jackson junior but here's the thing. Apparently they weren't. Because if she got a lot more Obama as much as they did and they then they claim do when all these reports everything that happens you know what they would have done. Was that they would have picked up the phone and called grizzlies and said we will give you seven and warning to you and then if they did in the grisly said no. That means they grabbed the guy they love which is what you're supposed to do if they didn't. That means they grab the guy that they felt was the best player available at four which again is what you're supposed to do. So although this team does need offense there's no two ways about that they do. They need more offense is scoring they need more guys doubled bombardment anymore shooting there's no two ways about that. They also went back to their roots. Follow me here and Brevin Knight said it last night when we are talking on onstage and I know I'd I know Brevin well enough to know Brevin. Wanted to see probably something a little bit different. What are you gonna do to feel like that they had to address your weaknesses. Last season. Multiple times. Any in the season before that we remember what Marc Gasol has told many media members. We lost our identity. We used to have. Things we were known for and we no longer have that we are no longer in that group. But we have guys here and we're trying to still believe in that. We had and we had a culture we have an image we had an identity we don't have that. These two picks. Bring you back towards look at so. If you don't feel and I am not one that believes that they're dead they could've done this last night alone. Can get you into a mix of being. Even remotely close to what Houston Engel as they are offensively. If you didn't feel there was a player and that it could do that for you then what should you do enhance what you've done well previously. Aside from Dillon Brooks and I've been grabbed. Last year not one of those players want a grizzly uniform. Had ever gone through. That an NBA season I eliminate those two guys because they were the rookies. But nobody else on that roster that'd been their for more than a year that wasn't there in the first show I should've said. Aside from Tyreke Evans and then Matt Moore yeah. Who had NBA experience but those four guys. And I don't trust company through anything like that Oregon was awesome when he was there. I even ran ads in disappointments in Talbott they were so good team and what the bottom of the pac twelve. No one had experience that other than two guys you brought in the offseason to bolster your offense one bolstered it. The other not so much even anybody want. Bringing them in. Met other guys went away and the guys that went away we know Zach Randolph Tony out. Changes the complexion right you open the door for you Michael Greene to step in and be the incumbent starter you open the door for Tony Allen's you. Exit and then Mac or more to come in to be younger more athletic better offensively. But try to still give you some of that defensive presence be able to speed up the pace of the game. And it didn't work Tyreke Evans worked they rolled the dice absolutely network game one year deal to prove himself he dead. But there was nobody apparently in the grizzlies eyes that was good enough offensively. To take them to the level. That you would hope to get too if that's what you're going to do if you're going to abandoned. Grit grinding you're going to abandon we're a defensive first team all together and just try to be offensive. There was nobody there to make that happen. So what could you do. Why not bolster the skill sets you already have why not address the need it has been plaguing this team for the last two years and through no fault commander harris'. I don't ever think Andrew Harrison was looked at coming in out of Kentucky. Even at a high school in Houston as an NBA point guard combo guard yes to guard playing off the ball yes. Guy who could step in and play some point yes but not a guy that is somebody goes down here go play 32 minutes of the one now. Scott what is game is right. We know that. You went got a guy that can do that and a guy that is just a tenacious defender. What do you need upfront last year. More effort more energy. Guys that are going to. Lay it all out there right to Michael Green got off to a slow start as he missed training camp. In two realm Martin got better as the year went along we know about the unpaid day aside unravels like by an injury. He's got a guided. Sands almost seven feet tall still has room to potentially grow could get to 771 maybe. He's only nineteen it happens yeah I think it well but it does happen. He's got a damn near seven and a half foot wingspan meaning when he stands under the basket. And you teach him the plane a verdict felony which is what I'm sure Metallica topping gulf. And Jerry Jackson junior gonna get real familiar yeah I Jerry Jackson junior finally get real familiar with what an NBA shouldered the chest feels like working out with Vitale. Right absolutely. Learn to stay straight up and know when you jump all the sudden shots change there are highlights of him that you just go to him out of this kidnapped claymore. Great read on SB nation right now says he didn't even understand it made him think about going back to Michigan State. Well fared if I can't get annoyed like what if I play 32 minutes where we'll I'd be. They start to realize we even if I go back and I can be much better than. Thought I don't enacting a third second or First Act but maybe not because maybe people look at it and you fall. And we seen that happen. So he decides come out and so now. Is he NBA immediately ready if how many of these guys truly are maybe two maybe maybe Eitan. Maybe Bagley but even and we see number one picks come in and it it takes a minute yet. Maybe half a season maybe quarter recede in some hard give that up to play right away Benson has offered it had a year off. And when my system what it last year's number one pick deal. It's nothing not a whole lot brain injuries in just a game that needed transformation should fight last year's number two pick played a lot on a bad team right now. Even then times are all right he's not NBA ready coming down pulling up from 27 feet. In tight games made Luke Walton at times won't pull us hair out when Alonso ball did that once a ball I think is going to be a very good point guard there's no two ways about. Jason Tatum was the example of he was an ENBA ready he also went to a team that was awesome. They stepped into a roll and started from day one because they had carrier ring. For about six minutes they had Gordon Hayward. Which is an image and sound they never wanna have to deal with again my life and Jalen brown they had Al Horford. They had. Marcus Smart semi erosion lake cumin and you name it bad guys who could play. And it let Jason Tait and just play Brighton decent Tatum was the focal point of the offense is he free flow with it. He got better as the year went along. There's just very few guys like that you can make a list of guys that have come in and how long it's taken. And some guys they don't turn the corner. But the one way I knew goal that you give yourself a better chance to turn a corner. Is take your ass in the gym. And you know what Sharon Jackson said immediately. I'm ready to come work yes they are now now this is done. Let's move forward. I can't wait to get to work his interview was fantastic. He has a personality. Like very few I have seen in twenty years of being around NBA basket he's so will Joseph will veto the I think less goofy yet still BJ and beating her I strolled in yet MBD is and I don't mean a bad way MB is Canada class clown elapse back you have fun with but it times you roll your eyes and a marketer yet. Seriously at some point you gotta like they're Caspian outs of some seriousness to you. And that may just be effective July Allenby after sitting out two years feel so lucky to be able to do what he loves to do and not have the issues that he's had. Day he's just living every day like it's his last race in new. Jackson. Jackson is that he's funny he might be also a Communist. And I'll tell you why. I I was on the Jerry Jackson train the interview until the end of it that I am I I have a real issue first. Yeah I've never I am you really is so loves that I had the I was serious issue right there absolutely serious issue which aired Jackson's you right now. Not having anything to do it has passed. But I did love everything you said about I wanna come and work I wanna get better and then reading the interview you get game with a SB nation. You know he said listen no matter what my role was on any team. Whenever I was in the gym with my dad a former NBA player he stressed to me the importance of a jump shot. And how the fact that he had one kept him in the NBA is an undrafted journeyman for thirteen years yeah. He won a championship San Antonio three months later. Chairman Jackson junior born. But it was because he could shoot the basketball so we always instilled that. With his son he's taller than his dad was so that's a gift but he has he's 235. Pounds now at the age of nineteen. When he puts on over the next two or three years ten pounds of muscle. It could be even better. We're gonna let you hear from them though right now the press conference is beginning downtown let's send it out. To FedEx Forum where we learned it was a false start false Dyson started out and it's not an awful gas now starting it's on my computer through a scenario where they're getting it ready. But eight it. To get to once it starts we'll get to a and what lies in what he said by the way that the Jovian bananas. EC DSL like everybody Sibley sound super Saturday here that's great and can't wait to meet cute. He said you guys sound excited too and someone says Gallo there's pizza in the media room he says. I don't eat too much pizza man. EA's gad barbecue there and he's like really set about our viewers like. You never. Disparage the great name of pizza by saying Tony too much aria I don't care if it's the greatest rym you've ever eaten in your life don't you ever say Tony too much pizza again. That is. Band that it has a ground to banish you from this country. In my opinion. At least in my world if I were if our run and things you can never read too much appreciate it. No I mean I've pizza for I was it was more having fun with him about it I just joking about it now with him because I didn't tell him that percent but I will bring that up when we seemed joyful like that's the thing like. My favorite part I don't think it was you or is it like we when he when he came on and then Lang Whitaker actually got a chance they pipe that into the arena. Lang Whitaker got a chance stock tumbled when he when he spoke in his interviews he seemed. Ecstatic yeah and I saw members that I want. Is a guy that wants to be here. A guy that will run through a brick wall to play for you and that's balsam we'll get to talk much about Carter momentarily Pete Fredricka addressing the people at FedEx warm and welcomed. A fabulous FedEx Forum here on your street in downtown Memphis Tennessee is we welcome. The newest members of the grizzlies family I'd be proud of the television poison by Memphis Grizzlies and on behalf of the grizzlies organization. Jarron Javon. We welcome you to Memphis welcome your family your friends as well. Also to the media. The staff of the grizzlies and fans we're here today we welcome UN a special welcome to those of you were streaming today's press conference on grind city media and Griese dot com. And also viewing it on fox sports southeast the television home. Of the Memphis Grizzlies. So with that. The format of the program today Chris Wallace will have some opening remarks GB Vickers Jeff we'll have opening remarks and then after that we'll open it up to questions. Maggie and Jeff have microphones. They'll recognize you and then if you please give your name and your affiliation. I don't Chris JB may know you but. Our young fellows may not so with that the president of basketball operations and the general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies Chris Wallace. Thank you Pete. Congratulation on your award to Byrd proud of thank Chris I appreciate that. Forward gets started we wanna recognize them distinguished guests from both players' families. First the Carter family. Please rise renounce and literacy and his mother and former Memphis resident mr. Cynthia Johnson. Previously was she was a Memphis worked for outside saint Jude. To bonds' father and Lee Roy Carter. And cousin Keith Carter. Also here today or the Jackson family. Chair and smother this is Terry Jackson. His father and NBA champion at thirteen year veteran as wells a Georgetown Hoyas star. Jerry Jackson senior. Hear from CA and Terrence representation agency is mrs. Lisa Joseph's Lisa. We're pleased introduced today. Our latest draft choices who were selected last night Jarron Jackson and Javon Carter. Well one is a big man and the others of a smaller point guard there are similarities in both players. Both charity Javon who are the premier defense he players. In the draft at their respective positions. Both are big winners from tough defense he minded programs run by some of the best coaches in the country and Tom Izzo. And Bob Huggins. In both Jared and you bought a hardworking outstanding young men from great families. That we're looking forward to get to know better. While both players are known as premier defenders. We feel they're offensive capabilities and potential are underrated. In Jared interval on we have players who could delivered a short term as well as serving as bridges to our future. So this is a great day for franchise and we're excited to get on the court soon with both turned into bought. Thank you. I just. From a coach's standpoint and a message to the fans. An organization of who we wanna be going forward. As we wanna flash back a little bit to the past. This team has great tradition great history. And these two guys fit that mold right there is a great there is to grind. That's who we are that's who will be moving forward and going through this process that was in very important to us that we found people. Who could be a part of that it could excel. As a part of this organization. The city has embraced it. And to me you know you look around the league whether it's football basketball whatever may be when there's a synergy between the city and the team. There's a ton of success on both sides so we're looking forward to bringing that back. And making sure that we're successful in the short term and long term and I echo Chris that these are two of the guys are going to be a key part of what. It is that we do. I thank you I'm Maggie over there Hanover here have a microphone so. Media members. Raise your hand if you have questions. Jarvis you lead it off a guy's right over here Lou. So I was weird wc X and his side of the NBC affiliate in an emphasis is for both of you when you found out that Memphis was taking news. For this job here in this city. What was your first reaction to it and then hope you thinking after that as far as how do you get yourself prepared for what's to come. Oh my first guys noses. Excited you know just happy. Less. On. Is is is is the same room you know and it it'd be real late. On home I'm just proud to be America's cruising. And has been my dream to play and engaged. But as organizations. Believe me give me that chance. Mom of the month best pure mall. And it is coming marriages be tough to be tough minded like the city got that as time Tommy itself. Alone and that's mentality. That I plan to burn unit. My Moses premises you took over right and my brain kind of turned off. Our our crews believe it because there's some we board for our whole lives and you know just let them out hangs in reaction to news crazy you know. This is surreal there's really no words. You kind of describe the emotions all night pose pose really sales through much smiling. Probably 95%. At night and it was crazy now I'm probably still feeling a little bit you know looking at sorry here and has this kind of is sitting in little allow more known as you or do facility and everything blues. Now I'm great moment and I'll never forget it. We're here. Does events and local time for sports when you guys hear those two words grit and grind you've now been a part of a centrist organization for less than 24 hours but. Those words mean so much to this city what do you those words mean to you and how do you see each of your gains. Playing into that mentality. Won't. It is you know you look at both Koreans and us. It's a defense response I am. Estimates are you have to doing games I think us know what they're great stable we have as a team that we're just gonna come in add to this on overcoming. Changing any closer though I think that's why they picked us and we feel right into their mode of response harvests. You know. That's what they've built and he comprised become a mark disease take part and everybody in the country so. To the adhesive and we've defense amounted so this is even some other programs. Well we just don't come here into outbursts. Give everything we get did president. And his fight. You know loans which is opening up well anyway we can be small no matter what it is a fly we both love footage shown its. And loans we don't be ready when it's not present yourself. Fish. Chris well for both picks last night. When the draft started as kind of known I guess what was gonna happen at one end to it at that point did you feel like. The were really only two options that you had weathered the chair went three. They had an option or chair was available you take him in the mid 32. When you start targeting rebel like Javon and it is not a process that happens as the draft is going on. We'll finish the top into the draft was pretty well stated before hand. You know your get well these players but we got the woman watered it or preference was it to get Jaron. I mean think about all the attributes he has on his resume he's the third youngest player to draft youngest American college player set a single season block shot record. The Michigan State. But he third longest down a draft something like sense heft to college or has that stand up there somewhere. In it I sit offensively. Very underrated and he shot 39 from three close to eighty from line fifty nano overall. I mean these are fantastic numbers. Any knows how to working in the fans playing for Tom music you can make it through his program if you're not gonna. You pick up to pace and they get with a defensively our. So there's just so much their delight in the you know upside is screaming that you knew in in neon lights went. We felt when we met him and interviewed him at Chicago he's just getting started. So who knows where he can go. And we think it's going to be quite arrived with a and so he was a guy we wanted a player to top tips. And with to a Javon. Mean watching him over his career West Virginia. Particularly late this year on their run to the sweet sixteen. It's obvious he's a premier defense Gordon a country in. It's definitely the toughest defensive guard as well. And get another player whose offense is little under rated grew over his college career and so we've we've had our eyes on him a long time and if it all it's a simple process we do we we write these guys we take that has got this right to determine selection. And then that's how worked and we're again we're thrilled to have both of these players. In our program and I think they couldn't come along at a at a better time as we try to ratchet back to a degree and grab mentality has been so successful resonated. So much to Memphis in the region. Thanks. I see dividend for about deviancy actually spot just for both guys whereas Memphis kind of leading up to the draft for you guys in and you talk about JB and in the conversation you might have had with him to kind of he's excited about playing in Memphis. For me misses that it's on my radar. Of related to a lower dose misses one month deaths were caused by far. I'm home. Just being judges I just felt like this this would be a good place for me you know. They piggyback off the mentality from west it is just a defense is include. How hard coach Huggins is how much they just wanna wind. The history there wasn't saying no to wasteful what's not at the local mosque who. Is this for me of the luggage is could be a more perfect fit for me. You know Thompson opposes so they just tell me just never change. Stay true to myself you iron and not be found. Lol after I was states. Clothes clothing in. You know you get we're number you don't know us you know those coast so I picked it up and I was like goes snapped like you know and after talking him. Says he rarely express has a family environment Boeing's first round pick your gratitude nosed defense and does it seem environment and you know we were playing we're gonna play unselfish basketball that that is transit is the way I've been doing in our family since high school. And comes got to be in the same position you look at that he got a bunch that your young players. He got better and you you know a new clothes she got a bunch of different things I think since this thing apart from. All the others and you ago you know. Healthy it's ridiculous because you get. Knowledge from someone like two great players know Marcus so he can learn from might be great point guard Mike Conley in the U guys. You know doing drew you have people like you know young guys that are on reiterated a word so. You know the general probably be packed the last probably find funny time sort got a going to be tough service of Serbian or put it. You know that's the mentality got to have them houses excited to be releasing founded by you know. Is this a sign. Jarvis. Its arsenal five this for Chris Sanford JB get loyal league is gone and now with a more space pace the idea that to double back down on on grit and grind it and get back into that. Mode with this team that broad based on the the talented Girardi have here taken advantage of their attributes. Or exactly what made you decide to go that way in particular would distract them. I wouldn't. He's coach talk about the strategic side of that well you know I think. Why try to copy can be like everybody else I think that's the mentality that we have right now. Everywhere you look around the lead people are chasing the Golden State's they're chase in Houston's. So why can't we be different why can't be we be unique by cant we be so good at what we do. That teams have a hard time when they come and see us I think that's what you know the strength of this team has been. You know you look at guys like mark assault on Mike Conley they were a huge part of that. So they understand how to make it work and obviously the games gummy balls you know three point shot is going to be important. You know we're not going to be coming down test in the first seven seconds of the shot clout but in our objective offensively is to move the ball so much that teams make mistakes and we end up with wide open shots those shots and Debian three pointers we'll take them. We understand how to be an efficient offensive team and a three pointer is a weapon they know that we plan on using but. You know just when you just sit back and you watch game after game after game. You know a lot of teams trying to do the same thing. You know. How do you benefit you know how can you be different how can you be unique. To make yourself a tough match up for somebody else. It's Philip. They asked Phil there without fox sports southeast is virginity Javon have you had any contact at all with any of the guys on the roster right now and now what are you looking forward to working on and with the guys and getting advice from these better since. I think that marred guess there so in us in Spanish announce probably live in his best life out there. But you know he iams is looking for its uses. Defensive guru so you know learning learning look tricks you know those little littering streets were you notes of help yourself on defense you know and I think you practice will really come full circle you know playing with. When he gets fingers numb from the young ones so he's going to be you know doing these little veteran things and I'm just I'm looking forward to learning more from him in just I think. All those guys they just leasing this whole humble so that it talking and them come room at any question easily it's not your heart you know. In Mike just takes a Mike Hsu so. Foreign air. Me just so I thought the might army takes me then you know. Just welcome news. And tell me we going to determine where gays. Say we also organize. You know. Learn from a guy like him. A filet that'd be great known. Considered a flight yeah. Yeah I talk a play like we can play similar not similar you don't he's now way above the rim knew less about those who push her own lesson with as you know he's just. A full I would like bill to saying so. Afflalo game tonight cool literally translate laying a fellow blue mashed it together. Jeff Jeff Hawkins from 929 FM US PM Chris Ludacris and perjury because. I'm glad every night when you stayed at four and said you are happy to stay at four wasn't because you knew it. How did you in my view there at that point was there a reason the four was particularly worry after them for JB as you got involved in this process. What did you see from each of these two players and how involved were you and I am also hot they possibly fit. Well Jeff we felt that the the dreaded the dress always deeper than just four players five players are we thought. The two top guys worked in the flat the first four so we stayed at first four. We can't go wrong and we're also had our eyes on him we knew he would be in there somewhere so. One way or another we're gonna get it again I would be happy with him and and hopefully we can come up with him. It it worked out for us. You know for work effort will force in 2007 when Mike Conley. From you know from our standpoint is now again I've been lucky. In this period working with. Chris in the rest of front office they've done a really good job. Include Maine passed in my opinion. I'm giving me ideas and things that I need to pay attention to these two guys are on the list of guys that I needed to pay attention to. You know starting with Javon I think the first thing you see is the tenacity that he plays wins. You know. Any game you watch when he's on the floor. He stands out. And I think that's impressive you know a lot of times we put a focus on the guy who's making all the shots and he stands out. You know the way I see it is we wanna watch the guy who stopped in Baghdad. And when you go back and watch two games that he played against. You know on those prolific scores of others. You know those gifted offensive players he still was the one that came out on top and to me. That's the most impressive thing. Dead and do that attitude that mentality that toughness it translates. You go anywhere in the world with their attitude and you can be successful. So we know when you have a guy like that. You know your fortunate to be able to work with them and have him be a part of your program. Because that attitude is infectious and despray it's so you know it was easy to see. You know wide accolades were there white his coaches loved him. And shots going and you know shots not going to hand it doesn't matter if you can have a positive impact on the game. And then you know Vince. Young fellow there is. You know that same attitude defensively. Any you don't you don't see it much I think that's why it's kind of unique and stands out is because it would. Whose first thought is I wanna be a great defender. You know I mean I everybody you know you watch although McDonald's games and all those things and it's about scorn score score score score. So Ford guy who has the talent that he has on both sides of the ball for defense to still be you know. His strength and what he hangs his hat on it says a lot about the character of them and what's important. Because you know and we've all seen it. You have to be able to stop teams. And you have to be able to take 101 challenges in the playoffs. In order to win at the level that we wanna win that. So how many guys can you put on the floor at the end of today making go out and get stops you know no matter the matchup you know did the league is going small. Right which shouldn't take a look at it is you know one of the challenges for Biggs in this league is they take it on the floor anymore to indie games because they can't guard. Smalls and one on one situations. You know we feel that he's gonna have the ability to do that. And you know offensively I think there's like Chris said it's understated. You know there's a talent there and versatility. That I think we don't we're gonna exploit. We got to. Put together and part of the process of putting together our. Coaching staff is we wanted to put together a staff that knew how to develop new how to squeeze you know the firm dry. And these two guys you know have a ton of potential unknown you know Javon. Maybe a little bit older but you know he's what 22. I think there's still stuff there you know I mean like a lot of times you look at it and people always Tony to ease Greece's potential. We believe there's a time there and he's on get better and better and in the same thing which Aaron so. You know they have reached their ceiling. I said the staff we've put together I'm confident that we'll get into their soon. We're here. Mega Aires February G sports this question for you JB talk a little bit about the date sitcom YU. You don't get these guys involved with the rest of the team and look ahead to summer league is law. Well that's why we're fortunate it is a quick turnaround you know we'll have guys in here on Thursday which is the first day there were allowed to head guys and and they'll hit the ground running. You know we've already put a plan in place for their development. They don't they'll leave here with information. They'll leave here with film we're already given the first homework assignment so. When they come back on Wednesday in there in town. We expect them. You know to have an understanding of what we're looking for we've been clear as far as where our plan will be with some but. You know mogul put into the test the only way give better. Is by no buying in and being willing to do the work so there will be no lag time so I hope they enjoy is the last weekend of freedom. That is done to get to work. We're here. I doubt if you're in the sense was that the success for Jared we see your your parents here to from being involved with the players that have been the and you dad. And even the league for so long a champion and has a pedigree there of professionalism what does that taught you about. What you have to do to be a pro to grow to have the kind of mentality that you need to succeed. Armed and well you know. Obviously we are currently more of the best or famine but that's just you know. All of those other vessels and everything yet to be a gay person in the area to be good person off all of the Korean negotiable. And they gave me the freedom matter releases fund love for the game on my own. And him as being a good communicators all those things they tied together whom put it. You know there I love them this in my family just don't get on me you know we're still like any other family. And it's just eat you look at my mom she works at the places in my dad you know day. They can give you both sides are mocking you mean the business side of the in my day you meet these fans he's gone through. So I feel like it and now we always go to them for advice. And I'll be able to you know bounce things off for many times so. That's current. Jarvis Avis this question is for both he got dust on the stick to test out now because you've you've been through the draft you've been taken by team. So a little bit about what makes you you as far as Yvonne how you got your defense is the mentality where did that come from. Jan UEU I think you'll like a guard for a while or do you were 63 and and you grew up late or something like I was a shorter here. That's OK okay a little bit about how you became what you what you are now and he does get nickname need trades day your divine I don't know what they would call you. JC. JC OK we'll we'll go dead. Let's just just talk a little bit about just tells of how you got yourself to this point. Old girl and about play don't you know great offensive teams are felt like. The players just playing with were so strong offensively there was no reason for me to come in and take a hundred shots a game is this is not. Was gonna help us win so I felt like you know. Osama and I was and I was let me just see if I complied everything. And you know that's right kind of got my timing from not really you know work on any game I try to bloody dripping with guts are still gives you trouble so don't need outside and play. You know is you defense defense wins games as always done their foreign and that's what if it is time. Oh me I was different I grew up a group of school. I used to like to put the ball in the basket. But when I got to college when I got to college than it was more like what he was we got school is. And I need to find another way to stay on a court. And I'm hoosiers defense I just knew that. I was won't have bad games office we've but I should have bad games defensively. That's alleges. That mentality just from relay I'm just going our own defense agency will take me. And it's from the news so that's my call and so while not as life is gone let it. Tribune. Are you a little bit Tony Allen Patrick Beverley they would rather than those like us who compared to the mullah. Anything else. Total up. Do quick photo op. With. Dietary and it. It's. The press conference chaired Jackson junior Jevon Carter. I didn't wanna jump in and tell you who was who but you carried kind of figured out yet I have Jared Jared was a little louder of that do you act more herb. But I am projecting with his voice is what I Osage that's Javon card though easily choir we had them on the show. After his work out about a month ago. Will take your thoughts let's open up phone lines I 353776535. The result we can't that's right yeah that's right we had Joseph Mullen accident on I forgot you can really choose between Israel and US actually all right daddy taught us I'm glad that's Feingold will try to see what we can do and see if we can't maybe at the end maybe at the end of the show yet to distract headlines and take phone calls there. Oh it's a moment's on and we'll see how we have we we ran way long that obviously we got to get a break him. We will tell you your thoughts once a week of those thoughts in at air castles and that's my dad are apologized. And is gunning 901 at C downing 901 you can tweet either one of us what your thoughts are. Jerry Jackson saying all the right things yet basically Javon Carter are hoping it's Nat. One more people expect him to step in and be Tony Allen heard Patrick Beverley or Avery Bradley you have the bad people do compared to that. And he has a nightmare defensively he's going to have to learn how to also play defense at the next level. More so than just at the collegiate level as well so but this is a guy as you know that. We animal to show I said a flat out I would be more than happy in the grizzlies announced his name at thirty. Us on our. Or yesterday about like draft grades suck and people say that. Too long Carter when you've played West Virginia you were playing his game. And I really liked that he he dictated the game in college and he has he's just that he's a gamer yes he's a dog. I think they both had the mentality they both understand. They're not supposed to be superstar and they just went away and that's Seattle had an excellent yeah Jackson who says same thing is that I didn't need to take a hundred shots yeah. Because we had guys the good score so I tried to block everything and do whatever we could to win and that's to want want as a wanna win. Basil doing but he is saying they both can't put Obama looked at yet they're they're people are moderating their office of games. They are yet nearly five get refund JCN. I don't know what they're gonna take rotary Tate now I can't do that really got 23 oh down attendance Jonathan Williams from me and woods is and in his name BA guy. In and and I did it very taken in Memphis we. Trust dribble Jack. AJ as south but I think I got air cleaner gas station like you're triple. Anything about that ousting a double. Obviously cal jays how it involves lay not charges SA DJ zero Macy's just I believe that for grinds on grind no light. Know inside I'm doing dancing on I look at on all of view. Very good grinder son thought there was a grind father there is not a grinds on the Grice that is his son fresh easy year and a half full. There is no grinds on stopping it in 24040 we could have another drives tried to put that on Jamaal Franklin they tried to put that on Jordan Adams. And Tony played along Lou you're it would be big vehicle either grinds on mr. O'Neill's grind Knoll stop there. Let Tony Allen B Tony Allen. Let him unguarded beach JC I agree daybreak come back some on axle join us they'll get through our number one than John Martin. And then we will continue to that's my fault I forgot that we had John gas labels but we will maybe I'd take your phone calls at the end of our number two is a stick around. 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There's an element to zero's where guests and Elaine is Chrysler dodge. And on 929. A full night. Wild times wild. And some say the least. Experts are saying the grizzlies did while. Sanibel cool under file then they must of had that. The old spice. Here's put an embarrassment role in last night inside dead after him. Is it a gaping claim. Comfortable looking Chris look impression that Memphis heat's. Let's say as much. When it came down to pick their pick. Grizzlies had their guy they knew it was and it was staring Jackson. Now where that said you can stay clean and Memphis heat. You can staying. Look at sharks keeping your swagger. Stand on top of things. If you've got settled spike. Pure sport and a purse for an. It's a local drug or a grocery store when the radical doubt whether you're out of barbecue when you sit down at a patio your favorite neighborhood watering hole. Old spice pierce Florida and a first for it has your back don't let the heat beat you. They're giving the confidence of feel and look your best all day and into the night so. Yet out after happy hour EC this cute girl across the way you don't have to do the smelled check as you know old spice pierce Florida defers prince. Is working for you and if you wanna stand out there were at length. Then you're going to be in good shape. So get your hands on some tables for a spice pierce port and a purse Brent the best way to stay fresh and crisp and about this speaks. Jamal next covers grizzlies forward grizzly bear to lose he joins us now. Your thoughts on nine Janet Jackson and Jim Donald Carter. Not just the takes and I don't know if you are the press conference I'm sure you dead. Seemingly saying all of the right things especially one. Jerry Jackson who. Just before the drafted seemingly said thanks but no thanks the members and fans we're not that too wild about that. No candidate they're natural out of that nation and beyond and then of course not I'll get a quick shout out to cross jumper he and I was able to watch the Kurds. Across town to get spoke here. I helped me out was set it up on the deviant. And I think that where you draw everywhere is crosstown brewery. Call for a birdie is a little bit beyond mid town ha also speaks before I believe four are right there. On Purdue admit to my personal back a couple of years but it's where the old. It would cost sound. The actual crossing is old warehouse they updated it it's pretty cool I highly recommend it. Found some good some good bruises and good friends. And out here as I don't get ready to go back Olympus but my out. I take away from the overall. Press conference. It is even beyond Jack sitting Carter you know one of my need for each Eric coming out of the draft last night. What I wasn't sure what their direction water well I credit to. Tucker Chris Wallace and eighty bicker step I think they've made it clear what their direction and now rank any potentially but the resurrection of grit grinding out what that exactly means. In terms obviously Tony out and Zach Randolph for such an important parts. Of that initial thought process going from bad into something new or a new version of it. I have a question without that moving forward but at least now. One of my critique of not being sure what direction the nation. If they had a direction and I can't necessarily disagree UG a big percent you don't have that worry on your T can't quite tell you don't have those types of players. Play the style of game. Back Golden State does about Houston Rockets were James Harden and if Chris calls stays there. So you don't have the personnel to be of those teams. But what you can beat and you don't you can do it in the past you're gonna leak the center team. That's JD Becker's best experience but a lot of coaches that he had concept experience obviously Arkansas Mike Conley were key part of that. So even if are not as high. On the track record maybe others are. I at least can appreciate the fact they have a vision for what their door that's been one of my major concerns. With the front office and they made it clear what their corruption or what will bring a book we will put. You know that can be caused uploaded they unload their least now they've made it clear. What their focus or they're trying to get back to being great on defense. They're trying to get back to being an only one that end of the floor making them unique personal lines up a bat for the most part. Even with the exception here there. Obviously you're two graphics in and you're now can help you on that end of the floor as well so credit to them currently quoting in that direction. And you love direction in their thought process for the takes it. CA I think that's interesting that you bring that up because. There is no way to deny that this team has essentially. Needed looked forward wanted to get better offensively. But right as I said in the open. If you don't if you look at that draft. And you do not see someone. That can help you get there or two players who can help you get there like right away. But you have guys that can help reestablish what Marc Gasol said you lost for the last two seasons which was your defensive identity. Then why not grab him if you're not gonna get anywhere near Golden State and Houston. Improve what you Marty do well get better attic do your best to improve what you struggle act. But if you become the best defensive team in the league and not bad on offense. Then you can compete. Now you're not the lawyers because they're very good defensively but I don't think anybody expected them to make two selections and a draft last night and transform and the Golden State lawyers that would be looted. I think that's important to keep in mind and like I that I can appreciate. The direction. At least they're a bit at least they have something to say hey this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna try to get back at you put their pretty well there it back to what we know that we can be at lead that we were lead article or. We did it you know the guys that we lost in Tony Allen and Zach Randolph especially. It was back would never elite defender but he brought back mentality witness Tony Allen was a weekly standard obviously. But you can get back to that style of play. But that being an invite so to speak plans to credit the grizzlies. It's it's being in a place where it even if you obviously there are gonna come down to who could dodge it was in front of Jerry Jackson junior war. Well Margaret Bakley was you know we may not ever know the true nature of their draft board I can't believe the Jarrett Jack went to high prospect on board at that time. And I also believe that they may have had in late higher than Bagley. If you cake and have a word that they are actually interested in reinvesting and respect your right or Jackson right now debate better defender. And Margaret back there's no debate about that and that one person and not one person has made a statement any different to that. Light blue jacket to come in and even if you're concerned with what he can do on the offered them the floor in terms of development in the era now. Right now he can be at the center of Italy quieter but most folks say what are the best defenders Angela in the draft Italy. Well maybe except maybe for eight Libby to them that the player. But he's definitely in the mix for being the best defender of the center pick in the draft and all the stuff but I read it looked at it from watching I don't see. Been in the process of building up to draft. Carter is the best on ball defender. In this draft class so you essentially get two of the top three or four defensive players in this draft. On your team now in my gut that at least you now have an identity. When you get back to something you can debate whether or not to try to do that. But at least they're the direction I feel better after that press conference especially because a big respect and Wallace saying this is the direction we're trying to go. I'll see this. I love the ticket Carter Pete and I we had him on after his work out. I watched him multiple times acts. I'll West Virginia when Bob Huggins gives you that kind of ringing endorsement to me that's a big deal. But I also watch any granted a highlight tape sir highlight tapes but I watched a lot of his game where they played Oklahoma. And some guy named Trey young who was picked. A pick after Jerry Jackson L little guy can shooting it dead distributes a basketball got a bunch points and assists. I honestly study was gonna quit in the middle of the game at one point I mean he literally looked so frustrated I don't think he really did I'm just handed to sell now you see a little bit. But it's that type of defense they drives guys knots and get to see it. On display grizzly to participate into summer leagues their first game in Salt Lake City is against that pitted the Atlanta Hawks. So trade young's gonna look across the way. And I can't wait to see if that look at it as like seriously this guy again because of funds are more likely gonna be run on the point so that grizzly summer league team. And I I think that and I don't want to discount what they can do all currently are Carter for two years. The past two seasons at West Virginia shot the three point ball out of Berry good clips. Same thing with Jerry jacks and there's one year at Michigan State so there's potential for them ostensibly as well it's not like they're taking. I have no lost and skills but it particular case of Jackson one of the major concern door my major concerns. If capability to develop into a guy who can be on the floor for an extended period are in the NBA. Now with this press conference now what if a bit like that I'm taking this as a stated that here's who we are moving forward. In this new era of energy B Becker Stapp yeah. If you're going back the way you work. You don't need Jarrett Jack in the play more than 21 partner to its source either you start to Michael Green under contract. A capable defender OK guys can in between those two the market all sprinkle a little bit diving grab her drill Martin look beyond they gave us. That's all there also are now you're looking at a team. How does belong on orbit and then the switch in the edge do all the things that you need you have mark on the back and making people worry. On the corner you have got by the board books will be a developing a defender but he had in his rookie campaign. Had to eat eat died the friend Paul or a seven guerrilla. Know he had a ton of experience spanning the very best players in the league already just after one season because of the way last was down. I'm encouraged to be honest with you because. This is the chance for them eat ought to what they believe they're good watch what they believe their roster candidates you're in now. Not summarized. What we're going to do and then two years from now is mark saw no longer on the third week. Where Jackson to be a starting setter and you can.