The Eric Hasseltine Show hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, August 9th
Eric is joined by our very own Gary Parrish to discuss the new NCAA rules that came down this week and more!

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Sorry it's 2 o'clock his time your next move more in this hour's word is here takes a word here HE RT text that we're right now to seven to 81 pitches when a thousand dollars right here on 99 FM ESPN again your word is here. That's here HE RC takes that work right now to send you. Anyone for your chance when a thousand dollars we've already had a winner this week in Memphis and you can even next once again text here HE RE right now seventy of 81 species 1000 dollars stood. It's. T nine M. There after 2 o'clock. Well I think you'll score on my box. Good time. It's a beautiful. Thursday the ninth. All of August. The final major and professional golf underway just up the road in Saint Louis. At fell reads. And we have pre season football tonight. Finals. Plus the quarterback battle of the University of Memphis continues teed up. John Jordan was in studio. So apparently Memphis tigers of all of like a little more attention yeah. As they let people now yeah now I'm talking about us very much yes sorry. Welcome those tiny area you sorry that's not. A kid I kid because I even knew him I even said they're kind of going under the radar we've chads are about on this program quite a bit but people like its refusal to overtook. Hopeful march when we tell you do we had a deep or they're being prioritized AM with us. So laugh anyway so beautiful day outside a little cloudy now but it's been. It's been wasn't. Had an end to another pleasant weekend the first week in NFL pre season the ball actually watched the first episode of hard knocks last nights of you did not you'll have to your mouse later on. Because two things came to my mind out of that show last. The year it aired Tuesday so I watched it last night in the first episode or two things that came to my mind I will share those with you. We got a lot to get to so let's dive right in each and every Monday through Friday at his very salmon is very station we bring you the Aircastle. And show it originates out of the palatial Entercom radio complex or is we columnist studios by the freeway hoses Sunbelt rentals studio some about rentals any job big or small Sunbelt rentals as equipment. For them all 1800 elsewhere at 1800 no sweat. And if you mention his radio program you'll get an extra 10% off your first equipment rental Sunbelt rentals. Company we follow go look at Boeing always followed Geoff Calkins we immediately follow. Jason and Jon we get you ready for the Gary Parrish experience sitting in a captain's chair I am heroes they're thousands and others at a glance the voice you've already heard. He is the producer of the show he is the man who steers the ship. He is honored on what's up another. Our captain honored on now now captain it's it's too formal okay Eric Peters the captain and I'm the captain I look at. The I'd never seen that movie you've never seen it and our senior CNET scenes it as you know look at me look at me and I'm the captain Paul it's a great movie buddy came out that it's like all false like none of its field I don't know I was actually kind of account. Yeah I don't think it's all false what came out while I didn't know that it was all fought and only is our what I heard actually what came out was. That they told him to like stay out of that area and he did not. My thinking nothing would happen and he's isolates that there will be taking that now it did the horse they glorify his heroics as the crew members basically said that he'd take the situation worse yet. South. You know he did not make worst asset is bank account by selling the rest of the movie as a major sell you know hey I'm all you want but that is what it is so. Connors of crucial program got a lot gets you to date coming up on a program or gonna have a real short first segment. Because. We don't do this very often we have Jason job on the we don't dig area on because he sowed doubt on busy in the two hours prior to his show he's generally either. Traveling to the station or preparing for the show lorries are often New York doing getting ready do something. So it's not often we get to have a model with the new. Set of guidelines that college basketball the NCAA cannot look the other day a wanna geek area on here to basically. I agree with him and talk about it. Of what they've addressed this is literally. I don't make that much of a difference no matter really it really isn't gonna make that much difference it's almost like window dressings on my halo Purdue on something and okay. Did dump his son just to do some do some to make a difference and biggest concern for me is then labeling certain athletes it's I had to get someone wanted to hear it is Liz yeah what did you look I don't know why Leonard San Diego Stater staff curry Davidson it's like well how do you determine and the one thing I would like to see them do is is like again like bring it above board members a goal and just you won't have any -- any chance right now yeah you don't have any chance right now nothing changes but if you're. Let's just say I don't anymore I don't know what your Illinois in the Big Ten. And there is a five star. Derrick Rose by prospect in Chicago. Colonial at a point now it's not gonna make a difference of John tell Barry can go hey here sonogram Republican got Kentucky unranked. Now what what you worry about is does it hurt the financial institution or does it hurt the finances. On the institution but if you bring it again above board let him get agents. It will talk to Gary about what he thinks the best solution for. It is because basically what they did is it okay if you're determine an NBA elite prospect you can now have an agent represent you but basically what he can pay for his. To fly you in meetings and the like pay for meals when you meet with him and that's about it yeah. It also said if you go into the draft and you don't get selected and you wanna stay in the draft. You can return to school so I do like that I do I don't play in a sense except for if you. Our Kobe Simmons it would no matter right yeah and so there's maybe like one or two guys that'll that'll do. They're juniors or whatever but I think you can to save like it dot Adonis Thomas let him come back to Memphis for another year like. C were everybody thinks this big bad a youth thing is is tearing up. Basketball. From Pope from the ground up. It's not the case it's it's it's there are certain things about the summer circuit that. Are not rate those to be I'll be honest does it kill a competitive Jeanne a little bit in kids because. They're playing alongside one another little bit a little bit they don't have the same. You know fighter that they wants I don't know if that's just generational or it's because now we you know kids can contact one another if you are playing on the summer circuit. In the early ninety's and nobody had cell phones you're not taken up your house phone to call dude you played against that lives in Chicago. Not talking on the phone almost subdued in Chicago for one big reason your parents a kick Iraq's for running up the phone bill right that's the way allies. And so now people can communicate via social media so it's not just summer bass will lead as as Gary pointed out. There's a player at South Dakota State there. If you don't know who is it. It's because you're not a die hard basketball and the bottom line is. This young man would have never been seen would have never bend. Would have never bend. In that college basketball scene had it not bad for. The summer circuit he was not going to be a big time prospect he was playing in a very small. Remote part of the area now the guy was a good two time player of the year and Mike dom is his name he's from Kimball Nebraska. Any knocks down twelve three's again on their there to see taco fall. Negated it you see Gary told the story go to credible name and yet taco fall yes seven fought like six Mike down 68. Errors 692 and 35 counts are down twelve threes south coast state brings an on campus or visit. He's now like this two time conference player of the year. And when it's all said and done after plays is seen here will probably is Kerry said will be in a top ten in the history of the NCAA and score out phenomenal. And I'll. And he's doing it because he gets any eat the had a chance for someone to see him play. So as I said that you remember I related that's the other days and there are so many things. There are better then you know people wanna talk about with the AAU circuit. Because we only look at all this is just killing him is is that so we'll carry it here to talk about that right Glass-Steagall knowing normally joins us to 25 both join us 3 o'clock. 325 low cross association of course we close out the first hour with a rated output thrilled aboard will give you. Will give view an update on the PGA championship rebel Reeve and a bunch of other stuff. Going on so it's it's really just kind of hodgepodge stay Kerry's gonna come in here he's got to commend him later sort of take a quick break and when we come back. What do Gary Parrish on the talk about the NCAA basketball. Situation with the new rules will also talk a little bit about the tigers. And I wanna ask him about what he thinks about it out of the resurgence of tiger football and now. Could he have ever seen even though he was the basketball beat writer but he was a University of Memphis grad. Could you ever envisioned a time where. Both the tiger football team who was predicted when their side of the division and possibly have another double digit win season of basketball team which many people think. Could very well with the boost in talent of any coach is a mop the right way be back in a tourniquet you've ever seen a time where. But tiger sportswear as prosperous as they are so we'll get into that next Gary Parrish joins us on the flip side ninety Unita and yes. And that studies he guided them ESPN has met this is NFL station isn't for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM EST yeah. Tonight keeping your listening in Memphis is home. Tennessee Texas or more militant your medicines. Tennessee Titans and and then. He's the titans on 99 FM ESPN that Memphis is known for many thanks. Marty you being one of them. 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Or mrs. relocate dot com do it now. Yeah great we have lots more fascinating. Ten nice getting my asking and I delete to get Jason from soccer. Mom please range and one more trip to the. First one minute short text pulls and then she loves Maggie back consumes informed protective layers. Instant protection from the moment. If I coordinate tester DT yeah after twenty feet hanging around it and I'm. Chrysler dodge Jeep right. I was gonna save it or across the association but will probably talk about it ring and out put three on the board. How often you pay somebody 45 and half million dollars. And just watch him walk away. Never. Has not true. I did you mean we're really you personally but NBA teams do I was Atlantis is dead it. And Baghdad's Atlanta I was gonna pay it they were gonna give Carmelo something on his way out or thought about that coming up next but he is the host. The top rated talk show in the afternoon slot. Probably in the whole damn world in my opinion. Certainly in the Memphis metropolitan area. His name's Gary pairs she joins us now what's up dude are you a great I never do this would you like it a guy dies they'll be joined. He's always so busy like I hate to ask him to talk about anything yes I think once a year for tournament time. People I I gather most radio host coming into the office and prepare mostly from the studio. And I've never really done that ever get all my prep work done at home and I might actually pull in at 358. Or four sometimes the world to have seen that I've seen that he's usually that's when you see Gary running through an autopsy. So I presented you ever hear Brad playing extra commercials and the like the 403404. Race. That means there's been Iraq on to Florida and I am stuck in it so it's not because we oversold the show it's because somebody is running BI it's like I text Brett I have bragging on your iPhone you have favorites and in my favorites I have and my wife and my aunt's oldest son and Brad Carson. And it's so I can quickly while stuck in traffic just go pull the favorite boom to Brad. Paid the rent getting out looking good form that doesn't happen often but it has happened before point being I'm usually not here when you're here I'm yet no lesser I'm trying to get here. I try to get here about 140. Right and I because unlike you I I do better work sitting in my kitchen it's about a little bit TVs the most information on behind me in my computer there. And I am relaxed and no one's no one's yapping. Right and the other problem being here after the subprime it's nice against but it can be distract. Like people wanna talk because they're nice people like you don't like praised GP what I've heard people in the eye and that makes you nervous the sale Odeo Odeo when I hear you tell us I I as a black eyed about the type of person like I know some people they'll be like. Hey I am working on McConnell listen to your radio show or market economist in your pocket for my had to do that I can't do that I have to do one thing at a time. Add to prepare prepare for radio show. Or iPod or or watch TV prepare for radio show or listen to a park I can't do both things and so I find that I am better just at my home in silent as opposed to being here. And getting in the random conversations were people. It can you talk about what you did there we go late you you know a big they got I think I can sort I don't let you know I got when I must say yes I woke up. And I took so. And I ended that title that. Where my boys for a little bit because that's always buy and down our host of the Jim Rome show for the past three hours I host a lot of stuff on CBS Sports Radio over the they years that's awesome and yeah I'd say congratulations great up and think it was you know it's like it would no disrespect to any of the other shows but there are the other shows and then there's the Jim Rome show I mean that is one of the Nancy I can't it's almost iconic Sports Radio shows leave Iraq I don't think there's any doubt about that and so to be asked to do weight. Arm is just an honor in and of itself and then to. You know you you at least I don't you know walking as you get going that was the best show ever but you know if you do this long enough it's just like writing a column. Or doing a television show or to race like it you don't you know when it went well when adding go back. And much more likely you and you're very sure when it didn't go away right and and and that went down. My personality is too when something doesn't go well it actually like affects me like I feel it bothers me is yeah. I didn't walk at a studio feeling bothered today saw yet I'm pleased with what happened. All graduates that's customized on page did you pay respect for that is I think that's a great afternoon and I completely yours if but I did work with people before we're here you don't walk out of the studio and it's almost like. Almost like a gymnast walked out on with their arms out stuck the landing MI LGE stock. I got a body and he's like a genuinely great guy and tell the guy and he works in television and we've worked together some. And he's back I keep like this she thinks is the greatest thing ever ever show's greatest shows ever done. That only did he think he says that out loud he's not even try to being. It would Deng trying to brag. Or any is that trying to come across each is very pleased with himself he's a big fan zone or all like people actually think that the light goes off. And shows over he's like that is the greatest show I've ever done he says that all the talk about the murders. I in the exact opposite I get out of it again on bass well game in my book my bosses right yeah I'm outlining just as you do as an awful. Well the thing I I know again like I know what I do a good job I know what I'd done and what I've done a good show but I don't announce it but what will. I am more bothered by a bad shows are bad moment then I am pleased with good showed a good moment for instance few weeks ago I was hosting time to shine. And it's hourlong show and it's a lot it is just it's that it's a long show to add to be talking on television talk on television is vastly different than talking on brilliantly. It's like I can talk easily for 25 minutes on radio by myself no problem I might do it today. 25 minutes into a television camera is a different deal as woods it's it's a pretty exhausting experience. And there was this one moment in NY TV like you'd like. You know is it in live radio nothing ever gets away from its right here on your screen cap and even if it does get away from you can just say that you can just say like yeah I'm looking for that right now it's radio it's much more casual. Television is like you're supposed to be on at all times perfect at all times and there was just one segment where I was essentially counting down list of ten things I don't know what that war. But that's good things were in my supposed to be in my prompt. And they just they are there they weren't there. And so I had no idea what are supposed to be talking about you have to talk about these things in order. Ahmet because the graphics are set up to have min order number two man at number 9/11 ranking the ten best teams in the eastern congress and I got the number ten is going to be. And you know number one balls that a number twos Philly or whatever but right now or Toronto yes but like 987 I know where to go. It's supposed to be in my prompter but it's not there. And so my producer Amy Salmons and who's terrific she recognized. I'm not kidding it's not there for me so she starts trying to get in in my ear. To tell me. Number eighty Charlotte but you know how distracting that can be a while you're also so it just. That's Cigna and and I'll think oh I was like act act like physically it's like sick sick match yet and down. I walked out of shut everything else so perfectly and I walked out of there hasn't NFL's impact she's like it's not as bad as you think it wasn't bad. As it felt awful and I felt badly the whole night until I get distracted by Mets yankees game and how far back. Back at I get back home. And I actually re watching it. And I'd like it looked on it would not nearly two hours a day you know I didn't nearly what I imagined. But. My point was when something goes badly it bothers me when something goes good I'm just like I'm pleased that it didn't go badly. The good since a big big fans are working NCAA where that this is just run down former real quick because that's allows him bring him because I I heard what you said. I was gonna let you kind of go off like when it broke that hey you knew more about tonight and I'd what I said is like Hamilton at these rules I'm just not CN. Anything that makes me go all my guys they got it right. It doesn't seem like they're really doing much it's almost an hour when something just to do something. They are as an organization equal parts arrogant and and not bright tell us just a stupid. And and the rear end. The reason I think Eragon is because they act like. We know what we're doing. Extra time academic to dive they prove that they don't and yesterday's announcement was a classic example that. Eight it was an announcement designed. To. Create some nice headlights and it did it. It hit a good apology over the stories have the right of the headline. NCAA to allow prospects have agents. A couple of people for ever thought insulate about that prospect should have agents particularly basketball football players who were undeniably worth billions of dollars. So that's good but the details matter arm they can only have an agent to offer advice yeah period. And only after you declare for the NBA draft and if you decide to withdraw from the NBA draft guilty. Formerly in the relationship with the agent will what are we don't want this was all supposed to be in reaction to the FBI investigation. What the FBI investigation exposed was agents buying prospects for K I wanna represent you you're still in college here's thousand dollars a month until you get at a cost when you get out of college signed with me that's what they've even got in trouble for. You'll let me back when your first NBA contract or you won't I don't care it's it's what I rolling it out just worked relevant guys I need to figure out how to make you. Signed with me when it's time to sodomy and money the best way to do. That's what agents got trouble Ford that's what. Good college coaches got in trouble for its well played central war. That's still not allowed by this is still can't do wit. Did you and it's still gonna don't want though it still could go on it picks up they take a sixteen year old Justin Bieber. An eight kicking of Justin Bieber whatever he wants to secure him as a client you take a sixteen year old Margaret Beckett AJ can't do anything except talk to a is that the money is still bear. Money will still be passed around you didn't fix a single problem I'll bottom line if we this way every announcement they mate. Some of them sound stupid some of them sounded reasonable but the details made it less self and either way none of them actually address the single issue that the FBI exposed and when you create a commission on college basketball to try to react. Insults Brett react to the FBI investigation and solve some of the issues exposed. And they don't accomplish any of it. It's just a massive waste of time I'll tell you another good one that sounded like a great great headline. But it's really not that meaningful and all players will be able which were return to school if they go undrafted scraped right you don't hate. Kids wanted to live out his dream tried to enter the NBA draft dated of the NBA draft to get drafted must go back Scola and go back to school the wrong with that. I agree except you look at the details it's not a meaningful effect you have to have been invited to the combo aren't even be eligible for this why I have no idea so. The number of players who were invited to become mine last year then went to the draft they went undrafted like six or seven. So sixers haven't got. And you know as well as I do every player good enough to be invited to come by got a phone call right after the draft immediately who says hey you play summer league with the bulls play some really with the Jasper some early with whoever you want to if I get Eugene league contract and get to to attack they all still have pro options. And either way they have to make that decision to return to school by Monday at 5 o'clock the Monday after the NBA draft. Before summer league in starts. So there's still chasing dreams by the time they get to a point where they don't holy god there is no pro opportunity for me. The deadline thirty passed so do you have any players that actually gonna impact that new rule anyone. Maybe Z maybe. Zero is the one thing I thought on that when you when you brought that up because I totally agree with us and look what radical we Simmons our. McDonald's all American one year airs on it doesn't get drafted. Plays almost half the season the NBA last year I don't think he lived his dream is live his dream right now this Annie can make money overseas. Bill one thing though is if you don't get drafted like say your sophomore junior right the odds of you going back to school and getting drafted the next year. Plummet because you just didn't get drafted in your class. And the next class maybe that. Owner every. Prospect I've ever met who decides to return to college. After mulling the possibility of entering the NBA draft remaining in the NBA draft says they go back and go back to school improvement stock as proof. It rarely improves that's the it rarer only one I can remember roughed up my has body heals. And it happened body of a great example. Arm but it rarely have there are more examples of the other side if you go look you can do this when everyone I've done it before go look at players. Who two years ago or considering the draft may need an interval which wrote and they were at that time projected to second round pick that's why they went back to school. Go look at how many of them. Then use the next year to become a first round pick it's like to. It's tore it's it's seventy guys who say they're gonna do it. Like one or two or three actually do it my advice to those players is always this first don't do whatever you want. But don't. Think that you're going to be picked 35 right now and you're gonna be twelve next year as not using the way it works likewise don't think you're gonna be picked fifteenth right now and third next year not using the way it worked obviously you look at a mock draft that I did on the night of the 2017 NBA draft. For the two that would make him be addressed the names at the top of it. Stay right there insane let's do you also you also look at the EU the problem is people get these guys' ears and that's that's that's the thing it's just like it week you can kinda have a good idea who's going to be drafted at the top of the lottery. A year in advance. No prob the Andre and Marvin Bagley. Is the same did you nearly a year ago the same eighty yelled snapshot right now all of the blood out of topped one you probably know it fifteen of those guys will be atop it it might not be that excessive but I would say oh what you get outside the lottery gets a little trickier. But I'd also like the top ten guys. About I don't know about seven of them are identified it at least a year in advance. Obama and I got a run I was gonna ask about the Memphis stop global world thought about what went another time another time pressure area that's again on this thank you very fair trade their tune in 4 o'clock seven when he got coming up today. Oh god you don't hear about a guy getting I was gone I John Martin John Martin and everybody Jerry Stackhouse or is that just a mess right limited sister Gerri stack up doing reactor now by the way yeah why you don't. Think I've ever met him but I know he's got a great reputation adamant some only and could not about a cooler that yes I'm looking forward that'd be here with 530 C also said to me because I had the coaches out Saddam I don't know how I don't play well but I thought I usually Anaheim that they don't get it did I did that intentionally or should I be that relatives of that stock right now I know that move I'd rather have this show I gave Paris renteria will be with you at 4 o'clock Jerry stat just gonna join him along with. John Martin then we'll talk about. All things. Around the grizzlies around outsiders I'm sure he'll continue and he's he's he's right so the reason I'm running right. All of these things are dogging. It. Here's a great example and I'm not picking on Ivan rap I even rap was thought to be coming out of the university California. A top. Twelve top thirteen prospect right. Doesn't work. Pull this thing and I'd like stars feel like his draft stock is slipping. Pulls them out draft goes back out for a sophomore year a sophomore year that people in my mind is McDonald's all American. Playing in the back. I'm a sophomore who people think he's going to go win and dominate he's just going to kill people he's gonna put himself Fred back up. And that's when the second round. And that's it it's not a problem Iditarod storm awesome basketball player twice in the NBA. But his stock didn't increase going back and a lot of people asked him about that when the grizzlies took him in the second round does it bother you thinking that. Maybe last year you would have been picked in the first round this year it take us seriously now I went back to it. To get better at certain things I feel like I did have that hurt my stock for whatever reason Scott goes down a Dylan Brooks was. A big time pac twelve player don't Brooks it game winning shots led organ of the final four I mean like he was a terrific. College player at at orient. Second round. Gold act reject that draft now they'll Brooks probably thought fifteen. I would say talk to one topped one and often funny they're probably in the image in the fifteen to 25 range depending on his pick right definitely first round but definitely a first round. Sticks for I say if they're right there before at least. And it worked forty plus guys better than him. That we're rookies have a problem with that is you look at that the reason I say fifteen and yet Donna Mitchell yet cal Kouzmanoff who went later but those guys are moving up. In all and you still get the guys who potential that we don't know about yet. So that's why put dominance isn't chance Dylan could have been like in the top fifty. Blight. You just never for whatever reason. Increase your stock with experience in couch in NBA organizations. So telling these kids that hey you know address. But he'll get drafted you go back to school seemingly sounds wonderful back seemingly sounds great every year we get a list I get the list of my email. Every year we get a list that says. These are big guys that have declared for the NBA draft I kid you not far. There are times I read that list I might I have no idea who half of these guys are and I watch. College basketball. On the regular IQ and you'll see guys from. Not even mid major like low tier division one life. UN got a shot at dawn of the tournament unless you are college wins. Their conference tournament and then more than likely you're a 1415 or sixteen seat. Period. And there's guys like all over from those schools like declaring as a junior. And then they'll send you another email about two weeks for the these are the following players have withdrawn their name from the NBA draft. They'll go test the waters and I get back that's not a problem. And then there'll be guys that stay and they don't get draft. But the odds if you're a junior. Or a sophomore or even a freshman the freshman may be the one where you maybe get a got to go back yeah. But as a sophomore or junior. You are invited to come by you don't get drafted the odds are if you go back. You're not as they don't get trapped in next year either and if you get invited to come by and scouts see you there but they don't want a draft you. They've taken notes someone will put you wanna summer league team and to these guys. That's like turning pro. The summer leagues and insisting deal because it's littered with. Rookies. Guys are going to be in their second year that need to get more looks. I don't Brooks and play some immediate no he can do but there are fans like Dylan broke should be suiting up why. Wanna you wanna Liguori he's clearly better than everybody else exactly I know he can do he does he's not gonna benefit by playing. In the senate he benefits by playing for team Canada and international competition no doubt he did that. But people like all he's he's got there and it was just hilarious. Because you missed the point assembly summer league is for the rookies get their feet wet. Second year guys just need to get a little bit more time the system your third year guy there you are basically being told by the organization show us something or it's a wrap. Case in point the they Davis. Even second here guys is some point way boldly. When it is one look local. That's what they're doing. And edits to see other guys like free agent maybe guys are slip through the cracks guys that have come out of contract guys there in their fourth or fifth here but they don't have a team to play for. And then there's just a bunch of guys there that are trying to get seen that necessarily by the NBA although that would be awesome. But by anybody. There are international scouts all over the place there are G league scouts all over the place in these guys can go and making get extra games that nobody even knows about. There are games that they go play and with teams so I heard the story from one NBA a group of NBA coaches like. You know that I've become friends with the obvious we are all sitting around one of the coaches it was sitting at table with us in Las Vegas. Told us he had to go because I've got to go we're going to play a Japanese team tonight at 7 o'clock Aussie guys after some re talking about. Is you know about the light of the other games as a I know I literally denied that they were like screw with me I thought he was caught alight to edit a Japanese massage. Callers is he going to rent that guy he is government he's in the middle age get excited about. There is literally another set of games that go on that nobody knows about the plan and my high school gyms. Junior colleges whatever around where international teams will come over or young teams will come over. And the guys that don't play. A lot of minutes in the summer early don't want it seemed co playing these games or more than poll against. These international teams you know lose their national coaches you go dominate one of those games you get it international contract like that. It's crazy like and nobody really ever talks about these things nobody ever talks about. The opportunities for guys like that that you may or may not have heard of how many people remembered Christian Watford unless you'd played Ernie had been a big fan of Indiana basketball. Christian Watford had a deal the boss. Played for the grizzlies played at Mississippi State remembered him when he unit as a good good player. Sat across from them at a restaurant across from. Our hotel outdoor patio and ice as simple as today what did it was after their loss. This is Jana civil what's your story SE of gas running as. Yeah Marty signing about the to Russia as great as is great opportunity to put my name back in the rain shield before I was and if anybody needs me one. In all they're guard goes down they wanna bring me back overseas after that that primarily are but I Marty sampling and rush there's a lot of guys like that. So this rule going in back into all that as Gary plant it doesn't make a big difference. And they're it's almost like their finger pointing like the big problem is the age you and we're gonna get those guys. Will it take away like a viewing period and we're gonna cut down on the number of gay why. Why. I agree we burned kids out in summer league baseball summer league basketball. Traveling soccer were kids some kids is gonna have had enough. Had enough I'm done tennis is not different like individual sports art that are tennis and golf these kids travel the country playing tournaments and matches and doing all these things. Eventually they just don't have natural pool of my friends that it will happen. I can be rectified by taking away one viewing period of the summer for a yield and what it does is Gary pointed out. Guys like Mike doll at South Dakota State. Who is going to have a remarkable four year college basketball career Wilson played professionally somewhat never would have been seen. If they'd didn't have that viewing period that they're now taking. If that had been the rule now Gallagher Mike Tomlin and and that's it did you know that's an extreme case. But there are guys that that happens for that they eagle scouts for colleges go to see a different kid and they see one. Shining and you hate it might be of use to us. And nobody's really on him let's let's make a phone call let's see if we can't legitimate even a fiesta walk on and earn a scholarship let's get him. Screw it up Tony for a great opportunity for it I'm not anti NCAA. I think they make a lot of mistakes I think image air. They are fairly confident in her own abilities. Translation they're fairly arrogant and they are fairly clueless and other things translation sometimes or just dumb. And that's why does seem kind of dumped. Don't don't do some just try to show me you're doing some in reaction to a major story that broke do something because it works. You wanna fix it. As gears and take it all above board. They all above board the players have agents let schools work through the agents would that shoe companies were to let them. Do it in Mary's college. Monetize it. Figured out. And it won't change anything now everybody is just treat it seemed teams that are winning now will be the same teams winning if that happens yet. Yet that apple come back we'll bring it up put three on the board. Band. While we do that one of the things we will do is give you the update. On that indeed. PGA championship John Daly was some interest thing beautiful human being. Was some interest thing golf fans say look like they look like they're white. Pants with cardinal logos all relate various cardinal logos to pay homage to. The Saint Louis but the the attempted karma didn't work he just sliced one like into the what's. Pushed shock he says it is not playing poorly though if he makes this. Which he did he's plus one through sixteen not bad not bad considering the leaders of five over. He's he's not playing poorly I might seem to a really likes him to come back Reno puts him aboard next 99 of them guess in Memphis. It's not just any why it's streaming in every room in your house even in the backyard plus. My honeymoon is Wi-Fi the lesser Stanley streamed live TV and the most stream movies and shows on any device they want you can watch cartoons and the tablet. How about we use it to finish your homework to stand. And his wife but it can help disable wireless when you include expanding mobile what's your inner yeah. 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It means that you have stated that no he's on there on Atlanta's a month from its once a million bucks right. Because nobody was gonna take them off their hands. Nobody was gonna say sure let Carmelo has come here and hang out. Basically what that means is that Atlanta has the AM so the hawks today decided. Date if we are going to. If we're going to. Pay this guy he's gitmo hawks Jersey area. If you're Carmelo Anthony with the help you to do that as climate and. Why do you even do that. Every time I played 25 million dollars light what personnel are ardent Lonnie and. Every time he looks at it there will be happy he's it's. Between five million RJ is just the opportunity to know that he was traded out of Oklahoma City. And because Atlanta losing complete rebuild mode did not want them suit. To not wanted to go away without without anything under is a pilot on that light stream I wanted to I subject creditor approval rating was eight point five serfs of auto play. There's counters and editions playoff or sudden change without notice there's a like stream dot com for more information biology is that due to legal jargon afterwards because. My computer froze up and it sucks at times. Maybe Mel uses extreme. I don't think Mel has to worry about run enough too much Fred if Carmelo Anthony. As a run up so much credit card debt that making 2.5 million dollars a year he can't they nominees though like and he's getting dinged by the high interest rates because he overspent. That's a whole different ball game I don't think like streams going into that economical territory. I always in it it is an interesting to see like similar our players. I'll never forget when. Marko Jaric is of the team and he pulled out his American Express black card which. That's like the big boy card or you have to pay like yet to have certain amount acting like you get a crazy credit limit. They stop doing it because. Shockingly enough celebrities. Because they think everybody takes care of things for them didn't realize they'll run a bill some like some of the worst credit. In our country of people that make tons of money right right. Including doctors doctors treat it enables all time. You know the black card came from Denzel. Denzel Washington is the reason we have a black art wise that. He was doing advertisements former someone tell her tell a story about it and a rumor got started that there was a black heart and everyone thought and so had any kicking ass about NASCAR asked about it. And they were finally like always you do this because it's going to be huge marketing thing and it worked. LA I think it's gonna I think it is gone now they've they've done away with it. When you get it right before I got mine too dang it. I think he would like verify that you made a certain amount of money like Emmitt and that's a high. They're Asian Madelaine and and you also adds Q yes you do it. Anyway. All mother on the other income tax bracket. When you discuss that one or hear Urban Meyer apparently has had no contact with the Ohio State University as we continue on the Urban Meyer cited your update. Or today I still not anything this is done in two weeks. But they're gonna try to get it done and it's going to be very inch and see how does play out. But no contact with the allows any can't right now and he is really. Nothing he can do anyway about this so. The best thing right now do I guess is to just sit back in and get out of the way. Because if not. It's. It's just gonna be no worse and worse and finally going on right now. The the professional golf or PGA. I should say as the PGA championship which is the final. Final. Major of the season and I'm not mistaken and because again this is now. Everything is freezing up on me. I believe is it or Rickie Fowler is in the lead at 65 a lot of people think this is the tournament. Rickie Fowler could indeed. Including indeed move up and get his 41 major championship he is at five under. Off for the round easily sole possession of first place well there's a big group tied. At three under in second including Jason Day. Ian Poulter who just played very well on the British and a bunch other guys you probably don't know and an eight to wander. Webb Simpson is unnamed people familiar with Jason Duff Arab and and people are familiar with Hideki Nazi ya mama. And you go to one under. And if I'm not mistaken at one under. Dustin Johnson right now who's still on the course he could move up the little leaderboard Justin Thomas. Even par after starting a really poorly today you know who's there. Tiger. Partner was Tiger Woods which is attacked 45 but even par five shots off the lead the way he started it did not start to go well for tiger today and of course. If you work is. Associated with a third and you know you hope. Tiger Woods gives his ass I back in the mix tomorrow. He has played really well the first two rounds tournaments and really struggled on weekends in recent yeah we wins eighth seed which is what is the exact opposite. Back in the day you know like in the first part of this season you know struggling and getting himself. Too far away from the leader but making the cut but they're making a charge on Saturday and Sunday somebody say you put. A good Thursday Friday around like your plan right now within a decent weekend unity and Swiss tournament. Well now he's put together a good weekend rounds he's not put together the good Thursday Friday before and he's having some struggles here there. But it just goes to show too how talented the the fields are now with all the talented golfers out there are so that is going on up in bell read our John Daly is one over par. I think through sixteen holes. He is still out on the course. It says through six though which is weird so I guess he started on the back nine. Most are on the back nicely as one over is not quite. May deter and as of yet Bubba Watson to under Parcells lots of big names out there. As the final major of the year PGA championship right up the road of well read country club. In Saint Louis when we come back right Glass-Steagall going to join us Aaron Rodgers would like to do away. With the franchise tag we'll talk to him a little bit about that a whole lot more like glass Stegall joins us next 92 none of MES in Memphis. He's he's ready to nine FM ESPN radio. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today on the offensive and he's doing Bartlett W on the best business news sports station. This is Gary Parrish reminding you about dating Morse and roofing professionals they're a local family owned and operated business are in the mid south residential and commercial roofing needs since 2010. And at this point. You should know. 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