The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, June 13th
On today's jam-packed show Eric is joined by Jevon Carter (former WVU star and Grizz prospect), Sam Amick (USA Today), and Rings 3 stories up and puts them on the board! 

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00. Spending the summer. Check we'll be getting ready for coming to super cuts for our attention to detail and signature hot. I'll finish your not just ready but super ready check in online today. Now. Okay. Smith says. You've got CNN. I didn't see dad. Early second round I am all in favor. Of selecting one Jevon Carter out of West Virginia he is on the telephone with us now Javon and I don't bud. Very go listen I I wanna be selfish and sad really love to see you a grizzly Jersey but I also want the best for use cell. I would rather see you go in the first round. I'm sure you're hearing a lot of different things but. The one thing I want to ask you. Yes your defense certainly brought in notoriety but someone's always like hey he's the defense or guys that you do realize he's scored like eighteen points a game last year and handed out almost seven assists. Does it bother you that people mainly think have you as a defender when you put up really good offensive numbers. An efficient offensive numbers when he looked at at 86% from the free throw line over 39% from three and and really only did it about thirteen and half shots that's impressive. The don't. Don't bother me at all America. I don't know I don't belong there and play for people who have noticed any being under guard do our due up players are located. And what's up with a club record in this whatever happens people always talk so long we're about what they Wear what people are different about it. One former point guard that played for Bob Huggins at Cincinnati Nick Van Exel and I were discussing your game and what he said I he said this kid gets out. After you. That defensive ability was that just inherently there or is it to more just you you develop data and it's all out effort. And you pick up guys full court in a day and age where point guards are are pretty doggone fast and you make life miserable for guys as I've seen on TV where does that come from. There's a just a month ago there's Limbaugh on this week. And then when I got to a superior coach so who do brought it out of me for a pre. It is combing through physical hard to guard who cares if there and her father appeared whoever goes the other part of when they're out of earned my father always coming words to be you don't immunity without the ball edited it with a book. That it that's very very true it's much easier to area without the ball then with the balls on Carter. Formerly of West Virginia heading to the NBA draft joining us right now. It's a rarity where EC guys that I think can contribute in the NBA right away a coming out after four years it does. It does count puts guys and it's a spot he came back for your senior season a lot of NBA drafts. And they go on potential is that frustrating for a guy like you did spent four years at West Virginia develop your craft. Had over a hundred steals your senior year as I said score almost eighteen points a game. You're seeing here and got better each year you were at West Virginia. But a lot of this council talk about potential in guys don't hear there. You did it the way it was typically done in the past is that the is that something that frustrate viewers is just the past few token you're cool would it. Phone. There's just the past ohm everybody wrote a different. And I can look at another person wrote into our ownership giving me. They just couple metres this this is what I'm blessed to do produce hopefully I'll warn you seem to pick me and we if you out of. I don't think there's any doubt that's going to happen at 62 in a little over 200 pounds you've got that size that they covet. If you need salt like there was one thing you want to improve upon before training camp in your first NBA season stars what are you trying to work on most right now. Well there's an around the room become an but it's an issue more consistent finisher. There's a big way people very slow love. How is d.s work us for so I don't have on Carter from West Virginia how these work outs then for you because I remember back in the dad and don't just wait too long so I don't wanna. Give it too much weight but almost twenty years. And in nearly 2000 you would talk to guys and I would be on their thirteenth work out it might sixteen days. But it's changed a little bit how is the worked out circuit gone for you and especially with the video these days. All these teams of senior multiple times in person and on tape so what are you trying to show them when you come in individually like he did today for the greatest. A workout they've been they're going to normal individual unit of employer XP here no place to place. So I can do a slightly more if you mean the more opportunity. So what I can do. Own an awful I a couple of other. I've been not been doing good through our owner wanted to do my game's own sort of social directly into oceans on the other workable and there's going now displayed are. You're not doing whatever happens happens doesn't go to ticket they about it. How much of it still becomes at this point to the interview process it's not just basketball as it. Not known you know men view of their routine autopsy. Did you the other gloom be so sensitive they don't like good enough. That's a good point there there either there either in or they are out. What do you think of the Memphis Grizzlies eight like what comes to your mind we've been known here as a team that has prided itself on defense three years headache. Seven year run into the post season it ended last year injuries had a big effect on that Mike Conley. The incumbents are comes back from an injury. But what do you know about the squad what it like I know you guys in college talk about various NBA teams so what was ever said about the grizzlies. Grown. Today they play caller. They wanna get afternoon compared. Police say they could bring them when it mentality you know assists as well like. Quite why wanna come here to play hard and be president made everything off but your owner. And Romo most people nervous so a group of America America's spirit of all of sentiment the spirit of bitterness of the love I love your. Unknown we don't we'll see what other. Your mom is from Memphis really I had no I hear so this would be this would be really nice. For you to be able to come to come back to Memphis and did to be able to play in your mom's hometown scene a little bit about the city. Yeah. When it when it came to an end. What went through your mind obviously the dream of playing in the NBA is there. But only one only one group of players and their college career or ends or college season with the ultimate goal the national championship but. You mentioned you wanted to leave it all out there were you won't. Oh obviously disappointed in losing at the end of your college career in the tournament but were you pleased with where your game had taken you. Hear your own mode that we've been supported the wherever they're which you could have been different. I don't know my passed. That I wanted to. That we have no regrets of but I got upscale I gave it everything I had every game. A Quasar that occurred there was as there are some charges didn't do it all. Those measures two. That is gonna happen at least I know I gave it everything I have. Among totally OK with. I know I'm not gay very are being modest overweight. Or follow the father go back intuitively I would I would go to guys who have. Puts you in a position you can either make big game winning shot or you can get a steal that seals they gave what does Javon Carter want. Period period period I thought so you'll you do get out you get after guys like that I'm sure that's one of the reasons that. Bob Huggins love is much is he did but he can be tough how difficult was it. When when Bob Huggins is being Bob Huggins at doctor as I said former grizzlies assistant they van Exel said. You know he's tough on you but you know he loves you and it's a break down those are backed up. How much tougher does that make you you're already a tough guy in the way you play the game out imagine have a tough nosed coach help you get the most out of what you have. There he got me a lot mentally. President and Leo that you would now like you don't that you. Put something you didn't do if he's he's just trying to open and try to better yourself. You have got to figure he's got to look at what you just kind of have to look like each other so you don't you don't you don't do it to you. What you do that they're like in China will be that you will be good I think we don't see how you go response from their opinion don't you go back out. You're not going to keep I'm not sure he sees it he responded. He even though you could take years so we needed at all he'll give it to you just. Just so you know we feel coaching. Those you don't need an audio that you just kind of take you now he's your quarterback Saturday. Jevon Carter joining us here on the program. Have you anticipated. What it will be like when you hear your name called because I I feel pretty confident you are going to hear your name called. Come June 21. That moment is very special. For any basketball player hasn't even sunk in that that that that's coming your way or you just trying to as they say stay humble and take it day by day. Just hated anybody now have you have any doubt about arms and beneath the display data haven't. So I just figured they about it. Well I've thought about it for you because I am like trying to send the vibe to the grizzlies front office that. If he is on the board at 32. I announce the names of loans are heard of the Memphis Grizzlies because they had and it's no disrespect to be as they have they have guys that haven't necessarily bend two point guards the way you are. And they black they backed up that their. Mike Conley can you don't got a girl a little bit too to step in I think it's a great fit I think it fits. What this city's about your mom being from the area and the fact that you you love to play defense and and can shoot the ball from the outside it seems like a perfect fit to me so I'm thinking about it for you. And although I do I would love to hear it called for you personally in the first round. If by chance that doesn't happen I don't wanna see you available after 32 about that. Yeah I agree true fact that I've been I would hope so it's been a pleasure man out late winner soon next what happens next for you. I America or barrel per worker or Gartner yeah that's a that's arrival so I hope that they I hope they'd while they're after us so we and I can worry about. What they're assumed to Dallas and and one of the workouts stop pre. Probably. So we go to church greater. The week so you'll keep going all the way until the week of the draft and are you going to heads in new York and be in the crowd are you gonna have your own personal. Like it gathering in of family and friends where you'll watch the draft and in a private location. Live fire it has been probably isn't this summer time. Yeah it's it's a special night we're pulling for you certainly can't thank you enough for joining us here. On the program would love to heat C a right back here inside FedEx Forum next year I would also love to see ago. Even earlier Matta that's in the cards because that would be awesome for you personally but if that's not the case like I said. We'd love to have you back in Memphis I appreciate the time safe travels in doubt that's a lot more in Florida Fred there certainly were I to Don Carter right there. Memphis is number. Sports station. It's Jason and Jon are Kessel time Gary. Cherish. CNN. ESPN to. Yes it's 88 yeah. News the news Memphis is sports place. Different labs are still going strong spring thinning hair summer's just around the corner if they gonna have lots of opportunities. For fun nice may with stiff drinks and this is Gary pairs remind you that if you've got to buy a bottle but about all by. Specifically a bottle of new Amsterdam Bakken US market is a premium. 82 doctor Mehta the finest quality greatest five times distilled. 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The championship parade yesterday according to his taxable double check. That's what I am birds. He covers the NBA for USA today and Davis and Manny what's making today's human and today the best in sports. OK okay and he's you know for ES. Where you end game that he had championship parade yesterday. My friend. Hello mr. hasn't I remember covering long live. You know I shall. Live near Sacramento. I did area Soviet villages picture was super strong getting in and I was there. Yet that's not a short drive when there's a mass amounts of traffic I was more worried that you're covering because you're hanging out what Jordan bell and that's what it's like a champ. It. There I don't know who coined the phrase there are others pretty precious and somebody screamed yeah anything's possible. All the books reference stick yes yes this is if yes it was on that any a lot yes and finding that any in the crowd you'd you'd. We're doing whatever had to do. Yet now I don't doubt that for one minute so let me ask you this. You know Gary Parrish from CBS sports and he said this on a show yesterday. It seemed incredibly awkward when they put pop Meyer on the spot about giving Kevin Durant. Whatever contract he wanted in the any kind of made the joke. About. You know hey maybe you'll give them mid level exemption he hasn't put in the time that. That staff has and I wanna go yo dude that's like the most sensitive guy on your roster that's not the guy would pull cat in a public ceremony like that. Yeah not a percentage where you could even though I was there at the parade I did not see. Let me just doesn't person and so on until later to an election video. The whole setup as weird and actually talk what media it was about FitzGerald production ready and not let that play got. And so I'm I'm a 100% would you know hurt I mean. Bad. It by this bad approach and back to the point where. You know Gabby they get them I would reach out of the lawyers today and fear like I would be surprised about it you like shirt one back at explaining what happened there. Asia Japanese center and the last couple weeks in particular have been a little on this from the standpoint of did divide around the team was a little strange and strangely enough the guys like myself. We're circling back with Kevin can make sure that he was still planning on resigning with the warriors. You know couldn't when they got pushed by the rockets. And when their style of play was being questioned in the Western Conference finals. And then when that video coming out as she Kirk imploring Kevin the trojans teammates and move the ball right all of those things that that's the backdrop. And that awkward moment yesterday and and a very strange decision Dirk. They looked even joke about those kind of things and Alicia I like about a lot personally I don't think Bob help. The situation and they are good and jokes for a landing any kind you have out shaking your head. That's not a good sign. Yeah and here's the thing like. Have we not gotten the point where you know he should have learned from Kevin art at the all star game. Eighteen these guys that you can joke with them I feel like they're boy a little bit but this whole like. They've like everybody super sensitive right now like it's not a good idea if you're Alonso ball to drop a thing in your rap about Kyle clues and as bad. Who by the way he's never met it's not a good idea the most sensitive player on your roster who admittedly had a burger account arguing with like fans. About his legacy to talk about his contracts and try to be a funny guy just go up there. Make the fans laughed poked fun at yourself don't ever pull font yeah people up there. I think you know me well enough to know that I'm not one of those OK guys at all. Not at all I honestly and I I just you know I'm curious even connect the cabs people I don't know it would be truthful or not let. I really feel like that's like they're the joke that was made. That is the exact sort of home and they had sort of legacy. The cabin is trying to avoid it. With the lawyers the idea that nothing that he does actually matters. Because she wasn't part of it from the beginning ranks and he was like and then the cherry on top. I mean that I you know I think dead about an issue that I wasn't even insensitive I think doubts staying a little bit. Even have that that inference especially. I guess that maybe you're trying I mean maybe education as Psycho analyze where their heads Brett leg. I'm gonna assume that. The self conscious working there for Bob is that maybe they had concerns. And on making sure that Shas field appreciated enough because. Two years are not getting finals MVP. In other than the area around him kind of being that whose team is this is the best player of the scenes so maybe in an attempt. Two lifts sat up. You pushed Kevin down. But again I don't think that's a good move. Trim on green said he will look for Amax money deal. And see if canons you know frustrated by this in my he said I don't think his camp would be honest about it he certainly. I has heard the critiques of him you know just kind of pop and on the bandwagon everybody said and I always said. Let's and it was just the perfect storm and the guy had an opportunity to go play a couple of guys you like they happen to be the team that eliminated him. But I've got in arguments of people by the citizens just weak and it was so's I'm like why. Why wait is so it's wrong for him to want to join the best team possible. Because he happening at the free agent market at the exact right time and they had the money to go get him so he shouldn't have signed with them and sign with another team so he could try to beat them I. I don't necessarily subscribe to that theory. But the one thing that could break this group up is the fact that. They're all capable of getting paid high dollar amounts. And the one guy everybody seemingly thought it would be would be Klay Thompson and let me break it down someone's that you know if he does that he could leave on the table. We don't possibly around eighty million dollars in his career and I met anybody yet. That would go yeah I don't mind losing eighty million dollars that's not a problem not I'll just do it for the red in my heart. There's no chance there's no way I think they can keep this together from much more than two or three maybe four more years of the most. It's a distinct possibility and into the way the numbers unfold. That make it really really hard out. It certainly helps and this is this is a blessing and a persecute Joseph Laker girl her the whole group. Is that the fact that the chase shatter their new arena and temperatures though it now one year away. Kids see you that is hurting their cause would there are players like they were saying at ORACLE Arena. And they can go other players and say guys like the numbers. In this building there make it tough to you know make it had money possibly give you kind of contract you're looking forward to keep this group together. They can't make a pitch anymore because the chase center. While account I mean they're going to be printing money and when you work for organizations can be printing money we'll guess what you ought to make sure all you as much as possible coming your way. So I think that's what you achieve these guys. Pushed her back money you can play quite we'll give some back but it's the kind of thing that Iran did last summer which is like and that she had a ten million. Range it's not in the eighty that's why it quite extension this summer is not gonna happen during my would not gonna happen everything's getting a kick out of Rhode. And you know and I think Chris for the league at large and the mainstream fan. Probably considered a good thing is that it does leave open that possibility that they are gonna get broken up a lot can rule the NBA collection years. You know these are good problems to have for the lawyers but you know these kind of traction and how they'll sit together become sort. Do you subscribe to that theory that it's bad for the league to have one dominant team like there's a team that everybody. Seemingly says I'll always know what's gonna happen and in the playoffs were Stiller it exciting up until the finals but even then. You know essentially. And game two they pulled away late in games one and three were right down to the wire game for your spirits broken I'd get that game too. The lawyers pulled away late but. Overall you know there was there was some lingering doubt at one point I hear people in Oz badly to have one dominant team. And people like have so much vitriol. For this lawyers' group and Mike you do realize that for nineteen years they made the playoffs like one time and then dull there's essentially from the ground up and people. Yeah but and it's just I just think it's the way people are today. But this isn't the NFL this isn't where contracts aren't guaranteed in you can kind of just ask guys aside. Major League Baseball has gotten hurt by the fact it would no salary cap. The rich seemingly get richer every senior single year and you may have a team break through the NBA does have a cap but it is kind of you know going down a one way pats is it bad for the league in your opinion. While they get it's I mean for one and you just sit there really well. It's just not a case at all. The other lawyers and everybody else and I covered those last against Houston. And you we have some fascinating one disk in the consolation that one series. You know what it Crist probably get hurt be lawyers fall is accused of in the final but you're talking about that let's give them some credit you have to. Come down your back from down 32. And you have to win game seven on the opponent's floor extremely hard to do it and the lawyers contend. Bet you know forget about it this all got hurt there have been Gator Bowl and the attention and have Andre Iguodala didn't get hurt they would never got engaged six. So but nonetheless that they team in the rockets like give a ton of credit to their GM Daryl Morey. Instead of whining about the lawyers for villains went out it did something about it sure and he almost got the job done you don't need. The thing with the caddies and how's Elin. I've still got about assembly debate so I do have a lot of lawyers and got some cal local. I actually knew talent might listen the national murder on the finals and the narrative of the cavs. Getting swept by the lawyers and that somehow indicating that there's not 39 yesterday. Is that you're acting as if they Kaz on the second best team in the NBA. They're not. There may be the sixth best team in India. You know the way they've that the power structure is in the league with a useless it's. That's just who they played in the finals if you talk to me about. Next year and let's talk about blossomed like gay college it's fascinating the lawyers were more worried about plant bop and in the final them nor the cast not now they're playing even yet you know there. They used you know they're they're young guys they're the versatility Elaine what they do defensively. That was the basic that would have been much more of a series. There was a big catch and so there's all these scenes that I think can give the lawyers around in the money and I don't think it badly infect the other day. Good friend and colleague shot I can have yeah we get out yeah yeah of these on this is Sports Illustrated cover from 1987. They had Michael Jordan there was an animation. Holding the ball above all the other team may be a magic and all the guys. I in the same exact narrative into bad that the boulder dominating that definitely. I don't think it is I think it creates. Pay a whole lot of inspiration for her body help us figure out what they gotta do to bridge that gap. And try to knock him off the throw. I am and ask Kevin Powell in this for me ESPN later. On the program I'll ask you right now how wild do you expect one week from tomorrow night to be with a all the rumors that you're hearing about teams either trying to move out move down. Veterans out there we heard earlier this morning that. The Celtics inquired and made an offer for quiet Leonard at the deadline that the spurs reject it whether that's true or the parameters we don't really know. All the rumors against world out LeBron and Paul George and where they're going to end up. But seemingly a lot of teams are interstate in the in this year's class of rookies coming in that it does start of the Tony eighteen season. Is it going to be a wild last night and deals and trades made that set up on a wild summer what do you think a lot more this is a smokescreen and teams are. Pretty steadfast in keeping more they're gonna have more they're going to be in and try to add one of these young prospects than people think can have a serious impact Italy. I mean upon any cabinet and they probably the latter there's a lot of possibilities but I don't know a lot of specific. Scenarios that I gasoline you know play announcing and unfold and here's the other night. You know they're the cavs are compelling to me because they now all have the other the clock is ticking and they have very little time. To show LeBron that they can reshuffle that roster again. And convince and stay until they got commemorate taken what do they do it back. They maybe do something like that taken Kevin Love to try to urge somebody talent you know even publicly yet Ed Bryant went or Julius Qian. On that report would she give a column of the blazers about how maybe that that guy could be he day come equate equality is all right. You know that mean that has so I think it's worth watching. I think there's. Beyond that note it's an extremely deep. Talented draft and I think mostly teens are looking legislation they get their kicks right that's a live shot. It is just saying obviously loads and David Kennedy filled out there trying to mend that relationship Santonio they continue to. To us earned trade calls. The Celtics anecdote cracked me up and normally. You know you out his shirt you don't pull the curtain back too much on your own operation that they dislike shape enough this year admitting lapses like. When I wrote a couple months ago that the clippers will be among the many many games. Going after collider hard. I was treated is what I love about this job sometimes you you assemble in this case inside and shall I wrote that. I as someone in the he gave me this strong indication like what do you could offer. Wouldn't even be in the top five of a best offers and edit content to was the Boston. Would be at the front and ally and and now rumored dialing back then go to okay. It takes two to tango so right now the question is do as bird and that. Engaging look at the conversations so it's it's pretty wild all the way obviously from the drought and create it at the ultimate remote. Well LeBron and potentially huge as what I can I have at the forefront of my. Dat die it's going to be it's going to be one of those things where it's all got to kind of start to play itself out one way or the other in. I just wonder you don't like he said like let's say. That that the cavs wanna go get CJ McCollum right. They're going to need someone to help them take those contracts if the rockets wanna go after LeBron they're going to need a trade partner. To take some of these contracts and I just don't know how any team's only you're gonna go yes sir we'll help you get LeBron are yet Cleveland we'll all right get. CJ McCollum I think the days of late teens gone. Where maybe that guy could help us are done and they ceded the backside of the picture more may see the front. Because they're hearing what happened last year on draft night. With the Boston in a lot of people's eyes fleecing Philadelphia's still getting the same guy they wanted and getting assets in return when everybody went. Or you're Philadelphia wide and you just led Boston picked first and you know if you wanna Martell faults that bad wait till they made their selection and then make the call. And then you can write on that way in and possibly save yourself some assets but. I don't know it'll be insisting you as they say it only takes one to sign a guy had only takes one team did so to make a wild offer and one team to accept it so. We shall see always great to catch up with you my friend I know being close that Sacramento area lot of people wondering what the kings are gonna do and they still I keep seeing all pulls out there. Don't seemingly know what the rumors keep up pointing towards look at Don sits tonight. I don't know about you but I believe that's when the draft actually gets started a week from tomorrow was when they tech. Yeah not aggregated I think it is going to be compelling everybody ought to be dodge it shouldn't she might. From a PR standpoint they were trying and you know I try and get the field anybody for like the way they operate and they were. Trying to move this stand off of that possibility but I don't know. Who was substituted at night and then who ever thanked and that's going to be one of those domino moves there does get the conqueror that are out. You got a body enjoy Father's Day this weekend and now look forty cancer but the real soon. Thanks Kurt we give thanks rather Sam manic right there from USA today when we come back will close out this hour. Well great templates available are that's next 99 and on ESPN Memphis. These schemes are. I'm getting better. Broadcasting and they. Don't succeed him. This is bad business days humanity there. Hi this is my age at which had air conditioning heating in planning to. Sanchez started tenth air conditioning heating and plumbing sixty years ago in 1958. With a mission to be honest. 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I'm rumor Argentina are on the big messy guy I really enjoy messy some love for Argentina this year allied Spain for a medical team Italy. Actually the other details just watching soccer fans lose their mind on YouTube they're they're fans are incredible does videos are so much fun. Yet they are fine now you're gonna get safer standards 126 because USA Mexico and Mexico and Mexicans in Mexico and Canada. I have won the bid for the 226 rolled out the USA almost sixty of the eighty games. Ten in Mexico and ten in Canada now the cities that were proposed in Mexico I believe were Mexico City Monterrey and Guadalajara. While Canada had dad Toronto no surprise there. Edmonds in. Montreal and I am shocked if Vancouver's not in there. Here's the thing. Canada has great soccer fan and I both Toronto and Vancouver. And I know that that's the obvious they've been in the west stand in the east and the country Vancouver obviously the west and I would not present they split them up between those two cities and did some in and Vancouver to troublemaker rooted in couple in trial that's on things always blown me away about World Cup as they move cities from Mexico I. Moderate supposedly is wonderful I never bad in Mexico City and people of really raved about especially the NBA. I'm not sure about Guadalajara the USA it's gonna bounce all around to the finals being. And MetLife stadium but. This is one of those situations were eight years from now right now we're not exactly on great terms width. Canada and we're not exactly on great terms. With Mexico with and he's not only to build a wall yet Ayers is a long time. And I'm sure they'll get this all sorted out but the World Cup in 20/20 six will be American air to expand the field as well to 48 teams. So I USA we'll have a spot. There they are not in this year's World Cup which leads us to story number two because one of the per Herbie old favorites. Every year is Spain correct. Yes Spain is usually. Is usually one of the teams you expect to be competitive to have a chance to win at all. And they will go into the World Cup starting tomorrow. With a new coach I don't know how much of soccer coach in the middle of a soccer match really plays into things it's not like seemingly you can drop some. Ridiculously creative play to me is it more is about the players on the field yes and on the coach on the sideline. But you'll end low but tag we as I hope you see it right. Is. Out of a job as the Spanish national coach. After taking the jobs for Real Madrid. In a news conference at Spain's training base in now Russia Spanish federation president Luiz. Movie Alice. Says down low but at least fate was sealed just two days ahead of the team's World Cup opening game as ruby Alice could not accept a royal Spanish football federation RR EF. Our RF EF employee having negotiated moves the Real Madrid after the tournament without informing his employers translation. David you had a job to focus on and you went out and took another job. Even though you're still gonna you got to coach this why would you just wait. Beating it we need you focused on trying to bring the World Cup to Spain I don't think it makes that much difference he made him crazy. And I'm sure soccer fans are about the blown my sort of dude seriously I asked nose to sell bid and they have to know when the sub guys in and once you pull a guy like he's out for the game you've got to be really diplomatic with this. Give me lay it Lionel Messi that in any EO. When lousy on all dollar give me name our. And a bunch other good players around I mean Obama talent to get the ball get the ball that guy let's get the hell out of his way. I know there's more to it on Saturday but interesting note there from the world. The World Cup. That is coming on and out. I was gonna talk a little bit about the the situation going on the NBA word now choir was supposedly close to being traded to Boston and certainly the rumors are gonna. There are gonna filter. But I wanna talk about. A ruling. That could open the door for. A lot of teams that spend some serious money. A jury has ordered the Los Angeles rams. To pay Reggie Bush twelve point 45 million dollars in damages. For a knee injury. That he suffered when playing a game in Saint Louis in 2015 bush it was rounding out as crews and scope 49ers ran out of bounds on a punt return. In a game that was played at the Edward Jones dome in November of two when he fifteenth he slept on concrete. Heat for his lateral meniscus which ended his season. He sued the team because he said but why is the concrete that close wearing cleats were running on the field. And moron and at a speed where we just can't. Do debt. A week before bush suffers injury. Josh McCown was quarterback in Cleveland Browns was also heard on same slab of concrete citing Krauss and and into a wall injuring his shoulder. The Saint Louis jury ordered the ransom paid bush four point 95 million income pence three compensatory damages and seven point five million in punitive damages. His original suit was against the rams Saint Louis regional conventions sports complex authority in the Saint Louis convention and visitors commission. But on Friday the associate circuit judge Taylor still hold Reid dismissed the convention authority in sports complex. Leading the rams is the sole defense now rams moved out there. But here's the deal. This goes to tell you like why do you you know. Why should you keep your facility upgraded not only. Could it cost you your team ballots costing the team that's why they beg for new facilities and things like this late I think it was well regarded. That the Edwards Jones dome was on the worst places to play professional football and that's why Saint Louis what they couldn't get a new arena moved. Out of Saint Louis and moved to Los Angeles. And Al teams on the hook for fell fifteen million dollars and Reggie Bush who did sign a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills and 2016 but carry the ball twelve times. Essentially ended what was a decade long career. By injuring his knee and Saint Louis and now get paid fifty million dollars where it's gonna it's gonna see the effect that has. On the rest of professional sports because. Now especially I think where this really becoming the place is baseball oh yeah. Where baseball stadiums have tried to maximize. The amount of seats they can put it right especially in markets where baseball is still in monster. They still have a diehard fan base or they have great news Houston. You know Saint Louis is a monster city to New York teams the Chicago teams polite let's take for example the Oakland race. Cool are considered for whatever reason a small market even though there in one of the biggest media markets in the country yeah some Cisco Bay Area. The giants went out built a state of the art facility in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Any moment giants are great to draw people there at the ballpark is awesome. The day's play. In. A garbage stuff basically that is known as the old dot color now back to the Oakland coliseum. It is old as antiquated as outdated the Golden State lawyers are going to move from right next story at the ORACLE Arena into a new. As you heard decimate it early on let's take center last going to be it's Francisco that is going to leave. A huge amount of space for the case to potentially build. A new stadium for their team. On the grounds very same grounds is still be in our downtown Oakland you can blow up Oakland coliseum because they'll have plenty of parking and you can build. Even block the coliseum arena to have plenty of parking in the state of the art. Baseball stadium right there with all the amenities that will draw people in from the Bay Area. You think you're not gonna think twice about Clinton in the stands like a little bit closer to field. And not making sure that players have safety concerns this. Opens the door to teens being liable for if you try to maximize seats and cut down on my. Foul ground area sideline area and put more seats there which equate to more revenue in your pocket. Players potentially suing you for running at a speed of not having significant time to stop. It's already changed in the NBA with players like people on the baseline number of people there used to be cameras everywhere it's most wanna most famous things. Dennis I'm never did was take a cameraman right in the package. You know he guy Mario over a guy kick the guy right stones and again like four minutes later is riding around my Dennis Robbins broke his leg Sudan restaurant and they settle out of court. Power move by the cameraman. But they changed that apple and it's interesting it is Italy's punishing question as to what teams. And there are responsible for in their stadium in terms of protecting the players. From just playing in the normal last of the game you run out of bounds slip on a concrete slab shouldn't have to worry about that. Baseball players know there are boundaries but that boundary comes in the play faster than any other stadium who say that that's bad team does not liable for that. Oh yeah look at Wrigley Field the wall under the IV is made of Brett yet. It's not forgiving. These guys make. Millions and millions and millions of dollars right now so a young player just. Playing as a young player in center field for whatever team runs screaming only fast into. The wall in Wrigley not thinking about it to bring qualities to patter ball runs a shoulder in their wrecks his career. Potentially loses a hundred million dollars yearly that guy's gonna wanna see Wrigley Field and the cubs. They put up Pat Devlin you can put the ideal over pat put pat under the IV. Whose responsibility is it Soviets missy. What this does but Reggie Bush is get paid. Nearly fifteen million dollars four point 52. The exact that's rampant throughout of our. However it gets started to build better and albums on us locals out of Atlanta that's next 99 and NB SP and office. The official. Was the last time you replace your toothbrush and I've been awful about that in the past he always brush twice a day for a full two minutes. Paying attention to these good habits has a huge impact on her health. 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