The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, July 12th
Jeffrey Wright is guest hosting today and is joined by Eric LIVE from Las Vegas Summer League during the first segment. Ryan Glasspiegel, The Big Lead, joins the program to close out the hour. 

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50000 and working at all. Big east then. The fun d'antoni said. Three you can play all they pretend he 1999. The Eagles and a long. Here's a riddle once it. Way high end guys I was way too fast that's right summer the one season we can't get enough sun and can't believe when it's gone. So don't let them on pass you by Dixon now. July instantaneous I was born free games to play and get yourself something fun to do while laying out her cooling off in May. One to remember July instant gains in the Tennessee lottery game changing I just remembered players. At that Tennessee lottery where I'm all about game changing funds. Like winning numbers that are drawn three times a day that's right with cash three and cash or do we draw numbers three times a day Monday through Saturday and once on Sunday. Which means you've got three chances and dale went up to 500 dollars for cash breeds more 5000 dollars for dashboards and so you plan does play. It's as easy as 123. And four. That Tennessee lottery game changing fun. I was in the next. End it. Let's do it. Thursday to wherever you may. He Jeffrey Wright as the introduction suggested happy to be spinning. But Thursday afternoon though with you as well my partner in crime judge he's behind the lies in the executive producer of this very program he's got a Donnie patsy downing not a one on Twitter hotter days there. There you senator. Let's sell them all what's coming up on the program aired hasn't done is. Out in Las Vegas he's gonna join us discuss some summer league as well as. This weird story involving Charles Oakley I mean any further clarification for air because I feel like we're missing something. We'll discuss some other things drama not only the NBA as well as the world of sports. Because they're gonna go that long what is really ride lasted about back to about 245. So the second half. But the bottom part of the hour Ryan last legal course of the big lead will join us. We'll discuss a few things within including Jeff Fisher perhaps taking his talents. To the television world because lord knows we all need to learn about how every single football player on the field is somehow connected Jeff Fisher. Let's just ask Jeff Fisher about it is lord as we all need that won't work sitting around a Sunday watching. Some delicious NFL football. Kevin don't get to join us about 325. Will join us right. Around the bottom part of the second hour we'll do some headlines and then I would say would make way for real talent. And then make way for someone else but instead that would be self promoting because really how would you say would be taking away for me. And that's not really case will change shows it'll be officially be the gay repair ship but I will be hosting that Brad Carson a flip seats where. Connor. Ending Gary will join us also. From Los Vegas but now without further ado let's bring on the man that lends his name to this programs of course Memphis Grizzlies radio play by play announcer he's now. An international television superstar he's Aircastle type Erika de ser. You don't four hours man as anybody even better. Suppliers here. You got her there that that's amazing I I heard it live it was a little short staffed this week's show. After three about it because that's a long day doing better Charles Oakley looks like. Good for me bad for Memphis that's not that's hot topic aside got to look at it. I do ask you about that Charles likeliest story but first let's get to the news of the day grizzlies are now officially be in the knocked out portion of summer league yeah. I had been told that Jerry Jackson perhaps had a sore knee might have tweaked the need T know anything further about whether or not I need to panic about Janet Jackson's name. I don't need to panic about it from what I understand these these fun little or no more later this afternoon that he's. I haven't gotten any word that they reduce the weird thing about summer league you don't get. I touch releases you don't have a morning walk throughs and things like that like we normally do it. Your news gathering sessions. You know wolf walls all basically had over there. You know of the first games start about an hour Parker's game starts and you know about three hours so. It is simply and obviously you see with what happens is this what you says the knockout round mound and got Oklahoma City. It's not really a knockout round if you lose your. And it's quite consolation game so there's at least two more games last. If they if they win tonight they'll play Saturday if they lose they'll play Friday and we all done so. I think you go they. They didn't go but. We you have to remember. He's played a lot of basketball the last couple weeks and take you know after really not playing. Game like situations actually had a chance to talk to Jerry and seeing here. And he was like man this is maybe too much like in and I got a late. You know you look at those situations and you say well look you know what 48 or or yet to prove order these games really getting I I just think it's an opportunity to play get better. Play good competition makes you better and I think that's. That's one of the factors but you know having played in Salt Lake City and then playing in Las Vegas to play three more games than just about everybody else I mean there's. I you know handful of teams that are on the table with some but I can take it they beckon people you know you Todd has been. Would grace and balance they've sat him down a couple of times Miami shut down by the demo bile a couple of times and Marvin Bagley spend. Shut down by Sacramento and those are all teams that participated Josh art. I didn't play in a few games as well for the lakers so. I don't I don't think you need to be overly concerned as easily answered your question and won't know more today if fifties they don't come close to get done if you're gonna go. Grizzlies and thunder 5 o'clock is Eric mentioned 5 o'clock local time Saudi 3 o'clock. Out there in Vegas NB ATV if you were going to be looking for the television broadcast. For the game and now that we ventured a guess you're as you're right it's not technically the knockout round but I guess you'd say it's down to turn it portion. You're outside of pool play but now you're in the turner portion. You mentioned that hey throughout there you might as well when it what do you think the mindset of the team is going into the term portion. I think they couldn't get better as their last two performances have been sub par and even if you don't win. You have to be batter and you know Peter. Right distance there in the commercial deal or maybe it was yesterday amateur when when the article actually went one published that read it Libya Internet. It's about points you know we get back. Dissenting we've been saying you know you're not the last couple days to catch somebody on payday this project Javon Carter's got to get more comfortable. In certain situations that we know we can defend it. You know being able to get a team into their offense didn't and I don't rat is just it was score the ball well but it it'll seemingly. I just need to take some steps forward so you got to see these guys. Take a step forty get better and we're seeing some of the young guys on other teams do just that and so announced on the other guys on the team. To do the same concept didn't look great for Cleveland. I yesterday Kevin Knox has looked really good for the next the honoree has looked good de tray young seemingly has gotten. What he was missing back and they had a monster comeback win yesterday so. I think you wanna see steps forward and end what you're seeing it from other players and only wanna see it from here guys do. Plotted course and air cast tie he's out Los Vegas the grizzlies and thunder tonight turner portion of some early 5 o'clock ATV. Any mention that about Javon Carter and I'm curious from your perspective. We've seen oftentimes in summer league particularly guys that may be your scoring point guards or guys that plated two. They are able and some early oftentimes to have some success. But I'm curious for gala Javon Carter got it came from a very defensive minded team a team that largely likes to use a lot of the shot clock in West Virginia. How difficult is it easy for him to just get into the NBA game and playing point guard at the NBA level. All I think did it it's a big difference and you know like you said you've got. A guy that they're. You know he scored in college I mean Steve was seventeen point game college shot well from the three but that three point line in the NBA look further back. All the guys generally that are are going to be featured out here are guys outscored cal junior playing. You know you're playing against some of the best of the best and it's still not quite the best of that it was not a full on NBA and generally each roster has about 34 maybe five guys that. Either could be with a big lover or will be on to wage deals so. The competitive nature of this summer he's gotten better this is. No longer just like hey what's girls and guys out and auto roster and I guess of them play if you basketball games and maybe we. Catch lightning in a bottle Portland instead it's. Let's get our guys and real working and you're seeing that so. For Javon and I think it's a situation now where. LA did. At West Virginia he was the best player on the team one of the best players on the team now he's got to be. A guy that facilitates and get guys into their offense and if he's not comfortable right now running the high pick and roll figure out what you need to do to get more comfortable in that situation he's got to get the ball inside and you know it's it's he's got to be able to it is to make decisions on the fly the game is faster and so. You know right as in college he was good enough to pick everybody up you know full courts here in the NBA. You can try that but it's not always gonna work out your favorite and push up a tough spot or you can pick up fouls bloody yourself. It's just a learning curve to the hardest position in the game alert. Nazis and there's you know playing guys that that went on the phenomenal careers did not start off. Like house fire mean most notably Gary Payton. Seattle and wonder Rodham out of town after a year and Supersonics had no we think we have supplement. Took thankfully for them they they. They were right it only ended up having multiple multiple time all star hall of Famer. Guided that you know went down as one of the better players it is. Our generation and errand so it's. It's actually to see. You know how guys take these adjustments and make these. Steps take these steps for I was talking listen guys let's write about it. Look at that the jump right now on the TV screen here as you know Rudy Gay dunk on what looks like Yi Jianlian. Had been deleted disputed that some early itself is chains like this that the competitive balance and it is. It's it's the competitive nature is much higher the talent levels are much higher use that international teams here used to have. Free agent teams and some summer league in the and that's just not a reality or the NBA is that a wonderful job of making this a very competitive. Very very. Very pop tweeted that will test your skills so. That's for Javon he's got to take advantage of valujet to Morgan to Billiton and where you can improve your game by playing against better players. Think would cause the NBA team because out I'm exactly like you I remember when it. You know used to look on NB ATV in the summer and I think it was like the Orlando summer where you have like multiple games going on the same time and you realize like. Okay now they've they've figured out not only is it an event they you know. You can now turn into a money making enterprise bit. To me it's just like the quality of play has just improvement when did you notice the NBA starter really make a commitment to improving summer league basketball. It's that's going to bring that out because I was told this story last night of when. I was. Working as a broadcasters. Camp counselor in Los Angeles. During Summers it was told sportscasters camps and America run by Gavin Roy angle bracket. And I want to get. And I went went to the camp in 96. I was out there I think it was 96 or 95 or wherever wasn't. I was at some early in Los Angeles that based out at long beach state and play. In that arena their call the pyramid ironically. Yes I did I've been there myself. Yes and and you know I've stated it was great for it was fun for me because Brent Barry it was a high school classmate of mine was. In this summer league and playing for the clippers and I remember seeing Jermaine O'Neal and and had this this great. Group of players. But delta levees freeagent teams and international teams and some guys like hey you know these you know. We're not gonna go all out here in the desert you know you don't want to play against those guys can get hurt so. I think his won a long. And the biggest lead opened up wouldn't. It opened up a few years ago and you know on it and and that all the sudden a two teams away from LA in the LA one and actually died out completely. Where there were no NBA teams there and it eventually closed its doors and so Vegas became started becoming apparent that you look at to Orlando woman he said. It was run out of an athletic club. A bit that the the most family who owns the magic all. And at one point he says there are multiple games going on and then they realized date. We don't wanna make it for fans which is going to be all about basketball. But well the NBA realized just let's make it about the saints and a very good markets work they figured out. The fans want to consume this is villiers went on in Vegas more more people were coming the ticket sales went up. Laker games were selling out on the regular other teams were starting to get. Good draws because the draft picks that we're here. And sold assassination bullets you know let's shut down all the other ones are used to be one in Boston or Rhode Island or wherever was then that will close down and this year they went back to Utah saw an app for a second here and they open up the Sacramento one. And I am so grievance and it looks Sacramento was such a rousing success we're looking at expanding right what are called California classic and I didn't think they've realized. That despite the fact you tribal love baseball and their loved to watch baseball that it is not. As popular in society as it once was in basketball is completely on the ride. And they now have captured the attention of people well there's no football to consume. You know we're waiting for training camp to start so if you're the NBA it's brilliant after the final thing you get the draft you're free agency and you can see the young players in action right away. And people are so excited about it so they've been captured. The sports and the tensions alive because that of the other things will not an end because of that it's it's. Breaking a record year in year out here in Las Vegas and turned the ticket sales. Yes yes no question when you mentioned that Orlando summer league. It always felt like. If you're they're in that arena you could smell chlorine because like that place always reminded me of light. You have like the multiple courts and I swear I just felt like like the Germantown sinner I don't Wear on the other side you have liked. An Olympic size pool with a high died and I felt like yeah I get well it exactly was like it looked like a basketball court that smelled like pouring. Did and they add that the one or where they've moved they finally he just ran one game at a time. For awhile. And it. It was a close but at three courts and those three courts. At that so it's beautiful facility to meet him at a massive Jim you know it's a lot like. The LA fitness is a little Lifetime Fitness in and out Carville those types of mega you know. Gym facilities. They just haven't immense amount of space and sell. You look at it Ed where it is in the damned sure it this hatred does read like that because. Total weight rooms right there and an eagle outside layer they're big tennis facility as well about twenty tennis courts right outside the door so. Yeah. I think it would be weird to be out there trying to get your. Try to get your circuits that and he had an NBA basketball team I would think that eventually they just decided it. It wasn't gonna work in either they wanted it wanna keep trying to bring teams down there and I'm telling about the biggest a lot of travel so. I deliberately participated on the iron had one here where they went undefeated and it was. It was a good run for them but I think the focus is to to try to get the best players. Here in Las Vegas. Because. The better the competition the more development you get out your teams and so I think that's part of the big thing to Jeffries the teams have committed to you didn't just. Throw away let's go get our guys you know a couple of games of action necessary. Let's goal not only watch her own players or watch other teams who might have players that maybe we can keep an eye on someone herself. What we don't see here's the crazy thing where you don't see. It is the site games that go along and thirst international teams here that all. Contact the NBA teams we'll have a day off like guys that are gonna see a lot of action in the actual summer league they'll go let those guys run against. Some teams from overseas and nobody even knows about they just find a practice facility or take total high school may play. And they player real game and I get real referees and there's no. You know. Those after anything handed out about it but I was talking to some of those teams coach last Brasilia we put it. People from Japan the other night and you know watching some of our guys did we knew we're not gonna get much time are much run. In the preliminary games we will let them go over there get around we got a good look at himself. It's crazy idea that things would go on here that people don't really know about and how serious the basketball has become. During this stretch of time the teams are here. Well it almost feels like also they've really turned it into an event because. It almost feels like it has like that added element of for instance like the NFL scouting combine and are always those that like he had told a decent job of turning that into a TV event whatnot the really what they've done that is is turn that into a convention. For everyone in the NFL whether your coach whether or not your scalp but they've turned it into an event where. Everyone is there at the exact same time to me it seems like that's also what they've done with the Vegas I mean. You know we used to be you that you had. Draw all the this summer league assignment. And you know the last man on the bench it was your turn to go and you know. Hey like that was not really that was not exactly how you're looking to spend a week or two. Tough words for your summer but now it's almost like everyone wants to go like it's its amazing to watch. Yeah that's the thing so it's it's perfect it's become this more than just you know the Gillick. Let's just you know how placing basketball maybe Japan will come it is not that there's all kinds of parties here out now. All kinds of players that come out and watch their respective teams but they must be that there's it's no secret that is. Kidnapping entertainment capital of the world certainly one of the top three there's all kinds of things to do here and I just don't. Play casino games there are shows didn't didn't you know multiple types of entertainment. For everybody whether it's you know rap rock and roll clubs whatever maybe they get all the circus away as some people wanna be a part of that. And it's the time of the year where. You know back in years past you know guys would take off and then go on vacation so for them a little bit vacation because they get out your two. And I talked some about that the guys that are current players that come out here get work done they'll come out no. Don't get together and they'll find a place to play where you know maybe you don't get those types of runs. Other places in adult Ed much of a job as it is for these guys a lot of them are still. I mean a lot of them are still basically just basketball gym junkies they love to play the game days big got into this business. They got it to be an NBA player because at a larger point about the only happen to be supremely talented that it helped some as we know. It'll don't have the same passion as others and they wanna do that but others. This applies to the casual player when guys confined. Games against guys have similar talent that's what they really liked the most so. Attitude stated that the city itself of Las Vegas is a wonderful job. You know opening up to this and can really accommodating to it and it'll that the league itself. Being run by the NB AQ the thing about the LA summer pro we didn't. The thing about it also the other want it wasn't like league basically yeah it was run by individuals this is Ron and the guy who kind of got just rolled into this lady and wore a look Gary who represented a lot of coaches including de Jager and I believe was one of collins' agent. On in Warren as taking the school home of the level of that but he's done it through it'll. It is the league support and I commend them because. Don't Egypt when you walk through the arena is now. And it that we had a great but if you're about alternatives to being stolen. In two separate Arenas they're a bottle half an hour apart from each other and your ticket that you and you can walk literally. Out the Cox pavilion in right over the Thomas election or vice Versa yeah and see we wanna see and there politicians were you walk into any of those games. I'm guarantee you're gonna see former players current players. Other celebrities who want to see basketball that they're here. And eagle a lot of that's because. The excitement of the NBA draft including new faces a lot of it just because. People are more he entered a little more in tune with today's NBA than ever before and people love the game the way it is so. It's great it's very it's a lot of fun. I can be included little action when you're here for two weeks I get that for some of the teams split for the most part everybody have a great double. Do you fully. Is Vegas somewhat is the summer league is this somewhat of an experiment for the NBA because I think it's no secret that Vegas is. Very much trying to make itself a player in the professional sports game. And you know you kept hearing that may be the league had some concerns about there being a teen in Vegas and they were gonna let everyone else see. You know let the NHL got to Vegas first and see how works then you know what the NFL go and see out worst. Do you feel like that this is now being considered their version of a trial run. I don't think they need a trial run but maybe you know they've played preceding games here for years. With the lakers used to come here play Thomas knocked. I think seeing how the success of the golden night for hockey team. Certainly gives CNB says raised eyebrow. They that the real consensus here is that. Is that. There's going to be a team here that the NBA is going to expand very soon so. I think when you look about it. When you look at Las Vegas and you look at Seattle. Today he did they had the opportunity. To grow the league now whether they expand or someone. Relocate to the NBA is never a fan of relocation. You know no matter what people wanna tell you they they are not a fan of relocation at all it doesn't matter where you're trying to go to they just don't want that. I bet that shows a side of instability. They want if they want two more teams. You're scared you know these few cities and maybe Kansas City right now faces as potential landing spots and the big question out here for it and I think it's it's it's a fair question is can this city support. Not only to professional into the you know they're gonna have the raiders but sir I never count the NFL because that's such a O'Neal he kicked into it's no different in volatile once so it's a once a week deal with any games. And it's ill people come Sunday's there not a day a lot of people like generally. Have to worry about going to work now here's a little bit different because there's a lot of people involved in the casino industry it's not a normal Monday through Friday nine to five job. Life. If you don't you're gonna get people coming in traveling for the game's other team's situation is different. As opposed hockey and baseball gospels of the real question is can they support to. 82 game two even teams in different we can get out and a chance to go do it. They were a little bit spoiled this year by the way the NHL made their expansion draft rules. And mated so this team and I guess was going to be good it was going to be very hard for them not to get down that we knew they would be good enough to go to Stanley Cup finals. Why people are coming weeks but they're going to be good. You know they're gonna be competitive and they made me. The playoffs that may not Adobe they won't get pinnacles out there and goes. So hey you know fifteen and sixteen got it right in that would be like Eliza has to balance to the NBA if you do expand you've got to make it so. Wherever you're going especially Seattle. If they do get an expansion team where they do give them a team back that they called the Supersonics. Can't hear how do you make it soul they're not. You're struggling for the first 567 years of existence they I think they've had some real mistakes. When they expanded with the two Canadian teams obviously the grizzlies being one of them and the raptors in out Dave won about not only. The expansion draft of the way they restricted those teams in terms of what level of track ticket could get after their initial cease to insult. You know we're not about old competitive balance in the NBA right now. And everybody's golf bailed freaking out that it it's just not good belief that the lawyers are so dominant English and supplement and differential last forty years. When you don't want these two teams playing at a very low level a new city so sure. I think it's gonna be actually I I do you think one day there is going to be a theme here I think there are enough people. Not only working in the casino industry and enough people visiting but also enough people. They just work in the regular old part of Las Vegas and you know other doctors lawyers teachers. Accountants you know does the things that. It'll salespeople that. They're makeup of every city in the city growing so it's not a surprise me one bit I just think if it's Saturday so overs choice it's its expansion and not relocation. Talk of course of air cast and he is out in Las Vegas he's covering some early grizzlies tonight taken on the thunder. 5 o'clock local time if you want to you watch that broadcasts it'll be on NB ATV and don't ask you about the game itself. It's usually a guy for me with the thunder is Terrence Ferguson and obviously you can you can see why the thunder certainly. Certainly are intrigued by him as a prospect what do you think what do you think of him as a as a player right now because obviously he went. If he goes to Australia right after high school and plays professionally than he comes to the thunder plays I think that 61 games last year. I guess first season. Or what TC when you watch him it's because to me I see a lot of a lot of the same things that I see that the grisly scene when sold and I think the undersea. And Terrence person. Little bit different though because versions not quite as strong upper body swing but incredibly athletic. Young. Had a lot of bounce. It is seems to. That. Did you know that that ability to soak up what he needs to learn. From what I've heard. He's he's good he's good player. Are they they were. They were fortunate to get him where they got it in the first round that's what those intriguing situation like he had won over and played professionally in Australia. As opposed to playing. Illegally which I think it's signed with Arizona. Arm and. Eight it's worked out for and it's not always gonna go that way for some guys have been smaller guys it. Tried that and didn't work ended up getting drafted but they were out of league very shortly and I'll probably play it back overseas. Paramedic its name he's a big man out of San Diego the one it first comes to mind that they did that. But Ferguson it worked for and day I think they feel like he's gonna develop into a real real solid. Rotation player for that group says he continues to mature get stronger and end and get a grip of the NBA game. And then lastly when asked about this for a gets the Charles Oakley question. For the grizzlies. Chris Harrington made an eighteen point today and that he noticed that he said I hadn't he has gone back to look at the statistics but. From an eye test he said it is funny to him he notices that he thinks Dionte Davis plays. Much better only some of the floor just from the pick and roll perspective and verses when Wayne sums off the floor doesn't seem to be that. Dion taste put teams puts himself and in the right positions. Do you think that's a fair assessment from what you've seen yourself. He says that is that some of the to those who get into a little bit an exchange because they were not on the same page and we try to from the ball and beyond that it wasn't in the right spotter or wading through to the wrong spot I don't know who was to blame. But they came back and didn't seem to be on the same page but yeah I think they. When he plays with guys that are. You don't familiar to him yet CE understandable that pattern. You know he's not familiar with your projections have at the moment he's not familiar person which of on Carter's of the guys out there that he's played where it. Kobe seven in ten points nobody that's certainly a benefit but that's certainly benefit when you. You know spent time in actual NBA games. With guys as opposed to learning how to you know operate in so that's with with the new faces so. Aren't apps for that continuity saying. You know I'll talk about that is it is important. Breeds success having guys that are familiar with one another helps but it just does so. I think that's a fair assessment purses always got a good eye for stuff like that so. All rolled up on that that was funny videos that you. It is distinctly remember sitting and watching is the ball goes sailed out of bounds that he went seldom came back down to Florida ordered you know kind of not not jawed at each other but. Their place they looked in the mirror each guy look to the Mir they knew that was the problems so they start put the figure. I didn't see your finger pointing out there for a couple of search for a couple of there are so it was funny. Late councils to go there then you know you should bounce it now he's a role donation whatever. You know pierce solar. A case of this story comes just in tears because I'm getting easy to help me out here because. I'm not making light of what occurred but I do need some help here so according DMZ. Charles Oakley is learning the hard way if you try cheated Vegas casino. You'll end up behind bars DMZ a sports as liars. The ex NBA star was arrested at the cosmopolitan. On July the eighth after allegedly trying to pull a fast one during gambling session it was all caught on video. Officials from the Nevada gaming board tell us Oakley was quote suspect that. Adding two or reducing his wager on a gambling game after the outcome was known. Unclear what game he was playing at the time but one source with knowledge of the incident says oh tried to pull back a hundred dollar ship after he realized he was going to lose. Was confronted about the incident it was kicked Everett his security team which reviewed the case casino footage. Confirming the alleged cheating the 54 old was taken into custody at 5:30 PM and booked into Clark county detention center. A gambling charge is serious business quote to commit or attempt to commit a fraudulent act any gaming establishment. He faces between this is where I need help. One to six years in prison if convicted. Source tells Oakley our other source close to Oakley tells us quote this is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved now. I understand the way the justice system works he's obviously probably not gonna. He's obviously not gonna plea too or face face the full the charges go to trial face the full charges but. I can do really like it did hold the author. I've always been when you screw up like if you screw up on the on the casino board like I guess yelling U and then you'd put it right back. So. The thought of going to jail for six years it never really crossed my mind but. It would be unbelievable to think that a hundred dollar a hundred dollar something that saved him a hundred dollars could cost in jail time. Yeah or here's why and I guess that maybe he's not gonna do any jail time. And I am I watched this show the other night because they eat out I. And the fight television programs like this entertaining like on National Geographic like certain drugs saying this hour. You know all the cards so I don't see as an option whatever Tiger Woods yet. So there was one about breaking Vegas and it was two guys it. You wanna do it one other story lines was that well there's one more as a woman who basically. As straights with guys and then there's local backup durable human drugs until what you want to know. And you know guys BBC it's very big and they say well my guess is that at some waters detail and it's robbery if you arrested. That's that's big problems so it did one the other story lines was two guys that basically. Each feed off one another. And they tragic casinos pay you one more distracted dealer little bump up their bet for the able pull back their debt and you know there's so much going on having dealt the game that's one of the things they try to teach you. One year learning how to. What are your learning how to deal is to keep an eye on the back yes the watch people that to try to remember what people will play so I can't. I agree chips were 45 boxing you look over and also the guy's got a black chip. That's why I went into the blackjack table now a lot of sensitivity to someone better black chip which is a hundred tacit. That we now know that there could be the deal will say black you know black an open player black action. And did the pit boss pat is supposed to give an acknowledgment okay. And if you don't hear that many look over to give an out of black institutional shed every gun you know. Something wrong and so broke away it was stupid is probably been irritated and you know something that. Dominant in the midst of the moment. But for other people out here they're there is a real. You know there's a very real group of people that try to keep these casinos in the casinos take that very very seriously. I didn't daughter ever attend. Now and that's the thing like it is that they you're never gonna if you just tell if you tell blackjack dealer did you put out there all right I. Really didn't mean they'll generally they'll say yeah what do you mean that. Usually did it won't do it after the Carter out particular to come up person like. You know you've got to pay attention that it's not their mistake but. They're also not gonna close the doors if they don't win your hundred dollars you know what I mean hey don't the casino I worked at least it was a terrorist property. In Lake Tahoe make flat out that if someone gets really angry about them just get my money back. And articles always. That's inside though it were will be five cents that's OK good so that's the thing that they've regularly at some wanted to complain like why don't like the way he dealt those sergeant. I don't like what happened okay awarded you've got Wikipedia article that also work to Whitewater travelgate woman literally watches capital at the possibility of okay here's point five dollars now we're gonna ask you get up and leave the table. So you can either have a point five dollars back into playing are they not play anymore or he can keep playing. You know we'll try to make that not happen again and at worst of what's so. But another cheating thing they. So much around a bit so that one is six years is probably more like if Oakley does it again play you know and also it's also on the higher numbers you know slow start getting in the war guys are. Playing 500000. Dollars and you know when you're playing at a high level I think if you try to do that that's. That's where it starts becoming a real serious. A real serious no no and they will. They will not hesitate to prosecute they there's you know there's no two ways about it their slots is if we let one guy get away with a it's gonna get the message everybody else that's OK so. And everybody gets made an example of. Yes that's where it's where they really do Vegas goes back with Bob roots in those tubs just got to make an example what are. Scaring people. Yeah yeah. Sometimes you gotta make good example. Fighter to have your favorite people were involved in another story so gotta hear your thoughts on this. So it appears our boy Vince Carter is the latest victim of the Bill Russell on bird treatment if you will. So. All lit with Bill Russell would come like a serial middle finger giver a guy admits there's like guys the first I've. I guess all sparkly thing and now it's it's like that's really that's bill Russell's things given the record. Yes I look at. I don't know but I can I I totally get it either actually got a better personality that people realize. And I think it's coming out more at least get a little older yeah yeah yeah. Added together again but this is not just battle order its just deeds distant Vista disappeared completely. I just worried that the one of them almost everything in my career was getting the hostess and volume. Inside FedEx or more Bill Russell came and spoke to about 25 people and I was on the stage with him as he's on his book and told stories about. Terrified. Because it was one birdies really kind of hard to deal with cantankerous sir you I've also heard east you know. Indeed when he was in Boston won the racial tensions were not great so he's you know he's done. Built the word was he not as always forthcoming look like people. And so I was like little that are you sure you want me to handle this ever again. I know you'll be fine it's just so fast yeah you'll be trying to encourage banks that bought the Connecticut have been further from the truth it did. Peak color my skin didn't come up once nor would shut it out. And he was very and it was. Joseph we Olin we laughed at and we talked I pull them. You know my dad grew up watching him and was a big fan of my mom was a big fan when she watched him as well and you know just just talk about the old days of the Celtics and so I just think he's enjoying. Where he's you know like he's he's an older guy and he's enjoying. The fact that people want still have a lot of respect for what he did as a player and then what he did for the game as a player coach. And the doors that he helped open in the fight that he had to go through. Back then to not only make basketball. You know part of our sports culture. But also you know that particular one side and a along with it which was you don't do it. The civil rights movement and the things that he stood foreign so I just think he's out of on the he dislikes. Get a chuckle out of people and I think he's right it's funny to give people the birds so. Beasley Bill Russell as he could probably get Anthony Kennedy and his future after beside the. Eric I'd do it again but I root for a dog you walked. Eric Cassell time live from Las Vegas we come back ride lasted of the big league is gonna join the program. Jeff Fisher in the news we'll discuss whether or not we need to see him on our television sets. And more when we talk with a rod we come back right here in the air casts I've shared nineteen out of them ESPN. Hey it's Aircastle dine out here in Las Vegas for the summer league and I'm staying cool and fresh because I've got my old spice pierce port. And a first for an Memphis heat is crazy. Hot and humid and old spice pierce port and a purse for an can keep you feeling fresh and clean during that heat. 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He joins us all Thursday's. He's got enough to join us today what's gone bunny aria. Not much not much it just kinda I'm going to attempt or this is your own right brother's bachelor party. And the machine get it company employers Serb kinda just get a emotionally ready for that. So have you seen this story were apparently. Bill Walton called Luke from a Grateful Dead from a Grateful Dead concert to tell as roadside pay gets sealed just. That is really that is quintessential bill wall right there like that's just a great Bill Walton bove it. I'd love to live well in response here a huge crowd but don't won't keep him seventeen should it play shut. I don't remember the exact quote it neither is basically gibberish you can't make any sense can. Luke well and get PM but I figure out what that means it's gonna decree if it's. There really is great because. Luke Walton this kind of like the adult in his relationship goes dad. Like if it's it really is like you can fill ID obviously like gloves his dad thinks very his dad say to have a slight. He spends more time shaking his head it is bad than probably anyone else does except maybe Dave yeah. I think that that's a fair assessment. I don't like to ask you about this. Am I gonna be blast to hear Jeff Fisher. On NFL Sunday games next year my gonna be blessed to hear about every single person on the field. How he somehow was involved in that guy being in the NFL out all comes back to Jeff Fisher from Jeff Fisher. Q looked good news and the bad news bad news is bad news first. Well I guess are the same. They're good and bad news is that you lose your chest to assure our fox. Dish yeah but so far it looks like you only keep one time that looks like. It's going to be a September 30 jet skiing and that's according cheer injured Marcia and I didn't hear trucks. Okay that's kind of. Perfect. We're gonna get our show the world that psychic you have Obi during a bunch of other genes. Iraq what we'll get our moment I don't like and I. They anxiously keep there'll be guys surely we'll get more in my match. Hopefully he also trades in like the fox blazer for fox leather jacket right. I don't know that they wherever they. It's yes pretty where the local leaders you know. I racer and it's usually a certain time with fox. What what why is Iowa here. Just get in and take it. Our offense is Amgen and after our search. Criticisms or how it could be doing better. Fox really is who I think they are which. I'm really on the fox hater I don't understand they get more than anything it's an entertainment business first and foremost. They got to put more reinstate a rams game right. I don't think dirt. I don't think it took against English content but may be actually does well. They will total about one and it's six of which situation I feel like. They've wanted to see how that code it order they decide whether I think post I already decide whether to seek a bigger commitment. Think it's because like I think Jeff Fisher I actually do for as much as I love to make fun and does he really is a terrible football coach. I do actually think he tied it is pretty good at evaluating people. I'm surprised that he hasn't gotten more looks from like the evaluation cited the NFL especially considering how. Incestuous. I doubt entire businesses. I think he'd be good college coach and he no child care. I guess I don't even know exactly where me and my country Q where I can score that Alter it can be pretty interest in Armenians. Her backwards can keep it coach Ayers and this they. Then Jeff Fisher there's a raw read somewhere that Arafat conference. Do you think I see a I tell like like what I heard but the producer of the world are doing what they're going out and hiring like. The up and comers from kind of a group of five and they're willing to be a steppingstone job like. You know late that they're going getting Jeff Brohm and if Jeff Brohm leaves some final go and get you know the next Jeff from the aggregate Brian harsher that someone like that. Because to meet Jeff Fisher feels exactly like Lovie Smith. Well yeah but he lifted until then subsequent so well Illinois's sorry to shape and come back concern would be astounded to. In College Soccer which or the players yet as opposed chair looks. This strategy show oh I think he can probably go in the living rooms in recruits some pretty good fighters. That's that's five fare any probably can I didn't like so many of these college coaches rely so much our recruiting service to tell them whether or not a player's good. Ike there's so few guys that are action like town until a value waiters if he could actually do that it probably. How about talking of course the right glass Spiegel all of the big lead a sheep farm on sports report. I should say at sports report on Twitter make she go to reset over at the big lead OK so I got to ask you this this is our daddy daddy moment. We got a paper OK and we got to pay per view coming out on Sunday. Top to bottom about a strong of a card as we've had really a long time especially considering it's not really a big time pay per view. I am so checked out just because I don't give two craps about Lashley and Roman race. I know I feel exactly the same way they'd stay open draw the last few weeks and I just step right well I don't care about rock. There are a lot of people who are nit picking Intel lovely children will know which sort of at high 80% of westerners who don't care that. Daniel Bryan in Kenya where it actually goes here in Chicago they reunite head. Date they went to counseling or Detroit together the story I let that. Are you not play last fresh servant bringing this up I think they don't get me into political and give my church's following and I really disappointed with how. Done that Sasha they experts say it's daily story line they had all the they knew this company further right chart for eight years in and I think it's really disappointing that they haven't really added two more interest you. See I'll go to my grave on that blaming Bailey I I don't win even when Bailey was an XT Iowa is. I was adamant this girl is not good like she cannot borrow low she has no charisma like. If you think about every great moment she's had it's largely been on the back of someone else and they used here is the babyface and everyone else is more or less. Just shoved her down our throat and so I knew as soon as she got to the main roster I've never felt more vindicated. About a human being that I did about Bailey and mileage but with all due respect of course all due respect to bail which I'm sure she's a lovely human being. But to me like Sasha can only do so much like you can't carry an entire viewed by yourself when you're Sasha there. But I want to ask you that all. Of them vote let's fare well yes yes. Are they going to put Roman and Lashley last because. So far every single time they tried to do this like. You have an amazing card like almost every single match I care about it even body resent AJ I. And then did you see what are out there for it was K insider someone. With back. The W each championship has never. Main abetted a co branded paper view. Yes. So there's no way they're gonna fight but that just shows us like in a nutshell it's like Vince just views it as it's just it is just the be shared and not that we didn't know that. Polite to me if you put reset and AJ styles on it as the last match of the night could you imagine how hot that crowd would be. Well. I don't it's not there yet wondered how you ask formulation. Or all of some small militia that each Antarctic cold to keep the AG won't go. You're saying all praying that it shouldn't diet at all. Severance and stay. Arms wrapped our arms tighten up Nicky can talk him out of government watch speaker view because they saw it over the DL in Denver via. Like if she receptors AJ styles go last weather watch it or not. Yeah opt into me like that's. Bet that's I would I would absolutely like. Go nuts if that if that were the last match but I just also might resign the fact it's not gonna last match and it's amazing like when you look at. Most of the feud like I actually am interested in them but the one that they've been shoving down our throats like I was asking another body this. Is there any stipulation they could add to Romaine and Lashley that would make you care. Who learns very hot so obese WW these first bite here. We want that somebody actually is that like Bobby Lashley desires and guys out at. Yeah. Yeah I'm total bimbo I just assume that he's gonna have a decent mid card he'll run. I am I borrowing. Authority at the place that I'd get things going. Well we've got yet we were totally done without the sometimes. They surprise being covered back. As in interest character and that's a chapter right now we've done option currently for a huge here they wish. Change to channel her. Pay attention Twitter when he's got to now focus I didn't statements or create. That were playing without people actually wearing it and then our computers are down. I feel like adults career completely revitalized when. They put him in the feud with mayors and obviously he and is off screen are pretty good friends and then when they had the feud with him I guess maybe two years ago on smackdown. And they both just like ran for like 45 months and they turned that into an awesome like an awesome thing. Ever since then dolphin pretty solid the one exception was. The first beauty at a knock hammer and then we can all realize they knock cameras. Good but he might be more interest right now on the WB Danny is like actual like electric entertainment. Yeah I think what scared us all. Yeah I body we appreciate your time enjoy the bachelor party in Denver this week in and now we'll talk to you nicely. Thank sir capture. Is drying Glass-Steagall again the big lead we come back clearing it up we're gonna put three on the board couple of big stories to get to. They Mexico pull. A Mexico soccer coach. Pulled a Rich Rodriguez. We'll tell you exactly what that is gearing up who put three on the board stick around us they're cast censure writing an unseen gun at them ESPN. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free 3929. FM ESPN on the radio does come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. They're sending ESPN. 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