The Eric Hasseltine Show Hour 1

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, June 12th
Eric is joined by Mark Giannotto (Commerical Appeal) to talk Memphis sports and the Memphis Mt. Rushmore

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Eric test of time on the NBA they're the only association. Now I'm not into nine FM ESPN. Business news station. I so Kobe Bryant is considered the greats of all time there's no two ways about it Colby. I think really wanted to chase down the all time scoring record but his body just wouldn't let him do it and that's understandable. But this was set on Twitter I. This is from a I just a regular Twitter user if at Kobe Bryant was on the heat's last as a senator bad king James the past six years and faced. The thirteen fourteen spurs in 15161718. Lawyers he had zero rings context is everything. Basically taken a shot at Gobi. Yeah usually any athlete doesn't respond to however it's every rat you just pulled ahead of the black mama here's Kobe's response. We had to face the spurs every post season pretty much not to mention the first super team in Boston but hey what do I know. Here's the thing. In today's day and aids in fact I think it's great to Kobe replied today as and it's cat like literally 3200 people. Chatting about it 54000. Read tweets and honored and 29000 lives. So this is obviously hugely Kobe's like response got this going after this guy. Eric Salinas Eric Sao underscore seven if you wanted to it's not hard to fight if you go to college wrestler page right there. Kobe's been my talking about. Different things he he talked about the the USC track team and said it's willpower and elected. The USC win is tracking was an unbelievable and I was commenting on the NCAA women's softball championships. All of stuffy college bound bunch stuff. This is worried got into the debate that everybody. Has been raging waves like where does LeBron rank in terms of all time greats. We have even mention what Kobe Bryant in his career and it's a shame but you know that's what ends up having somebody wants to put everybody on a pedestal I said the other day. We are sold. Consumed with trying to find out who the greatest is and who they're better than and if one guy in your mind is the greatest is this dad better than that guy in my. The sometimes you miss the greatness that's right in front a lot of people are missing the greatness right now. That was Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant's career. Was phenomenal wasn't Michael Jordan O'Neal will be there were there are some that have a long. Detailed argument that say it was in fact there was a former grizzly staff member that. Broke it all down form and why he thought Kobe was veteran Michael Jordan and the numbers and things that he print out made sense when you put together that way it made sense. And I said look I'm glad tests. I'd go with MJ but it's not like I would ever turn down Kobe Bryant for being on my team period end of story. Generally guys don't get into this Toby is finally said that's enough you're not gonna go there with me and so I applaud that I think bill in today's day and age. Is seen see how many players do get involved. With talking to fans about these things is it really is a no win situation. No matter what you do. No matter what you say. There's just going to be people at combat he would vitriolic when venom and hate him you know he ID eighty do blah blah blah blah blah because it's the is the anonymity of a keyboard and it's the anonymity of a social media app where you don't have to say to a guy's face. One to one like because I guarantee you if Eric Salinas ran into Kobe Bryant the airport you know he's EQ you were so awesome to have your autograph we'll do know it and would never say. There you would no one's a lot it's a great you take LeBron James Blake Hewitt won squat Kobe. We're told we've had a burner account back in do you think you would have been one of the guys hell because I don't think Kobe would have cared Kobe I didn't care Coby was the and there's maybe I am trying to figure out who in today's day might be this way maybe rust Collie a wanna be in its tracks. And I and I side and it looked it wasn't a clean play but I saw that the venom that got flows through Kobe Bryant's. Body when he's angry on the court. Mike Miller blocked his shot clean block Kobe wanted to foul didn't get it. Mike Miller later in the game for his Evers and I thought my god there's got to throat chop up. As he tried to cross over Kobe Bryant toll reached for the ball making him a little shot and I don't think he meant to them it's already just a bit like. Almost wrecked Rick flair slap him in the chest and he missed. And Derrick Stafford the officially game O'Meara forget this just color regular found my dude like this is one of the few places we sit courtside. And we do he hit him in the thorough if that's not a flagrant foul I don't know what is an even a season ticket holders. Next the Miro like weekend it would daddy had there's one got it's it's nice to me is actually gathered help. He was the founder of Westwood One radio. Anybody deliveries I can't even argue with you about or a net and we've I've got anomalies he's been there for so long but that's the candidate Kobe didn't care and he. Lilly would. Get to the gym like 2 o'clock he'd be there before everybody would stay after he would common in the middle of the night he just had a burning desire to be the greatest. Player he possibly could be an in his mind hoping to be the best of all time it was amazed it was amazing to me. These young players that were on his team when he would say come work out with me and they wouldn't do it I would be like. You're out of your mind if you had that opportunity go work than it can be a little taxing it can be a little grueling but you know what he didn't get there. He didn't get to worry is just because he was pretty gut like he got to where he is because he has a different drive and work ethic that a lot of people don't ever. It probably helped that he grew up around other NBA players in professional players with his dad does that all the work that we don't need he would. Made it very clear of the New Jersey Nets had taken and at the time yeah he was going to play and it'll. Oh yeah he was going to go play professionally in Italy rather than go to play college basketball he did not want any part of going to the masters somebody had some say about that. If it and I think it's great that it is the spurs every post season implement the first super Stephen Voss and oh what a lineup and I got a bunch rings on your hand right there by the way. I am neglected dimension and Donna pointed this out. On the Arthur fist like current mood out there for them unreadable yeah. Yeah it's three championship rings on the hand throwing the punch that he is the ultimate trolls never changed in the right there. The Kevin Durant city is that considering retiring at the age of 35. I can see that here's the thing body starts to break down differently for everybody. But guys today with their nutrition and that teams that supply. Shafts. And the meals it's just a it's different. I can tell you honestly did when I first got started traveling with the grizzlies. They used to have things on a plane like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies Haagen Dazs ice cream bars things that just aren't good for you right yeah. Until one day the training staff said you know what you know we figured out. If you ate a hot and l.'s ice cream bar on every single flight we take. That is fifteen pounds any basketball season right there. The amount of calories you would consume and what it calorie but the number of calories to add one pound. You would gain about fifteen pounds in a single battles he's if you just a bad on every single one of our flights are out there. You know it's not just 41 road game seek N double A flights flight out flight back. And that's a lot of ice cream beat a lot of eyes but it's there. And when it's there what do people do a lot yeah it right so what happens or body when he had that excess weight puts more pressure on to us now I have guys eat way more healthy. You have way more. Structured weight training programs strength coaches sports science guys that figure things out. And so their bodies were in remarkably better shape. Inner healing. In processes that they just haven't always had now some guys' bodies don't always he'll. The weighted people wanna we've seen an air but. It is it is a is a time where we are going to see more and more guys playing 161718. Years and still being productive. It was a benchmark for a lot of guys try to get twenty years. Generate would be pushing twenty years when he's 35 years of age does play just one season. I don't know if that's something that's important to him and I don't know what his legacy will be. If he decides to single state or if he decides what a lot of people think he will do eventually a couple years which is leave. And go maybe try to win somewhere else so he can shut they haters out as they like to say. I just have a hard time thank him that it 35 if he feels pretty gut and someone goes hey Kevin here's point four million dollars to beyond our team. The young down guys act CN Disneyland I've made enough money 35 million dollar still 45 million dollars 359 dollars and still. A lot of money that you can put the bank because once you quit. The paychecks do not continued to show a lot and unless you were brilliant like body of any and you just extend your contract like forty years to get paid a million dollars for the Mets for the rest. He had a Magic Johnson 25 year contract Wrangler is something along those lines but send some guys will do that some guys will say all right you can. Pro rapists and give me money app for ten years after Arab tyrants like implement pension whatever it may be even hard to believe they generate it would re higher. Act. At 35 and hot rumor of course is that the Los Angeles Lakers are now the front runner. 41. LeBron James LeBron James sun reported by. Gary Payton Eddie will be enrolling in a local Los Angeles area high school LeBron said he wants the play with his son in the NBA if out of matches and probably could be good enough who knows though. Not every it is good I got birdies also these tapes are incredible yet but you know once or a lot of kids paid Santana had a you know what here's a highlight tape. Guess what you're not put in the guys we got crossed over on I like that. In apple at the time he went one for twelve on a highlight that Michael Mello ball ain't put my highlight tape up when he went three for 22 foot highlight tape up of when he actually made the thirty footers he was born is a good point so these are the things with a highlight its. But here's the thing. The lakers can go get somebody else who did they go get they go get Chris Paul. You got Alonso ball but you could play them together you could let Chris Paul and amanpour Alonso ball. Is that some CP three would even wanna get into with the with the family situation would Lamar ball probably step in and insane and I'm totally know Chris ball legally better interest you know some like that. Ego get being aired an Anchorage eagle get Paul George from Oklahoma City you go get another big name free agent do you make a trade to get somebody. Instead of B variants and receive a lot of people are starting to believe that it is going to be the lakers is the landing spot for one LeBron James. I just never thought that that was really going to come to fruition because of the way their roster sheet now but the way they played towards the end and the way Kyle coups month. At a rounded out and so did Julius Randle and the way brand and Ingram made strides as well. I have a little more faith that it could happen now I still think Philadelphia is the better spot form or Boston if they can find a way to make it happen. But in the end if he wants to be out there in Los Angeles and he wants a chance to. The maybe be around some young players that he if he could elevate they're games you would have a more talented roster. Lakers are better landings are right now in Cleveland has. Yeah I think that Magic Johnson being needed to his underrated because LeBron has multiple times said he wants Indian billionaire athlete he was to be playing while he's making billion dollars. You can't learn from anyone better than Magic Johnson out there. I mean he is the guy that set the game plan for how to do that as players I think that. And being there could be a mentor to LeBron I think that's a big deal to hand that people are underwriting. Yeah no I think that that's a great point having magic there and having you know listen Kobe still around that seemed to attack an. End of the his or any less in the history end. The legacy of what the Laker love remains in this doesn't it doesn't fall short on people one of LeBron were to bring that back. A he's you you're he's conquering. The second biggest media market in our country agree just like that Dan in in this snap of a finger. Not to be a spoiler but the just like. Panos in the Infiniti wars that his finger and have people on the world died so I on the grounds that his finger and half the country on the last goes. We're back on the Laker bay it would be the Laker bandwagon again it would be impossible to get Laker tickets anymore so it could be could end up being. The landing spot Robert Caro was in town today was in studio without former colleague Chris. Vernon Michael Wallace gonna tell us about that'll also tells about where the grizzlies are looking in fact my going on will be talking about that later tonight. Iraq and they'll Pizza Inn at Germantown as well is it Lou could bounce it. Is it Michael Porter junior B was a teammate he's 5060% great. So he's at 5060%. Is looking as good news thinking get the 100% that it's been no Freudian brainer there. That's what I say. Then it is a no brainer because of its gonna take a guy a year to develop and you think Michael Porter junior's going to be better and everybody else a year. They don't. 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And you can go in and make your selection easy and dream big without getting a good night's sleep in ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed at sleepy z.'s head them up. Today. Michael Wallace covers the grizzlies for grind city media. He's also on the grizzlies radio network he's also just everywhere when it comes to grizzlies covers those making today's Q and had a the best in sports. Oh now he's the ES. Please join me tonight out iiroc and L pizza in Germantown. Yes I had met on a you have an hour Tom Teepen you know teammates alongside you when you know word on the street is that you have possibly work which is such a deep look we're not dumb I'm definitely still with him that I do not believe at all that I don't buy it on that have been spent my whole day. You know rumors and reports how you wish you I'm definitely with the other tonight. You'll inch frame on secede throwing to translate you know what I. I see Allen has now you know I think he'll let you back in Germantown you've left you've. Germantown you know out of our community myself and a determined that if you left Germantown and I'll let you back in you move out you moved elsewhere. Okay back I had to get off the Germantown re talking about our dad and Germantown accomplish same period in Australia all. Your nose out they now are up a bit now. And I thank you I can't afford I can't pay the way that other people and that's Rahman cheat I. I had paid Arum you know I get point seven mounds of the economy. Are there humanitarian yacht which every step away we go to our situation solid. So today. Chris Vernon honest podcast on our great city media had Robert pear he reiterated people. Degree is not going anywhere I have this I've had to have this discussion of people in fact and upload multiple times. I've always said like the Enron Enron fish's degree do you agree and Valerie. Eating it up a multitude of things to have a potential relocation situation any you needed a fall an arena that's falling apart you need a new arena. That's not the case the need a fan base that is completely disconnected with the team even after tough here not the case. I do understand why people are fearful. But did you get the sense that maybe Robert pairs bothered by the fact EST keep answering this question. No I think he can I was in there and me in the studio when they were doing an interview to a million dollar loss sit down and and Paris had answered each and every question that Chris Vernon had been. You know Chris didn't pull any punches and got to tell you that much to wasn't scripted I can guarantee you that. Social being right in that and that and that presents. I just got this instead okay Robert doesn't all create the opportunity. A lot to answer these questions. You know directly from fans or media so he wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear and I think continue to work. That resonated throughout that interview when it comes and gruden is number one. He could mean he's committed about to being around more he's good he's going to be around you know for several games in the coming season in the coming year. And he's gonna put this conference and it's. Stan intangible cultural capital more on this our business intraday he has at the edge with the other business ventures in the text field so. You know he definitely like to be a little more hands on he's not going to be here every week in every game or anything like that but you know being here are committing to being here more than what he was before. Is something that he wanted to get across clearly and I think he did. Do you think if fans are bothered by that that he's not here more. That fans that interact with you do you think that people are are bothered by the fact that he is not then. That he is not and more visible. Yeah yeah I think that's more immediate issue you know external media issue. More so than fans I think when fans are hard are. You know whipped into a frenzy about something and end of the media is creating the narrative saying oh yeah by the way there's an absentee owner or the owner doesn't come around and I think it becomes another storyline but. Gil for the most part of me and I can only give you what cursed himself for me says let's listen he's a fan of of sports too and he understood like the way he uses today he doesn't necessarily get caught up in what owners are aware of whether owners president not. He says fans are coming to games so look for him. And look for what he's doing in the game to come and look at my colleague and Marcus hall. And Dylan Brooks and all those guys and when it's time for him to show that he's investing in the franchise. He does invest so I'm means basically more hands off government comes of that. Anything you eat he needs to address got a little bit more he says he would like to feel sort of change that he's. Give you some some some different ways to describe themselves concerned how he goes about being an owner. And he says he's learning and he's he's still learning along the way I mean this is a doubt that I don't believe he forty yet. Com and you know he's in charge of this this franchise so that's subcommittees on the growing too. But again as we sit on the show. Do you plant to be more involved in the little more hands on in terms of what his image and his profile loses with the grizzlies here messrs. Michael Wallace joining us here on the program a major decision to be made by the grizzlies in just nine days that is who goes at number four. We're starting here at the table aggressively listened to trade talk now. I sit here Michael and I think OK first of all if teams are aggressively trying to get the four that means. These guys are pretty good so why would you move off of that when you need young talent. I know if you need to stockpile you can get to but I have always said I would rather have one really good players. A one awesome player than two really good players because I think he did a really good players are easier to track. Yeah it's it's funny I think you're you're right on both counts number one million on terms how you lay that out but the funny thing to me is that you know cover of the NBA for just saying Tony years and then being involved. You know at different levels well there's a championship organization. Would spurs sort of stymied some Lego oil is a bit and struggling. You know a lot of situations for the way that these distressed coverage goes it is sort of comical to me because you start off zero point eight continue to change all live that is all the rumors take you to BC do you see all the way to the alphabet to eventually bring you back to point eight. Chris Wallace get on day one of his first media availability when it came to draft that he was gonna keep this phone lines open. And aggressively in this in the trees and they he wanted to see what that number four pick to get you on the market so. This system under development is prologue and an open even Phoenix who have every attempt to collect the 38 with a number one. I recently worked out for got to the top of the draft and then after that. They're gonna listen and see what they can get because they wanna move down they feel comfortable with any of those full tank full social do little to be made. Cannot system from from day one battle 6040. The grizzlies just from my independent you know working and to talk to different people around the league they were 6040 more likely to trade at some point with the pick. Presented to keep that pic but we'll see I mean it is still not days before the draft and laugh a lot of love movement left out about their. Yeah now I think there is I ended but I'll also go on record and tell you that. I'm also a big fan of potentially rolling the dice. With a guy that he you know look yes I know about Michael Porter junior back but I also know about Jolo island beads foot you think if you go back. Three years from now you go back and he'll. Hey by the way Minnesota and Milwaukee EU financial Allenby or you can have in Minnesota enter weigh ins or Milwaukee. Jabari Parker who would you want they'd all say Joseph well MB there's an out of mattered not a doubt about it. And it was a roll of the dice and it took two years and I understand that they wanna turn this around next season. But if Michael Porter juniors that tied the score people say when he's 100% and he's going to be 100% soon. I would love to see again a grizzly uniform that when he scores thirty you don't raise now brown go wow that's pretty cool. Like gets and that's not something that happens a lot made they have never had that. They've never had that type of player. Nothing happened that night and at the very least not since routier in his product unintended but inevitable book or something like that at Daktronics guys McConnell implement perimeter and you know and I important project to be a far more efficient scorer. That didn't Rudy was it his prime years by having shell that. You know this is one of those situations or huge oil and be references to his spot on. But I would only counter that by saying if you told if if it was a frontal system basically had one more year. Or or or short term leftover contracts can afford to have a guy that won't pan out for another 23 years especially risky pick. And you're also compromise in the window for Mike and mark too soon whoever you pitch you better get this right and this is something that. You know not only because everybody wants to do their job right but you're working within a specific window crack and one of the other things that Robert Parish that was that he expects this to be a fifty win teams. If mark in my can come back healthy and you have number four pick to just seemed so. You know this is a guy that you know he's. You know overshadowing or are you not putting all of the weight behind him into going into that draft woman dictating decisions but he also knows what he's working with a win this thing has been working with them. Typically stay within that same framework mind. Which is what Chris Wallace says they may have to respect your right to have to do and all the extra profile the last couple weeks over on actually media group dot com. I pretty much can commit myself to any of three or four guys on that board could help the grizzlies next year to become a better chance. Do you reckon that guys you like without an NN ma'am I don't think I'm putting out spot. Guys that are legitimately potentially available let's just say the I'm very Haden is number one an hour after that it is eight it's a toss up. Guess with more Obama now is showing off by athletically the way he has and his I'm mine performances. And people all the talk about I hear more and more experts going Jerry Jackson could be the best player out of distracted he's this and he's that you gotta gotta gotta and the wings fans. And the per forty numbers and I keep going back to. Do if he was so awesome how come Tom has only one of clams 11 minutes tonight Marvin tactically or they're at thirty formats and I was appointed to an eleven time. Why wasn't Jerry Jackson and I look I don't think Janet Jackson's not good I thought it was good when I saw but I didn't see him make the impact. That Marvin Bagley is making so let's just say. Dioner Eitan. Is off the board. Randy now it's that it's a roll of the dice so if you had to rank them from their rank them in order of the guys you would like to see wearing Beale street Lou next year and I put Bagley. I put die sits are employed. Porter junior and I put Jerry Jackson and I played above Obama and given to me wanna flat one. Because you you were ranked number I mean the way you read them off just pretty much how my rankings would go on me if you're talking about and this specific team. And and because again my ranking overall. Not affiliated with any pain will be different that it would be with the specifics got a Nissan and retain that aftertaste in. Com where it was eight and gone I would say my first pick if there of all the guys that are available. How would you say do you probably should go didn't go live. You know badly wanted. I was today towards Porter junior to. And then now we'll go from their daughter's three and Janet Jackson for. And then by about five this global car. I would be really be like I don't think they believe they're not even if they weren't even interest to them yeah you'll look at that acts like this isn't a little bit don't you total. Question about it and that's the thing too late did the tough part of getting those cannot even come to work out to commit to work out. It's because they're looking on the roster there's been OK you got more markers so committed for basically won the two more years to come possibly retiring as a grizzly and you got my colleagues. You know midway through a 150000000. And 53 million dollars contract so. The subcommittee and expect to be a starter as a top lottery pick up my garden those two positions so that it makes it tough and in terms of that so really you're only you're talking about. Eight Seidenberg to what you're talking about Bagley. Jackson. I order. You know or gossage Edward. So if we talked about all the stuff and and look you can locals and all these things again as I'm sitting there are four and you have to listen I'm still centered on. Now I'm I'm unless it's like at ridiculous offered it to light. Not only set up this year but also years in the future no I'm not I'm not moving off or does appear that I just loved or. That's the type player that this team needs because if they are intent on getting to BA's fifty win team. Next year which lets I'm not trying to kill team moms can be honest. That's a being jump under way to Western Conference and that's a big jump right now and I think it's a great gold have. But I think it's going to be tough because you've got some really really talented squads and some squads that didn't make the that in the playoffs getting even better as well. But if you're going to be there you go loser draft pick next year anyway. Right right you're gonna lose yet it would be you know there's there's the case can be made that. And I don't know if it's the united it to fans like to hear this but hesitate to can be made that. You know you struggled this year because of injuries. You know strip it back down go back in the next year to make sure you get your topic protected pickle that role you lose it to Boston. That got picked. And and then you start to cycle Virginia going into basically. Marcus also opt out season and then you're going into my colleague basically haven't you know one more year where interior. Without necessarily winning. So that's another gamble but if you're talking about see that's that's why this team is basically onto the tracks right now they try to maximize the look good beyond legend so to speak into the Mike and mark. But what they have left but also try to be prudent and setting up a solid foundation. To make a transition I don't know if you can do that simultaneously I don't think those things are. Are mutually exclusive but it was just trying to bring a Newt is close together as possible. Yeah I. I just they and I you know I keep looking at it and. About a commodity if you pick four and started to get in any future combat and not to have to maintain your top they take next year. Then you're you're talking about basically the foundation right to catch you look for another ten years down a lot to if you strike it big on both of those no of those tactics so. If you almost seems safe to go to struggle and in turn it down one year you might as well due to. You can't just do one union bounce back is probably a two year process in terms of trusting that process but this is tough to do that when you're noticing you're so used to get in the playoffs and playing meaningful basketball games in the Mac. When I know the decision gets made for you a thirty serial. Both literally we have not even discuss the fact that's an important take for that. Likely no one is really even talking about how important thirty you can get a player at 32. You did get a player they can change. You know your complexion at. At 32 may take a year or two but oh by the way guess who slipped into the second round same guidance from LeBron James today. At a lawyer's championship party with the Arthur mean but also the three rings on our there's hand punching that's one drink my. We have had their back. No question about it man impact in the second round picks have been vital and I think you know when you look don't look around. Told god can help you out on me Mario Thomas picked I would go to number 32 overall pick. Two years ago and he was nice rotation player on championship seemed to imitate it before it started to hurt so below the top players that came. You know help your rotation on me I can go on and on about what second round pick is done and how they panned out. Recently and you all you do is look slash Jimmy Dolan Brooke was 46. Got me so he was basically fifteen blocks away from falling out of the draft. And he really could've made a strong case did make a strong case and all the complaining so you know yes you do 4032 is definitely important and we see more 32 potential candidates. Welcome to the draft workouts recently than bin Laden for the four obviously. There's going to be some talent that could stop this first round and you're gonna get some quality guys available at the first and second pick of the second half. Now I think that that's a great point right there should be very interesting I look forward to seeing you tonight. Yet what I was older I can't tell you that and I read it you have to know that I'm here on it and helping out that I did standards it is that's at 6 o'clock right. I cuckoo clock you out there about air play I don't welcome back you're German town you know me I'm an amendment to seek once you stop paying taxes in Germantown like the police target. I looked imported but I don't like that guy used to help fund has now he's got it but he wants to come back in any are delicious pizza at rocket built pizza I don't know. I don't know her. And I got to be careful I got washed about relatives just to sneak into the back of temporary high ceiling but like I Michael laws right they're joining us. I and the program we get headlines degette bill including a major pop stars engaged after two weeks get out of that. And we've got some other things going on in the world I hop is now I hop. An alligator. A lose lose this was gross in Florida. Eight a woman. Adelman a woman I think you're gonna talk while foot alligator made a woman walking her dogs out. Other you're gonna talk about the woman knocked out that I did she that now and Alicia giant alligator head butted a guy trying like. I pick him up off the streets just had a gun knocked him out. Yeah hopefully that moved he's lucky outdated and need and because this woman family ate the woman she was walking her two dogs probably not a good idea to what about palms and Florida just the awareness is staying away from them. As well on the job they Murray was denied entrance into a posh Beverly Hills steakhouse because his date. Her skirt was too short and talk about all that next I need to unite and MES you know. 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Clear out your car to put your grandkids in a seat and move that crap that is in your car out of there. Did find some of the lesser grandkids if you're taking a crap to tie able to do whatever you do with that crap it's our I didn't. Now with that said the visual that is ten times worse than what people are making it seem like. How many times you drive down the street you see people on the back of trucks yeah. It doesn't make it right but it is the it smelly C let them out of there with a leash you know granted she needs that'd. Answer for her stupidity. Or grainy but. And yet to make a better decision as a grandmother. But overall this one got the play got because it looks like you're treating year. Grandkids like dogs yeah it looked awful and look for would you that is bigger problem if you saw grandmother pull up enough Ford F 150. And three kids that were laying down on the back of the truck just look sat up and and got out. Now beyond what you get wood we've would we've had the same problem with that if she opened the Bakken three kids climbed out of the back. I mean it's a tradition at cardinal law's part of that the car will crazies the caravan. Yes we have. Like it's a tradition eighteen trucks is to try to people on the bag conditioner drive in movie theater since assists people. I think in the back as frustrated front are over allows sun EF 47 PM on one car watching a movie right. Age eight blood it was it was they went down and in the courts yesterday and so. I hope we'll get it all straightened out it certainly did make national news this is gonna make national news loan Davie Florida authorities confirmed Saturday morning that they found remains a woman killed by an alligator in Davie. She is who got mad silky. It was discovered about 10 PM Friday in a late in the Davie Florida by the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. Datsyuk he's 47. Disappeared Friday morning she was walking beside a lake. And accuracy performed on a twelve foot six inch alligator. Let me repeat that twelve feet six inches that is a Floridian month's tour. That's if you stand that alligator up all its tail. It is to their feet all the limit FedEx Forum. That's they might make or movies about these yet it was a terrible horror movie was called late acts but that was a twenty foot Gator. I mean it in the inaccuracy reporting colluding in indicated the woman was bitten by the animal. It witnessed some woman walking her dogs. You're southwest 62 avenue in a nature park in Davie Florida witness told police. The woman was gone the next time she looked at the dodge were still there police try to get the dogs but they were not willing to really leave. The area they were staring act. If the water. They're old. Five unprovoked alligator bites yearly since 194822. Of those bites. Have resulted in deaths of 1948 to now sixty years that's 300 out of 300 alligator bites only 22 people of that. Of course the most famous being the little boy yet at Disney World and that's still a tragic story I can't imagine how that you ever live past that but. Here's an idea. You're in Freddie and florid gators are everywhere you walk your dog. Until late you know why. You look at Gator think the dog is the tree tryst hit yeah. The many in the bite Tyson and then it's like a weekend at a Super Bowl party little little sausage on Saturday. Thanks the first cracker in the inside the hot dog. Won't fill it does just what happens when he sees you you're not bigger. Under the buffet yeah you're the main course. It's terrible footer for first portions of command Suzuki says an awful way to global my god don't want errant while you're away. Things that wouldn't do would be get engaged after two weeks of dating somebody but I guess when you're a dating Arianna ground a and your Pete Davidson from Saturday and it was the rules don't implied you according view. Friends one in Sadr says they're perfect fit they're not rush to get married there I'm gonna go through a long engagement. Their friends are really excited and supportive now area on the ground they just recently broke up with a a man she dated for two years. Mac Mac Miller. And she and the of my favorite part rapper officially ended things ahead of the ads when he 18 Coachella I am valley music and arts festival. But according to an insider there relationship to run its course before that. I'd Davidson and as he gave it also called it quits after dating on and off. Or two years apparently since that time ground in Davidson of shared several photos and videos together other answer them counts and confirmed their relationship with a Harry Potter theme snapped. On May thirtieth they are now officially engaged do you give this marriage it chance honor. Week's column know but I don't give each day I don't blame them for trying because of I had area on the ground they are also view is shot right way and locked it up oh yeah yeah RE ES security has to tattoos over in the matching tattoo. They've been they've only been together since may twelfth. Yet today he added that the little things in my that it might and it he said so many issues with addiction and pass or maybe just the the fact that he is clean sober again and now back on Saturday nobody realizes as I was gonna live as best life and he's gonna. Mary area on the ground and boy I can't say that I blend of that she's quite talented. And not a bad looking young lady either John they Murray's girlfriend is not a bad looking young lady I thirty notices. I don't Julie and I AN a guy asks. And doesn't isn't ringing a bell there's been some pictures of them out on the beach they're living their best life so each I'd take his girl. To be exclusive steak house in Beverly Hills known as master Rosie don't masters famous floor. And besides it being an awesome restaurant they're dress code when they get to the door fast shows he's done favors date was told. You can't go man not a yard too racy. I'd these down they Murray went and got the manager the manager spoke to the doorman and doorman came back in this job Amory was eventually led him. Is that they marina process also flipped off again I've filming at floor DMZ and then as they came back in Julie and I. Answer the man's questions that he got an alligator and she says terrific they took great care of us. All was well that ended well because dearly and is down they got their dinner at the Astros and she was allowed to go in was sent racy outfit I looked at the outfit. It's not that that its eyes I can't see the front side of it but the backside of it really doesn't look that bad it's just a typical miniskirt so. Whatever. Move on from that that's gonna do it for us TV is up next we'll get will be out it. Rock and bill. With grain sitting media tonight Pete credit to myself Michael walls all be out there not a little bit about the NBA draft to join us there tonight 6% of Iraq and though. In Germantown will be back data tomorrow 2 o'clock we got bill Bender. We've got Kevin felt we've also got great Sam naymick. From USA today we'll talk a lot about the NBA tomorrow will be my last show for the week so join us into JP is up next for Connor I'm Eric. 'til 2 o'clock tomorrow CI. The official who. 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I'm fine news. Long time pain. Here's a bear organize and make sure you.